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A Jolly old cricket lived down in a
And with him his dame lived, too,
Along with ten others, wee sisters and
Who chirruped the whole day
'Twas chirp, chirp here.
And chirp, chirp there
Ail in the midsummer weather.
’Twas “cheer up, my pretties,
Sing merry ditties,
Let us be happy together,"
This jolly old cricket that lived in a
Cried: '’Now for a rousing game;
Per leap-frog’s in season, and that's a
good reason
To teach you, my pest, the same.’
Twas jump, jump here.
And jump, jump there,
All in the midsummer weather,
Though some got a tumbl?,
No one would grumble;
Ah, they were happy together!
This jolly old cricket lived down in the
Till leaves were all gold and red;
Says he: "There’ll be snowing; I feel
the winds blowing;
( know a nice, cozy shed ”
’Twas skip, skip here.
And skip, skip there.
All in the blustering weather;
But when the cold’s over,
I Down in the clover,
Still they’ll be happy together.
—Frank H. Sweet
A New Interest Awakened by Conor
tions in Hunting.
The recently newly awakened in
terest in the life and times of King
Alfred, due to the celebration of the
thousandth anniversary of his death
aad the placing of a statue at his
birthplace, has resuletd In some inter
esting information on the evolution of
the sportsman. One may see, by re
viewing the customs and conditions of
Alfred’s time, how it was that hunting
came to be regarded as the noblest of
all amusements. It was absolutely
necessary to the safety and welfare of
the people that the wolves, bears, wild
boars and other dangerous animals
whic* then roamed over England
should be exterminated, and of course
the kitg and his knights, as the
bravest and best armed of the fighting
population, were setting a good ex
ample and doing good service in their
hunting parties. These conditions
continued for some hundreds of years
and the nobility of the sport of hunt
ing became firmly established and
hedged about with many traditions as
to the proper method of killing the
game. The persistence of traditions
ia England is proverbial, and hence,
after the whole country became as
safe as a barnyard, people continued
to suppose that there was something
essentially courageous and fine in deer
stalking anil grouse shooting.
The question now confronted by
the intelligent American citizen is
this, whether it is necessary for anew
s9UHtry to take qver the Mvm and
inventions of its pareht on this Sub
ject. Are we to consider a nan a
sportsman because he kills rabbits
aad pigeons, as his father killed bears
aad panthers? Is the man who takes
his sport with rod and gun any more
manly or brave than the one who arms
himself with a camera or a micro
scope? The Englishman would prob
ably say yes, because he was brought
p to believe so.
The fact seems to be, however, that
mere ability to go poping about with
a gun does not constitute sportsman
ship. The old time huntsman, en
countering the stag at bay with the
primitive weapons of his day, cer-
| I
AVegclabk- PreparationforAs
similaiing the Food and HciJula- I
ting the Stomachs and Dowels ot i M
I Promotes Digestion.Clwrfuk g
ness and Rest. Contains neither •£•
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral B
> t otT*akcotic.
|^ T ufoMfrSAMTLPtraaH
.w- v
Mx .rM • ]
AinUto.Mlr- I
Amxr W 1
A perfect Remedy for Constipa .9
jj non. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea fl
| Worms,(Convulsions .Feverish ■
ness and Loss of Sleep £n
Far Simile Signature
tainly did need to be brave, uis mod
em prototype, armed with a repeat
ing rifle, Is generally safe; the animal
is the one who needs courage. The
idea that there is some peculiar man
liness in shooting harmless animals
is, let us hope, a vanishing illusion.
Scene in Georgia Court Room—Judge
if Not Law Was Respected.
Georgia han a stringent law forbid
ding its citizens to carry pistols on
pain of forfeiting the weapons and
paying a fine of SSO or being Imprison
ed for 30 days. Shortly after the pas
sage of this enactment Judge Lester
was holding court in a little town,
when suddenly he suspended the trial
of a case by ordering the sheriff to
lock the doors of the court house.
"Gentlemen,” said the judge, “1
have lust seen a pistol on a mna in
this room, and I cannot reconcile it
to my reuse of duty to let such a vio
lation of the law pass unnoticed. I
ought, perhaps, to go before tne grand
iury and indict him. but if tnat man
will walk up to this stand and lay his
pistol and a fine of $1 down here, I
will let him off this time.”
The judge paused, and a lawyer sit
ting just before him got up and slipped
his hand into a hip pocket, drew out
a neat ivory-handled six-shooter, and
laid it with $1 upon the stand.
