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>I|JCOI _ .. , iPlta.y., . ~
r. ■.. : :\r- .;-;y. publisher.
VVABMNO CAMP, No. 6113, M. W. A
jUivts on iht! tirst and third Friday
err .' ;i<: ot v:uh month, at the M. W. of
A. Hull. at 7:.'ll) p. m. Visiting nvigh
bars are cordially invited.
V. C, Clerk.
C. 8c N. W. R’y,
Local Time Card.
„ \
North Bound.
t Passenger 7:58 it, m.
Mixed train 2:55 p. m
South Bound.
f Passenger 9:08 a. m.
Mixed train 1:' 1 p m.
lWednesday :md Friday only.
V. H. Johns, Agent,
Mail arrives at 2:55 p. in.
Mail closes at 4:30 p. m.
Office hours from 7:00 a. ni. to
9:00 p. m.
Sundays from $1:00 a vn. to 2:
00 noon.
V. H. Johns, Postmaster,
C. G. Himley, Deputy.
■John McGuire Chairman
F. O. Rusch Supervisor
Ernest Martin.... “
C. G. Himley.., Clerk
kf. J. Dickinson Treasurer
A. J. Johnson.., Assessor
A. L. Burgan Justice
P. Mieliue “
M. Boland “
0. E. Lutz “
A. G. Russell Constable
Wm. Griffin “
Chris. Gantner “
Frank Farrell “
Notary Public
FOR SALE—The Palmer
House at Laona. Good two story
hotel building with modern im
provements, well located, includ
ing two lots, for sale cheap. For
terms apply to Lewis Palmer,
Laona. Wis.
1 hereby give notice that I
have the agency for selling the
Chicago oc North-Western Rail
way Com puny lands for Crandon
and vicinity. For further par
ticular.'. and terms call on or ad
dress, A. E. Himley.
Crandon, Wis. .
Home Seekers. It Will Pay You to
Look Up Lantls in Northern Wis
The North-Western Line has large
trar s of land for sale along its lines in
Northern Wisconsin at low prices and
easy terms of payment.
If vou are looking for anew location
where good land i.. cheap, this your op
portnnity and now is the time to buy.
Markets near are: Minneapolis, St.
I’axtl. Duluth. ' Superior, Milwaukee.
Chicago. The land is well timbered
with a mixed hardwood growth, the
' soil fertile and easy of cultivation, and
there is a great abundance of pure cold
Rcuuuilxxr the above points when you
Hre looking for land.
For Illustrated Folder and futher free
information address
Leo. W. Hell, Land Commissioner,
Hudson. Wis.. or G. 11. Maeßae. As
sistant General Passenger Agent, St.
Paul. Minn.
If You Are Going to California
Applv to agents Chicago & North-West
ern By. about the through Tourist
Sleeping Car service to Los Angeles and
han Francisco. Round trip tourist tick
ets on sale daily.
Dry Goods*
Lumbermen’s Supplies.
Hay, Flour
and Feed.
Notice for Publication.
Land Offick at IVaivav, Wis..
November 1. 1901.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of
his intention to ipake final proof in sup
port of liis claim, and that said proof
will be made before the Clerk of Cir
cuit Court at Oconto. Wisconsin, on De
cember 13. 1901, viz: Okokgk CliAWfoKl)
of Lakewood, Wisconsin, who made It.
E. No. 9884. for the N. E. ' 4 N. Kb, See.
2. Tp. 33. N.. R. 16 E.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: ‘Gustav
Hagen. Fredrick Marks, Carl Ihlenfeldt
and George Langley all of Lakewood.
Join? W. Mir.r.Ku,
Jos. Trompczynski will be at
the Palmer House at Laona every
Wednesday with a full line of
drugs. J. T’s. twenty years ex
perience in the drug line empow
ers him to treat any kind of sick
ness with good success.
Home Seekers' Excursions to the
Northwest. West and Southwest
Via the North-Western Line. Home
Seekers' Excursion Tickets at greatly
reduced rates will be sold on the first
and third Tuesdays of each month
through the year 1001 to the territory
indicated above. itandard and Tour
ist Sleeping Cars, Free Reclining Chair
Cars, and “The llest of Everything.,,
For full particulars apply to agents
Chicago & North- Western R'y.
I'd leave tny happy home
and cross the dark-blue sea, ;
Rather than he without
Charley arid tny Rocky Moun
tain Tea. Ask your druggist.
Brings attractiveness to list j
less, unlovable girls making them
handsome, marriageable women.
That's what Rocky Mountain Tea
will do. 35c. Ask your drug
A thousand things by it are
done fir better than most tlvngs
do one We refer to Rocky Moun-1
tain Tea made bj Madison Medi-;
cine Cos. 35c. Ask your drug-:
FOR SALE—A row boat, in
good condition, dirt cheap for
cash; cause for selling, dead
broke and need money. Apply
to Himley at the Advertiser Of
j tice.
