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Newspaper AND
Commercial Printing.
J. E. JONES, Editor.
WeishtmnMVis.,August 311905.
Published Every Thursday.
$2.00 A YEAR. The Only All Home
sprint Weekly Newspaper in Bayfield
How Strange A iiinais Appeared In
Heraldry In Old Days*.
Early writers on natural history sub
jects make mention of many strange
creatures that never could have exist
ed save in the superstitious mind of
the age in which they wrote, and of
the many that did exist the accounts
of ibeir structure and habits are so
Ir.f.kTous that one may really wonder
if it was p v-.sibie, even in the middle
; ; that people could be so credulous.
IV.. ::y of these strangely garbled rec
*y- , of the animal world were, no
V "l;L, due t > travelers’ tales and prob
ed .'y had a certain foundation in fact.
In.: it is luecu.lt indeed to account for
Tv* creation of such things as the phoe
nix. the cockatrice, the wyvem, the
griffin. and the dragon. The belief in
the existence of the unicorn may have
originated from the fact of some of the
early African travelers! meeting with
certain antelopes that had lost a horn,
for it is a peculiarity with most ante
lopes that their horns are never shed
and if injured or broken never grow
The horn, growing out of the fore
head, betwixt the eyelids, is neither
light nor hollow nor yet smooth like
other horns, but hard as iron, rough as
any file, revolved into many plights;
sharper than any dart, straight and
not crooked and everywhere black, ex
cept at the point.
Bartho’omew asserted that there
were many varieties of unicorn, and
this would be feasible if this creature
had been created from those homed
beasts that had accidentally lost one
of the horns.
How the phoenix was called into be
ing it would be impossible to hazard a
guess. It was popularly supposed that
there was only one such creature exist
ing in the whole universe and that
there was only one tree in which it
built its nest. We find mention of the
phoenix as far back as Pliny, who
says, “Howbeit, I cannot tell wbat to
make of him; and, first of all, whether
it be a tale or no, that is never but one
of them in the whole world, and the
same not commonly seen.”
In the fifteenth century we find Bar
tholomew writing of this imaginary
“Phoenix is a large bird, and there is
but one that kind in all the wide world,
therefore lewd men wonder thereof.
Phoenix is a bird without make (mate)
and liveth 300 or 590 years. When
the which years he passed she feeleth
her default and feebleness and maketh
a nest of sweet smelling sticks that be
full dry, and in summer when the
western wind bloweth the sticks and
the nest be set on fire with burning
heat of the sun and burnetii strongly.”
The bird then allows itself to be re
duced to ashes in this fire—on this
point all the writers agree—and in due
course rises again from the ashes in
the full glory of renewed youth “and is
the most fairest bird that is, most like
to the peacock in feathers, and loveth
wilderness and gathereth his meat of
clean greens and fruits.”
The basilisk, or cockatrice, was re
futed to be some strange mixture of a
olid and serpent, able to slay with his
breath and his sight, which power was
accredited by some to dragons.—West
minster Gazette.
Crystalllned Grasses.
Grasses may be crystallized as fol
lows: Place a saucepan partly filled
with water on the stove and in it dis
solve enough alum to make it of suf
ficient density to bear an egg. Let this
boil. Take off the saucepan and lay
your grasses (dried and tied in bunches
to suit the fancy) in the water. When
the water is perfectly cold lift out the
bouquets and you will find them a
mass of beautiful crystal.
To Ueniove VriaddauH.
Windgalls are very common on the
legs of horses and mules, but they
rarely produce lameness. In-such cases
the lameness is not due to stiffness,
but to a thickening of the walls of the
capsuie, interfering with the move
ment of the tendon. Mix together one
dram of biniodide of mercury and one
ounce of lard. Rub on a little with the
fingers; let it remain twenty-four
hours and then wash off. Repeat the
blister every second week.—Atlanta
Horse Suiggers.
Take about four quarts of blood from
tho jugular vein and give the horse one
ounce aloes at one dose. Follow this
with one-quarter ounce saltpeter in
feed night and morning.—Farm and
To RidL Hogs of Lice.
