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I saw fair Celia walk alone
When feather'd rain came softly
down —
Then Jove descended from his Tower,
To court her in a silver shower:
The wanton snow flew to her breast
Like little birds into their nest;
But overcome with whiteness there,
For grief It thaw’d into a tear;
Then, falling down her garment hem.
To deck her, froze into a gem.
—Thomas Carew in N. Y. Tribune.
Wonderful Find by Buffalo Fisher
men—Meat Fed 75 Persons,
What is undoubtedly the most won
derful and the most lucky find of the
year is that made recently by George
Thorn and Harry White, two fisher
men, who occupy small shacks on the
river front near the foot of Ferry
Two weeks ago these two fortunate
men went fishing in a small row boat
at the head of Squaw Island. They had
been out a considerable length of
time and were getting disgusted at
their inability to catch a fish and
were about to pull in their nets and
return to the boathouse, when sud
denly Thorn, who was in the stern of
the boat, was heard by his com
panion to make some remark about a
snag. The net was caught on a sup
posed rock and held fast. The two
men finally succeeded in freeing the
net but wanted to find out what had
been holding it at the bottom of the
river. They were in shallow water,
probably not above their waists, so
they decided that one of them get on
his boots and s?e what the snag was.
Thorn was selected to take the cold
bath, and without hesitating stepped
into the water, which was murky and
dirty, owing to the work of the
dredges that were constantly raising
the mud and dirt to load on to scows
preparatory to taking it to the new
breakwater now under construction.
He reached down under the surface
of the water and succeeded in lifting
one end of the supposd snag but
could not lift it entirely out of the
water. He called to White, who was
patiently watching the proceedings,
and asked him to lend his assistance.
White, after much consideration, got
into the river. It took the combined
strength of both to lift the weight
out of the water and land it in the
It was covered with a substance that
Tesembled lime, being pure white with
the exception of small dirt spots here
and there. Thom thought it the most
peculiar shaped rock he had ever seen,
and for that reason did not throw it
back again. When they arrived at
the shore beneath Cheir boat house
the two men lifted it out or the boat
and took it in the house. There,
after cleaning it off, it was found to
be a shell that compared with an
oyster shell was found to be the exact
image. Last Sunday it was decided
to open the shell and see what it con
tained. and with a heavy chisel they
opened it and found to their surprise
that the meat inside was the same as
that of an oyster, but the unusual size
of it convinced the interested party
that it must be some other shellfish.
They decided to cook a portion of it
and it, which they did. and those
ate part of the wonderful fish
pronounce it to be an oyster. The
shell without the meat weighs exactly
212 pounds. It is in two parts and on
view at G'eorge Thorn’s saloon for
those who may doubt the truth of
these lines.
It is two feet eight inches across
and nineteen inches broad, and con
tains at least fifty genuine pearls in
both parts of the shell. The meat was
cooked and made into a stew on Sunday
and seventy-five men were treated to
a large bowl of oyster stew. The
stew filled two eight-quart pails to the
brim when cooked. One curious gen
tleman who thought it quite a prize
offered SIOO for one-half of the won
derful shell, but was instantly refused.
The pearls are just under the sur
face of the shell and are covered by a
thing, glassy layer.—Buffalo Times.
Millionaire Describes His Patent.
Cornelius Vanderbilt, whose recent
patent on a locomotive boiler is being
used at Baldwins, recently describe*
the money-saving device at Boston.
The lecture was extremly technical
and was devoted largely to the loeomo
tlve firebox, showing the superiority
Who suffers from Bodily
Aches and Pains, such as
Rheumatism, Gout, Lum
bar). Headache. P'.eurttjr.
