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Do Not Trifle
With a Cold
I* good advice for men and women. !♦
may be vital in the case of a child. Long
experience has proven that there is noth
ing better for colds in children than
Coug'h Remedy
It is a favorite wi l h many mothers and
never disappoints them. It contains no
opium or other narcotic and may be
with implicit confidence.
Hers Guile.
Leavt Arrive
Wanes t W ansae
_ .. . _ "I 2:42 B.m. 1:30a.m
Oshkosh Fond da Lac. ! 7:06 a.m. 3:10 a.m
Milwaukee and Chicago, '"12:30 p.m. 12:04p.m
j 11:15p.m. 9:55p.m
Hurley and Ashland. J
> l :80 a.m. 2:42a.m.
Marshfield St. Paul, i9.-06a.rn. 10:00a.m.
'finnaapnlitand vest 11204 p. m. 4:00p.m..
t Sundays only. I 9:56 p. m 11:15 p.m.
Parlorcarun day trains. Train leavingll:ls
f. m.has sleeper tor Milwaukee and Chicago.
rainleaving at i:80 a m. has sleeper and re
dlining chair car for St. Pan) and Minneapolis.
Tioketssold and baggage checked to all impor
tant points in the United States, Canada and
I> . MoNacghtor .Agent
0.. M. A ST. r. RAILWAY.
For Chicago, Milwankeeand west, daily 7:46 p.m.
For Chicago, Milwaukee and west, daily
except Sunday - .... - 10:40 a.m.
For the north, daily, except Sunday — 9:10 a.m.
For the north, Sundays only 12:45 p. m
For Tomahawk, dally, except Sunday.. 7:45 p.m.
Close connections are made with 10:40 a. m.
train for all points in Southern Wisconsin and
Northern Illinois.
Tiokets on sale and baggage checked to desti
nation. M. F. Golden, Agent.
Attend the Wausau Business college,
Wausau, Wis. afi-tf
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. L.
A. Guyette on Wednesday.
Dr. Turbin, the eminent German
specialist and surgeon, will be at the
Beilis House, Wednesday, April 7th.
Mrs. Martin Griffen of Stevens Point t
who had lived in that city for over a
half century, died on Wednesday.'
Hi, there! Speaking of the very best
horse shoeing—we don’t do any other
kind. We’re the experts and the price
is always right. Come and see us.
ml6-tf. M. J. Kavanaugii.
We understand that the project to
build an interurbau line of railway to
connect the towns of Grand Rapids and
Port Edwards is a go. It will be fi
nanced largely by Wausau capital.
On Thursday evening the mission
circle of the Universalist church met at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wilson.
It was the occasion of the annual ban
quet and the gentlemen were invited in
to participate.
J. I*. Hughes has decided to leave the
city, we learn. He has accepted a posi
tion as agent for a tea and coffee house
and will have Northern Michigan as
his territory. He will move his family
to the northern peninsula.
Reward Offered.— A volume of the
Wisconsin River Pilot, containing the
issues of the years 1873 and 1874, has
been lost track of. Any information
leading to its recovery left at 407 Grand
avenue, will be rewarded. tf
Rev. F. H. Hallock of Menominee,
Mich., officiated at St. John’s Episcopal
church last Sunday, in the absence of
rector who Is holding services in Men
ominee. Rev. Johnson will be here to
hold the service in his church next Sun
Fred Erdman of the town of Stettin,
has purchased of the Wausau Street
Railroad Cos. the sawmill machinery
taken out of the old Plumer mill last
summer. He intends building a mill in
his home town and will use the machin
ery purchased in fitting it for sawing.
A E Beebee, treasurer of the village
of Mi Millan, was the first to make set
tlement with the county treasurer this
year. He has held this record for several
years past, but was nosed out last year
by the treasurer of the village of
Spencer. As usual, Mr. Beebee this
year reports no delinquent tax in his
H. M. Lewis of Madison, referee in
bankruptcy for the western district of
Wisconsin, has notified the creditors of
F. M. Logan that a petition of that
firm’s trustee, the Wisconsin Valley
Trust Cos., for the sale of the bankrupt
stock will be heard in Madison, March
23. The trust company has made peti
tion for the right to sell the property at
public or private sale.
