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Insular Affairs.
Precautions are taken In the army in
the Philippines to prevent the spread
of tuberculosis.
Company K, nin.b infantry, repulsed
an attack of Filipinos. Two Ameri
cans and sixteen Filipinos were killed
A committee of Cubans will present
to President Roosevelt a petition ask
ing for a general reduction of duties of
Cuban products.
Details of the attack on Filipinos by
marines tell that the Americans scaled
a 200-foot cliff, barefooted, on bamboo
ladders, and killed 20, with no losses.
The Boers.
Arthur Lynch, colonel of the second
Irish brigade in the boer war, was
elected to a seat in parliament in the
Galway district.
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the
liberal leader, in a parliamentary
speech, declared the party in power
was to blame for the boer war.
A ship suspected of filibustering for
the boors has been detained in London.
The budget of Orange River Colony,
Just issued, shows a revenue of £19,-
700 for the three months ending with
Gen. Buffington, chief of the ord
nance bureau, retired.
Gen. Corbin and his bride returned
from their wedding trip.
Complete election returns In lowa
give Cummins 83,164 plurality.
A granddaughter of Horatio Sey
mour wedded her Indian guide in Mich
Three young people of Duluth were
drowned In St. Ixjuls bay while skat
Mrs. Mary Crowthers sued for di
vorce from seventh husband in Now
William T. Stead characterises the
United States as the leader of all na
A brewery at Austin, Tex., was fined
$5,600 for violation of the anti trust
Georgia's legislature defeated the
Hardwick bill to disfranchise Ignorant
The braces supporting the girders
for the Brooklyn bridge are said to
have "buckled.”
The Internal revenue collections for
the year ended June 30 last amounted
to $30(1,871,009.
The city treasurer of Buffalo, short
$60,000 lu his accounts, was suspended
by Mayor Diehl.
Coach Phil King says there will be
no post-reason game between Wiscon
sin and Michigan.
Dr. D. W. Day of Eau Claire died of
apoplexy while reading a paper before
n medlcul society.
Agricultural Implement dealers visit
the president and urge the adoption of
reciprocity treaties.
Findings of the Schley court of In
quiry are expected to practically vindl
date the applicant.
Western members of congress be
lieve anew department of commerce
will be established.
The trial of Mrs. laila Bonlne,
charged with killing J. S. Ayers, Jr ,
began In Washington.
The body of Ira Reynolds of Farris,
Minn., was found frozen to the ground
and gnawed by wolves.
The two McKinley memorial associa
tions will probably take Joint action in
the collection of funds.
Nearly $1,000,000 worth of American
machinery lias been ordered for a
Porto ltlco sugar works.
Judge Grosscup forbade tin- assess
ment of corporations tu Chicago us or
dewed by, Judge Thompson.
A soldier at Fort Riley, awaiting
trial for the murder of two men,
hanged himself In his cell.
Mayor Johnson of Cleveland began
proceedings to make the state board of
equalization reasses railroads.
Governor Stone of Pennsylvania utui
Senator Quay are reported to have
quarreled over an appointment.
White hunters are believed to have
killed uu Indian in Marinette county,
and the redtnen want revenge.
Chicago experienced the densest fog
that city has ever known. Nine colli
sions occurred on the "L” roads.
Jacksonville (Fla.) negroes decided
to boycott the Jim crow street cars und
operate a stage line of their own.
The Michigan game warden seized
18 miles of new trout nets belonging to
the A. Booth company of Chicago.
Efforts will be made at the coming
session of congress to make Arlzonn,
New Mexico and Oklahoma states.
Sixty five per rent, of the tonnage Of
American shipyards In 1901, ending
Juno 30. came from the great lakes.
The board of trustees of the Catholic
university decided not to reappoint
Dr. Honobry. professor of Gaelic.
Gypsum and plaster companies of
Kansas. Oklahoma and Texas com
bined. with a capital or $10,000,000.
