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E. B. THAYER, Editor and Prop.—VOL. XXXVII.
|[ -I 1 I I .]]. [
|;1- FT tITIT] ii ji iiji;i ii i | I '] I‘ j ’/K'
BEEffl 5 ' ;imn
juxjits -rrmccrx
\H£±±ilX .1 ADDITION
• Sr*mr * | s?*ter
[TTTTm 'I'ITI TTJ r TTiT'I "TTHTl ,T PT J r r ‘ I'T 1 — t*tm;
] I ' j C '*T orWDS^
b:i:l:l:l:l:l:i mTH;! - i:,i it ttjtmf tit 11 H t!! •
T~- / * I'* TUFPI?
r "R'lTr‘mlr If
ilanson’s Addition
Do Not Delay If You Want One.
FINE NEW HOUSES ?S§^sgo s i arteci in
Four Lots in Block 1. Four Lots in Block 2.
Three Lots in Block 3.
Only a few left on the side of East Hill.
I j
Prices of Lots From . . .
360 TO $125.
H. H. MANSON, ssr
We have a well selected line of
the best end latest odors. If
you want a sweet and lasting
perfume try our
There is nothing better. It is a
pleasure to show them. Call
at the
The Economical Drug; Store,
Next to Pos. Office.
Miss Carlotta Blaurock f
STUDIO \ McCrosscn Block.
Instructions given in drawing and
painting from cast, or model.
Open-iir class in Landscape.
Criticisms given on Mondays, Tues
days, Fridays and Saturdays
Special provision for Saturday classes.
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announces that on June 14,
1902, au examination will lie held in
this city for the positions of clerk and
carrier in the post office service.
This examination offers au excellent
opportunity for entering the Federal
Service to bright, energetic young per
sons who are not af aid of hard work,
and the Commission hopes that a large
number of intelligent, active persons
will present themselves for this exam
ination. It may be stated that there is
a wider field for advancement upon
merit in the Federal service than in
many private employments.
The nature of the examination is a
test of practical, general intelligence,
and of adaptability in post-office work
The age limitations for this examina
tion are as follows:
All positions, IS to 45 years.
Alt per so us who have been examined
for the position of clerk or carrier with
in the past year and failed to pass may
tie examined upon tiling new applica
tions in due time.
AU applicants, male and female,
must have the medical certificate in
Form 101 executed. Male applicants
must he at least 5 ft. 4 in. iu heigtil, and
*. ight not less than 125 pounds
The names of all male eligible* will
be entered on both the clerk aud the car
rier registers, and appointment from
either register will remove the eligible.-*
name from both registers.
This examination is held to secure
eligible* for appointment either to ex
isting vacancies in the present force,
or for an increase of force which it is
expected w ill Ik* made after July 1 next.
This examination is open to "all cili
•tens of the Vuited States who comply
with the tequireruents. Competitors
will tie rater! without regard to any
.consideration other than the qualifica
tions show n in their examination paper*
and eligibh-s will tie certified -iriotly in
accordance with the civil service law
and rules
For application blank Form 101,) full
instructions, specimen examination
■quest ons, and information relative to
the duties and salaries of the different
positions, application should be mad-*
to the undersigned
Applications may be tiled with th*
secretary of the l.ieat itoard as late as
DA. m on June 14. 1902
Edward B. Rogu,
isecretary Festal Board
Fred Damon, who is a member of otir
County Board from Athens, and w r ho
was in attendance at the meeting of
that honorable body last week, has just
returned home from Georgia where he
was looking over timber land. Fred
passed through Milwaukee on his way
home and a reporter of the Sentinel
jotted down a few of his experiences
among them the following: “Asa Wis
consin man,” he said, “I have never
had much experience with snakes, for
up in our section even an ordinary grass
snake is a rarity, but down in (ieorgia
swamps I saw enough of ophidian life
to satisfy me for ail time. We killed
half a tVr.en big rattlesnakes, and of
other kin'- there appeared to be no end.
