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Don’t Foraet Our Great Fire Sale
We are . busy to enumerate tLe immense bargains we are giving. The afore is packed day by day with eager purchasers. Ask those who
have 1 a n lucky enough to attend, and they will tell you everything is just as advertised. Remember, this great opportunity will only last
a few days more. Come quick, if you would save money. No such an opportunity will occur again in Viroqua.
Vernon County Censor
OLIVER G. MUNSON. Editor and Proprietor.
One Year within Vernon County EJ.fIP
One Year outside of Vernon County ......... 1.60
Wednesday, January 26,1910
And now it is announced that there
is to be an advance in the prices of
boots a-d shoes and leather products
generally. Not so very long ago, was
it, that from the political pro .hets in
and out of congress went up the chorus
that with the duty removed from raw
hides all classes of leather goods would
I'egrentiy lessened in price toconsumers.
This concession was made in the new
tariff schedules. Presto change! The
uneasy political prophets, in this ease,
were about as near the truth of logic
as usual. And for once they are mute.
They have no platitudinous explana
. tions.
In a number of the large cities of the
* vr, ry there is a boycott on high
pi. ed natural food products, and
especially on meats. Seldom is a boy
cott justifiab'e. There are usually two
sides to every proposition; so in this
matter; for, is this movement not pri
marily directed at the producers of these
necessaries of life, the farmer and
In Washington, last week, the sub
ject of industrial insurance occupied
much of the time and attention of the
assembled governors and legislators
from ali section* of the country. One
of the results is a special committee to
make concrete scientific investigation.
On that committee are the names of
Senator A. W. Sanborn of Wisconsin,
and Miles M. Dawson of New York.
Wisconsin, the gem of the middle
west, is experiencing great industrial
up-lifts the present winter. Every
body in the badger state can find em
ployment the year round; and that’s
what makes Wisconsin prosperous.
l)r. Hartman is now offering Pernna to the public as a regular pharmaceu
tical product. It is just as ethical as any compound put up for the medical
profession. Ho straining of medical ethics can find any fault with it. THE
PRINCIPAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS are prominently incorporated in the
label on the bottle, that the people may know that the claims made for Peruna
have a true justification.
The only departure we shall make from medical ethics in the conduct of
Peruna affairs in the future, is the fact that we shall continue to advertise and
sell our product TO THE PEOPLE.
If we would agree to sell to doctors only, to advertise for doctors cnlv,
then the medical fraternity would be obliged to recognize Peruna as being
entirely within their approval.
We shall continue to offer Peruna to the people. We shall continue to
convey to the people our claims for Peruna as a household remedy. We shall
continue to supply the people with free literature, teaching them how to use
our medicine, te iching them how to avoid disease, teaching them many things
of benefit to the homo. W T e shall continue to do this, whether the medical
profession like it or not.
"We are proposing from this time on to take the public into our confidence. j
Notwithstanding that some imitators and substitntors will be attempting to
put up something which they consider just as good as Peruna, we are going to
draw aside the veil of secrecy and allow any one who chooses to know exactly
This ought to disarm all honest criticism. We expect, however, that crit
icism will continue. On some pretext or other those who are envious of the
__ success of Peruna will continue to find
People Who Object to I “<•
Liquid Medicines Can I pfruna is a great medicine.
• Now Secure Peruna I lt betol!ie a household word in
T i | . I millions of homes. Our faith in the
laultlS. | remedy is stronger than ever. Every
year we expect to cover new fields
in foreign lands until the people of all the world are supplied with this valu
able household remedy.
try it. If it helps you, bo honc-t r.ud acknowledge that it has helped yon
If s'ou want us to wo will publish your statement exactly as you hu... h
it to us We will add no words, take away 10 word*. If you wish us to vve will
publish your portrait in connection with it We will not do this without ycui
written request without your entire content.
Peruna has benefited thousands of people afflicted with chronic catarrh,
in many phases and locations. At least that is what the people say to us,
through unsolicited testimonials. Many thousand more will reap benefit from
Peruna in spite of fabricated slanders to the contrary.
We have taken great pains that every testimonial we use should be abso
lutely true, in the exact language of the testifier.
We have taken great pains that every photograph published should bo
the photograph of the perron whose name it bears, that every woid of every
testimonial should bo authorized by the hand that signed it.
Vo are determined to beat our opponents by being fairer than they are,
by dealing squarer than they dare to. We are determined to meet falsehood
with truth, duplicity with candor, insincerity with sincerity.
