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and let it crow and
■fafr <n Qawks
One hundred dollars at 5 per cent, compound in
terest will in 40 years amount to over $700; in 70
years to over $3,000; in 100 years to over $13,100;
and in 200 vears to over $1,729,300. Money grows
if you will let it.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety—4
per cent.
Bank of Viroqua
Capital and Surplus • $80,000.00
H. Lindemann, Pres. - - • Wm. F. Lindemann, Jr.,Ca3h.
Use Germicide
You can double the beauty of your hair in a
night. Though your hair has long been neglected,
is thin and dry, just one application of Dahl’s Ger
micide Hair Tonic and Dandruff Remover will put
life, vigor and vitality into every rootlet. It re
moves dandruff and stops the hair from falliny out.
Do not hesitate: get a bottle and be convinced. Ap
ply as directed and you'll realize the best of invest
C. F. DAHL, Druggist
—— —,
t r ; , / \
* • ■ ■' . . - ,
S■ * ' 1 " ~
— mr /m,- i
■ #€/?f If rf^-f^r
■ -;*gs 1l M | J f i
'|j Sri *" * > **
•I* ■* ' 'VS ? •* — , ■
y IT f 3F ¥ r
The First National Bank
of Viroqua
Is United States Depository No.
621 for Postal Savings Funds.
the jffST r\ f
■ To ° W*
Aren’t you tired of borrow ing the other fellow ’s
gun? If you are not, let us whisper something to
you—“HE IS.” Own your own things: Then you
won’t spoil all the fun of your outing in fearing
you’ll break the gun, or whatever you have bor
rowed. In Sporting Goods and Hardware, we sell
only the best. They are the cheapest for you.
| Vernon County Censor
OLIVER O. MUNSON. Editor mfl Proprietor.
Ot Yt within Vernon County tI.GO
Om Year onteide of Vernon County 1.80
One Yer to Canada and Foreign Countries . 2.00
Wednesday. October 11. 1911
Just now, when gold bricks pass at
par to the (initiated tender-foot, the
patent right fakir works his wares on
the unsuspecting, and the political
demagogue harrangues the people with
bis cure-alls and tells the weary pub
lic that everybody but his precious self
is “rotten, ” dishonest, not to be trusted,
it is a right proper day to halt In the
mad rush and inquire what it ail means.
As bordering on this frenzy of distrust
and agitation the thoughtful citizen is
brought face to face with the much
heralded “recall” for public officials.
It has been said, and truly, that nine
out of every ten people we meet would,
without considering its res! import, and
| without reading, sign a petition to elec
; trocute the best citizen in the com
l munity, without even giving him the
j right of trial or an opportunity to ex
! plain. The same rashness night without
thought ’recall 1 an honest official if soma
canting mouth-worker who knew noth
ing of the real situation, should pro
ceed against one of his accusing. Doubt
less, in some instances, the recall may
be available. Here is an extract from
a personal letter written by Captain
I Silbaugh of Seattle as bearing on the
subject of recall.
“The recall of Mayor Dilling failed.
They had enough names at one time
but a thousand people saw how foolish
they had been and withdrew their names.
It has materially changed my views
about the recall, however. If it can be
invoked by such a trifling thing, then I
am opposed to it. It does not work out
akl had thought it would in our work.
The people do not seem to have intelli
gence enough to discriminate on the
real purpose of the recall law. The list
of names contained a great conglome
ration of malcontents and people whose
business had been interfered with by
enforcement of law. * * I attended
the Secretary Fisher banquet. I don’t
know about this leasing business. It’s
all right for Russia ana may be Austra
; lia, but why one law for Alaska and a
different law for the other territories
i and states? Fisher dealth the final
j blow to the Controller Bay fiasco,
j Wonder what the originators of that
j canard really think of themselves.”
j The Washington recall law may be
called into action by petition signed by |
j 25 per cent of the electors. Our very j
wise brewery-owned legislature of last j
winter gave Wisconsin a similar law. j
When tax-paying time rolls round, for
this year and next, there will be gen
eral wish that the bunch of overly-wise
reformers might either be “recalled”
or banished from political ‘control and
Wisconsin legislative manual, better
recognized as the “Blue Book,” is an
nounced to be ready for distribution
about November first. In the olden
days, before there were so many com
missions and experts, this volume was
usually delivered to members of the
legislature soon after their arrival for
the opening of the session.