A favorite r. creation among the little
darkies is to ish for small alligators in
the swamps a id bayous. These reptiles
will bite at anything, and after one is
hooked it is again thrown into the water
ami another fastens itself onto the tail
of the first one and so on until an eud
less chain is formed. The timber prop
osition is all right down in that coun
try, aud the men engaged in the busi
ness are all succeeding. In that part of
Georgia where we worked, many of the
plantations have gone to waste and a
secoud crop of timber almost totally
obscures tbe fact that the land!was once
used for agricultural purposes Right
in the midst of a dense glowth of
cypress the ground still shows the rows
and hills of farmer corn fields ”
1 will receive bids until the Ist day of
June for a brick barn, wood shed and
other small buildings; a pait of the
house together with the windows, and
doors in the same. AU at the corner of
Fourth aud Franklin streets. The
above must lie sold and will go at a
bargain. Enquire of Janies McCrosscn,
room No. 4. McCrosseu block.
Excp f sior Bicycles, ||||
® Prior (I' Ladies
Complete, or Gents. \P^r
A light, raeey wheel ot particularly attractive ap-
pearance. It 5S fast, strong and durable, combin
ing all the latest auil most popular features. Ser-
Vg£* viceable for road racing Superior to others. \yyf
FRAME Shelby seamless tubing thmoehont. 1 Inch main fjjSL
[St t tube*; V'lueh mmi i4 10 *4 tach oval tear forks: Vineh oval /l
rear -*tys. flush ft-tuts throughout.
j/ifT FOKK—limp fi'rse. 1 doable rvbed pattern crown: %-ineh
Ase. tniess forSsi.ier . Much bead stem'for '’•-inch bar stem.) /N.'v
1 HANGER Faubcr special; new style spearhead sprocket; 7- I 3fl
inch diamond cranks. V J
WHEEL'-Dianuuni spes .al bubs; Exeels-iar spokes and nip-
I j pics: first quality tuapie rim*, enameled and striped to | t
CHAlN—Ptamond No. M *-1* inch
FTj'\ SKAT P*'T—Finely nickel plated; complete with internal
FIN f'H—Special finish: hand polishes!; royal blue frame: head V*Vja
and s-at |*ot mast orar-ce: all bright parts nickeled on copper.
rUL.\ TlKES—Triumph, Oxford. or M.<r*an A Wrigtl, I*4 or 1\ in. JP, i
\rfirj t- 1 x> extra for : J cltncher tires.
Niir sAPPLE Trc.xe! No. S* A. or Sager Star. t : a
f-. ’V HANOI.E BAKS—forward extension adjustable, or Kelly fc*
PK PALS—Bridget*.*-* No. 4. gents".
JfPjL TtHiL BAG—Complete with wrench, oil can, pump, and re
f4LI pair kit. *
Wa usa uMik Pilot.
Mors Grocers Fined For Selling Alum
Baking Powders.
The St. Louis papers report several
more grocers brought to trial upon the
charge of selling Facing powder con
taining alum in violation of the law.
The parties were all convicted and each
fined SIOO. ,
Several baking powders which have
been found by analysis to contain alum
have been offered in this market.
They are ealled:
i. c.
In many places similar powders,
under these or other names, are offered
for sale at from 10 to 20 cents a pound.
Good baking powder is one of the
most useful things in the kitchen.
There are several good powders on the
market; housekeepers will help the
authorities in their efforts to promote
the sale of pure aud wholesome food, if
when buying baking powder they will
insist upon having someone of the well
knownbrandsofcres.fi of tartar pow
ders, which are pur and healthful be
youd a doubt.
The Wausau post office has made such
a good showing withiu the past year
that postmaster Trevitt has been in
formed that there will be a general
raise in salaries of SIOO yearly for him
self and employes beginning July Ist.
After that date the salaries will be a*
follows: Postmaster A. W. Trevitt,
$2 600; Ass t, postmaster, J. C. Kuhl
man, $1,800; Mailing clerk Ed Ringle,
$1,000; Clerk Judith Goers, $-500; Clerk
Catherine Powers, SSOO. July Ist., the
Wausau office force will be increased
by the addition of another clerk.