Wall wealth. By that we mean the
beauty that adorns the home—the
paper on the wall. You can have this
by purchasing your paper of C. G Pier,
204 Scott St., ’phone 1426.
A Wausau gentleman who came home
from Rhinelander a few days ago states
that a United States marshal was on
the train, in charge of three Chippewa
Indians from the Flambeau reservation,
whom he was taking to Madison to
stand trial for various offenses commit
ted on the reservation. Oue of them
was “Big George,” a powerful man and
heap bad Injun. About fifteen years
ago “Big George" was arrested for kill
ing a Swede, and at the trial he was
asked if he killed the white man.
George replied. “No killum white man;
killum Swede.” He served time for
P. L. Moore of Pelican Lake, a post
office inspector, was in the city last Fri
day looking over the affairs of the local
office. Some time ago the postmaster
made application to the department for
a sub-station in the northern part of the
city. While here Mr. Moore, accom
panied by the postmaster, looked over
the territory and it is quite likely that
the department will see to provide for
the station. For several years a sub
station has been maintained on the west
side in the Albers drug store. Th 6 es
tablishment of a station in the northern
section will provide facilities for the
people of that section for buying
stamps, money orders, etc , and will be
quite a convenience.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for >nr
ase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall s
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo O.
We, tbe undersigued. have known f. J.
Cheney for the last 15 jests, and believe hi.-i
perfectly honorable in all business tranascUons
and financially able to carry out any obligations
made by hts firm.
Waldino. Kinxas A Mabvix.
Wholesale Drur-*isle. Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Testemoniajs sent free. Price 73
cents per bottle. Sold by all Draggists.
Take HAli s Family Pills for oousUpation.
C C. Parlin delivered his lecture on
Rome in Tomahawk Saturday evening.
Children’s headwear and baby bon
nets at the Misses Delaoey, 610 Third
S. W. Welland, one of the young men
of our city, will soon go to Portland,
Oregon, to reside.
Rev. H. C. Postlewaite of Marshfield,
preached in the Presbyterian church
Sunday, both morning and evening.
Dr. Turbin, the eminent German
specialist and surgeon, will be at the
Beilis House, Wednesday, April 7th.
Prof. John E. llillberg addressed the
four o’clock, men’s meeting at the Y. M.
C. A. Sunday afternoon. Subject, "The
Question of an Autocratic Employer.”
There is a time to paint, which, taken
at the tlood, leads on to money saving.
The time is now and the place to buy
paints is at C. G Pier’s 204 Scott St,
'phone 1426.
Chas. Ninneman and Ida Pophal were
married Saturday at the home of the
bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand
Pophal, in the town of Wausau. They
will reside in the city.
Chas. A. Cowee’s little girl fell and
sustained a severe cut in her forehead
last Thursday afternoon. Mr Cowee
is in tbe Wausau Business College and
resides at 613 S. Fifth Ave.
Found— Near my home on Tuesday,
March 2, an overcoat. The owner may
have the same by proving property and
paying for this notice.
W. W. Thayer, Hogarty, Wis.
A civil service examination was con
ducted in the city last week for posi
tions as school teachers in the Philip
pine islands. Two young men from
Lynn, Wis., were the only ones to ap
A number of members of the local
Rebekah lodge are coutemplating going
to Merrill tomorrow to attend the dis
trict meeting of the order. P. A. Badour
of Oconto, grand master of the Odd
Fellows lodge, will make an address at
the meeting.
Etta May and Wm. F. Thurn, recent
arrivals in the city, were divorced in
circuit court Saturday, the woman be
ing the petitioner, alleging that she had
been cruelly treated. The parties came
herefrom Minnesota in January. They
have one child, which will be in the
custody of the mother.
The police picked up a stranger on
one of our streets, well dressed, but
much the worse for liquor. When be
ing docketed at the city hall he was
asked, “What is your name?” He
answered, “Smith” “Your full name,”
queried the officer. “That’s the name
I always give when I’m full,” he
Rev. Father Dunne’s fame has pre
ceded l:!m, as there is much interest
evinced in his lecture to be given St.
Patrick’s day. There is being sold a
very large number of tickets for the
event. Father Dunne is perhaps one of
the ablest platform speakers in the
Northwest, and his subject, “The Irish
American,” will give him an opportun
ity to heap new honors upon himself.
The fifth and concluding number of
the Y. M. C. A. course will be given in
the opera house Wednesday evening,
March 31. On that evening Geo. R-
Wendling of Washington, D. C., will
give one of his popular lectures. Mr.