“This Is all right,” said the judge,
“but you are not the man I saw with
the pistol.” >
Upon this, another lawyer arose,
and laid down a Colt’s revolver and a
dollar bill before the judge, who re
peated his former observation. The
process went on until 19 pistols of all
kinds, sizes and shapes lay upon the
stand, together with sl9 by their side.
The judge laughed as he complimented
ed the 19 delinquents upon being men
of business but he added that the man
whom he had seen with the pistol bad
'not yet come up, and glancing at the
far side of the court, he continued:
“I’ll give him one minute to accept
my proposition, and if he fans, 1 will
hand him over to the sheriff.'’
Immediately two men from tne back
of the court house arose and began to
move, toward the judge’s stand. Once
they stopped to look at each other,
and then, coming slowly laid down
their pistols and their dollars. As
they turned their backs the judge
“This man with the black whiskers
is the one that I originally saw.”—
New England Farmer.
Rheun. avium 5.,.d the Eyes.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 18.—Mr. R. A.
Wade, the celebrated criminal lawyer,
•f this city, whose opinion on legal mat
ters is unquestioned, has recently made
public his unqualified opinion on a mat
ter of medicine. Mr. Wade says that
Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble af
fect the eyesight, and. further, that
there Is no case of the kind that cannot
be cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
He has no fear of being set right by
any of his medical friends, for both
statements have a living and indisputa
ble proof in the person of the great
lawyer himself, who as a result of
Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble, from
wljieh he suffered for years, became
totally blind,
Physicians, the best in the country,
pronotittc-ed his case incurable ami
hopeless, but Dodd’s Kidney Pills cured
him. restored bis sight, drove away the
Kidney Trouble, and with it the Rheu
matism. and made an all-round well
man of biiu. •
The Whirl of a Girl.
She leaned back in her chair with a
weary though contented air. In the
morning she had had a protracted
siege with her dressmaker over a cr”
ation In pale blue satin, that was to
gladden the eyes of all observers at
the ball of the season. After a dainty
luncheon at Delmonico's she had gone
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the / %
Signature //\y
and W
a Jf** In
O' For Over
| Thirty Years
tmi e**TAw mtw ertv.
with Jack to look at the new span h I
thought of buying, and had agree
with him as to the perfect match o
the glossy brown steeds. Then Jacl
and she bad driven downtown, an<
she had dropped him at his club whil
she went to take her fencing lesson
After that she had made a call or two
and then hurried home to dress for th
dinner the family was giving tha
evening. Everything had gone off pei
fectly—the new cook was very satis
factory—and later they had looked l’
on the last act of “L’Aiglon.” How
magnificently Bernhardt played! And
after that she had gone on to thf
Stuyvesant lm.ll and had danced nntl
her cheeks were as pink as the rose
she carried. And now she was sitting i
before her large mirror, wrapped in ?
wonderful fluffy robe of softest white,
and in a moment the maid would
“Mary Jane! Mary Jane! Conn
right here this minute and set the ta
ble for supper! ”
The girl rose and glanced down at
her blue-checked calico gown.
“Yes. ma,” she said.
—Ruth H. Dutcber.
Considered Care Curers.
“A man is the most sensible of all
animals, is he not?”
“Then I wonder why he doesn't
wear a loose, comfortable collar, lik
a dog’s?”—Washington Star.
“Had you heard that Oily Milke hu
been incarcerated?”
“No. I didn’t even know he was
dead.” —Indianapolis News.
“Enthusiasm is contagious.”
“Oh, not always; I’ve courted girl*
who didn’t seem to share my en
thuslasm in the least.” —Chicagc
“Do you think compression of the
waist is harmful?”
“It isn’t dangerous if the fellow
knows the girl pretty well.” —St. Louis
“A notable social affair. I am told.”
“Not very,” saijl the womanly
woman, with manifest scorn. “1
haven’t the’least trouble in the world
finding my wraps.”—Boston Traveler.
“Is your new r rector an agreeable
“Indeed he is—real nice; plays golf
and squash, owns a naphtha launch
and autommy, and besides, he isn’t a
bit religious.”—The Smart Set.
Gen. Uribe-Uribe in an interview
says the Col Tibian rebels are fighting
to secure a definite program of re
No. I
How's Till * ?
We offer One Him<lre<l Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
... K- J- CHENEY & CO., Props.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.J. Cheney
for the last 15 years, and Ikelieve him iierfectly
honorable In all Die loess tnuisaidions and fiiiuu
chilly able to carry out any obligation made by
their firm. '
-West & fruax. Wholesale Drugetats, Toledo,!).