Mrs. Clara Boetcher, practical mid
wife, Fifth street, next to German
Lutheran church. Confinements and
and all other kinds of sickness taken at
the house. tf.
WaUsaiJ, Wls. tUespay, May 2.-7, 1902.
Grander Than the Greek, Nobler Than the
Roman, They Will Always Be Revered.
Asa fitting token of remembrauce,
Friday next has been named as a day
on which the patriotic citizeus of this
northern land will lay aside their labors
and show their appreciation and love
for those who once wore tbe army blue
who gave up their lives on the coun
try’s battlefields, '.u loathsome Drison
pens or hospitals in the Southland, and
many of whom sleep in unmarked
graves. In keeping with the spirit,
Mayor Marcbetti has issued the follow
ing proclamation and we hope all will
observe its suggestion :
To the People of Wausau: —
A patriotic people will ever greatful
ly remember the sacrifices brought for
the preserveration of their national ]
liberty, national unity and national:
Monuments are erected to commem
orate heroic deeds, great uchievemeuts
and patriotic offerings.
Ttiis is not dime as a comfort for the
dead, but as au aspiration for the liv
The greatest monument which the
American people can rear in honor of
tlieir citizen soldier*, who have pre
served t rid cemented with their blood,
the magnificent temple of American
liberty and American unity, is the
proper and soleinu observance of
Memorial Day.
Let us on that day assemble amid
the hallowed ashes of the dead; let us
keep green Ihe memory of their high
minded devotion, of their unselfish:
patriotism; let us, with loving hearts \
strew flowers on the graves, and amid ;
those holy surroundings teach our j
children on that day, the lesson of love!
of country, and the rights of man,l
which citizen soldiers have sealed with •
their blood.
Let the day be one of serious reflec- i
tion; let us abstain from our usual avo-;
cations, and do not profane with triv-!
ial amusements, the day, consecrated ■
to the memorv of the dead.
May 21st, 1902.
Louis Marchetti, Mayor.
In speaking on the subject we will
voice the sentiments of all patriotic
Americans by quoting State Superin
tendent, Prof L. D. Harvey. Mr. Har
vey says;
“Memorial Day,—the day on which
we meet in conformity with a beautiful
custom to decorate the graves of our
illustrious dead, —is near at hand again.
The memory of these heroes is a most
precious heritage of our great
The Bill Providing for a Public Building in Wausau Goes
Through Upper House With Increase of SIO,OOO.
A report was sent out Wednesday
from Washington to the effect that the
omnibus bill providing appropriations
for public buildings in nearly every
state in the union had passed tlie senate
with an increase in every instance.
This was good news to our citizens, for
Wausau has au interest iu the matter.
There were few members present that
day aud Senator Fairbanks, chairman
of the committee on public buildings
and grounds, had no difficulty m push
ing the bill through which provided au
appropriation of $21,235,150 and as fast
as the clerk called off each city and
read the provisions and amount, the ap
propriations were made. The bill, as it
passed the house provided for Wausau
in the sum of $50,000, but an increase of
SIO,OOO was tacked on in the senate.
As amendments have been made the bill
will necessarily have to go back to the
house for concurrence and should it
pass that body as amended it will re
ceive the presidents’ signature and be
come a law. It is not known just when
it will be again taken up by the house
committee but it is thought by those in
a position to know that it will not be
delayed long and will pass as amended
by the senate. As soon as that is done
the money eau be drawn and a site pur
chased and preparations made for build
ing. The question of a site for the
location of the Wausau building is now
of absorbing interest and many have
been named, and the hope is that the
matter of selection can be made without
any jangUng or controversy. It ap
pears to be the opinion of the majority
that the interests of the city demand
The following is taken from a report
published in one of the apiary journals
of our state on May Ist. It should l e
of interest to all who have apiaries.