Frank H. Hitchcock, postmaster gen
eral of the United States, carried 78
pounds of mail matter in the areoplane
of Capt Paul Beck of the United Sprites
army,from New York to Mineola. This
s the first time areoplanes have been
used for such' purposes.
Admiral Schley, who shared with
Admiral Sampson the glory of Santi
ago, dropped dead 1n Washington.
Sampson died shortly after the close of
war with Spain. Thus have passed
away the two centra! figures of the
I whole war.
A court at Toronto has sentenced for
life, a man who carelessly autoed into
a crowd, injuring several people. Pos
sibly the severe and unusual sentence
was pronounced because the fellow hap
| pened to be a citizen of the United
; States.
William E. Curtis, the well-known
newspaper correspondent who has so
long regaled Chicago Record-Herald
readers with his racy letters from every
quarter of the globe, died suddenly in
Philadelphia, Thursday night, from ap
October, gorgeous month for Wis
consin—beautiful in changing scenery, l
variegated foliage and leaves, balmy !
Defective Scales or Short Measures
Must ho Cast Aside
If any of our dealers happen to have !
short weight scales or short measure, j
]it is best to remedy them before the j
state inspector comes around, for he j
I will show no mercy on a dealer who
| has short weights and measures The
! fine might be nominal but the effect on j
J the buying public will be something
| that cannot easily be remedied.
Officials charged with the enforce
ment of the weight and measure law
! are making plans for performing their
I duties to tne limit. Unless by written
agreement to the contrary, certain
specified articles must be sold by weight
only, to be computed as follows:
60 pounds for a bushel of wheat, peas,
potatoes, clover seed or beans.
57 pounds for a bushel of onions.
56 pounds for Indian corn, rye, wrink
led peas, rutabagas or tomatoes.
54 pounds for sweet potatoes.
50 pounds for corn meal, rape seed,
millet seed, beets, green cucumbers,
apples, rye meal, buckwheat, hickory
48 pounds for barley or Hungarian
grass seed.
14 pounds for blue grass seed or red
top seed.
45 pounds for timothy seed.
42 pounds for turnips.
85 pounds for cranberries.
33 pounds for dried peaches.
33 pounds for oats.
25 pounds for dried apples.
20 pounds for bran or shorts.
| 80 pounds for unslacked lime.
All dry commodities not otherwise
. specified in the act may be bought and
: sola only by standard dry measures or
! weights.
Mr, C. A. Landgrabe, Box 2.1, Coal
ourg.Ohio, writes: “1 had been asligh*
sufferer for a numlier of years, tiut paid
little or no attention to it, until tba
spring of thia year, when my suffer
ings became very severe,
“I had paiaTn the head, hack, spins,
liver, chest, and various parts of my
body, besides indigestion that caused
me much trouble and anxiety. I often
thought when X retired at night I would
not live through it. X tried medical aid,
but to no purpose.
“Not knowing what was my main
trouble I wrote to Dr. Hartman, after
reading of his treatment, for advice,
telling him of my various ailments, and
he notified me at once that I had sys
temic catarrh.
“After using the first bottle of Rerun*
X felt relief, so X continued to use it
until I had taken four bottles, when I
felt entirely cured I recommend it to
all others, believing that they will ex
perience the relief that I did.”
Pe-ru-na as a Tonic.
Mr. William J?. Hawkins, 12 West Si,
Westerly, It. 1., writes:
“I wish to giv my testimony in favor
of Pernna as a tonic. I have used ibo
same for catarrh, and can recommend
it to a£ who are troubled in that way.”
20 Cents Per
Wanted, at the Cream
ery, Eggs not over Six
Days old, clean and full
sized and gathered in
every day.
Also called Tetter. Salt Rheum. Pruritus, Milk-
Crust, Weeping Skin. etc.
STAY, and when I say cured, 1 mean
just what 1 say—C-U-R-E-D, and not merely
patched up for awhile, to return worse than before.
