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National Gas Range Week
This Week From May 7th to May 12th
To properly celebrate this annual event in
Wausau, in common with all Gas Companies
With each one ol the style ol Ranges shown
'7~t ’• ' . 1 !'i in the illustration that we sell during National
I—4* \ ? Tfcj 1 Gas Range week we will give a setol alumi-
I'LJ lit num ware free. The price ol the rangers
/ ol them and cannot obtain any more so
// 1
| m which is about SIO.OO less than we will be
h J RELIABLE I L able to sell Cabinet Gas Ranges lor, hereafter.
itJt i - 11 The Aluminum Ware which we are offering
RANGES Wr - " as a premium with each one of these ranges
sold during this period is what is termed by the manu-
JDo not fail to pay a visit to our show room f ac j urer a “Universal Combination Cooking Set and the
to inspect the special range and the heauti- pieces ol which it consists can be arranged to make
ful set of aluminum. seven different cooking utensils
w E have the best facili
ties for handling every
line of banking business.
Our 42 years oi conserva
tive banking guarantees the
safety and careful handling
of any of your banking
(fiJountn §lanH
Cashier .
55r. &. ®ahl
Offire I 411 Sturgeon Eddy Roac
Rend*net \ Wauitau, Wis.
Telephone No. 3397
2nd and Jefferson
Phone 1617
H 0
Piano Tuner
Phone 1647
Ask J Dnnbt for CHT-CHES TER’S A
Gold metallic boxes, sealed with Bluet O)
Ribbon. Til* NO OTHER. Put e( ?r y/
Brantst ut tsk for CBMUES.TEIS v
DIAMOND BRAND PII.I *. tor twentr-fiac
£ear* regarded is Best,Safest. Always Reliable*
Palmo Tablets
transform weak, broken-down, nerv
ous wrecks into magnificent types of
physical perfection. They restore
the nerves and kidneys to their normal
conditions and make you look and
feel years younger. Guaranteed. 50
cents. Book Free, The S. R. r'eil
Cos., Cleveland, O.
For sale by W. W. Albers, druggist
Mrs. A. A. Bock’s condition remains
about the same.
Mothers’ day will be observed in the
Presbyterian church next Sunday.
Mrs. W. H. Gould, who has been ill
for the past two months, is improving.
Last Sunday morning a daughter
was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Wood
Hans Weik, who has been ill for
some time, is now improving and able
to be about.
Miss Agnes Doonen has been con
fined to her home the past week, with
a severe case of tonsilitis.
Rev. and Mrs. John Lloyd are mak
ing arrangements to move into the
Boyce residence on East hill.
The John Kiefer Furniture Com
pany repairs cane and upholstered
furniture. Phone 1309. adv. tf.
Today Merrill people vote on the
school bonding proposition. There
has been quite a spirited campaign
over the question.
Next Sunday will be Parents’ Day
and will be observed in the M. E.
church. This takes the place of the
annual Mothers’ day.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Wynne Thom of Antigo, last Thurs
day evening, May 3, 1917. Mrs. Thom
was formerly Miss Katherine Bissell.
The time is here for cleaning up
vour premises. Don’t delay longer.
If not put in ship-shape you are count
ed as not a staunch friend of the city.
Sunday being a beautiful day nearly
every auto in the city was out, loaded
with riders, to enjoy the really most
enjoyable out of doors day had this
Assessment blanks have been sent
throughout the county by L. H.
Cook, county clerk. The work has al
ready commenced in Wausau by Geo.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Goerling have
moved into the Lyon cottage on the
west bank of the river, southwest of
the city, and are to remain there for
the cominng season?
The ice, which is usually off the
inland lakes in northern Wisconsin,
by the first of May, is still solid and
it may take another week or more
before they clear up.
Sour stomach, clogged up bowels,
pimples, blackheads, foul breath, are
evils of constipation. Hollister’s
Rocky Mountain Tea regulates the
stomach. —a medicine the whole family
should take. W. W. Albers.
The residence grounds of W. L. Ed
monds are being greatly beautified.