In the spriug of lltOl, State Inspect
or of Apiaries S. E. France was t ailed j
to examine an apiary of lUS colonies of i
bee He found a few colonies diseased
w tti foui brood. He gave ius ructions
anti left the owner u treat the bees, j
and wheu the honey season opened
there were sixty etdouies left. I'tiese
sixty colonies*gathered 6 3ju lbs. of i
honey, so the owner concluded that it
wasn’t worth r vhil>; to treat foul brood !
apt! that it was not so serious as it was
supp< sed to be. After the honey sea- j
St *it closed the disease spread rapidly,
so that when Mr. France called there
last week there were do bees left— j
only :i,SiTU diseased combs which he j
melted u> save the wax. 3*l lbs.* worth j
*yd 30. It is safe to aty that foul brood j
will receive i ttentiou in that neighbor- j
hood from this time ou. Mr France!
has recently purchased a German wax j
press, which he takes with him and j
saves ail the wax of diseased combs,
which would otherwise be lost. This
be does free of charge.
Many cement walks are to be laid in
Wausau this season. George Clark, the
veteran cement walk layer, has con
tracted to put a walk ou the north and
west sides of C. F. Dunbar's residence
grounds, and also on the westjand north
skies of J. A. Jones' residence grounds, j
and on the west and north sides of Dr j
Dickens' grounds. This will be great j
improvements to those parts of our city j
For your ice cream, go to John
republic. This dav is consecrated to
them. On this day we renew our al
legiance to the principles of freedom
and justice upon which our govern
ment is founded. VVe cease from our
labors, to pay loving tribute, with grate
ful hearts, to the memory of the veter
ans. Tombs and monuments, serene
and beautiful in their garlands, wreaths
and flowers—Spriug’s chociest offerings
—here mark the fields of final camping
grounds where rest peacefully those
who have finished their course
with honor. They tell the story of
trials and triumphs, not for today
but for all time; not to the people of
ibis land alone but to the people of all
lands. The flowers may wither, the
wreaths decay, but the memory of
tbe deeds of our soldiers and the rec
ollection of their valor will forever be
a source of inspiration aud patriotic
; Faithful work done every day in the
' schools of our commonwealth in foster
; ing and cultivating the spirit of patriot
; ism, is the best guarantee that its
; youth will be loyal aud true to the priu
j ciples for which these heroes of our na
; tion fought and died. The Grand Army
jof the Republic soon will have crossed
) the star-lit line. Its place in ordinary
'walks of life will be taken by another
; army. This army today is enrolled in
j the schools of our country. It will al
; ways maintain in grateful reraem
! orance the deeds of valor, sacrifice, and
* endurance of the brave and patriotic
'from every walk of life, who sacrificed
|so much to save the Union from *des
> traction. Emulated by the best ex
! amples history affords, it will never
1 cease to strive for the physical, moral,
| and intellectual improvement of the
1 commonwealth, and for the promotion
! of all that makes for natural greatness.
!It will stand ready at any time, if
1 occasion requires, to fight anil die for
one flag, one country, for “Liberty and
Union, now and forever and in
This day especially affords fine oppor
tunities for inculcating lessons of civic
virtue and pride, since the study of
the deeds of heroes and the homage
paid to their memories develop influ
ences potent for good, aud are a true in
centive to patriotism.
that it be located near the center of the
business section of the city, and there
have been a number of sites named of
which we may mention the Wilson pro
perty at the corner of Fourth and Scott
Sts., the Leahy property on Fourth
street next to the opera house, the
Alderson grounds on Fourth street and
the Haase property also on the same
street. Then t here are others who differ
aud think a good site would be the mar
ket square, the old Molndoe place on
Second street, the vacant lot at the
southeast coiner of Second and Jeffer
son streets and some think it ought to
be located on Clarke’s island. In the
matter of location this idea has been
advanced: As regards the post office the
bulk of the businessmen have mail boxes
of their own and they, of course, are
desirous of having it located where it
will be bandy to their places of business,
while all the residence portion of the
city is covered uy carriers. With refer
ence to the land office those who live in
town and who have dealings with that
department, nearly all live or do busi
ness near the center of town, and those
from other towns who come here to
transact business in the laud depart
ment, invariably board at hotels that
are located in the business section
Some have suggested that when it is
time to settle on this matter that a mass
meeting be called and the question
there decided. At all events it is hoped
that good feeling will be shown in mak
ing the selection and that the site de
cided upon will be one that will meet
the pleasure and wishes of a majority
of the citizens.
