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Vernon County censor. [volume] (Viroqua, Wis.) 1865-1955, July 20, 1898, Image 1

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Official County Paper.
isgbi ia.tSiaa|ft|
1jaf.T..... ■ ■ t>.x
BiJKt*a oardi, not noeedlng fir. *4.o*.
lagstfArerti mm t■ at toga] rates.
njenf* maarted with no ipoolfiad Ua wSI h
publtttfd until ordered ont, and ohargnl fee tt
w'rdtugiT. All bill* payable quarterly.
‘ bti bounty Officers.
roahtyjadge 0. W. Obitm t
SbrrlffJßi.. J. W. WHITI t
CoafifyCterk Wm. Bbindon I,
ConntjPKfeaenrer A. T. FOBTUN
Deed. Wm. Hutchiboh
Clerk (Jltie Court H. 0. Goslino
IRA 8. Okiffin
JountjfMlierintcndent Howard Millkb
Jujtveyor.. -.. tf*^ 1 ■ S
turner kKUw 1
'UairTßart Board of Huli^rvleor*... ALtf~lfilT I
Poor Couiiuixalonci wfl■■■<.■ J. .Et'i ..TO*- {
Buperlnbeudent lusane AMFiuu. '.F|W!;.*. |
m —m
■■■■■ ■ f: * S
AiNoseor -- - Sri?airr--i ifw oMHPu 4
Folic*Justice Ip-iiry Bennett
fustlAJi B. 8. McMlchael
Geo. W. Stimble:
Solstablai l A. I* Busteii
j- a. 8. Neleon
Society directory.
LODGE a. V. & A. M. NO. 84.-
J doers the First and Third Wednesdays oil
iacl itnb. Ilall lu Williams’ block.
\JjjP%VA LODGE, I. 0. 0. F -MEETS KT-
T bight In Wllllame’ block.
YlitfQl’A ENCAMPMENT. I. O. O. F., NO.
f H: * Meet* every Monday evening.
and third Tuesdays of each Aonth.
l iMwTuc and fourth Haturdays of each mth.
eeoanduud fourth Tuesdays of each m'th.
A Lfc low.ue POST, O. A. R.-MEETS *
i V fffsf XL,..day evening of each month, in
iV. B. & Sail. •
It. I'uwlL li Ist null third Mon
*?Pf• e-. M-.: P. T |
\rimEitN vYogi)MK.Y of America, nox
iii 1 uni, nmi-ts Friday night of each week.
V mayua uhiptkr; o“E."s:7 sniffrs
V second Tuesday of each month In Masonic
hall. j
’l/’IROQUA CHAPTER. R. A . %..
V ev ,^jr-^c, Pn|Jh -WadneaUaj pf
\V#M RE I ft. 1- CE EtSo# i
?T alternate f< - ■ ’-■ ''.rnoons.
TT • days at 3p. m. m a I
1 • Wednesday evening, in AUUlnee MU.
'| ’HE VIHOQUA COUNCIL, NO. 129, A. P. A ,
A meets at Alliance hall every Tuesday night.
7:30 o’clock.
\; rfroyi/i if or. m.-meets on every 1
.Ytonday.cyeuiug Ui AlUauoo hall, at 7:30. '•■►
jyl* 10:8o a. m. and 7:30 p m. each Sabbath.
Nnnday school at 12 m. Prayer meetings pa,
Thuxdday iey<U)totl< .//im , : e'-'.Pt
CUUhcii-SEtiviCKS, !
V. iat 19:80! ai til* ud 7:30 p. m. each Sabbath.
Sunday school at 12 in. . ... >
— .... .a*. I ... i ■—'.
V ery SiiuJAy At logio a. m. and In the oven- .
Ingm Sunday school ui v ao a. m. oon j oi and
NU,ti,W WthCAN MOT RERAN CHUltok-"')!
t at 8 o’clock, .j,,,, , I
L-„ ' 4.,,.., )>.:;
, Coun-elor, Viroqna, Wls. Wt]l piAutlq*
In all’Courts of the stale. Special'>tt£Dtl9P ,
givep to Collec?l„tn. r *d
_ bpeidal a teutlon given to vofMotlonsi Of
■'o Iti re gnaon Block, second floor. Yds.
Jackson BH.BAUOH. John S- Lab’ion-
Ctpii* near residence. 1 bl’k E. Lysne’s hotrf. <
Jy. 'add Bußf-op! A graduate ot Keokuk, .
IP dloal College, out iX l,t> best of Us-klnrl tic.
Ihe United fclutea. AHnaUs promptly attend-,
sd, day or night. T.dtcst and most approved ,
tpeilioda of ’ '
omvt la Ca.ffou>^r,k., f ,. Vjjmkjua. Wis. r
X . and hurgiMii,,,V.iii’dSft, VV i. Ottcs over
Craig ,v t’o s dnig l store, on west side of ball* j
Atl calls attended promptly day or night.
M. SidiF.ssoN. ('has. H. Trowbridge,
UUWENSON V3L H . l S^ Bf ?T < yft CE -,IIXI
p I'iivsicians AySWiinjlNs, yn*iu.i.'Yl:(,
(’nils in <•!iy or ( ('(rnfry*' attonded
Olllce over Cruig b s d'jfc H
tl Insuni <•(* ;m i lu*:i! KsUile A jitney.\ Iroqua.
OMiro in Willi. ims blocw, sefomi Hour.
v Grins <u jlin flystj TAWsWiy of oaci*
imniiH! :it till' fouVf bouse troth !t to I’d. m,
ami LuvioSipm. u ‘D\ O. MAIIGNr.T? "
) , t ~j :,, u County Jwdge.
r *li J i’LA‘ ? ili *“ H<> i ’
a. J. SPTTIX, M.r. \s. M. TBOWBWDa*, M-P- j
<* > ,if '
Pr. late lOHident phyplcUn and
01:0. U. CHAMBERS,
HD hi
Crown and Bridge Work, .Metal Plates
and ail other bncivtu-e >4 debt si work ffone la
the latest an’d most linprovod manner. , BaMs
(aettou guaranteed. f Otfloe fn Tbwner’s blook.
,VUiUODAi . <f Jw ■ wkSl TITW
J. H. Chase. 4*
—-TtU.i i i> c l
Office over Chandler*N \ Vlroqua.*
St ° re * :!<■ it t i Wla.
c. w. iinkv'ib. n o. Ki'ah6nby.
Attorneys & Co’insellors at Law
practice tn all Courts. MAncy Loaned
on Ileal Estate. Collections Promp
tly AttyndsdAU. , |rn r s
Office over fee ** ot YrrpquSt V
• "ffi"! VRt.i’tiv*
wp] CAN DO
anything In Line pf
MRS. L. ietWlfelsl
Is now located In her new building, acorng ■
floor, and is prepared tc fumiak taapf'M'tdtt
or week. Lunches • Tved at tßiijbaE *A tAW*,
Suppers furuDbel lor baud' gjapmate par
ties. Accommodations for 7S couples. kakery>
50L>’WgQP g I |
Om to Bridge Works,
W -*£- H. TWMBWSOI, Mprgtort<
—— rv4pWi_7K*Acr-ri_ji=?E:—
Stool bridges, Z/ri/ssojj Sled XJubeo for
Sub-Structures, Culyerii, Arches, etc., ot any diameter or length.
Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome aud delicious.
Absolutely Pure: I • |
■i * 9
J • ® 1
(F.VAL DAKisn powers co.. sew York.
/ { )rjCuttj4r 014 obl lints.- * V 1 •
If only a part of u wood lot is out off,
anew set of trees will be exposed to
the winds, and many of the trees will
tilt tstrfiluf dn t]ieln. ! f The (
best way Is to cut the first year all
trees- -mat- tHT
tops, and the year after clear off all but
the younger and vigorousArr*®, which
In a Djifst .thus thUyied #t'l soon grow,
up n"i|d fiiv'the entire space with tufa
mauy|trc3 a*4t is imffirqblc tQ growt
; P*l<i£nt. ' Jp Cashier. S
Bank of Viroqua.
(State BAKK-Capltal 60,00.00. l ,j
Lindemann & Rusk, Props.
United States bonds. Inland iml foreign
exchange, gold, eilver and nnourrent money
1 bought aud uold. Certificates of deposit
laued payable on demand, to draw Interest
It left rix montbSqjj . j) . it.,
Bcsincss Honrs, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Collectloneand banking buxlneee promptly
Attended to and Yrndt' Abo,s made
on day of i ollcoMun.; c 1 • 1
B. Jt^ecine,
ID enlist,
• o VIROQUA. • Wl*. ne "' *
rvl,n ■>” | 7'l :* ■ J ,
Orqwm aad Bridge work. Motai OKA all
tther branches c-t Dental work ta the latest
improved manner. We guarantee work.
Orno* at DbvxaiUr’BLoos.* ’’ 4)!