The buildings which were in the rear,
on the alley, have been torn down and
the grounds planted with shrubbery
and laid out very artistically.
Upon complaint of G. H. Disbrow. L.
C. Brandt and August Treutel were
brought into municipal court Satur
day afternoon, on charges of disturb
ing the peace. Being found guilty,
each was fined SI.OO and costs.
Nearly all of the county councils
of defense of the state have been ap
pointed and are at work. It makes an
effective army of workers through
out the country and councils are be
ing organized in every state in the
W. E. Brooks of Wausau, general
manager of the Wisconsin Valley Im
provement Company, during the ab
sence of A. A. Babcock, on a sick
leave to California, was at Eagle River
for several days the past week looking
over the dams belonging to that com
pany in this territory.—Eagle River
Many wild ducks are now to be
seen in Lake Wausau. They are mak
ing their way north and stop here to
rest for a few days. Old hunters say
that there are “every nationality’’
stopping here, and there seems to be
no friction among them of any kind.
Some sense in ducks.
Joseph Golos of Mosinee, charged
with assault and battery, found guilty
by Georg? Robicheau of the same vil
lage. was sentenced to serve a sixty
days term in the county jail. Thurs
, day a writ of habeas corpus was pro-
I cured and after a hearing before Judge
i F. E. Bump. Golos was discharged, for
the reason that the commitment was
At a recent meeting of Wausau
merchants at the city hall in reference
to the co-operative delivery system,
the following named wholesalers and
retailers agreed to become members:
Peth Candy Cos.. C. S. Dernbach. G.
F. Rick. W. J. Kaulbach. F. W. Krause.
Willems £ Beilke. R. B. Davis. G. E.
Lindsey. Otto Muenchow, Chas. Geisler.
Chas. Sippl, E. A. Hochtritt. Carl
Bliese, Kieffer Bros., and Wm. Brock
man. During the meeting addresses
were made by J. S. McN’igh of Mil
waukee, and D. J. Johnson of Grand
Route No. 6, at the post office, has
j been changed from three times a
' week to a daily route.
I The John Kiefer Furniture Com
pany repairs cane and upholstered
furniture. Phone 1309. adv. tf.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Vollbrecht were
the happy recipients of a baby girl
at their home on Thursday morning.
All are much pleased with the arrival
of just what they wanted in the fam
Ten cents is the price for a loaf of
baker’s bread these days, made so by
the high price of flour and rolls from
12 to 15 cents per dozen. And the
worst is yet to come if the allies are
to be particularly favored.
Miss Marilla Zellhoefer, who recent
ly underwent an operation in Milwau
kee, returned to Wausau Friday. Miss
Zellhoefer is much improved in health
and entered upon her duties at the
High school yesterday morning.
A. H. Grout was very much sur
prised on Thursday morning to find
a flag of truce waving from the top
of his flag staff. Mr. Grout regularly
raises his flag in the morning and
takes it down in the evening. Per
haps it was performed by wireless.
The saloons of the city belonging
to the Retail Liquor Dealers’ asso
ciation have discontinued giving free
lunches because of the high cost of
foodstuffs. They will, however, fur
nish such lunches as they are paid
1 for.
Charged with having the carcass of
a racoon in his possession, Charles
Zari.ke, of the town of Flieth, was ar
raigned in Justice R. E. Larner’s
court Friday forenoon. Pleading guil
ty, he was assessed $25.00 and costs.
No more meat in that line out of sea
son, for him.
There was a directors’ meeting of
the Marathon County Telephone com
pany held at the Wisconsin Trust
company's building on Thursday.
Those present were F. P. Stone, C. S.
Gilbert and A. L. Kreutzer of this
city; F. F. Chesak of Athens, and J. G.
Lang of Marathon.
The addition to the J. M. Kuebler
Co.’s factory plant—two story, 80x80
feet —is progressing rapidly and upon
completion w r ill give more spa’ce for
; machinery and storage of manufac
tured articles in excess of its present
! concern, w-hich continues to prosper,
notwithstanding the present world
w'ar crisis.
