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Vernom (joint* Censor
O. a. MUNSON, Editor and Prop.
Wednesday, Deo. 7, 1898.
President McKinley’s message to con
gresses transmitted on Mon day last is,
throughout, permeated by genuine and
intense Americanism. Of the war it is
an accurate and patriotic historical re
view On the question of sound monej
legislation, it is unequivocal end fear
less as the President himself is. At this
time we can but briefly outline the gis'
of the message. The war with Spain h
related in terse but accurate terms. Tbs
results are clearly defined. Oar poei
tion as to the control and government
of the Philippines must, necessarily, b
tentative and a waiting one. Such con
trol must be a military one until con
gress decides finally and in detail to the
contrary. A large navy and a standing
army of at least 100,000 men is abso
lutely essential. Our vast commercial
interests in China must be conserves
and preserved by every means in out
power and at whatever coot. The trib
nte of „he president to those who dir
not fight, but waited in silent readiness
and confidence for the call to arms whei
it came as well as to the saintly devo
tion of the nurses and physicians of the
Red Cross society, is as generons as it
is deserved. The pension-roll, the posta
service, the Pacific road sales ard
our cordial relations with foreign coun
tries recjive due attention Last, but
not least, the waste and smfering of wai
and in that connection the Czar’s peace
movement are the subject of serioua and
earnestly sympathetic treatment by tip
It is too early to anticipate, correctly,
the reception the message will receive
in all qoarterp, political end national
However the Censor hopes and believes
that the same absence of partisansbq
and the same patriotic unity of purp< s
and effoit which upheld the president
and administration in the conduct of
the war itself, will continue to character
ize the consideration and treatment of
the vital and difficult problems result
ting therefrom. The nation, as a whole,
will demand of their representatives in
congress, absolute and unqualified loy
alty to Pesident McKinley, in whose
patriotism and wisdom they have a con
fidence unalloyed by even the shadow
of doubt.
Oshkosh Northwestern: We are too
apt to forget,after election,the principles
in which we were most interested before
election. This is a year and an occasion
when the party must not, and the people
will not, forget the pledges on which the
republican victory was won this year.
The people who rolled np 40,000 major
ity for the state ticket and elected ten
republican congressmen and a republi
can msjority in the legislature are en
titled to have the policy and the legis
la’ion carried out for which they voted.
If t v ere is any virtue in representative
government, it is that the will of,the
people shall pass through the ballot box
into the statute books. No party can
hold the full confidence of the people
which mistakes the will of the people
for a mere office brokerage. It was not
for offices, but for certain principles and
for the enactment of certain reforms and
more agreeable policies that the people
voted at the last election. We have
never had an election in the state when
the office or the individual who should
hold the office cut so small a figure in
the suffrages of the people.
Hon. Edward Keogh, known by every
printer and legislator of the Btate for
the past thirty years, died of paralysis
at his Milwaukee home, a week since.
Mr. Keogh served in the iwo houses of
the legislature more terms than anv
other man. He has, during these years,
conducted the largest job printing con
cern in the state. Every acquaintance
admired Ed. Keogh.
There has been quite general belie*
among his friends and neighbors for
several weeks that Robert M La Fol
lett’s condition was discouraging. His
physician, Dr. Fox, now gives out the
assurtnoe that his patient is on the
road to recovery and predicts that he
will be able to proceed to a milder cli
mate to pass the winter in quiet and
An exchange says that the Boston
Herald wants the Christian Scientists to
answer this question: ‘Tf a man hae
boils on his neck and under his arms,
can he be cured by trying to persnade
himself that they are only imaginary ?”
That is enough to make a Christian
Scientist boiling mad.
Out of 20 western states that had fu
sion, the republicans oarried 17. Not
quite 10 to 1, but good enough. The
western stales are nearly all safe now
and the republicans will throw out the
life line to the others in 1900.
The chains which the republican party
was forging for the people,as claimed by
the calamity howlers two years ago,have
turned out to be several chains of
islands. Only a misapprehension, of
o />
Not Favorable to Tobacco V.'ork.
There appears to be nothing particu
larly new to report in the tobacco line.
The local dealers are preparing their
houses for the sorting season. Up to
date no crops have been delivered nor wi 1
there he till a seas in of casing weather
Workmen on the new houses of Miner
Brotners are experiencing cold fingers,
and the work is proceeding slowly on
account of *he unfavorable condition for
building operations.
The I’obocco Reporter, of Edgerton,
says stripping in that section has pro
ceeded far enough to now determine that
the yield of filler grades will be much
larger than usual. This is due chiefly
to the damage the crop sustained from
hail and heavy wind storms previous lo
harvest. This fact, however, ought not
to deter growers of cleaning their to
baeco well and takirg out all of thie
grade that properly belongs there, even
if the percentage rune high. Then the
other grades will be much more inviting
to the buvers and the chances are im
prov’d for obtaining better pricee for
wrappers and binders. While the strip
ping is oeing done the heavy top leaves,
that will eventua'ly make “shorty'should
be carefully kept apart and bundled
separately.* These are the instructions
buyers are giving growers for the hand
ling of the present crop, and it seems to
be to the interest of all concerned that
♦bev be adopted. Prices are from Ito
6 cent*.
A World of Trouble.
The editor of the Troy, Kansas, Times,
thus bre k-i out: M-tti that is bora
of womau is few of days and full of
microbes. Tne moment he bite the
earth he starts for the grave, and the
longer he travels the faster he goes.
His visible reward for long of
labor and nights of walking the floor
with a teething b*by is aa epitaph
he can’t read and u tombstone he
doesn’t want. In the first of the seven
ages of mm he’s licked, in the last he’s
neglected, and in all the others he’s a
arg-t for the lying, meddlesome mis
chtefrnaker— woman who won’t tend
to her own business. If he does not,
marry his first love he’ll always tfish he
had, and if he does he’ll always wish he
hadn’t. Yet no man ever follows
freedom's flag for patriot itu with half
the enthusiasm that he will trail the
red, white and blue that constitutes the
banner oi female beauty. He will brave
the lion in his den, face the booming
cannon, tread the foam beueath
his feet, and yet will tremble like a half
frozen egg-sucking dog when called by
his wife to account for his ouseednesa.
