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Say Plainly to Your Grocer
That you want LION COFFEE always, and he,
being a square man, will not try to sell you any
thing else. "Sou may not care for our opinion, but
What About the United Judgment of MiUions
of housekeepers who have used LION COFFEE
for over a quarter of a century ?
Is there any stronger proof of merit , than the
Confidence of the People
and ever increasing popularity?
UON COFFEE Is carefully se
lected at the plantation, shipped
yl' K, direct to our various factories,
where it is skillfully roasted and
V M \\ v\ carefully packed In sealed pack
( \ ages—unlike loose coiiee, which
Is ex P° sed to germs, dust, fn
sects, etc. LION COFFEE reaches
you BS P” rc and clean as when
h left the factory. Sold only in
® v 1 lb. packages.
Lion-head on every package.
Save these Lion-heads for valuable premiums.
WOOLSON SPICE CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Cough Remedy
Coughs, Colds and Croup.
A. M. Peterson
Prompt attention given to all
calls, day or night.
Esch & Peterson’s Store - - 72
A. M. Peterson’s liesidence 545
Stomach Paralysis
Dyspepsia or indigestion, properly
named, is Paralysis of the Stomach.
When you have water-brash, feel
sick at the stomach, have gas or wind
on it, or feel as though you had a ball
or heavy weight in the pit of the
stomach after eating, and the nerves
and muscles of that organ cease to
act and digest your food, that stop
page in the process of digestion, to
call it properly, is Paralysis of the
Stomach, and should be treated as
such. It is perfect folly to assist the
stomach with dyspepsia remedies and
stimulants to dissolve the undigested
food. You may get relief, but at the
next meal you suffer again. The
proper treatment is to build up the
worn out muscles and nerves of the
stomach so that it can do its own
work without assistance, and not only
digest the food you eat to-day but to
morrow and forever after; as is done,
by the use of Dr. Chase’s Blood and
Nerve Food and Liver Food, which
have an immediate action on the
nerves and muscles, that control di
gestion. The price of the Blood and
Nerve Food, 50 cents; the Liver Food
25 cents. Book free.
Sold and guaranteed by G. Naffz.
Sold only by
Hardware Cos.
We have the only abstract of Mara
thon county. We have a thoroughly
qualified abstractor and make abstracts
at reasonable prices. We are respons
ible for all abstracts made by us and
guarantee that they show the condition
of the title properly as it appears on
An abstract of title is useful if you
desire to sell or mortgage your prop
erty, and is very valuable in ascertain
ing defects in your title that can be
easily remedied and yet might be suf
ficient to spoil a sale. If you desire an
abstract of the title to your property,
call and see us.
Wausau Law & Land Associate
and all other symptoms of kidney dis
ease are speedily rein 'veil when the
kidneys are made healthy, active and
vigorous by the use of
Dr. A. W. Chase’s
Kidney-Liver Pills
the world’s greatest kidney and liver
regulator, and the only medicine hav
ing a combined action on kidneys and
liver. One pill a dose ; ?5 cents a box.
Write for free sample to The Dr. A. W.
Chase Medicine Cos., Buffalo, N. Y.
— "■ 1
Wausau Laundry Cos. cleans carpets.
The open season for catching black
bass, pike aud pickerel begins Thurs
day next.
Dr. Turbin, the eminent German
specialist and surgeon, will be at the
Beilis House, June oth.
Twin boys were born to Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Zietlow, 017 Scott street, on
Tuesday afternoon last.
“Blue Ribbon” is the name of the
brand of flour sold in the greatest
quantities by Max E. Boehm. tf
A brass band is being organized at
Edgar, and the citizens of that berg are
in for plenty of music for a time.
For Sale. A few boars, Chester
White, registered. Enquire of H. S.
Wright, 1030 S. Third Ave. ml4-tf
An independent militia company has
been organized at Tomahawk, officered
by men who have had previous experi
ence in military affairs.
