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TraTßlers Glide,
Arrive Leave
Wausau Wausau
2:06a.m.) Appleton f 2:15a.m.
3:16a.m. Oshkosh. 7:05a.m.
2:22p.m.Fond du Lac, 12:10p.m.
2:45p.m.: Milwaukee. I 5:20p.m.
9:43p.m. J Chicago Ul:lsp.m.
1 Autigo (10*05 a m.
3:15a Si. Rhinelander •'ll:lsp.m.
2:3P p. m. ) Hurley 1
{. Rhinelander \ 7:45p.m.
9:05 a. in. f, Antigo t
7:2op.mj Antigo -{l2:lop.m.
2:15a.m.) Marsh3eld. [ 2:05a.m.
10:05a.m. i. St. Paul j 9:05 a.m.
4:15p.m. I Minneapolis )?:39 p.m.
11:00p.m.J Iluluth and west { 9:43 p.m.
Parlor car on train leaving at 7:05 a. m.
Train leaving at 11:15 p. m. has daily sleeper
for Milwaukee and Chicago. Train leaving at
2:05 a. m. has sleeper and reclining chair car
for St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tickets St,ld
and baggage checked to all important points
In the United States, Canada and Mexico.
D. McNaughtos, Agent.
Pass, train No. 1. N„ daily, except
Sunday 7:00 a.m.
Pass, train No. 0,8„ daily, except
Sunday 10:30 a. m.
Pass, train No. 2, S.. daily, except
Sunday 7:50 pm..
Pass, train No. 5. N., daily, except
Sunday B:2tip. m.
Pass, train No. 25, N., Sundays only 1 :08 p. m.
Pass, train No. 20, S., Sundays only 7:50 p. in-
Close connections are made with 10:30 a. m.
train for all points in Southern Wisconsin and
Northern Illinois.
Tlcketson sale and baggage checked to des
tination. H. S. Lutz. Agent.
Men’s Shoes |
and low cut, on
lasts in brown and black, up-to
date and at moderate prices.
The workmanship of our Shoes
is of the highest class and the
styles of lasts are bound to.
give comfort to your feet.
Used Cars
Must be seen to be appreciated. Get
full description on request.
Used Car Department
131 Clinton Street Phone 1257
jfxGE ill
<' - Keep the face attractively young.
Use Nyal's Face Cream (with per
- : oxide), it's antiseptic and being
f s greaseless is readily absorbed by the
K . skin. Though Nyal’s Face Cream is
,| vastly superior to all others, it costs
11 no more than the rest. Yes, it's just
‘ the right thing for chapped skin,
' J cracked Lps, freckles, tan and sun
'• burn. Particular people insist on
getting Nyal's Face Cream—it’s bet
* ter than the rest.
BThen, too—the odor of Nyal’s Face
Cream is dainty and delicately refined.
• T Nyal’s Face Cream cleanses the pores,
, * nourishes the skin and leaves it soft
and velvety. Thousands of women
and men who know through experi-
ence, say: “For your complexion's
hu sake use—Nyal’s Face Cream.’’ It’s
aold in *wo sizes—2s and 50
' -cnts. Get this delightful
cream at our store.' Wo
have the Nyal agency.
Take home a jar
i?r.r. y° u . *°*
Face Cream 'V' night,
afterthe shave.
*° Ploss Pharmacy
3 10 third Street. Hsus u, Wl*.
• •
t’aimo TaUiOlß
transform weak, broken-down, titn
ous wrecks into magnificent typ v -s of
physical perfection. They restore
the nerves and kidneys to the ir normal
conditions and make jou look. :nd
feel years vounger. Guaranteed. 50
cents Bul k Free. Vhe S. K f
Cos., Cleveland, U.
For sale by W. W. Albers, druggist
Practice Limited to Consultation
and Diseases of Women
and Surgery.
■ trademarks and ropy obt*iol or wo ■
■ f. SotJ model. iMte or pb. sos *i -K- ■
■ scrtpiwn for FREE SEARCH *>„i reo'rt ■
■ on {ttteotahuny. tmnkmrer.-o.MW. *
■ ynu. Oar free twwktet* tril No bat to ta*ent ■
■ aad aave you naT Write toJaj. ||
Id. swift & co.I
Seventh St., Waahmßton. D. C^
\ !