Sciatica. Sprains and Bruises
Should Use
St. Jacobs Oil
It Conquers Pain
Price, asc "<i s°*
of the lecturer's invention—a cylindri
cal fire-box—to the ordinary kind. He
traced the development of the firebox
from the old style, which was some
what pear shaped and hung between
the wheels, to the present fire-box.
which is elevated above the wheels
The great trouble with the old fire
box appears to have been the stay
bolts, of which there were some 2 000
in an ordinary fire-box. used as bra es
and stays, which were constantly
working loose, leaking and requiring
much overhauling to keep them in re
pair. In the cylindrical fire-box
these are almost wholly done away
" The problem was to increase
the heating surface without increasing
the size of the fire. Mr. Vanderbilt's
invention appears to be an adapta
tion of the regular marine boiler to
locomotives uses. It was tried in
Germany by Lentz, but failed, so that
Mr. Vanderbilt was the first to work
out the idea successfully for locomo
tives. Mr. Vanderbilt visits the Bald
win works every few weeks, and on
these occasions spends three to four
hours with the workmen perfecting his
invention, and the Baldwin engineers
pronounce the fire-box a useful and
money-saving addition to locomotive
Arthur Griffith, Indiana’s Wonderful
Lightning Calculator.
Multiplying one number of nine
figures by another of the same num
ber of figures more quickly than the
figures which compose the product can I
be wrtten is one of the latest achieve
ments of Arthur Griffith, the Indiana
mathematical wonder. In a number
of tests, answers were written in from
nine to ten seconds, and, while Griffith
used the pencil as rapidly as he could,
it was evident to those who were
watching the tests that the mind of
this remarkable man of figures was
working more rapidly than his hand.
bince Griffith came into prominence
a little more than a year ago his
growth along the line of his favorite
study has been wonderful. The
schoolboy who was given only seven
years of schooling in the graded
schools of a small town has gathered
many ideas from people of education
w-ith whom he has been associated.
He is keenly alive to some of the pos
sibilities of the great power which he
has developed, and spends hours each
day working out new problems and
methods and delving deeper into the
mysteries of some of the departments
of mathematics which have only ie
cently been revealed to him.
When a problem is placed before
h . in ? Grifßth is able to see the pos
sibilities of that particular problem as
it relates to his methods, and almo.st
before the untrained mind can grasp
the problem itself the answer is forth
coming from the mind of this juggler
of figures. He has the power to dis
sect. the elements of the problem, and
in his own way rearrange them so
that the solution is given with the
accuracy of a machine in an in
credibly short time.
Still more remarkable is Griffith’s
memory. Once he has solved a
problem the answer and the elements
of the problem are fixed for all time
and can be recalled as often as neces
sary. On his third birthday he fed
the chickens a certain number of
grains Of corn and he can recall that
number instantly. He is now able to
call off as rapidly as he can talk a
number of 60 figures which represents
the number of combinations which
can be made with a deck of 52 playing
cards. Griffith says that the most
difficult feat he is called upon to per
form in memory work is to watch a
50 or more cars of a freight
train pass him and then recall In the
order of passing the number of each
car and the name of the road to which
it belongs. Si a trifle as carrying
the sixty-fourui power of two in his
head is no task at all. Many people
were quite content to stop with the
twelves when learning the multiplica
tion table. Griffith has mastered the
table up to 200 and is now working to
reach the 300 mark. He has a num
ber of the products up to 1,000 fixed
in his mind, and this is a great help
in making rapid calculations.
Griffith has a number of ways of
keeping his faculty to remember
keen. He has memorized the names
of all the railways in the United
States and can tell the mileage of
each system as It is given in the rail
way guide books.
Griffith is faster in his addition
that the machines used in banks and
counting rooms. In an actual test in
which the youth’s mind was pitted
against a machine in the hands of an
expert his mind worked twice as fast
a the machine, and both obtained the
same result. He adds long columns
of figures of three places as quickly
as the eye can take in all the figures.
In a test Griffith added ten numbers
of three figures each in seven
\ seconds.
The largest numbers which Griffith
has multiplied mentally were billions
'by sextillions. which produced
|declllione. One demonstration whhh
always astonishes those who have
seen Griffith working is the wonder
ful rapidity with which he multiplies
each of a series of numbers by its- it
and by each of the others and takes
ithe sum of the product. In a test h<
[squared each of six numbers ar-d
multiplied each by the other and ob
Itained the sum of the products in in
I seconds. The numbers were 79 ?7
1.18. 94. 57 and 86. and the sum of the
products was 145.121. Thirty-six op
lerations in multiplication are neces
sary for such a problem.
