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"About two years ago I had a severe
attack of diarrhoea which lasted over
a week," writes W. C. Jones, Bulford,
N. D. ‘‘l became so weak that I could
not stand upright. A druggist recom
mended Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. The first dose
relieved me and within two days I
was as well as ever.” Many druggists
recommend this remedy because they
know that it is reliable. Obtainable
130 lots on the bank of the Wiscon
sin river, all level high ground, will
be sold cheap to right party. Here’s
a chance for someone to make money.
See F. O. Crocker, North Sixth street,
for particulars. Telephone 1946. tf
Imeiers Mi,
Arrive ,„ ljeave
Wausau *> ausau
S:loA.m.l Appleton f 2:10 a.m.
3:15a.m. I Oshkosh, i: 06 am.
12:22.D.m.j Fond du Lac. S 12:10p.m.
•.ijS'p.m. i Milwaukee. i 5:20p.m.
0:43p.m. J Chicago lll:15p-m.
I AutUro i 10:05 a-m
--3:15 a. m. > Khinelauder -\ll:15p. m
t :30p.m. i Hurley (
I KhlnelAuder ) 7:45p.m.
3:05 A. m. I Antlgo i
7:2op.m> Antlgo (13:10p.m.
2:10 a. ml Marshfield. ( 2:10 a.m.
10:05a.m. i St. Paul J 0:06a.m.
4:15p.m. I Minneapolis j!:3op.m.
10:55ip.m.J Duluth and west l 9:43,p.m.
Parlor car on train leaving at 7:06 a. m.
Train leaving at 11:15 p. m. has daily sleeper
for Milwaukee and Chicago. Train leaving at
3-05 a. m. haa sleeper and reclining chair car
for St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tickets sold
and baggage checked to all important points
In the United States. Canada and Mexico.
D. McNaughton. Agent.
Pam. train north 7:00 a. m.
Paaa. train north 8:30 p.m.
Pass, train south 10:30 a. m.
Pass, train south 7:50 p. m.
Fishermen’s Special
North. Saturdays only 3:30 a. m.
South. Sundays only 10:30 p. m.
Close connections are made with 10:30 a. m.
train for all points in Southern Wisconsin and
Northern Illinois. , , .
Tickets on sale and baggage checked to des
tination. R. GoopmCß. Agent.
s)r. Jfenry S. Wafil
Office [ 411 Sturgeon Eddp Road
Residence 1 Wausau, Wis.
Telephone No. 5397
In price as it is in
quality is what we / J
claim lor our LUM- V fa
And we are pref recftY
pared to make good dlfnfljnh
that claim ii you will WfMBEi
give us the opportu
nity. So come and
make comparisons A ' j
The closer you make!
them the better we Vml
shall be pleased. lor w ; M '
they cannot fail to re- \ \
dound to our advan- '
It you need Lum
her lor any purpose
get it at our yard.
Jacot) Mortenson Liber Go.
Piano Tuner
Phone 1647
l.so to s p. at.
DAYS, 7 TO a.
•U2TDATB • fTO lO A.. M.
C. F. Bismarck
Shoe Repairer
Cement sidewalks are ruinous
to the soles and heels of shoes.
When worn down fetch them to
my shop and I will repair them
as good as new at prices that
are right.
I handle the WALES-GOOD
YEAR Lumbermens Rubbers.
518 Scott St.
TRANSMIT "SEEDS” Of degeneracy and
"act a bad example" to their children and
The Neal Treatment, taken at home of
head Neal Institute. 306 Scott St.. Wausau.
Wta., wUI eliminate the poison "stored up”
in the aystem. create a loathing for liquor
or drags and soon restore normal mental
and physical conditions.
M Neal Institute* in Principal Cities
The village of Edgar voted yes
terday to see whether the town would
have anew- hall or not.
Our farmers never had better crops
of hay nor better luck in harvesting
their crops. The very dry weather ;
of July helped them out.
Miss Katie Opdahl, who recently
passed through an operation at St.
Mary’s hospital, is improving and will
soon be able to return home.
C. N. Johnson of Merrill, has come
out for the office of sheriff of Lincoln
county. Mr. Johnson, if he wins out,
will make an excellent sheriff.
Anew- flag staff has been raised on !
the Borowitz home and place of busi
ness, on JefTerson street, and the stars
and stripes floats from it daily.
