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Lookatyourtongue! Ifit’sc, ated,
your stomach is bad, your liver out of
order. Ayer’s Pills will clean your
tongue, cure your dyspepsia, make
your liver right. Easy to take, easy
to operate. 25c. All druveists.
Want your moustache or beard a beautiful
brown or rich black? Then nso
CT.. at_C-.au., .J„ B. P 4 c . „ h.
Kidneys, Liver
i and Bowels
("leanses the System

Buy the genuine mamt and by
fOR SAU 6Y Ait DRU66iSri PBK.I SOc PtS Wtie.
S3 & 3.50 SHOES “■'££
girth $4 to $6 compared/- —\
with other makes, f’
liulor*<‘d by over *
1,000,000 wearers, [a
he genuine have W. L. | / v
uuglas* name and price
tinned on bottom. T
1 substitute claimed to bejL.,". v|
5 good. Your vjk
houid keep them—
lot. we will send a
in receipt of price. State '
kind of eather. size, and width, plain or
cap toe. Catalogue D free.
? ” W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mas.
It if placed into the nostril e,
spreads over the membranei
and is absorbed. Relief is im
mediate. It is not drying, does
not produce sneezing.
Druggists, 50 cts. or by mail.
ELY 8R05..56 Warren St.,N.Y.
Cures a Cough or Col i at once, N
Conquers Croup without fail.
Is the best for Bronchitis, Grippe,
Hoarseness, Whooping-Cough, and
for the cure of Consumption.
Mothers preise it. Doctors prescribe it.
. Small doses : quick, sure results.
Is what the largest and best
school systems use.
TLIC U/nWnCDCIII Electric Soi-sors Sharpener,
lilt TtUrdltHrUL A perfect little gem for every
lady’s work basket. Sharpens the dnllest scis
sors in from five to ten seconds an 1 never fails.
A child eight years old can ns .it Warranted
for live years; try it. Price 25c. by mail.
Aeents wanted. Address all communications to
A. M. tIKEV. P. O Box lk3. Newark, N. J.
No capita! required AddrtM I. wIN AGKN(m,
Rutherford, N. J. Pontage appreciated.
Writ, Out. 07*'BILL, PuUe AfnFWklUagtOl. S.ff
25 CtS.
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use
in time. Sold by druggists, J
WIS PUB UN 'ON 23—47
Christmas Presents
The use of the Endless Chain Starch Book in the purchase of•• Red Cross’*
and "Hubinger's Best” atafch, makes it just like finding money. Mhy, for
only Sc you are enabled to pet one large 10c package of “ Red Cross ’ starch,
one large 10c package of “ Hubinger’s Best" starch, with the two
Shakespeare panels, printed in twelve beautiful colors, or one Twentieth Cen
tury Girl Calendar, embossed in gold. Ask your grocer for this starch and
Obtain the beautiful Christmas presents free.
Beside the sewing table, chained and
bent, ,
They stitch for the lady, tyrannous
and proud—
For her wedding gown, for them a
They stitch and stitch, but never mend
the rent
Torn in life’s golden curtains. Glad
Youth went,
And left them alone with Time; anff
now if bowed
With burdens they should sob ana
cry aloud—
Wondering, the rich would look from
their content.
And so this glimmering life at last re
In unknown, endless depths beyond
And what’s the worth of all our an
cient creeds,
If here at the end of ages this is all —
A white face floating in the whirling
A dead face plashing in the river
—Edwin Markham.
Forty-Two Bakers, Hatfields, and
Whites Enlist for Philippines.
Peace reigns in the mountains of
Clay county, Kentucky, for the fight
ing men of the famous Baker family,
I knowing themselves overpowered,
beaten and outnumbered, resolving not
to stand and be killed nor to sue for
peace with the Howards, have enlisted
in the United States army. The fight
ing strength of the Baker family is
gone; the boys have joined Company
M, of the new Thirty-first United
States volunteer infantry, and are now
at San Francisco waiting to go aboard
the transports bound to Manila.
Forty of the most famous of the
Kentucky fighters—Bakers, Hatfields
and Whites —are in Company M. The
Whites, of Company M, although re
lated to the Whites of the Howard
family, are friends of the Bakers and
related to them through marriage, and
are exiled with them through fear—if
the word can be used in connection
with these men —of extermination. The
boys are marching to war, but they
vow to return when the two years of
service in the Philippines is over, and
one of them, a corporal, says when
they do they wall rally and there will
be left no Howard in all Kentucky.