Fred and Edward Neuendank of the
town of Ringle, charged with the death
of William Ebert, had their prelimin
ary examination in municipal court
Friday afternoon and were held for
trial at the next term of the circuit
court. The bail bond of the former
was fixed at $5,000 and of the latter
at $2,000 for their appearance.
Barney Dallman, Emil Dallman,
Frank Tusenski, Stephen Wiltowski.
and John Wanta of Bevent. charged
with having assaulted Bazil Hoppa
i with intent to do him great bodily in-
Jjury, had their preliminary examina-
I tion in municipal court Thursday and
| Friday. At the close the two Dall
! mans and Tusenski w ere held for trial
|at the next regular jury term of the
{ municipal court on charges as above
i stated. Co-defendants Willowski and
i Wanta were released from custody.
Whooping Cough
One of the most successful prepara
tions in use for this disease is Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. S. W. Mc-
Clinton, Blandon Springs, Ala., writes
“Our baby had whooping cough as bad
as most any baby could have it. I
i gave him Chamberlain’s Cough Rem
i edy and it soon got him well. Obtain
• able everywhere.
Thomas Malone has given notice
that dogs must be shut up after May
Ist. There is a disposition this year
to have this law enforced to the letter.
Either keep all dogs confined or let
all run at large.
Oils Soothe
Skin Disease
OU of wintergroen, thymol, glycerin*
and other healing Ingredients compounded
in proper proportion Into the D. D. D.
Tres ription has now become the universal
favorite of skin sufferers In relieving skin
disease. It is a mild wash that penetrates
the pores and gives instant relief from all
bu T.ing and itching. It kills and washes
off the gnawing disease germs and its
s-o hing oils quickly heal the inflamed
Druggists are giad to recommend this
soothing, cooling liquid. 23c. 50c and *I.OO.
Come to us and we will tell you more about
this remarkable remedy. Tour monev back
unless the first bottle relieves you. D. P P
Soap keeps your skin healthy. * Ask about it!
DVY Tk For 15 Years
• JLr • JLF# U* Standard
Skin Remedy
Why use ordinary cough remedies,
when Boschee’s German Syrup has
been used so successfully for fifty
one years in all parts of the United
States for coughs, bronchitis, colds
settled in the throat, especially lung
troubles. It gives the patient a good
night’s rest, free from coughing, with
easy expectoration in the morning,
gives nature a chance to soothe the
inflamed parts, throw off the disease,
helping the patient to regain his
halth. 25 and 75 cent bottles. Sold by
Ploss Pharmacy.
Thin-haired readers of this issue
should begin using Parisian Sage and
thus escape baldness. W. W. Albers
sells it on guarantee to stop falling
hair and cure dandruff and itching
scalp or money back.
kkjtdtrs ‘ a lm.to is m
1,30 TO 6 V. M,
Bsvarwnra® i iotsdiY9 m satcr
tTiFPiVS t ero lOLL
worth of food trvd property
and mice and r jp jmtr lorn with
I b ale to aoe. Deadly to
rata bat barn-lea* to
bunt?a beings. Rats simply 9
Valuable booklet ia each can.
la ** 4rJ ''**' Pro*
For Sale By
Wausan, Wis.
And all Good Dealers.
Olive Oil as
a Medicine
Pure Olive Oil is being more
generally used lor Indigestion-
Rheumatic and Kidney Troubles’
Gall Stones, etc,
Olive Oil is not only a mild
laxative, but it seems to exert a
smoothing, healing and nourish
ing (unction throughout the en
tire system.
Druggist and Optician
PHONE 1105
Keep the little ones healthy and
happy. Their tender, sensitive bodies
require a gentle, healing, harmless
remedy in the Spring. Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea is a safe tonic
remedy, thoro but not injurious. 35c.
W. W. Albers.
Mosinee Items
Mosinee Times.
Carl Kronenwetter left Monday
evening for Duluth.
E. R. Prehn, of Wausau, was here
for a few hours Monday afternoon.
F. Mcßeynolds and wife were Wau
sau callers Monday forenoon.
Mrg. H. S. Lutz was a Wausau vis
itor last week Wednesday.
