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OF ;• n>U
“ gruL ~ v
Ait, W,' i<! ■
■I"UM V ' t. Ls' NyfU
ASCOKiife jRm ft
ind sueli up :• , u
Inar the reitl . v : at ,.,
will he prints .
orap&nuMl hy > ■ ' ... v,]:' h
may or mtr, r run l) ~ L. , . ... ju ; „
'lie t*, t! v ,-* , r
Vll coniiSfci.i'.a: •.'( •■ ( >n
should reu'. hVii
insure a p's, V
Commonicn 'ii /;
have to 8 „ i,,im ,
•VABENO "A' ! P. .* .
Meets on the h-. ami , iui ,
venioe m ~h month, at Thomas
'loore’s Ball. .1
eighbors a <• A' ,1.
V. H. Johns
V. C.
C. & . W .fry.
———finw-avaagsn I— itl HI
Local Time
North Bound!
fPasseng. ■ !'J ■. 11:.
Mixed tr< i. A:_r p. m.
fPassoil; a
Mixed train.. ...
V. K. oqhns, Agent.
E. 0. Woomn■uy', Stevrte.
H. G.
P. S.-iA, C. -K
AYE. lIM .i id . icr,
B. McGinj.l;, Cl* > iCaL.
J. P. Hoqpku, Lie ,t. Att'y.
W.W. Waits, K . • 1"J -Ms.
BL A. !•.. Sup't of Schools.
mYS. liAteAKR, ju-
F. i. Surveyor.
Wm. Vani < i.l, Coroi'.or.
T. J. Kanin 'i owe 61 Crandon,
W. MclNer. ; J- • - oi Cuvour,
P. Shay,. Clerk.
/ CAvG.Uk,.
LJ. xVI( A t 4 1 1
Wm. ;T
H. Vi •
JaS. S" i roust * o.
p jj(j • As-- .-'jor
u’c. ; v. :: . ....... Jadtice
H. wY:;tiavalt' •
, ...Constable
CHA.i. SOL . . •
pYF r 1
/ . -
'C-'G Fimdel ... - •
k MALC4U ■> ,V cl• V VHO- U*
[• H. W. Sr v: : . ■Sc;c
--" s-vt utlice.
&1&U i * ‘
Mi ‘Y
B:CA id.'
■■ t to iC;
; Wz6o*' ' ,
y < >P>L OJIAiUI '.
' -\n.' , y -• V. V -•
m mrv
> VK-,V- - ’••■ 1
,;. / . • di f! ;l3 S&gW,
B cir- a.!,f
MyL • ' W
■s*}>'■,..■ .+• r ■ •{s/ iltiulll /*
v /
■ v
Kristi*' •..*., / V‘l^.
.*>6.. 1 * ■ *>r •> |
Physician and Surgeon,
Calls by wire given prompt
' • r^~r***rr , -T— — -f-r*fdnr-nMn-mran ttii —i
Attorney at Law,
Fire and Life Insurance.
Money to Loan on Real Estate.
Shawano, Wis.
wnw , jua mMD -i ,m r-n - anr iitt nmi —wn
Emil Birkle,
Tonsoriai Artist,
Workmanship First-Class.
I , ’cutting shaving and sham
]y oing done in the best manner.
Shop in Hotel Wabeno.
Jc!?n Hughes,
For liuntimr and Fishing Parties.
L‘ sort on Birch Lake, one-mile
from Laona Station.
W auk.vo * Wis.
j. H. Deiamater,
—Dealer in—
General Merchandice,
Goods Sold Cheap.
Give us a trial and be convinced.
Laona, - Wis.
Contractor and Builder.
i. hi tectural Designs and Esti
mates made on all kinds of
Buildings, with or without
• Material.
Lathing and Shinglina: a
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
wabeno. wis.
For Sale!
r two Cub Bear*, three months
old, very tame and fond of play.
Call on or address, Hotel Wa
beno, Wabeno, Wis.
By special arrangement made
vith the publishers of the Farm
Journal we are enabled to offer
that paper to every snbecriber,
who pays for the NortHRRN
WrsdoNferSr Advertisßh one
year 4 head, for only sl*so, both
papers for the price of ours only;
our paper one year and the Farm
Journal from now to December,
1.903. nearly 5 years, The Farm.