The ChristiarTScientist subject for
next Sunday will be •’Christ Jesus.”
Frank Morgan has sold five auto- j
mobiles during the past week and
has others on his string for later de
Just about two weeks is now left I
before the school bells will ring and
all students city will be called
back to work.
Swimming in the Wisconse or in
lake Wausau isn’t quite as popular
as it was a short time ago. The chil
liness of the water makes acquatic
games a little uncomfortable.
A great many dogs have been
caught during the past month which
have either been claimed by owners
or been put to death. Not very pleas
ant but necessary to protect public
William Dix and family have
moved to Wausau where Mr. Dix has
accepted employment at his trade of
mattress maker. He has been with
the local mattress company a number
of years—Marshfield News.
The Merrill Liederkranz passed
through tills city on Friday. They
changed trains here going to Elkhart
lake where they will attend the Sang
erfest outing. Their return will be
made the first part of this week.
Poole Pianos. —You have the lime,
you know the place, why not call and
hear the Poole and other pianos? We
will point out to you and show you
the difference in quality and long last
ing. For sale by C. H. Ingraham,
jeweler. adv
The interior of the high school
building is being cleaned and the lloors
and tiie woodwork in some of the
rooms are being varnished. Prepara
tion is being made in this way for
the opening of the first semestei of
the school year.
The advancement association is try
ing to persuade the Soo line to rur: a
special from Athens to Marshfield on
Thursday of the fair. This, if ac
complished, will enable the people of
Athens to visit the fair and return
home the same day.
The twelfth annual fair at Marsh
field will he pulled off this week in
that city. There seems to be con
siderable interest taken in this agri
cultural show Ah is year. As usual,
Wausau will be well represented
among the visitors.
Do It Now: Subscribe for the Wom
an’s Home Companion and American
Magazine. Special rates for a limited
time. Only $2.40 for the two for one
year. The Woman’s Home Companion
2 years for only $2.25. The American
2 years for only 2.00. Send orders to
Blanche Armstrong,
Phone 1071. if 510 McClellan St
The crossing of Fourth and Scott
streets was plowed up Thursday
morning and repacked so as to make
it level. The same work was done
between Scott and Jefferson and at
the crossing of Jefferson and Fourth.
The steam roller is kept busy all
the time patching up the macadam
Fall is approaching. This fact can
he seen in the cool nights which are
ours now. The leaves of the trees are
even beginning to turn and many
farmers throughout the county and
state are preparing to harvest their
crops, which have been advancing
rapidly since the drenching rains of
last week.
This is a fine time of the year to
picnic and at all of the parks w ithin
easy reach picnic parties may Ik; seen
daily> enjoying daintily prepared
lunches. The fair grounds have always
been a popular place for this, as has
Alexander park to tiie north and
Rothschild park to the south. The
city could have beautiful parks and
playgrounds in the future, if it would
only take advantage of the fine op
portunities presented.
The George Under Brewing com
pany has purchased a. new motor
wagon for the distribution of its
amber fluid in the city and county,
and claims that it is a time saver in
the delivery of its goods. Horses
are gradually being relegated to the
rear for quick commercial delivery
and passenger tratlic purposes. Horses,
however, we'll still have with ns
for many other conveniences.
The city has done a splendid job of
work in repairing the street on
Clarke’s island from the slough bridge
to the approach of the falls bridge
and is a vast improvement in that
neighborhood. But why stop there V
Why not repair the street from the
west end of the Scott street bri ge to
intersect with the new work so ad
mirably accomplished? A few loads
of granite would have made it more
presentable and easier of navigation
A bunch of the chorus girls of ih
“Don't Lie to Your Wife" company
made a complaint about a week ago
at the police station, saying they had
not been paid for some time and that
they were afraid the manager of the
company would take it into his mind
to skip and leave them stranded.
Chief Malone said Tie would do what
he could but as the girls procuied no
warrant, the row was peaceably set-.
tied by the manager himself. It
looks as if theatre goers are scarce in
these Wisconsin cities.