A slight interruption of the general
routine of things was caused in the
Wausau Sulphate Fibre company’s
yards last Thursday, when a carload
of pulp was tipped over while the
switch crew was at work. One of the
big cranes was called into commission
and the trouble was soon righted by
picking the car up and placing it on
the rails.
At a meeting of toe directors of the
State Bank of Mosinee, held the first
of the week, it was decided to go
ahead at om-e with their building
plans, and we understand that the
contract has been practically let,
and that work will be commenced
within a short time. This will be
one of the best appointed bank build
ings in this section of the state.
Stratford Items
Stratford Journal.
Louis Grambow transacted business
at Wausau Tuesday.
Thomas and Ed. McHugh of Hai
der were Wausau business callers
Mrs. Allen Hughes and children
were Marshfield callers Saturday be
tween trains.
B. J. Crosby and daughter, Mrs.
Fred Stemler, were at Wausau on
business Friday.
The Misses Marie and Anna Zuelke
of Wausau, visited home folks here
over Sunday.
Mrs. Oscar Swanson and Mrs.
August Muenster of Wausau, spent
Sunday here visiting relatives.
Mrs. Jake Stemler and daughter-in
law, Mrs. Fred Stemler were Wausau
business callers Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Wendt of Wausau, who
has been visiting at the Henry Lillge
home Sunday, returned home
Walter Oby returned home from
Marshfield Monday, where he has
been in the hospital since April sth.
He is improving rapidly and will soon
be able to again take up his position
as cashier of the bank.
Edgar Items
Edgar News.
Mrs. Wm. Seim spent yesterday at
A. W. Puchner was a Wausau caller
Albert Erny was at Wausau on Wed
nesday on county business.
Mrs. Justin Means and daughter,
Evelyn, visited at Wausau Saturday.
Henry G. Werner, who underwent an
operation for appendicitis two weeks
ago at the Wausau hospital, returned
home Wednesday.
Harold, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Hahn, had the misfortune of not only
dislocating the elbow of the right arm,
but fractured the joint as well, when
wrestling with another boy at school.
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Means and chil
dren are at St. Paul to attend the wed
ding of their son, Lester, to Miss Helen
Rosenquest of that city. The wedding
•will take place tomorrow evening.
Thursday afternoon of last week at
the hour of 2:30 o’clock occurred the
wedding of Miss Hattie Munkwitz,
daughter of Mrs. Richard Munkwitz, to
Mr. Albert Hanson of the town of Day.
The ceremony took place at the home
of the bride, Rev. Wilking of Athens,
Len Rowlands of Milwaukee, is here
for a week’s visit with his friend,
Frank Preston. Rowlands is aspiring
to gain the middleweight champion
ship of the world and bars no one in
that class. He has been taking on
anyone that cared to mix with him in
the ring. That he is gaining a wide
reputation as a boxer is evident, by
being given the first chance at Les
Darcy, the Australian champion, on
May 21st at Memphis.
Marathon Items
Marathon Times.
Anna Kirstein called on Wausau
friends Thursday. *
Herman Vetter transacted business
at the county seat Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferd. Weisenberger
were Wausau callers Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knoeck went to
Wausau on business Tuesday.
Mrs. Marg. Behlmer and Mrs. H.
Usarek were Wausau visitors Monday.
Mrs. J. B. Lenimer and Miss Carolyn
Lemmer were Wausau callers Thurs
day, as were also Mrs. A. Silverman
and her sister, Mrs. A. Wagner of
Bloomville, Wis.
Marriages—Helen Sanders and Hen
ry Lang, at St. Mary’s church, Wed
nesday forenoon. Maggie Ritger and
Chas. Lang, at St. Mary’s church,
Tuesday forenoon. Nora Ritter and
Jake Karlen at St. Mary’s church, Mon
day morning. Alma Genger and Alb.
W. Pagel at St. Mathew’s Lutneran
church, Thursday afternoon.
At the age of seventy-six, Mrs. Wil
helmina IbSch passed away at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. G. C.
Schmutzler, general debility due to old
age being the cause of her death. The
funeral was held from St. Mathew’s
Lutheran church Wednesday after
noon, Rev. E. Walther officiating.