Rerr ember 1 make this broad statement after put
ting: ten years of my time on this one disease and
handling: in the mean-time a quarter of a million
cases of thia dreadful disease. Now. Ido not care
what all you have used, nor how many doctors
have toUl you that vou could not be cured all 1
a <k is just a chance to show you that I know what
lam talking: about. If you will write me TO
DAY. 1 will send >v/u a FREE TRIAL of my
mi.d. soothing:, guaranteed cure that will convince
yot more in a day than 1 or anyone else could in a
month’s time. If you are disgusted and discour
aged. I dare you to give me a chance to prove my
claims. By writing me to-day you will enjoy
more real comfort than you had ever thought
this world holds for you. Just try it and you
will see I am telling you the truth.
Or. J. E, Cannaday
1428 Park square, Seda!!a. Mo.
References: Third National Bank. Sedalia Mo.
Could you do a better act than to send this notice
to some poor sufferer of Eczema?
Scalo and Hair Troubles Generally
Caused by Carelessness.
Daiidrud is a contagious disease caus
ed by a microbe which also produces
baldness. Never use a comb or brush
belonging to someone else. No matter
how cleanly the owner may be. these
articles may be infected with microbes,
whlph will infect your scalp. It is far
easier to catch hair microbes than It Is
to get rid of them, and a single stroke
of an Infected comb or brush may well
lead to baldness. Never try on any
body elsc's hat. Mauy a hat-band Is
a resting place for microbes.
If yeti happen to be troubl’d with
dandruff, itching scalp, falling hair or
baldness, we have a remedy which we
believe will completely relieve these
troubles. We are so sure of this that
we offer it to you with the understand
ing that it will cost you nothing for the
trial if ‘.t does not produce the results
we claim. This remedy is called Rex
all ‘’o.T‘ Hair Tonic. We honestly be
lieve it to be the must scientific rem
edy for scalp and hair troubles, and
we know of nothing else that equals
it for effectiveness, because of the re
sults It has produced In thousands of
Rexall “93" Hair Tonic is devised to
banish dandruff, restore natural color
when its loss has been brought about
by disease, and make the hair natural
ly silky, soft tul glossy, it does this
because It stimulates the hair follicles,
destroys the germ matter, and brings
about a free, healthy circulation of
blood, which nourishes the hair roots,
causing them to tighten and grow new
hair. W want everybody who has
any troui .e with hair or scalp to know
that we think that Rexall "93” Hair
Tonie Is the best hair tonic and restor
ative in existence, and no one should
scoff at or doubt this statement until
they have put our claims to a fair test,
with the understanding that they pay
us nothing for the remedy if It does
not give full and complete satisfaction
in every particular. Two rizes. 50
cents and $1 tV. Remember, yon
can obtain Rexall Remedies only
at oar store-The Rexnr Store.
A. J. Johnson.
Commissioner Beckholt Makes a De
tailed Explanation
For the benefit of those who were
not permitted to attend the lecture de
livered by Mr. F. A. Crosby, I wih
reiterate a few facts concerning Boy
Scouts of America.
“It is a corporation formed by a
group of men who are anxious that the
boys of America should come under the
influence of this movement ar.J be built
up in all that goes to make character
and good citizenship. The affairs of
the organization are managed by a na
tional council, composed o* some of the
most prominent men ii. our country,
who gladly and freely gi.c their time
and money that this purpose may be
accomplished.” Such men as Presi
dent Taft, Col. Theodore Roosevelt,
David Starr Jordan, Earnest T. Seton,
Luther Burbank, Colin H. Livingston,
and scores of other prominent men, are
members o l the national council.
A Scout council has been chosen in
Viroqua to carry on the local affairs,
and various officers have been chose to
keep in touch with the national council.
The aim of the movement is to supple
ment existing educational igencies md
to promote the ability in the boys to be
self-reliant and helpful tootLcrj. Per
haps there is no better way to make
obvious the aim, than to give the re
quirements of a boy to become a scout.
the; Scout’s oath
On my honor I will do my best.