He goes forth in the morning to plow
corn with a cross eyed mule and a
roan steer, works hard all day and comes
home at night to find his seven haif
olothed chi'dren hungry as bears and
no bread in the house, and his wife
over to one of the neighbor’s to borrow j
a hat to wear to a church social.
Two Hi>!nU'd <t>it'MioiiN Answered
What is the use of mnking a better
a tide than your competitor if you can
iot get a better price fo* it?
Ans - As there is no difference in the
price the public will buy only the better,
so that while our profits may be smaller
on a single sale they will be much greater
in the aggregate.
How can you get the public to know’
your make is the beet ?
If both artic,eß are brought promi
nently before the public both are certain
to be tried end the public will verv
quickly pass judgment on them and use
only the better one.
This exp'sias the large sale on Clmm
berlaio’s Cough Remedy. The people
have been using it for years and have
found that it can always be depended
upon. They may occasionally take up
wish some fashionable novelty put forth
with exaggerated claim?, but are certain
to retnrn to the one nmedy that they
know to lie reliable, and for coughs,
eclds and croup there is nothing equal
to Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. For
sale by E. H. Craig & Co’s, drug store.
Chnmber ain’s Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy oan always be de
pended upon and is pleasant Bnd safe to
take. Sold by E H. Craig & Cj’s. drug
i ■ ■
The Congregational Calendar,
The mid-week prayer and social meet
ing on Thursday evening at 7:30 Topic,
The Power of the Tongue, Jam-s 111
chapter. The opening addresses are to
be g.ven by L. It Gaines, M. C. Nichols
and Mrs. John R. Casson.
The pastor will speak next Sunday
morning on “C)-Laborers with Gi I.”
In the evening he will deliver bis second
lecture on our modern forces, speaking
on “O tr Social Forces.” The public is
cordially invited.
The teachers and officers have decided
to have an interesting Christmas ex*t -
cise for the Sunday school on Satnidar
evening before Christmas at 7 o’clock
The pastor will preach a sermon or
Sunday morning, December 18, on ‘ Our
Pilgrim Fathers,” a topic of unusual
interest to all of us.
T he Mite l,a(M|>pe cure.
There is no use suffering from this
dreadful malady, if you only get the
right remedy. You are having pain
all through your body, your liver is
out of order, have ro appetite, no life
or ambition, have n bad cold, in fact
are completely used up. Electric
Bit*ere are the only remedy that will give
you prompt and sure relief. They act
directly on on your liver, stomach and
kidneys, tone up the whole system and
make you feel like anew being. They
are guaranteed to core or price refunded
For sale at ig & Co.’s drug store,
only 50 cent er bottle.
Agricultural Society Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Vernon
Oountv Agricultural Sjciety, for the
election of officers and transaction of
other business, wiil be held at the city
hall in Yiroqua, on Wednesday, Decem
ber 7to, 1898, at one o’clock p. m. All
members are requested to attend.
D O. Mahoney, President.
F. W. Alexander, Secretary,
—Pains in the chest when a person
has a cold indicate a ‘.eadency toward
pneumonia. A piece of fl tnnel damp
ened with Chamberlain’s Pain Balm and
bound on to the chest over the seat of
pain, will promptly relieve the pain and
prevent the threatened attack of pneu
monia. This same treatment will care
a lame back in a few hours. Sold by E.
H. Craig & Co’s, drug Btore.
Holiday Excursion Rates.
The C M. & St. Paul roal will sel
holiday excursion tickets as fellows
good tio all points in 200 miles of selling
station, Die 24, 25, 26 and 31, January
1 and 2, all good to return January 4
Fare one and one third fare for round
—lt fills the arteries with rich red
blood, make* new flesh, healthy men and
women. That’s what Rocky Mountain
Tea will do. 35 cents. —Craig & Cos.
—Wanted, man with rig to travel in
the country to introduce fast selling
remedies, $lO p**r week.
—lf you need a clock or a watch, go
io Towner’s.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Adt
E. Hart, of Groton, S. D., “Was taken
with a bad cold which settled on my
lungs, cough set in and fioallv terminaa
ed in consumption. Fonr doctors gave
me up saving I could live but a short
tune. I gave myself np to my Saviour, |
determined if I could not Btav withj
my friends on earth, would meet my i
absent, ones above. My husband was
advised to get Dr. King’s New Discov- ]
er*- for consumption, coughs, BDd colds.!
I gave it a trial, took in all eight bottles. :
It tins cured me, and thank G.)d I am :
saved and now a well and healthv
woman. Trial bottles free at Crnig &
Co’s drug store. Regular sizs 50 cents
and SI.OO, guaranteed or price refunded
The foil-wing table compiled by County Clerk Brandon shows the appor
tionment of tax's f-r Vernon county for tbs year 1898. The total levy is s6l.
784 61, or $’ 257.48 greater than last year’s levy Tbe county tax is $6.324 03
greater than last year and tue state t>-x $2,855.35 less The equalized valuation
of the county last season was $4 336,j>78 This year it is $4 225,458
Tnvvvs WAI! 1)8 ETt Total State County C ‘””" y , Bridge
TOWNS, WAUDS.ETi . Valuatloll i Tuxes. C -f!, x Tax
Ber-en 8 159 HO S 4*l J *l24'- 54 8424 22 8 214 86 831 *i
Christiana 228 787 1 - ’ 24 l.'*!lSs 443 42 3ns 44 45 75
Clinton !sfl 394 473 85 1223 51 I 39 8) ; 210 M> 31 2*
Coon ITS TTti .540 1)7 11*' 7* 43 ;54 241 05 35 75
Forest 101 465 307 03 793 is! j 430 62 14 7* 20 29
Franklin ::6i tis lie* 72 I 2mm 57 j 3!‘l 30 ; 495 57 73 34
Genoa.. 188*17 38* *• i I"03 44 J 4“4 10 172 98 25 66
Greenwood 135 773 \ 410 t-4 1061 75 ! :s 62 I*4 10 27 lo
Hamburg 177 5'3 *37 27 j 1388 46 I 360 5* 240 : 35 51
Harmony 189 291 672 19 J 14-126 ; 44)25 2'6 .42 37 So
Hillsboro ....... 164 904 1 49* 69 13*8 77 I 433 3 224 01 33 96
Jefferson 32-4 0118 !|s:tr4* 2542 61 , 51 36 44 01 *5 00
Klcknpoo ... ... tSJKfir.SM# 2 i KT4 1 24 76
Liberty 57 W*’ 4*66 i 29* 96 77 51 11 52
Stark 7 lit *43 377 77 976 2* : SB 98 166 93 24 97
Sterling'; I 31* 417 96159 2492 18 i 361 *0 413 12 j 63 68
Colon. 114 106 34 52* *92 30 1 396 28 153 3 7 22 *2
Virooua -.-I 834 1!S 6v 262* 5* J 52112 j 452 93 66 92
Webster 156 763 j 471 33 121* 07 ! 400 45 216 15 31 15
Wheatland j 142 947 432 ® 111* ® £ .