: F*. I barney,
• If. I>. H. J-U-4
1 ii Ifl, VIROQUA. WI3.
i I'.ne listing, Urdgp. tlrrvaTi lies*’'lrA'l Plat l
■ Work. Sr-orlal fiOotinoft given */ correcting
Irregularities and urcsorrapon of tlte natural
tfJDth. Twobty fmir years ptailreM V’xperl'np'e
an l Uudy. Doutal Farlors Uilcrrick Block*
Jit isi m
ViraquA, Wla,
Loßo,CoHocti Pensions,
far- l lfllcn tn
IR.V S. OHIFFIN, Attorney at Law.
1 Oaneral Collecting Agency- Loan* Negotiated
VuicquA, Wj*.
" • : , . . •;
• Perfect Fit Gnnrunteed.t
Shirt Waists?
. LU 9 ~r * lr i ii i .'S
►• v ! o '!l* * .
Do xve do this clasS’of work?
Of course ipc .do !i, Do wo
ptlll buttons of( and rip them
in any way ? We guess not'
Family Washings?
Why, vrfsl irer'dp’
of work, smd yfc it fight,
too. .We neVcf_hjue at tdc&— v
at us.
Just Try Us!
vrßoduA sfeAiHr J
:N. Coe & Son,
M ‘ * .
♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
for spring work, now is the time to plaos
order. We know we can supply
r°'"“ t b 3 joo'l 38 n
General Toral Surrenders JJi
Further Resis!ance.
Unconditional Cnpitulation Wastlße
of t(iate;'l.cft|wrWis(gjMßCri-(y^i!rt
Prisoicr-. Spain,
Santiago is on-s. The cniiitulatiofP%f
the city enme at noon Thursday. WRe
United States land troops under m 4=*
and Shatter had completely
tf|e beleaguered Simnish strong >■ 1d,.4Ml
Sampson’s fleet was lineil up ready
throw its terribly destructive shells cmiit
into tlie liet rt of tlae doomed town,
tnierr exieiltieu to the Siianiards had ex
iiin il 1„. iiLoLf,.p *.[.[. i.i'.i--*.
commissioners to arrange terms of sur
render. Shatter wired Toral’s request
to Washington, where the Spa^irWropo|
dij|linbs afid i t'J r nEntjffuit Yw
‘tfmiTfW ahWat me
The conference at the White House
about ten min
-aiPMlß4i'*s£# fir .Ukthe dispatch was
framed. In this dispatch (Jenernl Shaf
ler was instructed to carry out the or
ders last sent hint—namely, to secure the
1 ; Mx 4 A\
* .JfVfjKctO fiq.hn.p
*Vii/ wane
surrender of 81111(1020 by noou, ur. to re
-1 new the nttircU ujlori’Wb'fiby:' ,v f 4 ifi&i'
patchf to Oiuicrnl SlmfteF* - Wi(?ilm5 ,> mni
iiotilg-’fl'oyql 4lisl Hie must
render unconditionally, without,. JlMsthen
Hfcrley was sent
witlifrt a •fCb-’ fiiinutcs of 12 o'cloidt qq/ni.
Then there was nearly two ‘’Wftifs** of
anxious waiting bcfokpdltc lne\f/i yqis feJ
* chived iiiupjiiucipg Santiago's fnU,TVid
that Uje' Sp.-fiiish general had to
quif-'bn condition that lie and his men
bf* allowed to return 1o SidiyA*. 'l'fPhY'sC
rw, V. ‘ : ,|J aaw .atdtpobaltd Iv xotih
i swoilot **i! mid yd S>Jixan si
p u Eiig ooiJibooo lpTbrb 4wa Ol
‘wORtS- ' /) j.’jl p-Cv llltftS O'* t H ,7lt)! i*7 IwMIIU MCCCt ;
VBbM • / ) mi y*ym niM M J“* , * i **"
jg J f j> o.iiJHjqa on ,H>>bn n
_ / s / J )/-/. , ,i w V'iXTA*i. , t -qo mo not 1 q find ""
' -J i>* liinil n
’S-8 v >rr7T^L, ) i, i iUdmosJtri JuUH ''i.#' s ''
, #i • -s.-a-tlA** 1 -jfeTOP f Ullllßlft ffilHH MW? J"' 11
.. 1 • O ’I ry'] 4 'inn|ipFlflOj}
> ? yCl.tJtou n\ nd“
jt (-.’x a
I t * '‘jt **~ Vjwffni 's r ) & jput’T II M J ,**i
| ~ ’ -i, !(•? C .** * Is* if to
l loitux n!. ; aid In jdudWTP Tnstof .
:lv J miii n..|*x mlw .lolff (oos now jqmirt tramuvt 7J..701 oml
I•• • *► lAf.IfTII ail Vlllllll to Itot illi-Xtltlt 7 -l|
HE tTffA.”
■Uwf/M. (uvvq cir M 5 OBO.'IW . . - r* *■
'•tt*ruiß.,jViW3ft,*}KJ ,fW..)](*{-AJMWWRR -AWf-t
' jitani% ( ,iU"IJhR..V'J,, .whs.
tharefore’hailed itsjti JSifypl,
had been informally uCciiled a*t the con
tt'rence between' the PresKtcnrand Secre-'
.tsry ot Wflr ’Aailiefc , lli ,l tKe 3py’, 1 1u ihe|
ri-wnt v,f7llie l ’cffi'thVcf i tit fWe l, &arfWlrtl’ l ' I KI
,*cjl the prisoners to Spaihi' !, PlfA t\ , l!l
Accordingly be done as la st possible
\yky of dasif’Sißgootatiiu ;S|iAttl!irda.!4vhSl
would .plberwis*. be su SRg*ti#vn|itJsßS-:
upon US. pi vmiß
The ancient i Ij; uoyy in,
possession of'flic victo’rin'id AjmTicau iir
tny under Gens. Miles atSd Sliaftcr. ’l’ht*
operations of the three’iveeks leading up
to the snrrcnder'aW Tittr Hf* in
terest. e(,}en. Nstart(>r*s arilVM 'off ’
Santiago June 20. and June 2.'! they were
safely landed at liniquirb—Thc advance
illicit Sautiaga bcgiiq im*hi|Ai>'*” 2-F'
Jnragttn \\u captured, mob nenff’sumi"
diir ocqtjrred tliv gqilani rtf *the
Spaniards i)t ia Vi’.jhc
lars a?(f .royjjli .Ayuf.-^Sl^nt r (
Sb itla,' and dune ft his adyineq.
was wirfiin thrt'c'hili^'!t’of‘Santiago. Jhune
30 Caney was taken, and Jn!y 1 aim _
w f f‘t’ 1 ( i ,iu c% n J‘-’!)f’!^uU ,; 'o/ri’ n fr.
winch resulted* in tne capture of *>au
dban aVm Hte-’driV^mfMitfVfe ‘spail
iarte from their outer TSit*’ , o < ( > ' i (sW’nfertt.’
..July, <1 Gen. Shatter dwwiwided the sur
render .ufidhtt /‘iJF, >4mV / ‘the* iln4liidib/hsi
euipbnsqu.g , oft V<*’*
yecn s
Vtt v v fr..n } Santiago
i was arntW. hlch wa t
fft*a3(! to' Jiily O n iW #•- Q° che lust,
'named tlAt’e'UiWfet TWrtsedJlW^f'Hit?tfiiriAl H
surrender, jind the
city, .rtitb 11 rCM'tuoreements fame up,
the irivcbtillOtiV'f'Mfbrl
ami a second demand for srfWW#A*
* ent. July 13 ox-ertTireg tWre irratte by
JIW Spnuvdk gsißvUtl ffi*rktad3aigsß>MsM
fa toK-'Cr
;fst ftic amysUgg Md'hvUfl
hoPn of *Tuly. J-4.,
of the h<u>eless|¥'&s r 4>f fwi tor
Geiu Td*W tSW
army. 3 r " , ‘ '* v ,(Tj T ‘T * T>l,i '’
...The southeastern
line drawn from AscrrmterirTTn'Ttic SMtth
to Sagtwia.B the horfßOOrf, „fm* !
fV.tll'D sip.aw itUidesi 4’l>
proyince. the forts,nnii jle-intWafia-Ktuiid.
rvQj'oral's army, about Lj.(X)I) Rtrong.
rmve jmssisl into our ,is>&Aqs ! (j l qp t „ l ’3Pht;fe
remain in the.