Wednesday evening, May 31, is set
or the next banquet of the Wausau
Men’s club. The program prepared for
that evening is said to be an excellent
For Rent—A large house within a
block of the Wausau high school. Has
all modern conveniences, except a fur
nace. For further information call at
the Pilot office.
Potatoes are selling in Waupaca
county for 7c per bushel, with no de
mand except from starch factories.
Last year at this time they were worth
$1.25 per bushel.
Wolves are apparently plentiful
around Rhinelander. Thecounty clerk
last week issued orders for the pay
ment of bounties on seventeen scalps
brought in by Indians.
The Peth-Templeton Candy Cos. has
completed alterations in the Braatz
building at the corner of Second and
McClellan streets and is occupying the
same as a candy factory.
Dr. W. O. Carrier, of Waukesha,
delivered the response to the address of
welcome at the opening of the anti
saloon league state convention, at
Fond du Lac last week Monday.
The Antigo Republican with its last
number, gave its readers a very credit
able illustrated edition of the early days
of Antigo. The review is from the pen
of M. W. Waite, an old resident of
Mrs. J. H. Reiser entertained lady
friends Thursday afternoon at whist in
honor of her sister. Mrs. Frank Het
tinger. Prizes were won by Miss F.
Katz, Mrs. M. Cawley and Mrs. S.
The bread that mother used to hake
was not one bit better than the bread
you can bake if you use Blue Ribbon
Flour. It makes light, white bread and
fluffy pies and cakes. All good grocery
stores sell it. Order a sack and give it
a fair trial. Made by F. W. Kickbusch
&Son. tf.
Letters received from Hon. and Mrs.
F. W. Kickbusch and Mr. and Mrs. T.
F. Delaney, convey the information
that they all reached Europe safely and
have proceeded to Carlsbad, Austria,
where they will remain until fall.
Arthur Hartwig died Saturday morn
ing at the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Hartwig. 102 S. Fifth Ave.
He had been afflicted with appendicitis
for several days, which caused death.
The funeral was held this afternoon
from Zion’s Lutheran church.
Mayor E. C. Zimmermann, J. N.
Mansou, Fred Genrich, J. H. Farrell
and A. F. Marquardt compose the
newly created board of water commis
sioners. An organization of the board
was effected by electing E. C. Zimmer
man, president and Fred Genrich,
The two grocery stores of Max E.
Boehm on Grand Ave. are in the hands
of a receiver. Through his attorney,
11. H. Manson, Mr. Boehm made appli
cation Thursday to be declared bank
rupt and J.N. Manson was appointed
receiver. The amount of assets and
liabilities caunot be definitely deter
mined as yet.
’Gene Shepherd, of Rhinelander, has
a rival at Baraboo. A story comes
from that town that a turtle weighing
225 pounds has been captured in tl.e
Baraboo river, a tributary of the Wis
consin. The turtle measured 3x4 feet,
according to the LaValle Leader, and
made a dozen meals for the guests of
the Commercial House.
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, Jr., cele
brated the 10th anniversary of their
marriage on Thursday evening last,
May 18th, by inviting in the Bon Ami
cinch club. Cinch was the evening’s
pastime and prizes were won by Mrs.
George Haider, F. R. Becker, Mrs F.
R. Becker aud R. E. Powers. Refresh
ments were served and a very enjoy
able time had by those in attendance.
l>r. Carter of Chicago, introduces the
new liquid air system to the people of
Wausau for the first time. Free ex
tracting—o to 10 and Ito 2, Beilis hotel
parlors, Monday May 29, 1 day only.
Wittenberg, Wis., Jan. 30.--Mrs.
Frank KuscEei says: “I had 5 tenth
extracted by the new liquid air system
and did not know they were taken out
at all. . j 2w.
R. Lyoa. Dentist, will make Cold or Slubber Plates.
The Beilis farm, just south of the
county a is being platted and the lots
will soon he pul upon the market..