We know that the users of Peruna will appreciate our stand, w e oenevo
that the dealers in Peruna will applaud our course. We expect even orr op
ponents will be obliged to acknowledge finally that Peruna is not only an
honest and useful remedy, but one of the GREATEST HOUSEHOLD MIDI*
Ask Your Druggist* for a Free Peruna Almanac for 1910
Colonel Henry Casson, long edi'or and
proprietor of the Censor, has been se
lected to act as assistant secretary to
the National Congressional campaign
committee. His familiarity with legisla
tion and political matters of thecountry
well fits Col. Casson for the important
political station.
Governor Davidson passed a week at
the National capital in conference with
the other executives of the United
States. Uniform laws and conserva
tion topics occupied the attention and
thought of the governors.
A Wild Blizzard Raging
brings danger, suffering—often death-*
to thousands,who take cold, coughs and
lagrippe—that terror of Winter and
Spring. Its danger signals are “Btuffed
up” nostrils, lower part of nose sore,
chills and fever, pain in back of head,
and a throat-gripping cough. When
Grip attacks, as you value yor.r life,
don’t delay getting Dr. King’s New
Discovery. "One bottle cured me,”
writes A. L Dunn, of Pine Valley,
Miss., "after being ‘laid up’ three
weeks with Grip.” For sore lung3,
Hemorrhages, Coughs, Colds, Whoop
ing Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma, its su
preme. Guaranteed by A. J. Johnson.
“ The Trail of the Beast
ascends the steps of the
State House; it enters the
sacred precincts of the Su
preme Court itself. And
1 propose to follow’ it."
—From the new instal
ment of “The Feast
and the Jungle.”
February Everybody's
For Sale by
Some Alcohol Questions
Is alcohol a tonic? No! Does it make the blood pure?
No! Does it strengthen the nerves? No! Is Ayer’s
Sarsaparilla a tonic? Yes! Does it make the blood pure?
Yes! Does it strengthen the nerves? Yes! Is it the only
Sarsaparilla entirely free from alcohol? Yes! Ask your
doctor about this non-alcoholic medicine. If he approves,
your confidence will be complete. J.C. AyerCo . Lowell, Mass.
Dull boys! Dull girls! Dull men! Dull women! Heavy-headed! Downhearted! All
very often due to constipation 1 Yet tliecureissoeasv. —Ayer’s Pills. Ask your doctor.
5. W /'/S V./ '< %
■*--<> THE THIEF
YOUR MONEY WORKS for you, too, when it is
in our bank. When your money works more for you,
you will need to work less.
We offer you a secure place to keep your money.
We will pay you 4 per cent interest on certificates of
Bank of Viroqna
Capital and Surplus - - - $75,000.00
H. Lindemann, Pres. - Wm. F. Lindemann, Jr.,Cash.
First publication January 12, iMO—SL
Notice of application for proof of will
State of Wisconsin, County of Vernon.ns.
In the matter of the last will and testament of
Ol‘ Kmifitson. deceased.
Whereas, an instrument, iti Wtfituq*. purporting
to be the last will and testament of Ole Knudt-
Kon. deceased.lnto of town of Hamburg:. Vernon
county, Wisconsin,has been filed in t his office;
Aiai when a*, application has t*wn made by
Mrs Susan Knudtson, prnjrin* that the same bo
proven and admitted tt probate, according to the
lews of this : ate, and that letters testamentary
tx- ur ran ted thereon according: to law;
It is ordered, that said application be hoard be
fore me, a i the probate office, in the city of Vi
roqua, on the third day of February, A. D. 1910
at 10 i/cloe'c-A m.
And it is tvirther ordered, that, notice of the
time and place appointed for hearing 1 said ap
plication be K'iven to all person* interested, by
publishing a copy of this order for three weeks
auccvssivoly, in the Vernon County Censor, a
newspaper printed and published in said county,
previous to said hearing.
Dated. Viroqna. January 12. 1910.
Uy the Court. IXO. Mahoney. County. Judite.
First publication January is*. 15*10—4.
Order Tamiting Time, ami Notice
In the mattar of the estate of Charles A. Tenney,
On the application of C. M. Butt, administrator
under the wifi of the estate of Charles A. Tenu y.
late of Vernon county, deceased, no one having
required the appomUmmt of commissioners on
sain nutate:
It is ordered. that all creditor* are required to
present their claims and demand** summit the said
estate of Char Ns A. Tenney, deceased, for exami
’bat km and allowance; c. or before the first
Tuesday of August. A. I\ 1910, which time Is
hereby allowand limit* and for that purpose.
h \s further ordered, that all claims and do
m taxi ft of all persons aaamst the said estate of
Charles A. Tenney, deceased. will be received, ex
amined and adjust’d before this court, at its court
room in the court house, in the city of Viroqua. in
said county, ut a regular te*o thereof, appointed
to be held on the first Tuesday of August.