Subscribe for the Advert,* 1 eh
and you will have/ a co uplete
record of the proceedings of the
| County Board, Town Board and
| the Board "of School Directors,
i which alone is worth the sub
;icrition pice of $1.50 per year,
besides all the other items of
; local and general interest.
The Town Bo n and met Tuesday.
Tax-paying time will soon be
Oranges and lemons at th<
Post-officv sloi’t .
Mrs. V. H. Johns * returned
from Oconto Wednesday.
T. A. Brenner is doing basic css
at Cli itonvi]le this week.
Ole Forestal transacted busi
ness at Gillett Wednesday.
Harry Prcdilh is doing busi
ness down the lino this week.
Chairman McGuire attended
board meeting here Tuesday.
Taxidermist Russell received
six deer to mount during the
Neil McArthur of Padus cir
culated among friends in town
Supervisor Martin was up from
Carter Tuesday to- attend board
W. L. Boehm of Mountain call
ed on relatives and friends here
Rev. Frodrich of Brookside
held services at the Lutheran
Church Sunday.
The finest lot of toys ever
brought to this place to be had
at Jecklin & Cos.
M. D. Jonos and son Edgar
are cutting cord wood for the
Wabeno Lbr. <fc Mfg. Cos.
Emil Birkle's now tonsorial
outfit arrived Wednesday. It is
fine. He is now ready for busi-
W. A. Powers and a crew of
men have begun operation for
the construction of the new saw
Regular meeting of the Wood
man Camp Saturday evening.
All pminber.s are requested to be
poroner McGee of Shawano is
in the village looking for pulp
wood. He is buying for the
Shawano Pulp Cos.
John Himley came up from
the southern part of the state to
day to spend a few days with his
brother, the Advertiser man
Mrs. A. G. Russell went to
Milwaukee Wednesday toeonsult
an oculist regarding her eyes.
She is being treated by Dr. Jos.
Schneider, the well-known spe
,P. H. Corcoran uirjved here
from Fond du Lac Wednesday.
He brought his team with him
and will get out a lot of cordwood
on his farm near this village this
An enjoyable Thanksgiving
dance was given at the Palmer
House at Laona on Thanksgiving
night Laona appears to be in
the lead in dances as there were
over 50 couple in -attendance.
The music vxas good and all j
present report having had a tine
Judge Burgan and Dock Ben-j
nett went to Chicago Wednesday, |
reluming Friday morning. Dis k ]
'says Chicago is too swift for him,
j while the Judge says he can live j
j cheaper in Wabeno. The Judge
| stopped at the Bismark for lunch
and ordered a bill of fare for
| himself and partner, which cost
‘ him only $0.50.
"Why they are thankful:
John Weinert is thankful that
ho is alive.
peter !• - tan is thankful •that,
all tin coys come to see pirn.
Mat. Boland is thankful that
his lurkev came alright.
Ed. Benjamin is thankful that
there is beer on tap.
Henry Martin is thankful that
there is just one left for him.
Charley Martin is thankful that
his girl is in-good health.
John Meilke is thankful that
his job holds out
E. Hemenway i? thankful that
business is good.
Barney Newcomb is thankful
that there is game left yet,
Ernest Martin is thankful that
his wood is under shelter
John Dewyer is thankful that
the cord wood business is flush.
John Gaik -s tbankfgl that
Thanksgiving is overwjtli.
Phil. Meilke is thankful that
the liquor agent does not come
E. Hemenway did business at
Laona Tuesday.
Ernest Martin called on his
Wabeno friends Thursday.
George Magee was here last
week looking for puipwood for
the Sbuwa.no Pulp Cos.
Charley Martin has returned
after spena'ng a week at his home
in Cam plxtll sport.
Martin Bros, are busy sawing
logs for the new saw-mill at
S. F. Haimnon has moved his
goods into the boarding house of
Martin Bros. His wife returned
from Rock ton Tuesday.
Rev. Irl R. Hicks Is Not Deaf-
Notwithstanding a widely cur
rent rumor that the Rev. Irl R.
Hicks was dead, lie never was in
better health, arid never did a
harder and more successful year's
work than that just closing. He
has just cp m pie Led hio \rge and
splendid Almanac fo< 1002 and,
with his staff of able lnJpors, ha
brought his journel, Word and
Works, justly forward into inter
national reputation. Foraquar
ter of a century Mr Hicks lias
grown in reputation and useful
ness as the people's astronomer,
and forecaster of storms and the
character of coming seasons.
Never were his weather forecasts
so sought after as now, his time
ly warning of a serious drouth
this year having saved the peo
ple from loss and suffering. Mil
lions of bushels of wheat were
harvested through his advice to
plant crops that would mature
early. The American people will
certainly stand by Prof. Hicks,
when it costs ikem so little and
the benefits are so great. His
fine Almanac of 200 pages is only
25c, and his splendid family jour
nal is only one dollar a year in
cluding the Almanac. Send to
Word and Works Pub. Cos.,
2201 Locust SL, St. Louis, Mo.
i County Board Proceedings.