Journal is an old established
paper, enjoying great popularity,
on- of the best and roost useful
farm papers published.
■ /2** “This offer should be fir
cepted without delay.
Fred Stork left for liis home
at West Bend Saturday.
Herbert Wade went to Ivau
kauna Saturday.
R. Meneiley, of Gillett spent
Sunday In town.
Chas. Watts was up from Gil
lett Saturdan.
A baud of Indians passed
through the village Monday.
Dr. L. N. Wood. Physician and
Surgeon, Wabeno, Wis.
Clerk of Court McGinley went
to Crandon Friday, to attend to
his duties as clerk during court.
About 40 of our townsmen wont
to the county seat to serve as
Chas. McDonald did business
down the line the latter part of
last week.
—BORN—To Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. Burgan, a bouning, 811* baby
Ed Moore took in the Gillett
ball Friday night, after which
he went on to Crandon to serve
as a juror.
Timekeeper Reese left for
Ivaukauna Monday. He left his
work here in charge of Paul Hal
The dance given by the Base
Bail Club at Gillett, Friday .'Veil
ing was well attended and enjoy
by all.
John Waite and John Ander
son, both of Crandon, w’ho are
putting in the telephone posts
between LaoWa and hen wei'j in
town Saturday evening.
FOR SALE—A good, heavy i
logging team, with pair of bar- !
nesses good as new. For par
ticulars call at the Advertiser|
, - *
E. F. Carter and crew of car
penters q,re building a section
house for the company, at La
ona, after Which they will build
the depot.
A. L. Burgan returned f*-om
Corinth with a smile on as broad
as hife face. Ofcdurse oigars and
etc were distributed with goner
osity. Success to him, Tony.
Mr. Romidsviile t of Khukatma.
a brother of Chief Engineer
Rduhdsville, came up to relieve
Engineer McGinley for v week
or ten days, while he is looking
after his office.
Circuit Court convened.at tin
county Seat Monday last tor the I
purpose of trying E (> Rtollker |
for the murder of his cousin Mil
ton Stoliker, in at
North Crandon.
Are you a HPOifTV f.t so go
I before C. G. HimlßY, Justice of
| the Peace and procure a
lth hunt. This Will jivoted you
I from making ah Inconvenient
trip, in company with some other
officer, before someone who will
i bsk “guilty ol* not g*jilty," Yon
! know the rest.
Ij. E. Zdm is assisting ot .the
Ruscli Brothers' store this week.
John Carlson was down from
Laona over Sunday.
Miss Strohrn is working at tin
Hotel Wabeno.
Chas. Swanson Sundayed in
the village.
Will Potter is Working at Ca
Chas. Switzer is now read;; to
sell lots at Carter.
Cash Webstei* and crew'depart
ed for Kaukauna Saturday.
F. O. JSusoh is putting in the
week at Crandon.
Louis Rollman wait in town
Andy Bennett was up from
Carter Saturday.
The construction of the tele
phone lino is progressing nicely.
Earnest Martin, of Culler was
in town Saturday.
Foreman Siedn sticker return
ed from West Bend trip Monday
Fred Blum and assistants are
busy at work on A1 Richardson's
house these days.
A1 Johnson rode to Laona Fri
day, where he met Ihcf. Tutel
age and took him to Stone Lake.
The boarding cars have been
moved down hero on the side
W. E. Morey, of Illinois is lo
cating his portable mill a half
mile An this side of Herniarn
Swan's place.
J ust received at Tom Moore’s
a lot of wines and liquors and al
so a hew cigar ca’tieu the “Tom
The Gillett High School Base
Ball Club defeated the Cedil High
School Team by a score of 10 to
7, Sunday last.
Tie* Gillet' o Art ied m<n cross
ed bats with the married men’s
team of Cecil Sunday and the re
-6s usual was 10 to J iu'fuv. r
of Gillett. Manager Pre .grave
understands winning a game of
ball as his team has tint been
beaten this season.
iV Wood bits opened an office
in the lower story story ef the
Fritz building on CaVoUV Ave
nue, where lie 'im toe found at
any time of the day W night.
He hits also rented rooms ir the
upper story of the Sam*i.building
and will move his family heri* as
! soon as those rooms are S.ated
}ly t). H. Senglauß, whose r *si
! detice Is nearly complete
The Advertiser man went to
Crandon yesterday rooming to
attend circuit court, and from
1 there Will go to MilV aukee, Lon-
j don, Madison and other points in
I the southern part of this state.