Wheeler & Wilson
It combines jfret speed with light race inf
*r,d silence, sewing three jsxds cl goods while
other machines sew two.
it makes a stitch on henry goods that Is
elastic and strong and will not packer the
iifhest material.
It has s practical set of steel attachments
covering n large range of work. Not “ hew
cheap,* hot “now good” should be your
glide tn bo Ting a sewing tnaclva*. Cos not be
satisfied without first giving the
- "No. 9"
a trial. II yoor denier does not handle them
•end for catalogue.
72 and 74 Wabash Avs.
The Members Met Last Week in Spec
ial Session.
At a special session of the county
board held last week, the following
business was transacted after that body
had re-elected Chris Franzen on Tues
day as chairman for the fifth consecu
tive year: After an adjournment until
Wednesday Mr. Franzer announced the
make-up of his committees which are
as follows:
Finance—John Ringle, H. M. Thompson.
S. M. Quaw, T. F. Dauion, A. E. Beebt-e.
Public Property- Urnst Koch..! J. Reichl,
Herman Rtmthun, J. N\ Mauson. T. K. Wilcox.
Agriculture—VV m. Krause. Her•u Rain
thun. Ed. Sehaller. O. O.Leklem, J. *>ehoenike
Delinquent Taxes—a. E. Beetve, Frank
OConnor. J. W. Wagner, Ed. Brehm, Chas.
Printing and Stationery—P. G Gebhard
Ernst Ringle, F. W. Krause, C. L. \\ yatt, Aug.
Judiciary—J. W. Salter, C. S Gilbert, F.
Schilling, R. Connor, F. F. Mats.
Sheriff and Justice accounts—H. J.
Blanchard. P O. Means, Jos. Beste. Win. Sala.
Fred Borehardt.
Salaries and Fees—Jacob Klehl. M. N.
Schlll, Jos. Dambeck, H. M. KroUenwetter.
Jul. Polege.
Roads and Bridc.es—(’has. Rienow Fred,
Bower, Hy. Ameluug. By. Eggebreoht. C. A.
Poor Accounts—J. C. Hinriehs, John Junk,
Hy Volhard, H. H. Weik, M. C. Thorn.
General Claims—F. F Damon, .1, R. Kane.
Geo. Erickson, John GardiLer, Sr., Phil. Menz
Equalization—C. S. Gilbert, John W. Sal
ter, J. W. Wagner, Ernst Ringle, Robert Con
nor, Paul Gebhard. John Junk, John Ringle,
Frank O'Connor.
Several communications, petitions,
etc., were read and bills presented
which were referred to proper corn
mittees, after which the board ad
On Thursday several petitions were
acted upon among which was that of
the town of Weston asking that an
amount of money lie appropriated to
pay one-half*' the expeuse of macada
mizing the road from this city* to Scho
field, which was granted. Other ap
propriations for road and bridge pur
poses were also made as follows :
Bergen fid son
Cleveland 900
Emmet 550
Frankford 400
Rndwlton ,•< ,v>o
Marathon 750
Mosinee 550
Texas .*£ 1000
A Resolution was introduced and
adopted which allows the payment of
ten cents per folio to each newspaper
for the the publication of the county
board proceedings, which is somewhat
nearer the right value than has been
formerly paid for this work.
A. L. Kreutzer and H. J. Blanchard
were re-eleeted members of the Train
ing School Board.
The committee on equalization was
authorized to employ a lumber estimat
or to examine aud make a report on
all lumber in Marathon couuty subject
to taxation.
Asa comnutte to oversee and inspect
the macadamizing of the town of Wes
ton road the chair appointed C. L.
Wyatt, M. C. Thorn, P. O. Means and
Frank O'Connor.
During the afternoon the board made
a tour of inspection of all county
On Iriday morning C. S. Curtis, in
behalf of the Wausau club, invited the
members to visit and inspect the club
house and a vote of thanks was ex
tended Mr. Curtis.
