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George Gibson, Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Blal Carlson, Cooper, Glazner,
HaßiibTi. Hollingsworth, J. Mor
rlA I’. Morrison, Schultze, Ul-
Wheeler, Whitehill, Yellow
hoß> and Zinn.
-Schmidt (at present
Gooch, Jonnard, War-
Wk®. Mattox and Wilson.
Grimm. Barnhart,
Maranville, Tierney, Tray-
MBlilieblers Bigbee, Carey,
Cutler, Mokan, Rohwer and
Rob irtson.
players’ ability to forget the
921 wnnant race and regain their
mnissioner Landis is likely
to lave a problem on his hands.
Joe akes, first baseman of the
Vltdi- iburg, Miss., team of the
Cott i States league, was pre
paJtimi for his morning bath. He
did [not understand the opera
tion f the bathroom gas heater,
for |t exploited—as did also the
proprietor of the boarding house.
.&|a| ntcd argument ensued, so
heWcd as to make the exploded
better appear a piker. Every
bod chinned in. At the end
Monger Criehlow handed Eakes
his 'unconditional release.
on a< eount of your ball
P«ng." moaned he, "but be
of spontaneous Combus-
Makes New Agreer. ent With Univer*
»ity of Pennsylvania for Term
BH| of Three Years.
Jose Wright, coach of the Univer
sity o Pennsylvania crews, signed a
threewear contract with the institu-
from next July, when his
presets contract expires. The new
I ;
s w
3 v. Jb
**•* -•‘■*fia«,«aaaaauEiiil
MBH Vvbvi. JOS Wlifl.-i.
“ -'ails fui an increase in sal
■'?3Mßl arr.-unt <■? which was !.■ t an
’. who ha« bM*n at I'pnnsyl-
: >‘ '<■?!, r >. recently had
r t!l cr,flf 'h a Canadian crew.
J Will Not Rcti-e.
1.-.u'i.n Ci> i;“s word that .C:n-
'n%s!lS ' ’ •■ wor d'g rtywiCcht ■’ ?■:;■
- ex-
Lacy ’ t,t " i® *v<“ ring set erai years
confidence rests a good deal of the
Pittsburgh club’s chances in the race
for the National league championship
flag. It will be remembered that last
August the Corsairs were running along
with a good lead. They started a
five-game series with the Giants, Au
gust 24, with a 744 game margin.
When the smoke of battle had cleared
the Corsairs were only 244 contests to
the good. Kight there their ‘‘goats’’
strayed and never came back.
As for the club itself. George Gib
son has the pitching. Everyone will
admit that. In fact, his staff is re
garded as one of the best in the Hey
dler circuit. The catching will be ably
taken care of. The outfield can be
considered good.
But Gibson will have worries besides
making the athletes forget 1921. He
must improve his infield.
Owner Frazee predicts the Red Sox
will finish one, two, three.
♦ ♦ •
The St. Joseph club has sold Pitcher
Harry Cullop to Des Moines.
'e ♦ a
The chances are th.it Bert Chaplin of
the Red Sex will be dubbed Charlie.
* • »
Omaha has a new pitcher, Art
Stokes, who comes from the Toledo
• • *
The Veteran Wheat Orcutt, outfield
er, has been signed by the Bloomington
Three-I club.
• * *
Boosting the home team, instead of
knocking, does as much good toward
a pennant as a big parade.
* * •
The attempted return to normalcy
does not seem to have affected the sal
ary idea of the baseball employees.
■ » » •
The Columbus association club has
transferred Pitcher Jacoby and In
fielder Shanahan to the Peoria Three-I
» • »
Every big war in which this coun
try has been engaged started in April,
including the baseball pennant hostili
"No gc’f on the day a pitcher is
scheduled to work" is the edict of
Huggins against golf for Yankee twirl
« * •
On the New York Giants there are
11 former football players. Which must
be important for the fans who know
nothing of football.
Russell Ford, famous emery ball
pitcher of other days, has been ap
pointed baseball coach at the Univer
sity of Minnesota.
A • ♦
Five Giant regulars—Young, Meusel,
Snyder, Frisch and Smith hit .400 and
over in the exhibition games of the
spring training trip.
* * *
The Raleigh club of the Piedmont
league is giving a trial to Tom Mun
son, who is a brother to Joe Munson.
Texas league outfielder.
A A *
New first basemen in the Southern
league are Huhp and Neun. The for
mer is ti e veteran with Mobile, the lat
ter a youngster with Birmingham.