Waldlng Klnnan A Marvin. iVLoiesale Drug
gists. Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly o [N>ll tlie Minhl and mucous surfaces <kf
the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all
Druggists. Testimonials free.
fish’s Family Pills are the best.
King Edward will have the Koh-1-,
noor diamond mounted in Queen Ales-'
on drift’s crown.
Keep Your Bowels Strong.
Constipation or diarrhoea when
your bowels are out of order. Cas
carets Candy Cathartic will make
them act naturally. Genuine tablets
stamped C. C. C. Never sold in
bulk. All druggists, ioc.
Both Colombia and Venezuela have
accepted the mediation of Chile in
their conflict.
I.ook nt the i nbel*!
Every package of cocoa or chocolate
put out by Walter Baker & Cos. bears
the well-known trade-mark of the
chocolate girl, and the place of manu
facture, “Dorchester, Mass." House
keepers are advised to examine their
purchases, and make sure that other
goods have not been substituted. They
received three gold medals from the
Pan-American Exposition.
Recent discoveries in England Indi
cate that Stonehenge was built before
1500 B. C.
Through Sleeper from Chicago.
Commencing Nov. 17, the Wabash
road will run a dally sleeper from
Chicago to Hot Springs, Ark., without
change leaving Chicago on the fast
day express at 11:03 a. m., and reach
ing Hot Springs next morning at 8
o’clock. Write for illustrated booklet
giving full particulars. Ticket office
97 Adams street, Chicago.
Germany's hundesrrath passed the
new tariff measure with slight modifi
for yourself how quickly Ely's Cresin
Balm will cure catarrh or cold in the
bead. We mail trial Rise for 10c. Pull
Rise 50c. All druggists.
ELY BROS.. 56 Warren St., New York.
Clifton, Ariz., Jan. 20. 1809.
Messrs. Ely Bros.—Kind inclosed 50
cents, for which pl-ase send me your
Cream Balm. I find your remedy the
quickest and mot permanent cure for
cold in the head, catarrh, etc. Yours
truly, HEEL M. POTTER.
Oen. Mgr. Arizona Gold Mining Cos.
Messrs. Ely Bros.—After giving your
Cream Balm a trial I can truly say I feel
very much benefited by its use and shall
continue to use it by purchasing from our
druggist here. MRS W B. DANIEL.
Lexington. Ky.
The Londoi county council Is plan
uing a svstem of tunnels for rapid j
electric transit.
81. Jnculhi Oil tvr Cheat-Colds, ltron
chttis, Crimp, anil IMeuriMy.
An outward application for bronchial
difficulties is many times fur more ef
fective than syrups, cough mixture, cod
liver oil. etc., siiupiy because it pene
trates through to the direct cause,
which is. as a rule, an accumulation of
matter or growth tightly adhered to
the bronchial tubes.
St. Jacob’s Oil. possessing as it (lees
those wonderful penetrating powers,
enables it to loosen these adhesions and
to induee free expectoration. Cases
have been known where expectorations
have lieen examined after St. Jacob’s
Oil has been applied, and the exact
formation was clearly shown, where
the adhesions had been removed or
pulled off the bronchial to lies. All irri
tation of the delicate mucous mem
brane of the bronehae Is quickly re
moved by (lie healing diul soothing
properties of St. Jacob’s Oil. In cases
of croup and whooping cough in chil
dren St. Jacob’s Oil will be found su
perior to any other remedy.
St. Jacob's Oil is for sale throughout
the world. It is dean to use—not at all
greasy or oily, as its name might im
ply. For rheumatism, gout, sciatica,
neuralgia, cramp, pleurisy, lumbago,
sore throat, bronchitis, soreness, stiff
ness. bruises, toothaehe, headache,
backache, feetache, pains in the chest,
pains in the back. |>alns in the shoul
ders, pains in the limbs, and all bodily
aches and palne it has no equal. It
acts like magic. Safe, sure, and never
He asked his love to marry him.
By letter she replied;
He read her firm refusal.
Then shot himself and died.
He might have been alive today.
And she his happy bride.
If he tiad read the postscript
Upon the other side.
—Cicely Cinnaron in Smart Sec
Fare, $5.00 For the Round Trip.