On Saturday morning, after allowing
a few bills, the board adjourned sine
There appears to be a general move
ment on foot among farmers to im*
prove tbe country roads and bring
them up to the equal of those of any
county in the state. It is not many
years back since a majority of the roads
of Marathon county were roads iu
name only, but within the past few
years a great change has been going
on as is evidenced by a day’s travel
through the county, and even in in?
thinly s.-tiled eastern portions, this
change is noticeable. For two years
past town boards have been purchasing
grading machines and with these turu
piking the country highways. While
this action worked for the betterment
of conditions, yet the work done was
not permanent, but it seems v>'\ that
there has been begun a movement in
the right direction. Geo. Erickson, of
the town of Weston, for some time has
been agitating the question of macad
amizing the road leading from the city
to Schofield, and realizing thai it was
costly work, and that it would also be
a benefit to the people of the city, he
circulated a paper among business men
of Wausau for assistance, and secured
a pledge for about SI,OOO. His town
raised a like amount, aud on Thursday
last he asked the county board to ap
propriate SI,OOO, which by law it was
forced to do. With this $3,000 it is esti
mated that a good macadam road can
be constructed between this city and
Schofield at a width of twelve feet and
of sufficient thickness to ensure per
manency, with perhaps a few r repairs
occasionally. This will not only be a
benefit to the people of the tow n of
West oh, who heretofore w ere compelled
to travel through sand, hub deep, but it
will prove to lie one of the most pleas
ant driveways for citizens of Wausau.
The city stone crusher is too small
I for use in a town the size of Wausau.
! and the matter of disposing of it and
! purchasing anew and larger one has
| been left with the mayor ami certain j
other officials. The town of Weston de- j
sires to purchase ihe crusher aud is I
willing to pay S6OO for it, aud no doubt
the trade will be made. The crusher
will be used in the construction of the
| macadam road, the work on which will
; be begun at the earliest possible date
| When this matter of appropriation j
came up a majority of the members
were ignorant of the fact that when a
town board raises a certain amount of
money for road and bi idge purposes,
the county i liable for a like amount
The information gained Thursday will
be of material benefit to the county at
large, for hereafter chairmen will work
to ,-t-cure the construction <4 iikg 1: on
roads, much on the principle of tbe
famous piece of highway built by State
Senator Stoat in Dunn county **-• * ral
I years ago, and which nas been pointed
! to as an example by all good rortto advo
i cate*. The more permanent run*!* con-
I strocled now the greater will tie the
; saving in the road and bridge fund of
| the county in after years.
No. 20 -TERMS, SI.BO per Annum
Ib? H. B. Huntington Cos.,
Law, Real Estate and Fire Insurance.
Third St. f Opp. Court House, Wausau, Wla
Over 40,000 Acres
of Fint Farming and Hardwood Landi for fialt ii Mnratksn, Liflooli
and Taylor Ooontiet, Win.
Pins fts!d*nc Proparty, Business Pro party llullding Lota
and Acra Property for sala in tha city.
total,, th. nw* .f th* aU m. IS, I* tow* if, ran,. TANARUS, extapUag If Mmltt ttto twffßMt ft
th* 40; food houM thereon; 1. clom by th. ally groat bargain.
r.T Sat*, *H MO. f .and *H Of **sg, oaf nu im I, u 4 ut, of **s4, k. 4 iU of m 54. Ul iwfc ft
me. 7, and n* ud a*si af owl* u 4 a* *f iwj* iad a * or m 4 •**. f ail lx tan If, raxgo ia
lx tows of PloTar.
For Sala, w 54 of <wS MO, 1, tow* St, r*a,a 7: aad m 54 aeo. 10, ud 54 iwst aoo. 11, a* iwif *f
M)4 aad Mis of aws4 i o. IS, and a* of aw* and uS of • aoo. If ai4 nK af lK aoo. 14, axf
“H af *es4 aeo. 15, ■** af #es i mc. 22, aad as V af a* s4 and *54 a? aws4 aad ih at awH amt mM
af M 54 aao. S3, ax 4 a54 af iV„ mo. *4, taw aM, raa,a fla taw* af Tax**.