Having located at Wausau, w aere 1
intend manufacturing knit goods j
which will be sold direct to the con- j
sumer. 1 take this means of intro- j
ducing myself to this community. I :
will engage quite extensively in the 1
knitting of wool sweaters, men's wool j
underwear, heavy wool hose, under
skirts. hoods, caps. etc., being deter
mined to supply patrons at al times
with values that w ill excell in every
1 make a specialty of nMootmg old '
Kindly call at my establishment at
your leisure and I will be plei-sed to ’
have you inspect samples of various
Assuring you that your time will
lx? well and profitably spent, I :uu,
Very truly yours,
H. C. BojfSA.
all-4w 712 Third St - Wausau, Wis. ,
MayorYiingle of Wausau, has been
! requested by the Hon. A. B. F letcher,
i president of the Fourth American
Road Congress and State Highway
Engineers of California, tom.me t hree
delegates to attend the sessions of tiie
! Congress at Atlanta, Georgia, dur
ing the week of November 9th.
Forty-seven great organizations are
taking part in the Congress i nder
the leadership of the American High
way Association and tiie American
Automobile Association. It his let
ter to tiie Mayor, President Fletcher
calls attention to the fact that prac
tically every state highway commis
sioner will be present and take part
in discussing Lite important problems
of road construction and maintenance
and that/Some of the foremost men
in public life will devote their atten
tion to the great question of Federal
Aid to road improvement, in an en
deavor to work out a policy which
may he submitted to the Congress of
the United States with the support
of tlie organized mad movement A
America. An important move bear
ing upon state legislation will be
made at the session to he ield under
the auspices of the American Bar
Association, at which a oint com
mittee, appointed at tiie 1913 Con
gress, will report progress in compila
tion and suggested revision of state
road laws. The creation of a com
mission participated in by each state
to work out a revision of the road
laws will be urged. The National
Civi Service Reform League will
hold an exceedingly important session
on the merit system in road adminis
Dr.ring the first three days of last
wpek, Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day, a teachers’ institute was held at
the County Training school building.
Practically two hundred of those ex
pecting to teacli in the county the
coming year were present. Supt.
Landgraf of Marinette conducted tiie
institute. The studies to he taught
in the rural districts and small towns
were thoroughly discussed and the
teachers given a better understanding
of how to begin to teach and what is
Last Thursday, Friday and Satur
day, directly following the institute,
tiie teachers’ examinations were held
at the court house. The following
was the program during tiie three
days and the studies in which the
applicants to teach were examined:
First day: 9:00 a. m Arithmetic,
Reading, Spelling*, ,
1:15 p. m History, Geography, Or
thoepy, Grammar.
Second day: 8:30a. m.— Constitution
Agriculture, Physiology.
1:15 p. m—School Management,
I Manual, Rural Economics, Library
Third day: 8:30 a. m English, His
tory. Physics, Algebra.
Supt. Pivernetz was not in the city
during the institute or the examina
tions as he is on his vacation in the
Infection and Insect Bites Dangerous
Mosquitoes, flies and other insects,
which breed quickly in garbage pails,
pondsof stagnant water, burns, musty
places, etc., are carriers of disease.
Every time they bite you they inject
poison into your system from which
some dread disease may lesult. Get
a bottle of Sloan’s Liniment. It is
antiseptic and a few drops will neu
tralize the infection caused by insect
bites or rusty nails. Sloan's Liniment
disinfects Cuts, Bruises and Sores.
You cannot afford to he without it in
your home. Money hack if not satis
fied. Only 25c. at your Druggist.
First publication Auy. 23, last Sept. 3.
Notice of Final Settlement and As
State of Wisconsin, County Court for Mara
thon County.—ln l’rol-ate.
Notice is hereby given that at a special term
of the county court to be held in and for said
county, at the corn: house in the city of Wau
sau. in said county, on the 4th Tuesday. (be
ing the 22d day) of September. A. D. IVI4. at
ID o'clock a. m-. the following matters will be
heard and considered:
□ The application of Rosalia Uury, executrix
of the will of I’eter liury. late of the city of
Wausau, in said county, deceased, for the
examination and allowance of her final
account of her administration and for the
assiimment of the residue of the estate of
Peter Bury, deceased, to such other persons
as are by law entitled to the same,
bated August 20. 1014-
By oraer of t lie court.