Wendling has ten lectures in his reper
toire, six on modern doubt and four
on historical subjects. It is not known
at present which one he will choose to
give in Wausau.
Prof. Pyre of the faculty of the Uni
versity of Wisconsin delivered the last
of a series of lectures before the Ladies’
Literary club of this city on tbe even
ing of Friday last. He spoke in th M
E. church, and his topic was “Amer
ican Writers and American Culture.”
He devoted most of the evening to a
discussion of Walt Whitman, ’’i writ
ings and his characteristics. WI '.man,
he claimed, was not a polished writer,
but be appealed to the common people.
One of the old conductors ou the
Wausau Street Railroad Co.’s line, vho
is somewhat of a poet has composed the
following lines:
Oh woman you are charming,
And poets loug have sung
Their sweetheart verses to you
In every written toDgue,
But none of them has ever
Told why it is that you
Will always leave a street car
.ot due gnorW
Supt. S. B. Tobey of the city schools
spent the latter part of the week in
Madison, appearing before a committee
of the legislature, in furthering the in
terests of a bill presented which, if
passed will be of benefit to teachers
who devote the first part of their lives
to the profession. The bill provides a
pension of S3OO annually to those spend
ing 25 years in teaching. The pension
fund is to be made up by taking 10c
from the general school fuDd for each
child of school age and 1 per cent, of
the salaries of teachers. There is a
probability that the bill will meet with
the approval of the legislature.
Tax the Women of Wausau the
Same as Elsewhere.
Hard to attend to the household duties
With a constantly aching back.
A woman should not have a bad back,
And she wouldn’t if the kidneys were
Doan’s Kidney Pills make well kid
Here is a Wausau woman who endor
ses this claim.
Mrs. Jennie Garske, 320 N. Second
Ave., Wausau, Wis., says: “I suffered
from kidney trouble for more than two
years, before I learned of Doan’s Kid
ney Pills. I was in such a condition
that I could not do my housework. My
feet and ankles became swollen puffy
spots appeared beneath my eyes and the
kidney secretions were unnatural in
appearance. The doctors I consulted
told me I bad dropsy. I had about
given up in despair when I was advised
to try Doan's Kidney Pills and and will
ing to get anything that might help me,
1 procured a box from the Pardee Drug
Cos. Since using this remedy I have
been able to do my housework with
ease and all the other symptoms of my
trouble have c.en relieved to a great
For sale by all dealers Price 50 cents.
Foster-Miiburn Cos , Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan’s—and
take no other.
ATTORNEY Al‘ LAW. Office in National
**• German American Bank Building, Waaaan,
Wisconsin. a2-fim
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office, 602 Third St.
in National German American Bank build
Brown, Frail, Genrica & Anderson.
I AWYEItS. Practice in all oor.rts. Loans,
*-* Abstracts and Collections. Office# over First
National Bank.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and Colleo
** tinns a specialty. Office, 805 third street.
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Office on Scott street,
opposite the Court House.
Kreutzer, Bird dr Rosenberrj.
A TTOBNEYB AT LAW, Wausan, Wis., comer
L 1 of Scott and Third streets Mct rossen
block. Money to loan in large or small amounts
Collection a specialty.
E. L. dr F. E. BUMP.
**■ Money to loan. Offices over Marathoi- Cos.
Bank. Telephone No. 1178.
A TTORNEY AT LAW. Office in First Nad
a Bank Building, Wausan. Wis.
DR. A. a. LEMKE.
Office, 812 S. First avenue, over Albers' wee
side drag store.
Office at residence, 526 Jackson Street.
Office hours, 2 to 6 p. m.
Night calls attended to.
204 Scott Street, Braatz block.
Telephone No. 1557.
Wausan, Wis.
1 door south of the First National Bank.
Special attention given to diseases of women
and children. Telephone connection.
1 Albers’ drug store, 301 Third St. Telephone:
Residence, 1212. Office, 1250.
Sargeon at St. Mary’s Hospital.
Office in the Lawrence block, 515-617 Third
street. Residence, 702 Fourth street. Office
hours: 9to 10 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m. Tuesday N c
Saturday evenings from 7 to 8. Telephone and
Residence 1210; Office 1312.
\\j OMAN’S WAY TO HEALTH. Office, 313
* v Third street, over Mayer’s shoe store.
f. ti. miMWE t
OFFlCE—Paff’s Block. 216 Third St.