Tht Marathon County Fish and Game
Protective association has filed articles
of incorporation with the register of
Positiot s for all who exeel More
than 5,0(X gradual's now employed.
Beautiful 'at a log te free. Address
W. B U., LaCro* >e, Wis.
From the Manitowoc papers we learn
that Fred Zentner, Jr., formerly of this
city, was kicked in the face by a horse
on Wednesday, but his injuries are not
T’ e two women arrested a weeu ago
back of a Third street saloon, where
they had spent a night of carousal, ap
peared in court Thursday, but after be
ing given a warning to keep out of
saloons the charge of disorderly con
duct was dismissed.
The Degtter Stave and Heading Cos.
of Athens, has tiled with Hit! register of
deeds an amendment to its articles of
incorporation, changing the member,
ship of the hoard of directors from nine
to live. F. F. Chesak is president of
company and H. Degner, secretary.
Andrew Peterson, who served the
past two seasons as dog catcher, has
been re-appointed and commenced run
ning down stray dogs Thursday morn
ing. Had some people heeded the warn
ing given a short time ago by the local
papers ami kept their dogs off the streets
it s not likely that a dog catcher would
have been appointed at all.
A Washington dispatch in Wednes
day morning’s Milwaukee papers stated
that Commissioner Richards of the
general land office at Washington stated
that the proposition of consolidating the
land offices at Wausau, Ashland and
Eau Claire was still under considera
tion, and that great pressure was being
brought upon him to have the consoli
dated land office located at Ashland or
Eau Claire.
The case of Mogan Schjonentan vs.
the Wisconsin Central Ry. Cos., which
was on the Marathon county circuit
court calendar for a number of years
and later transferred to Wood county,
was tried last week at Grand Rapids.
The case was brought to recover
damages for personal injuries sustained
while plaintiff was working on a sec
tion of defendant company seven years
ago. Neal Brown, of this city, prose
cuted the case.
Max Stack, the young man arrested a
week ag"?) on a charge of having at
tempted a criminal assault on Mrs.
Archie Karninghan, of Marclt Rapids,
was on Saturday last bound over for
trial in municipal court on June 5. In
lieu of furnishing SI,OOO bonds he is at
present a resident of the county jail.
It is said that the young man has mani
fested traits of degeneracy for some
time, and has spent two years in the
Milwaukee house of correction for a
crime committed several years ago.
The Vigorous Man
Is a Leader of Men
The Mental, Moral or Physical Wreck
Has No Place in the Business
Dr. A. W. Chase’s Nerve Pills.
The man who hesitates, whose eye is
dull, whose step is slow, whose mind is
sluggish, whose bauds tremble, is not
the man whom an employer seeks. It is
the bright man, the man with the clear
eye and brain, the active man, full of en
ergy, life and vigor, whose very manner
and presence breeds success that is
sought for and snapped up as soon as
seen almost pitiful that the first class,
victims of excess of some sort, should
exist, when it needs but a thorough
course of Dr. A. W. Chase’s Nerve Pills
to round them into the old-time feeling
of physical, intellectual and manly vigor
Mr. Fred Hoyt of No- 724 6th Ave-.
New Brighton, Pa, says:
“I used to have a hand so steady I could
write the Lord’sprayer on a twenty
live cent piece—than as a result of
overwork and overstrain my eyes
gave out and my hands and nerves gen
erally became trembly. I was restless
and could not sleep. I certainly was
in bad shape and lost my ability to
write—could just scrawl. I heard of
Dr. A. W. Chase’s Nerve Pills and got
some and they took hold immediately.
I began to sleep—agin strength—my
nerves grew steady—and my eyesight
improved greatly. To-day 1 feel finely
and can again write as well as ever.” 50c
a box at dealers or Dr. A W. Chase
Medicine Company, Buffalo, N. Y. Por
trait and signature of A. W. Chase, M.
I)., on every package. For sale by W.