Wanted—Experienced box makers,
nailers, sawyers and planing mill
hands. Apply John Schroeder Lumber
t’o„ Box Factory, Milwaukee. Wis. altf
Grand Rapids, Wis., is making a
move to change its name. With a
Grand Rapids in Mich., and another
in Minnesota, there is a continual mix
up of mails.
Charles M. Fleming has announced
himself as a candidate for the office
of assemblyman on the democratic
ticket for the second district of Mara
thon county.
B. F. Wilson reports having cut over
100 tons of hay on his farm in the town
of Maine during the season and con
sequently is quite ’’set up" over this
remarkable showing.
During a thunder storm at Crandon
last Wednesday morning the Pres
byterian church was struck by light
ning and burned to the ground. Loss
$7,000. Insurance $3,200.
Beautiful, glossy, healthy hair for
those who use Parisian Sage. Get a
bottle of this French hair dressing
from W. W. Albers on guarantee of
satisfaction, or money back.
The Annual State Bankers of Wis
consin will hold a convention in Mad-
2 on on the Bth and 9th days of
ugust. Sessions will be held in
the capitol. The banks of Wausau
will be represented.
D. S. Burnett of Wausau, a member
of the Spanish-American War Vet
erans, has been honored by being ap
pointed a member of a committee on
legislation and pensions, an important
appointment in this connection.
Dr. J. D. Stockwell has disposed
of his dental practice in Wausau to
Dr. L. L. Podruch of Elroy, Wis. Dr.
Stockwell hus gone to Chicago to take
a post graduate course in dentistry.
He will practice in Minneapolis.
Charged with having exceeded the
auto speed limit while driving his car
on Tuesday of last week, Anthony
Zing’.ervvas taken into municipal court
Wednesday. He admitted the trans
gression and was fined $lO and costs.
Henry Gross, who has been super
intendent of the Wausau Water works
for many years, handed in his resig
nation last Saturday. Mr. Gross has
been in poor health for some time
and this was the cause of his re
Franklin street received a coat of
oil on Thursday and is now in fair
condition. Only one half of the street
was oiled first and leaving the cross
ings so the street could be traveled.
Jackson and other streets have also
been oiled.
Rev. James. Oastler, of Calvary
church, Milwaukee, preached in the
First Presbyterian church Sunday
evening in the absence of the pastor,
who is in attendance at the Summer
School of Religious Education at Car
roll college.
There have been quite a number of
automobile accidents reported in the
city and county this season, which
shows thet chore is some reckless
driving being done. A few- drivers
should be given lectures on fast and
careless driving.
There was a meeting of the Northern
Hemlock and Hardwood Manufactur
ers’ association held in Milwaukee at
the Hotel Pfister on Friday, July 28th.
M. P. McCullough was in attendance
and made a report as chairman of
the bureau of promotion.
A log afloat on Portage lake caused
the death of five persons by drowning.
The motor boat of Jas. Pryor crashed
into it, was punctured, filled with
water afid sank carrying with it Mr.
and Mrs. Pryor, two children and an
infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Westcott, all of Houghton. Mrs. West
cott, the sixth member of the pleasure
party returning from White City re
sort. saved herself by clinging to the
boat until help came. Pryor was man
ager of the Pryor Lumber company.
Miss Blanche Armstrong, Special
Magazine Representative. Subscrip
tions taken for all magazines at low
set clubbing rates. 516 McClellan St
Phone 1671. n‘24-tf
Information has reached the Wis
consin Advancement association that
many more people will tour Wiscon
sin this year than a year ago, which
to that time exceeded the number of
anv previous year.
This is because tourists in the sur
rounding states have found that Wis
consin is where they wish to go.
This condition will prevail more and
more in the future. The number of
automobiles owned in the middle
west is increasing very rapidly and
nearly all the owners wish to make
at least one tour during the summer.
They want to go north—and Wis
consin is the state they wish to tour.
How about roads? The tourists will
pay for the trunk lines. Why not
have them?
To keep the bowels regular the best
laxative is outdoor exercise. Drink
a full glass of water half an hour
before breakfast and eat an abundance
of fruit and vegetables, also establish
a regular habit and be sure that your
bowels move once each day. When
a medicine is needed take Chamber
lain’s Tablets. They are pleasant to
take and mild and gentle in effect. Ob
tainable everywhere.