The Wabash will sell Thanksgiving
excursion tickets from Chicago to
St. Louis and return at $5 for the
round trip, good going on all trains
of November 27. Three handsome
daily trains. A postal card will
secure particulars. Ticket office, 97
Adams street, Chicago.
Gen. Juan Pietri has raised anew
revolt ngainst President Castro of Ven
spot, streak or give your goods on un
evenly dyed appearance.
i '
Michael Davy reduced his bid $500,-
000 on the Havana sewerage contract.
Before the Christmas present for your wife,
mother, sweetheart, aister or daughter, write for
description of most l:eautifnl package ever offered.
Kenwood Supply Cos.. 52 Dearborn Bt . Chin***..
The Chatham (III.) ban!; was robbed
of $1,500 by safeblowers.
No chance fnrilianppointnicnt If you serve
Mrs. Austin's famous Pun Cakes. All gro
cers sell it.
I Postmaster-General Smith will ask
I for $6,000,000 for the next fiscal year
' for rural free delivery extension.
The Wabash road has placed in ser
vice on its fast day trains between
Chicago and St. Louis very handsome
new observation library cars. Meals
are served ala carte. Train leaves
Chicago at 11:03 a. m., dally, and ar
rives at St. Louis, 6:42 p. m. Ticket
office, 97 Adams street, Chicago.
Colonel J. H. Maple son. the noted
operatic manager, died in London.
Mrs. Austin's quick raising Buckwheat
makes lender, crispy, blown cakes. Your
grocer can tell all about it.
Brig.-Gen. Henry C. Merrlam was
placed on tne retired list.
1 can recommend Pi.o’s Cure for Con
sumption for Asthma, it lias given me
great relief—W. 1,. Wood, Furmuraburit,
lnd , Sept. 8, 1001.
It is expected that the Isthmian
canal commission’s report will favor
the Nicaragua route.
OhriotaiM Clift.—fitmou* AtfiFrlean Fountain I'to,
80c. Gold pin*'l Klonrljrka dintit nd rinK 8 c ; bon
postpaid fiOc Koi M’r*o CO , INO Uaarborn A•> . Chi
Lnther W. Osborn, United States
consul-general to Apia, Samoa, died
Oct. 27.
Mrs. Winslow's hooTHiso mkiip for children
te-lhing soften- the gums, redneea iiillaimn/uloi
ailuys pstis. '. tires wind colic. Zsc. a bottle.
The indications are that President
Roosevelt will have material support
in the house on his reciprocity views.
gifs you a safe invsatmmt which pays over 10
par cant. Address X. Clareuce If ala, 247 sth
At#., Chiaaga.
HANDSOME i*LV, c AI “ft *"£
booMt boaband If KM. E.. K 7 Market Ht, Ohloaeo^Iu!
tjrsrr Tlttapson’s Eye Water
HTowr,.,. 4i ro.. wyttLSasr-
nsi <d HdfefalUKPUBP
* CuHty WHEKi All Bit FAILS. EJ
M < ',n!S Syrup. Taata OsL Cm W
Id Uis i. BrSit by druggist*. NH
Mrs. Kate Berg, Secretary Ladies’ Aux
iliary of Knights of Pythias, No. 58, Com
mercial Hotel, Minneapolis, Minn., After
Pive Years Suffering Was Cured by Lydia
L. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound.
“ Dear Mrs. Pinkham : Whatever virtue there is in medicine
seems to be concentrated in Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
( oiii|)ouiid. I suffered for five years with profuse and painful
menstruation until I lost flesh and strength, and life had no charms for me.
Only three bottles of your Vegetable Compound cured me, I
became regular, without any pains, and hardly know when I am sick.
Some of my friends who have used your Compound for uterine
and ovarian troubles all have the same good word to say for it, and
bless the day they first found it,”—Mrs. Kate Berg.
Wlu’ii women are troubled with irregular, suppressed or painful
menstruation, weakness, leucorrhiea. displacement or ulceration of the
womb, that bearing-down feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache,
bloating (or flatulence), general debility, indigestion, and nervouH pros
tration, or are beset with such symptoms as dtzzin , faintness, lassitude,
excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, “all
gone and “ want-to-be-left-alone ” feelings, blues, and hopelessness,
they should remember there is one tried and true remedy. Lydia F.
Pink hum's \ egetable Compound at once removes such troubles.
Refuse to buy any other medicine, for you need the best. ’
Mrs. Pinkliam invites all sick women to write her for advice.
She him guided thousands to health. Address Lynn. Mass.