W. Albers, druggist, Wausau, Wis.
Have you a child afflicted with St.
Vitus Dance ? Clark’s Nerve Tonic
cures every case. That is the record in
Marathon county, Wis., for 48 vears.
Is equally effective in relieving nervous
prostration, extreme nervousness and
other forms of nerve derangement.
Will promptly relieve, and, if used a
sufficient length of time, effect a per
manent cure of bed-wetting. Is also
an excellent general restorative in all
cases where the system is in a run-down
Sold in Wausau at the Frost-Philbrick
drug store, 50(5 Third street, and at
Cbas. Ilelke’s furniture store, 311 313
Fourth street, in 8 ounce bottles, at
$1.50 per bottle; 3 bottles securely
Sacked in light wooden box, $4 00, 6
ottles SB.OO.
Recent eases of St. Vitus Dance are
usually cured by 3to 5 bottles. Chil
dren under ten years of age are much
more promptly cured of bed-wetting
than after they pass twelve vt^irs.
Those living outside of can
secure a prompt shipment bj express
to a desired locality, of a package of
three or more bottles of the Nerve Tonic
by sending to E. G. Clark, Wausau,
Wis., a postal money order of the prop
er amount. Any information about the
Nerve Tonic or matters connected
therewith promptly furnished.
No appetite, loss of strength, nervous
ness, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural juices of diges
tion as they exist in a healthy stomach,
combined with the greatest known tonic
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures ail stomach troubles by cleansing,
purt'ying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. S. S. Ball, of Rarenswood. W, Va., says—
I was troubled with sour stomach for twenty years.
Kodol cured me and we are now using it in milk
for baby."
Kodol Digests What You Eat.
Bottles only. S I.OO Size holditie 2H times the trial
size, which seils for 50 cents.
Prepared by E. O. DeWITT ft 00., CHICAGO.
Sold by W. W. Albers.
..Healthful, Pleasurable..
Cycling for sport and rec
treation presents the strong
tine and each revolution of
its wheels carries him to
ever-changing scenes, and
such eye. delights as nature
change of scene so necessa- j
with the old time bicycle,
the modern, high grade safety is a revelation far in advance of their
fondest dreams.
We deal only in standard wheels and carry in stock such a
complete assortment that you cannot help making aselection tfiat will
suit you. We also have a bicycle repair shop that is second to none in
this section.
OF =■■
Shorthorn Cattle
. . . To he held at . . .
Wausau, Wis.,
... at the . . .
Marathon County Fair Grounds
= ON
j UNE |
Under the auspices of the
Shorthorn Breeders’ Ass’n.
At which time 42 Females and
20 Bulls will be disposed 0f....
It will be a good opportunity for farmers to improve their
herds. Farmers are earnestly requested to be present at this
great sale of Registered Shorthorn Cattle. They will be as
surred of fair treatment in every instance. Owners will be
always ready and pleased to answer all questions in regard to
the cattle they consign. Write for a catalogue to
E. E. JONES, Rockland, Wis.
Size, 10x14 inches,
Just right for a frame.
Commencing Sunday,
May 28, 1905.
Order in Advance from Your Newsdealer.
e. J ~ '
~ '
Organized under the General Banking Law of
the State of Wisconsin.
Will receive deposits, discount notes, buy and
sell drafts, make collections, and do all other
business connected with General Banking.
Alkx Stbwart. Pres't. E. C. Zimmerman-.
C. W. Harskr. Yice-Trest. Cashiet
Directors—Alex Stewart. W. Alexander C. W.
Harger, E. C. Zimmerman. A. Sollidaj. ’
Long Distance Telephone No. 620.
Employment Bureau,
Livingston Block ,
Wausau. Wis.
We furnish positions of all kinds for
those looking for work, also furnish
those with help that are in need of
same. This includes both male and
female. Male help furnished free.
Oflice ouen dav and evenings.
fell Digger and Pup Repairer.
