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r .. ■ i
rtf r lis - | *y<h* 4 <5- • - ,4 W-. - k
- * 'O J V^|^b , ' , %- “ T 4 $
v -’i' E TO ION TIM! TORS.
A:.: '. i.-mcmcatioxs to this pnpe-'
rA:-:t; .! In- .'uULv.scd f< tile Xi’HTIIERX
<>n.:n ADVi'KTtsiiK. Wa'.K'no. Wis..
*■'>'’ v.i L -is are for publication .should
Vai- the real as well ;ls the assumed
inn:.'. No anonymouscommuii‘rations
.viii he printed in this paper, unless ac
companied. by the real name, which
may or may not be printed aecordinjj to
the wish of the writer.
Ail coinmmv.entkms for publication
should reach us by Tuesday e'.vniny to
insure a place in the currant issue.
1 ommuaieations received after that vs ill
have to (jo over until the following 1
C. Sc N. W. R’y.
ms. nn > a—n oil
Local Time Card.
Arrive mixed train .... 4:50 p. hi.
Leave mixed train... .5:15 p tn.
tArrive passenger 7:15 p. m.
+Leave passenger.... s: 15 p. m.
t Wednesday >.
V. H. Johns, Agent.
E. 0. Woodbury, .Sheriff.
P. Shay, Clerk.
A. E. Hi.Mley, Treasurer.
B. McGinley, Clerk of Court.
J. F. Hooper, District Att'y.
W. W. Waite, Register of Deeds.
R. A. Edgar, Sup't of Schools.
M. S. Barker, .fudge.
F. E. Cook, Surveyor.
Wm. Vakzile, Coroner.
W. E. V, ebb, Town of Crandon,
W. Mclnxis, Town of Cavour,
P. Shay, Cieur.
W. Mclnni.s Cilairmau
15. McGinley Supervisor
E. F. Carter “
I!. W. Stewart Clerk
J as, Stevenson... Treasurer
P: HeFFM.v N Assessor
M. J. Dickinson Justice
Aug. Rusch “
4. W. Stewart “
John Cdßi.soN Constable.
[•! i’. Carter Pres.
:\L ‘E At NilN VicO-PIVS.
w. : -tew.uit. ~, Sec.
M . ... .ives at 4:50 p. m.
M b c isos at 5:00 p. m.
0.:! • • hours fro.ii 7:3t a. m. to
i p. m.
Sa:i 1 lys from ' , :U<d u. m. to U):
*/■ I fl. ill.
V . H. Johns, I*. M.‘
\ M. .J- Dickinson, D putv.
(1. n. HARDY,
■ P'lysician and Surfcon,
Calls by 'vire given prompt
K i
I Emil Birkle,
m}\jnso i \ a \ Artist,
H -
A. G. Manson
Mill-wnght and
Plans and Estimates Fur
Can also Locate Mill-sites for
Parties Desiring the Same.
Best of Refer, lives Furnised.
Prize Masquerade
A Grand Masquerade Bull
will be given by tlieWabonoCor
net Band at Pagan's Hall, on
Saturday evening, Jan. 2d, h DO.
Prizes will be given to the best
Lady and Gentlemen, and also
to the best Comic Lady and
Gentleman. Invitation is ex
tended to all.
County Board Proceedings.'
AxXCAT. Mketixg. 1808.
(Continued from last week.)
Nov. 2;;, 1808.
Amt. Amt.
Xo. Name. Nature. CTd Ail'd.