The ‘throwing of tin cans, potato
parings and other vegetable matter,
also filthy water into the streets and
alleys of the city is prohibited by
ordinance and is punishable by fine or
otherwise. This is a public nuisance
as well as being detrimental to the
health and sanitation of this city and
the further continuance of such meth
ods must be abated. It has also been
the policy of some of our citizens to
throw tin cans and other rubbish
onto vacant lots and into catch basins
adjacent to their homes; which is
equally objectionable and detrimental
to civic pride and public health. I
would therefore suggest that covered
barrels or other receptacles be pro
vided for depositing tin cans and the
potato parings be burned in the stoves
By the burning of the potato parings
you can avoid the danger of chimnt. s
burning out besides improving the
general appearance of your neighbor
hood. I would suggest that whoso
ever has followed this policy in the
past cease doing so in the future and
that you throw nothing into the
streets and alleys or into your neigh
bors’ lots that you would not have in
your own. Herman E. Marquardt.
Upper Wisconsin Gains Settlers
Marathon County i& the great Mecca, has over 6,000
improved farms, over 40,000 rural inhabitants and has
room for still very many more.
A. D. Campbell, manager of the Wisconsin Ad
vancement association, on one of his recent trips in this
upper country, writes:
’’l met on the train a Mr. Kaiser, an old neither. When 1 left that portion of the
state to take up my work as commissioner of Immigration, Mr. Kaiser was just becoming
a well to do upper Wisconsin farmer, who had started from the bottom. At a moment of
forget fulness of his good fortune aud prospects he was attracted by some highly colored
literature of a government land lottery out on the plains and with his family siai led foi
the spot where the ralnlww is supposed to come down with a stream of gold. Hut he
came back, and how 't .....
"Mr. Kaiser had left upper Wisconsin with about 16.000 he had accumulated there,
had spent throe years on the two sections he and his family had homesteaded on the
plains, and came back with one team saved from the wreck of ills fortune. After relat
ing the story of his sorry experiences on the plains. Mr. Kaiser said to me as he was leav
ing the train: ’l’ve come back to upper Wisconsin and am starting again, andnoone
less influential than the sheriff will ever take me from my new home.’
"Upper Wisconsin used to be styled the ’poor mans paradise.’ The truth of the state
ment was good, but the inference was bad. People Inferred that It was not a good place
for a man of means. A greater mistake could not have been made. True. It Is not the
place for mollycoddles. Hut It Is ’lie place for the active man of meaus -for him It Is es
pecially good. Let a man of means take a quarter section of upper Wisconsin sjump
land that has been cut over a few years and apply his intelligence to clearing of a farm
with modern stump pulling and piling machinery, aud he will see cheap land change
luto a valuable farm with surprising rapidity.
"1 was surprised only the ottier day to hear a man speak of clearing land as ‘digging
stumps.’ He ought to make a trip into the upper Wisconsin counties and see land cleared
as it is done now. rather than in the last century. ’Digging stumps’ is all right as a remin
iscence Of the boyhood days of those of us whose hair Is gray, but It has no more to do
with modern land clearing than the sickle of other times has with modern harvesting.
Modern Invention In land clearing machinery has added greatly to the attractiveness of
the cut-over lauds of upper Wisconsin, and It is especially those who are in touch with
this inventive progress that are coming and availing themselves of these lands at tills
G. p. Jones Lai)d Cos.
Office over the first National Bank
A N D ,
from me. My work and material
are the best. , rjalplll ‘
Prices and Terms Sarisfaclory '".j f w Y
Opposite Cemetery Rntrarce
The Lona E. Slack Studio
606J4 THIRD ST. PHONE 3066
Pr. rieripaii T. Schlege)
Practice limited to the
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat and the Fitting of Glasses
ra. m.toi2m. McCrossen Block
} 1:30 p. m. to 5 p. tn.
hours • S 7 t 0 g Tuesday and Saturday evenings 50i Third st.
(Sunday 9 to 10 a. m. Telerhonr 1046
IV7E pay sick and accident #
benefits together with life m I
insurance. Send your name, Itf got fkj
address and date of birth. We PFCI^
will submit a proposition by fjk fi Ol|i M B
mail. N"”l ICE.
B. F. WILSON, Pres. " L| I **
Manager Home Office Agency. INSURANCE COMPANT
Notice of September Primary
State of Wisconsin, I
Department of State, i **•
Notice is hereby given that at a primary to
be held In the several towns, wards, villages
and election districts of the state of Wiscon
sin, on the first Tuesday of September, A. I).
1916. being the fifth day of said month, the
following officers are to be nominated •
A Governor, in place of Emanuel L. Philipp,
whose term of office will expire on the first
Monday of January, A. D. 1917.