Griffith does all his problems in
division by short division. He can
'tell instantly whether a number is a
perfect square, cube, fourth or fifty
power. and has one method by which
by one operation be can tell if a
number is divisible by 7. 11, 13. and a
similar method by which he can de
termine if a number is divisible by
101. All of these and many other
methods are explained by Mr. Griffith,
but in many of them the process is so
complicated that a mind untrained
along that line would scarcely ap
preciate the work and few could
master even one of the methods and
use it without a pencil as does the
mind which originated it.
The question of accuracy is always
raised by those who see Griffith work
ing. He is a remarkably developed
human being, but at the same time it
should be remembered that he ts
human. He almost never makes mis
takes. and in those cases the error
ccn usually b® traced to a confusion
of figures rather than a mistake in his
use of them. Many people in trying
follow Griffith have labored long and
earnestly to solve his problems by the
old methods. The processes take
hours and quantities of paper and
patiencs. In many cases a different
answer has been obtained. In these
cases when the work has been sub
mitted to Griffith, he has glanced over
the work and pointed where the first
error was committed, and the cor
rected work has proved that Griffith s
work, which was done in a few
seconds, was correct. One example
which illustrates this was that of r.n
Indiana school teacher who worked
I hard for eight hours over a problem
which Griffith had solved in 29
seconds, and found that he had ob
tained a different result. Griffith
looked over the work and almost In
stantly found an error in the profes
sor’s work.
While engaged in working a series
of tests Griffith multiplied 142,857.143
by 465,891,433 and obtained the pro
duct, 66.555,920,495,127.349, in 10 sec
onds. He multiplied 999,999,999 1>
327,841,227, and had completed the
writing of the product, 327,841,276.672.-
188.723, in 9t£ seconds. Other num
bers required a longer time, but in no
case was the time needed to complete
the multiplication more than 30 sec
onds. Factors of numbers were
called out as quickly a the number
was submitted. The fifth power cf
996, which equals 980,159.361.278,976.
was obtained in 37 seconds. Cubes of
large numbers were given without
hesitation, and in case the number
was not a perfect cube the number
which is the nearest perfect cube was
given at once.
Arthur Griffith was born in 1880 and
has lived in or near Milford. Ind., all
his life, except during the times he
has been under observation at col
leges. His education along lints
other than mathematics Is as good as
might be expected when it is re
membered that his training has been
limited to etven years in a village
A Blacksmith's Htory.
Ooodland, Kan., Dec. 23.—N. E. Al
bertson. a local blacksmith, had almost
decided to give up his shop altogether
on account of Rheumatism, which had
crippled him so that at times he could
not use his hammer.
His shoulders and arms were so sore
that he couldn't sleep at night. He
had suffered for years, but was grad
ually getting worse till at last he had
about made up his mind to give up.
But just, then he heard of some won
derful cures of Rheumatism by Dodd's
Kidney Pills and thought he would try
for a cure once more.
They cured him completely and he
has not a trace of Rheumatism left.
The shop will not be given up and Mr.
Albertson may bo seen there any day
hard at work as if nothing had ever
ailed him.
The hat and umbrella factory in
Manila, employing 900 hands, which
recently found it necessary to close,
thus constituting the first labor
problem growing out of the new tariff,
has decided to remove to Hong Kong.
Syrvip u of F[ss
tkfrbcat family lax&iiv*
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant.
It is efficacious.
It is not expensive.
It is good for children.
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men.
It is perfectly safe under all circumstances.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians.
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
George Carter, colored, was sen
teuced at Charleston, W. Va., to be
hanged for murder.
Florida Special Via Hi* Four Route.
Chicago to Jacksonville and St. Augus
tine. Effective Jan. 6, 1902, the “Big
Four” will operate through Pullman
sleepers from Chicago and Indianapolis
to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, via
Cincinnati, Queen and Crescent, South
ern Itailway. Plant System and Florida
East Coast Railway, leaving Chicago at
1 p. m. daily, except Sunday. Dining
and observation cars. For full informa
tion address J. C. Tucker, Gen. Nor.
Agt.. 234 Clark St., Chicago; Warren J.
Lynch. G. P. & T. A., or W. P. Deppe,
A. G. P. & T. A., Cincinnati, Ohio.
The District of Columbia supreme
court is hearing testimony In the
suit brought by heirs of Weston B.
