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Did it Ever Strike You
That ill health is unnatural, that pain
is abnormal, that for every disease there
is a cause and for every cause there is a
cure. We offer you the absolute cure.
We offer specific remedies, tested, tried
and true. Each remedy is a specific for
some disease.
remedies, one for every disease. Do not
be induced to buy a substitute, get the
genuine. We are sole agents.
t? THE if 0
is rapidly becoming
More Popular With the People of the city
and the Transient Trade can- find no better
place to go if they want ,
The Very Best of Everything in Eatables
and Plenty of Them.
Lunches Served at all Hours
of the Night or Day and Served in the Right Style.
y Open Day and Night. * A
Js what you will receive when
trading at our store. It is the
secret of our success in busi
ness. Another thing you will
find us right in is prices. Give
your next order to us anti we
guarantee to satisfy you.
Washbdrn Qo-Opafativs Store,
Be Prepared
For the Hunting Season September Ist by
looking over our line of Hunter’s Supplies.
Single and Double Barrel Shot Guns §4 to $25.
Black and Smokeless loaded shells of all calibre
and loads. Gun Cases, Cartridge Belts, Lunch
7 0
Bags of Canvass or Leather.
Your Size. Style and Caliber at all prices.
Canvass Coats, the kind with the large pockets
and the Uptbegrove sleeves at special prices.
Special Term to be Held Next Mon
day by Judge Parish.
Special Attention Given to
Naturalizing Citizens, Un
der Old Law.
A special term of the circuit
court will be held in this city
next Monday for the purpose
of attending especially to the
naturalization of citizens who de
sire to have this* formality at
tended to before the,new law
goes into effect on September
27th. Clerk of Court Bell is de
sirous that as many as possible
should avail themselves of this
opportunity of completing their
citizenship. Those who have
not acquired their full citizen
ship documents should be on
hand at this time, as the new
law will add many restrictions
and also increase the fee.
M. £. Church Notes.
Considering the weather, a
very good audience assembled
last Sunday evening at the
union meeting. The choir fur
nished excellent music and the
best of feeling prevailed. The
next meeting of this kind will
be one week from next Sunday
evening and will be in the na
ture of a Labor Day service.
The social at the home of Win.
Carson was postponed on ac
count of the storm and will be
held, rain or shine, on Friday
evening of this week. Come and
bring your friends. If it is too
cold for ice cre'Bm you can drink
.*.l/ coffee. Price, only 10 cents.
Preaching services next Sun
day at 10:45 and 7.45. Sunday
school at 12. Epworth League
following the evening meeting.
Come and help by your presence
to make the last three sabbaths
of our conference year inspiring.
No More Swimming.
Mayor Sweet has issued an
order prohibiting swimming or
bathing off the city dock, and the
police officers have been in
structed to arrest all violators.
The mayor has been compelled
to make this order for the rea
son that numerous complaints
have been brought in.
Used by
1 Powder I
Complies with the Pure
Food Laws of every State.
jf'tne ‘JlJatch J/P op a t'ring.
a *fine *iCinc of
Fireworks at State Fair.
The night visitors to the state
fair will be well repaid for a vi
sit to the grounds after the daily
programmes. Some little idea
of the extent and grandeur of
the fireworks exhibition, con
ducted by the Pain Fireworks
Company may be gathered from
the following reference td this
part of the program to be given
nightly: A royal salute of aerial
maroons; a grand and complete
illumination of the park and
grounds, with constantly chang
ing colors; flight of mammoth
meteoric balloons, which arise
with dazzling brilliancy, chang
ing as they rise, to a spiral for
mation, leaving in their wake
beautiful coruscations, which
slowly fall to the earth; four
batteries of jeweled mines; a
marvelous polychromatic pro
duction, rendered by the dis
charge of thirty large rockets si
multaneously, containing Pain’s
latest tints and electric effects,
enveloping the sky in all the
colors of the spectrum in a mad
tumble of picturesque confusion;
a display of 10-inch Pain floral
bombshells, discharging the
tints of the primrose, violet, pan
sies, passion flower, heliotrope,
laburnum blossoms; the dis
charge of four national bombs of
large size, in red, white and blue;
display of numerous great rock
ets; presentation of the beauti
ful “Southern Cross, ’ an artistic
aerial novelty with a confusion
of intermittent changing colors,
and many other wonderful spe
cialties. State Fair w T eek Sept.