Larg supply of beet wood and iron pnmpe
Old welle made new by pntting in galvanized
pipes with braes points. Always pure, clear
water. Work guaranteed. Call and see me.
921 4th Ave N., Wausau, Wls.
Time Tried and Merit Proven.
One Minute Cough Cure is right on
time when it comes to curing Coughs,
Croup, Whooping Cough, etc. It is
perfectly harmless, pleasant to take
and is the children’s favorite Cough
Syrup. Sold by W. W. Albers. J
- < >
—Miss Rose Freeman, of Rhinelander,
is visiting friends in the city.
—Mrs. G. G. Knoller and son, Conuiff,
of Dancy, were in the city on Wednes
—Mrs. Fred. Genrich went down to
Grand Rapids Thursday on a visit with
—Mrs. Chas. McCrossen, of St. Paul,
is visitiug at the home of Mr. aud Mrs.
James McCrossen.
—J. A. McCrossen, of St. Paul, passed
through Wausau Thursday on his way
to the southern part of tiie state.
—Mrs. Thompson, mother of Mrs. H.
G. McCrossen, visited in Wausau with
her daughter and family last week.
—Hyman Baer went to Chicago jester
day to meet a relative who is on his
way from California to his home in
—Atty. H. H. Manson spent Friday
and Saturday at Madison before the U.
S. district court, attending to bank
ruptcy matters.
—Among the Wausau visitors the
past week was Judge R. B. Salter, of
Colby, and C. F. Grow, of Neiltsviile.
They were here on legal business.
—Judge W. C. Silverthoru is at Eagle
River presiding over the regular spring
term cf court for Vilas county. He
was at Rhinelander Saturday and ad
journed court for Oneida county.
—Miss Ednia Shatto returned home
Friday evening from a visit with friends
in Ashland. Accompanied by her sister,
Bonita, she departed Saturday morn
ing for Appleton to attend the field
—Gustav Mueller, who will be director
of the mass chorus of the Saengerfest
in June, departed yesterday on a tour
of rehearsal of the different bodies that
will be represented. He will be absent
about a week.
—Wm. Lord, deputy sheriff of Forest
county, was in the city Thursday even
ing, having come here for the purpose
of returning a law breaker to that
county. The fellow’s name was J. J.
Renack, charged with stealing a coat
and vest from a man at Crandon. He
was arrested in the Stain berg saloon by
Officer Oviatt and at the time was wear
ing the stolen clothing.
We have bought a large stock of shin
gles which we can now sell at these low
Best Washington Ex. Clear $2.70
2nd grade or Choice A 1 80
Best Michigan Ex. *A* 2 4ti
2nd grade Michigan or 5 in. Clear.. 2.00
3rd “ “ or Culls 90
Best Wisconsin Ex. *A* 2.25
2nd grade or 5 inch 1.80
3rd “ Culls 80
And the place to save money on lum
ber and lath at Barker & Stewart Lum
ber Co.’s island mill.
Mrs. C. E. Gill and little daughter
were Wausau visitors a couple of days
the past week.
Gladys Altenburg pleasantly enter
tained about twenty of her young
friends Thursday evening.
Mrs. Henry Kronenwetter and daugh
ter, Irene, of Kronenwetter, visited
relatives in this village Thursday.
P. Werle, of Knowlton, deputy county
surveyor, has been engaged the past
few weeks in making a survey of this
village, aud is finding many conflicting
Albert Oleson is erecting a large now
barn near this village, as is also Lou
Clements erecting anew building
which, we understand, will be used for
a store and barber shop. Let the good
work go on.
Quite a number from this locality ex
pect to drive to Mosinee the 23d, at
which time Bishop Schwebach, of La-
Crosse, will administer confirmation at
St. Paul’s Catholic church.
Mrs. Herman Nobach and little son
from Idaho, who had been visiting for
some time with the former’s parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Gus. Borth, Sr., of Eau
Pleine, left for their home a few days
ago. Since going west Mr. Nobach has
been very successful in his business
venture, being engaged in logging for
the Weyerhauser syndicate.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Templeton, Mrs.