A Lieutenant Governor. In place of Edwani
F. Dithmar. whose term of office will expire
on the first Monday ol January, 1917.
A Secretary of State, in place of John 9.
Donald, whose term of office will expire on
the first Monday of January. 1917,
A State Treasurer. In place of Henry John
son. whose term of office will expire on the
first Monday of January, 1917.
An Attorney General. In place of Walter C.
Owen, whose term of office will expire on the
first Monday of January, 1917.
A United States Senator, in place of Robert
M. La Follette. whose term of office will expire
on the fourth day of March, 1917.
A Representative in Congress for the Eighth
Congressional District, comprised of the coun
ties of Marathon, Portage, Waupaca. Wau
shara. Wood and Shawano.
A Member of Assembly for the First As
sembly District of Marathon Countv. com
prised of the towns of Bergen, Berlin. Bern,
Brighton, Cassel. Cleveland. Day. Eau Plaine,
Emmett. Frankfort. Flieth. Halsey, Hamburg,'
Holton, Hull. Johnson. Maine. McMillan.
Marathon. Mosinee. Rib Falls. Rietbrock,
Spencer. Stettin. Wein. the village of Athens,
the village of Fenwood, the village of Mara
thon, the village of McMillan, the village of
Mosinee. east ward of the city of Colby, village
of Edgar, the village of Spencer, the village of
Stratford, and that part of the village of
Unity within the county of Marathon..
A Member of Assembly for the Second As
sembly District of Marathon County, com
prised of the towns of Easton. Eldron, Fran
zen. Harrison. Hewitt. Knowlton, Kronenwet
ter. Norrie Pike Lake. Plover. Ringle. Texas.
W ausau. Weston, the village of Brokaw. the
village of Schofield, and the city of Wausau.
All county officers required by law to be
nominated at such primary.
Given under my hand and official sea! r t the
capitol in the city of Madison this 28th day of
June. A. D. 1916. J. S. Donald.
j25-4w Secretary of State.
Notice of Primary Election
Notice is hereby given that at a primary
election to be held in the several towns, wards,
villages and election districts of Marathon
county on the first Tuesday of September, A.
D 1916. being the fifth day of said month, the
following officers are to be nominated:
A County Clerk, in place of L. H. Cook,
whose term of office expires on the Ist Monday
of January. 1917.
A County Treasurer, in place of H. J. Abra
ham, whose term of office expires on the Ist
Monday of January, 1917.
A Sheriff, in place of F E. Schroeder. whose
term of office expires on the Ist Monday of
January. 1917.
A Coroner, in place of W. C. Mellahn. whose
term of office expires on the Ist Mondav of
January. 1917.
A Clerk of Court in place of H. A. Beilke,
whose term of office expires on the Ist Monday
Of January. 1917.
A District Attorney, in place of E. P. Gor
man whose term of of’ ce expires on the Ist
Monday of January. 1917.
A Register of Deeds, in place of John L. Sell,
whose term of office expires on the Ist Monday
of J anuary. 1917.
A Surveyor, In place of W. C. Gowen. whose
term of office expires on the Ist Monday of
January, 1917.
Given under my hand and official seal at the
Court House in the city of Wausau this 21st
day of July, 1916.
j2S-4w L. H. Cook. County Clerk.
First publication Aug. Ist, last Sept. sth.
State of Wisconsin, in Circuit Court, Mara
thon County.
James Wachtl. Plaintiff,
Helen Quinn, nee Helen Kelly.
Thomas Kelly. Daniel Kelly,
William Kelly, Joseph Kelly and
Agnes Kelly, heirs of James Kelly.
deceased. Defendants.
State of Wisconsin to the said Defendants, and
each of them:
You are hereby summoned to appear within
twenty after the service of this sum
mons. exclusive of the day of service, and de
fend the above entitled action in the Court
aforesaid, and in case of your failure so to do
judgment will be rendered against you. ac
cording to the demand of the complaint.
Gorman & Prehn,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
P. O. Address. Wausau. Marathon Cos.. Wis.
To the said Defendants:
Take notice that the Original Complaint in
the above entitled action, has been filed In the
office o' the Clerk of the Circuit Court for
Marathon County, Wisconsin, this 6th day of
May, 1916.
First Insertion July 11, last July 25.
State of Wisconsin, in County Court, Marathon
In the Matter of the Will of i Tr ,
Caroline Hehlke, Deceased, f In Probate.