The thirty-first regiment, under
Colonel Pettit, was recruited at Fort
Thomas, in the highlands, back of
Newport, Ky. When the call for troops
to suppress the rebellion in the Philip
pines came and recruiting of the new
Thirty-first began, a blue-eyed, hand
some mountaineer, armed with a re
volver, came and announced his inten
tion of enlisting. He was examined
And accepted. He was Bob Baker,
one of the nerviest men and one of the
best shots in the mountains, and every
body in the Kentucky hills can shoot.
Within a week he was joined by a
dozen of his brothers and kinsmen,
and when the regiment moved, on
August 18, there were 42 of the clan
enrolled in Company M, and peace was
assured in Clay county for the next
two years at least. Of these 42 every
one is a crack shot, but they long for
their pistols and will not be reconciled
with a Krag-Jorgensen.
A few days ago, when the company
was on the rifle range, Bob Baker,
shooting over 100 yards, scored 96 out
of a possible 100, and, when his lieu
tenant congratulated him on his
marksmanship, he said: “That ain’t
nothin’. If I only had my .45 Win
chester I reckon I could shoot some.’’
The Baker and White boys of Com
pany M, as they clambered—for the
first time in their lives —into the
sleepers that were to carry them to
San Francisco, and gazed for the last
time in two y-ears, perhaps forever,
at the Kentucky hills, went hopefully.
One of them, talking to his lieutenant
just as the train moved, said;
“We’ll come back, and when we do
them fellows had better watch out.”
Outnumbered and driven from home,
the spirit of the feudists still held
strong in the mountain lads. They de
clare the Bakers are not whipped and
that they will revenge themselves yet.
They sa’d they cannot hope to contend
with the Howards unless they secure
allies, an 1 they hint that the Philpots
—one of the strongest clans in the
mountain country—are friendly to the
Bakers, and that if the Philpots ever
come out openly against the Howards
the fued will end in the extermination
of the Howard and the Griffin-Morris
families. The Philpot and Griffin-
Morris clans have been at war for five
years. —Chicago Tribune.
Green—lt is said that at the death of
Hetty Green f1,000,000 of her fortune
will be divided among 100 distant con
Deland—Mrs. Deland, the Boston
novelist, is a football enthusiast like
rher husband, the Harvard coach, and i
Get Your Pension
<5- QUICK!
25 CTS
:s a regular spectator at all the Cam
bridge games.
Platt—Mrs. Thomas C. Platt is de-
as a most unostentatious wo
maiy'tali, matronly, with dark hair,
verjpng on gray. She wears little
though she is the owner of
.-'Jine famous diamonds.
■ Lechmere —Lady Lechmere is prob
ably an easy first among contempor
ary lady Nimrods. She is now hunt
ing big game in Somaliland, with” her
husband, whom she accompanies in his
daily expeditions.
Bedford —The duchess of Bedford is
a great cat fancier. She owns the fin
est Siamese cats in the world, is an
active member of the Ladies’ Kennel
association, and at the last cat and dog
show held by the L. K, A. at Holland
House presented two fine silver models
of kittens as prizes specially designed
by- her Grace.
Modjeska—Mme. Modjeska, the ac
tress, is one of the few people who can
do two entirely opposite things at the
same moment. She will sit upon the
stage apparently writing a letter that
causes her the greatest grief and agony
—the tears running down her pheeks
and the sobs shaking her whole frame
i —and on the paper that lies before her
she draws funny caricatures of per
sons she knows.
Remarkable Discovery Made By Means
of the X-Rays.
One of the most remarkable incidents
in the annals of surgery was brought
to light yesterday by the aid of the
X-rays, says the Baltimore Sun.
About 11 weeks ago a machinist, em
ployed at the shops of the Geiser Man
ufacturing company, at Waynesboro,
Pa., was found lying unconscious at
the side of the machine he had been
operating. Tnere was a cut across the
bridge of his nose, another below the
chin, and still another on one of his
legs. The machine had contained two
steel chisels, each five and a half inches
long, one inch wide and one-quarter
inch thick. One of the chisels was
found lying on the floor near the ma
chine, but, although a diligent search
was made, the other chisel could not
be found.