*vM5: .‘h-£ r^ <jjt , ?v j- ,r" ‘-f a|i jf M 'iLDO'* yi*gpt* * _ L_3La*r_ y >ll > 1 *
mhK and /i
f lillfiiiiiV a .TN
mm MM
imißSWi r— ■ t i | - ~i
>**&*"**. >9W. wt 'k mUfiliM.7 ~,
M.rptiWbh SMF*|WrlM|l’>lA VttiivKi fifth
[ MiutritikiHtto Trtloift7.gif uRi-'tdHihitr firfflef
Wiivb-if ■r*'htsttloiW4* kmio
| of! Il|>iltliiitioßaiibtrb t,ii(iiV mc ihi* drtugnr
! nSirtil’s sstay o+iß’ibe
Bhs WWklt v bfie itovilf-l e ,Uan*i-
Hfl MiPW te*Vft>k|KwJi*E
I PtilW?
it; ts the bii'inipjt garViSon Santiago
with ‘rtiftifnw Vv’eyy'eiliirt
will” W’th(filh4d ’*Wf'tWT'Rfili' ! in tor tih'ft'r
a ltd' Mor^*W##ifflfaljl#‘tjW!tf^l-s!' t1 1t Irill
bri w rnnitc* b<r ffirt(n‘#tubrtl.in tfiat tills
important O'isnJt hltib#6b n*JiiCited ’<vJth-
NCttoirql'|la geuwnt
'M'DMWiPtWWIWiUf *-kd ciWii. UurJo< of
:FWRt> r tk4VbF Binall,
hiire, ilbOut 2,0,01) wounded and sick in
hnsfifha?/' 1 ’ I’ke ffpjttftn.fiis vnri StSfereij
mhell more geveWJfJ* I #* tHcift^ili(l , fßf’ l Vlieir
snjlori^'b* di<' l| et*'l killed or drowned,
sekerul hundred of their Soldiers killed,
wntht rikrtfftft iwil’bw>iiave Ohxl >ln tht*
.Xbbj,also,* mailer flirtcongrat
-11 !|*tif)h <n Ar><>Vqrqmtut proposes ;to
f f, T
t'W’ftf^tieH'Ss4ltffft ! l5 r 4irts emWied oilr
n rlilVtt gtlnPWfj-hdftftf W G Wftha f ter' a ilj
lriji * fiwnj* Jiofh*ngwMt*!l :Wrd ytihnltders'.
‘Tljiey’JniO'e itttnnM Over-
Vv j: ttlt* i|IK (dwt > have * 00l Jy- over
c<Ai)efl|tk‘‘;*tnWP'li&v]©oitcda tu .'fearful
'Rff*tJW'lbeievnc, Olid'
f' I JBWW w KFte. V*rO >3 J r l*’i
icrtl nn‘ entirely un
usp<l. nns nirea<ly provoked ti e
nwTliV ! !*■ ■ * wwu
TlJtMm- °v
IntCiOT fiatunik now test if v .with equal
enttftkia'Mh Td MW'uilitSimeelit
.fjtlll ’uth qlhlfitite It Vrte AmerV
(■aiiMSihltwWjn V ssnsJtn*| tun umlovc
j liJ 'l.l IIHoIJ-' l' •
T( j Whmmr*
at ,
<*7<l '■ m
j VfX'
The Norwegian stciUJigr.Llyllef arrived
'!if Kingston. Jtiiwiiwi' u-tvti-e of
itdt(f<la UlijWqt^dStf !
1*1(86 'didjfd*fli'*dM)dpdrflidnftfftl'lft’ VeWraT'
rt'jwy ’Mhftk 3#drWt "tbdvisoiHeAynW’tlitlt'sW
was iH(!tttt*t"OiA fd I 'itinions de9trtiAd' ! ffif
.fj'iri't TtoßThhF'iWiajf ttw*Gj4MT‘
i^Sifi 1 "VfA' a IH>■W:Wfotbmiwu* of.
ir>< irinnniKMK) lin ’ y I V**/i ;1
if,q^VVdSM%'fi°<4 ,^,f * VUVJCT.
'#4tnt; ffLi4dk*a bra'l-e art, there.
SidOC liVr>N> iV. iM''d]^ii J rAii ’aVs lo tile 'effect
itJord IHmao.)upt*]iOdi,htifcrttiirty tin* Uni
ted S ates will demand of S]aii( as a price
ot pc see. The Spanish-*eiwdron while
iinx.ib Wf'WfmsW'iAlie B*wtilfopiißMy "stir
iWtfflf (ftFMifpWdlTdlWtifttoliM d3dMMs •
iikiUj’ woifiefl that destruction
SB*' 1
TiVtpd Anfmenii rmwes vvyujil,!* pief 'bys
Htddtf wayj^d^pity,
tAjm” of the ofiicials :yi; jflcpqpii to the
'Slt'w hat the Spanish, fiTiring UtecaMwCv,
it/'lHq fleet iiTfR? tiana bejug uti-,
1110 s*fffiiHfsth oces tp,’, de
stroy omAred* tb r
hHtr a t>* fsike'tbil arlßWiOe'dif'i-keiiplng, with
complete the wreijjcot* the sqhafl
iWhy'l "I'll 1 11 ' * ■'■"**" *cm yf
Js.itWtteii out tlmt the vi ssels xyilj
‘ fn.lv mlff.TS aTtc^*the
"cSronihal boon struck. ...
pom| / ani tns wUifjg
. Iti t/restkd mi
ATkji F'igntCibTVWt*i iflrtAbjgoß
Sffiftmsi a\i imtatH.laiVi7AG
iprjWetrAßi'iri’aniiOuYyv tetpe*- 1
fcloAl.** InV(-!f(j *-
* <l° V-
<tw VTJ
v I Vpartnioyt sent telegraphic
'th.'C.pttist, nf British ColuinWi to investi
w*et *■ ep< t
was ||ijt* ise wafbrs, waiting
siiisni - mi
• -T* CllßtpK * BVBffi 1 ’ " 1 •’ 1
12 1 "I'D '*• ~M'r'7JiHtiri |W-:x.d 7
•*■ - > t •* < v.iiliM v*-<t
American Army toCanpin til* Mount
ulnS wf Hiistcro Cuba]
■ ' ril< T L*)iiGft Cr, vi-.; foA'jpif' XMlioitSv
the United Htiitofn (mops
iipk ekusird'A’ rtitjjiffll’ehriq'^iy'ipAHji'xflairtr
.whiifi this uitijiuhld .to.Xul-.'
Jpw After Fsintirtgnnhod .eetl tnhett* TVie
on ('y w'duiuib iii ,to,ithe ..lifiialsHioab of
Hie vietorkiws orruy that hnS'i .*li exposol
'Co the seofirgC., J 0:
'ventmg a spread of the disease harq boon
tna.le, hud. a fwtt of ihe (it*o<-rrtm Ts ,The
retention UjjJ^,‘
until .langr-r of infeetiim has passed. Gwt*
Sternlidcg, Rnrgeptr ffenmaj Of the army,
recouitpcttlief) fh'al JUi'e ,t bty
U' the cod! inonntAtn districts in th* east
ern part of Grftni, and his advice will
probably b(> (V.il.,wed.
. il/ :.,n —e-nl j. ■•. > .-S-.W-i
. ■, ... <i Ml •-/ l.*e* ~ if ■I-. *
Anituunitlon for t)ni:ed. Stages YVor
t., . Hiiips _I KXpenaivc. lw in ,:
l.icnt.' ■(•'otßiivatidet' Siicyet's, li cohnnafid*
ing ih't' i liiTe.l States collier Caesar, tells
some interesting facts In eonn|tion with
the recent naval bfliJh‘.nfk>tWUMig'>. Gun
ncr Api'lg4’v of the.. Brooklyn told.him
that when- the VmcnYn tried tb rntn *the
Brookly-ri th^'.|ft‘Udf ! fire.T’iß'-t'bdl Rf 38$.'
Ujient'kr. iu. ,Wnich the cngajiement lastl
jumnnnitdou costing RBl,ooo.’' itl’Hik con- ‘
sfsted of thincb. Cf* d-iiK'h,
lihd .dW .lqaiuu*! sla-lls. The slt. which
did the most 1 , execution 1 vas one 8-inchf
j)ie which'"rajtfd i
the Yucayvi fore aisl-a; I, and kihed in its
passage ekrhty Srortilsrdpl '* TS-lhy^’ 1
vVejjqn dui.fMgiUful sfxecu-i
t10u.,11 .. VI. t , .n......... it. ~t l.’.n-htuvi
! Ikm ’ ttiij, *“*■ r*W—frf'*-**- , 71 ■ b**lT<w
rtl vluLf* ii*l • • lUil Hw Iki s;i tf *
ficclnreci He Would Fliow the CriS
;riii tfeeilsDß. W. HrOokirn; (vim hnoone’Of'
the foHVaM ‘Hilt,
Cerrcra’S. sifips. iiintl was stieuiding, .uly
" ( h few fhet \hav when- a Sfllfi! *1 ttttii’ The'
ilcNeil saw it* tv lottor
tifilit the 5
■sWt q'f
.with otwn .miiikfi .fioc ii)si**eJk>inb Comuio
.UcH’e 'S<chHu< vn* (vn the iTtlrins^fill.
~liy> ~ 'hjgil V #nb’ ilh;r.l him
; sjyv: “I vvilat that ship. L liavlf NOOdtihse
ottcdnl and pleflty 'of WOb'dWoiijl'oiUThis
ves.se'L’.HUd’lll havq lier. rt I vhae. ihhr (to,
’Bpllitk?’ 't’,l.| *: 'ill'll ili 11. ~ • 1| HMfil'l. '.el
; t/f ' o|, ■/; tf -.>itt ■.**•*- |< • ill ji >** It' il\
•I r li *;u i'.i i *I*Y * ’• ■ '*■!
ij .j i)r j i,, t. n{ \ ,| i (i ,i 11 .-ii.lt *- :
Augustus KeUar of New,-arks
.ot Lilnw He Firetl Flnrf. “ 1 !