Principal Paul 0. Tobey of our pub
lic school, has during the past week
tendered his resignation to the school
board. Asa good schoolmaster, he
realized the necessity of setting a good
example to our young men by enlisting
in the United States army. He will
leave next week for Fort Sheridan, 111.,
where he will be enlisted in the mili
tary officers’ training school.
Athens -terns
Athens Record.
Miss Mary Kaiser left for a two
week’s visit .at Wausau.
Frank F. Chesak made a business
trip to Wausau Tuesday. •
Athens has been put on the military
map by putting one man on the ser
vice. Bert Kitts, son of Joseph L.
Kitts, of this village, Tuesday left for
Marshfield, where he will join the re
cruits at that place. He was accom
panied there by his mother. Mrs. Kitts.
It is understood that Reynold Detting
er will go next Monday. Many more
are getting the spirit.
Miss Mary Greiner is taking a two
week’s visit from her work at the
Farmer's Store. She left Tuesday
morning for a visit at Wausau and
River Falls.
William Erbacli returned from Mad
ison, and will finish his school credits
at the local Helendale Farm and take
part in the nation wide campaign for
more and better crops.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary will meet
with Mrs. August Kreft, Thursday,
May 10.
For your Aches, Pains and
Sprains. Dr. Lawrence s Treat
ment Rooms, 515-517 Third
PHONE 1782
—Mrs. Helen Genrich visited in Mer
rill on Friday.
—M. O’Connor of Mosinee, was in the
city Wednesday.
—J. S. Landon of Medford, was in
the city on Friday.
—F. F. Chesak of Athens, was in the
city on Thursday.
Alois Stark of Knowlton, was in
the city on Saturday.
—G. J. Leicht was in Madison the
past week on business.
Frank Kronenwetter of Mosinee,
was in the city on Saturday.
—G. J. Leicht was in Madison during
the past week on legal business.
—Matt Carey of Grand Rapids, spent
Sunday with friends in this city.
—Frank Mcßeynolds of Mosinee,
was a business visitor in Wausau Sat
—W. R. Boorman was in Chicago
the past week. He returned home
—Mrs. C. E. Guenther of Knowlton,
visited relatives and friends in Wau
sau Saturday.
Lester Griffin and H. H. Chamison
attended the May ball at Merrill on
Friday evening.
—Miss Ethel Puchner of Wittenberg,
visited with Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Puch
ner the week end.
■—Miss Rose Johnson departed Fri
day for lola, Wis., to attend the wed
ding of her sister.
—Wm. Schlaefer was in Merrill Fri
day and attended the May ball given in
that city in the evening.
—W. H. Bissell returned from Lau
rel, Miss., on Saturday morning, where
he had been on business.
—Mrs. J. L. Sturtevant is visiting
her daughter in Stevens Point—Mrs.
J. M. Pfiffner and family.
—Mrs. W. H. Bissell was over at
Antigo Wednesday and Thursday, re
turning home on Friday.
—Miss Prudentia Woodward of the
Stevens Point normal school, spent
the week end at her home here.
—H. C. Berger and C. F. Ogden at
tended the County Welfaie meeting
held in Eau Claire on Thursday.
—Minden Maynard of Oshkosh, was
a business visitor in this city Fri
day and met numerous friends here.
—Richard Barwig departed for Del
afield Thursday evening and from
there goes to Fort Sheridan for train
•—J. S. Alexander, who has been at
West Baden, Ind., for the past two
weeks, arrived home Saturday morn
—Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Friend of
Milwaukee, who visited at the home of
Haskell Bick, returned home yester
—O. B. Kaross attended the annual
meeting of the Laundrymen's asso
ciation held in Milwaukee the past
—Dr. and Mrs. Leo Friend of Mer
rill, spent the week end at the home
of Haskell Bick, returning home yes
—Adam Paulus, one of ihe leading
lights of Marshfield, was a visitor in
Wausau Friday on a business and so
cial visit.
—Miss Marie Johnson, who spent
Sunday at the home of her parents in
this city, returned to Marshfield yes
terday morning.
