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For . and Grease Heals, $
Wire Feice Cuts, Sore Ntck'
afid P-'-oulders, Saddle Galls,!
Contracted and Tender Feet,',
Sandcracks, Quittor, Thrush,’
Canker, Laraimitis. Navicklar!
Disease, Ftc.
Bruises, Cuts, Running Sore, Tat-|
ter, Salt Rheum, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, All
Skin Eruptions, Piles, Etc.
, V.Til heal wounds ‘- here everything
' else has failed.
; PRTcE7^SrTcHNTS?~^
Wabeno, Forest County, Wis.,
- Shingles
0 A Farm Library of unequalled value—Practical,
Up-to-date, Concise and Comprehensive—Haud-
somely Printed and Beautifully Illustrated.
f { AM.hoiU Horw I-a Cotmuoo iif I’ Treatise, with over
U/ l J. illuatMrtloua a standard work.. Price jo Cent,
, \ Alt about grow ng Small Fruit*- read and learn how;
jUi 1 contain.cole red lift like rrpttuction<iofatl leadiug
J vtrietßa and njo othti Frier, y> Cents.
F . A H***° ut O’: O** bet Poultry Book In exigence .
*** ** / colored life-like reproductions
j / S r Sl%]rts ,al hrerd*; aith ioj other illustrations.
. I 1 rice, $o Cents.
4CVM ; r V _s,| No - 4-mGGI H row bock
1 X Y li All about Cow, .Oil the Dairy Rusinr** • having ■ ,rr,t
gL jtT.ar f SHi. *2?,;*“’ *, c 5 ,lo,r, 1 1 >ic liltnrproductloD.ol^.ch
Jf breed, wttli i ~oth-r illuMratiun*. Price, joCenU
k I• r NO. 5 BlOUl.n SWINE BOOK
V T VS 1 I Jurtoul. A t .bout llo*s -Bree<ltua. Feeding Butch
% I cr v. etc. CoutHitM over So beautiful half-
TY y I lone* ui! olhef euKraviuß,. Price, jo Ceuta.
W ' \ The HKKILE ti(H)h,S are uuH]iie o,i,inal l u,rful rounever
V S.m Huvlhiou like ll'.r ~ - ictieal.aoaeualble I'hey
y w V * r * viu* an rnoitnoua aale -Ka.l West, North un.t
f 0R& Every one who keep, a Horae, Cow. Ho, or
A- \ ♦ V Chicken, or (!<ow. Small Fruit*. (>ught to ,cna iicht
1 away for the SIOOLE BOOKS. Ttft k
'TARM journal
F*KTT* madeforyou amt not a mi6t. Ila yeara
k * ‘ h *' f r ee* FoileeUlown, hit theuail-on the-head. -
\ U . ft TV y ?r K Vr F * r 't llouaehold papei in
-he worhl—the bißmt paper of Ha aite in the railed Rlalea
of America—haringover a million and a-half regular readers
Any ONF of the BIGGLE and the FARM JOURNAL
foXny A r |LLAb , STuT I ’ ,9 °* “ J wUI ** b * “
Sample of FARM JOURNAL, amt circular describing BIOOLE BOOKS free
rAR * joratNAK. ,
CHAS. r. jakkims. PaiLAoncraiA
and Ec*ia ?
pr vsiiro • |
Dr. Alfred Seelye’s
immediate relief aod cured In a short time.
It is a scientific prevention for Inflame
tory Skin Dieeasee, Cczema, Salt Rheum,
Ulcere, Fever Borea/*Weak, Inflamed and
Granulated Eyes, Blind, Itching and Bleed
ing Plica, and ail Eruptions, anil in meeting
with wonderful aucceaa wherever-given a
Mahot-a, Orunnsi, .Tan. 3,18. *
Da. A. B. SertTK A Cos.,
I received a bo* of Wlntergreen Ointment
at low \ Park, Te xa, to ue for piles It Is the best
medicine I have ever used and I have tried every
thing I could get hold of.