E. V. Speer and Miss Nellie Dunbar, a
quartette of Wausau’s best musicians,
drove to this village Thursday, remain
ing until Friday morning, the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Knoller. Music
was indulged in, one number better
than the other until near midnight.
We would be glad to have such people
come into our midst often. Being
talented and to have had the opportuni
ties to have those talents cultivated is
a fine thing, but to be generous with
one’s talent and gladden the hearts of
those less fortunate is better yet, to our
way of thinking.
Maude Walrath has gone to Crandon
to spend the summer.
M. L. Smith is excavating prepara
tory to building anew house.
Mr. and Mrs Walter Yorass, of
Mattoon, were visiting for a day or so at
the home of A. J. Plowman.
Arnt Sivinson and Walter Kimball
are doing the mason work on the base
ment of Plowman’s new barn.
It is reported that the Kanutson farm
just south of the village has been sold
to a man by the name of Elliott.
Mr. Allen is busy now days working
at his trade at Galloway. Mr. Allen
has several houses at Rosholt which he
expects to build.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin was played here
last Friday night by a troupe thatcomes
from Waupaca. Their tent was filled
and all seemed to appreciate the good
work of the troupe.
L._M. Jacobson is improvingthe looks
of his place by the setting out of shade
trees. Let others follow and soon
Elderon will be as pretty a little place
as one could wish to see.
Wm. Burgstresser and Miss Cora
Allen are visiting at Fremont this week.
Miss Blanch Allen has charge of the
primary department of the school dur
ing her sister’s absence.
John Bowser has severed his connec
tion as mill wright with the Eland
Traffic Cos. In the future he will devote
more time to his farm. Mr. Bowser is
a mechanic of marked ability and it
will be some time before a man of his
ability will be found to fill his place.
The base ball season opened here Sun
day when the Elderon boys met and
defeated a team from Wittenberg by a
score of 9to 5. With j little practice
the Eldron boys will develop into a
fast team. Some briliant fielding was
the features of the game on both sides,
and both pitchers haa good control of
the ball as not a man was given a base
on balls. Folllowing is the score by inn
Elderon 1 0 0 2 1 2 1 1 I—9
Wittenberg ...0 1 1 0 0 0 0 3 o—s
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the
Very Best.
“1 have been using Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy and want to say it is the
best cough medicine I have ever taken,”
says Geo. L. Chubb, a merchant of
Harlan, Mich. There is no question
about its being the best, as it ■••'ill cure
a cold in less time than any other treat
ment. It should always be kept in the
house ready for instant use, for a cold
can be cured in much less time when
promptly treated. For 3ale by all
Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon
who has visited our city for the past TEN YEARS,
will again be in
Wausau, at Hotel Beilis, Tuesday, lime 6
HOURS, 9 A. M. TO 8 P. M.,
Merrill, Monday, June 5, at Badger Hotel
103 Randolph St., Chicago, HI.
YOllNfi MFN y° u are troubled with
IV/UnitJ D*L-lv nervous debility, stupid
ness, or are otherwise unfitted for business or
study, caused from youthful errors or excesses,
you should consult this specialist at once. Don’t
delav until too late.
M ANKINn There are thousands of you
ItlrtltllMliD troubled with weak, aching
bucks and kidneys nud other unmistakable
signs of nervous debility. Many die of this didl
culty, ignorant of thecause. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
Al I °f delicate nature—in
rtLL t/I JUrULJ flammations and kindred
troubles—quickly cured without pain or incon
CATARRH whic * l poisons the breath,
f, l stomach and lungs and paves
the v for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
Heard, kidney, Bladder and all constitutional
and internal troubles; also Rupture, Piles,
Fistula, Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea and all diseases
of the stomach and bowels treated far in ad
vance of any institution in the country.