Whit uptown *. j fO *44 MI 61 fr- 11 L
Hillsboro village, 40 676 ; 123 o* 31* 09 1 *-"•<> M 73 *l3 j
Westby village 5? 9n4 1 j *;• ?< 93 i >6.-4
Village Mound I’ark ... -2 64 21 99 50 89 9 82 155
Vlroqua City..5). 7.:... 6 621 Distill 3634 J 486 40 f M a 67 32
Total j 84225 46* : *12786 43 ,*33 66 56 . 07*3 51 j t 513 00 | (615 U j
"Jo ’ Craig Writes of tho New Medical
Kirksville, Mo., Nov 28, 1898.
Friend Munson: —Thinking that the
readers of the Censor would like to
hear aoont the new science oalled
Osteopathy, I will wri'e what I have
learned and what I think about it. To
start in with the osteopath does not give
medicine to cure his patients His
theory is that when anything is the
matter with one that something is out
of place, as for instance, the vertebra is
slipped or the leg is out of place, caus
ing rheumatism as it generally does.
Tin treatment corahs in woiking up
the muscles and getting the blood to
injur*d places and setting the bone
where it needs stt’ing and then let
nature do the rest. My trouble oomes
from a curvature in two places m my
back, causing a sort of paralysis, and if
my back can be put back in its nomal
condition the vertebra will not press
against the spinal column and thereby
release the pressure and give me fu'l
control of my nerves. Now a parson
can see that no medicine is goiDg to
help straighten my back, and that the
only thing that can help me is to get
the bone back the way it ought to be.
There is a case in this city of a girl
who lißd curvature of the spine 60 that
her h'pand shouldi-rboneetouched. To
day she is entirely cured and can get
around hs good as anybody. This girl
had to be brought here on a pillow.
They are good on nervous troubles,
curvature of the spiue, stomach trouble,
paralysis, headache and the setting of
bones. The trouble with the old school
doctors is that the different deformities
that people have are that th“y think it
is a ohftrHcteristi' of that individual,
when the peron should notMie that
way and that is the reason why he or
she is sick or ailing.
The leading school of oeteopathv in
this country and the one fonnded by
the discoverer of this great soienoe
which is going to be a benefit to man
kind and the world in general, is located
at Kirksville, Missouri, in th northeast
ern part on the Wabash and Port. Arthur
railroads. It is located in a rich farmirg
country of the state and is the county
neat, with about ten thousand inhal i
tants. The school has this year five
hundred and fi ty scholars.. The build
ing where the school and irfirro*rv are
is a solid brick building in the western
part of the town and cosung about ore
hundred thousand dollarp, having all
the latest improvement. The instructors
of the school are the finest that are to
be had, one of them being the finest sur
geon in this country. The course is
twenty months long, but a dootor may
be admitted to the lsst year and finish
if he has a diploma from a medical
school. Oce noticeable thing about the
students is tbat a good many have come
here for treatment a> ,and have been cured
or helped and thpr; study it.
Yours respectfully,
Elmer R. Craig
Written for the Censor.
BY 808 O'MNK.
Work boys work! Re of service while you
The world has little honor for a good-for
nothing man.
Saw wood, shovel snow, drive a team, dig a
Re among tbe benefactors with your muscle
or your brain.
flurro.il for honest labor; it is work that dig
We can save a decent living if we cannot win
a prize.
Work, boys, work, there is something still to
Some corner of His vineyard where the Lord
l as need of you.
Don’t stand around and loiter, expecting
something great;
Put some life into your muscle and some
knowledge iu your pate.
Hurrah for honest labor—cry aloud and shout
When we’ve gathered up a little, then tbe
Lord will send us more.
Work, boys, work! for life is short at best.
Do the nearest thing that offers, and leave to
God the rest.
Be thorough and you’ll prosper; be- orrect
-and you’ll win.
Some door wilt i an for you, and if ready
you’il pop in.
Hurrah for honest labor, it is work tbat dig.
We grasp tbe hand of tollers, but tho loafer
we despise.
Work, boys, work! Life has many an up
and down,
But for earnest toil and effort those awaits a
jeweled crown.
We mav not here receive it, but 'tis sure to
come at last,
At the gathering of the toilers, when this
earthly life Is past.
So when the Master calls us, and we muster
one by one.
He will iiud us staunch and ready with a
burnished harness on.
Vlroqua, Wis , Dec. U*.
—Home seekers’ excursions, Dec. 6 to
20 G )od 21 dajs ftom date of sale.
One regular fare plus $2 for the round
trip. For territory eta , call or addre 66
L. C. Boyle, agent.
Your <
Doctor :
Your doctor knows all at
foods and medicines.
Th next time you see him,
just u3k him what he thinks (
Scott’s Emulsion
of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo
phosphites. We are willing ‘
to trust in his answer.
For twenty-five years do - ‘
tors have prescribed oar (
Emulsion for paleness, weak
ness, nervous exhaustion, and |
for all diseases that cause
loss in flesh.