Tat tala, a54 af wsi. aad x 54 of a*s4 aoa. 14, low* 88, rax,o 4, lx tow* of Wol*.
fa? S*lf*as4 o. JB, and *54 of aw, axd aw'd af awJ4 aec. 84, 2*4 m 54 aoo. BS, fafl M Iff. ■, fB
lx tow* 80, rang* 8, tow* of Hawltt.
Tat Sale, aw>4 af *054, aad ws4af M 54. *l, tow* 80, ranft 8, low* at HawUt
Tat falo, *w>4 aad a*s4 af *as4 mo. M, tow* 10 rang* 8, law* at Howltt.
for falo, 054 of ,*54 aoo. ff, aad .54 at a*s4 aaa t. towx 80, raxtg* I, low* ft llawttt,
rot falo, (54 of aws4 aoo. ff, towx 87, raag* 4; aad a54 of a*s4 tiiMMlf Mttttf ttttfftt.
raxgo f town of Hoalxoa aad CloTolaad.
for Sala, aas4, aad n#s4 af a*s4 aaa. if tow* M, wag* 10, towx *f never.
Tar Sala, ,*54 aoo. If tow* ff rug* t; **d **s4 aaa. TANARUS, tow* If ugf fmm at *“"**—lff amt
Tar Sala. .54 af m 54 aaa. 81, tow* If rang, f, low ■ of Howltt,
for Sala, aws4 axd aws4 aoa. If all la towx 87, raxgo f towx of laaM.
Nr falo, a054 af m 54 axd 54 af m 54 aao. If town If raxgo f tow* af ■■■fWQ
Nr s*lf M 54 af aw* a*d w!4 af aas4 aaa. ff tow* K, ramga f tarn at Tw**f
for falf *• fr. 54 aaa. f tow* ff rug* 7, tow* af Mala*.
rar tala, W 54 af aws4, axd *wsi af iws4 Hi ■ u 4 *54 aft It tow* M, atm f IfW* at Nttf
far falf lata I aad f aaa. if aad na s4 at *w>4 and W 54 at *wV4 utlNtf awtf Iff ff att I* low*
If ranga f tow* af Hewitt.
far tala. ta% at a*sd m*. fud *54 *f aws4 aac. If all la tow* If rug* lr ant aaH.aaa.lt, Ml
If ruga f towaaafTaxaa ud Hewitt
Nr gala, 54 af m 54 aaa. If; ud *54 af **s4 mi. 17, towx M, ruo h tow* tit r^owltra.
Nr Salt, *54 at s*s4 ud *54 af *ws4aoo. fud n54 of *054 aoa. f tow*So, rugof tow* of Halaay.
rorfala, m 54 aaa. 14, Uw* , raxga f ud *>4 af aws4 aoa. f town If raag* f Itwaa at Tah aaa*
ud Waito*.
Nr Bala, a54 of a054 too. If ud r*s4 aoo. M, tow* 81, raag* f la Taylor ooutj.
ror Sala, mv, taa. fud w 54 of awyaoa. 17, ud *54 ms4m. If all 1* town Iff. run fl* low*
of Bright*.; ud 054 of M 54 aoa. if tow* if rang* fl* tow* af larllx; u£ aU at ,w 54 aoa. ff
tow* 11, ruga flx tow* of Soott; ud w 54 M*.. tow* ff ranga 7, i* Ww of lumUldaMl*
Far sala, *as4 at aas4 aoa. If tow* M, ruga ft mi af Kiatbraol.
Tar tala, a54 at 1054 aaa. It, tow* n, raaga f tow* of Bauxat
far Sala, m 54 aaa. tf ud nrs4 aaa. If tow* 17, ruga f taw* af CSoystoMf
Tar Sala, w 54 at *ws4 aaa. If tow* If ruga If tow* of Harrtioi,
Nr tala. a54 of *ws4 ud *ws4 of **s4 aoa. U, tow* If raxga 11 tfrr* at laaH ltt
For Sala, aws4 aaa. If tow* If rang* f tow* of VTala.
ror Salt, m 54 no. 10, tow* If raaga f tow* of Blh Falla.
Far Sala, m 54 af aws4 ud .54 af aws4 aaa. f tow* If raaga f tovr* f Frukfarl.