F. E- liu vi i*.
I levin Mir-LBK. County Judge,
l-irst publication Aug. 23. last Sept. s.
Probate Notice.
State of Wisconsin, County Court for Mara
thou County—ln Probate.
In the matter of the will of Elizabeth Kentpf.
Notice is hereby (riven that at the special
term of the county court, to be beld in and for
said county, at the court house in the city of
Wausau, in said county, on the second Tues
day. (being the 13th day) of September, 1914.
at 10o’clock a. m , the following matter will
Vie heard and considered:
The application of Barbara Kratz for the
appointment of Walter Meyer is administra
tor e ponis non with the w II annexed of
the estate of Elizabeth Kempt, late of the
town of Bergen, Marathon county. Wisconsin
bated this 21st day of August. 1914.
By the court.
F. E. Bump. County Judge.
First publication duly 2S. lost Sept. 1.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
State of Wisconsin. Circuit Court. Marathon
Edward C. Krktpow, Trustee
Plaint itT.
Chahi ks Boktchbr and Konst:
BotKHF.H. his wife. Andrew Christ.
Gborok Herbert Cow ell.
f efetjflants.
By virtue of a judgment off oreclcsure and
sale duly made in the above eut it led action on
the 12th day of July. 1913. duly docketed in
the office of the clerk of the lircuit court of
Marathon county on the loth day of July.
1913. and duly recorded on pago 145 of volume
<4)of the judgment record in the office of the
said circuit court of Marathon eountr.
I. Herman J. Abraham. th undersigned
sheriff for Marathon county, rill sell at the
west front door of the court house, in the city
of Wausau, la said Marathon county, on the
12th day of September. 1914. at 10 o'clock In
the forenoon of 11pd day. the real estate and
nvortinured premises directed by said judg
ment to be sold and therein described as fol
lows: The south half of the northeast quar
ter of sect hm eleven til), in township thirty
(30), north of range eight tsi oast. Marathon
county. Wisconsin,
bated this 271 h bar of July. Vl*l4.
Herman Abrah am,
Sheriff of Marathon County. W is.
Reoneh & Rivot.x.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
V'irst publication J sly' 2s. ia-t Sept- I.
S.. mir ons
State of Wisconsin, in Circuit Court. Mara
thon County.
Mart Gleis. Plaintiff.)
vs. j
J dix (jjdtts. Defendant.'
The State >f Wis.-onsin to the said defendant:
V<hi are hereby summoned to appear within
twenty days after serviceof this summons, '
exclusive of the day erf service. and defend :
the above entitled action in tae court afore
said: ami in ease of your failure sc- to do.
judgment will beren iered avalnsx you acitird- -
mi- to the demand of the e aip aini.
Brow v. Pradt A Gxshich
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
P. O. Address. Wausau, Marathon cciunty.
N. B The defendant aioce tamed will Uate ;
IMlllra that the original summons arid etna- j
plaint are now on file in the of Ice of tins clei K ■
of the ato”e named court. 1
r— Appendicitis
= Cause and Recovery =======
The cause of Appendicits are errors in diet, lack of normal
activity and resistance usually caused by a poor stomach or liver,
improper digestion, over-eating, congestion of the intestines, con
stipation and an empinged nerve being the most prominent cause.
Your appendix should not be removed unless it is as a last
resort. It has an important duty to perform, lubricating the
ascending colon for the passage of digested food where it is forced
to work its wav upward (the only place in the body where the food
passes upward against the law of gravity).
Consult us when you have any trouble or pain in tiie region of
tiie appendix. Many patients have avoided an operation by trying
our method. We use no medicine and no surgery.
Established Wll
Examination F. ee Opposite Y. M. C. A.
Yon Have a Right To Laugh
in good condition. You / I£v
owe it to yourseH to *
We Are Painstaking,
use only the latest seien- •.
tific methods of Dent istry Ifjj MpM TA}_ [|
and in a word axmiL■ii nj’JT
Our Dentistry Os (Sellable (It
Reasonable P’rices
VISIT OUR DENTAL OFFICE occasionally and have us re
move the destructive tartar. You have no idea how r such atten
tion will prolong the life of your tfceth.