10-14, Half fare rates on all
Labor Day.
Governor Davidson on Mon
day issued his Labor day procla
mation, setting aside Monday
September 3rd as Labor day.
He begins his proclamation with
the following sentence: “Recog
nizing an intelligent workiug
people as a foundation of our
great commonwealth and appre
ciating the development of labor
in our state, let all classes of
every calling vie with labor in
the celebration of its annual
The celebration for all towus
around the bay will be held at
Bayfield this year. It is expect
ed Dhat a large number will
Moonlight Excursion.
The Ladies’ Aid society of the
Ashland Methodist church will
join with the same society in
Washburn and give an excursion
on the Skater next Tuesday
evening. This will give an op-~
portunity to meet friends and
become acquainted with strang
ers from our neighboring city
and will doubtless be very popul
ar. Price of tickets is only 25
cents. If you buy tickets and
do not go, the methodist church
here gets the entire amount and
a percentage on all who go.
For Rent:—Six Room House
about four squares from.depot.
Miss Ella Hoffman
G. T. Wells and wife of Antigo,
are visiting at the Birdsey resi
The Washburn Good Templar
lodge run an excursion to Bayfield
last Saturday on the Steamer Skater.
A good many took in the trip.
Prof. George Bentley Bergen, of
the Superior Normal school, will
give a reading, at the Opera House
this evening. His subject Macbeth,
will undoubtedly be interesting,
and will no doubt be largely attend
John Gautschi, returned yester
day from Milwaukee where he had
been attending the meeting of the
Eagles, and visiting with friends.
Mr. Gautschi says that he also se
lected a splendid slock of tobacco
to be used in the manufacture of the
Monday Afternoon Storm Wrecks
Considerable Property
Large New Barn Owned by
Mike Thoreson is blown
to Pieces.
The rain and wind storm that
struck this section Monday af
ternoon was much worse than
the people of the city thought
and while the property in the
city suffered very little if any
damage, that of some of the
farmers in the vicinity was bad
ly wrecked.
A large new arn owned by
Mike Thoreson at his farm on
the Washington Avenue road
was blown to pieces and other
property suffered considerable.
The hills just back of the city
| seemed to break the wind and
; the storm was not felt much
| here.
••• • A
Faust Again.
No play ever in our city has
met with such universal approv
al as this grand masterpiece
Goethe, the German Shakes
peare, and no portrayal of that
weire Satanic Mephisto so in
delibly stamped upon the minds
of an audience who witnesses
the part taken by Frederick J.
Wilson, and his visit to the city
with the Porter J. White Cos.,
double its former size, of unsur
passing magnificence, with the
grandest electrical and mechani
cal effects ever shown with a
“Faust” production in any city.
This the local management per
sonally tee* . This is
only Faust company that abso
lutely carries a full choir for the
cathedral scene, the same being
specially engaged from the
Church of the Transfiguration,
St. Louis, Mo. The Detroit Free
Press of recent date says that
the beautiful rendition of the
Drinking Chorus in the grand
opera, “Faust,” by this magnifi
cent quartette, was the most im
pressive of anything ever heard
of that nature in Detroit. Will
appear here on Sept. 4th. at the
Opera House.
Ruth and Mary Wieman are visit
ing with their grandparents at
Superintendent J. T. Hooper of
Ashland is conducting the teacher
institute this week.
$250 buys a five room house with
two lots, well located. Inquire of
Loveland company.
The young son of Mr. and Mrs.
William Freeman o f East Sixth
street is suffering with an attack of
typhoid fever.
James Cavanaugh who is sick at
the hospital at Ashland with typhoid
fever is getting along as nicely as
could be expected.