1 25 r \V. A TVeseoit ean rass-$ $
inp board. 1.00
153 r
154 r TV. A. TVescatt justce fees. 4.35
W. A. Weseott report, ■ V> /
TV. E. Fessenden sheriif /
fees. 19.04 2.02
155 r TV. A. Weseott justice
fees. 3.75 3.50
W. A. Weseott report.
(1. Hoppensetz witness fees. 1.31*
Rosa Hoppensetz. •• " 1.21*
Mrs" Ang. (label " " 1.39
\V. E. Fessenden sheriff J
fees. ' - 13
1555, r W. Hill sheriff fees. 104.00 73.80
ISO r W. A. Weseott justice fees. 3.91
\V. A. Weseott report,
W. Hill sheriff fees. 35.24 19.52
150 1 ... r W. A. Wcs.-ott justice
fees. 40.00 31.05
AT . A. Weseott report,
vXinard Labes witness fees. 23.03
. Hih sheriff fees. 48.02
15; r TV. A. Weseott justice
fees. 10.82 9.TS
TV. . V.'eseott import.
L'eo. Hart witness fees. 2.51
l)nvi< ! Houelc •* " 1.4 7
Cbas. Milieu ** 1,5-5
'l’hos. Duffy *• " >3
Daa. TVhybrew " " 1.39
TV. E. sheriff
fees. \ f 9. SO 0.3.5
158 r W. A. TVescott justice
fees. 1.44 1.00
TV. A. Weseott report.
TV. Hill sheriff fees. 2.85 1.25
159 r v. A. weseott justice fee. 1.49 1.0 )
v. A. TpTycott report.
v. . lUcl sheriff fees. 2.85 1.25
101 r FjseV-ooli justice fees* 22.27 21.39
F. E. Cook report.
John Pego witness fees. s.o'*
Levi Pego “ 5.00
Michigan John ” " 0.08
John Pejjo interperter. 1.00
1 )r. w. w. walker wit. fees. 2.90
.ionn l’ego “ “ 5.00
Leri I’ego ‘ “ 5.00
Mieliingan John ~ “ P/ O.fis :
(has Rail - ” •*>.'
Mrs. ( has. Rail “ ** 5.00!
Albert Uerhke ** " 5.00 j
Ad. Stevenson “ “ 5.84
w. Me!nnis ” “ 5.75 >
Chas. Carlson " “ 5.84
John Dullivan ** " 5.04
Matt. Robinson “ “ 5.84
Jack Shields “ " 5.84
John Hiller ** “ 5.84
Swanson ” “ 5.84
s->nn “ “ 5.84
> *V rn. Hill sheriff fees. 90.54
\f, E. Fessenden sheriff
162 r F. E. Cook inquest, 20.80
F. E. Cook report.
Jos. I). Raymond juror fees. 2.12
Louis Hi shop •• •• 2.12
Henry walker 2.12
Jas. Stevenson •• >• 2.13
f-Teter Jenson •• •• 5,12
Michigan John witness fees. 2.7:2
Th'.„. MeClnrey “ •• 2.10
Chas. Carlson •• 2.0S
Albert Garkbe •• “ 2.08
Joe Hnttise •• •• 2. 08
John Thunder •• •• 2. 08
Levi Pego •• 2.0.8
Wallace l’emna / •• 2,08
John Pego inter Jfuter. 2.08
Dave Tyra
John Dullivan constable fees. 4.74
163 r-Thos. Millen justice fee, 3.05 1.00
Thos. Millen rnport.
Milton StoUkerdp y sheriff. 7.37 1.35
104 r Thos. Millen vuslice fee. 3.05 1.0.i
Thos. Millen Report-,
w. E. Fessenden sheriff
sees. 2.27 -VA2S
(To be continued.)
—Barney MoGinley was in
from camp Saturday eve.
--E. F. Carter was up from
the Siding Monday.
—H. W. Swan and Fred Morey
are busy hauling logs.
—Barney Met!: nley aad crow
are busy these days hauling logs.
* —A. F. Rusch and O. H. Song
laub went to Marshfield Tuesday
evening, on business
—Mrs. Paul Newman spout
the Sabbath with her her parents
at Cillett.
If you want a good time, be
right on deck at the Masquerade
ball next Saturday night.
- Schmiut & Stork report hav
ing gotten in one half million fi.
of logs.
- Schmidt & Stork are setting
up their mill outfit in their now
bidding this week. It is a dandy.