The injured man was given medical
attention at his home and later was
brought to Baltimore and taken to 4t.
Joseph’s hospital, on North Caroline
street. He was treated in one of the
wards, and after several weeks me
wounds healed. About three weeks
ago the patient began to complain of a
stiffness in the muscles of the neck,
and a later partial paralysis of some
of the nerves of the face and neck de
veloped. The conclusion was reached
that there was some foreign substance
in the wound, and it was decided that
the patient should be photographed by
the X-rays.
Yesterday an attendant at the hos
pital took the patient to the state nor
mal school, the physical laboratory of
which has one of the finest X-rays
equipments in the country. Prof. Wil
liam C. A. Hammel, of the chair of
physics, placed the patient under the
action of the rays and by means of the
fluoroscope located the lost chisel in
the patient’s face and throat. The
tool, when it flew from the machine,
must have struck on the bridge of the
man's nose sharp and foremost, and,
taking a downward course, penetrated
the bones, flesh and muscles until it
reached almost to the vertebrae.
After locating the chisel, Professor
Hamel made a radiograph of the face
and head of the patient. The radio
graph shows the skull and the bones
of the face, and distinctly shows (he
The upper end of the tool is shown
just where the bony structure of the
nose begins, and can be traced along
its entire length almost to the verte
brae. The picture is so distinct that
the rounded edges of the chisel can be
plainly distinguished.
The chisel, in its course, not only
narrowly missed the jugular vein, but
came within a shori distance of sever
ing the base of the tongue.
The patient, before the accident, was
a strong, robust man, but he has now
become greatly emaciated on account
of his inability to swallow food. He
also experiences great difficulty in ar
ticulating, and it is with difficulty that
he can make himself understood, it
is expected that an operation will be
performed within a few days to re
move the chisel.
Nebraska City, Nov. 18.—Senator
Hayward’s condition has shown
marked improvement during the past
24 hours. Last night the patient’s
pulse was normal and his general con
dition good.
Still More Counterfeiting.
The Secret Service linn just unenrthed an
other hand of counterfeiters and secured a
quantity of bogus hills, which are clev.
erly executed. Things of great vaiue are
always selected for imitation, notably lios
tetter’s Stomach Bitters, which lias many
imitators nut tiu equal. fot disorders like
Indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation.
Mrs. Wallace Drought died at the
home of her sister, Mrs. D. S. Drought,
near Waukesha, aged 44 years.
Mr. Winslow', Sooth I no Since for children
teething softens the sum*. reduce, inflamma
tion, aUajs pain, cores wind colic. 25c a bottle.
At Oakfield Miss Marlon Short and
Alvin Balsam of Byron were married.
1 never used so quick a cure as F’iso’s Core
for Consumption.—J. B. Palmer, Box 1171,
Beattie, Wash , Nov. 25, 1805.
At Whitewater John F. Batch, an old
resident, fell dead in front of his house.
In every human love. Love lives,
God of the Apostles’ Word;
Rooted in Paradise, it gives
Life still to new life stirred.
Though wisdom nor great faith be
The mountain’s weight to move,
Still let me hear that song divine,
The world’s deep hymn of love.
Who never in the loved one's eyes
Has seen life grow divine
Is blinded by care's earthly prize,
Nor sees Heaven's pure love shine.
For Wisdom’s proudest work shall fall.
Earth’s crumble to decay;
Love’s triumph far exceedeth all—
It lives in endless day.
—Mrs. Andrew Beattie in N. Y. Ob
• 4.
First-Class Sewing Machines for
#l4. a 5.
For those who are accustomed to send
ing away from home for tlieir goods it
is of the greatest importance to know “the
character and reliability of the establish
ment selling goods to families from cata
logues. The great emporium of the John
M. Smyth Cos., located at 150 to l(it< West
Madison street. Chicago, has been estab
lished for it third of a century, and has
furnished over half a million homes in
Chicago and vicinity alone. This firm
enjoys the confidence of the public by its
many years of fair dealing. It issues an
immense illustrated catalogue that should
be in every family, as it describes and
gives the price of every article required
for household use. A sample of the ex
traordinary values offered by this firm is
shown in the illustration of the "Melba”
sewing machine in another column of this
paper for $14.25. This is one of the best
dewing machines over offered to the pub
ic*, and yet it is but a sample of the
thousand and one useful articles illus
trated and described in the beautiful eat
alogue of the John M. Smyth Company.