Its creamy color and its ’
pleasant taste make it os- i
pecially useful for thin and
delicate children. I
No other preparation of cod
livor oil is like it. Don’t lose '
time and risk your health by 1
taking something unknown ■
and untried. Keep fn mind
has stooa the test for a
quarter of a century. .
yx. and $i no; all druggist*.
SCOTT & BOWNK, Chemists, New York. ,
Clinton, Dec. U.—As there has lieen noth
I'*# from here of interest for so long a time, I
thought t would let the wood people know
that the most of us are still alive and enjoy
ing fa r. health Simon Collins, who has
been so long absent from our midst has lust
returned home Frank Newland ts seen
flute often on Brush creek, of late Ira
Holdon, of Ontario, was seeu In our village
Sunday ...Jos. Collins Is much Improved,
after a tliree months' illness from typhoid.
Ills wife Is now down with the same .. Rose
Hughes Iso i the sick list.. Ira U.tino will
begin work on Ills store next week.. Jasper
■lfWill Is building a now house It Is pretty
cOltl for tlie carpenters, but people have lo
have a house to live tu It Is reported that I
Stokes ,V Conner, of Mlnerlown, have set up I
a law office and that they are prepared to i
serve the public on short notice. . IVurl He '
wltt was seen in our burg today.... Irvin I
McKee Is making u machine to string tohuci o
James Robbins Is attending school at un
per Wester, this winter Andy Robbins is
plastering (or Sain McDaniel. . George Ap
pleman is putting In a setting of logs this
winter... lie intends to builu a large barn
tlie coming spring .. Quarterly meeting ut
our church next Saturday and Sunday, Rev.
John Smith, pastor Our school Is progress
Ing tlnelv, under charge of Kva Paul. Frank
Newland was in our burg today on business.
He Intends going to tho pineries ... Cora
I Inins hud a surgical operation performed
on her arm bv Mrs. AbbottuiiU Each, of On
tario... 1 hlltp Umback was in Hockton.
1 uesduy, on business.. .Erra Collins is work
*"£ ; the blacksmith trade in Vlroqua. ..
James Conner, of Minertown, was In Viro
uua looking after Ills Interest in the law. one
day last week. We wish him success .. Har
riet. Hughes was visiting friends on lower
\\ elater, one day last week Denote Miller
had the good luck to pick up t*s, on the slde
walkln Cushton, Tuesday ...We think the
weddiug nells will soon be heard again... 8.1
vli r! i is "ht-slng a very sore band ...
Ella Dailies wants a girl to do general house
work....We would like to ask “Ontario Lad”
who was the young man the marshal pulled
to the tune of 15.” Sampson.
BlcOvhnodalk, Dec C-Mrs. O A. Morte
rud received a visit from her brother, from
Clinton, Washington, last .-eek. He left for
Kau Claire, yesterday. Her mother, from
1 rempealeau county. Is also visit! g her and
will spend the winter here .. Sadie Dickson
came home from La Fargo to eat Thanks
j;i\uij turkey... Peter llansou was also uu
from Madison— Horn: To Mr and Mrs Jna
Hanson, Nov. 22. a son Hannah Olson, of
Moux City, lowa, visited With relatives here
last Sunday and Monday. Our blacksmith
now has to work seven (fays out of the week,
and 21 hours a day, In order lo keep up with
the work Fbe 8 year-old sou of W. Bt.
John, at Minertown, was seriously injured,
yesterday, by being kicked in the Lead by a
horse. Dr. Schreiner performed an opera
tion On him last night and it Is still doubtlul
whether he will survive or not... Mrs. Anton
Anderson, of Norlh Lacrosse, who has la on
visiting her parents a couple of weeks, re
tdrned to her home Wednesday....Mr. and
Melvin HftscQt of Wpstby, urc visiting tit
Surenscm's today.. Ihe Odd Fellows elected
new officers last night. M . A (l
Ontximo, Dec. 3.—The snow Is not sufficient
foi the use of sleds, but wheel!tar is tine
Dts. Labi, A Ellis of Chicago, and Pr.'Chauc
iWV are stopping fora few days
at tilt. New hotel All are doing a 'rood pay
ntS - W - K ’ Newmun lintshed husk
i*. 1 s n , ow s,< ‘!im busker and passed
i 1 o"ii' oil Ills way home...
* ‘ went to Vlroqua, last*ruesday
on legal business, and returned Wednesday.
• • T i *' l bson has gone to tho northern
w oods in search of game .. The W. R. o. Aid
society met, today, with Mrs. John Law
!?m. C u-J" i h , e -'mues Williams Cost elected
°*<'erß aturday, for the coming year .
Us b, k 'd complaint against Ran
JLiss for stealing four loads of wood. He was
brougbttn Sullivan’s court, yesterday! Tnd
paid #1 flue ami costs before returning home.
Constable Rudd arrested Mikey Tway for
bastardy, one Miss McClano is the com -
1 •“•'■use will be heard December
nth in C 11. I r tneiseo s court. The defend
“ey " S C i har,ey Graves We pre
dicthis release.. .An execution was Issued,
•rlday against Alonzo Dale. Constable
Rmenhotoe will take the property... Geo.
y - :t Phone-message from Attorney
’f. ' ro<,Ui V, Thursday night, tocome
wto.’nol a Tn)’ mt ; dla . ,ely 11,1,1 bring Mr. Olsou
with him. I lie business was special.. 11. C.
.tlaJ is J hrouged with customers
tills week, tils cooks know liowtogetupa
square meal CM. Sandon has a crew of
bauds assisting him this week.. Mr ciiur
c.htll is siding his store with sheet iron In
immitatlou of brick, after Roy Straight has
added the paint. Ills store stands at the
head of the corner and bids fair to be ahead
w„Pth ry ,f W K y i E -, t:ulvep has sold 1200
worth of hardware since starting in. and
some tell us he is selling lower than at The
railroad stations near Our blacksmith
shops are fo i of work now shoeing horses,
lids is their harvest.... We tried to buy
woolen goo Is In Vlroqua this week, but the
prices were too high. On coming home to
Ontario we purubased tho same material lo
per cent cheaper. This is the wu.y our mer
chants get customers ... 11. II S ted mu u Lot
home from the Sparta board session. The
hoard or Monroe county does less business
than unit of V ernon, consequent;y the mem
bers come home sooner.... There have been
a number asking after S. Collins since seelnir
the work he did in our town this fall We
:tre well pleased with the Censor. Those
extracts from the Thanksgiving sermon and
< apt silbaugh s letters are greatly appre
ciated. Ontario Lad.