Hogs are very apt to become lousy,
and how it does lessee their thrift!
Ir just one minute I put on material
that destroyed every louse on one hog.
With the potato sprayer, the tank con
taining kerosene, I sprayed the flanks,
the roots of the ears and the hinder
parts about the tail. The hog soon be
gan to thrive as though appreciating
the change. It is a great mistake to
let lice make a hog’s life miserable and
jbnsume tlie owner’s profits.—E. M
Michener, V. M, s., in Farm Journal
Cause and Symptoms of the Disease.
Prevention and Remedy.
Nearly all hog raisers have had ex
perience of paralysis among the hogs
of their herds. The Kansas experi
ment station recently issued a bulle
tin that deals with the cause of the
disease and the remedies. It says:
The cause has been found to be from
overfeeding young growing pigs on an
exclusive diet of corn and water. Fat
is put on the pigs rapidly, with the
result that the weak bones of a grow
ing pig cannot support the rapidly put
on flesh. The first symptoms noticed
are that the pigs refuse their feed and
walk rather stiffly, continuing to grow
worse until they can barely raise them
selves upon their front legs. The pigs
die of starvation, as they cannot drag
themselves to the trough.
To prevent young pigs getting sick
a very small quantity of corn should
be fed them while nursing their moth
ers. Then gradually increase the
amount of corn. When weaned, feed
ground feed or bran, shorts and corn
and a little bone meal mixed with suf
ficient milk to make a thin slop.
After young pigs are paralyzed it is
best to take all conrfiway from them
and see that they tire placed at a
trough of milk in which has been stir
red bran and the following tonic,
which is recommended by tlie bureau
of animal industry as a preventive
against hog cholera and swine plague
and which is also a very good tonic
for hogs:
Wood charcoal 1
Sulphur 1
Sodium chloride 8
Sodium bicarbonate 3
Sodium hyposulphite 2
Sodium sulphate 1
Antimony sulphide (black antimony) 1
These Ingredients should be com
pletely pulverized and thoroughly mix
ed. The dose of this mixture is a large
tablespoonful for each 200 pounds of
weight of hog to be treated, and it'
should be given only once a day. 'When
hogs are affected with these diseases
they should not be fed on corn alone,
but they should have at least once a
day a soft feed made by mixing bran
and middlings or middlings and coni'
meal, or ground oats and corn or crush
ed wheat with hot water, and then stir
ring into this the proper quantity of
the medicine. Hogs are fond of this
mixture. It increases their appetite,
and when they once taste of food with
which it has been mixed they will eat
it, though nothing else should tempt
Wounds on Horses.
Every wound or sore on the horse
should be washed daily with an anti
septic solution. If this is done the
wound will heal quicker than if left
alone and there will be no danger of
the sore getting worse and finally caus
ing the death of the animal. The best
antiseptic solutions are made from the
coal tar preparations—carbolic acid,
etc. These may be mixed with water
in the proportion of one to eight. If
these are not handy, borax used in the
water or sprinkled on the wound im
mediately after washing it is a good
antiseptic.—West Virginia Experiment
Station Bulletin.
A Postal Card Race.
With a view to testing the time re
quired by a postcard to go the round
of the world and to ascertain also the
route which the card should take to
accomplish its journey in the least pos
sible number of hours an interesting
experiment in the form of a competi
tion is being made in Paris, says the
London Globe. At 3 o’clock one after
noon at the central postofflee and in the
presence of a number of witnesses 470
postcards sent by an equal number of
competitors who had beforehand se
cured the services of correspondents in
America and the far east were handed
in after examination by and on the
certificate of a sheriff’s officer. Some
will go by the Havre route, others by
Marseilles, by Cherbourg, by South
ampton. After a few brief resting
places, necessitated by the time taken
by the correspondents in the United
States or in Asia to report them, the
postcards will return to Paris, when
the sender of the one that arrives first
will receive a prize of money.
Patient Placed In Care of Poultry
House Regrained His Mind.
Given the charge of the chicken rais*
Ing industry of the Clarinda (la.) hos
pital for the insane, a petient named
William Miller was recently completely
cured and discharged without a parole.