J. J. Fry, general manager of the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad,
has resigned. It is said President Ban
will succeed Fry as general manager.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that contain Mercury,
as incr ''. v will surely destroy the sense of smell
and completely derange the whole system when
entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never he used except on prescrip
tions from reputable physicians, as the damage
they will do is tea fold to the good yon can pos
sibly derive from them. Hall’s Catarrh Pure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Cos., Toledo, 0.,
contains no mercury, and is taken internally,
acting directly upon tho blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. In buying Hall’s Catarrh
Cure bo sure you get the genuine. It is taken
internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J,
Cheney A Cos. Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists, price 75c. per bottlo.
Hail’s Family Pills are the best.
The steamer St. Paul, from New
York, pased near Hurst Castle, South
ampton. Wednesday evening and Sig
nor Marconi, who is a passenger, tele
graphed from her when 45 miles out
side the Needles, to Totland Bay, that
all was well.
What Do tho Childt*:*n Drink*?
Don't give them tea or coffee. Have
you tried the new food drink called
GRAINOV It is delicious and nourish
ing, and takes the place of coffee. ’The
more Grain-O you give the children the
more health you distribute through their
systems. (iruin-O is made of pure grains,
and wlicu properly prepared tastes like
the choice grades of coffee, hut costs
about as much. All grocers sell it. 15c
and 25c.
The transports Senator and Ben
Mohr sailed for Manila from San Fran
cisco Thursday with the forty-fifth in
fantry on board.
To Cure a Cold in One Dny
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if it fails to cure.
25c. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box.
Investigation in London shows the
grounds for apprehension of a war be
twen Russia and the allied China and
Janpan to be very slight.
Lane’s Family Medicine
Moves the bowels each day. in order to be
healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on
the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache.
Price 25 and SOc.
At Stevens Point Hotel McGregor
was sold by A. J. White of Battle
Creek to H. C. Billingsley of Chicago.
Attend the Oshkosh Business Col
lege and School of Shorthand and
Business Practice in liook keeping and
Shorthand from start to finish.
Educates practically and supplies busi
ness houses with competent assistants.
Established Sept, i, 1867.
No Vacations.
For Catalogue address
W. W. Daggett,
Oshkosh, Wis.
The Ashland Press says that George
P. Rossman (rep.) of that city has for
mally announced his candidacy for
Coughing Leads to Consumption!
Kemp’s Balsam will stop the cough at
once. Go to your druggist to-day and gut a
sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent
bottles. Go at once; deluys arc dangerous.
At Prairie du Chief), Gus Kiser and
Miss Martha Topel cif Buffalo, N. Y„
were married.
“He That Any Good
Would Win’
Should have good health. ’Pure, rich
blood is the first requisite. Hood’s Sarsa
parilla, by giving good blood and good
health, has helped many a man to success,
besides giving strength and courage to
<womin <who, before taking it, could net
even see any good in life to <win.
CL T GAVE little bought to nay health,” writes Mrs. Wm. V.
I Bkll, 230 N. Walnut St., Canton, 0., to Mrs. Pink
ham, “until I found myself unable to attend to my
household duties.
“I had had my days of not feeling well and my monthly
Vegetable Compound that I made up .--g.-.
my mind to try it. I was troubled with
falling of the womb, had sharp pains in
ovaries, leucorrhceaand painful menses.
1 was so weak and diaay that I would ,I TJKK ■
often have severe fainting spells. I
took in till several bottles of Lydia E. fLgSt
Pinkham’s \ egetable Compound p*£pWl ±
and Blood Purifier and used the \
Sanative' Wash, and am now in t
good health. I wish others jd&Z;
to know of the wonderful
good it has done me, and £ fimMM
have many friends taking it V j
now. Will always give your
medicine the highest praise. ” T. i> ■"'*'•%/£/ ;Si.