» • •
Thomas H. McNamara, captain, out
fielder and heaviest hitter of the
Princeton baseball nine, has resigned
on account of scholastic ineligibility.
Outfielder I"n Brown, with Little
Rock and Memphis last ye,.’-, finishing
the season with Memphis, has been
sold by the Memphis'club to New Or
Al Wallin, catcher with Wichita, of
the Western lerig l *- for two years and
with Drumright part of last season
has been signed by the Okmulgee club
of the Western association.
National league clubs expect
another great season. The game
is sounder and more healthy
now than ever before. Tie
league is more evenly balanced
than it ever has been. Four clu! s
have even chances for the pen
nant and the other four are not
too far outside to Ik- considered
dark horses—John A. Heyd
ler. president of the National
Highly-Touted College Star Fails
to Make Good.
Manager Huggins of Yankees, Sends
Pennsylvania State Player to New
ark of International for
More Seasoning.
Glenn- Killinger, highly-touted col
lege recruit, lias failed to make the
big league grade, lie has been sent
to Jersey City in the International
Killinger at the present time is far
removed from major class In the opin
ion of Manager Huggins. The Fenn
State star, however, must be carried
by the New York club for one year.
When he signed with the Yankees a
number of major league clubs were
dickering for his services.
Hugo Bezdek, who handled his af
fairs with the major league clubs, nat
urally arranged a contract that pro
tected the youngster. Killinger re
ceived a fancy sum for signing. In
addition his contract is of such a na
ture that he is certain of one year s
retention by the New York club.
The greatest weakness of Killinger
is at the bat. It dosu’t seem as if he
would ever be able to hit major league
Killinger came to the Yankees high
ly touted. Coach Bezdek said lie was
' /
... i
!Si ■' ' • ■ ■ ■
f » • - t 'V? :
’•wsar I n mini
Glenn Killinger.
ready for the majors. It seems as if
Bezdek was either spoofing somebody
or was carried away by his great in
terest in the youngster.
Boxers can get too big. Athletic pre
cision is not mere avoirdupois.
• • «
Cornell has 75 candidates in the
squad out for spring football prac
• • •
Rudolph Hultkrans, of St. Paul, was
elected captain of the 1923 Minnesota
• • •
W. L. Jelliffe, '23, of New York, was
elected captain of the Yale university
swimming team for next year.
• « •
Edouard Horemans, the Belgian
balkline billiard expert, will remain
in this country during the summer.
* • *
William T. Tilden, the world’s great
est tennis player, figures fast Aus
tralia is about due to lift the Davis
cup this year.
• * •
A watchman brought down a bank
robber by making a flying tackle, an
act which should curb criticism of col
lege football.
Jake Schaeffer, billiard champion,
got $5,100 for beating Willie Hoppe,
in their recent titled match. Hoppe
got ?3.200 for losing
» » ♦
Rudolph Hultkrans of St. Paul, star
guard of the Minnesota basketball
team, has been elected to captain the
Gopher five next . f, ason.
The amateur bfey ie league of Amer
ica intends to assume control of all
amateur bicycle road racing and’ flat
floor rating in the country.
Milton Romney, captain elect of the
1922 football squad at the University
of Chicago, announces be will not re
turn to that institution this fail.
Purdue took the western conference
basketball title with eight victories
and 'Ut* defeat; Minnesota won the
swimming crown ; Chleagb showed su
periority as gymaaata, and Illinois
Why Castoria?
YEARS ago Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothirg Syrups were the remedies
in common use for Iniants and Children; Castor Oil so nauseating as to bo
almost impossible and the others all containing Opium in one form or another,
but so disguised as to make them pleasant to the taste, yet really to stupify the
child and give the appearance of relief from pain.
It required years of research to find a purely vegetable combination that
would take the place of these disagreeable, unpleasant and vicious remedies that
from habit had become almost universal. This was the inception of, and the reason
for, the introduction of Fletcher’s Castoria, and for over 30 years it has proven its
worth, received the praise of Physicians everywhere and become a household word
among mothers.
A remedy ESPECIALLY prepared for Infants and Children and no mother
would think of giving to her baby a remedy that she would use for herself
without consulting a physician.
Net Contents 15 Fluid Dractniv
\ . • ii 1
limHhe Stomachs
M Thereby Promoting
' Cheerfulness and RcslC-ontautf
• neither Opium, Morphing
® ; Muieral.NoTNAHGOTic
•-si'g" /t'X-*»«■»** /
JiJxg. I W I
i -
Sfi A helpful Remedy Tor •
? Constipation and Dtan'Y
and Feverishness wi
LossopSleki .
