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Cold Tablets
R.exail Cherry Juice
will cure any cold or cough.
Ask your neighbor who has tried it.
If you are not satisfied you can get
your money back.
. City ‘Drug Sto re.
Q. W. FROST, Proprietor
r p 0 THE 00 <
Is again being conducted under the
direct management of
And will give every effort to be clean and
up-to-date, serving only
The Best of Good Things to Eat.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours.
We will endeavor to satisfy ail the wants of the inner man,
and conduct everything on a basis of a
Ik A First Class Restaurant. A
Is what you will receive when
trading at our store. It is the
secret of. our success in busi
ness. Another thing vou will •
find us right in is prices. Give
your next order to .us and we
guarantee to satisfy you.
Washbdfn Qo-Operative Store,
universal SPanyes
S&est on the *?7farket TJodat/.
So/d and Suaranteed by the
To be Establish at Once, in This
With SIO,OOO Capital Nearly all of Which
Was Subscribed in Ten Minutes, the
New Company Will Begin Busi
Anew industry has been add
ed to those already here. An in
dustry of no small proportion,
which will eventually grow to be
one of the largest in this part of
the state. Last Saturday even
ing a number of persons who are
interested in the development
of the brick industry in this
city met at the Commercial
Club rooms, and a company was
organized with a capital stock of
$10,000.00 for the purpose of
manufacturing brick. Nearly
$7,000.00 was subscribed within
ten minutes after the prelimin
aries were arranged, and stock
has now all been subscribed.
The affairs of the old temporary
organization, formed for the pur
pose of making the tests of the
value of the clay for making
brick, was closed up and anew
company was organized with E,
E. Kenfield temporary President
and H. P. Axel berg temporary
Secretary. Permanent officers
will be elected as soon as all the
details of the organization have
been completed.
The money to be put into the
plant will be furnished to some
extent by outside parties. C.
C. Frampton of Phillipsburg
Kansas was present and gave
evidence of his confidence in the
venture by subscribing for a
large block of the stock of the
company. Mr. Prampton will
move here, and will take active
charge of the enterprise this
spring. The other heavy stock
holders are E. E. Kenfield, M. A.
Sprague, O. A. Lamoreaux,
Thomas L. Dukelow, E. C.
Stevens, EE Kenfield of Ashland,
Q, Brooks of Ashland, besides
others who took smaller amounts
of stock. The plant will be lo
cated between eighth and tenth
avenues south of Bayfield street,
where clay deposits have been
found. Modern and up-to-date
machinery has been ordered and
will be installed as soon as it ar
rives. The plant to begin with
will have a capacity of between
twenty and thirty thousand
brick per day, and will be en
larged later. Mr. Framptoti who
is a partical brick man says that
there is here a splendid opening
for the institution, good brick
clay may be found any place in
and around the city, the market,
is practically unlimited, and
there is no reason why the plant
should not be a paying venture
from the very beginning.
Thus one by one we are adding
industrial institutions to the city,
and the end is not yet. The
Indigestion is much of a habit.
Don’t get the habit. Take Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure after eating and
you will quit belching, puffing, pal
pitating and frowning. Kodol di
gests what you eat and makes the
stomach sweet. Sweet’s West End
No Alum In
the FOOD ~
l Baking $
> Powder jf
The only high grade
Baking Powder sold I
at a moderate price,
commercial club is now in com
munication with a firm in Can
ton, Ohio, manufacturers of Tele
phone booths, switchboards, and
cabinets, and it is confidently ex
pected that it may be induced to
locate here.
Individual members of the club
are one the lookout for these
things. So far as the brick
plant is concerned too much
credit cannot be given Mr. Ken
field for his interest in th e
matter, he has spent time
and money to make a through in
vestigation of every detail of the
industry. He has interested
outside capital in the matter, he
has been istrumental in interest
ing local people in the matter of
making tests of the clay, and the
city has been immeasurably
Nominate Ticket
A lively caucus was held at
the Three Switch school house
in the town of Washburn last
Friday afternoon, at which a
good many voters of the town
were present and after consider
able time was spent in dis
cussing town affairs the fol
lowing ticket was nominated:
For Supervisors:
A. H, Hosmer. Chairman.
Martin L. Prestgaard.