. During his once the Adveftis
.or will bo in charge of Messrs.
I Campbell and JlielciHbon ak e<li
lies and William Wendelborn as
itrvjnpo.sitor and business niann
1 g‘-r.
“As I understand ; t," said t.h.
heathen, “you propose toeivilize
“Exactly so."
“You mean to get me out of
habits of idleness and teach me
to work?"
“That ,s i he iden.j.
“ And then lead me to simplify
my methods and invent things to
make my work lighter?"
“And host i will become am
bitious to gel rich, so that 1
won't have to work at all.'*
“W oil, what's the use of taking
suoli a round about Way < J get
ting just where I startedV I
don't have to work now."- -Ex.
. * ,
V-‘ r / > v v. *
• • 1
! YvV. : v ;
i ' y.’. r;2J ' '.
jir you v* ! .y.
| N .I ! Ltit* r
j write fttr ‘f s.'Sx \;> ~u *
< * .....
I iw* **• 4ri" ?. a ■ .i •
For Sale!
A lA horse (xiwer I
Engine, as Igotw as new, used
about one year. Will soil for
cash or take lumber in exchange.
Schmidt a Stone.
Wabeno, Wis.
if yoil arO in nec t of Letter
Heads, Bill Beads. Envelopes,
Business Cards or anything in
the Stationary line remember
that we do such wofi.ut tie' “Ad
vertiser" Office promptly, and
neatly, at ro’•• tooHofr'i price..
Satisfaction guarante and ormoe y
rofun<t<*d. Give us a trial.
Advertise in the Advkktiseu.
Shorty Oakey i.& awkiAtirig at
the boarding tears.
Heavy frost in thia * iejitity
Monday night.
Lots ate unto toi sale in the
nee additiofl at I/.ona
—Fresh bolOgha a*i M. J Ihck
mson’s, also hair.s, bacon, etc*.
He carries a full litre of intuitions
of a-ii sorts mid calibers. If you
need ammunition of any sort call
and examine his stock; and ff in
need of clothing to will pay ydh
to examine his samples and l*drn
his low pri< < s on -same.
Firtt come Jrst served: so
march up ahd pay lAt die Adter
tisor n veto aheud THcs will *
cure that good little fiapor and
tin* a!, M*- ' ii* the
balance of jjfAo and all of Um<\
I9tl, l9<bT :\r,d 100$, ikuMj +ive
years, without any further pay.
Shall we hear from yon wdthVb
one Week?
VOL. 2. Nil. 7.
Soo Line.
time table:'
east bound.
Atlantic Limited . m nr
Ducal 11: jap. m,
west nor. - ' i).
Pacific Limited : . ..12:13 a. m.
Da i as m. a,
o.l'. Simumns. Airent.
OiTlcers of • ’; of
C: :n 1, •.
T. J. Ivane.. Chairmail
B. S. Knot' h y r soi
John fvnvelle. “
Wm, Turk. .. . .Clerk
Henry Poppy To asurei
John i\ ruiom .. Asse^so!
F. E. Cook Jusi ice
L. W* Bliss., . “
C. T. If. Rhry;s “
S. L. A l'vhi “
Joseph Tlott*e Const-able
Joseph IkHUe* “
G. 11. Bailey
ScliOOl OY;;'
L. 1. Wil ‘i.,jc.. ,1 l'i'si
S. h A\hy }l ' Vi roKl
F, W. Ac u ' 1 nc,
C. G. HliV . '
Notary PmUy’c
Stop, At—
Hotel Wabeno
T. F. MOCR2, drier
EafftrL Roctn In CdSncctloit.
PIWSKUII S.;? f; JO*'.,
GILLKff. &
Bp. (dal .itl (it’ii.t '>.uk* idils
fll<V >£ fli 'h* !■ ?•'.,)yic< Pivision
01 tin* t.\ * VV. iVy lino.
Exchan... hotel-,
T. W. WA tZ & SON, Prw.
*. & Etc,
VVaTjKN’O. Wisconsin
Chilson pa tel
Formerly itm e.
WM.tm N : !iR
GillctT ( ./'•• in
-. v n i
tojt fm-; '
Adves ji et\
$1.50 Ppr
In AdV.M***

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