Bristow. Dec. 5.-Our sleighing has about
left us F. A. Ranisett, having disposed of
his mercantile business at Retreat, wil’ move
back here to live. It. is quite generally
understood that this place seems the most
homelike to the family Irt general. Bam
Olson lias been doing carpenter work for our
nlllers, as they have added a cold weatiier
wheat steamer to their already modern mill.
Nick Krogan and Jakie Dach, of Dutch
ridge, did business in our town over Sunday.
....The president of the Trempealeau hall
insurance company has been here among
our farmers negotiating with them to goon
his bonds, but we thluk there were but few
that did so. Our Idea of it Is to let him re
sign his posit ion and have a man from Vernon
county appointed to that position, that could
be able to get bondsmen In his own county.
.. J. O. Harunt aud Arne Bolstad were Bris
tow callers th) last of the week... Ourschool
is progressing very nicely under the manage
ment of Miss Latslntw . ..Troubles are few.
Only one boy, who is old enough to be called
a young man, thought he was “boss" of tbe
situation, but the school board wishes he
would take warning before he is expelled ...
There will be a dance at opera hall, on Fri
day evening. Dec. 9. There will be good
music, and good order will prevail. Every
body invited tocome and have a good time.
... John A. Thompson lias helped take care
of the flouring mill during the rush, which
has kept, the mill running night and day
Ole Hendrickson was taken down very sick
witli ouinsy. Dr Trowbridge, of Vlroqua,
was called Ole Larson thinks it is one of
the hardest things *o do in this world to
stay at home all daj Sun lay without taking a
trip towards sundown. B. 11. Istow.
West Praiiiis. Dec. s.—Winter is now in
full blast, but a little more snow would help
sleighing Ole A. Ilelgeson, who Is sick, is
getting a little better. Dr. Lerche, of Sol
diers Grove, is attending him . John Helge
son, from La Moure, North Dakota, is visit
ing here. He gave a gramophone concert
over the telephone wire Thanksgiving even
ing. He lias added an optigraph machine
and will soon start out to give combined en
tertainments. He lias an outfit for making a
calcium light for the picture machine. .
Business is good with our merchant, Mr. Hal
verson, and why should’nt, It be? He sells
his goods right... Our blacksmith, Hans
liiurn has all the work he can do Arthur
Hayden, who has been in northern Wisron
iforayear, Is home on a visit. .Mr. Bohen,
•• representative of the State Farmers’Mu
.iiul Hail Insurance company, of Trempeal
eau, has been through this vicinity soliciting
bonds for Die company officers... Mrs. Allen
Halvorsen lias been sick, but is improting
under tbe care of Dr. Lerche .. The Thanks
giving dance at L, W. Davis* was a success.
About 40 numbers were out Albert, A.
Fortner has leased E. W. Hazen’s farm, near
Towerviile, and moved upon the same.
Bertha, bis sister, will keep bouse for hint .
Rumor has it that our beloved minister, Mr.
Aschiurn, is going to mend Ills ways by enter
ing Into the holy bond of matrimony. That
is right, as he is thus setting a good ex
ample. .Tom Ilium has a sliy look nowa
days. Tbe boys say something will happen.
At any rate be is going to bHild a home pretty
soon ... West Prairie is getting its quota of
shows, and they seem to like the place.
WKSTitY, Dec. 5 —Albert Hpellum reports
tbe sale of tbe first binder for the season.
The purchase was made by Mr. Miller, of
Dell. Drs Schreiner and Morrison performed
a critical operation on the -kull of a little
boy near Bloomingdale, who was seriously
kicked by a horse Miss Julia Saugstad is
clerking for A. H Dab! & Cos ... Henry Jefson
talks of leaving for Norway after the holi
days... Dts Schreiner and Morrison attend
ed the Medieal Society association, held re
centty at Hillsboro.. .Born: T > Mr and Mrs.
Anton Running, Sunday, Dec 4, a daughter.
Dr. C. H. (.’renter and John Cromer, of
Oashton, were callers in town, Sunday. C.
T. Shannon's father, of Edgerto . Is paying
ills son and family a visit A couple of our
bovs hired a rig at the hotel livery, last Sun
day, and went to Casbton, On the return
trip the team ran away and left the boys and
cut ter, coming back alone—Mr. Lars Kus
tad and Ml** LenaOlgaard were married at
tbe homo of tbe bride, last Thursday by Rev.
Gulbrandson. A number of guests from
here were present The W. C. T. 11. mot
with Mrs. M. Frederlekson last Wednesday.
. ..Bev. Bestule. of Vlroqua, was In town,
Saturday ... He comes every Ft Iday evening
to practice singing with the choir In Coon
Prairie church .. Mrs. T J. Thorson's pa
rents, of Esofea. visited with the Thor*on’s
over Sunday. .The temperance society holds
their annual meeting this over tag. when
Officers will lie chosen for the coming year ..
John Melby has commenced sawing wood.
The outfit works admirably, and no more
wood sawing by hand needs to be done ...
Mr. and Mrs Carl Olson are living in town
again, after spending the summor and fall
on the farm. Violet
v '
SVct*TER Cntta*. Dec. 3. —Mrs. Ed Smith
returned, last Bunday, from Pennsy'vania,
where she visited her mother. . Last Thurs
day a number of friends and relatives assem
bled at Thos. Potts, it being Mary's 39th
tlrtbday. She received a number of nice and
beautiful psesents. but. the most appropriate
was a broom with a hardwood handle... Nus
tatl & Nelson's mill Is now ready. They are
prepare* to do all kinds of planing and
matching tn a sctisfactory manne They
also have a French 1-uhr and feed mill, which
thev will soon have In running order... Mrs. i
Sieve Wilson has been quite ill for a few
davs. but is Improving... L. lulmer has
bought anew two-seated buggy and a set of
new harness Ward & Wood’s are busy cut
ting and sk'dding 10g5....K. Rusk Is through
with his carpenter work for this season, but
his oldest boy Is still at his mason work.... ;
John Colencan delivered, at La Farge. ten
surinK pijf* tbf other day,
pounds Ene Daines is hack from the weeL
He shot one deer. The rest of tbe party did ,
not get any... Henry Markee has bought
part of Ed. Perkins’ place; *o ha* Graal ’
Markets bought of Van 8. Bennett.... Thomas
l pits Is talking of building an adu'tlor to
his house ...John Thomas has hi- hoi. c
completed Mrs 8 Wilson has Hold lie-, at
ley farm. Consideration, il, ooo. Ahoua.