-iM. D. Jones and A. J. Dillett
came up from the siding for a
few lours Sunday.
—Our loggers feel jubilant
over the show that foil Sunday
night and Monday: here* being
about a foot of snow in the woods.
Rusch Bros, n >w have one
half million foot of logs in and
expect to get iu about three ami
a half million more.
—Mr. La Grippe is in the vil
lage these days visiting his many
enemies. He has failed to call
on the Advertiser as yet.
—lt is rumored that another
mil! is soon to be located down
t Bowman’s Siding. We hop.*
it is a fact.
—Herbert Wade has the u
gency for a Menominee sickness
and accidont insurance company.
If you do not Carry <1 J)0 iicy you,
had better cail around and see
—*M. J, Dickinson and Fred
Schmidt drove out to Roberts
Lake last week and spent a few
days with Johnson Bros., bring
ing back with them a whole lot
of nice plokeral, the largest one
weighing 14 pounds. 11l John*
son returned with thorn.
—Norman •Johnson" wis see
on our streets one day last week.
- G. G. Job list n d'd some fin
sign 1 Minting at the Hotel Wr
beno yesterday.
---Hotel Wabenoil'itis latest im
provements, and rates as low as
low as the lowest.
Joe Grattan has begm
working for Schmidt & Stork.
Advertise in the Advertiser!
Have you subscribed for the
“Advertiser": If not you ought
to. It is only $1.50 per year.
- Miss Bowen visited her par
esis at Gillell Saturday.
The Advertiser desires a
wide-awake tvrrospondeut in ev
ery neighboring town and l iilago.
If your town is not represented
write us for particulars at on v.
C. E.. Dunn was at his chair
at-the- Exchange• Saturday and
; Sunday.
- R iv. Father Schoyer, of
Stiles held services hero Tues
day evening and- Wednesday
M : ss Shirm spent. Sun-lav
with Mrs. T. F. M ■ re and'fam
Business Locals published in
the Vdvertiser a only 5 coats
per line for the luv.t insertion,
and only 3 cents per line f reu :h
subsqnoat insoortioa. This is
just one-hii f the uat u price'.
Ratos for advertising in rule
km wn on application lotl.el’.Jj
—C. S. Pierce arrived hero on
the special-Wedu-:41 vy morning,
and r 'turned in the ovonin •,
making Ids usual trip to Wabeno.
He was accompanied by several
parties, who are looking over
the timber adjoining this place.
- A party was gotten up last
Wednesday evening to arpr: o
our uo ■ inad.iting Station Agent,
V. H. J lins. It certainly w a
success both as a surprise on
Via. an .s to the timeJind. A
kinds f rofroshm mts weve : >r.
ed by Mr. and Mrs. Johns to
all. Music was well rendered py
Messrs. Harris and C mklin.
Everybody says it was one cf
the best socials of the season.
If you are in need of Letter
Heads, Bill Heads, Envelop- •.,
Business Cards or anyth’i.g j:
the Stationary 1 i-><■* re .ember
that w - lo such w >rkattl.e “Ad
vertiser" Office promptly, an 1
neatly, at rack-bottom prices;
Satisfaction guaranteed or money
refunded. Give us a trial.
While we are writing up
these locals our old uccomu lutin ''
barber, Emil is rigging up his
barber sh >p in the Hotel Wabono
where he Wili always b" ready
to attend to his cu -.tomers. For
lirstclass work he needs no rac*
ormno.illation as be iiuw Worked
in some of the largest cities in
this country and also on tli
other side of the Atlantic. Give
him a eui! and be convinced. See
his “ad in another column of
this puj>e)\
Last .Saturday morning, at
Giliett, Oconto County, tlii*
st ;te, Dr. E. S. Nay lee to Mis
i.run Johns, Jusiiih. Riorda :
ilhciating. Ti e bride is one o
the most popular young young
adies of Gilietl, and a siller <•
mr obliging Station Ggont a:
his place, a-nd the gi\) >mds th
well known Veterinary Surgeon,
orm rly of R'o a, but now in
the ompioy of the Rusch Lum
ber Company here. They ur
i'iv. and here t n the evening train
Monday and were duly seranad
'd by tile village baud, aft 01
which a social ball was given it.
their honor at the Exchange
Hotel, where they are t presen
staying. The Advertiser join
their many friends in wishing
for thorn a happy and prosperou
journey through life.