Far Bala, lata if 14 udll4 and aws4 of *O)4 hi. f tow* If rugl f a aleaiad laid amt WfBM
haoM tharaaa, tow* at Xaato*.
ror Solo, nws4 mo. If tow* If rang* f 1* tow* if Ralaay.
Far Sala, nas4 of m 54 ud >54 at aas4 aaa. H, tow* ff raaga if tow* of Plow.
Far Sala, nas4 at m 54 ud *54 at m 54 ae*. If tow* If ruga f tow* of Jahnaom.
Far Sala, w* of *54 aad *ws4 af nws4 mo. If Uw* If raxga fln town of BM>ue*r: Ud *54 aad
nas4 ol *" l 4 If town 87, ruga fln town af Brighton; ud aao. If taw* H, ranga f la
tow* of Hull: and aU at *wsi aad 54 of m<4 m*. If town tf ranga f I* tow* afHoHon; and
nws4 f 54 m*. If town 87, r**a* I 1* town af Sau Plain*; *nd *54 of ars4 aao. f town 17.
rang* 4. in tow* of Cleveland ; ud n>4 it aes4 and e 54 af nws4 and *54 at iw!4 *m. f aad *ws4 at
■w 54 aad i>4 of *w'/4 aad *54 af m 54 3. If tow* 81, rang* 4. I* tawn at Wala; ud *54 af n*s4
aad iws4 of aes4 aad w 54 and *54 of nV4 mo. if town 84. ranga 5, a*d *54 af *054 ud **s4 at nwtf
mo. 16, town 26, raaga f la tow* of Bsrgaa; aad *54 *f n*s4 ano. 3f tawn 87, rug* f (n tow* or
liodnae; and *54 of m*s4 M*. 8, tow* 8f raaga 6. ia town of Hara.hoa; aad uast af m 44 aeo. If
town 27, rang* 7, fa towi af aroacawattar; aad iW mi If tow* tt, rang* 10, and awW of nwW
sec. 16. town 29, raaga If 1* towa at Kastoa; and *54 of **s4 and *54 of aws4 and iwjZ of nwU
(■d i54 of iws4 aid a*s4 at mUbiil ws4af *W mo. If town f) raag* f aad w 54 of aao. If tow*
10, raag* I, aad *ws4 mo. IS, and 154 at nws4 aad iws4 mo. If tow* tf rug* f ha town ff Taxaa.
For Salo, w 54 aoo. 10, tow* SO, raaga If tow* at Harrlao*.
For Salt, aw 54 of *ws4 mo. 1, tow* If raaga If tawn at Nani*.
Far Bala, iw% of aws4 mo. N, tow* 88, raaga 11, tiwa af Flour.
Far Sala, aws4 and *54 af m 54 mo. If town 88, rang* 6, town af Blh Pan*.
For Bala, aw fr>4 aao. If town 87, raag* f town af Krontawtttor
Par Sala, iws4 mc. 85, town 87, rang* f town at Baamat.
For Ba}*, *54 of aao. 1, aad a*s4 af nes4 *•*. If towa 10, raag* If, tow* at HnrrlaML
For Sale, *54 of m 54 aao. If and *54 of **s4 aao. Sf and *54 at a54 aaa. af town If raag* TANARUS, towa
of Taxaa.
For Sala, w 54 af m 54 mo. 11, towa 10, rang* f towa af Hawltt.
For Sale, iws4 * w 54 at 1*54 mc. 86, towa 11, Tang* f towa at Oaralu, Uaaala n*
For Sale, *54 of a054. aaa. If towa 10, ruga f tow* at Hawltt.
For prices and terms, or any information relating to the above described
lands, apply at our office, H. B. Huntington Cos.
■m s&aaeai* uriu...
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Spring Sunshine.—.
wid remind you that the soda water
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that our fountain is a perpetual
pwllf £>£on source of comfort and enjoyment to
the thirsty lover of deliciousness dur
> all times cold and sparkling, and with
y I H^ pure fruit juice flavors, besides every
other flavor that the fancy may dic
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