1 Ready for Business—Many New Goods
lust Received—New and Vary Low
Ftree* to All—Find Its at the Old Corner
M. C Nioholi &Go , have sold to
there entire stock of general merchan
dise consisting of dry goods, clothing,
shoes and groceries We are patting
in new goods every day and intend to
make the stock very oomplete and at
tractive. We hope to build up a big
basiuess. Oar motto will be good
goods at low prices. Pit-use give us a
Highest market price paid for batter,
°gg s Rdd other kinds of farmers’ produce.
Remember the plaoe at Nichols’ old
stand is where vou will get the bar
gains. Yours truly,
First publication Deo. 7, 1898-4.
Order Limiting Time and Notice.
V State of Wisconsin, County of Vernon.
In d‘^.Zr r ° f tbe e “‘ ate 0f w,|lUm Devorse.
On tho apolirstlon of L O Shoenberger, ad.
ratal-trator fih a date of Wini m Derms-. lYte
of Vernon county, deceaHc-t), no one having remitr.
08-ate-* * uP commissioners on said
It I* Ordered, that al! creditors are roqnirod to
r . cl * ,,n * " ,ld demands against ttu
sild William Devorse, deceased, for examination
and alolwano , on or before the first Tuesday of
June A. D. 1899, which time is hereb- 1.
lo- .1 and limited for that purpose,
11 t further ordered that all claims and de
mands of all persons against the said William
Devorse.deceased, will be received, examined and
adjusted before this court, at its court room in
the court house, ip. the city or Virooua lu said
county, at regular terms thereof, appointed to
be held on the first Tuesday of June, 1899,
and all < .outturn are hereby notified thereof
It is further ordered, that notice of the
time and place at which said claims and de
mands will lie received, examined and adjusted
ssaforesaid, and of the time hereby limited for
creditors to present their claims, lie given by
publishing a copy of this order and notice for
tour weeks successively, nuoe lu each week
In the Vernon County Censor, a newspaper
published in the city of Viroqtia. lu said county,
the first publication to he within ten davs from
tho date hereof.
Dated thia oth day of Dec., IHB.
liy the Court, D O Maiionky, County Judge.
First publication Dec 7, 1898—3
Notice of Application for Letters of Adminlstra
State of Wisconsin. County of Vernon—ss.
In* he matter of the estate of John Xiiley.de
On this 36th day of Novimber, A. D. 1898,
up hi reading and filing the iHitltion of Kdwln J.
Kll v. one of the song of John Bilev, deceased,
stuling that Johu Riley of the town of Franklin,
of the conntv of Vernon Wig , died intestate on
or about the 7th day of March. 1895, and praying
that ('lark Williams be appointed administrator
of the estate of said deceased.
It i6 ordered, that said application be heard
before me, at the probate ofllce in the city of
Vtroqua on the 3rd day of January, A. X). 1899,
at 10 o clock A M.
It is further ordered that notice of the time
and place appointed for hearing said application
be given to all persons . interested by publishing
a copy of this order for three week ssuccesslve
ly iu the Vernon County Censor, a newspaper
printed in said eonnty, previous to ihe time ap
pointed for said hearing.
By the Court, D. 0. MAHONEY,
County Judge.
First publication November 23. 1898—6.
otlce of Foreclosure Sale.
O Vernon County.
George Bauer, plaintiff, ngainst Hnlda Uey, for
herself, and as mother aud guardian of Ida
Hey, Albert, Bertha, Rudolph Robert and
Theodore Bev, August Bey and Knuna Bov his
wife, Reinhold Bey and Loni-a Bay bii .lfe,
Gustave Bey, Theodore Bey, Ida Be,, Bertha
Bey, Albert Bey, Rudolph Bey and Robert
B e y. heirs at law of Reinhold Bey, deceased
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a
judgment of foreclosure sale duly rendered in an
action in the above named court, wherein
George Bauer was plaintiff anu Hulda Bey, for
herself, and as mother and guardian of Ida, Al
bert, Bertha, Rudolph. Robert and Theodore
Bey, August Bev and Emma Bey his wife. Rein
hold Bey and Loui-a Bev his wife, Gustave Bev,
Theodore Bey, Ida Bey, Bertha Bey, Albert Bey,
Rudolph Bey. and Robert Bey. heirs at law of
Remnold Bey, deceased, were defendants, which
judgment was dulv rendered on the 17th day of
November, A. D. 1897. I. 0, R. Skaar the
referqe duly appointed by this court, will ex
pose and offer at public sale and sell al public
auction to the highest bidder for cash, on the 6rn
PAX of January, A. D„ 1899, at ten o’clock a.
m., of that day. at the west front door of the
town hall of the town of Bergen, village of Stod
dard. Vernon county, Wisconsin, the laud and
premises mentioned in said judgment, towlt:
Sit' a- e. lying'and being in the eonnty or Vernon
and state oi Wiscon in, and known as being: The
northwest quarter of the southeast quarter aud
the northeast ten GO) acres of the southwest quar
ter of the southeast quarter, all of section num.
her twenty- three (23) in township number fonrteen
(14), north of range number seven (7) west, with
all the appurtenances and hereditatemente there
unto belonging.