No need to wait for cooler weather as our rooms are cooled
by electric fans.
Wausau Dentists
Phone 1155 OVER 5 AND 10 CE.VT STORE 320 Third St.
'M.a.xVue'ftc emuoiCo.
tl/ 1 \h
rSJCSS pyre goQp I ’Phone
surini Absolute B O
Purity. : | lUv/O
AOevsensveuxev or Y*-eA 'RaWdow
Bottled Expressly for Family and Table Use
Pp Herijiai) T. Schlegel
Practice limited to the
Eye, Ear, Noce, Throat and the Fitting of Glasses
1 9 a. m.to i2 m. McCrossen Block
TTiiitps- 1 1:30 l’- m - to 5 P- Of
tit uits. , - to 8 Tuesday and Saturday evenings soi Third st.
(Sunday 9 to 10 a. m. Telephone 1046
First publication July 14. last Aiur. IS.
Sheriff Sale.
State of Wisconsin. In Circuit Court, Mara
thon County.
Loi-ise LrKTTSCHWAGJER, Plaintiff.!
VS. t^
Ins Mei./.eii and Bertha Meezeu.
Notice is he.reby siven that pursuant to Mid
by virtue of a judgment of foreclosure and
sale duly rendered in the above and foregoim:
entitltHi action on the 7t.h day of July. 1 4)3.
and docketed in the otfi-'e of the clerk of the
above named court on said day.
I, H. J. Abraham, sheriff In and for Mara-j
(hoc county, will offer for sale and sell at j
public auction to the highest bidder, on tlie
27th day of Ausrust. 1914. at 10 o’clock ill the I
forenoon of that day, al the west door of the i
court house In the city of Wausau, in said j
county and state aforesaid, tiie following de- !
scribed premises named in said judgment, or :
so much thereof as may he sufficient to raise
the amount due to the plaintiff for principal. [
interests and costs, inoludiny the costs of,
sale, to-wit:
lyit nine (9) in block sixteen (lt>) of Stewart. I
Munson and Parcher's addition to the city of;
Wausau, in Marathon county. Wisconsin.
bated at Wausau. Wisconsin, this loth day ;
of July, 1914.
H. J. Abraham.
Sheriff of Marathon County. Wisconsin. :
Brows. Puapt A Genkjch.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
First publication Aogr. 11, fast Sept. i.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Wisconsin. County Court for Mara
thon County. —Tn Proitate.
Notice is hereby r!iven ’.hat the time up to.
and including the second Tuesday of February.
1915. is hereby allowed to creditors of Frank
Ostrowski, deceased, to present their claims
for examination and allowance. Also that all
claims so presented, will be examined an<i ad
justed at a regular term -of said County Court .
to tie held at the Court House in the City of
Wausau on the first Tnewday. o>ein*r the 2nd
day) of March. 1915.
. bated Aairust 4. 1914.
By the Court
F. E. tb. MP
County Judize
Smith A Leicht At torneys for Administrator
First publication Ausrust 4. last Ausrust IS.
Nvtica I Final Settlement and Aa
State of Wis.vvnsin. County Court for Mara
thon County.—ln Probate.
Notice is hereby sriven that at a regular
term of the county court to be held in and
for said county, at the court house in the city
of Wausau, in said county, on the first Tues
day, toeiiMf the Ist day) of Sev>tember. A b.
1914. at 10 o'clock a. ru.. the following matters
will be heard and considered:
The application of PheJotnena Del .isle, exe
cutrix of the will of Oliver DeKlsJe, late of the
village of Schofield, in said county, deceased,
for the examination and allowance of the
final account of her administration, and for
Hie assignment of the residue erf the estate of
Oliver DtfLtsie, deceased, to such other person'
as are i>v law entitled to the same
Dated July 29th 1914.
By order of the Gourt.
K- E. Bochtrit
Register in Prolate.
—Brayton E. Smith has been in
Madison during the week on business
Chromaster, Speer & Harvey Swarthout
New Spencer Building Pnonc 1836
C. F. Bismarck
Shoe Regairer
Cement sidewalks are ruinous
to the soles and heels of shoes.
When worn down fetch them to
my shop and I will repair them
as good as> new at prices that
are right.