—Mrs. M. P. McCullough departed
Friday evening for Chicago to visit
with her mother over Sunday—the an
niversary of her birth.
—Gust Ringle, Otto Mathie and son,
Harold, and J. J. Dern went trout fish
ing in one of our near by streams Sat
urday. They had excellent luck.
—Lester Lange departed for Toma
hawk Friday evening to attend the
Junior prom of the Tomahawk high
school. He returned to this city Sun
day evening.
—Kurt Scharbau of Chicago, came
to the city the week end to visit his
parents and many friends. He will
go from here to Fort Sheridan, 111., to
enter drill work.
—J. P. Foss, of Venire, near Los
Angeles, Cal., arrived in the city on
Saturday. He and his family former
ly resided in Wausau. He may spend
the summer here.
—Mr. and Mrs. B. Heinemann re
turned home Wednesday from a three
months’ sojourn in Florida. Mr.
Heinemann being greatly improved in
health while there.
—Arthur Roderick of Eagle River,
came to Wausau Wednesday, to join
the navy. He returned to Eagle Riv
er the next day, having failed to pass
the required examination.
—Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Elllngson and
sons, C. C. and Maynard, and daugh
ter, Miss Mabel, of Hawkins, were in
the city Thursday, in attendance at the
funeral of Mrs. Nels Christiansen, a
sister of Mrs. Ellingson.
—Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hart of Chica
go, arrived in Wausau Saturday morn
ing for a visit at the home of the
lady’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Harger. Mr. Hart returned home Sun
day evening, Mrs. Hart remaining for
a longer stay.
—Mrs. Charles Gill returned Sun
day afternoon from Milwaukee, where
she had been on a visit. Mr. Gill
drove to Junction City in his auto to
meet her on account of the wreck of
a freight which delayed the passenger
train five hours.
—Mrs. W. E. Curtis went to Oshkosh
Tuesday to spend the day at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Washburn, and to visit with her broth
er, Jack, who has since gone to St.
Louis, having enlisted, and who ex
pects later to go into training at Fort
Sheridan, 111. Mr. Washburn was a
resident of Wausau for a short time
and is well known here.
—B. Riebe and M. S. Van Ades
tine went as delegates to Chippewa.
Falls Tuesday as representatives of
the Marathon county lodge of Modern
Woodmen, to attend the state conven
tion of the Medern Woodmen of Ameri
ca, held in that city Wednesday, re
turning home Thursday morning. Dur
ing the meeting Mr. Riebe was elected
as state delegate to the National con
vention to be held in the 16th to the
23rd of June. The next state conven
tion will be held at Oconto.
Anna Kaiser has accepted a position
as bookkeeper and stenographer for
the Badger Laundry in this city.
Miss Johanna Daublender of Mosi
nee, was a visitor in our school last
E. D. Widmer transacted business
in Stanley and vicinity last week.
Robert Cady and Marie Block are
former students who called at the bus
iness college during the past week.
Lillian Sheehan and Irene Cinimon
are assisting with the office work at
the college at present.
Robert Prout and Elmer Dassow
have gone to their homes in Ves per
to spend the summer. The will rett rn
next September to finish t jeir, courses.
R. H. Starkey was a business caller
Saturday afternoon.
C. A. Cowee made a business trip
to Tigerton Friday night.
Miss Lillian Sheehan spent Satur
day and Sunday with friends at Anti
The Look Ahead club held its regu
lar meeting Friday afternoon, at which
time Rev. D. J. Williams gave a very
interesting talk along the subject of
looking ahead and being prepared for
~S~~) ~7 " [TOW-ft CUT, j
THERE’S as much difference between tobaccos a9
there is between sugar canes—the more sap there is
in the leaf to start with, the longer it takes before the
last drop of goodness is used up. W-B CUT is shred
ded; so that the satisfaction, stored in the rich, sappy
tobacco, come 9 along easy, without so much chewing.
When you chew W-B CUT, you are chewing tobacco.