“ Kefl'a'fV.f.^evVhy^.jN 1 . f.fofo.
'vjf Hie ; ginitU'rs nWasd the battileship iu*>
litHnin. in-n letter to W* F.roriiet', (>haHAs'
cht-iifirt' thbilKtlticfion .vT ! .1 J * J’, V< h t>
first shot.iii>trie naval battle at;Santiago.
,’Q'owjard the end of the .LftUle, he writes,
when it was seen tha i f, ( lh^ 1 Wikniya was
alifpist .lefeate.b the saTlbrV fii J.ijt txi nfa
sera test’d , 0,11 ,que o* (lie wefisti [a W
tors, ”Ki io. nii.er tlie MHilie'.W When tile
tn ny a rd Ay h*' fti) Toil t.h'p ’lflitijt if, ]
H,rßo ru 1 0 1 Ihe Tyir.eaym ,t tiiiiring; it.
■to nieces mid .setling (iie vruslfl on tii*". *
or ’ if. e-a ■•„ i i*. ■
naw ; arflshHat7Cr^es?mi|.bc.L
*'t Brofii. off, fbrugiVis, c*wW*i .rutport. that
baatdrkudß.tJaei Course'of eoiistTHTetioti,’ tm
i well nk tjil\> |others nJrt'pljJi'
Jmt‘ I'iseji, dfßHMrtstl. i Xlie Spauitmls .
a brave resistance, mi. 1 the Ani.td
'cn( H.„ aWlla
AniiTicßn sV>is w ere toot at rnet.
,n ‘ ..!■ C - ' ' I >
> -s, Nuke Seaiiy fot the Iswd*
,i Brooklyn's r.sw'ilfy'dot-k fit ujivif
yard is ho mg* made ready to receive the
battleship lowa. The lowa is to hare its
bottom cleaned nr.d/wHt hake, removed
from its armor a, big Sjianiidi vyhigii,
ini)iediledi itself there .luring Uo recoat
‘nitvh 1 tiglrt off SitbF'.go.
. cl V 1 M‘| .
cure for Fever.;; M
,V.vr.k physk-Un.makes tho.sug-,
i fit'll job that a building be fitted up neAt
( Santiago and 'Fooled by fp Wr
j Hti *|/ y .t< fl( 1(f • *
( *(, ./ • it ti n ,iM v >
AV i 4 •* *■ v 1 * y ,fi
/; jfio \,t\y
O’l nIU '-gilH
XLiaHH I C't g••••*! I b>
. h T^rl ,a • J-fr'y • iu '
y- ; ~Hi'jrL
% % * <r l
IBr.'i lidHHflui t^*iii*JhP, o X\*s( r TVAW n
Tli 'S( !ta'*RUer uaiiMi (to> obaroiiTor sol*
PMilt I umunitl n. and when a sh“ll Inmi Samp
ti*ou‘- fli-i t,tMruffe :i ttilv7to oiMUThityak Mown t
\tfl Zt d4IV v 01. 7i*.n:<
|k>w* the freeling, point. This is said lu
; Le rfactieol. Iroft i*pk,,
*CTirA might be vvr,,light this way.
t W ill Court Martial Monet, j j/
A iJispAleh fri>n; Captain ConeraT Au
-BiisiA' states fbnLvldf. Mmn^'vi ilf s bO'cifiirt
lartkilcdL-vC dcacriaig hie. Couaucud and*.
oinKto Maqila. . , . j
L X 1 • I —•— l '• ■! 1 •' ' ’ * '
jjO \ Con Save Cruiser Colon.
L _ Tfir wreckers have l>een inspectffig Vhe
r stmkpn Spanish cruiser Colon
> nnd oh, thny a4e dbl*Hlo'^ti* , 'tTk‘ i filift*. * 1
T&tS%F T^'
Ship the First to fee
) tlintnrc from Funtiago Hai-
I Pr—Hot Itunninir l>uel with the
: mo erlcaus’ Heroic Work.
Description by Evans.
\ jN' lO E*wa was the first ship
AuLaeß-ibe fleet coming from the
Santiago harbor. Somebody ou the bridge
jdKnjtgjU '‘Yyiyjt's that black thing cotu
iWc£t]of '|ll‘fli;k-bor?’’ A moment later
rffltrlotnt wtlwaTgeneral quarters and the
signal was hoisted that the enemy’s ships
UwMrcyyiißito opL A gun was tired to at-
Itptfo v ßpo of the fleet at 0:33 a.
m. “Fightingfiob” Evans’ account of
the battle os told in the cabin of the
r!‘ft' r fXF :l indent of the Associated
s h intifcitd? interesting. He said:
“At the time ‘general quarters’ was
liijumdgd tfie euriiie bell rang full speed
HjxlJko helm to starboard and
fntiowa erossed the bows of the Infanta
Teresa,-the first ship out. As the
jtr. j **“
. Spiihisk aifinllaf swmig to'llie West ward,
the Ifi-incl* Mr*lts txwu'the ftrfnawl ffttfet
,s*.tlW-laffß pct)V'Gti.fr* jtt*-ikv him,tu in,
•<iht bow and the sight was a spectaclet.
A,4 tfi'A *tjdAdY(itV't’:>Hft' s oitt ni'cotunih. uie
beaMifullftr spnoi-d tts to difrtiiuce
“'“LfP&WJta, W r t’WjS- Weed to
Hiirteen Knots, it was aupcrl),
“The I'iWft 1 frfitn'tliiiilrtrihti.itit liefif ifli'.V
aiemly.fiie U'taii ,la l- iieave gnus, bending
Teresti ou net- starboard now anu hoping
fb i*M)lwiie*bf‘*ihb)fn.nh(*>Mthk." Tti' Bte
WaiOjwti, the,Ml’f'bVtT- 1 "fib"tit, Brooljtyu
find Te\as were doing excellent work
wijt'flea’ty'gil'Hs. *‘' 4, i
lu *lu -w.vwjjriltort *llllOO,Oll time*‘flie'-eVit'c
—-rf ■■.,, ',.,.1 ' ■
1 od i aoilO ~u**dl ovo.Wlfl’.tßiArT.B’ltESHip IO)VA.
mysXhli>s , ’tfh'fe<rflll oTonr oftT,e l.aM.or
ArtimiWiltKit e tl*k'4i fly* lfn isMisitA? (
'%v *i4 O W-<'rw ij
wMcnud class /..hip on iccpunt of, their,
<n '“’•' ’ ,m ,vl,i,r, ' u * S' ,!T ’|
“Thei range>ft|' this-hhiii* was &>(> ysmls i
lmuK'uiauMV put iiaru to the star
! lWsfiird' ! !titdl , th<' oiitltv < WttH*i>aM l bMndsfflb'
nOMWit i.gfio tliqiiitfanaa
na: The helm was then Quickly Blxift*il
!tk‘l lprr¥ r HY?iI tfl? ,, SWfl?\ieti? to xne stern or
the | TVj-ekti Imaiubetfwtotfi' hemkttfp ftotf
nt full speed ahead. A tjprfcct
toritonP'iMrVWlN'Wilil' tlle ’Miofm' passed
• over tli<-> amdkct.-tfk*:*tni supers! ruct are
passed,rtil'tjUi’it'Ulttvjfiout.tUitttf --i£i*rt tn
nhaartdibefisib Wdfi |4ssbdith*.mMr-tlit ,i eoff
,ifcec,i nu bursting oil the berth deck, doing
. <**sidt¥aW HHbi*W TW MHif
"flit;!, igfcatlt* .water line within
t'ejffytfjaifj- lU |.*a .'Hill too ' ’'liunri
was now obviously Impossible to
•Wty irtlJHtf’OM* lr*!WfW bflilfw ditlJtJrrttMtl*
illu 1 ' ItMVic'a hell*.,
*li put .to,the starboard and she ran on
a '<sifir£e J pSf’Sllet' with tTrt : dftoniK Being
a 1 whaistJofwtfwnAh ii irant* t tq'uomHv,'
"fiiitfrp,.battery, ineludutg the rapid fipo
in’aSi T>rt , 'Hie' , 'The
pwnlslisnt'nbanm* terrific. ifilAny. ijJ and b- ■
inch ; >verc,f9<;|V;to c^' ajc- inside p| .
her ind sniolte'came out threach her
haicltet! I Tit , e!v'e*fft4fi t'hcdm'ffoni'thP Imta,-
t*h‘rced..i*iei,Atniir4te Uquendp at, ■Uie t
'wwißiWi' sw^n*? 1 . ua, J. ot V'’S
aft;; 1 1 in Oquendo seemed to stop her en
■jHiies ffci| WUhtMtfcttt WMI t(*>lM>*Pwdy,,lmf
' stif''/i|iin ediately resumed her -pgad .fth/i
drew ahead of the lowa and
csrrte under the terrific im- of the Oregon
.Wiwrfs: ! oai lM ‘ ,Jn ‘ ,aw
“At this riouwmMho nlouifc of ’bmprdo
were discovered fn the star-
IxeJUi! qdtfrWk'WUliltaHonnfllW.RtiHls.