‘-poem Meeting.
Cx-andon, Wis.. Sept. 12, 1901.
Ip. ia. Board met pursuant
to adjournment and called to or
der by T. .1. Kane, chairman. All
members present. The follow,
ing repor; was presented and on
motion adopted, all members vot
ing “aye."
To the Hon. County Board of
Gent 1 emen:—Your committee
to whom tin- hills herewith pre
sented were referred, beg leave
to report that we have herewith
examined the same and would
recommend the allowance and
disallowance as appears on said
Amt. Amt.
No. Name. Nature. Cl'm'il. Ail’d,
iehiml MfVaiic road work 81
131 Thos. lvluve •* *• ss.tx
132 James Otllfen •• •• to.tv
133 .lames Halford “ •• 33.'.'-
134 ( has, Ross •’ “ 31.31
1W “ " “ ‘ 54.0
130 Goo. Rninscy •" 3i.0
187 Malcolm MoEaohin *• *• 12.. V
138, Julius Angel “ •• no 5
Flit John Peterson “ “ 59.5
140 llichavd MoVane *• *• h.o
141 F. A. Hortrea ” ** 27. s
14J Elihuo Snow “ “ 29.7.
143 Connor hutnher Cos. “ “ 11.7
114 John Dclnmnter V “ 38.2:
145 Jolm Starks *' “ 31.5
146 Robt, Palmer “ “ 26.2:
147 Levi Starks ■■ “ 29.7.'
Starks * “ .29.7.
Hfl ChVS. Peterson *• •• 5.7
15t) John McGuire ‘ •• 48.0
151 W K. Webb “ 53.5
152 Tfios. Lambic “ ••
189 ft. L. Andrews “ “ jo.ft
154 Geo. Wilcox “ “• ,s-
I.V, W. ,1. Ackley •• •• 14.0
i .HS Wttrrvu V* sbb “ •• ;s>*.::
15’jy.Tcromc Ford •• " 30. fl:
158 Mont Ford •• “• 97 l;
159 11. Potter “ *• "7.1:
1(10 L. Ford “ “ 90.01
101 ('has. Walker ■■ •• 19. a<
102 Robt. Walker * 40. o
IAS Crandon Hard. Cos. " “ 48.2
104 Cad. Eaton “ “• sS.li
105 Gus. llaugot “ “* 10.
uuf T. .1. Kune “ {' tia.T
107 11. Reanier “ •• 20.90
His Sam Comb. •• J 9.40
109 John Kruse *• “ 10.25
170 John Miller " •• 5.25
171 F. R. L. Cos. “• - 84.01
172 Eastman A Mastinesr lentil *r. 25. 0*
173 Horton Lauphear road work 43.7.'
174 Win. J. Neu illegal deed, print. 29.0'
175 Win. Laird ear. work iiyt:. li. 4.1
175 '-4 J. F. Hooper ex. as dist. atty. 4.5<
176 Win. Millsplnnk 14.4
177 Not. (Via. Advertiser printing 28.3'
178 •“ " “ “* 59.4
179 S. J. Why -rew just, rep't 62.82 173
180 Egbert Wyman municipal
judge report
Jerome Ford constable fees 4.82
John Carrols juror .0
Will Dnslcam •* .02
John Hyatt ** .02
Curtis Mason J " .0
Jos. Raymond " .02
Win. ItasHCtt “ .02
(To be continued.)
School Report.
Report of Wahbno School,
For month ending Nov. 29, 1901.
Number of days taught, 19
Number of pupils enrolled, 20
A verge daily attendance, 21
Number of visitors, 10
Number of pupils neither
absent nor tardy, 2
Names of pupils neither absent
nor tardy: George Jecklin and
Dora Freitug,
Emogene Dickinson,
VOL. 4. NO. 17.
Stop At-
Siotel Wabeno
T. F. MOCRE. Proprietor.
Sample Room In Connection.
A. L. -Burgan,
Dealer in—
Fresh, Salt and Smoked
Physician and Surgeon.
Special attention paid to culls
along the ICloudyke Division
of the C. & N. w. Wy line
Physician and Surgeon,
Emil Birkle,
Tonsorial Artist.
Workmanship First Class,
Haircut t ing, shaving and sham
pooing done in the best manner
(Shop in Manitowoc House.!
Manitowoc House
W. L Boehm, Prop.
Good AoeomadatiotUs,
Reasonable Rales.
, i—.„i ii i ■-■■in ■ .I.i
H. <!. IdlMI 10 it.
Attorney at Law
Fire and Life Insurance.
Money to Loan on Real Estate.
Shawano, Wis.
Physician and Surgeon,
Will be at the Hotel Wabeno
at Wabeno. every Wednes
day and Friday.
Cruiser and Estimates
Tresspassing looked after and esti
mates made promptly and at
reasonable rates.

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