Notice is hereby given that at a regula'
term of the County Court in and for tht
County of Marathon, Wisconsin, to be held at
the Court House in the City of Wausau, in
said county and state, on the first Tuesday,
being the sth day of September, 1916, at ten
o’clock a. m.. the following matter will tie
heard and considered :
The application of Gustav Heidtke for the
allowance of the last will and testament of
Caroline Hehlke. deceased, late of the City of
Wausau. County and State aforesaid, and that
letters testamentary issue to Gustav Heidtke,
or such other pers*. n as may be designated by
the Court upon the hearing herein.
And notice is hereby also given that the time
up to and including the first Tuesday of
December, 1916, is hereby allowed to the credi
tors of said Caroline Hehlke, deceased, to
present their claims for examination and
allowance: also that all claims so presented
will be examined and adjusted at a special
term of said County Court to be held in the
City of Wausau, in said county, on the second
Tuesday of December, 1916.
Dated July 7th. 191S.
By the Court,
Brown. Pradt & Genrich, F. E. Bump,
Attys. for Petitioner. County J udge.
First publication July 11, last July 25.
State of Wisconsin. CouDty Court. Marathon
In the Matter of the Will
Julius Hanowitz, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that at the regular
term of the county court to be held in and for
said county at the cxart house in the city of
Wausau, in said county, on the first Tuesday
being the sth day of September. A. D. 1916 at
10 o’clock a. m-. the following matter will be
hea.nl and considered:
The application of Harris B. and Meyer
Hanowitz for the appointment of themselves
or some other suitable persons as executors
of the will of said Julius Hanowitz. late of
the Tillage of Mosinee in said county, de
Notice is hereby also given that up to and
including the first Tuesday of December.
1916. Is hereby allowed to the creditors of
Julius Hanowitz to present their claims for
examination and allowance. Also that all
claims so presented will be examined and
adjusted at a special term of said county
court to be held in the court house in the city
of Wausau, on the second Tuesday of
December, 1916.
Dated July 7th. 1916.
By the court.
F. E. Bump, Judge.
Kr3utzer. Bird, Okonkski
& Puchner,
Attorneys for Petitioners.
—C. S. Gilbert went up to Minocqua
Postmaster T. H. Ryan was in Mil
waukee on Wednesday.
—W. E. Curtis was in Milwaukee
on business last Friday.
—D. C. Everest went to Chicago on
Thursday evening on business.
—Mrs. Joseph Smith visited in Mer
rill several days of the past week.
—H. J. Hagge left for Star Lake
Friday morning with rod and line.
—Mrs. E. D. Widmer and mother.
Mrs. E. A. Stofer, are visiting in Mad
-- Miss Davis, who has been a guest
of Miss Ruth Alexander, has returned
to her home In Milwaukee.
—Dr. Harriett Whitehead departed
Saturday for Milwaukee and White
water on a vacation of one month.
- George Wilke and Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Braatz went to Milwaukee in
the former's car Friday morning.
—Mrs. W. R. Fogarty left for Lady
smith Saturday morning to visit
friends. Her husband joins her later.
—Miss Louise Kollock, who had
been visiting friends in Wausau, has
returned to her home in Stevens Point.
—Supt. J. E. Giessel was in Stevens
Point Tuesday, where he made an ad
dress before the summer normal
- Miss Rose Johnson, stenographer
at the Pilot office, departed Saturday
for a three weeks’ vacation at her
home in lola.
—Miss Ella Kaross, who had been
visiting her brother, O. B. Kaross, re
turned to her home at Devil’s Lake
on Wednesday.
—Mr. and Mrs. Mehan Pfiffner went
up to Hazelhurst Friday morning for
an outing on the lakes and shores
in that vicinity.
—Miss Nina Kickbusch and guest,
Miss King, of Tennessee, went up to
the Alexander summer home on Plum
lake, last Wednesday.
—John Lambert, Drs. Owen and
Hinckley and Wesley Martin of Mer
rill, attended the Shriners' meeting in
Wausau last Tuesday.
—Mrs. F. H. Pardoe and daughter,
Virginia, returned to their home in
Minneapolis on Saturday, after a visit
of several weeks in Wausau.
—A. D. Campbell, manager Wiscon
sin Advancement association, spent
Thursday in Wausau, attending the
convention of Real Estate men.