'PttV tcvft, m tbtttu, h'i'b
~" f“k‘st -lli# Abril atrociflijsi Htiiallii idrpedm
lljjSlt?ane^b^cJf; RV^ng
,n: sbefl within a few feet o£ niy head, t
'WahY'to WyeP4H!fi? i Offf<*Pr-tß<dger< ‘Tfiaf :
lijtjffi 1 (hap has got a ’ot of cheek.’ Uod
. fwWsJiouted back, ‘She shoots rery well,
W n'tfMfiVsMiA ti^rttitt'fng ! eWlkers,*'
sjiittirjf shotd an ilno indthta mi<h<“r. ■
was tlh'ilfbVg *- s t at
and then at a torpedo boat Aud
■fot}u*g 'lWf'WWrfVcr Sht-stfWt. *’THt"
l <tasl!tlrt .jdtt'oiwttjj not wl*stDy*al
"j-r'iv .puwh v o-
IMi'fff ibe meantime the \ iz.enya was
slowly wirigiatsuth ol* th* J loiMA Midi
■ii*'the s!.a.#).j£'Hiflsr'a'lni-iiltt'S u i>nt
*ivo,an<' take between the two.ships. The i
'“ViitcaTa tired raiiidly but wildly, not. oiw i
l4 *i4te frW'W fisV* WW thrift?'Vur*
rows jn ttte
l&Wf' .fhrjtdmd the* Imvadftc wtrte *
ipulrf tlie ■nutria*.H’dire Mytln rre*en.
and the <iw*<JinK i*4
.emuny’s cqhnnn. were a to>■ lieadtng .
‘fir'the tMJh'-lW ifl'fiSfilV 'rtVeT *S*?,
ufiAsi gwf/I oivgi iioralkU lhtii i
XWs w’WM 1 M^tAse.
and in a few njouieuts the Spanish cruis
lWa** *H tlaWv*/ afid 'Hiilfie
rocks WiUl'tiMtlr.stoWrJi down, tha.!Tartsfc
, • el
I crews- of tlie enemy sr snips
M*s #o;dlw nui*--
-,v Th,"
i rtiraldinientt'
!■* UtVfv f4ft Aii^ir,sa,tf",,
’ Oregon, w ’th her
sma Jk wW‘dH ffifedC’dlh’SVrf*so
ffifitfg attention to the Yincaya. Tb 4
TerFla 1 find rbe O'scndo wcae in fiarne*;
terc.. Just .ivreaty. njiautee |du?r
fiit w 4 Vhi Hny Trilfutea
kf#r* he first hofSttf tbtr 1
put her helpt to pert with a treat burst of j
dame Trots tho after part of the this wi ]
sliiVvly for the racks nf Aeerroilc
fc.s, tvlWe she fotind hot !dst testing
place. -’'d-l ! *“ l!
was apparent that the.lowa mnM
Mint pwaohty: catch Ilia Cristobal Orton ttm!
that lia- tievgou (uni Itwliana undoubtedly
woiulfl, grid ap t l*.*! L]pt Nitov York was also
ontjWil, I (le^dejl ? tl]a,t.ihe cttUa.ol hli-
s’liouM be ansiyered iuid aUerrtiou
given to ti*- fw'olvo or fifteen nuuflced
Sptinhih' ’offt-efs nmV me'ii who li.ifi’ strjk It
their f-otoi-s. I therotiir,' li'-ud.cd for the
wreck of fhe"Ylaa-a^ni ! m biifninj; fnr!-’
oufly fore nml aft. When I wits In ns far
as tlie depik. of,water would admit,-1 low
ered, till my,kwvtS iul gout-them lAt tnnii
to life of tUp? bioo,
who were bejng drowned by (iorvns or
rousted ou the decks, j soon dist>jf\ereJ
that tlifi insurgent Ciihans ftom the shore
wei-fi shbbtTng‘on itfAn WU) \ycK> Strug
gling tli the w-nteP 1 afft¥' 'Hnf iiig siirreiV
dercl to u. I immediately’'pat a stdtl
to this* .ri at.i'o s<* J
“My l)*t atows wvirkcd- mnnCnUy mat
suceeedvd ip navjHg many ot tlut wounded
fi-.juu lhc bvruXug, t ski[>. .</oe tiwa wU.. w ill
l>c rvcouijnemjf-d.fpt', pfoJlHttiuU yJiWßberwi
up tji" mile of the Vj7.eavn and s.\ve4 tfirfd,
inen'fro'rn' Iniihiihg to deaf,i. As l knew,
the tfid Hriff ! fwo slifips wrecked
had Mitt been -fistti-d by any of*ofiriVes
sels I ran down to thetn. I s fomid tl.e
Gloncvster nwtU. Admital CwtviM and a
nupiliea i*£.Jus vfilcatrs xlioa-rd ami uiso
a large uumbvx of vouinloU, some in i
frightfuiy ijiap)gil,cvfj|ljtipv>. ,Mj|ny pris*
oners hud ji'ClJ Jiilk*,4 oa *lpV, by
lire or the Cubans, ityo Ha( qll
I nd I FbqtfWted (’apt. Cotton to go hi and
ike ‘Off <!if creti-s'o’f tiie’TnfaiitA .Maria
Alntlvantd Otjnendo and
y liiiilnijrbti the Harvard bail ffW prison
ers aboufil,. a great nquab:-* Of 'C:Cu>
tvotui'liHl, l ii-b d.iii-t i-.ia J- .*• •>! '■
‘T.’or, fctmragi!.nii JiWi, Qwre i no imr.
ulty.W hisfory to tbiujictaoit of Uro Spau
,mi n(hinral, lie submiUe/1 to ill/- for
tunes of wnf wiiVji grace (hat procluiiiiihj
..im a thoronghhre.l.** '* ■ , .
Gitfit.'Evinift'irt' lritAflsiA^'ftrbtid of big
1 ■ship l and imr-men. " Tlie f-nviC fifed' 31
12-lrvoh # 48 X-itudv ’ddflfh, l.lltk)
j fbs'ound and 120 1-pound BbOtßUunaci h
Tfie,; officers, of tint Vimaya sald iflniyi
simpj.y cfliilfi Wild, their at *h®
Hns.oJj aycinirit of the pyuml
in upon them _
•wttli Wiit’oi a tie fife hefee, and bipod
from thc'dihtd .-itid tt'onnd'e.i 6a deck.
Ktagrrfi'nts of bodies floated in this along
tl*- gun decks. Every instant the effick
o£ exploding shells told of new ImTOc.
One of the 12-inch shells from the lowa
a torpedo In the Vizcaya’s bow,
ifbk.wing twenty-one men against tht- deck
above and dropping them dead and man*
’gli-d into the fii-C Which at ohee slatted
■ Uelow. ..pi.,i ■■ •., , i:■ ; -■■;■-.■■ • ,;
Lieutenant Hobson's Accontit of tliC
Siaking pf the JTei-Hinac.
f. iThe .itgtiirji, of • Naval Gone
strsgtor Uiclimond I*. IloVisoa, of Merrimac
faule.'m his ship, the flagship Npw Yoyk,
aras niarlted liy wild enthusiasm. As ILob-
.ton isaf .ftpcfe.piojte .aanong diia messmates
, fi6 J ibid flie of his espeiieaee, his
luAi-kclpiii escape and his iinprisopmouf
Lin Mbhrd WisflK ' ,
"W JitiVb ’fliirti'-ihree days in ft
HJtfttiislr : pHsittiisnriT IlhYishn, “and the
more i thiirfc 'ataiut it the nnlrc marvelous
sdetus that ii’P'ato’hliVff.' '
“It asidi*int S'Kj'(Aatok'ln tht*'fiirtttiiit^
it'lti'ji ,the,;.Mvfrinuu' ontered'She tttfrddr
tchrtiin/d, pnd (Uvuntsi ig wilder the guns’
of r Alv;rro ( b'afit|o ri f'i|p stillness ,o( death
preVhlled. H.JVUf .§p, (lark Jln*‘, a,, could
'see ,tlie
plimned to‘drop otir starboard anclfor at
‘a rtfefit of tire chapnbl,
rsir ’^nglriW'SrtiVT'theii' swing* the
.iis-rtiinne: iftrouttd; sihltitig h^r : directly
iJHTvta-tllo ebosMifKi tlnd -*l >*i ■> >. -Ihi v
"Qliis plan was adhered to. but eirram*'
4tatt4es it^ > e,^^(.ipn,. Mnpossi,
Ido.t \> heh the Jierninac poked her nose
jutfj Uk; .■hptm^Nint l ttvmtiri*?.
Tne Idwidiy-ypnoneci ‘"WtAr* firAkefi- %f the
’shitili oij ihwmtitiiniat aflprT>hetii¥if fis fridn
itheig|iore I,made,he* out ui.be'ft picket
}>Pf} \ ?,hiCfnw "ipwnup under the'stern f
ITie u4,ficoi|,siw;or*l shuttr front
aehdt: seeded ,io be guas.