Bays an Eldora (la.) dispatch to the
Chicago Inter Ocean.
The patient was sent to Clarinda
about six years ago. He was violent
and manifested homicidal and suicidal
tendencies, having the hallucination
that some person was continually shad
owing him to kill him, and in conse
quence was regarded a° one of the
worst cases at Clarinda and as an in
curable. f
During one of his lucid intervals Mil
ler was taken by an attendant to the
tig poultry house, where are kept a
number of incubators. Miller begged
leave to have charge of the work <it
looking after the incubators and was
told that he could n6t be trusted and
that It was feared that he might make
his escape. The maniac promised to
work hard and not run away if permit
ted to remain with the chickens.
This happened three years ago, and
Miller became so attentive to the poul
try and watched after his work so
carefully that for nearly two years ho
has been the boss chicken raiser of the
hospital and has been discharged as
cured. Until he got interested in the
chicken business Miller was the cra
ziest man in the institution.
Notice is hereby given to
owners or keepers of any dog,
or specimen of the'dog in lim
its of the City of Washburn,
who fails to obtain a license
for such animal, or who,
having obtained such license,
shall allow such animal to
run atlarge without such tag,
shall be punished by a fine of
not less than three nor more
than twenty-five dollars.
Dated Aug. 16th, 1905.
R. A. Hering.
City Clerk.
Midsummer Excursions
to Eastern Points.
Via the S. S. &A. Ry. Tickets on
sale every day, and £ood to return
up to and including September 30th,
1905. Continuous passage in each
direction. Some sample rates be
Albany, N. Y. $ 27.50
Augusta, Me,, 30.70
Bangor, Me., 33.00
Belleville. Ont., 26.95
Boston, Mass., 29.00
Buffalo, N. Y., 23.50
Concord, N. H., 29.00
Halifax, N. S. 42.00
Houlton, Me.. 36.35
Kingston. Ont,, 26.95
Lowell. Mass,, 29.00
McAdam. Jet., N. B, 35.75
Moncton, N. B. 37.50
Montpelier, Vt, 28.50
Montreal, Quo., ‘ 27.00
New Haven, Conn, 29.00
Newport, Vt., 29.00
Ogdensburg, N, Y., 27.50
Troy, N. Y., 27.50
Ottawa, Ont. 26 95
Pembroke, Ont., 24.10
Peter boro, Ont 25.50
Port Hope, Ont. 25.60
Portland, Me., 29.00
Prescott, Ont., 26,95
Providence, R. I. 30.40
Quebec, Que., 30.50
Rutland, Vt., 2C.50
Saratoga, N. Y. 27.50
Sherbrooke, Que., 29.00
Springfield. Mass., 29.00
Syracuse, N. Y. 27.50
Toronto, Ont,, 23.50
Utica. N. Y,, 27.50
Watertown, N. Y. 27.60
Worcester, Mass., (29.00
Rates to other points and further
information can be had at the city
ticket office, 303 West Second street,
Ashland A. B. Noble, ticket agent.
Tke Kodol After Eating
After a hearty meal a dose of
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will pre
vent an attack of indigestion, Kodol
is a thorough digestant and a guaran
teed cure for indigestion dyspepsia,
ga t- on the stomach, weak heart, sour
risings, bad brevth and all stomach
troubles. Sold by Fox Brc s.
Dog Tax Notice.
The dog tax has been due and pay
able at the office of the city treas
ures since June Ist. All persons
owning dogs are hereby notified that
unless the tax is paid at once that
the ordinance reating to the collec
tion aud enforcement of the tax will
be rigidly enforced.
Dated June 6, 1905.
R, A. Hering, City Clerk.
Pleasantly Effective
Never in the way, no trouble to
carry, easy to take, pleasant and
never failing in results are DeWitt’s
Little Early Risers. These famous
little pills are a certain guarantee
against headache, biliousness, tor
pid liver and all of the ills resulting
from constipation, They tonic and
strengthen the liver. Cure jaundice.
Sold by Fox Bros.