I handle the WALES-GOOD
YEAR Lumbermen’s Rubbers.
518 Scott St.
C. F. Wood ward
Phone 1647
—Gordon Gould of Chicago, 111., is
a guest of Knox Kreutzer.
—A. A. Iloeper left last Wednesday '
for Baraboo fora short stay.
—J. N. Manson arrived home from
a visit in Minneapolis on Thursday.
—Mrs. J. F Briggs left for Manito
woc Saturday. to visit relatives and
—Miss Louise Rosen berry went to
Rhinelander Thursday, to visit her
friend, Miss Mary Gary.
—Miss Genevieve Edmonds was a
guest at the Heinemann cottage on
Long lake the past week.
—Miss Mary Sturtevanfc, who has
been visiting friends in Ashland, re
turned home on Thursday.
l>r. A. W. Trevitt left for Apple
ton and other points in the eastern
part of the state Thursday, on busi
ness matters.
—Mrs. C. W. Ilarger and daughter,
Miss Constance and Miss Helen Stone
visited in Blackwell, Forest county,
during the week.
—Mrs. E. L. Bump, a visitor jn this
city from Minneapolis, visited her
j sister, Mrs. 11. L. Bump in Merrill
i during the week.
—G. K. Gooding went to Dancy,
i last Thursday morning, where ire
| spent the day, returning to this city
| on the evening t rain.
—Win Peck, Mrs. C. 1. Peck, Miss
Martha Peek and Albert Johnson,
auto tourists from Chicago, visited
Wausau, Wednesday.
—Willard llardell, who has been
visiting his uncle, Chas. Helke, for a
week past, returned to his home in
Rhinelander on Saturday.
—Mrs. A V. Gearhart and Mrs. R.
11. Johnson went up to the Scholfield
cottage on Plum lake Thursday morn
ing for a few days’ outing.
—Knox Kreutzer, Miss Margaret
Krebs and Gordon Gould left Friday
morning for Plum lake to spend some
I time at the Kreutzer cottage.
Dr. Win. S. Werheira of Buffalo,
i N. V., arrivedin the city last Wednes
day and is visiting at the home of
i his uncle, Hon. Geo. Werheim.
—T. H. Jacob, of the Marathon
Motor Car Cos. and the industrious
Ford auto boomer, was in Detroit
dmring the week on business matters.
—Miss Clara Roach left Friday for
Sioux City, lowa, where she will
teach in the public schools the com
ing year. She taught there last year.
—Henry Smith and family and Miss
Marie Johnson, who have been en
joying life at Green Lake for the past
nine weeks, return home September
Ist. . \
—Miss Ruth Iloeper returned from
Marinette, Green Bay, Appleton and
N'eenah, where she was visiting
friends and relatives for several
—Mr. and Mrs. 11. 11. Foster of
Little Rock, Ark., were guests of Dr.
and Mrs. Russel Lyon during the past
week. Mrs. Poster and M r s. Lyon
are sisters.
—Mrs. A. A. iloeper returned a
short time ago from Neenah where
she was called on account of the ill
ness of her mother but who is now
—Miss Ruth Kreutzer left for
Duluth Saturday, where she will
make a short visit with her aunt,
Mrs. W. C. Win ton and her grand
father, S G. Knox.
—Miss Abby Ingraham, who lias
been a visitor at the home of her
brother, C. 11. Ingraham, for the last
two months, left 'for her home in
Menomonie Thursday.
—Henry Treviranus and Robert
Ilochtritt left for Eagle River Satur
day for a two day’s outing and expect
to land a couple of muscallonge be
fore their return home.
—Mrs.* E. J. Goodrick of Ant’go,
spent Thursday in Wausau with her
father, Leander Swope. Mr. Swope
accompanied her home in the evening
where lie will visit for a time.
—E. W. Brandenberg. Boy’s direc
tor of the Y. M. C. A. will leave the
latter part of this w eek for his home
in LaCrosse, where he will visit for a
short time before going to Madison.
There he is expecting to attend the
—Judge and Mrs. A. H. Reid came
home from Lake Catherine Thursday
evening and left later in the evening
for Madison, where they had been
called on account of the death of
Mrs. Reid’s father, who had passed
away that day.
