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c, n. hjmlev, Publishes.
N 'riv’K to contributors,
Am. C-,(-.>ji.Mi ih<jns (ij
Kiiu'iul l-> to thj Kokih^kn
P i.- -I.nmv T \[ivnp;}sgj(. VYftbeno, Wis.
mri ks aeg for pubJicjjtitjj; '-VpmM
*> " J " tin* .-ysl ft, well u>; a-vvimejl
pill i*: ill this paper, unl-.iifs <•-
uowiptyvipd hy the seal ),a:n. vyhieh
<>r J'.iav pot bg pviptifd Jo
t K- (jf {hi; wrijer.
All v fqu ,mb J i<-ip ion
fcnouUl ryuA) U"* hy T-ueNil&v yvvjjiiig to
l imhv g pitjeo i|j tlje purigint issue.
Comunmiegti oils vgupivgd lifter thut tyill
jiave U) g,j ovyr until ftp, fo]lo\yipg
C, 4 N, W. R’y,
IsOihvL Ti.v.k Caro,
Arriye jigged train.... };qu p. ui.
Lou p itii*e<4 train,,.. p;ls pm.
t Arrive passenger..,, 7 |4fi p, in
-1 Leave passenger,S;ls p. m.
i Wednesdays.
V. tl- JoRNS, Agent.
JE. p. Woodbury, fihnrit..
P. Shay, lerk.
A. E. Himley, Treasurer.
13. McGinley, Clerk of Court.
J. P. Hooper, District Att'y.
W. W. Waite, Register of Deeds.
R. A. Edgar, Sup't pf So" ools.
M. S. Barker, Judge.
F. E. Cook, Surveyor.
Wm. Vanzjlk, • Coroner.
W. E. Webb. Town of Crandon,
W. MclNNifc, Town of Cavour,
P. Shay, Clerk.
W. Mc’Jnn'is Chairman
B. McGini.ey Supervisor
E. F. Carter “
H. W. Stewart. , ~ .Clerk
Jas. Stevenson ...,.Treasurer
P. Hoffman, .Assessor
M. J. Dickinson .Justice
Aug. Rusch. ~., ,* “
H. W. Stewart “
John Carlson Constable.
E, F. Carter Pres.
Mali 'HON McEachin Vice-Pres,
li. W, R”ewaht ~,Sec.
Mril arrives at 4; - >0 p, m.
closes at ,5)00 p, m.
Oltifrn hours from 7:cK> a, Ui. t(
p. in,
Sundays from H;3O a, m, to 10
;;u a, in,
V. li, Johns, P, M,
M, J. Dickinson, Deputy.
. H. HAimv,
Physician and Suraeon,
Calls by wire tfiven prompt
Valley House,
F. D. CULVER. Prop.
Wahkso. -..avis.
Good accomodations,
Reasonable rates,
Give us a call- ■
County Pourd Proceedings.
(Continued from lust week,)
Nov. -d. teth-
Vmt. Amt,
No, Name. N <] 0 \ ml.
74 r VV. VV. \\ • p • -ip •• * gl.lv*
75 r .1. K. A|i(l;rsoi| looking fur
A (litres-, .lnh'>io)i\ body iput
ppsptgt*. 4.00
7G i- VV, .1, Xpti printing eleetimi
uof) jwih‘s'
77 r VV, i-J, Kessi-ndon telusrrumN. 1(1.78
78 r \V. .1. Npii ppjnting pod fle
ph- tie, 36.00
70 *i T. I.amb’c. ha,i){ng wood fpr
jail; **: sw
so r ('. T. I[. Riggs rutting wood, 53.00
*1 r li. C. Miller Cos. books. 145.70
82 r Town ofA'r.mdon hospital
fpes. \'/ 157.50
33 r VV. B. Webb i-minty i-onvass
ing bparti. 6.00
84 r l„ lllis-a epppty , |ipvu.ss;
ing board. 6.00
85 t> (giwis UgrdwarM Cp,, hard,
ware. 11.35
86 r \Vm, Ykwinlf inquest on ro-
mains <)f G. ). op. 4.00
87 p S, Gifford ihlls.