Seven trainmen were killed and four
teen trainmen ami three passengers
were injured In a collision in Arizona.
The grand Jury has Indicted George
W. Cass, a prominent Chicago attor
ney. for embezzlement on three counts.
Joseph Brown, r. young New Yorker,
wrote his sweetheart 1,800 love letters
In five weeks: ho was declared Insane.
The Nebraska supreme court af
firmed the decision restraining Omaha
from giving away valuable water fran 1
Reciprocity convention declared
against tinkering with th<> tariff at the
present time for fear of t.nseiting bus! j
Olive Dodge and Frank YVilby were 1
killed and Frank Lancaster of Cleve- j
land and Pearl and Robert Nlcewerner
were seriously injured by an explosion
of dynamite in a quarry at Charleston,
W. Va.
The W. C. T. U., in convention,
adopted a resolution opposing a partial
open saloon rule in New York, and ad
Superintendent House, of the Rose
bud (S. D.) Indian day school, has
been appointed supervisor of Indian
Estimates indicate that by the elec
tion Tarmjiany will lose $20,000,090
from various forms of exaction and
' Lawyer John 1,. Semple is on trial at
Camden, N. J., for alleged complicity
lln the counterfeiting con
Governor-elect Cummins of lowa de
|c'ared the combine of th j northwestern
lines will not lie harmful If properly
The combnation of fruit Jar mauu
facturers 1b ended, and lively competi
tion between individual manufacturers
b< anticipated.
It Is said the president’s determina
tion to make army promotions solely
on merit is likely to create friction
with the senate.
Mitts Daisy Miller, only daughter of
the richest man in Stamford, Conn.,
announced that she would go to Corea
as a missionary.
The distribution of federal patronage
In Missouri, It Is said, may cause some
friction between the president and Sec
retary Hitchcock.
Dr. David H. Greer, rector of St.
Barnabas' church. New York, was
elected Protestant Episcopal bishop of
western Massachusetts.
J. B. Bertholf, manager of the east
ern division of the Western Union, was
arrested charged with conducting a
“green goods" business.
Prices of meats in New York and
other eastern cities have increased two
to six cents a pound, and there Is no
prospect of a reduction.
Lord Pauncefote and Secretary Hay
signed the canal treaty and the com
mission unanimously agreed to recom
mend the Nicaragua route.
If congress revives the grade of vice-
Rdmirnl, and the court of inquiry re
ports'ln favor of Rear-Admiral Schley,
he may receive that honor.
Creditors of the commission firm of
Tamblyn & Tamblyn, Kansas City, be
gan proceedings to declare it bank
rupt. Liabilities, $250,000.
A (dot Is hatched to overthrow the
dominion government In the Northwest
Territory and establish a republic,
with Dawson as the capital.
The American Bridge company of
Phllndelphia has secured the contract
to build 20 steel bridges on the line
of the Uganda railway in Africa.
Alexander Bergman, the anarchist
who, in 1892, attempted to shoot H. C.
Frick, and is now in the Pennsylvania
penitentiary, petitioned for release.
Coroner Funkhouser charges the St.
Ixmls health department with negli
gence in allowing the use of antitoxin
that eonained the germs of lockjaw.
Herr vein Hollebon, the German am
bassador, officially denies that Em
peror William desires to unite Europe
against America's commercial prog
The consensus of opinion among the
leading members of congress who are
now In Washington is that the coming
session will not authorize a ship sub
To reduce the tiousury surplus lower
Internal revenue taxes were agreed
upon at a white house conference, to
the exclusion of tariff revision and
The president’s message was read to
the cabinet, whose members gave full
indorsement to the plans of the chief
executive. The document consists of
2.'.non words.
To answer for the alleged murder of
.1 Wesley Allen, his wife, Mury S., and
daughter. Carrie L. Allen, of Shirley.
Me.. Henry Lambert was placed on
trial at Hover, Del.