Charles Young.
Andrew Rockstad.
Allen Butterfield.
Mike Thoreson.
Justices of the Peace:
Morris Yorton, 2 yrs.
Jacob Froseth, 2 yrs.
' Louis Kinstler, 2 yrs.
Christ Peterson.
David McCarty.
Edward Johnson.
Herman Rowe.
It is understood that another
ticket will be put in the field
before election day, and the
regular spring election in the
town promises to be as warm as
The Swiss Entertainers will open
at the Opera House here Thursday,
March 15, for three nights. This
company comes highly recommend
ed and promises to make their stay
here a pleasant one. They carry
twelve people, starring the well
known actress, Jono Barrett, who
is supported by a selected company
by Manager Grieee. Their opening
bill will be “True Hearts,” introduc
ing specialty between each act.
Their vaudeville department is the
strongest of any that has visited
this city. Minna Van Falkenburg,
posses plastique, moving pictures,
illustrated songs, good singing,
dancing and excellent music. On
their opening night they will have
ladies free, if accompanied by a paid
reserved seat ticket.
First Trip> Today,
The first trip over the new Rural
Free Delivery route No. 1 from the
local post office was made this morn
ing by Mail Carrier Carl Hirsch and
from now on the farmers along the
route will be supplied with their
mail once a day, Sundays and holi
days excepted. Byron Hirsch will
act as substitute mail carrier. The
Washington avenue district will not
be supplied with mail until the roads
in the vicinity are put in good con
dition for travel which should by all
means be done as soon as the frost
leaves the ground.
Ought to Get Settlers.
The firm of Loveland company in
this city are now advertising lands
for sale in Bayfield countv to actual
settlers at the rate of $5 per acre r
the first five years time without
payment or interest. All that is
required of the farmers is to build a
small house and barn and do a little
improving.- After the first five
years are up he will be given five
years additional time to pay for the
land. These farms on this condition
are sold ia eighty acre tracts only.
This way of buying a farm is about
as easy as taking a government
Subcribe for The Times.
Assemblvman 0. G. Kinnev of Col
fax is the Man.
Mr. Kinney is One of the Prominent Mem
bers of the Legislature, Has Served
Two Terms, is Chairman of Com
mittee on State Affairs.
Assemblyman O. G. Kinney
of Colfax, member of the Legis
lature from Dunn County, has
announced his candidacy for the
office of Congressman from the
Eleventh congressional district
in opposition to Congressman
John J. Jenkins. Mr. Kinney is
well known in this city, both in
a business and social way. He
has served in the legislature
during the last two terms, and
his record there is said to be ex -
cellent. He was chairman of the
committee on State Affairs dur
ing the last term. This is one
of the most important commit
tees in the legislature.
Mr. Kinney has issued the
following statement:
After careful consideration
and h,fter having consulted and
advised with friends throughout
the district I have decided to be
come a candidate at the pri
maries to be held in September
next for representative in Con
gress from the eleventh con
gressional district.
The republicans of Wisconsin
have during the recent years
served as the advance guard for
reformation in legislation and
in administrative methods which
are a* important in the nation as
in the state. With this move
ment in Wisconsin I have been,
and am, in full accord. My re
cord as a member of the assem
bly during the last two sessions
of the legislature is the best
evidence I can offer as to my
views in public affairs.
If elected I pledge my best
efforts to faithfully represent
the district on subjects of gen
eral legislation, and to support
such measures as stand for a
representative form of govern
ment. Further, I believe that
the public service corporations
should be subjected to such
reasonable control as shall ab
solutely abolish discrimination,
and best subserve the general
public, and that legislation of
tnat character is essential and
no longer to be postponed.