Dr. Conlin, Dentist
Office over
National German American Bank
Telephone 1711
Dr. Russell Lyon
No. 311 Third Street
WAUBAU. wis.
Dr. J. R. Bryant
Office hour* 9to 12. 1:80 to sp. m.
Tuesday and Saturday evenings.
Office 'Phone 1209. Residence 'Phone 1767.
More Big Crops in 1908
Hrom the United State*
New Districts open-
J for settlement.
320 acres of land to
-160 free homestead
and 160 acres at
only $3 per acre.
"A vast, rich coun
try and a contented,
prosperous people.’’
Extract from corre
spondence of a
Kansas Editor, whose
visit to Western Can
gust, 1908, was an in
f spiration.
—f Many have paid the entirecost
( 1 of their farms and had a bal-
V i frl , ance from 510.00 to 520.00 per
acre as a result of one crop.
Spring and Winter Wheat,
Oats, Harley, Flax and Pens
are the principal crops, while
I the wild grasses bring to per
fection the best cattle ever sold
on the Chicago market.
PT— — Splendid Climate,gJSSSft
nil localities. Railways touch
most of the settled dint rifts, and
price* for produce are always
I good. Land* mav also be purchased
bv*. * from Railway ana Land Companies,
PjV y For pamphlets, map* and infor
- nation regarding low Railway
CAki., ■ Rates, apply to Kaperftateadcnt of
I WRtytft Immigration. Ottawa, Canada,
I or to Ut* auiboriiod Canadian Oof. Agt.
T. O. CURRIE.(Can. Gov't. A*t.)
U 180 3rd St.
Milwaukee. Wis.
wn. zinnEß
If you are Paper
in want o Hanging,
of any 0 Hardwood
wn. zmncß,
P. O. b0x.215; telephone,No. 1540.
Estimates given on short notice.
The. . .
Royal Restaurant -
205 Third Street
The Royal Road to a
25c-Square Meal-25c
Osswald s ]
Vienna Bakery
Old Original Pioneer
Our bakery is open for inspection. Our products were
always pure There was no need of a PURE
FOOD LAW to get us in line. Try
the tempting things
We Bake Every Day
Fresh Oysters all the time, now
Choice Fancy Groceries, Table Delicacies, Pure Coidec
tionery and Fruits
Goods delivered to any and all parts of the city
614 Third Street Telephone 1450
Jiz. - A ,>
•V=il-'- * -"ff" , * v v^-^ E^
For Spring of 1909
HOST comprehensive and beautiful collec
tion ever shown in this vicinity.
All new designs, harmonious and strik
ing color effects. Exclusive designs which
cannot be duplicated by anyone else in this part
of the state.
I would especially direct your attention to the
new grass cloth and hofi, both of which are rapidly
growing in favor and which are conceded to be the
best small figured and selftoned fabrics on the market.
Upon request, I will furnish special designs in
water color sketches for churches, halls, etc.
In the line of books, stationery and office supplies which we
don’t handle.
We have a fine line of art goods, bric-a-brac, hand painted china,
cut glass, etc.
Subscriptions taken for any periodical or magazine.
J. ROHDE, 521 Third Street
Does Your
Shoe Pinch?
Throw away the misfits
and get Footwear of us
which will give you ease
and comfort. We can
fit anything but a club
foot. It’s all in the se
lection and we have a
grade of stock which
will suit the most ex
acting buyer.
Wausau’s Oldest and Most Reliable
Shoe House
Offices—Lawrence Block
Nos. 5 15-517 Third St.
The Cook knows—
That the best articles for the table
comes from our store. Strictly pure
food goods handled.
Visit an 18-Male Grocery Store
Wm. Baerwald,
•cl CHAS. H. WEGNER t>
Largest General Store in Wausau
Corner Main and Scott Sts.
A supply of Fresh Butter and Eggs and all Farm Produce alwayson hand.
A Black Cat
No, we don’t want any
cats, but we do want the
people to know that when it
comes to selling Hardware
we are right there with the
goods all the time.
There are few things in
the catalogue which we don’t
carry. Stock A No. 1, prices
210-212 Third St.
and Surgeon
Diseases of Women
Office over Wiechman’s drug store.
Wausau. Wis.
—Mrs. A. H. Reid returned from a
visit at Merrill on Friday evening.