The dead bodies of A. P. Wilcox,
wife and 2 year old son. were found In
their home at Downey, twelve miles
from Los Angeles. All the bodies
were horribly mutilated.
Hunters are returning from the
northern woods, fearful of death by ac
cident at shouting. The appalling rec
ord of deaths deters many who had in
tended to go deer hunting.
At Wilmington. !>ol., the court de
cided that J. Edward Addlcks' gas
company must utaiutaln an office in
Delaware and keep a hook showing all
its stock transfers and holdings.
Strikers attaeked the Protest Hill
Th#r* is no necMsfty for us to *uffr
p*in ..<! enJur© usaiess ftffcny. Them
Js a m“neJy for •;! aches sn4 p*ms—
tor K lieu mutism Gout.
N*mUfU. Sciatic*. fVjrtsy Sors
rtM. Stiffness, HM-Jsche. Bsduche,
Pair's in te Limbs 4 4 Pain# *t tha
Kett. that remedy is
St. Jacobs Oil
It n*r Uls. It acta like miftc.
iTiMMiliiwous relief from pln eivan
foUcwi. It hai cured tfcouwndl -V
cnees wliSch h.d Free riren up <s
incurs We. One trial will convince my
tufterer the S. Jacobs o>l
Conquers Pain
Price, ijc and 50c.
of a laxative of known value and distinctive
acrion is rapidly growing in public favor, along
with the manv other material improvements of
the age. The manv
who are well informed
must understand quite clearly, that in order
to meet the above conditions a laxative should
be wholly free from every objectionable quality
or substance, with its component parts simple
and wholesome and it should act pleasantly
and pe-ntly without disturbing the natural
functions in any way. The laxative which
fu'fils most perfectly the requirements, in the
highest degree, is
syrup of Fi \ss
The sale of millions of bottles annually for
many years past, and the universal satisfaction
which it has given confirm the claim we make,
that it possesses the qualities which commend
it to public favor.
mine at Vincennes, severely beating
non-union miners and burning tools
and other property of the company.
They forced a closing of the mine.
An indignant father complained at
the state department in Washington
that American boys recruited for serv
ice on mule ships are being impressed
to fight the boers upon landing at Capo
John Sundblad, one of the citizens
of Greenville, who was shot in the bat
tle with bank robbers at Albert City,
died of his wounds; Constable Lodine
1s in a critical condition, and one rob
ber died.
Northern Methodists will establish a
publishing house In Shanghai In con
junction with southern Methodists, and
and some think this is the first step
toward organic union of the two
The constitution of North Dakota Is
held to prohibit such a consolidation
as Is contemplated by the Northern Pa
cific and Great Northern railroads, and
Injunction suits to prevent the deal
may be begun.
Governor Van Sant of Minnesota de
clares he will tight the great railway
trust to a finish, intimating that if nec
essary he will convene the legislature
in special session to enact legislation
to overthrow it.
Rev. Mr. Giifillan, formerly idenuned
with Indian missionary work In Min
nesota. has offered to present ms resi
dence near the White Earth agency to
the government for use as an Indian
home for the aged.
Representative Tawney promises to
renew the efforts he made in the last
congress to encourage the exportation
of flour to Holland, by concessions on
important Imports from that couijJxv to
the United States.
Representative Dalzell, voicing the
views of Speaker Henderson, declares
there will be little or no tariff revision
by the coming congress, and that reci
procity will be restricted to the repub
lit an platform basis.
Senator Hansborough of North Da
kota will introduce, at the coming ses
sion of congress, the measure he of
fered two years ago, providing a com
prehensive plan for the irrigation of
the arid regions of the west.
Henri Fournier, the aiitomobilist, in
tends to rmnain in this country, and
will establish a $1,000,000 plant for the
manufacture of autos. He expects to
make a mile in 32 seconds with the
machine as he will improve it.