1. To do my duty to God and my
country and to obey the scout law;
2. To help other people at all times;
3. To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake and morally straight.
He must learn the Scout’s laws which
are as follows:
1. A Scout is Trustworthy—A Scout’s
honor is to be trusted. If he were to
violate his honor by telling a fie, or by
cheating or by not doing exactly a given
task when trusted on his honor, he may
be directed to hand over his badge.
z l . A Scmit is L'iyal—VLe is loyal to ,
whom loyalty is due; his Scout leader, 1
his home, and parents and country, j
S A Scout Helpful -He must be
prepared at any time to save fife, help
injured persons, and share the home
duties. He must do at least one good
turn to somebody every day.
k A Scout is Friendly—He is a friend
to all and a brother to every other
5. A Scout is Courteous—He is polite
to all, especially to women, children, old
people and the weak and helpless. He
must not take pay for being helpful or
6’. A Scots! is Kind— He is a friend
to animals, lie will not kill nor hurt
any living creature needlessly, but will
strive to save and protect all harm'ess
A spoilt is ob'ilkut— He obeys
his parents. Master, Tatrol Leader and
ail duly constituted officers.
X. A Scout is cheerful —He smiles
whenever he can. His obedience to
order is prompt and cheery. He nsver
shirks nor grumbles at hardships.
9. A Scout is Thrifty—He does not
wantonly destroy property. He works
faithfully, wastes nothing and makes
the best use of his opportunities. He
saves his money so that he may pay his
own way, be generous to those in need,
and he'.of ul to worthy objects. He may
work for pay but must receive no tips
for courteous or good turns.
10 A Scout is Brace—He has the
courage to face danger in spite of fear
and has to stand up for the right against
the coaxing of friends or jeers or
threats of enemies, and defeat does
not down him.
11. A Seoul 1> Clean—He keepsclean
in body and tt ought, stands for clean
sport, clean habits and travels in a
clean crowd.
1:. A Scout is Reverent— He is rever
ent toward God. He is faithful in his
religious duties and respects the con
victions of others in matters of custom
and religion.
He must know how to tie four out of
the following knots: Square, sheet
bend, bowline, fisherman’s sheep-shank,
halter, clove hitch, timber hitch or two
half hitches.
He must know the composition and
the history of the American flag
Some have the erroneous opinion that
the boys are to be drilled and later
handed over to the government as na
tional guards. The two have no con
nection whatever.
As little as possible of the military
spirit will be manifested in the Scout
Gymnastic and calisthenic drills will
be used for developing the Scout and
obtaining ordtv ar.d discipline.
All boys between 12 and 18 years of
age are eligible to become Scouts.
There are no dues to pay ami no uni
form nor equipment unless the Scon*
so desires, entirely optional.
I. H. Beckholt, Scout Com.
—Order storm sash now of Thayer.
—New good arriving every day at
Roman & Felix’s.
—Wizard products for keeping every
thing clean at Towner’s.
- Our showing of Utz & Dunn shoes
for ladies are larger than ever at very .
low prices. Roman & Felix.
—Ladies free Monday night. The
opening play, “Battle for Life.” Pop
u'er prices 15, 25 and 35 cents.
Firs, publication Oct. 11, 1911 —3.
Notice of application for letters of atiministrat 'on.
O Court, in Probate.
County Court, Vernon County t
In the matter of the estate of Samuel Hendeu, !
deceased. |
On this 9th day of October. A. D. 1911, upon 1
readme and filing the petition of Carl Henden, j
stating- that Samuel Henden, of the county of j
Vernon, died intestate, oo or about the 4th day :
of October 1911. and praying that he be appointed 1
administrator of the estate of said deceased.
It is ordered. That said application be heard be
fore me. at the probate office in city of Virtsjua.
on the 7th day of November. A. D. 1911. at 19
o’clock a. m.
And it further ordered. That notice of the!
time and place appointed for hearing said appii- i
ration be given to all persons interested by pub- j
lishing a copy of this order for three weeks sue- I
cessiveiy in The Vernon County Csnsob. a news
paper printed in said county, previous to the time
appointed for said hearing.
Dated Viroqua. Wis., October 9. A. P. 1911.
By the Court. D. O. Mahoney. County Judge.
Proctor & Proctor. Petitioner’s Attorneys.
First publication October 11. 1911—3.