1 Intend-d to be operated on for Hemorrhoids
at Vernon, To*•■, but saw jour adv. and ti nt for
jour olntuteQt, received It two days before the
time let tomhc operation, and It has helped me so
much I eesartnded to give up the oiieraUon and
give tils wlntergreen Ointment a chance. It has
worked wonders so far and I think another box
will rare roe.
My bowels move regular now, but before using
your Ointment had to take pllfs or Injections all
the time, bend me another box by return wall.
U. K. Dover.
Askyour Druggist for Dr. Seelye’s Winter
green Ointment and insist that he get it for
you or send aj cents to the Laboratory and
receive a box by return mail. But try the
druggist first.
Dr. A. 8. Seelye A Os.,
Manufacturing Chemists,
Abilene, Kansas.!
Dry Goods,
Dry Goods,
Northern Wisconsin AM&
Entered at tbs Post Office in WiU. teteA
aaeood-class mai'. matter. |
rabllalted every Thursday at Wateaa
£ Forest County, Via/-'
Kdijtor stud Proprietee
Subscription tl SO per year in adreaaa km
pic copies free.
Aguinaldo Issued 13,000,000 of paper
A decree has been issued by the
Filipino authorities compelling the
registration of all foreigners in their
The census proclamation of Presi
dent Mckiniev has arrived at Santiago
de Cuba and has been officlaly pub
lished there.
Aguinaldo has appointed Senor
Mabini as president of the Filipino
supreme court and Senor Gunzaga as
The Dewey naval parade will be
seven miles long, witn 100 steam
yachts In the line. Dewey will reach
New York Sept 26.
Volunteer soldiers of the war with
Spain, representing nearly every state,
held a convention in Washington, the
purpose of which was to form a na
tional organization.
Representative Foss of Illinois ad
vocates the creation of a naval policy
board, with Admiral Dewey as presi
dent, to systematize 'the building of
warships by this govem'nent.
The quarter.laster’e department has
landed 630 head of horses and mules
in Manila. There are 2,500 on tae
sea, and arrangements are about com
pleted to ship 2,400 more within a few
It Is reported that General Miles,
who Is anxious to be assigned to duty
In the Philippines, may succeed Gen
era! Otis in command. Secretary Roqt
is said to be <n .avor of sending Miles
to the Phi’!; pines.
Adjutant General Wm. C. Liller of
Lancaster, Pa., Spanish veteran, re
ceived a telegram from Miss Helen
Miller Gould, who was unanimously
elected national sponsor of the Span
ish War Veterans’ association, an
nouncing her acceptance of the honor.
Agents for a company of Spanish
capitalists announce that arrange
ments have been completed for the
building of a modern railroad line in
Luzon that will connect Manila with
all the important towns along the
west coast of the island as far north
as Lacag.
Quintin Bandera still remains in
Havana, purchasing the plant for the
newspaper he intends to establish in
Santiago de Cuba. His Stay causes no
little trouble among the leading Cuban
politicians of all parties, owing to the
news of the formation of a negro party
in the eastern provinces. Moreover,
Gual'berto Gomez, by his threat to
form a third Havana party, has forced
a premature union between the Cuban
National League and the Cuban Na
tional party,
Ex-Poss John Y. McKane’s funeral
was held.
Yellow fevei was brought to New
York from Key West.
James B. Eustls, ex-Ambassador to
France, died at Newport.
There wil be an international medi
cal congress in Paris next year.
Dr. George churchill, principal of
Knox academy, died, aged 70 years.
The opening of the national export
exposition at Philadelphia occurred.
Albert D. Shaw of Watertown, N. Y.,
was elected G. A. R. commander-in
ch lef.
A Canadian barge was wrecked on
l.ake Huron and five persons wore
C. A. Towne of Duluth will stump
Ohio for McLean, democratic candi
date for governor.
New York republicans and independ
ents are plnnning a fusion ticket
against Tammany.