88 vS. A, Gifford jail ‘ 14.15
89 rK. A. Gifford “ “ |1|,22
9 r R. U. Mountain work guild,
inp lifHirt housu jjrounfis etc. 91,50
91 r . W. Hawns putting pump
l *.2
t' l .1. ikett making' plans
anti olHv.it ions for van 1P.48
98 r-Clark A Lennon stovt* liHcks
sheet tip. 2.60
95 r/'umpbell A -Moil !l p s. pnofpfe
sional sprvieps. 27.<ir
95 r Frank Hill putting in pump
at jail. .<)
96 r \\, A, W'nst'ott tu'W- tax dt'tds
for Cos.. 6.75
97 r VVm. Ritter cutting carpets
anil zinc rods. LSO
98 rP. NHft.v delivering election <5/
tickets, getting returns. ete,VM. 14.
99 r Langlade Cos. court expenses. 0169.16
100 r W. A. Wescott witness fees. 12.87
101 r M. s. Barker mdse., 2.29
101 1 r M. S, Barker, care of Ril,
Han E, .tones. 20.23
10'.* v •(, W, Rowes deeds for, Cos.. 1.50
103 r G, W, HlissstativniaW. print
ittg. postage. J? 99.78 24.50
104 r 11. W, Bliss attending Cos.
Supt's. eon, • 10,73
105 rU, W. Bliss postage, print
ing, stationary. 100.00 22.C0
106 r.l. VV. llnvvo. fining jail pump. 2.00
1 H „ k.n lUp her,
l 8r 1 ;>■ V Her Wi rk on timber
court bouse, • 4.00
149 r
no r \V. R. Fessenden taking Hard
head to Antigo for jail. 15.05 10.45
111 r W. E. Fessenden trip alter
Bumiller. 95.30 ds'ld.
112 r W. E. Fessenden getting wit
for .las, Murray
139.49 dVIV.
1> r IV. E. Fessenden sheriff
fees, 21.82 5.62
114 r VV. E, Fessenden sheriff
fees. 6.54 4.94
115 rW. K, Fessenden sheriff
fee*. 19.88 14.17
116 rW. K„ -Fessenden sheriff
fees. 83.40 50.30
117 r \V > Fessenden tioardlng
prisoners, 176.34 175.38
118 r .1. W. Hawes, drawing jur
ors. court calender, etc. 7.0
119 r .1. W. Hawes making affida
vits. 83.50
150 r J. W. Hawes, not eondidered,
121 r.l. VV. Hawes, laid over.
132 r p f •* ” “
—>?7 ••
124 r “ • “ “
125 r VV. Hill sheriff fees in Hard
heavi ease. 19.14 11.45
126 r VV. Hill clean'g jail etc. 25.50d’51d
127 r WykH 11 sheriff fees. 80.43 25.31
128 Q.AUW •• *• 9.00
L’ii'rH! Hill '• *• 78.60 71.00
130 rw. Hill •• •• 14.31 9.65
131 rw. Hill “ “ 11.41
132 ra. Hill *• •• 11.64
(To tir ontHinucd.)
imi liOOIC,
Peter Fagan whs at Shu want
Tuesday, on tmniuens.
Ji. McKinley |eft for Ins capip
again Sunday.
Pat Corcoran cuipe jn to set'
the hpys pjiuifla-y Qvenjng.
Andy Bennel was seep on our
streets one day last week
Fred Morey delivered vyoorl
for the feat estate (ifliop Tuesday.
John Schmitt, of Schmitt &
Scheid, was in the village j\log
Miss Morey was in town Mon
day evening to attend the party
at Hotel Wabeuo.
Clerk pf Court VteGiplev re
turned from Ci-apdon and Arm
strong Creek Saturday.
Charlpy Swpnson and Gpqrge
Johnson came in Sunday after
some supplies.
John Gayhearf coni uioii cod
working again yesterday. His
eye is getting filofle nicely.