Secretary of State Hay, in a speech
at the annual banquet of the New York
chamber of commerce, defined the for
eign policy of the United States, say
ing that the Monroe doctrine and the
golden rule are the basis of it.
Asa result of two fierce assaults on
guarded coal mines in Kentucky the
death of two men Is recorded and
eight are wounded, while a cold-blood
ed attempt at assassination causes
widespread indignation and unrest.
The blue diamond that was brought
to ihis country by Dreloer & Son has
been sold. Mr. Dretcer admitted that
the price was $160,000, hut he would
not give any further information. The
diamond came from south Africa.
The members of the American Flint
Glass Workers' union employed at the
Morgantown (W. Va.) glass factory
went on a strike because A. M. Gant*
and Charles Frantz were discharged
for an infraction of the company's
The extension of the rural free de
•livery during the past year resulted in
the discontinuance of 1.226 postofflees.
the salaries of whoso postmasters ag
gregated $79,336. The number of post
offices established has dropped from
3.600 in 1900 to 3.294 in the fiscal war
Prof. Edwin North has resigned the
professorship of Greek in Hamilton
college, having completed 37 years in
the service of the college under five
successive presidents. The resigna
tion was accepted, and Prof. North
was elected emeritus professor of the
Greek language.
Coaling stations for the use of the
American tnen-ofwar which defend
the Nicaragua canal will be acquired
by the United States now that the isth
mian canal convention is signed, at
Almirante bay, Chiriqui lagoon, Colom
bias, gulf of Dulce, Costa Rico, in the
Danish West indies, and Gallapagos is
land, off the coast of and belonging to
President Roosevelt in his forthcom
ing message will make no specific rec
ommendations for tariff revision; will
treat reciprocity in a genera! way; will
urge a shipping subsidy, but not spe
cifically: will take a strong stand for
the restriction of immigration, for the
re-enactment of the Chinese exclusion
act and for anti-anarchist legislation,
and will urge a naval increase.
Owing to floods there is a truce in
the Venezueian-Colomblan frontier.
A bill to restrain grain gambling was
introduced in the reichsrath at Vienna.
An unconfirmed report from St. Pe
tersburg announced the death of Count
During a discussion over the Chinese
indemnity bill the French deputies got
into a riot.
A street in Paris has been paved
with anew glass material invented by
a Frenchman.
The sugar refinery at Neufahrwas
ser, western Prussia, has been de
stroyed by fire at a loss of 4,000,000.
The brigands who hold Miss Ellen
M. Stone captive demand immunity for
themselves as a condition of her re
The Irish Times announces that
King Edward and Queen Alexandria
will pay a visit to Ireland in the begin
ning of April.
The battleship lowa landed marines
to protect railroad property at Pana
ma. where an immediate attack by reb
els is expected.
Mrs. Victoria Woodhull Martin an
notinccs that the Humanitarian maga
zine will cease publication with the
December number.
Seven were killed and thirty serious
ly wounded at Athens in fights be
tween Greek troops and citizens. Stu
dents led the mob.
Rumors reach Vienna that Queen
Draga of Servia has been assassinated.
hat she was merely wounded °.nd that
she committed suicide.
Colon was easily captured by Colom
blsn liberals. Revolutionary forces
retreated from Panama while Castro
plane offensive tactics.
Lieutenant Hildebrand, a German
army officer, who killed Lieutenaut
Blaskowitz in a duel, was sentenced to
two years’ imprisonment.
Smallpox is epidemic in London.
Thirty-five fresh cases were admitted
into the hospitals. Altogether 405
cases are now being treated.
it is asserted that the treasure found
by the Grand Canyon turtle hunters in
a reef off Jamaica amounts to $12,000
in old Spanish gold coins.
Chile has been seeking Central
American support in her contest
against the principle of pan-American
arbitration on pending questions.
Emperor William made an address
to the German Society of Naval Engi
neers. in session at Charlottenburg,
highly prajsing German warships.