The American Bankers' association
adjourned after electing Walker Hill
of St. Louis president.
Andrew Carnegie, it is said, will be
the next liberal candidate for parlia
ment for Sutherlandshlre.
Ex-President. Cleveland Is a stock
holder In a company which will build
a hotel at Norwalk, Conu.
G<>orge F. Hinkins of St. Paul was
elected president of the National Rail-,
way Blacksmiths’ association.
The Grand Army encampment at
Philadelphia closed with a naval re
view on the Delaware river.
D. W. Hand, late major of the fif
teenth Minnesota, was appointed < ap
taln in the volunteer army.
In a collision between two
electric street cars at Cleveland, six
persons were seriously Injured. ,
At Salt Lake City. Heker J. Grant
has pleaded guilty to tie charge of
polygamy, and paid a fl> of SIOO.
Francis M. Knight, once a New York
j millionaire, now poor, sms taken to
Ihellevue suffering from iener&l break
down. X
The American BankersSassociatlon.
in session at Cleveland, passed a reso
lution In favor of the gold Vtandard.
Yellow fever is said to bespreading
at Key West. Fla., where thrfce deaths
were reported and a total of I Oil cases.
The Denver Smelting an/ Milling
company has let comraflM&r build- ‘
a hicli the
berahlp of the G. A. R. is decreasing.
The next encampment will be
president McKinley was elected' a
member of the Bricklayers’ and Stone
masons’ International union, No. 21,
of Chicago.
In a rear-end collision on the Balti
more and Ohio railroad at Connellg
ville, Pa., 50 persons were injured,
some seriously.
The amount of gold cerTTteates with
drawn from the several ♦ übtreasuriee
in exchange for gold since Aug. 7 last
is $44,277,830.
Rear Admiral Henry F. Picking,
commandant of the Charlestown navy
yard, dropped dead at Boston. He was
59 years old.
At the thirtieth annual convention of
the United States Bee-Keepers’ Asso
ciation, E. I. Root of Media, Ohio, was
elected president.
James J. Dailey of Philadelphia
died of apoplexy, aged 55 years. He
was foreman of the composing-room of
the Public Ledger.
While digging a well on Lookout
mountain G. H. Jarnagin and others
discovered a vein of gold quartz which
promises to be very rich.
The Union Cement Company, with a
capital of over $2,500,000, has been or
ganized in opposition to the recently
formed cement combine.
It is estimated that the challenger
Shamrock will have cost Sir Thomas
Llpton $1,000,000 when she sails her
first race with Columbia.
General Tracy, before tne Anglo-
Venezuelan boundary arbitration com
mission, made his argument in behalf
of the Venezuela case.
Henry Morganthau is on his way to
Europe to lay before William Waldorf
Astor a proposition to incorporate his
estate into a stock company.
The Astronomical and Astrophysi
cal Society of America was organized
at Williams Bay, Wis., by members of
the Astronomical conference.
The cruiser Detroit has been ordered
to La Guayra. to protect American in
terests, on account of the disturbed
condition of affairs in Venezuela.
Hugh McLaughlin, the Brooklyn dem
ocratic leader, has been subpoenaed to
tell the Mazet committee what he
knows of the Ramapo water scandal.
Mayor Van Wyck of New York has
been subpoenaed to appear before the
Mazet committee and tell what he
knows about the Ramapo water job.
The American Pomological Society,
the oldts. - association of fruit growers
in the United States held its twenty
fifth biennial meeting in Philadelphia.
The Charge d’Affaires of Venezuela
in Washington received a dispatch
from his government denying that a
revolution has broken out in Venezu
It is believed that Consul Bedloe,
who was stationed at Canton, China,
will not return to his post, and that
the charges against him will' be sus
William C. Pape, general superin
tendent of St. Louis parks, was shot
and instantly killed at his home by
Henry Fry, a huckster, whom he had
refused a license.