,%o the east uYe teen and one-half <l9#) acres
of rae northeast quarter of the southwest quar
tered ihe east half of the southwest quarter of
the southwest quarter, and the east four and
one-half (4!o) acres of the south ten (10) acres of
the east half of the northwest quarter, also the
northwest quarter of the southeast quarter and
the northeast ten (10) acres of the southwest
quarter of the southeast quarter, all in section
number twenty-three (23.) township number
fourteen, (14.) north of range number Beven (7)
we t, containing in all ninety-fou r (94) seres of
land, more or less.
Dated. November 37th. A. D. 1898.
O. R SKAAB, Referee.
Miller <fc Wolfe, Plaintiff’s Attorneys.
First publication Nov. 23, 1898—3
Notice of Application f< r Final Settlement.
State of Wisconsin, Vernon County.
In the matter of the estate of A. O. Wigdahl,
On reading and filing the petition of Lewis O
Thompson, administrator of the estate of An
drew O. Wigdahl, deceased, representing among
other things that he has fully administered the
said estate, Jand 'praying that a time a:-*
be fixed for examining and allowing his account
of his administration, and that the residue of
the said estate be assigned to such persons as are
by law entitled to the same.
It is ordered that sa<d application be heard
before me at mv oifice.in the city of Viroqua, on
the third dayof January, A, D. 1890, at 10 o’clock
A. M.
It is farther ordered, that notice of said ap
plication and he iring be given to all persons In
terested by publication of a copy of this order,
for three successive weeks In the Vernon
County Censor, a newspaper printed in said
county, before the duy fixed for said hearing.
Dated this 19th day of November, A. U 1898.
By the Court,
D. O. Mahoney. County Judge.
First publication November 23, 1898—4.
Notice of Application for Final Settlement.
State of Wisconsin, Connty of Vernon.
In the matter of the estate of Louis A. Showen,
On reading and filing the petition of Alexander
Hill, administrator ot the estate of Louis A
Showen. deceased, representing among other
things that he has fully administered the said
estate, and praying that a time and place he
fixed for examining and allowing his account of
his administration, aud that the residue of the
said estate be assigned to such persons as are by
law entitled to the same;
It is ord- red, That said application be heaid
before me, at my office, in Ihe Oi* T of Viroqua,
on the third day of January, A. D. 1899, at lo
o'clock, a. m.
And it is Further Ordered, That notice of said ap
plication and. hearing be given to all persons in
terested by publication of a copy of this order,
for three successive weeks iu the Vernon County
Censor, a newspapor printed in said connty, be
fore the dav fixed for said heai ing.
Dated this 19lh day .of November, 1898.
By the Court. D. O. Mahoney. County Judge.
First publication November 23, 1898—3.
Notice of Application for Lottets of Administra
LT Oonrt, in probate.
In the matter of the estate of J. S. Ramsett
deceas ed.
On this 16th day of November A. D.. 1898, upon
reading aud flliug the petition of Carrie Kamsctt,
stating that J. 8 Ramwtt, of Moorhead, Min
nesota. died intestate, on or about the 16tu day
of March, 1H93, an 1 p aylng that Carrie Ksmset t
tie appointed administratrix of the estate of said
It is ordered that said application be heard be
fore me, at the probate office in the city of Viro
qna, on the 3d day of January, A. D. 1899, at
10 o'clock a. tn.
And it is further ordered, that notieeof the time
nd place appointed for hearing said application
tie given to all persons interested, by publishing
a copy of this order for three weeks succesatvely
in the Vernon County Censor,a newspaper print,
ed in said county, prevp.r * to the time appotated
for aaid hearing.
By the Court, D. O. M donet. County Judge.
DON'T Be Fooledi
, The market Is being (loaded
iifeSK with worthless imitatiaa.* of
Mr kWS. rocky mountain
(if jg. '’’OfeJ To protect the public we call
especial attention to our trade
Y< y mark, printed on e\er> pack
\*' age- Demand the genuine.
For Sale by all Druggists.
L. C. Stkknbbho O A Kai vestban.
Genera! Insurance. Loan* and
Collection;* Abstract of Title
Furnished, \otary Public.
Office in Butt’s Block Opiwoito Towner*
Mice in Physicians.
Tf Vernon countv voted to divide t-ahl
county Into districts for the purpose of secur
ing medical aid for tne of said county as
District No. I.—The towns of Vlroqua, Web
ster, Liberty, Rieka poo, Franklin, Jefferson,
ar.d east *4 of Sterling and all cities and vil
lages within said territory.
District No 2. -The towns of Hillsboro.
Ureenwood, Forest,Union. Stark and Whites
and all villages within said territory.
District, No. 3.—The towns of Clinton.Chrls
torrUory IJOn ilni * u ** villages within said
District No. 4 —Towns of Hamburg, Her
gen and Hurmnny.
District No. 6.— Towns of Genoa, Wbeat
liind and west half of Sterling, and villages
within said territory.
And power given to the poor commissioner
to appoint a competent pliyslclau in each
of said districts
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the undersigned, addressed to
Gun a.t ytriwiurt., Wls., until the 20th day of
Dec., 1898, at to o’clock a. m..-of that day,
when the bids will he opened for doctoring
the poor In each of sal 1 districts, doctors lo
furnish their own med.clno and a competent
physician appointed for each district for the
term of one year. The right to he reset vod
to reject any and al! bids. K. Tilton*
Commissioner of Poor.
IV, of The Vernon County Bank, located at Vi
rotjua, state of Wisconsin, at *he close of busi
ness on the ist clay of December, 18'JH
Doans and discounts *■>! ngo l '
Overdrafts o’sau K
;snki.„- house £53;,
Furniture and fixtures j 7j-, 0
oasb items Sl7 9
Checks eu ot her banks ilH.oo
Due from hanks aud hankers. . 4.5M.09
JB. and National currency on hand. 4.653 on
Gold c jin 1.900 00
Silver and sub,ldary coin 2.M. 0
i.oss an t Fxpense Account 2.204. 4
Vernon cointy abstracts 4,500.tu
TuUl $72,722.68
"•P l ll*^ ock $16,600.00
Undivided profits -2,695 7
Due <lc|>oi orH on demand 14 097 7 9
Dee depositors on time 15,529>j
Bills payable 5,000. 0
Totftl $52,722.68
I, H. E. Packard, cashier of the above uam, and
bnuk, do solemnly swear that the foreging stat< -
meat is true to the best of my knowledge and Le
lU2*. H E. PACKARD. Cashier.