M. D. Jones commenced work
for Schmitt & Scheid
Jones is a hustler.
Andrew Weber and Jerry
Hughes hauled, wood for Land
lord Moore last week.
Wm. Wendelborn has been
somewhat under the weather the
past week.
Dock Bennett, the North-West
ern Laud Locator, left for his
home at CllntonviHe Friday to
spend Sunday with his fami'y.
Mr. Dickinson, of Eagle River j
returned to this place again Sun
day last and will remain for some
time to assist his sop Merton In
the store.
The Advertiser desires a
wide-awake corpespo dent in ev-1
ery neighboring town and village, •
If your town is not represented
write u‘ for particulars at once, j
Wabeno is getting to the front i
is far as lire protection is con
cerned. The first sha. 1 tire in
>ur lovely village oceured last j
Sunday night at Tom Moore's j
place of business. How the fire
>rigriated is a conumdrum to the
whole community, but it must
have started early in the morn
ing niakiug headway under and
above the floor of the room of
said place: calling out the newly
organized fire department, which
did splendid work undoi the
leadership of Emil Birkle with
his engineer Victor Johnson,
After the fire was extinguished
a regular meeting was held at
which the following officers were
duly elected:
Emil Birkle, Chief on water
works: Victor Johnson, Assist
ant Chief on ways and means;
Cordial Himley, Captain of Com
pany; Jack McGuire, Man of war:
Billy Chilson, Toq>edo destroyer
Herbert Hands. Cruiser.
Peg was fined #I.OO and costs
for refusing to respond to the a
larm, being a member of said
By order of i 'oitiiinitoo'
Chas. Towqseipl arrivpd hern
from Clintonville yesterday.
Supervisor Mcfliftlpy was jn
from camp yesterday.
Hotel wahpuo tipjA lat#st iju.
provements, and rates as low as
low as the lowest.
Deputy Sheriff Zulm of Ocon
to county was in town one day
this week.
The boys in this vjllagp are
talking of opgupi/dng q ytoodpten
lodge, That's fight boys if is a
good order, push it along.
The Gph 1 Land Agent for the
Nprth-western R'y Company,
C. S. Piprce m((de his weekly
trip to this place yesterday.
Miss Kitfie Weber, who Iris
visited her brother Andrew lind
the Hughes fapply here for
somp tijpp pejiartotf Tvmsdiiy eve
for her home at Weber, Marathon
Fred Schmidt, of the til'm of
Schmidt & Stork, having recov
ered his heglth, came up from
West Bend Tuesday evening to
look after the firm's branch at
this brace. We are all glad to
see you back Fred.
Hotel Wabeno is the place for
having a good time. A surprise
party was given at the above
named place in honor of our gen
erous v,Liter, Miss Josie Bra
bftnk on her birthday, Rhu age
we could not find out), Monday
evening. Refreshments were
serve’ by Mrs. TANARUS, F, Moore, AH
present had a jolly time from the
beginning to the end w ich last
ed into the 10th instant. A few
of the par y looked rather sleepy
the next day, but still they hope
to have another good time if
possible. The sample room was
crowded during the entire e.eu
ing and it looked iikn a rush on
wall street.
To Whom It May Cone rnj
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership which has for
some time subsisted between
John McGuire and Peter i agan,
under the firm name of 1 ,uirc
& Fagan, has suspended business
for the present, awaiting a settle -
ruent, and I hereby notify the
public not to harber or trusi
said Peter Fagan on the firm'*
account, as said firm will under
no circumstances pay any bill 01
bills *ontracte individually by
either men.her thereof, and fur
ther request the public not to
pay any money or monies to
either member of the above nam
ed firm until a settlement has
been entered into between said
John McGuire.
Wabeno, Wis., Jan. 1-. 181 Kb
Armstrong Creek.
Joe Raymond and 11. Walkei
I :irv busy putting in cedar.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Webster
visi{gd Mrs. (\ F. Ball Friday.
Cos. Snji’t Edgar returned Mon
day from Crandop,
P. Shay and W. Mclrpps re
turned from t’rundon Friday.