Scrofula. Tumors, Tetter, Eczema and Blood
Poison thoroughly eradicated, leaving the sys
tem in a strong, pure and healthful state.
WRITF y° ur troubles if living away from city. Thousands cured at home by correspondence
llullD an d medicine sent as directed. Absolute s'-ereey in all professional dealings. Address
all letters, giving ttreet and number plainly. Seud 2-ceut stamp for list of questions and pamphlet.
Geo. Ruder Brewing Company,
Brewers, Malsters and Bottlers.
The Finest Brewery mjj All orders for Keg 2 ]
l 77 ‘ : (u|) Bottled Beer will receive
in Northern ■. ■ # prompt attention .
WisCOnsin ’ I! Telephone Ko. 3
First publication May 2, last May 23.
Marathon Connty )„ , „ ,
City of Wausan { 88 ' 1,1 J ÜBtlce Court.
To Fred Hoene:
Yon are hereby notified that . snmmone and
garnishee has been issued against von, and your
property garnished to satisfy the demand of
Alfred Lnebner and Oscar Lnebner, amonnting
to thirty dollars (830.00) Now, unless you shall
appear before J. A. Jones, a justice of 'he peace
in and for said count j, at his office in said city
of Wausau on the 24th day of Ma>, A. D. 19U5, at
10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, judgment will be
rendered against you and jour property sold to
pay the debt.
Dated this 28th day of April, A. D. 1905.
Alfred Lukbnkb, ) D , .
Oscar Luebnkr, f * Hin lffß.
Brown, Pradt & (Jknuioh and
Orlaf Anderson, Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
First publication May 9, last June 18.
In Circuit Court—Marathon County.
H. H. Maoson and Charles Wei ifeld,
Joseph Uankin and the unknown owtn rs
of the North-West quarter (nw}4) of
Section thirty-six (36) in Township
twenty-eight (28) North, of Range eight
(8) East in Marathon county. Wiscon
sin, Defendants.
The bttte of Wisconsin, To the said defendants
and each of them :
Yon a:e hereby summoned to appear within
twenty days after service of this summons, ex
clusive of the day of service, and defend the
above entitled action in the court aforesaid; and
in case of your failure so to do, judgment will
be rendered against you according to the de
mand of the complaint, of which a copy is here
with served upon you.
Brown, Pradt A Genbiou,
Plaintiffs’ Attorneys.
P, O. address. Wausan, Marathon Connty, Wis.
The land affected by this action is described
as North-West quarter (nw?4) of section thirty
six (36) in Township twenty-eight (28) North, of
Uange eight (8) East, in Marathon county, Wis
First publication May 16, last May 30.
State of Wisconsin— Marathon County—ln Conn
ty Court.
In the matter of the estate of Stephen H.
Schnoley, deceased:
Arthur Neitzel, of Marathon county, Wiscon
sin, having this day presented to this court his
petition setting forth the facts entitling him to
a conveyance from the estate of Stephen H,
Schooley, deceased, of the following described
real estate, situated in Marathon county, Wis
consin, to-wit: The east one-half of the north
east qaarrer of section eleven (11), township
twenty-eight (2S), range three (3) east.
It is ordered that such petition b heard at the
regular term of (his court to be held at the court
house, in the city of Wausan, on the 6th day of
June, A. D. 1905, at 10 00 o’clock a. m , and that
notice of said hearing be given by publication of
this order in the Waulac Phot. a weekly news
paper, published in the city of Wausau, Mara
thon county, at least three weeks before the
same fixed for such hearing, and that the last
publication tie not more U an ten days before
the time so fixed.
Dated this 25th day of April, 1905.
Benry M'Lleb. Connty Judge.
Strictly Genuine.
Most of the patent medicine testimo
nials are probably genuine. The follow
ing notice recently appeared in the
Atchison (Kan.) Globe: “Joe Tack, a
well known engineer, running on the
Missouri Pacific between Wichita and
Kiowa, lately appeared in a big one,
with a picture, and when he was in
this office to-day, we asked him about
it. He says he had a terrific pains in
his stomach, and thought he had cancer
His druggist recommended Kodol and
he says it cured him. He recommended
it to others, who were also cured.”