Mrs. A. Toi.uE,' 1946 Hil- /Hnt-BiJj’vW V *
ton St., Philadelphia, Pa., / [
writes: / Af \\ X S(
••Dkar Mrs. Pinkham— /if 4 LLv\ 1 V
I was very thin and my / ((. •
friends thought 1 was in cpn- f Kw \ vHK .
sumption. Had continual. I \xUk
headaches, backache and
falling of womb, and my eyes ijpEffiSc** iflV
were affected. Every one ' \*M
noticed how poorly I looked P’S { /•
and I was advised to take fl'ifsl ml ‘
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vege- y
table Compound. One bottle *% i
relieved’ me, and after tak-
ing eight bottles am now a
healthy woman; have gained in weight 95 pounds
pounds, and everyone asks what makes me so stout.” . I ivs:
At St. i-iouis, Anthony Joseph Ditt
nieir, first sergeant of the marine
corps, who served on the cruiser
Brooklyn when Cervcra’s fleet was de
stroyed at Santiago, gave himself up
for murder committed in St. Louis in
1894. Dittmeir killed his boss with a
blow, in self defense, he says, and
fearing arrest enlisted in the navy un
der the name of Dittmayer and served
with distinction until recently dis
Try Grain-O! Try Graln-O!
Ask your Grocer to-day to show yon a
package of Git.VIN O. the new food
drink that takes the place of coffee. The
children may drink it without injury ns
well as the adult. All who try it like it.
GRAIN-O lias that rich seal browu of
Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure
grains, and the most delicate stomach re
ceives it without distress, l/i the price of
coffee. 15c and 25c per package. Sold
by all grocers.
Fred Guion of St. Paul shot and
killed James Miller during a quarrel
Wednesday while under the influence
of liquor.
SWANSON’S “5 DROPS" is the sun
of the sick room. It has saved the pub
lic, in less than five years, more money
than the national debt of this country,
when you measure the value of health re
stored, suffering humanity relieved of its
agonies and diseases. Money which oili
er wise would have been expended in fun
erals, donors and drug bills, loss of labor,
etc., and relieved sutiering Immunity of
at least 10,000,000 .years of excruciating
pain and agony. ’This is more than can
be said of any or all other remedies or
electrical appliances of any kind. If you
have never used it, do not fail to send "for
at least a trial bottle.
SWANSON S “5 DROPS" never fails
to cure. It has cured and is curing mil
lions of people afflicted with ACUTE and
GRIPPE and CATARRH of all kinds.
“> DROPS” has never failed to cure
these diseases, when used as directed. It
will cure you. 'Try it. Price of large
sized bottle $ TOO, sent on receipt of price,
charges prepaid; 25 cent sample bottle
so it free, on receipt of 10 cents to pay
fot mailing. Agents wanted. SWAN
I’ANY, No. 164 Lake street, Chicago. 111,
The crew of the Gloucester fishing
schooner Ethel D. Jacobs lost in Dun
nane Bay on the west coast of Ireland.
Oct. 25, was landed in Boston from tip*
Cunarder Ultonia, from Liverpool.
iOHNMSp'IIi €9.
u,~ MAIL ORDER d}) . cTfl (Bwest madison
% HOUSE <sr J4^'\cHICAGO
i f,, , Machine on Earth
Wiv r • jkfc '-i- g'-.ytyVe. . - ■/w* At fho Price, $14.25 for Our
H “MELBA’' Sowing Machino.
BB £ *■ r ] \ JjA hh(h-arm, high-grade machine equai
En I'/ij % !f; ;i"J t< what other* HD' auk iiig S2T>.(JO to Jjclr.oo
m Bgyj/'i xV for. (iuaranteed by uk lor 20 years from
date of purfhape, agninnt any imperfee*
1} p| A“7 tion in material or workmanship. The
ij \ vjv aland In made of the be*t Iron anvl in
laV'jj Mf**** l ***. nicely proportioned. The cabinet work
fl & ,w f M ‘ r f pc * hhd in furninhed in your choice
Mr >— of antique,oak or walnut. It lihh ven
“ ’ - 'drawers all handnornHy carved and with
- IAI \ V I _ ~tr ni. kel plated rlnu pull*. The nirchan-
AgZXj;)' k “ l con *truction '•qual to that of
i- v M i, \ f/* uny "*chlne rtqardloH* of price. All
V*. j|’ working part* aro of the beat oihom.
v '3R • *—**. nered tool *u*l, I'voiy bon ring perfectly
' i,in Tii Y** fitted and adjusted ho to make the
—**-*-***• jw running qualities flu- lightest, m. at per
i mu a. . . feet and nearest noiAeless of. y machino
ruado. This Jjwinir 'Machine lias nil tho la tost improvement*. It makr* a perfect anvl uni*
farm I.OLK M I rCH, and will do the host work on odher the light **( rriij*iit k or h< uvii and
chitus ho wing over hoh ms and rough olaeos with, ut skipping tdltche-. A toll st of
neAt at re I attachment*, nicely iiickolplnted and ancloeed in a Fmnd.*oni( plush.li ~ .j
niurU4 , U% n S ,^ s < IS? a c ; ,m ! llc fr assortment of accessories ai.d book of Instruction
I tJK.MIS>riI;IJ hkEE with each rn hiri**.