—C. B. Bird was in Madison the past
week on business before the Supreme
—Wm. Farmer, who has been in
Cornucopia for some time has returned
to the city.
—Mr. and Mrs. H. G. McCrossen and
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Babcocl spent
Thursday in Merrill.
—Miss Sadie Aanstad, trimmer for
the Misses Delaney, has been in Chicago
of late, purchasing new millinery
—Miss Caroline Merklein came in
from her school near Marathon City
Friday night, to spend Sunday with her
—Judge Jas. O’Neill of Neillsville,
was in the city Wednesday. He went
to Rhinelander the same day to hold
court for Judge A H. Reid.
—Sam Hodes, who has been suffering
with inflammatory rheumatism for sev
eral weeks, departed Wednesday even
ing for Mt. Clemens, Mich., for treat
That’s the Way to Pronounce Hyomei,
the Money Back Catarrh Cure.
As doubt exists in the minds of many
readers of the Pilot let us say that the
above is the proper pronunciation of
America’s most wonderful catarrh cure.
W. W. Albers is the agent for Hyomei
in Wausau and he will sell you an in
haler, a bottle of Hyomei and full in
structions for use, for only $1 00.
And if it fails to cure acute or chronic
catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, croup, hay
fever or coughs and colds, he will give
you your money back. The person who
suffers from catarrh after such an offer
as that, must like to snuffle, 3pit and
wheeze, and be generally disgusting.
Read what Mr. G. F. Lowe says:
“I have used Hyomei for a case of
nasal catarrh which had bothered me
for a long time. I can say that Hyomei
killed the germs of the disease and gave
me the much sought and needed relief.
From this experience 1 know Hyomei to
be a reliable remedy, and I give it the
praise and recommendation that it de
serves.”—G. F. Lowe, R F. D. No. 7,
Allegan, Mich , September 19, 1908.
reuablFmarket reports.
Nothing gives a newspaper a firmer
place in public confidence than a well
established reputation for accurate and
complete reports of the world’s markets.
Business men throughout tbe West
have long esteemed The Chicago Record-
Herald for the uniformly trustworthy
way in which it covers the whole field
of financial and commercial news.
W hether you want to know what con
sols are worth in London or what rail
road stocks are quoted at in New York,
what price corn is bringing in .Kansas
City or how wheat is selling at Minne
apolis or Chicago, you can always turn
to the financial and commercial pages
of The Record-Herald with the certainty
of getting the latest,facts in full and
unbiased form.
The men who write the local live
stock, board of trade and financial
news for The Record-Herald are exper
ienced staff editors whose years of
trusted acquaintance with leading men
often give them inside tips on impor
tant news in advance of other papers
The only morning newspaper in Chica
go having its own special correspond
ent to cover the New York stock mark
et is The Record Herald. George S.
Beachel’s daily telegraphic reports
from the stock and money markets of
Wall street are models of insight and
accuracy. The Record-Herald makes
it a point to cover in full the financial
reports of corporations and the bank
ing activities of Chicago and the West
The “Speculative Gossip” and notes of
Wall street and LaSalle street happen
ings are valued by the largest brokers
for their glimpses of real “inside his
tory” of the various markets.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pohl entertained a
number ot their many friends Sunday
afternoon in honor of Mr. Fohl’s birth
day. A good time was had by all, the
evening being spentin playing cards by
the men. Refreshments were served.
All departed wishing Mr. Pohl m any
more happy birthdays.
Miss Eva Bouchie entertained a num
ber of her friends at a farewell party
on Friday evening. Games were played
and refreshments were served, all re
ported a good time. She will leave
Monday for her home in Marinette.
Heraunt, Mrs. M. Harrigus, will accom
pany her home.
A veterinary surgeon, of Wausau,
was iu Ed oar, Friday and Saturday
to see a number of sick horses.
The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. F. J.
PomkewiXz on Wednesday, of last week.
The German Aid met with Mrs. E.
Hoenisb, Thursday.
Crood Cough Medicine for Children.
The season for coughs and colds is
now at hand and too much care cannot
be used to protect the children. A
child is much more likely to contract
diphtheria or scarlet fever when he has a
cold. Tbe quicker you cure his cold the
L-m the risk. Chamberlain’s Gough
Remedy is the sole reliance of many
mothers, and few of those who have
tried it are willing to use any other.