Pretty stormy to-d>y.
Chas. Townsend returned t
this place Tuas lay evening.
Bennett came up Iron
Ciintonviiie 1 riday.
Mr. Notvburu'h, the C. it. N
W. j4t nd \ gen ol Raekfor 1, U
W is in tic) viil; go yt-sterday ::n
lad y.
M. J. Dickinson aid H. S
Harris have hold down lb - st -
Lion this we *k, Agent Johns b
ing also vi .dim of L,- g ipp
W. C. Brat • and bv >ther, <
'.Vc..l Bond were iu town yester
day. While here they i aide •
pleasant call at the Advertiser of
fi -e.
' Our ri tder : will p.oa , - ex
cu. • the Advertiser for lie in on
day late thus we -fi, as ..he Ed'to
was tea 1 ing school the pa'
few days, the t • a-hor, M'ssß m
en b ang a victim of the la grip
Armstrong Crei
Mr.s. I*. tJiv.iy returned I>V
lay from Gre ai Bay.
Mrs. J’cliT Jenson visit© ’
Cavour friends Thursday.
John Pego was quite bad!
hurl Saturday.
Win. 11..11 an ! Miss Ad ■ An
unson of Popple Hlvor dtlo
me 1 w -ra in town Thursday.
Mrs. Amuu.ou mid Mr .
Hall of Popple settlement wa
in town Monday.
P. Shay and W. “.Vldnni
won 4 to Crandon 1 Monday on
county business.
Jam *s Shay took the liinito I
Saturday night for Minnoipolis,
from whora ho will go to hi.
homo at Sioux City, lowa.
Mrs. Thou. Kingston and
son, of Marinette is visiting her
hu; band'at Sr attold & Arnolds'*
—Wm. Kiornan, son of J.
Kiernatt, of Green Itny i visit
ing relatives here. He has just
returned from Texas.
\ OL. 1 NO. 24.
Sco Line.
east round.
•'acifie‘Express 3:06 11. tn.
Train 9:15 a. :n.
a ifio Express 1.7:43 u. m
' iixeil Train 4:00 pi ’n.
\V. J. .loNES. t reat.
Ofiicerd of t’ie Town of
•V. E. Webb Gi:airm: n
I. R > mi or Siipervis ol
). F. Johns m “
J Kune Clerk
’enr.v Poppy Treasurer
John Waite Ass 'ssoi
,Vm. Rus di “
h H. Dai lay
‘ ,1 * E. Cool: Justice
V. A. Wos'ott “
\ T. 11. Riggs “ *
1. M tsbautn. • **„"
Sc’jool Officers.
a. S. WHeox res.
ios. Houlo Viee-Pres,
A W. Marqu irlt Scs.
Motary Public
W ‘ BKXO. WiS-^YSri
3 top A '--
'Lstel W .ib 3no
T. F. A 33fUE, R rip-' j' jr
faTb Inn .'7
p'AR'T.'D \ !•-.
Pdysiifc Hi 3d.'.. : hi.
.i r -’ r rv,n tiff.i
ij -.j. . 1 i , l\ i.
S)K'-.fial aUcution pud to ci 1 ;;
along tho Klondyko Division
of tho 0. & N. W. R’y line.
when in need of-’
Firm, Qrjlt > r,
Driving il.vrs.'s
Tii2 r aiitfjrse Q.alsr. ,
Exch ings
r. V/. WADc 3i SON. ProoS.
& Etc,
Advertiser, I
$1.50 Pvr Year, |
In Advance.

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