The great building erected by the
Darmstadt gymnastic societies, opened
on Oct. 6. was destroyed by fire and
four servants were burned to death.
Fifty Chinese soldiers surprised 150
bandits, close to Pekin, killed 12 of
them and captured 16. The prisoners
have been brought to Pekin for decap
Miss Marie Josephine Eastwick, for
merly of Philadelphia, was sentenced
in London to six months' imprison
ment for forging a $500,000 railroad
The successor to M. Chlnda. Japa
nese minister in St. Petersburg, will
be M. Kurino Shinichiro. formerly in
Washington, and educated in the
United States.
Li Hung Chang was laid in the cof
fin he carried with him on his tour
of the world and after elaborate obse-
I\s gxcfrlle-rvcfe
is due tc the originality and simplicity of the
combination and also to the method of manu
facture, which is known to the California Fig
Syrup Cos. only, and which ensures that per
fect purity and uniformity of product essential
to the ideal home laxative. In order to ger
j^e-rvefici&l f^ftec^s
always buy the genuine and note the full name
of the Company—California Fig Syrup Cos. —
printed on the front of every package. In the
process of manufacturing figs are used as thev
are pleasant to the taste, but the medicinal
virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtained from an
excellent combination of plants known to be
medicinally laxative and to act most beneficially.
(mj forNia i
”* Sarx Frakrvcisco.Cad.
loviisville.Ky. ft e-w York.N.Y
for sale by all drutf^ists ———Price fifty cents pe' bottle.
qules will be buried In the small vil
lage where he was born.
Miss Elizabeth Hawkins, who was
married in London to Maxwell Glegg,
wore a pendant containing a lock of
Queen Elizabeth’s hair, which was
given to her ancestor, Admiral Sir
John Hawkins.
“The Indian government,” says a
dispatch from Simla to the London
Daily Express, "has abolished the
sword for the cavalry, both British and
Indian, and a short rifle will be issued
to all mounted troops.”
Student riots have been renewed in
Madrid. The tramways were attacked
and attempts made to set the cars on
fire. Over twenty persons were in
jured. Student disorders are also re
ported in Barcelona and Valencia.
The cable steamer Mackay-Bennetl,
which arrived at St. Johns from mld
| ocean, reports that she met with fine
weather, picked up the cable and laid
anew section 40 miles long. Having
secured coal supplies, she will return
to midocean to complete the work.
Prince Ching telegraphs to the for
eign office at Pekin that he has left
Kaifongfu with the empress’ instruc
tions to conclude the Manchurian
tieaty. Whether this means that Rus
sia's terms are accepted fully or are
modified the telegram does not say.
It is reported that Mr. Dickinson,
the United States diplomatic agent at
Sofia, has informed the government of
Bulgaria that the abductors of Miss
Stone and Mine. Tsiika, with their cap
tives. are concealed in a defile of the
Belleritza mountains, near Smoteh.
district of Dubnitza, and has requested
that troops be sent to surround the
place and liberate the captives.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 23. —Governoi
Savage, who recently consulted with
Attorney General Prout in regard to
the investigating of the consolidation
of various northwestern railways, with
a view of obstructing the deal if viola
tion of the state law is apparent, made
a statement yrsterday, declining to
meet Governor Van Sant of Minneso*a
to discuss the suppression of the mer
ger. He says no consolidation Is ap
parent in Nebraska, and Minnesota
affairs are not subject to Nebraska in
St. Paul, Nov. 23. —Governor Van
Sant yesterday sent out to the govern
ors of North Dakota. Montana, Idaho
and Washington letters stating the
facts so far as he has ascertained
them regarding the alleged attempt to
consolidate the Northern Pacific and
Great Northern railways, and asking
for their opinion as to what action
should be undertaken.
Policies Amounting to $3,500,000 on
Minnesota Property.