Made by WEYMAN-BRUTON COMPANY, 1107 Broadway, New York City
L MiAim Wheat Land to Settlers
-VI Br isopen to you—to every farmer or farmer's
8 n I son ' v ho is anxious to establish for himself a A.eLL
-1 <_Ci B happy home and prosperity. Canada’s hearty
Jr? I invitation this year is more attractive than
AJ ever. Wheat is much higher but her fertile Airp--v
I A f/VS farm land just as cheap, and in the provinces
J a of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta 'flfy/vj; £ -
3 HS 160 Acre Homesteads fire Actually Free to Settlers MVC©*/; 'fc^SSP"
gc ** Lif’xj JB and Other Land Sold at from sls to S2O Per Acre 13V :£*>•
Ivy f4 “B The great demand, for Canadian Wheat will
Uayet. utMtioP i keep up the price. Where a farmer can get 'W A''"’ 2 ’' a
■ near $2 for wheat and raise 20 to 45 bushels to
i ■ the acre he io bound to make money—that’s upi’fflr
®SalMu *' what you can expect in Western Canada. Won- wiry:" t
■V-. \I \ dcrlul yields also of Oats, Barley and Flax. j A||te.A 1
V"v t/Jp ?■ Mixed Farming in Western Canada is fully as \
-A? profitable an industry as grain raising. 533 c A vvA
~ ’ll Sp The excellent grasses, full of nutrition, are the onlv food IRttilur§B * y"
si 1 t 1 > W required either for bcot or dairy purposes. Good schools. Dr 7AH Hi
S, \ \ i churches, markets convenient, climate excellent. Milt* Mlv/TfiY jV. „ N
- * vT tary service is not compulsory in Canada hut there is an ' Of A wryT’-; .
*~\ t . / \ l ji l H unusual demand for farm labor to replace the many |stf. , t
<V 1 ' J i l jlfi voutiK men who hr.vo volunteered for the war. Write
Liji \ } IA I for hte-ature and particulars as to reduced railway rated R\a\/Y jjkw;
4V7V/ J tv Supt. of Immigration, Ottawa, t an., or to *
\ 123 Second st ’* !W,,Maukf ‘ e ’ —-
—I find no trouble in keeping my feet happy. Mo more do I
suffer with tired, aching’, burning' feet. Then, too—l've found
a way of eliminating' foot perspiration : I bathe my feet at night
in a solution of NYAL FOOT BATH TABLETS and in the
morning' I shake EAS’EM into my shoes.”
The combination does give great foot comfort, at a small
Nyal Foot Bath Tablets... .25c per box Nyal Eas’ein 25c pe> box
“The Quality Drug Store”
Phone 1069 510 Third St. Wausau, Wis.
Putting off needed dental work only prolongs your dis
comfort and increases the expense of repair. You cannot
spend your money for anything that brings better returns
than good teeth. Why Delay?
See us at once. Examination and estimate free.
Phone 1155. Over 5 & 10c Store.
life’s duties. Rev. Williams was unan
imously chosen to be an honorary
member of the club, after which we
were favored with a reading by Miss
Agnes Cawley and a song by the Agony
quartet. The meeting closed by all
singing “America.”
FOR SALE—a stock of Hardware for
sale. Will rent store reasonable, if
wanted; or will sell stock separate. A
good location. Herman C. Oelke, 121
Third Ave., N.
FOR SALE—Two acres of land near
Grand Ave. Not a stump on it; will
go cheap. Address, “E,” Pilot office.
FOR SALE—A new, improved carpet
sweeper, for half price. Call up Tel.
No. 1201.
FOR SALE— A good tailor-made over
coat. Call up Tel. No. 1201.
PLENTY OF LAND —I have plenty of
land inside of the city limits which I
will rent out on shares. Call up Tel.
No. 1201. '
a dozen or more pieces of ground, free
from stumps and which have been
planted to crops for many years, which
I will let out to responsible parties
for a very small percentage of the
crops raised. These pieces of ground
are located inside of the city limits,
north and south. Make application
at once. Apply at the Pilot office.
FOR SALE —Acre pieces of land, in
side the city limits. Can be purchased
at very low prices. Best location in
the city for a home. Apply to the
Pilot office.