—Mrs. Patrick Hinchey and niece,
Miss Sadie Burns of Lewiston, 111.,
arrived in the city Tuesday evening
and are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Pat
rick Gorman. Mrs. Hinchey was a
former resident of Wausau and moved
away from here about thirty years
ago. She said she scarcely recognized
this city on account of its remarkable
changes. Miss Burns is a daughter
of James Burns, another former resi
dent of this place.
Miss Esther Kriskey departed last
Thursday morning for Milwaukee,
where she will make a two weeks’
visit witli her sister, Miss Imogene.
Miss Imogene Kriskey has been teach
ing summer school in Milwaukee,
, having charge of playground work.
! She will accompany her sister bacK to
this city in a week, as she will have
lin shed her summer work.
A. C. Schmidt of Wausaurdemo
cratic candidate for congress in this
district 'sited Wild Rose, Wednes- t
day giving this office a delightful
visit. Mr. jichmidt is manager of the 1
Wausau Advancement association, |
and would make a creditable member
of congress both for himself and his :
constituents The only thing he •
lacks is—votes Wild Rose Times.
—August Kickbusch and sister, J
Miss Nina, and Mr. and Mrs. Chester j
Glass left Wednesday noon, in the 1
former s auto for Elgin, 111., to at
tend the automobile races which took
place in that city lait week. The
party took supper at CuJfcn Lake and
visited Henry Smith and family en- ]
route live same day. KetuMng home j
from the races the j*rty wijj also *
visit Lake Geneva for a few r ays and j
expect to return to the city on j
*•— **—-s"* can be done in broad daylight.
In addition it offers the advantage of ground glass focusing between
each exposure, "Whether films or plates are used, or if preferred the focus
ing scale and finder may be used just as with any camera.
With these advantages, the camera is as light and compact as the
average camera for films alone. KODAKS FROM SI.OO UP.
The Rexall Store * 412 Third Street Opposite Court House
Small Farms, 40 to 80 acres.
Acre lots east of St. Mary’s Hospital.
A 1 1-2 story Frame Dwelling with
one acre of land in Bock’s addition
Grand avenue.
A House and two lots, corner of
Maple street and Eighth avenue.
Splendid Lots in Burnett’s addition.
Get a Lot proposition in Beilis add.
A 15-room dwelling on Third street,
with all modern conveniences, for sale
cheap. Also a 5-room dwelling will be
included in the bargain.
All this and other desirable property
tc be sold cheap and on reasonable
terms. Come and see me. v
Edward C. Kretlow
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
First National Bank Building Wausau, Wisconsin
Why not take a Trip on the Mississippi River to T he
Davenport, la., Rock Island and
Moline, 111.
Best Time to make the Trip--JUNE or JULY
24 Hours in the Tri-Cities
A Six Day Cruise on the Fine Large Side-Wheel
Steamei “Morning Star”
800 Mile Trip. Commencing June 10th
Leaves St. Paul every Wednesday at 2P. M. Stops made at 1
all towns and places of interest including side trip up Lake St.Q
Croix to Stillwater.
Write for illustrated folder.
Oil Coolt Stove
These stoves are as
j nearly perlecl as human
Ira? -sfcl" skill an( l modern ma
chinery can make them.
< Are sale, saving, sane
and satisfying, and no
Vj // ~\\ if ashes or delays. Il is a
\Yj !| home and lamily stove.
V\T~— —7 /) J I* will do the lamily
Ip - '_?**■ boiling, baking, roast
ing. stewing and Irying
J lfiT in a sane an< l restful
\ mnNWk manner over a stove
Kdr J?j *w tl l2 * < l oes n °t over ! ,ea *
Mf O fSi IVy the kitchen, besides be
-4 ing a great iuel saver.
u if Irti You can do all this with
■ / l|\ the new perledion wick
E I * blue-llame oil cook
® || stove. For sale by
The E. Baumann Hdw. Cos.
210-212 Third St. Wausau, Wis.
aT y?7E s ‘ anc * acc ‘^ en
QfPi • . ■ ™ benefits together with life
0 N insurance. Send me your name,
i RI \\ address and date of birth. We
afj will submit a proposition by
|J ft* mail.

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