Subscribed and s w irn to before me this sth
day of December, 1898.
J. HENBY BBNNETT. Notary Public.
Attest: H. P. PROCTOR, Direct- r.
Dr. 0. L. ELLIS,
tye, Ear, Nose $
and Throat $
Member of the National Union Medi
cal society and the United States Medi
cal Liberty League and graduate of the
Independent Medical College.
24 to 28.
Returning every four
v/eeks for one year.
Prepared to treat all chronic and long
standing diseases of EYE, EAR, NOSE
• , ud THROAT, Sick Headache, Dyspeo
sia, Pleurisy, Bronchitis and Catarrh of
the Stomach, Consumption in its early
stages, Ft-ver Sores, Piles, Rhenmatism,
Female diseases, tired and all gone feel
inga, riadder. Kidney and Liver troubles
and all Blood and Skin diseases.
Come and Get My Ad
vice Free.
The poor are treated for the actual
cost of medicine. All diseases treated
in the most modem snd successful man
ner, dit carding the use of all poisonous
drugs and dangerous surgical operations
and giving my patients the benefit of
examinations free. If you have been
deceived by others do not give up,
call and see me, I will tell if you can be
cured or not.
of treatment practiced by him have
proven unusually successful, and many
patients speedily cured where cases have
been pronounced hopeless under the old
system of treatment. He asks the peo
ple to bear in mind that in case no
be efit can be derived no barm will be
Ex-Prof. Ellis is a lecturer in the old
est Ophthalmic College in the world!
and at present the independent Medica,
college, on the eye.
O. L. ELLIS, M. D.
People’s Institute, 86C W. Van Buren
SLeet, Chicago, 111.
Good Clothes
Mark a man as of good
taste or otherwise, and
when he gets a suit made
to order at M. Skagen’s
shop, he is right in the
push as to style.
Special attention given to
repairing and all work
guaranteed. Your patro
nage solicited. Season
able samples of goods al
ways on hand.
South D-jor. Nicools’ Block.
200.000 acres 3?
f ' the \ijw
finest agricultural * *;
I country in America
TheseJands are situated
on the lines of the three
great ftai/nay arteries <f
of the country anti ru\ir >Tj
the largest cities of /, .. H
■kaov makkcts roa i 'j
oai.v PMOucTs.m: /■rrkC".,
Prices are on i/w rise// /l ’ k
DON’T WAIT dfi .lk'
tut write tor fu/f trtfor. T J A\*
/nation ant/ prices to I
VN. Pm P*<-Vl,—a—— I ll v
Tiro Millions a Year.
When people buy. try, and buy again, it
means they’re satisfied. The people of the
United States are now buying Cascaret*
Candy Cathartic at the rate of two million
boxes a year and it will be three million be
fore New Year’s. It weans merit proved,
that Caacarets are the most delightful bowel
regulator for everybody the year round. All
The good buyers avoid high prices—
they're fully awate that such me!hods
have been crowded out by m >dern stores
They want goods at right prices—
•‘Money’s worth’* goeß without saying
here—its evideut in every price and
quality—its the power that pushes this
business forward.
Ladies extra heavy underwear, with a
heavy fleece, tegular 5Qc gc rt
Balsam Buttermilk soap, a good toilet
artiole, three e. kee in a box, Q
Ladies black yarn outlets, fancy back,
the bst value ever offered Ci fir
for &OC
Mens heavy fleece lined cotton under
wear, 50 cent quality 1
for UI/2C
* ’ ’ ♦ *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦♦♦ *♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦
T .owpst prices ever made on like garments).
§5.00 - Jackets - §4.00
§5.00 - Jackets - §4.75
§9.00 - Jackets - §5.00
§9.00 - Jackets - §7.00
‘7/you are ,ll
shod with SELZ ’'■/'/ ' *** *
SHOES you can per- >6^
form your daily duties in safety and comfort
It won't cost you any more to buy SELZ ff \\
SHOES than if you purchased inferior grades of J
other makers, and the difference in tie wear- § 1
ing qualities will make your pocket giad, as \|| fT Mr
well as your feet. ▼
Womens vests, - 25 cto $1
Childrehs vests, - 5 C to s oc
Mens underwearabies, 33 cents
Choice holiday suggestions in
fancy and plain crockery and
It’s natural (hat you should wish to
secure the most reliable styles—you
wish your new cloak to be "in perfect
keeping with fashion's suggestion. —you
are anxious that every detail that will
add to its attractiveness is just exactly
A ladies $lO block Kersey jacket, coat
collar, trimmed front and back with
the same material onr c*
price i
T^*. 1 $1.90 to $6.50
Undemann & Company
Buy something that can
be appreciated the year
Great Western Annex!
Carpets, Mackintoshes and Over
alls. Clearing sales of overcoats
and suits.
Some very cheap lace curtains
Some rare bargains in corsets.
SIO.OO - Jackets - §3.00
§12.00 - Jackets - §IO.OO
§IB.OO - Jackets - §14.00
§20.00 - Jackets - §15.00
reliable footewar
Economy follows your footwear bny
ing here— it’s the reliable kind. Names
of makes that mean something on the
goods prices that show onr perfect
willingness to sell them right. We Bre
proud of our footwear eel ing record
each season’s gain in trade assures ns
how full the satisfaction our patrons re
ceive. have a splendid stock —the
trustworthy goods vou'ie looking for
priced you in a way that will cause
you to buy your footwear of us.
Mens satin calf lace or congress sLies
warranted all solid $1.25
Ladies Dongola patent tip lace or but
ton shoe guaranteed equal to any
\ A
Great Dress Goods
Sales. Splendid
Patterns, at Lew
A Large Line of o
Many beautiful and useful pres
ents. A large assortment of
toilet articles
Beautiful Presents
for Children.,,
In the Great
Grocery Concern.
Santa Claus soap,
Santa Claus pork, - jc
Santa Claus bacon, - I2j^c
Fr Jits and Candy.
Merry Xmas in every room.

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