Wisconsin State Fair
Milwaukee. Sept. 11-15
The Omaha will sell tickets on
Sept 9,19,11.12, 13. 14 and 15th
from Milwaukee and return at $9.70
for the round trip, good returning
until and including September 16th.
A Puzzle Worth Haying
Dr. G. G. Green, of Woodbury,
New Jersey, whose advertisement
appears m our paper regularly, will
mail to any one sending a two cent
stamp to pay postage, one of his
new German Syrup and August
Flower Puzzles, made of wood and
glass. It amuses' and perplexes
young and old. Although very diffi
cult, it can be mastered. Mention
this paper
(Aug, Brd to Aug. 3lst<.)
Notice of Hearing
County of Bay Held j sa
Notice ia hereby given that at the regular
term of the County Court to be held in and
for said county at the Court House in the city
of Washburn, [ n sa .id. county, on the sth
day of September. A. D. 1905, at ten o’clock
a. m, the following matter will be heard
and considered:
the petition of John A. Jacobs, administra
tor of the estate of Patrick Jacobs, deceased,
for dcense t o sell certain veal (estate of said
deceased to pay costs of administration.
Dated at Washburn.JWisconsin, this Ist day
of August, A. J., 1905,
WM. H. Irish,
County Judne
(Aug 3, to Sept. 7. 19)5.)
C. N. Cramer, doing business under the
name and style of C. N. Cramer & Cos., plain
tiff. vs. E. J. Ross and Mrs. E. J. Ross, defen
The State of Wisconsin to the said defend- '
You are hereby summoned to appear with
in twenty days after service of this summons !
exclusive of the day of service, aud defend
the above entitled action in the court afore- i
said: aud incase of vour fiiluri so t) do
judgment will be rendered against you ac
cording to the demand of the complaint, of
which a copy is herewith served upon you,
A. W. McLeod
• Plaintiff’s Attorney.
P. O. —Washburn. Bayfield, County, Wis.
(Aug, 3 to Sept. 7. 1905.)
Sale and Execution.
NOTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of
an execution issued out of the circuit court
for Bayfield County, in an action wiierein
George Beuz & Sons are plaintiffs and John
Donahue is defendant. I have levied on all
of the interest of the said defendant in and
to Lot Five (5) of Block fifty ) of the orig
inal plat of the town site of Washburn. Bay
fieldeounty. Wisconsin, and that on the 20th
day of September A. D. 1905. at the front door
of thecourt house in the city of Washburn,at
9 o’clock in the forenoon, 1 will expose and
offer for sale the said real estate, or as much
thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy the
said judgment, to the highest bidder.
Dated this Ist day of August, A. 1). 1995.
A. W. McLeod, H. .j. conlin.
Plaintiff’s Attorney. Sheriff.
(Aug. 7 to Sept, mo.)
Notice for Publication
Land office at Ashland, Wisconsin. August
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the j
Register and Receiver at Ashlaud. Wis, on
September 18,1905, viz: Olaf Saudeu, based
upon homestead entry No. 3155 for N
NWK. E‘/ N W l 4 und NE H SW H Section 21.
township 48 N. Range 4 W, under the act of
April 19th. 19 >4. viz: Homestead entry 6491f0r i
theSE Section 18,township 17 N Range 7w.
He names the following witnesses to prove
continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said laud, viz:
Ernest Hegstrom. Charles Swift. Gust
Olson. J. Gustavas. of Sanborn. Wis.
Aug. Doenitz.
( July 6th to Aug, 10)
Notice of Sale on Foreclosure.
C. M. Blackman, plaintiff, vs Arthur Macy
Notice is hereby given that by virtue and
in pursuance of a judgment of foreclosure
and sale rendered and entered in the above
entitled action on the 14th day of December,
1903, I will at the front door of the court
house in the city of Washburn, in Bayfield
county. Wisconsin, on the 21th day, of August,
1905, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon -of said
day, offer for sale and sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash the following
described real estate situated in Bayfield
county, Wisconsin to*wit:
Lots number two (2), three (H). four (1) and
five (5) and the west half of the 'North-west
quarter of section number twenty (20), in
township number fifty (50), North of range
number six (6) West, containing two hundred
fifty and 71-100 (250,71) acres more or less ac
cording to the government survey of the
same. •to satisfy the sum of Five Hundred
Sixty-six and 82-100 dollars ($566.82). the
amount of said judgment together with
interest, costs and charges thereof including
costs of sale. - H. J. Conlin.