Mrs. E. E. Kenfield and family re
turned the first of the week from
Whitehall. Mich., where they have
been visiting during the summer
Stephen F. Wall, of Mon dovi, ba
been elected as instructor of the
manual training department of the
public schools for the coming year.
Mr. Wall is a graduate of the Stout
Manual training school of Menemo
nie. Mr. Granner who was here
last year goes to Ballard, Washing
ton for the coming year.
The five months old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spitzer died
Saturday afternoon after a short
sickness with cholera-iufantum.
The funeral to 3k place Monday from
the Catholic church and the remains
were laid to rest in the Catholic
cemetary. The death of the little
one was a great shock to the Spitzer
family and the sympathy of the
community goes out to them during
their hour of sorrow.
$2.00 PER YEAR.
Wisconsin State Civil Service
The State Civil Service Commis
sion issues notiee of a general com
petitive examination to be held on
September 22nd, 1906 for the follow-*
mg positions:
Stenographers and typewriters;
engineers of stationary steam boil
ers; firemen of steam boilers; prison
and reformatory keepers and guards;
teacher guards at the Green Bay
Reformatory; supervisors of dairy
tests; oil inspector at Prairie du
Chien; machinists at the University;
attendants at the hospitals for the
insane and feeble minded; assistant
auditor at the University, actuary
in the Insurance Department.
The secretary of the Commission
states that eligible lists prepared
early in the year for the positions of
engineers, firemen, prison guards
and attendants have become nearly
exhausted. An insufficient number
applied for the position of machinist;
there are at present only two names
on the eligible list.
There have been frequent calls for
good stenographers and typewrit
ers, and the present list will be ex
hausted within the next few months.
Che last legislature enacted a law
providing that legislative stenogra
phers, and clerks with typewriting
ability shall be chosen by the Ciyil
Service Commission. Only men are
eligible for these positions. Legis
lative stenographers will receive $5
a day. Clerks having typewriter
ability, not stenographers, will re
ceive $4.00 a day during the session
of the legislature. Some twenty
five positions in the legislature
must be filled as a result of this
forthcoming examination. The sec
retary of the Commission states
that the demand for good stenogra
phers seems to exceed the supply.
The Commission has found diffi
culty in procuring a sufficient num
ber of satisfactory applicants for
positions as laundresses, seamstres
ses and cooks in the various state
Persons interested in any of the
aboye named positions should im
mediately address the secretary of
the State Civil Service Commission
at Madison, Wisconsin, stating posh
Mon des red arW ca. ' g : -r bla.i\s
and printed imbrication.
As Silver Joe Pats It.
Some people seem to have a wrong
idea about the primary election. I
have been asked whether a man can
vote a mixed ticket at the primaries.
Certainly not. You must vote
either one ticket or the other. If
you are a republican, you wiil vote
the republican ticket. You can’t
vote a part of tne republican ticket
and then cross over and vote a part
cf some other ticket. If you were
in a republican convention, you
would vote for republicans for the
republican nomination, would you
not? Just so in the primary elec
tion, The sole and only object of a
primary election is to nominate par
ty' candidates. Republicans will
therefor vote for republicans. That
is to say, they will vote for men
who call themselves republicans,
and who are seeking nominations on
the republican ticket. Democrats
will vote for democrats and so on
down thru the parties. When it
comes to the general election ! in
November it will be different.
There you can cut and slash all you
please, and the more you slash the
better it will suit me. If you vote
for the republican nominee for gov
ernor, you have my permission to
vote for every man on the democra
tic ticket for a local office. And
especially is this true of the demo
cratic candidate for the Assembly
in the First district. Silver Joe
Konkel is a particular friend of
mine, and I am anxious to see him
get a good, big majority in the First.
See the point, boys?—Leader Cla
John Walsh transacted business
at Bayfield Saturday.
Janies A. Sheridan has about com
pleted his contract at the Walker
school building in fixing up three •
new recitation rooms in the-attic.
An excursion was run out among
the Islands last Saturday so that
the teachers attending the institute
might have the pleasure of viewing
the islands. A fine time is reported*...

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