—Among the visitors who came to
Wausau with the Shriners was Adolph
Wegner of Milwaukee, a man known to
almost every Mason in Wisconsin.
—J. B. Hall went to Medford Fri
day morning on business matters in
connection with the Union Tanning
Cos., of which he is local superinten
—Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bailey, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Ketchum, Dr. and Mrs. D. A.
Kuilaus, Mr. and Mrs. S. Clough came
over in autos last Tuesday to join the
—Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Ellingson, Sr.,
and sons, C. K„ Jr., and Walle, of
Hawkins, and Mr. and Mrs. R. E.
Ellingson of Cumberland, were Wau
sau visitors Thursday and Friday.
—Mrs. Lora Wadleigh, who had
been visiting her daughter, Miss
Judith Wadleigh, returned to her home
in Stevens Point on Wednesday. She
was accompanied by her daughter.
—Mrs. W. G. Witter spent the past
week with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Alex
ander on Plum lake. Mrs. Witter will
return to Wausau for a day before re
turning to her home in Berkeley, Cal.
—W. R. Scholfieltf of Eldora, arrived
in the city Saturday morning to join
his family, who have been visiting
here for several weeks, and to visit
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Schol
—Miss Marion Pliilleo, who has been
the guest of Miss Gretclien Morgan,
returned to her home in Grand Rapids
Wednesday. She was accompanied
home by Miss Morgan, who is her
—M. G. Eberlein of Shawano, re
publican candidate for congress in this
district, was in Wausau Friday, look
ing after his prospects. This is Mr.
Eberlein’s second visit of late in this
city of candidacy interest.
—Mrs. L. A. Pradt and Louis A., Jr.,
Allan and Charlotte, and guest, Miss
Stephenson, went up to to their cot
tage on Lake Catherine, at Hazelhurst,
bn Thursday. Mr. Pradt followed Sat
urday. They will be absent during the
month of August.
First publication Aug. Ist, last Aug. 15th.
State of Wisconsin, County Court, Marathon
County—ln Probate.
Notice is hereby given that the time is ex
tended for creditors of Joseph A. Newcomb
deceased, to present their claims, forexamina
tion and allowance, up to and including the
first Tuesday of September, 1916. Also that
all claims so presented will be examined and
adjusted at a Special term of said County
Court, to be heard at the Court House in the
city of Wausau on the second Tuesday of
September. 1916.
Dr.tea July 26, 1916.
„ _ „ By the Court,
Patihck T. Stone, f. E. Bump,
Attorney, County J u’dge.
(First publication July 11, last July 25 )
Notice of Final Settlement and Assign
State of Wisconsin, County Court for Mara
thon County.—ln Probate.
Notice is hereby given that at a regular
Term of the County Court to be held in and
for said county, at the court house in the city
of Wausau, in.said county, on the first Tues
day, (being the sth day) of September, A. D.,
1916. at 10 o’clock a. m., the following matters
will be heard end considered :
The application of W. E. Hudtloff, adminis
trator, of the estate of Mary Kruse, late of
the City of Wausau, in said county, deceased,
for the examination and allowance of the
final account of his administration, and for
the assignment of the residue of the estate of
Mary Kruse, deceased, to such other persons
as are by law entitled to the same.
Dated July llth, 1916.
By order of the Court,
Kreutzer Bird, Okoneski
& Puchner, F. E Bump.
A ttys, for Petitioner. County Judge.
■ - \
Do It
Call and See the Line of Labor
Saving Electric Devices we have
ready for you.
We send out irons on trial.
Storage Batteries Charged and
—Frank McCann, yardmaster for the
Milwaukee road in this city, left for
a business trip to Milwaukee Sunday
—Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Chesak of
Athens, were in the city Friday. They
were on their way home from Mt.
—Mabel Keeler of Milwaukee, who
was the guest of Miss Cora Lansiug
during the week, returned to her home
Sunday evening.
—Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Evans re
turned home Friday evening from an
auto trip to Milwaukee, where they
visited relatives and friends.
—Mrs. S. J. Huntley and daughter,
Alice, of Stewartville, Minn., arrived
in the city Saturday to visit her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Vaughan.
—Mrs. A. H. Follet of Menoinonle,
Wis., who visited at the home of her
brother, C. H. Ingraham, for the past
two weeks, departed for her home on
—Misf Nina Kickbusch and guest,
Miss Virginia King of Memphis, Tenn.,
who were guests at the Alexander cot
tage at Plum lake, returned home Sun
day evening.
—Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Phillips and
son, Junior, departed Friday morn
ing for Darlington, Wis., where they
will visit the lady’s parents. They
made the trip by auto.
—J. B. Bentley of Odunah, and sis
ter, Miss Pearl Bentley, of Chicago,
who are visiting their father, D. P.
Bentley, arrived here today from a
day’s visit in Neopit, Wis.
—Mac Alexander and R. P. Taylor
of Batavia, 111., arrived in the city, de
parting again for their home city
Friday evening. They made the round
trip in their Buick roadster, covering
the distance each way in four days.
—Miss Matilda Casey of Green Bay,
is the guest of her sister, Mrs. P. L.
Goerling. Miss Casey, who is selling
insurance for the Great Northern Life
Insurance Cos., attended the insurance
convention which was held here
—Mrs. W. W. Gamble returned home
Friday from a visit with relatives in
Virginia, Minn. She was accompanied
home by her little daughter, Betty, and
Miss Margaret Stone, who have been
visiting relatives in Virginia for the
past three weeks.
—Walter Alexander and son, J. S.
Alexander, accompanied by Mr. and
Mrs. Edmonds, Miss Mary Pierce of Chi
cago, and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Seinsheimer
of Cincinnati, and Mr. and Mrs. B.
Heinemann, as their guests, went up
to the Alexander cottage on Plum lake
Wednesday for an outing, the latter
two gentlemen and their wives re
turning home Friday evening after
a most enjoyable time. Mr. and Mrs.
Seinsheimer left for their home the
same evening.
Edgar Items
Edgar News.
Mr. Fred Draeger visited at Wausau
A. J. Cherney and family autoed to
Wausau last Saturday.
Mr. Justin Means transacted busi
ness at the county seat last Saturday.
Miss Rose Spiegel of Wausau, is
h jre visiting Rev. W. G. Schultz, this
Mrs. Frank Hahn and children spent
the fore part of the week at Wausau
visiting relatives.
Mr. Victor Larson, Mr. and Mrs.
Justin Means, and daughter, Ruth, Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. DeLong and daughter,
Edna, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Seim, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed. Hart, Mr. Ole Little and
Geo. Voelz autoed to Wausau on Tues
day afternoon to attend the reception
given there in honor of the Shriners
of Tripoli Temple, Milwaukee, who
are making a tour of Wisconsin in a
private car,
Spencer Items
Spencer Record.
With this issue The Record begins
its third year.
Geo. Cool is building an addition
to his hardware store, 26x60.
The work of remodeling the H. G.
Siemers’ barber shop is about com
The Minnesota Naval Militia passed
through here Thursday on their re
turn from Philadelphia.
Autos from all parts of the country
passed through our city Wednesday
on their way to the blueberry marsh.
Lyle Davel returned from the hos
pital at Marshfield last Friday, where
he had been operated on for appendi
Athens Items
Athens Record
Miss Becker left for Wausau Wed
nesday after visiting friends here.
Lorenz Bauman, the aged father of
Mrs. Adam Kastel died very suddenly
of heart trouble Wednesday evening,
July 19.
Michael Hubing was called to the
Great Beyond at his home in Athens
by heart trouble, Wednesday morn
ing, July 19.
Miss Ada LaMere departed this life
at the Eau Claire Tubercular Sanitar
ium, Friday, July 21. The remains
were shipped to Athens for burial and
were taken in charge by the Royal
The Real Estate dealers of Wiscon
sin held their annual state convention
at Medford, Wednesday and Thursday.
On their way to Wausau they stopped
at Athens for a couple of hours and
were entertained by our Advancement
Stratford Items
Stratford Journal.
Frank Lillge took in the circus at
Wausau Saturday.
F. J. Curtin transacted business at
Wausau Saturday.
Dr. J. J. Schreiber returned from
Milwaukee Wednesday.
Wm. Spindler was at Wausau on
business between trains Friday.
Wallace Dennee and Prentice Max
son attended the circus at Wausau
Frank Aschenbrenner and Robt.
Allen went to Wausau to take in the
circus Saturday.
L. Swope and Casper Fenhous
of the Soldiers’ Relief commission of
Wausau, were here Monday looking
after the interests of old soldiers and
old soldiers’ widows. 0
Mosinee Items
Mosinee Times.
D. C. Burnett transacted business in
Wausau Saturday.
W. A. von Berg transacted business
in county court Tuesday.
F. W. Genrich of Wausau, was here
Monday on legal business pertaining
to village matters.