Clerk pf the Court Barney Me
Gipley, of Wabcno visited Jiis
URtpy friends here Friday.
Frnnk Pngo nd li, C. Ceso
drove out from the Popple River
Chairman Mclppis wt.n( to
Crandop Monday to attend ti e
Cos. Board mooting,
Peter Jenson made a (rip to
Gladstone, Michigan, VVedpes
H, W, Stewart, L, Bigimp gnd
Billy iSolpi went foCrandon Mon
dny to attend the Ball case.
Mike Fitzgibbpny apd Ijijly
Tracy returned from Cyandon
A oar ropnifev, of Pumhine,
hqd several cars to repair <>n the
Gonda spur Tuesday,
Onchp Steele and Robt, Brooks
were in Thursday from Popple
River settlement.
Joe Bja}{H formerly a bridge
carpenter on the Soo Line is row
special Policeman at the Minne
apolis shop's, vi,- ited his many
friends at. this place Wednesday,
'Ex-Gounty Treasurer Medal
lister did business last week,
G, M, P, H, met at A, (’, Johns
Joseph Blonlck spent a few
days with his parents at Algoiu: ,
Sheriff Caldwell made us a
pleasaet cull one day last week,
Assistant Post. Master Link is
on the sick list,
Mrs. 1). Morton is visiting at
George Grotonsehen spent a
few days at Frodonia lust week
with hit* parents.
L. J. Nuwald was at Chicago
he past week buying horses for
his barns at Shawano and Gillett,
Frank Klomp is again able to
be out after being sick for two
C. R. Watts hus returned from
Wuusau and is hustling sewing
Dr, E. S, Nayler and Aleck
McDonald have gone to Wabeno
to work for Rusch Bros,
Public installation of officers
was held by the M. W. of A. last
Friday night, followed by a
Tile Gillett Band has been re*
trganized and will soon be able
o tnrn out und and play a few
.elections for the public.
Misses Mary and Lillie Grady
;pent last week in Ocouto visit*
ng w ith their Uncle John Mur
YOU, l NO, 22.
Soo Line,
i-imh i. a !.jw
TIME TAfteß,
E.VST Hol'Nb.
.'iwiflu Bxpwss —3:0(8 a. m
Mix.'d Tr H ip : I ::
tYRhT ic-TN'ii,
Haeifiu E.5p,^.2;48 . u-,
Mixiiq ! i|i)i, .. . . 4:i)o p
Yi • -i- JOJifwa, guilt,
Officers of the Town of
Grand in.
. f ;-..
A. Ei Wpbb Ciiqliimutj
H. lieanjer.. ........Siiptp’vi^ot
O, F, Jphpsop. Si
r. .( Kape Clerk'
Henry PnppyTreasurvt
■loiip Waite- Assessor
Wm, Ruscb>>
G. B, Bailey o
F. EJ, Cook JpMlt'o
W. A. Wcseott
C-T. H. Riggs
•J- Mu5baum.,. : ,,,,,,,.*
School Oflicers,
L, H, VVilcoA , t res,
Jos, Hople. , Vi(i|i. Pres,
F, VV, Marquai'dtSec.
C. (1. HIMLEY,
Notary Public
Stop At ti
Hotel' Vabeno
T. P, MOORE, Pnorletor,
Sa.npje Room in Connection.
Physician and Surgeon.
Special attention paid to oills
along the K lon dyke Division
of the C. it N, W. ll'y lino.
When in need of- ♦
Farm, Draft or^
Driving Horsei
(10 TO
The Reliable Horse Dealer.
Exchang. Hotel.
T. W. WADE A SON. Prop*.
Cigars i
& Etc, I
Advertise in the Advertiser!
The Advertiser can iutc^fl
you your business
I ,! ‘hl "■ quu-Kcr. <*i
<'9' til ill Uliy rit lo r loioll *§
Urn. Wffl
Have you subscribed for jB
“Advertiser”; If not you ougl
Vo, it is only 51.r.0 yr yyiV.

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