& '• 3 rcsirttinith£refronm!'J?
■SI# ' Simile S«in«t2L of !
$$ ' j
i new
g Hill H
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
"What do these flappers leave off
for summer, anyhow?"
“Aw, a coat or two of powder."
A REWARD 0F~55,000.00
Would be a small amount to pay
for saving a man’s life. If you could
save your life for a dollar bill would
you hesitate to spend it? You risk
your life everytime you drive your
car in the rain because you can’t see
through your windshield. A dollar
bill sent to the Baltimore See-Thru
Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland,
will ensure you having a clear wind
shield for the next three years, as
their preparation is guaranteed to
keep your glass as clear as a sum
mer’s day. Nothing like it on the
market. One application will last as
long as a rain storm even if it lasts
a month. It is absolutely guaranteed
to give satisfaction or money refund
ed. Send for it today and be pre
pared for the next rain storm.—Ad
An apology closes the incident, but
it does not heal wounds.
Taste is a matter of .
tobacco quality
We rate it as our honest pMy
belief that the tobaccoi used
in Cheaterfield are of finer R
quality (and hence of betrer A -
taate) than in any other
cigarette at the price. J -J
Ligeti! My tri Tebacn C». Y ■$ ,/\
of Turkish and. Domestic tobacco3—blended
10 lor ! 9c if
Children Cry For
«■ I I IK I tl a
i ill jr>j
Have You Tried It?
Everybody has read the above headline; how many beneve it?
Have you a little-one in the home, and has that dear little mite
when its stomach was not just right felt the comforts that come with
the use of Fletcher’s Castoria? You have heard the cry cf pain.
Have you heard them cry for Fletcher’s Castoria? Try it.
Just help baby out of its trouble tomorrow with a taste of Cas
toria. Watch the difference in the tone of the cry, the look in the
eye, the wiggle in the tiny fingers. The transformation is complete —
from pain to pleasure. Try it.
You’ll find a wonderful lot of information about Baby in the
booklet that is wrapped around every bottle of Fletcher’s Castoria.
jy Bears the Signature of
Next Day. All Riqht.
She (during spat)—lt’s a story for
you to say I gnibbe 1 you up quick.
You know very well that when you
proposed I didn’t say “yes" until the
next day.
He—That’s right, you didn’t. I
proposed at 11:59 p. in. ami you ac
cepted me at 12:91 the next morning.
—Boston Transcript.
Shave With Cuticura Soap
And double your razor efficiency ns
well as promote skin purity, skin com
fort and skin health. No mug, no
slimy soap, no germs, no waste, no irri
tation even when shaved twice dally.
One soap for all uses —shaving bathing
and shampooing.—Advertisement.
Daily Thought.
Truly there is a tide in the affairs
of men; but there is no Gulf stream
setting forever in one d.»ectlon. —
There Is always some man around
who is willing to second any kind of
An Elaborate Menu.
"I understand the Laplanders eat
cnmiles" "M t be a big to do over
a birthday < :>ke.”
Kill AH Flies!
l anywhere. DAV Y Ii Y KH.LER attract• and
kill* ail Neat, clean. ornamental, ronvrnirr.t and
X "* 1 ,w ""M / cheap Laata all
/ eJ*'a* ' * n * vTy 4o’ •. Mhila «• f metaL
• 4 ortipowri
Air •}** O 1 not ■" 1 nrlnjarw
ZV \ -1- L -w # an yth I n*r <••» n r ar. Uad.
***-£>» V El■ Y KIILER
■ .i < «t y«air dealer «»r
fi by EXPRESS. prepaid. I’ 26
HAROLD BOMEUS. UU bu Kalb Ave.. Brooklyn. N. I.
RamovesDaiHirutf Ftr>|»*flalr Fall lot
Rratoree Color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded flab
Taw. and Si Wat I‘rnrulxta.
niiu-HX (‘’.r-rn. is". rat( lie,XT.
HiNOERCORNS ftomovaa Cornu fat
InuHet. etc., bd>ds all lam, maurea r<<mV>rt So IL*
feet, make* walking rasv. If.o. by mail or at bruc»
KiNla. Hieeox Cuemieal Works. FaUihuirue. N. T.
W Zinl I I II Learn the Barber Trad*
11 r>l * ■ Harns2stos4o per weeks
no eiperience necessary; tools furnished Biff
iny jobs waiting. Cail or write THE WISCONSIN
BARBER COLLEGE. 305 307 ( htstnut St.. Milwaukee. W*
W. N. U., MILWAUKEE, NO. 19-1922.

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