I believe in the policies ad
vocated with such ability and
patriotism by President Roose
velt and shall, if elected, do what
lies in my power to aid in enact
ing them into law.
O. G. Kinney.
The following editorial appears
in the Dunn County News:
The News publishes this week
the announcement of Hon. O. G.
Kinney of Colfax as a candidate
for the republican nomination
for member of congress of this
district at the primary election
next September. Mr. Kinney
enters the field at the earnest
solicitation of friends from all
parts of the district and is well
equipped to make a vigorous
canvass. He is now serving his
second term as member of as
sembly and his record in the
legislature is beyond criticism.
His fidelity to the principles of
the republican party is assured
by long service and he has been
an influential factor in the great
reform movement in this state
from the beginning to the pres
ent time.
Land within walking distance of
the dynamite plant which you can
buy for what your rent and fuel cost
you. Loveland Company,
$2.00 PER YEAR.
Wipeless Telegraphy on the Lakes.
A company has been incorporated
to establish a wireless telegraph
system for the use on the great lakes
from Duluth to Buffalo. This was
foreseen as soon as the development
of wireless telegraphy arrived at a
practical stage, but the advent of
the system was not expected to take
place so soon.
Some of the passenger boats are
now equipped with the wireless
and the first steamer to make a
round trip between Cleveland and
Detroit this season was kept in con
stant communication with both
points. Delay, caused by ice, was
explained to anxious friends of of
ficials and passengers.
The big marine interests will sup
port the company placing the system
in operation, and the corporation,
is well furnished with capital. The
work of putting in the plant will be
begun this summer and the service
will be for freight as well as passen
ger boats.
The Cleveland Leader, In refer
mg to the proposed innovation,
“Any boat anywhere on the lakes
will be able at any time to communi
cate with at least one station of the
system. The advantages are mani
fest and great. Wireless telegraphy
will probably begin anew epoch for
the lake marine.
“Once in use it is likely to take on
the importance of the telephone on
land and become a necessity. The
expense will be more than made up
by reduced insurance rates, greater
safety for the vessels which are be
ing made bigger and more costly
every year, and increased expedition
in the dispatch of business.”—Du
luth News Tribune.
Court to Pass on Question.
Orders to show cause have
been served on President Clau
sen and Secretary Hering of the
School board, requiring them to
appear before Circuit Judge
Parish at Ashlandand show why
the recent action of i . e School
Board in requiring pupils to rent
text books should not be vacated.
Attorney Alvord has charge of
the case for those who wish to
test the validity of the board’s
To Give Lecture.
Winnifield R. Gaylord, of Mil*
waukee, will give a lecture on
the “Mission of Socialism ”at
the Knights of Labor Hall, Tues
day evening, March 20th. No
admission will be charged. The
Ashland News has the following
to say to his lecture given in that
He is one of the most eloquent
and convincing speakers who has
ever addressed an Ashland au
dience. His talk yesterday ap
pealed particularly to laboring
men. It was delivered to them
and for them, and he made a very
favorable imprestion. He is not
only a very eloquent talker, but
one who is very logical as well,
and those who heard him felt
very fortunate that he had been
secured for the main Labor Day
address.—Ashland (Wis.) News.
Good Investments.
Copper Stocks which are listed on
the Boston Exchange (do not buy
any other) are better investments
that anything you can buy in the
United States. Why leave your
money in the bank where you only
receive three per cent when you can
double it in a short time by buying
Adventure, Victoria or Mass.
Nothing like them for an investment
it is a sure thing.
I had one trader make over a
thousand dollars last week on the
short side of May wheat and a num
ber made from $25 up from small
investments. All those who have
taken my advice in years past are
in comfortable circumstances like
myself. A number of my traders
are rich and gone to California on
their profits this winter. There is
a good chance for you, if you will
take my advice. I have been in the
business for twenty years and my
advice should be good and it always
is. You never hear of anyone
losing money with me. Buy wheat
and make money like finding it. I
can refer you to any bank or busi
ness man in the city.
J. W. Spear,
Marquette, Mich.

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