60 DAYS TRIM Weshlpti.i-mni'lilner.O.n. subject to approval, on receipt of two
J 1 niML.. dollars. If. nn examination you arc con vineoil that wo are ,-;mn -
yotiy->or.v/on * r.rire, pay tin- halanuf and fr*i<Li.eliarq* liun liy 7 M 1_:
the machino. If not*atidUd at any time withiuflOdaytFeiifl (ho machine |/I jito*
hack touh at our expen*e and wo will refund the full purchase price ..Aw 1
■r.jAiumiriviviukoiw r-m
suffering, and a good leal of backache,
but I thought all women had these
things and did not complain.
“1 had doctorad for some time, but
no medicine seemed to help me, and my
physician thought it best for me to go
to the hospital for local treatment. I
had read and heard so much of your
John Hayalip, a horse •-ai-v..
Kansas City, shot his wife throng
heart and mortally wouiraed Chai
Berry, an ice-wagon driver, and Mai.
Mitchell, aged 29. The tragedy oc
curred at the woman’s house. Mrs.
Hnyslip had deserted her husband for
FIK '’•'rmanontly Cured. Noflt-Hor nnrrons,
I 1 1 O ness after lint ilay* use of Or. Kline's
liicnl Nerve Restorer. Send for I'RKK ss j.do
trial nottl-i ami treatise. I>r. It 11. Klln.
I.td., 931 Arcli St rapt, Philadelphia, Pa.
Kenosha water commissioners decid
ed to put in anew pump at the water
works at a cost of |15,000.
A 58-plcce china tea set free to ladiua for
selling teas mid coffees. Ten stores in Mil
waukee for twenty years Reference, any
bank here. Write for particulars to I). Dick
son & Cos., Milwaukee, Wis.
Charles T. Burgess was married to
Miss M. Isabella Carr at the residence
of Mrs. Phillips in Rolling Prairie.
New Line Now Open to
the Public.
Take the C. C. C. Mouse to Certain Relief With
out a (Jrip or Gripe I are ioc Get
Passage at Any Drug Store.
No more grips. Russian or auy other
ki ml.
Tli.it Is the verdict of the traveling public
who have mown tired after ycara of ex
perience with the grips gripes of pit!
form mid liiutl purgatives.
To open the bowels naturally, easily,
without disagreeable feelings or results,
bus been the problem before modern sci
ence, wlil< ii has been solved in Casearets
Candy Cathartic.
Casearets are the Ideal laxative, harm
less, purely vegetable, mild yet positive.
They make the liver lively, prevent sour
stomach, purify the blood, regulate the
bowels perfectly.
They cure constipation. We want you to
believe this, as It Is the truth, baelied by
ail absolute g.minuter. If I'asearets do not
cure any rise of constlpation, purchase
tnone> will be refunded.
Go buy and try Casearets today. It’s
what they do, not what we say they do,
that proves their merit. All druggists, 10c,
25c, or ,10c, or mailed for price. Send for
booklet and free sample. Address Sterling
Remedy Cos., Chicago, Montreal, Can.; or
New York.
'rid* Ih iin* <’am(’aki*:t midet.
I Kvory tahl*i of the only ucniilue
h a sen ret m Imutk ilh* iiiagl** i<‘tt<*ra
' hook at (he laWlei before
| you huy, and hew u of fraud*,
liiiitalloiiM aiid Miilull. idea.
iff" which is listed at lowest wholesale prices
Ij everything to eat wear and use,is furnish.
I d on receipt of only 10? to partly pay
f5A 0 5 tB *.V >r expressage and ■ evidence
ciTjof good faith the 10? is allowed on firs',
amounting to *l9? or above. <
ar Ql_6_ur MOwthly" oaocctiY~pfficrpitf HtitW

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