WfVriliiaVcs Holder ,wns W a/
l>y Thnt is wfiy tlie collier,;w#*
iib’t’kuwk h'epiviss the”Mia < tihel,' ‘ not
nbj;. <vit:tiK>h<*r. We then floand thAt the
Merrima* would not anrwter'td the'helm
hhd T.ore. coiui>etlcd to make the Itest of
-.tlie rdtuatier. ,:i
run,up the channel was veryejcit-
P;g. The jc-ket boat, bad given the alarm*
mid in h nnidjenj the {fnjis.vt the
Uie, (tuinuiilo, and the .?h.ore
battftie*! were tfiniP'd fipon idl. Submar
ine niinek tmd ‘t.irpedoPs Wbre aW'ex
ploded about n, addliig to the etfeffethbfif.
'h'bu mines di<l no do mage, although we
conJd hear rumbling and totikt teel the
'Wlip' trcioHe.
“We tf-erc runoing without lights and
Aiy t|io <|a'rknpps stjved, us from utter Ue*
structidn.' When the spjp, tyas,jn the dfr
sired position find wfi found thiit the Jud
der t\ws gotTq I rallOd the ruen yu deck.,
Wliiie tltev were laittiehfhg the catamaran
J loitched off Hu explosives.' 1 At the'same
tiiomept two torpMoes fired by the Reiha i
•Xtemyles struck,the Aivrriuia.camkiships.
2 gtuiot spy vvht'tlwr our uwn eridnsives or
the Spanish torpedoes,did the work* but
‘the’Alerrifnac ’was liftc'tput ef the w;*te
4nslt4kubst renf asunder. A* spe, settled,
ifpwa We'ktfarfihltfd bVeriloard ami Jut
away the catamaran. A .great cheer wept
up frnfii the iwrtl and warships rii the TiuU
of/ thfis eij|*ier " fotmderw}, •the *SphnlSfi
..thinkin* UiwMerriuiaecWds an Htneftean
r ,j m*,i ••’)•* on hue •. .-..1..
1 ' “Wi- a,tj| fipficd to get oufe.of the harhor
-e'd tkl- cs ( tamaru4V ,Upt tide was
..tHHW’d a'ml,da t y!jght Pmiuijps fiph strug
gling irf* the water, . Tbep ,for ihg ,first
‘irfitt/'lihe'TrAiiViaids saw. us. pud a boat
,frOmiu|re fterrta ’Woicb’rfWi ’piblce'd us up.
ftjjthfjU ’".as shortly after 5 o’clock in the
niortnng, asid wr trad : tti the Wafer
more tU*Ui un boure ; H> were- taken
gshnrc bjj, the Mercedes nmf later
I *-ere uent. *> Myrts CiawUf. i In Morro
(Ynaaie vg, wctf, ) cot^t I bd. Jh ,<teU at the-
Hinhrr side jif the, W W thore
. .jt*Uells i attf rtte*bolteiftrey maile 3 Wfeen
‘fPeV Stracki btif I jbdpiff Vofb'
WHatiouAf thegnftirda rlint Hb *ftts|lg'dld
, ewmdt-rabmditLiMAgejAit * tAts bothWrtl
ment, XIr t tbidtritii eotlsel.
ryttmsvd.t# sths
l trti*apm*vi r Vf- , ,a; *‘ ,<J V'
4hf/’ x< '^ lf ’ np “ °* f- 111 '"- Hobson waa gb
fected nfter much parleying between Gen,
fitifl? <W
at -first •ribt'*wiHittg' tV'htrfid' oV'er 1 the’
Anterjeam* tdrasintUarfitimber Of
Spaniel pdiwiMßht^von* ,ti -•■dnq
’■ ..iL ; B.VBV tIJ T —lJlht
United VtiHcs Vpstoflficc tn Cuba,
*rte*' fi?yV 1 ’teystoffice ,in
I Clibs' 'Vi;ft'’fie<*h t*#HiWished* fit iHftiijiun,
gud iurcsjuipped for doing the business Of
a of i*wAK*<-tnnitn i iMd:’ "
At taUftwl.
1 rte/pflice.of Jtewm
| eoaUinin* WO ia caifi and several valaw
| bit pi.gfci,**.
TT"V" Ti“" r “ . „ „
'4'Jl<*+i lO Jp ><i t" iM ll —> J< t.* if * ’V*
ill j
♦oartg Olrl Confesses o the Crime of
inml-OldcAt Convk't Is Read-Kan*
taiTiUe Mdi kil'.i J in MinursoU -
Fatality ut Foyd.
i vl .j <
Revenge of a Punished Girl,
Lydia Berger, a TS-j i eAr-Mtl‘ is Tri'
'Jitil. having • t <wifessis4 Id too eriw.s <*tf.
sl,ie t loft, her
mw, on a farm north of Milwaukee, ana
went 'tb toNVn to Witness the hHtHKku pit 1
punt Of the; carnival t.Wtffathu.i Sire
was out late that night, ami thi; uo\t $)?
ljef father whipped her for staying a Way
without htS fieHmfcfdOtr. She s'oWuht re
veiign by aettibg See to the lrtlleoiUngo
In which I her lived. It whs burned. loHlm
fcrhund. A ni'igliLo'r gave the 'f’lniiny sh 'l 4 "
toi. ondAlltNneJrt list- the girl 'set tre W
the Louse ofjliwr UeanfaeUit. Uet, moth
er ordered h or harness a team of
bok"set=, wdileh were ito’mpbPn'My 'qranefed
ii n (aim; beVwKltjp 10 the Wisconsin
LijUgfi lWj CVjinptuijj. , The,girl ' Vi :nt i",
loft and set the barn on fire, which,
with' Rf.Vfy-tivo'-fbns of hay; wtt* twViMred
tojthe ground. •'i'LlwAtiri says ske'set tine
to; to havyg W' 11 e*‘ VV,
hep father for whipping her.
.I| .< ■ , 1 ■*' i;y. ui.’ • M •• i
Wisconsin,,Mew IvjJl'V , M
A Lakefield (Minn.) ''Special says: On
J<op NHtrth’h fartfr.-Mk fttihst srtttthwieyt
of town, while George Ralph, v£ Woln
t ' o,lu ;:}''ss?# m b ’ K:r ,
sagvdle, VI is., were preparing a pound
Phirrjie f dynamite to‘Movin' it weft theb
were digging,iv.eaplyflevL .Ralph whs. lit r
erilly blown to.pieces, parts of his body
.being’fbtfHtf kiVor fer/j- piu : (4 ifrnni ’ wYiW 1
the accident happened, Wuoderltaiith hud
both feet and right b.Aad.hjowu off, but
Hvied aii| The,
was the result of carelessness, the men
haying been engaged* pofuntrfig the sit-ns 1 -;
mtte #>to the can with n spike wWfl *L
, At any Tears Convict,
James Croak, the oldest prisoner in tin;
WtsenuWii penitentiary: is dead, lie was
SO years old and nearly half his life had
been fpeut within the inuluios of
the gloomy prison. He was the tirst
to be hnried iii the now prison cemetery.
The old man had boon in the hospital for
yegrs. l-'or tin most part he enjoyed
good health, hut at intervals lie would get
it into his head that be was going to die
and insist upon having a priest sel l lor,
The priest would come and talk to him
and then lie would get wolf. He used to'
spend his time playing checkers. Tone
lmd soft cued his features ami reliuetl his
Killed by a Train.
A westbound Wisconsin Central passen
ger trrtlu struck and killed Peter Pinter
near Boyd. The tea hi was nvntiii g full
speed. The body tvtis Igifll.v uiauithul aml
~tbe man was dead when the physician ar
rived. He lived at Stalifey and leaves
wife and children.'j
ft ;tr *1 i. and
State Items of Interest,
Mr. and Mrs. ton'll Nicholson, n( Jfoii
roe. celebrated riieiv golden wedding aid-'
eersarj-., ■j v . .
Rev,.Hr. \V. I>. Thomas e| l#t <}nm
is the new president of (Pile College,
Gul<*rfl!r. **’ * '"" *
1). M. Howlands, cashier of the Hank of
Cambria, and Miss Kutum. Havis were
married at . Cambria.
L to*) ‘lijn-ifT , 'eC I 1 '• • '
Kdward Fanning, a Kenosha hoy who
has been at Sidti’ey. Neb., fell under an
engine and lost an arm.
'PUg J. li. Ifealy LuiJjiws .Cotupany, of
Njeepali, hits jnadc, ,au assignment, A*-
sett, sloi4sft;’liabilities, $*28,060.
IFhe Ttcptiblil-nti cVihTenfioti from the
Tenth Conttresskwial rilstritx wits tallied
by the committee to jneej at lime Late,
Aug. in.