„..yr •unionmade* ,
( 1 SOLD i ov* I B \ .ffliirovn 1 |
I 6*XAI \ s,oooPEA,rate j
W ¥. Dnnffiii Ai nn ■ . ThflitandirdhMihrui
I M b©<‘nplaced ohlgh that i/o
V.*;-': Cnn°t Bo V Bsfc* 1 a wearer receive* mure viilno far
Equaled At Any rrice. 1 f M* mon>? In the W. !„ Doujrlaii
for Mor* Thu a flnartar .f . m M t*- 60 than hfl ran
Ccllftl nil other humcur ttold at thoiS w/Var TAB? COLOR El rT§ UfIED
prlcei. This excoHeut reputation W'W Tt iiAin iSSlni W. L rouLiL abo
liaH iii*(n him lit iiiflrit alons, W# L, with natna a~d prita atatnt>d
limmliiaflliooa liavo to jrlvo better aat- an bottom 8!iOon aunt hhST* t* ■
fkfaetion then other s*.(*) iah.l SB.BO li. r.i n Vrcci'ii.t/.r y
and ia ' iV r i Us a VlEO?i ? , for , th# b ® >t &' OO *'* 26 font* BfMitfoiulVi.rVir!. #
audfSXOaboea liiust bo uialutaiucd. ri.ufo. T.tk<) in'-:iur(‘nt'iit* of
W. T. I)on:i. *I.OO anil KUM> h.H >4/^4
hk* inaci,* ol the hiiiiha Liuh-ifranle hath- SSSJiiiworn: Bl'iln _P
umm! in BA.OO and M.OO hlhhr and wffuSfSmT B JSS
are Just nn In every way. medium of s’olfi*. 5
r*‘ M
outshoot all other black powder shells, because they are mace
better snd loaded by exact machinery with the standard brands of
powder, shot and waddirg. Try thorn and you will be convinced.
Mince j
Meat, I:
In our mammoth 0 <
kitchen we employ a chef M ji H= <
who is an expert in mak- lb vj '
ing mince pies. Be ha, l\iW IP 1
charge of making ill of ijdW <
Libby's Mince Meat. He | >!|m i
uaes tie very choicest tna- Jt ' i
terials. He lx told to make
tlie liest Mince Meat ever ,!
sold-and he does. Get a * ■
package at your grocer’,; w— • Imt*.
enough f ortwo large pie*.
You’)’, never uac another kind again.
Libby's Atlas of the World, with 3a
new maps, >ite 8n inches, sent any.
where.lor ,0 et*. in stamp,. Our Book
let. "How to Make Good Things to
Eat," mailed free.
Libby, McNeill & Libby,
|sth^ e
lb * free trial bottle.
Animus Off .TAFT, 791130’-" ST.. N Y CITY.
A OKNTH snd r - sil*-*srs Wsatsd. Wall 10 cents
-X for sari,pie and diiecllon*. Ks-y ssllsrs for Or,e
Dollar Addieas, J. H Dallatltg, Miunospolis, Ml, n
■ I nil Warded in each town to take
I fl II V sg'-ney for Conger's bynlem for
I H|l I- 'Cling children's garmentM, pi ice
imflU • Sheer,te po-tpaid. Koi inoliei
want* it- G. D. CoNOßß.Cbicnao, 111.
Artificial limiss.
teHlrt I'MtFiiifi* ft'i|tr<iVFd lirum
tor nil l)#lirir'hr Chlnldkiif I'Ve**.
The OoftfliwrrrAfiififi?!! imh CLteifo
When you weigh on a Jones mo tb. Koala
i \T’ \'-*y 111
L IhY titfh h
:-r F*_ JaMgy^iJ
WE have hundred* of Upright
Pianos returned from rent
ing (by persons moving) which
must be disprgied of at once as
we cannot make room lor them
in our salesrooms. These pianos
include Steinways, Knabes,
Fischers, Sterlings and other
well known makes. Many of
them cannot be distinguished
from new, yet all are offered at
an enormous discount from
prices when new. Uprights as
low as fcioo. Very easy terms of
payment to reliable persons. It
would probably rust about 85 for
freight to have one of these
pianos shipped to you. Write at
once for complete list and full
particulars. You can make a
great saving by securing one
of these instruments. Every
piano warranted exactly as re
Lyon & Healy , 99
Adams St, Chicago.
The ■world's largest music house.
Clllp per ct to AgU PassshVsaAlna mss Mae*
Krwport WrrOo.. Garden Olty BHi., OhlMifo

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