Newport witnessed a novel spectacle
In the way of an automobile parade,
felven by Mrs. 0. H. P. Belmont. There
Ivere 17 beautifully decorated 'auto
mobiles in line.
Dr. E. M. Rosenkranz, owner of the
5 elroee flats, in the burning of which
ist December four people lost their
1 ves, has been arrested in Chicago on
t le charge of arson.,
The thirtieth regiment of volunteers,
1809 men all to’.d, Colonel Gardner
cAranuuttllng, passed through Omaha
route for SSiT Francisco, prepara
tory to sailing for Manila.
R. A. Haigh and S. S. Angus have
complete arrangements which will give
a niw electric road from Toledo to
Bui alo, and it will be the longest road
of j :s kind in the world.
A : San Francisco William Jennings
Bryan stated that ha did not favor the
withdrawal of the United States troops
from the Philippines before a stable
government is established.
The Garden City Hotel, owned by
the A. T. Stewart estate In New York
t ag burned. The hotel was built In
3873. at a cost of $125,000, its furnish
ings having cost $30,000 more.
Six French painters employed by
1.. B. Wright’s Iron Painting company,
Chicago, were discharged summarily
as soon as the verdict of the court
martial at Rennes was known.
A story has been circulated that
W. J. Calhoun is to resign from the
interstate commerce commission to
pj-actice law In Chicago. Friends of
\jr. Calhoun say the story is true.
At Mattoon. 111., Charles Wilder, a
cigarette fiend, fatally shot Arlington
Hughes. He offers no excuse
for the shooting other than that he
warned to know where Hughes was go
At Pekin, 111., one of the spans of
the wagon bridge over the Illinois river
collapsed, precipitating five men and
two horses into the river. Four men
3 ere resched uninjured, but the fifth
ill die.
A program for the reunion of the
Spetety of the Army of the Cumberland
ia Detroit, Sept. 26-27. has been adopt
ed by the chairmen of committees hav
ing charge of the event. The princi
pal public gathering will be addressed
b>- ex-Congressman Charles E. Belk
nap and the reunion will conclude with
tae annual banquet.
Edward M. Newman, who forfeited
his bond in New York thirteen years
ago under indictments for forgery and
larceny, surrendered. He had ac
cumulated a fortune since his disap
lAt Wilmington, Del., Rev. Geo. O.
Hall, of St. John's Episcopal church,
married a Philadelphia couple, receiv
ing as a fee a cheek for *lO. The
clergyman learned that the check was
Professor Edward Charles Pickering ,
of Harvard r .ils for Rome, having I
located the probable site of Harvard's I
northern hemistKierfc -ofctervatorv, |
complimentary to the southern obser- [
vatory id Peru.
Clark 6f Montana has
bought for $145,000 the home of-Seh
ator Stewart in Washington, known as
“Stewa'rt eaartle.” He will build a mag
nificent structure on the site of the
present building.
Richard B. Leech of Brooklyn died
suddenly last night at the conclusion
of his address at a banquet of the
forty-eighth New York volunteers,
held at Brighton Beach. Mr. Leech
was 54 years old. ,
M. Benard, the Parisian architect,
has been awarded the first prize in the
competition sponsored by Mrs. Phoebe
Hearst, who offered prizes for the best
plans for new buildings for the Uni
versity of California.
The Georgia commissioner of agri
culture 0. B. otevens, w r ho returned to
Atlanta after an inspection of the
crops throughout middle and south
west Georgia, states that cotton will be
a* least half a million bales short and
that in order to realize 75 per cent, of
the crop of 1899 conditions will have
to remain favorable for some time to
Waters 150 to 200 Bogs Daily,
Kills Bog Cholera.