Mrs. Margaret Bernier of Wausau,
was here this week a guest at the
home of relatives and with friends.
Geo. A. Songer left Monday fore
noon for Oshkosh where he is attend
ing the state convention of the Catho
lic Knights as a delegate from the lo
cal branch.
Bills w’ere printea ,’n this office this
week announcing a big Harvest picnic
and dance at the Z. C. b. J hall,
Rocky Ridge, on Sunday, August 6th.
The Mosinee orchestra will furnish the
At a meeting oi the members of St.
James’ parish last week it was de
termined to purchase the Mcßeynolds
lots on Second street adjoining the
Stammer property for the location of
4, ( * yfRANttE* TTINtt~A UNC~OH VALUES-^
ruUOae.WHY ISA L- I ITS bitter)
ras MUCH A9 a nickelTh Quality countsiJ is worth
WHY shouldn’t quality count in your tobacco •>
Give the quality test to Yd-II CU < fi,.\ A{ j
Uso half as much ns. of ordinary > , 1 j
rich tobacco, chuck full of’ satisfaction. f\,, ~ .
hide good tobacco under sweetening N >i. | 1
salt seasoning brings out the flavor of tlr .... , e
| —no need to nye so much, no need to grind ,::d
A Ide pouch goes as fir cs 20 cents’ won): ■> . r
t t’T.j. , T W'TriAN-iIPUTON COKfAST, ?0 CUm
Delicious Ice Cream
We make delicious Ice Cream in all flavors. We can
till a one quart, two quart or gallon package for vou
on short notice, for dinners, parties or other social
gatherings, aud prompt delivery.
Come in and look over our extensive “menu" of Bon Bons
Ices, Sundaes, Sherbets, Egg and Milk Shakes, Etc., all good
tempting and satisfying. It is a real treat to visit ow
Candies that are as wholesome as they are
delicious aud as delicious as they are whole
Or Anything That Druggists Sell, Please Remember:
That if it's to be had it is here.
That if it's here it is the best to be had.
That whatever the price is it is reasonable.
That if it is not right in every way we make it so.
Our assortmeut, quality and service is of highest character.
Prompt and careful service in the tilling oi prescriptions
can be found at all times at our long established plactof
W. W. ALBERS, Pharmacist
Mathic Beer
111 Class Tanks
tonres Parity
the new church which the parish will
erect this summer.
While playing with dynamite caps
Monday morning, the ten year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Peter, Conski, resi
’ dents Of the Pelplin district, sus
tain injuries to his left arm in an
explosion that necessitated amputa
ting the hand at the wrist. The lad
was taken to Wausau where the op
eration was performed.
Marathon Items
Marathon Times.
Mrs. Anton Dalski was a W'ausau
caller Tuesday.
The Misses Anna Dalski and Marie
Kohler of the town of Cassel, were
Wausau visitors yesterday.
Miss Hilda Koeckenberger of Wau
sau attended the dance given by the
baseball boys Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Math. Wagner and
family of the town of Cassel, went to
W’ausau on business Monday.
The Cereal Mills company is at pres
ent engaged in building anew ware
house for the storing of hay, in place
of the old one.
Mr. and Mrs. Reinhold Tank re
turned to their home at Wausau after
a pleasant visit with Mr. Tank’s
brother, L. F. Tank, of the town of
A crew of fourteen men represent
ing the Northwestern Valuation com
pany, has been busy since Tuesday in
this v'cinity taking an inventory of
the property of the Northwestern Rail
way Cos.
“I p.a bothered with liver trouble
twice a year,” writes Joe Ding
man, Webster City, lowa. “I have
pains in my side and back and an
awful soreness in my stomach. I
heard of Chamberlain’s Tablets and
tried them. By the time I had used
half a bottle of them I was feeling fine
and had no signs of pain.” Obtainable
Pal mo Tabled
iransforrr weak., K "'"' "
<jiis wrecks • r<t> u..ik' !lll,
physical perfection- l rt
the nerves and kidtieyst>--
conditions and make J oU
feel years younpef- (jua.
cents Hook Free. r ,ltS -
Cos ,
For *!<• hv w. W
I iff #1)1
> who has ever
l tained a checking 2t
> count wouM go •
; to the old method oil**
bills in currency. ,
Every argument ",
* is ollered in favor oj,
' account applies pa 1 .
to the needs ol t^ e or
Household accounis
Marathon Court

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