St. Paul. Nov. 23. —Insurance poli
cies amounting to $3,500,000 have been
written on state institutions, through
the state board of control. The rate
is 1 per cent, for three years, for all
except the state prison, and the rate
is extended to the state fair grounds,
the state university and agricultural
college, the old state capitol and the
soldiers’ home. The rate on different
buildings at the prison ranges from 35
to 70 cents per SIOO per year.
J. P. Weber, under arrest at Den
ver. Says he finished a twelve year
sentence San Quentin. Cal., in Septem
ber, 1900. and since last July has com
mitted robberies in Chicago. St. Paul.
Minneapolis and Kansas City, in his
room were two trunks filled with sil
verware, watches, jewelry and other
Description of the Most Interesting
British Peals of Bells.
The “Great Paul” at our Metropol
itan cathedral weighs nearly 17 tons.
Sometimes an interest Is given to a
clock by its bells being visible and
being struck by hammers which are
wielded by special mechanically
worked figures. The introduction of
figures into clocks is by no means a
new one, as is instanced in this coun
try by the knights in amor who used
to strike the hours at Wells cathedral
with their battle axes. In the cele
brated clock at Strasburg, among the
host of figures a presentment of death
is allowed to strike the hour on the
bell, using a human bone for the pur
pose. The rfial work of striking in
large clocks is done by a special part
quite separate from the timekeeping
portion. In the mechanism the most
important arrangement is a barrel
after the fashion of that in a musical
box, while outside the framework is
placed a wheel with slots at varying
intervals corresponding in length with
the time taken up in striking one, two,
three and so on up to twelve. The
chimes of the Westminster clock
have been repeated far and wide. The
hour bell is, of course, "Big Ben,”
which originally weighed 18 tons, and
cracked. When recast the weight was
decreased about two tons, and the belt
has been cracked for the second time
this many years. The quarter bells
range from about four to a single ton,
and are in very good tune.
The hour bell of the royal courts
of justice and us attendafit quarters
collectively weigh five tons, and yet
can barely be heard, so great is the
traffic that runs beneath them. The
Doncaster or Scarborough chimes are
practically the same, but they do not
sound at the half hour. For chiming
tunes a carrillon machine, in addition
jto the clock, is a necessity. The tunes
which can be successively played de
pend upon several conditions. First
of all, the most suitable music is that
which goes smoothly on its way and
in which the same note is not required
to be repeated too quickly. The nom
ber of bells available is, however, the
most important consideration, if there
are enough of these. By the substitu
tion of one barrel for another a great
variety of airs can be produced.
Among secular tunes. Home, Sweet
Home, Caller Herrin’ and The Old
Folks at Home are often chosen.
The chimes of the old Royai Rx
| change, among other things, played
There is Nae Luck About the Hoase,
and we may recall the fact that whew
the historic building was burned ia
1838, and while the flames were at
their height, the bells rendered the
melody and then fell with a crash
! among the blazing ruins. Asa rale
seven tunes are arranged on a barred,
sit being secular and one sacred,
suitable for six week days
and a Sunday. At Sligo cathedral
for instance, a tune is played foar
times during the day on the nine bells,
and as the earrillon is furnished with
seven barrels, a different tune is prx>
vided for seven times seven, or forty
nine days. At Worcester, where there
is a splendid peal of bells, thirty-five
tunes are played; Manchester town
hall has twenty-one bells, and thirty
one tunes are provided. Several lx*
don churches still enliven their sur
roundings With their chimes—for in
stance. St. Giles’. St. Bride’s, St Di
onis' and St. Clement Danes. The
clock at the last-mentioned building is
peculiar, as it strikes the hour twie* .
once on the tenor, or largest bell of
the peal, and then on a small bell at
the top of the tower.
Mme. Teresa Carreno, the pianist,
is preparing for her fourth marriage
in Berlin, where she now has her
home. She is to wed Signor Artaro
Tagliapietra. who says he is a lieu
tenant in the Italian army. Tagllapte
tra came to this country about twrive
years ago. He is living here now

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