Guaranteed for five years, all repairs or
breakage free, for there is nothing to get out
of order or break. Satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded. No float t<j stick in mud
or bulb to freeze up and break. No spring or
nose scheme. Governed by gravity valve
Has the right size cup, n<W a lffl-gp double
drinking cup, to hold a lotof hot filthy water
before a fresh supply comaadown. Can be set
to water two pens at once and can be attached
to tank, barrel or pipe in ten minutes. Has
taken all first premiums. No mud holes We
can make your hogs healthy, weigh more,
and save you SIOO.OO a year In labor, for an
investment of $2.75 which is the price of
fountain, guaranteed to work for five years
You cannot afford to be without one. Order
through your dealer or direct of manufact
urers. Catalogue of 35 farm aovelties free.
Agents wanted.
63-65 S. CANAL ST., • jjpfCAQO, ILL.
ElSs' .
tor tale hy
I am a farmer located near Stony Brook, one of the most
districts in this State, and was bothered with malaria for years,
so I could not work, and was always very constipated as well. VPn
years 1 had malaria so bad in the spring, when engaged in plowing,
that 1 could do nothing but shake. I must have taken about a barrel
of quinine pills besides dozens of other remedies, but never obtained -
any permanent benefit. Last fall, in peacetime, I had a most setibm.
attack of chills and then c mmenced to take Risers Tabules, upon a
friend’s advice, and the first box made me all right and I have never j
been without them since. 1 take one Tabuie each morning and
and sometimes when I feel more than usually exhausted 1 take threiß ?
a day. Thev have kept my stomach sweet, mv bowels regular
have not had the least touch of malaria nor splitting headache #r.e l
commenced Using them. 1 know alsp that I sleep better and
more refreshed than formerly. 1 dorl't know how’ many
R’pans Tabules will help, but I do kriow thev will cure any
condition 1 was. and 1 would not be without them at
honestU consider them the cheauest-priced medicine in
they are also the most beneficial and the most
Ia n twenty-seven years of age and have worked hard all
same as most farmeis, both earlv and late and in all kinds of
and ! have never enjoyed such good health as I have since lasted; in
fact, my neighbors have all remarked my improved condition and have
said, " Sav. John, what are vou doing to look so healthy ? ’’
%V AN IED.-A qMe of bad health that Kl Fa .VS not l*neflt. They banlih Min and proton* iif*.
One Rivet MUef. Sk© th© w.Ttl K I F A V 8 on the package and accept uO •MbetUute. RIP A’NB,
R! for 5 cents or twelve packets for cents, may be hart at any tlrua tor®. samples ana ope thop.
sand testimonials will lie mailed to any address 5 oents, forwarded to la# Ripens Chemical Cos., Na
Ju Spruce to.. Nee York. • -
Byustngthc R o 9 Cmotl t Radiatordi^^
“ The Popular Kind ’• •orkJHH
Can be connected to any i- ,. J
kind of stove. Saves time,
By tjie use of a damp
lUj heat on or off
'.x ’ll powi; is wondeß "t
. ; ‘; r I great amount ..
Ihv rioNci. wvii< -
Payne’s Phosphate
....Baking Powder
Try Payne’s Extracts
Payne’s Liquid Bluing
RUnte Vanilla
The only Vanilla that a ever
discolors the double
the strength, goes twice as far
and unexcelled in flavor.
Strictly pure )
H trial will convince your
that It la the • • *
Don’t be put off with somethinWyokr
dealer claims is just as good. toßt ois
having CROWN EXTRACT'" 1 ' J
530 First
Household Remedffc.
Hoe liter's Headache Poolers
Cure' Headache and Neuralgiai
in 15 minutes. -i' j
PRICE, I 00. and 25cJ
Chocolate Constahs M
, 'll
Cure Constipation, IndigeatioOL
Dizziness, Torpid Liver and l|flß
iousness. They neither aeul
nor nauseate.
PRICE, 1 00.
i:-.u lin r’s Ctitit/h V/ nip
Stops that tickling tHB
and Cur-j Bronchitis,
Colds,and all Bronchial affeoWns.
PRICE, 25c.
The above Remedies are for sale by all
druggists, and they are authorized to
‘guarantee them, or will be sent by us on
receipt of price,
1 p%

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