Kodal Dyspepsia Cure digests what you
eat and cures all stomach troubles.
Sold by W. W. Albers.
Ver Low Retes to Milwaukee Wis ,
Via the North-Western Line. Excursion
tickets will be sold on June Sand also
June 6for trains reaching Milwaukee on
or before noon of that date, limiß/d tore
turn until June 9 inclusive, on account
of I. 0.0. F. meeting. Apply to agent
Chicago & North-Western R’y.
Very Low Rates to Toronto, Ont..
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion tickets will be sold on June 18, 19,
21, and 22, with favorable return limits,
on account of triennial convention.
International Sunday School associa
tion. Apply to agents Chicago & North-
Western K’y.
Half Rates to Annual Meeting German
Baptist Brethren, Bristole, Tenn.,
Via the North-Western Line. Excur
sion tickets will be sold at one fare for
round trip May 31 to June 2, inclusive,
with favorable return limits. Apply to
agents Chicago & North-Western Ry.
I Cure Nervous Debility, Blood
Poison, Rheumatism, Enlarged
Veins, Fistula, Piles and OtheK
Rectal Diseases, Kidney, Blad
der and Lingering Ailments.
TION, whether you take treatment or not
Varicocele Impairs Vitality and De
stroys the Elements of Manhood.
I want every man afflicted with Vari
cocele, Blood Poison, Nervo-Vital De
bility, or allied troubles to come to my
office, where I will explain to him my
method of curing these diseases. I in
vite ia particular all men who have be
come dissatisfied with treatment else
where. I will explain to you why you
have not been cu’ed, and will demon
strate to your entire satisfaction whv I
can cure you safely, quickly, and per
I AniF* If you re suffering from persist .it
Headache, Paiuful Menstruation,
Uterine Displacements, Pains in Back, and feei
as if it were impossible for you to endure your
troubles nud still be obliged to attend to jour
household and social obligations, give the
Doctor a call. He will cure you if you trust your
| self to his care. A great many have taken treat
| ment of this Specialist, and he can refer you to
1 those who have been cured by bint.
and will be refunded to you it after us
ing half a bottle of
you are not satisfied with results.
This is our guarantee which goes with
every bottle.
For Sale vnd Guaranteed Only bw
W. W. ALBERS, Druggist.
Wausau, Wisconsin.
5- Juft.
t M4SS
Capital $150,000
Surplus and Profits, $40,000
Respectfully solicits the accounts of cor
porations, mercantile ljyms and
into oar savings department. If yon spend all,
somebody else deposits your money. It is bet
te. to do yonr own banking. 3 per cent, on sav
ing accounts or on certificates of deposit.
D. L. Plumer, President; R. E. Parcher, John
Itingle, Vice-Presidents; A. H. drool, Cashier;
H. E. Smith, Ass’t Cashier; C. 8. Cnrtis, Jacob
denstnan. C. F. Dunbar, and. L). Jones.
There Is a Difference.
The ditlerence between Kennedy’s
Laxative Honey and Tar and all other
Cough Syrups is that it moves the
bowels, thus expelling a cold from the
system. This relaxes the nerve-tissues
and by its healing effect on the throat
and lungs the cough is relieved —cured
entirely. Kennedy’s is the original
Laxative Honey and Tar and contains
no opiates. Good alike for young or
old. Tastes good. Sold by W r . W.
Palmo Tablets
transform weak, broken-down, nerv
ous wrecks into magnificent types of
physical perfection. They restore
the nerves and kidneys to their normal
conditions and make you look and
feel years younger. Guaranteed. fiO
cents. Book Free. The S. R. Feil
Cos., Cleveland, O.
For sale by W. W. Albers, druggist.

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