Turner, who killed his wife and him
self, to secure a distribution of a
$50,000 estate.
Diwftimii Cannot lie Cuml
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure lvafness. and that Is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness Is roused by an in
flamed rendition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tula*. When this tuts* gets inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hear
ing. and w hen It Is entirely closed Deafness Is
the result, and unless the Inflaimr.atioii can lie
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hec.ri'-j. will be destroyed forever
nine eases out of ten are caused bv catarrh'
which is nothing hut an Inflamed cbudUion of
the mucous surface t.
We will give Hundred Dollars for any
ease of 1 Values* (caused by catarrh) that cannot
be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. Semi for cir
culars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
•WSold bv Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Fills arc the best.
Samuel C. Presley, who lived next
door to Mrs. Ada Gilbert Dennis, wiio
was mysteriously assaulted a wet k
ago. is supposed tt. have committed
Brooklyn, S. Y„ Dec. 23.—Garfleld Head
ache Powders are sold here In large quanti
ties; this shows Hint people realise the value
of a remedy at ouee effective and harmless.
These powders are of undoubted value lu
curing headaches of nil kinds and In building
up the nervous system. Investigate every
fradc of remedies offered for the cure of
endnehes and the Garfleld Headache Pow
ders will lie found to hold ttrst place Write
the Garfleld Tea Cos. for samples.
The Lewisburg. Va., female ln
stitue was burned.
prepared for sufferers from nasal catarrh
who are used to an atomizer in spraying
the diseased membranes. All the healing
and soothing properties of. Cream Balm
are retained in the new preparation. It |
does not dry up the secretions. Price, in- I
eluding spraying tube, 75 cts. At drug- ;
gists’ or Ely Bros., sti Warren street,
New York, mail it.
The receiving ship Vermont, at the
Brooklyn navy yard, is to be sold to
the bidder offering the highest p,ice
over SIB,OOO.
A Profitable Newspaper Business In
Des Moines, lowa.
Here is a very exceptional offer,—a
business which will almost pay for itself
in one year. It is now showing hand
some profits and is enable of great ex
pansion. The pur sr needs no par
ticular technical k- 'sdge of the in
dustry to which the paper is devoted.
Price $10,500. Write immsdiately for
further information. W. M. Ostrander,
North American Building, Philadelphia,
The chief of police of Niles, 0., was
called to his door and shot by an un
known man.
Ask Your Dealer for Allen's Foot- Rase,
▲ powder to shake into your shoes. It
rests the feet. Cures Swollen, Sore, Hot,
Callous. Arbiug, Sweating feet and la
growing Nails, Corns and Bunions. Allen's
Foot-Ease makes new or tight shoes easy.
Sold by all druggists and shoe stores, 25c.
Sample mailed FREE. Address Allen S.
Olmsted. Le Roy N. Y.
Seth Low was sworn in as mayor
of New York and will bey,ln his term
January 1.

*|T* Permaosittiy < ur*<J. So Ate or ntrTouuMikftw
II flrnt day'* um of Ur Kline's Great Narva Ha
atoror. Sand for FM KK M trial bottle and tiaatlaa.
UR R. H. KI.INK. Ltd , tfl A rub St . Philadelphia, Pa.
The Virginia constitutional con
vention adjourned to January 1.
Lydlo Em Plnkhmm'9 Vogotoblo Compound.
It will entirely cure the worst forms of Female Complaints, all Ova
rian troubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling and Displacement
of the Womb, and consequent Spinal Weakness, and is peculiarly
adapted to the Change of Life.
It has cured more cases of Backache and Leueorrhoea than any
other remedy the world has ever known. It is almost Infallible in such
cases. It dissolves and expels tumors from the Uterus in an early staga
of development, and checks any tendency to cancerous humors.
Irregular, Suppressed or Painful Menstruation, Weakness of the
Stomach, Indigestion, Bloating, Flooding, Nervous Prostration, Head
ache, General Debility quickly yields to it.
Womb troubles, causing pain, weight, and backache, instantly re
lieved and permanently cured by its use. Under all circumstances it
acts in harmony with the laws that govern the female system, and is as
harmless as water.