Moses K. 'VC'ilfinntX has been appointed
postmaster at fA>x- Lake, Ilhdge County.
which was relegated an .July 1 to the
’fourth clogs. , ,
ll‘ ') ~1 i Atfi I* l 4>. I ijt ‘‘t<
,('Paries Norton, of Hartford, died of a
snnhtmlre wpilpilf vfortc'p.il.i’iltig at
er Lake. He was unmarried and about
55 tears old. , . , , • a~j ~
Appleton has taken the- lira! steps to
ward tiic iuuldjng. eLm Imipt pubJje lj r:
lirarv by accepting the gift. of a valuable
(doie of real 'estate.
Michael iPiyns, aged H), was convicted
titlJanesVflledt tile pirceny of a bjcyvjp,
and was sePleneed to jlw iiplustriiy siljpol
for hoys ‘for fire jWts. '' 1
Charles Ashley, son of (7c..rge A-'ds.v,
rf- JattettVWTe. whs I vrffWhitdif'Ju" j*Ae light
.SanfiagO: He PnlfSfPd with a NoWfi
'Adam*, Mass., eorofiiiny. He ist 25'y*eiitC
' C(il. ! *i T. BafWer, of FMn Claire. ftuttV.T
antltij ofutluc etmgnk*i omit ■ reintw i r tthi.'lA >6
issued a.rvuii lor fch> Jbrp'ilriiofm ereiirti>
ihstrift,gonvcntgjH to be itehlAnet. 14,at
1,11 P'roSIJV. .~! ; . .j.. ft. .
■' August LueUgerodtg clerk of the I'ineh
Honfee,.at liij^ieiirn, Anns m.wbfiitaliy shot. ]
in the lfg by .[. C. J jpnry, t>f Milwaukee.;
Henry was snowing off a Revolver when
jiycmtfttritly ’dfsenarg vJ.
... A(rs. Elizabeth Abrams, died ip Uw
tu>pn of N’ekimi, is lie < elebratcd per niiii -
tietn birthday a few liioiitns ago. She suit)
Per* who died In 1884, settled in
dVihtietnao County in 1850
tJov.‘ScliVifield hits offered a rewan) Af
s2<Hi for the arrest andheomPrion of the
murderers ot Mary Selden; of I'epih Coitft- 1
♦y. who was .killed June Id, The eotinfy
has offered a similar reward.
An order was issued at Washington
establishing money order service n't the
fnHowiiig \Vjs<om>iu postotheeju Afmn.
lfcmset.t, <>ritou, Clark A.IHIsi. UihlmviUe,
Glendora, M i til in, Teryill uud W-tlJiam*
,Fire hi the Ha'is at Hwin"
tUntaged it badly and r'hhed Stock', god
tools owpi and tiy Hugh Kdivarijs. 'There is
no inutfance. tSTiTIc going to the fire the
hopk and tsidder Tnn'k enpsired and N.
‘t'Tedlsh was seriously hurt.
I ..Ed ward Casey, the engineer at IV Mr
plfint. In rtshkdslj, ,wift pc t(hoi
on the charge of murder, tlie eproner’s
jury having fcniitd that the boy NJorrls
met Ids death by being k ifh a ejl.b
in his hands. During the inquisition of
ffie coroner's* iory'ft sounnvhiM dfaniaftc
tuciAuit was Lrongpt to iibr; J A ts.v;
naravd JosejA S.trtisser. tectilivd thitt h>*
was, die first to ryatii tly. ipjin-ed, bto 'H
side, affer Tie h- j fatten. Hi; askevl
fil nbn c-:k-'; nJVn fit fl ,
offer a sHcrtt tfrno, ‘Vab.” - 'TTi's was Uie
last word tlie young striker said 'I if in-v
he tiffed. • •-, * .!•• * • '*’ “•* ; * * 7,
Cen. K.-S. Tttta'ck’bfiV fWifj-fifip fV> f“on!i
vTu r*ic fcom dbxaevff. N. V.'.’ \¥h\Hh Tie'de'’
1 lHer.-d an address at the semi-eententifiti
Of Hotis-t College. dVWle*tfiWre the de
>gfeo of LL. IK wi ivnfctreil upon liitrt.
JftneayiUc. ka fbroe ntvnut riantigm
LieoV. L. T. Jtk bardsig) the Xwcmieth
Jgfantry Cf rhi’ regular array, r.jeut. F. XI.
Greene of the dnnhoat Moatgoraevt nil 1
.William <| 4 ordvi>. ,;f. the, .L'aitcii ;Ha tea
nrst Infantry bqnd. , ■. j
a jfttl f tr: l%k of it
ifi, ; t miivcriity.'fias'stjfrtt.iffto' gr, ‘ffiVun
iooAuoae • ft,. Went
across take ( sfcirfirArf'iutf,
through tne chain or lakes and thy Ya
bara ItiTdr'ftnd atl to the- firisgfskfiij.f.*
"rte l uit* and riratcui Hvimte bfis corttiriffcd
"tlie nominajj'tb yf .Xmvid XX -Jones t d.e
TlriftM States’. of tM AVesteru
I lH*firtct 'Yisconsitt, t i(
1 flbTtlieb Itr-rg, a pjeaeer-.'Uid ptntm twl
ttifistea o|l UcroW, was dcui mt,*
Hstera. TTe had fits of insanity and it is
thenght ihht’Hc' (frbwrievr'b'fm.-.-lf.
iMfipii Singer anVt MeLeeA of
La C’ropAC't'Otfchi..] ofra bomb thf tle;v
found ufi^i^ttxfed''fib* 'd T^t ri*e "used fog
iJTiUurtk tt JMltr UrHHWlft:*- hfe|.iffd lUtl'
tiK thundhJ apfictrcrdhirtWl dfhw 'i^t*
off am) Singr’*r flrfie'w4i'
with powder, su that he is tempo
rarily sightless, though the doctors think
hi* ttyw will fc* *vet)
Official) City* Pa*jeri
1 !,M °
,l i 1 '♦*! t tli J <> : ■ /\
▲Xdu KurM wr ■'
. I'Kijltml IHHII! >l. m>*t |>n
Job Printing
{ T*l IIV iM n| m! yl'l-<g|ltl4| V 4. 111
IV MM , Ul I*i LrtTlt •!.'* Hl',l If:
In a AM Satisfactory Manner.
Carl n<ornn.‘ iTyea’nt. ifrAWntaf tyhllO
tiiUhin.ff ismr'AUewu*.:■ . . m.i.n
. Ttie Kepntdicnn Assiwldv oonVeiiitiofli, [
in 'Vinnobiuro Uottiity vritl be held at Osk*-t
■Was,, Ana.. " ’ ,r. .
1 ahe new 1 tells stoninw Apollo Mo. 1
was launebed at Kill'onrfi. The new tuwt J
iWt 'over r>M: •“ 1
• ,'O.M tl 7 J Okl'lltl It#.:
alrSi iSeKsstsaniSebioss. wifo of ,a rvur
til Uterelta nt s Of.I h*t nilt, Midi., wwnkiUW '
.try the ears'at.
w l.andlord Tremout
i Jlptel, (tslikAMf.'KaV't<rt4*'shion a
eritfO Of tie Wfl hf W4W<* A-W *f ro*t n the'wed; /
hff the baHieshtitMatw, .a..... M , ~,.v t
Rts AtiiitV an Al'Wrfr ivrurein ■Hv^
ink' at lyioit, tori n VMt iW Off MVwC
tta.k ht*r llfi- by hattiwlie' in her roem
' * t V !,; '
Melntmrtt''of dbsernt*|o3li‘ ymrs
Mid, ,^V
t tiudierai L'lUsb'truonh janis usa] 4it'd au
’"hour later, lie leaves a wife and familyi'
’ " jThi* lmli:wp .h\ 4J Ifapids sre"
•fKiriiiK for a bitr nsedleioo. dance. TJio •
wiU for nt't'tif 'n' l
n felv. and I Italians wffl'igijS&V'
‘eritlß-ee. .nra-. o-o -M
1 trikmias Si ,etj t. a Ira tup vlie xijiblied.AV ib
AirtmiAlien of Stevvnd I'oint of a wateis
and hilt. eVftV by \VebT< |
it tirand ltapiik, iutithc State prisnniftirii
iWi|e year. in. * is t. v.*-ot i
and. Kui|te of ( ai,’
iOto -o* ti'oiupmi.r.iji . J'iUe<\alh \\ ievoiisin
infdmTy;' rohiinittf'd ide'l'y 1
Muto'/ina. havih* V^\" tvwh v '• vh() |4
il<rr healths fr|l o< ■* -•••-
do jeliner Ti. t v e:il;e‘of Wloit.'iSnu of the
I£ev. T. I>. I’e.-vke. tins been sward Mb'Mue t
?.H-itnl^^lradoV'^' fpjhe ; .>! ; A'l|tr. ; Rl .
ff/jne story-writini; wH,esU. There were
~o'er 1 (HHI ivUhertsbttS vi tf in ts.n
M Uhit* Uey,: lupimf iliiitfkweU wifii U
rj-n {Vo*
ff>i take a posbjn-ad'nafe Course in Vi uni
.mti sttyt tftvtii. •At.bbtt' 'lii.*rt' : m' l eVntreH' v,V '■
thi j*V ivllkhlWilUVtinsllOjt it'JMtH. odj
11 'Jh.,S, I'ocHvftl, ,waVf4r,ffvfeitwt‘
llseirie ltoiit Mauupieturing Coinpany,
half* aA'ejitell tf ft • mWfitf'
fir IB: . M-$. Jtiilvket dlvautied tit{ meet
awl other fast boats.