Notice of application for final settlement
State of Wisconsin, County of Vernon, u. j
In the matter of the estate of Ws. Kapplin, j
On reading and fifing th- application of
Ferdinand Dobrata. representing among other ,
things that he has fully administered the said i
estate, and praying that a time and place be fixed
for examining and allowing hie account of his i
administration, and that the residue of the said
estate be assigned to such persona iu are by law j
entitled to the same:
It i* ordered, that said application be heard be- ;
fore this court, at a general term thereof to be held
at probate office, in the city of Viroqua on the
3th day of December. 19U. at 10 o'clock a. m. ;
And it is further ordered, that notice of the j
time and place of examining and allowing said sc- j
count and assigning tie residue of said estate, be
given to all persons interested, by publication of
a copy of this order, for three successive weeks, :
in The Vernon County Censor, a newspaper j
published in said coo ity. before the day fixed for !
■aid hearing.
Dated tkie 10th fay o'. October IML
By the Court. D a Mahoney. County Judge.
Proctor A Prcctw. Attorneys for eta?e.
The Great Business Training School of the Northwest-the Wis
consin Business University. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
More than 400 students everv year.
Large i acuity of expert teacners
e _ - Fo6it * ons .£ u . ar ? Dtt *° a! ’ who ex =ei- Ocr graduates receive from $45.00 to
$ <5.00 per month to begin with.
One month trial free.
Board and roo.n in good homes cheapest of any city its size in the United
btate9. ro(,c ball and basket ball, dancing .lab, and literarv club?
Eight thousand graduates now employed.
W. B. U is patronized and endorsed by banks, business men, lawyers
clergymen and bishops. 1 * 9
We teach bookkeeping, auditing, arithmetic, commercial law correspond
ence, penmanship, spelling, grammar, punctuation, shorthand. tvDewriting civil
service, and all business subjects Personal instruction. s ’
This is the work YOU want. You will succeed because we can secure you.
a position in the kind of work or business you like. 3
Send for beautiful catalog today. It is free.
Special term begins Nov. Ist.
Chartered by the State. LA CROSSE, WIS. 22nd year.
James C. Dah'.man. "Cowboy” Mayor ofOma
ha, ’Throws the Lariat*
Mayor Jas. C. Dahiman started his
career as a cowboy, and is at present
Mayor of Omaha, and has the following
record. Sheriff of Dawes Cos, Neb ,
three terms; Mayor of Chadron, two
terms; Democratic Nat’l Committee
man, eight years; Mayor of Omaha,
six years, and in 1910 Candidate for
Governor of Nebraska, Writing to
Foley & Cos., Chicago, he says: “I
have taken Foley Kidney Pills and they
have given me a great deal of relief o
I cheerfully recommend them.” Yours
truly, (signed) James C. Dahlman.
A. J. Johnson.
Take Your Common Colds Seriously
Common colds, severe and frequent,
lay the foundation of chronic diseased
conditions of the nose and throat, ar.d
may develop into bronchitis, pneumonia,
and consumption. For all cough and
colds in children and grown persons,
take Foley’s Honey and Tar Compound
promptly. A. J. Johnson.
With most men being in love means
having their vanity tickled.
\\T A VTCFY A reliable man totake
W /YIN I LU care of our trade with
the farmers in thia
county. A good b mines* assured.
Winona, Minn.
Mention this paper.
©The Premium®
Stewart Steel Range
Has Proven to
be the most pop
ular range ever
sold in the city. || gg|i[|
Elegant Bakers, ■ ISSI 11 gx,
Good Heaters, JjSI 1
Economical in
Fuel, Polished if
Top, No Blacking, Copper Reser
voir, Sanitary Leg Base.
50 Sold Premiums Sold 50
’PHONE 107
NO more cold knees. Made to
drive or ride on horseback in.
Dressy, sensible, and at prices that
will appeal to everyone. Nothing
like them ever seen in this part of
the country. Come and see them.
The Blue Front Store
J/ \ H
ANE is inclined to be judged'
3 by others by the quality
A stationery. Now if it’s
worth while to correspond
with anyone, it is certainly
worth while to appear be
fore them well dressed. We
hrve stationery of quality,
so that it may be typical of
auowsJree use of limbs
grAt, §| J
The Coat With the Guarantee '

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