Mrs. F. F. Starcher, of Ripley, W. Va ,
says: “I have never used anything
other than Chamberlain’s Cough Rem
edy for my children, and it has always
given good satisfaction.” This remedy
contains no opium or other narcotic
and may be given as confidently to a ;
child as to an adult. For sale by W. W’. j
Low Fares For Settlers. Chicago.
Milwaukee & St- Paul Ry.
Low fares for settuers, every Tuesday
from March 23rd to April 27th, inclusive,
to North Dakota &l 4 MoDU.ua points
ou the new Chicago* Milwaukee & Puget
SouDd Railway. Rates apply to Haynes.
Hettinger. Bowman, Marmarth and
other North Dakota points, and to
Baker, Miles City, Forsyth, Musselshell,
Larina, Roundup, Harlowton, Moore,
Lewiston and other Montana stations
on this new line. Complete informa
tion free from your local agent. F. A
Miller, General Passenger Agent Chi
cago. m9-wo
Wahtei>—Hemlock lath bolts, 50
inches long. For particulars inquire at
office of Babeer A Stewart Lbr. Cos.,
Wansau, Wis., tf
of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon
who has visited our city for the past seventeen years,
will again be in
Wausau, at Hotel Beilis, Wednesday, April 7
HOURS, 9 A. M. TO 8 P. M.,
and every fourth Wednesday thereafter.
I treat Rheumatism, Enlarged Veins, Fistula, Piles ano
other Rectal Diseases, Kidney, Bladder and Lingering Ailments.
whether you take treatment or not.
I want every one afflicted to come to my office where I will explain
to him my method of curing these diseases. I invite in particular all
those who have become dissatisfied with treatment elsewhere. I will
explain to you why you have not 'been cured, and will demonstrate to
your entire satisfaction why I can cure you safely, quickly and perma
nently. My counsel will cost you nothing, but my charges for a perfect
cure will be reasonable and not more than you will be willing to pay for
the benefits conferred. I will do by you as 1 would want you to do by
me if our cases were reversed.
Y OilTlfiT IVIPn J° u are tro,, ffl t ‘d with stupidness or are otherwise
* unfitted for business or study, you should consult
this specialist at once. Don’t delay until too late.
Middle-Aged, and Old Mankind
There are thousands of you troubled with weak, aehing backs and kidneys and
other unmistakable signs. Many die of this difficulty, ignorant of tbe cause.
The most obstinate cases of this character treated with unfailing success.
which poisous the breath, stomach and lungs and paves the
vetuai A u way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver, Heart, Kidney,
Bladder, and all constitutional and internal troubles; also Rupture, Piles, Fistula,
Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea and all diseases of the stomach and bowels treated far in
advance of any institution in the country.
T3l Anri QY"IH Sirin Diseases, Sores, Spots, Pimples, Scrofula,
JJIUUU. auu kJiYIU. Tumors, Tetter and Eczema thoroughly
eradicated, leaving the system in a strong, pure and healthful state.
r jCjHipkCt R y°u are suffering from persistent Headache, Pains in Back,
UOiUiCO and feel as if it were impossible for you to endure your troubles
and still be obliged to attend to your household and social obligations, give the
Doctor a call. He will cure you if you trust yourself to his care. A great many
have taken treatment of this Specialist, and he can refer you to those who have
been cured by him.
ffT..! A _ your troubles if living away from city. Thousands cured at home
yV LILS by correspondence and medicine sent as directed. Absolute
secrecy in all professional dealings. Address all letters, giving
street and number plainly.
Address:—Doctor Turbin, 103 Randolph St., Chicago, 111.
Furniture |
Furniture |
The lowest priced Furniture Store in Wausau.
Always carries a strictly new stock of goods.
Once a customer always a pleased customer.
Compare our goods with those of other dealers,
TUB Larißsl ui Most Moflon Brora ii Wen Wiscom
Where the good, old “RUDER BEER" is made. The “STAR" of all
beers. Known for its purity and health giving- qualities. Why drink in
ferior grades when you may obtain this beer for the same money. A
trial order will convince you. Telephone No. 1003.
First pnblication March 2, last March 23.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Wisconsin, f'onnty Conrt for Marathon
County:— In Probate.