1910. ami all creditor* are hereby notified lbereof:
It is further ordered, that notice of the time ami
plan* at which said claims and demands will be
received. examined and adjusted as aforesaid, and
of the time Hereby limited for creditors to presort
their claims, '• given by publishing a copy of this
order ar 4 notice for four weeks successively, once
in each week, the Yrhnos Cot KTt ClKSOit a
newspaper published in the city of Viroquu.in said
county, the first publicatkm to bo within ton days
from the date hereof.
Dated this 11th Jay of January. 1910.
By the Court. 11. O. MaSONIY. County J tides.
First publication January 5* 1910-4.
Order limiting time. and notice.
In the matter I the estate of John Dawson
On xhe applic at* nof Lacy R Dawsou. executrix
Sof the estate of J.Jm Dawson late of Ver*
non county, devens o one having required
! the atputtt*niut of eomra uw kmera on Mid eetaU l .
Jt is ordered, that ad creditors are required to
present their claims and demands against the
said estate of John Dawson deceased, fur exami
nation and allowance, on or before the first Tuae
day of August A. D. 1910. which Urns is hereby
allowed ami limited for that purpose.
It.ia further ordered, that all claims and de
mands of all persons against the said & tate of John
Dawson, deceased, will be received, examined and
adjusted before this coert, at its court room,
in the court house, in the city of Viroqua, in said
ci. xnty. at. regular term thereof. appointed to be
heJ or. the first Tuesday of August. 1910, and
ah creditors are hereby notified thereof:
It is further ordered, that notice of the time
and place at which said claims and demands will
be receivxi, examined and adjusted as aforesaid,
and of the 1 ime hereby limited for creditors to
present their claims be given by publishing: a copy
of this orde- and notice for four weeks succes
sively, once in each week* in The Vkrnon County
Censor, •* newspaper published in the city of
Viroqua in said county, the first publication to be
within ten days from the date hereof.
Dated this 4ih day of January. 1910.
By the Court D. O. Mahoney. County Judge.
First publication January 12. 1910—3.
Notice of application for final settlement.
State of Wisconsin, county of Vernon, ss.
In the matter of the estate of Gunder E. Nordlle,
On reading and filing the application of Peter
Hausen, administrator, representing among other
things that he tats fully administered the es
tate, and praying that a time and placet* fixed
for examining and allowing his account of his
administration, ami that the residue of the Mud
estate be assign**! to , such persons as are by
law entitled to the same;
It is ordered, that said application be heard be
fore this court, at a regular tern} thereof to be
held at the probate office, in the city of Viroqua.
Wisconsin, on the let Jay of February A. IX 191 U.
at 10 o'clock a. m.
And it is further ordered, that notice of the
time and place of examining and allowing said ac
count and of assuming the residue of said estate,
be given to all persons interested, by publication
of a copy of this order, for three successive weeks*
m Thk Vkrnon County Censor, a newspaper
published in said county, before the day fixed tor
said hearing.
Dated this 10th day of January, 1910.
By the Cyurt. D, O. Mahoney. County Judge.
First publication January 12. 1910—3
Order for hearing on sale of real estate.
Court in Probate.
In the matter of the estate of John D. Mfiler,
On reading and filing the petition of Truman
Kendall and Emma Kendall, representing that
John IV Miller, deceased, in his lifetime by hi*
contract in writing-, his wife Beylina joining,
agreed to sell ami convey to the petitioners certain
real estate therein described, upon the terms and
conditions therein stated, that they have fully
performed said conditions, ami are now entitled
to a conveyance therefore; and praying that the
administrator of the estate of staki deceased* be
authorised and directed to convey the same to
It is ordered that said petition be heard ala
jm.eral term of the court to be held at the usual
court room in the city of Viroqua cm the second
day of February 1910, at 10:00 o’clock in the fore
It is further ordered, that notice of the pendency
°f such petition and of the time ami of the place
of hearing the same be published three enreessire
weeks before the day ftxtd for such hearing in the
V>;nxon t\u NT* Censor, a weekly re w* caper.
pabUchal at the city of Viroqua. 'and that the last
publication be not more than ten days before the
da* so fixed.
Dated January €th, 1910,
By tha Court D. O. Waicxit. County Judge
First publication January 12.1910-3. ,
T State of Wisconsin, county of Vernon, as.
The probate notice is hereby given that at the
general term of the county court to be held in and
for said county at the court house in the city of
Viroqua of said county, on the first Tuesday of
March, A. IX 1910, the following matter will be
heard a ud considered:
The application of Henry A. Tenney and Elia
Tenney Sanford for an order and judgment of the
said court to determine the descent of the follow
ing described lands, being the real estate of Em
ma Tenney at time of her decease, towit: The
northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of sec
tion one, township 11 north, range seven west.
The northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of
section thirty-six. township twelve north, range
seven west. The northwest quarter of the south
west quarter oi section 31. township twelve north,
range six west. The southwest quarter of the
southwest quarter of section thirty-one, township
twelve north, range six west. The scuthwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of section six,
township eleven nor f !\, range six west.
By order of the court.
D. O. Mahoney, County Judge.
Dated January 10, 1910.
Every Household in Viroqua
Should Know How to Re
sist It
The back aches because the kidneys
are blockaded.
Help the kidneys with their work.
The back will ache no more.
Lots of proof that Doan’s Kidney
Pills do this.
It’s the best proof, for it comes from
this vicinity.
D. O. Jones, retired farmer, Hill &
Myrtle Sts., Sparta, WK, says: “I
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as they haye done me a world of good.
I was troubled a great deal by back
ache anil pains across my loins. My
kidneys were very sluggish and 1 ex
perienced considerable pain in passing
the kidney secretions. I also noticed
that the secretions were highly colored
and deposited a dark sediment. I used
one box of Doan’s Kidney Pills, and
they not only regulated the par nges of
the kidney secretions, but relieved the
burning sensation. The backache and
pain in my loins also disappeared and
has not bothered me since. Doan’s
Kidney Pills are the best remedy I ever
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster Milburn Cos.. Buffalo, New York,
sole agent for the United States.
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take no other._
The united kingdom manufactures
260,000 tons of soap yearly.
A man has such a good opinion of
himself he thinks his blunders are peo
ple’s plots against him.
TheDoctorSaysßemove the Cause
Don’t think this a PATENT MEDICINE ADVERTISEMENT in connection with a
manure spreader picture, because if you do it will be a mistake. If a man is sick and calls
in a DOCTOR, the DOCTOR tells him he can do him some good—gives him a stimulant
patches him up for a little while, but if he wants to regain his health and become perfectly
strong he must remove the cause of the trouble.
When the Litchfield Mfg. Cos., went into the spreader business a number of years
ago, the machines then on the market were what might be called an AGGREGATION OF
CRIPPLES as they were nearly alwas laid up for repairs and were also very heavy of draft.
The Litchfield Mfg. Cos., began to investigate the reason for this heavy draft and breakage,
and found that it was caused by exc<ssive strain placed on the machinery, on account of
the manure packing and wedging in the box as it reached the distributing cylinder. The
load moving toward the beater wheel, (and this beater wheel pushing it back) caused the
load to expand and press against the sides of the box.
The Litchfield Mfg. Cos., soon discovered that the excessive strain on the machinery
and the extra draft required to move the load towards the beater wheel, and the power
required to dig this load out after it had become packed and pounded into a solid mass BY
THE T ’.VO CONTENDING FORCES, made heavy drafts and caused breakage and repairs
generally. They remembered what the DOCTOR said about “removing the cause” and by
forming a chamber— widered the box just ahead of the beater wheel—where on other ma
chines the packing and wedging takes place, one of the most important spreader ills was
immediately removed. This chamber permits the load to loosen up and enables the beater
wheel t<% easily handle this loosened material.
It can be readily understood how much easier it is to draw the load back with the
conveyor when this load is not packed and wedged against the sides, and also how much
easier it is for the cylinder to dig the material out and distribute it when it is loose, than
when it is packed and wedged as it is with the old-fash oned form of construction.
By actual tests it has been proven repeatedly that this simple invention in connec
tion with other modern features, has cut off 20 per cent of the draft from the horses and
TROUBLES FROM THE MACHINE ITSELF. It was the last straw that broke the
camel’s back, and it is this extra strain multiplied many times on other machines with
straight boxes, that makes those other spreaders nr re or less of a failure in heavy wjrk.
OUR NO-CHOKE spreader box leads ail ether spreaders. To see this machine, is to be
lieve what we are saying. The real results secured from the style of box which permits
the load to loosen and find a chance to move when the beater wheel takes hold of it, are
simply what we can expect from SCIENTIFIC construction. More next week.
- Chas. S. Slack Company
There’s some satisfaction in thinking
how many relatives miss discovering you
by your not being rich.
The First National
Bank of Viroqua
CAPITAL $50,000.00
The only Bank in Vernon County, under the
supervision of the United States Government.
We always have and still pay FOUR PER
CENT, interest on Certificates of Deposit,
payable at the end of six months or one year
from date.
For the convenience of the public, we main
tain Safety Deposit Vaults. Their construc
tion and equipment insure absolute safety
and complete privacy.
We solicit checking accounts, both large and
Our customers are assured of courteous treat
ment, also every accommodation consistent
with conservative banking.
H. P. Proctor, President
E. W. Hozen, Wm. Webb,
Vice-Prest. Vice-Prest*.
H. E. Packard, Cashier
Makes Kidneys and Biadder Right

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