Geo. B. Hudnalt,.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
(August 10th to August 24th
Notice of Final Settlement and Assign
Notice is hereby given that at a regular term
of the County Court to be held in and for
said county the court house in the city of
Washburn, in said county; on the first Tues
day (being the sth day) of September A. 1).
1905, at 10 o’clock a. m„ the following matter
will be heard and considered:
The application of Edward P. Pederson, ad
ministrator, of the estate of Chris Pederson,
late of the city of Washburn, in said county
deceased, for the examination and allowance
of the final account, of his administration,
and for the assignment of the residue of the
estate of Chris.Pederson, deceased to such
other persons as are by law entitled to the
Dated August Bth. 1905.
' By order of the Court,
Wm. 11. Irish.
i Com)iv Judge.
for the man and the woman
VA There sno light rifle like the Marlin .22 repeater, for either target
V and XV /\ spoting or small game, because it has Marlin accuracy. If you shoot
J I A'iLX meaDSeVCrything * The So,id T °P> ™th its wall of metal always be-
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— sl ori gi ß al Marlin features, which make it the safest to
A , handle as well as the surest. It shoots short, long and
BB long-rifle cartridges without any change.
The Mar,in 16-gauge Shotguns are the smallest and lightest re
n peating guns manufactured. Anew, well balanced gun of great
accuracy. Handles stiff loads safely and well.
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We guarantee 6038 to be fr<>e from all mercuries Irons cocaines,
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Wine of Cardui
Cured Her.
213 South Prior Street,
Atlanta, Ga., March 21,1903.
I suffered for four months with
extreme nervousness and lassitude.
I had a sinking feeling in my
stomach which no medicine seemed
to relieve, and losing my appetite
I became weak and lost my vital
ity. In three weeks I lost fourteen
pounds of flesh and felt that I must
find speedy relief ta regain my
health. Having heard Wine of
Cardui praised by several of my
friends, I sent for a bottle and was
certainly very pleased with the
results. Within three days my
appetite returned and my stomach
troubled me no more. I could
digest my food without difficulty
and the nervousness gradually
diminished. Nature performed
her functions without difficulty
and I am once more a* happy and
well woman.
TreaJL Atlanta Friday Night Club.
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_.Wine of Cardui Today. J
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Natures ©wm
The Only Tonic Ever
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HI give Instant Relief and
-gggffiggS These bitters are not a
patent medicine but a tonic
distilled from selected roots
WwM - hjgßf and herbs, used by eminent
KM *yi|j[: physicians. They are an
BH gs|Hunfailing remedy for all
B| mb Stomach Troubles, indi-
BSs Intermittent Fever, biz-
K Heart Flutter-
Ipßraing, Catarrh of the
61 ferr—Stomach, Liver Com-
SjlTVpMp plaint, Bowel Trouble,
fyaj Iraffi Blood Diseases, and a val
glaj For Family Use liable irmuorant for gener
■Bja i2Sal family use and convales-
Baft l#u, * s . i s, l i? ita cents. Cuban Bitters have
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permanent cure to thous
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ers. If you cannot procure them of your local dealer,
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tles $5.00. Register your letter or send postal or
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139 Grand Avs., Chicago.
§ from Life. REVIVO
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nesß, Lost Vitality, Impotency, Nightly Emissions,
Lost Power, Failing Memory, Wasting Diseases, and
all effects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion,
which unfits one for study, business or marriage. It
not only cures by starting at the seat of disease, but
is a great nerve tonic and blood builder, bring*
ing back the pink glow to palo cheeks and re*
storing the fire of yonth. It wards off Insanity
and Consumption. Insist on having REVIVO, nu
other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail.
81.00 per package, or six lor 95.00, with a posi
tive written guarantee to core or refund
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Rockv Mountain Tea Nuggets
si Cf
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