Notice is hereby giveD that the time np to, and
including the first Tnen.ay of September. 1909,
is hereby allowed to creditors of Frank Nolden,
deceased, to present thfir claim* for .•xariiination
and allowance. A'so that all claims so presented
will be examined and adjusted at a regular term
of said county conrt to be held at the court
honse in the city of Waasan on the first Tuesday
of October. 1909.
Dated Febrnary 2Srd, 1909.
By the conrt,
Hknb* Millxb, County Judge.
Kbectzkh, Bibp, Hu-xjii'.krhv A Okonxhki.
First pnblication March 9. last March 30.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Wisconsin, County Court for Marathon
County.—ln P.. hate.
Notice is hereby given that tbe time np to,
and including the first Tuesday of October. 19 9,
is hereby allowed to creditors of Christina Beilin
deceased, to present theircJaims for examination
and allowance. Also that all claims so pre
sented, will be examined and adjasted at a regn
lar term of said County Conrt to be held at the
Conrt Honse in the city of Wausan on the first
Tuesday of November, 1909.
Dated March 2. 1909.
By the conrt,
Henby Millie, County Judge.
E. P. Gobmak. Attorney.
First publication March 16. last April 20.
In circnit conrt—Marathon county—State of
Minnie Csrolino Seward,
▼f. Plaintiff. !
Theodore Seward.
Defendant. J
Btat or W laco.N-in to the eaid defendant:
Yon are hereby summoned "> appear within
twenty days after service of this snmmona, ex
clusive-if the day of ae.-' ice. a.'d defend the
above entitled action in tbe aforessid. and
inoeeeofyoar failnre to so do. jodgment will
be rendered against yon according to th# de
mands of the complaint, of which a copy is here
with served open yon.
Kkomkh A Iti hole
Plaintiff’s Attorneys.
P. O. address: Waasan, Marathon County, Wis
NOTE: The defendant herein will please take
notice fiat tbe snmmona sod complaint in tire
above entitled action are on file In the office of
the clerk of the circuit conrt for Marathon
Fresh. Rtlllblt. Pu>e
Sus'sMetC to Pltase
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IS, IS tirauw CStS— nwe Ist it IS
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Srrtt today! Saul (watt to half ytv paatot tod
Strata* tut Iteatra tba ate*>* !.< Crditctioa." le
*tW nk owr Jtsw and laatrsetisa Otrtota Gmida
(fit Rose Bt. Rockford. Illinois
“ The Store
That Serves
You Right”
Whist. and Cinch—£®"w e . 1 u d t
Cards for sale at the Pilot office.
The* PW era Kor your cummer
-1 lie 1 lace TO clal printing go to
the Pilot office. The finest stationery, anil
the quickest and best of work, call and get
Pi rut publication Jan. 19. laat March Ist.
State of Wisconsin. In Circuit Court.
Marathon County
M. B. Cracraft. Plaintiff.l
ts, |
J K. P rrdeu. M. M. Borden, >
Frank J. Malioney and Mary |
Hennca, Pefendanta J
The Htate Or Wisconsin to the said defen
Yon are hereby summoned to appear within
twenty days after service of this summons,
exclusive of the day of service and defend the
above entitled action in the coart aforeeaid; and
in case of yoor failure ao to do lodgment will Ire
rendered against you recording to the dem nd
of tli# complaint, of which a copy ia herewith
served opon yon.
Jobs V. Colb.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
P O. Address. Marshfc. Id. W<*xl County. Wla
To the said defendant*:
TAKE NOTICE that the aoromons and com
pisint in this action was nlad w'th tba Clerk of
said Conrt at hi* office in the City of Wauaan.
W iaconain, on the 11th day of JsLuary, A. D. 19(9
C. H. WEGNER. Prop.
206 Forest Street
All kintlii of light &nd heavy draying,
Household good a moved, freight de
livered, etc. Rates the lowest and
service prompt
White PlymoDlb Bocl Cockerels
$2 00 each aDd up. Kggs tl 50 and t 2 00
per setting of 15 from prize
winning stock
F. T. SYNNOTT, 74ST 1 Wansm Wii,
Paimo Tablet a
transform weak, broken-down, nerv
ous wrecks into magnificent types of
physical perfection. They restore
the nerves and kidneys to their normal
conditions and make you look and
feel years younger. Guaranteed. 60
cent*. Book Free. The S. R. Fell
Cos., Cleveland, O.
For sale by W. W .Alber,drugffa‘ j

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