It quickly removes that Bearing-down Feeling, extreme lassi
tude, “don’t care” and “want-to-be-left-alone” feeling, excitability,
irritability,nervousness. Dizziness, Faintness, sleeplessness, flatulency,
melancholy or the “ blues,” and backache. These are sure indications
of Female Weakness, or some derangement of the Uterus, which this
medicine always cures.
Kidney Complaints and Backache of either sex the Vegetable
Compound always cures.
No other female medicine in the world has received such
widespread and unqualified endorsement. No other medicine
lias such a record of cures of female troubles.
Those women who refuse to accept anything else are re
warded a hundred thousand times, for they get what they want
—a cure. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Refuse nil substitutes.
George C. Dubose, charged with
embezzlement. hus smallpox at
Ottumwa, lowa, and his accuser has
committeed suicide in Chicago.
Each package of PUTNAM FADE
LESS DYE colors more goods than any
other dye and colors them better, too.
The floods In the Potomac. Susque
hanna and other eastern rivers are
subsiding, leaving tracks of great
Fred Dorsey of Fort Wayne. Ind.,
cut a woman's throat and attempted
Mrs. Austin’s Famous Pan Cake Flour will
S lease you. Made by the Kuss Company,
outli Rend, Ind.
Fifty-six buildings in the business
part of Salem, W. Va., were destroyed
by fire.
Mrs. Winslow s rooiwNu stitrr for children
teething softens Ibe guns. reduce* iudemination
allays twin, cures wind colic. Me, a bottle.
There is a lively tight on between
the Foraker and Hanna forces In
lam sure Piso’s Cure for Consumption
saved my life three years ago,— Mrs. Thus.
Bobbins, Maple B'reet, Norwich, N. V.,
Feb. 17, 1900.
Richard Croker arrived at West
Baden for an indefinite stay.
Piso'a Cure for Consumption is an Infalli
ble medicine for conglis anil colds.— N. W.
Hami ei., tteeau Grove, N. J., Feb. 17, 1900
Floods throughout the east destroy
ed millions of dollars’ worth of
Do you use Mrs. Austin's Famous Pan
Cake Flourf The Kims Company, makers,
South Bend, Ind.
Governor William Gregory of Rhode
Island died at Wlckford, R. I.
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects. ,
It is whol’y free from objectionable substances.
I* contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste.
All are pure.
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
the originality and simplicity of the combination.
To get its )>eneficial effects buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
San Francisco, Cal.
Louisville, Ky. New York, N. Y.
iCapsicum Vaseline
Put Up in Collapsible Tubes.
A Substitute fur and Superior to Mustard or au j
other plaster, and will not blister the moat delicate
! skin The pain allnying and ourHiive qualities of
i this article are wonderful. It will stop the tooth
ache at once, and relieve headache and sciatica.
I We recommend It ab the best an I safest external
counter-irritant known, also as an external renia
• dv for pains in the chest and stomach and all
rheumatic, neuralgic and gouty complaints.
A trial will prove what we claim for It, and It
will be found to be invaluable in the household.
Many people say “It is the best of all your prepa
1 Price im cents, at all druggists, or other
or by sending this amount to us in |M>sige stamps
we will send you a tula* by mail.
I No article should be accepted by the public un
less the same carries our label, as otherwise it la
not genuine.
17 Suit Strsel, New Yrk City.
Hi. Ot. 1 ■■■ DranMa.
Genuine itimped C. C. C. Never told In bulk.
Beware of (he dealer who tries to sell
"something just as good.'*
COS! 1 ' BY
Amu* DR.TAFT. 7$ E 130’-" ST-H.Y. CIIY.
moors PASTILLES. ££ Afi?;
HTOWKI.I. S, t>r by wall. r, cent,.
CharlMlown, Mm,.
ALCOHOL Habit Care—A two month Dipso
mania Treatment which is racoinmeoded
lobe tlia bant. Price fi-dO. Trjr it if all others
liava failed. Mend for booklet free. Tim K VV
InternparauceCo..7l4 Decatur St , Bruoklvu.N.Y
25 CTS
CUKS WHIU AU tiSt tint
Rest Tough rtyrup. Taetee Good. Uaa
2 5 t T S

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