The kofpe V* 1 'lilti'iiiiiy at Atahi
tt.woe rhtfde rft-htnnffffy aehitrtmfont. 'Ktb
ward \V, Kelly .was .nupomivil astfiKiicui
Atf /rtUfd,,WW}mV<Vf.,
awl slow eoileeijons wl'to the cause. All
'ffevb'Hltti-s •**>
J. 11. Hen hr, *IM W rtr ■ hlVtk ft* Nrtli> dno
diH twd a. UuuU'r yaM'linl.Ml'ettah, inadt a
vottjntarj; ...nvsiKinntjnt. miming f l .1.
as assignee. IhV ttsiAus ate phteetl at
Sip,oso iamt wM> ltnbdttie at. 'tsvspltki : /
tfllesiatlf; H'KfO tthUAhWßt of ttilth,
failure. .
01. >|t. ‘l •;*'. Iw, .p IJHtin. 1.10
1 lie crushing of Admiral f ervera s Meet
bus 7nM*a r.etfW inrVfiVet J, 'tii’tt,e 'FiiTfirteM •
inarhot. Wspi.t uiliyssalM* ainiit thr. Ivsat. .
uepotiatnrg some large pur liases at Mn
flijetl a. ! Itiii bW *f C*d/‘*. HUH SW
feet. oh giind litiuid'i-iOoiu klaiutatto hrm*.
The, M , ~,
, At Superior, I.izxie Sedwiek, a.colored
faiiim? mt
iibt It witkcii orlt.ikti'ina tldih Truinasattr.ai'
neck and out the jugular vein. The v. n
an \k-Uw WWP'WMWSWfcdWKJ- h- Hf ”
Sf. Muiy'soli(u)iir!btfkiiusd|uit(iiMelh'*)osj
skk fifVf W'WWAWW'S,...|JI‘.p.e. a
S ;,I ^./4)r^/ , mVfuV r . m-r
viljo. now of liaiosnurc. ill.; linn nojruu
iliv.trt<<“ | apd.is^toiafftilttst ‘ttatebushitdip,
Tnptjit'tipnUm.M *illfim( tf*'ilium‘
(} 1♦ s # tna s lents ■rt f* t-tw it allw<r i I in IA g 1 1 1
hitlurt.V| i kvww-wy sV. iwssi KiKVUouii NV.i
1 1, , .
i ‘ oin *v w.ilf * f -m Jo
t t s u\ snap occtirrcHJ at, tin* Arynplon llo
tel tlfim!"M4'•fMlff-If'Vi'WHWsi' tu
a lialbbiteed hi. vind .Itis eiialfl mmsinid in
Py ii [wiol ball, it seems thatfmd
trying' to pick il light all afternoon with
111. Other'tieetrjl.ltif'itf tlHOnhWn lltfll tPiAHy’ l
Vihimrilded,.. ibtUi tueii,Wno'e.SUsv}iliiny .tint ,-
liffU' hrceij v tifl ,1/ff tm ii
I pO.fl hail aifiT severely injured.
.As'iVWtt 5 nfH'M'AHtVft sfnW"
injrt * !ai®Jsltl'iiybKliM ? 'i!tUi liigJawt* t
.!H!|ii ,i'tit|yh)fj mi ll( i,ln|, jd*Wgl.id ,, i.jwvWM- •
Stuinder niarried.a ilnugliter of Cotiey s
wmw.' i\t?f w k.<i mLi ■ •
sot .ii nldru'firjj>‘HMillei’ .irt*iw •. anil AjV*tg*n
‘'and k, .
AVT.Ite a letter }> his wife telling her that
wftfmW Ti(‘ : •wmwp rw ■
'kv P**l t ’* ■Mit'vff Pll.f 111 *♦<!. if Tl* f ■
* f ytth A <lf iiwihwiviiiUttf mitW * s .wm* j
rtf.' hhigVh **
of | will loti <) Jut oMI iMwktowUii s*S rWf -.
: f!s sw. n
()jvj pHM t* ns Ifiri.T as ;t irtfiiis fist \*Onl
t!u* siU‘ of 11 1 *riikiii I
- WfS 1 Hb.hVVi'WW'i Wiftr;,. .
Ti.e Milwanket Carnival Association
win: i*"itV WWW't.ff 1
Vlid jsaj t' lo!ituijiki na . IpMil.ih'dlmiiaiHown-i!
■pis' rent •dfttit'‘cW fiiW*WMV|MW l‘.sr. J
-ymi<tin. w^f <■ itswto•twaf aii;d.ii> tin* Hmti
■ ■Jty'r.tmHWkMh wU/hW $. j
i4ii.il :nir in Soitfomnor, itt linn? it
uiij tlifTtihii*
ya I isrtniiir *uW*b *M l iw*4y*no fml ..ml mot
WW H.wnrita, ISafmoWftfWiN*iH&>WA
er, reported that lie had Kil 1 < <1 a man at
ui„ l.fciM/iiVMV HAiWAm"Hf‘fnw-'c-Ny.'
going to the premises. K<lW*te|t*rJ
• •MflM/tfelAl •
lf, v v inrtv, was found near Tin' rojid in
front lif'Vi'A* mip 'MtolC*flhM 1 iH• '>¥ ! *>H "
Hi-fiil l/mmi'di *ml .hit-'*lrii> blt'dinn .ulwl..
hafl Wi,J.,Ky.v ite.'!b'lltVyr‘ >
-i story is that \\ coster oiiiiw* to
Ilia . 1 ;
l>cMpke vwis v:*' t*d into W'^PtWii
o?W hy. Ls'iipke objected to lo r going,
viiilii Webster ami words fallowed. \V<t>-
Kt< ihcn wont nuwy s '’°"
. . and with a Kiin and commenced shooting
, „}Ar ftf'¥;' tW<*‘ lMW*
"wont not/ivftlta .dnif|..tvikh nyj*tb bvehsiib
.MftfsftJftfr Vl" JL r sJ'&.-HUfa
sirtnhe.] \\ ohstor. ktinny' 1 tui.
.tfilm VtiftktilM in&Wftwtffr.VAt
<VW thjM< *fl fH n*ro(T *>F Hlio#fcr,ifitW/i
*,AV>'Vlt*? 1 r ftH'ttJ.ft n V*dni
lanMilt* smith of the State hospital at IJsb
jH*h. mm*
IrttlV'" jnjiwt'itonimtoi *UiJm **rfl loli.tn fie
• f>hi iu*rt.iCkrtaai<*i yntffo mMrrwii.
**“<>*Vfloi^K )YW
irrupting to uro off jtouto |>owd<r m
uw'fi'p.l m, wwk
wh N#*. #.<*.-'■■lilt tarf.)W4M#M>jln*f'l(*>
donly exploded. itijurjux lnni very V'vcre
)y. " i in* rmWifo WHW 1
’Ak.W V*ie eye completely ruiipHalss v lit .Hoi
Vh.- < li^nit'W , /or|<JaiiMW -hfctb.j'
M Vt i *m* p4->"
<U'ttr. r FW tTiTia praying on flu* Ti-t^r,
and tiiHlinu u Innk- i
tier intttj| v ,Jfi n |ttK''iti l .t f *#< *>*¥■
tfvHitwnl pushed the pin la r inly her throat.
Au WMiotAs
'’emtd's 41 hr. Uniool, aoiimM odl J*df vol
Wi.rw MljitWtun tit:ad. Jjjer <
l W'ji4 fWdiKWWW'feo
r living three nnlcs southeast of
■h lilUV'j *IW .4tr r tM4tWA° '
Ullse VifioflUaK ksiwmiid
to the <frjrvu*e flliuir^f4ti^f^ klt&’oflWm
tltiS lip.ihjiri. j#4Utoot 1i>o( La slJs (Unit J
' iVsiw, 1/WiljßJ: .ikofl/ti
,*riWW'“. attempted to make her two ybU
i4j,<jpyir)h.v'4frW;,4 t iH' |, ’eh atflf fo j>or//(A|
,o| anvfafc strrtf.i rnffttist'"
1 ‘Jiutf," lot jisi aoh.iifl hitJ, oh odw moiuJ.o
U iLunTi lanr<* jmn|HMi from a ]>aflften
/I WSf n njDll * ns: at hjh-oI neaf^tfl*- °
'arWti ♦‘Hon^KrTirr*nr<i v# hT uri. Ha
in WW lm
MthfWHy ,t> ! Wiititiolwit k -*Jt-‘M**q* ■Ti>>><lt in
- to|od the window aWt*lfttWit*'bdV' 1
ieavinahi* hut, coat nud vi t behind. A
posse of officers is in pursuit. Clarke bag
been tcateueed to VVaupun for larcapf. .

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