WANTED —Purchasers for acre tracts
in northern and southern parts of the
city. Prices low and terms easy. Ap
ply at the Pilot office.
FOR SALE The Crocker-Thayer
Land Cos. have acre lots for sale in the
northern part of the city on the banks
of the Wisconsin river. Now is the
time to purchase as you never can
buy property so nicely located, as
cheaply. tf.
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Board of Public Works of the city
of Wausau for the construction of a
concrete pavement together with curb
ing on the Town Line Road between
Grand avenue and the Chicago, Mil-,
waukee & St. Paul Railway Company’s
track; the work to be done according
to plans and specifications on file with
tne City Clerk and City Engineer of
this city.
Bids are to be in by 10:00 o'clock
a. m., May 21st, 1917.
A certified check equal to five per
cent of th bid must accompany same.
The Board of Public Works reserves
the right to reject any or all bids.
Dated, Wausau, Wis., April, 24. 1917.
a 24w4 Board of Pub. Works.
“Cliamberlaln’s Tablets Have Done
Wonders for Me.”
“I have been a sufferer from stomach
trouble for a number of years, and al
though I have used a great number of
remedies recommended for this com
plaint, Chamberlain’s Tablets is the
first medicine that has given me posi
tive and lasting relief,” writes Mrs.
Anna Kadin, Spencerport, N. Y.
“Chamberlain’s Tablets have done
wonders for me and I value them very
highly.” Obtainable everywhere.
(First publication April 24, last May 8.)
Notice of Final Account and to Deter
mine Inheritance Tax
State of Wisconsin, County 00011., Marathon
In the matter of the estate of George Brandi,
deceased —ln Probate.
Notice is hereby given, that at a special
term of the county court to be held in and for
said county, at the court house in the, city of
Wausau, in said county on the fourth Tues
day (being the 22nd day) of May. A. D. 1917,
at the opening of court on t hat day or as soon
thereafter as the same can be heard, the
following matters will be heard and con
The application of Joseph Baie il. adminis
trator, of the estate of George Brandi, de
ceased. late of the village of Stratford. In
said county, for the examination and allow
ance of his final account, which account is
now on tile n said court, for the allowance of
claims paid without filing as set forth in such
final account, and for the assignment of the
residue of the estate of said deceased to such
persons as are by law entitled thereto.
Dated April 21. A. D. 1917.
By the court,
Kreittzkh. Bird. Okon- F. E. Bump.
B6KI & PUCHSEK. Judge.
Attys. for Administrator.
(First publication April 10. last May 22.)
Fol. 1.
Circuit Court. Marathon County-
Stephen 11. Worzalla. Joseph A. Worzalla
and John H. Worzalla. co-partners un
der the firm name of Worzalla Bros.
Land Cos., Plaintiffs,
John Mrozowskl. Defendant.
The state of Wisconsin, to the said defend
You are hereby summoned to appear within
twenty days after service of this summons,
exclusive of the day of service, and defend
the above entitled action in the court afore
said; and in case of your failure so to do.
judgment will be rendered against you ac
cording to tbe demand of the complaint.
Plaintiff’s Attorneys.
P. O. Address, Stevens Point, Portage Cos..
To the Defendant :
The above entitled action is brought to fore
close a land contr act and affects title to the
followingdeecribed lands in .Marathon County.
Wisconsin, to-wit: the east half of the east
half of the southwest quarter of section twen
ty-one. township twenty-seven, north of range
eight east.
Plaintiff’s Attorneys.
(First publication -May 1. last May 15.)
Notice lor Administration and Notice
to Creditors.
State of Wisconsin, County Court, Marathon
County—ln Piooate.
In Re Estate of Ida Gammond. Deceased-
Notice is hereby given, that at the regular
term of said court to t>e held on the first
Tuesday of June. A. D. 11*17. at tbe court house
in the city of Wausau, county of Marathon,
and state of Wisconsin, there will be heard
and considered, the application of Fred
Nienke for the appointment of an admlnis
ratorof the estate of Ida Gammond, late of
he town of Elderon. In said county, deceased.
Xotice ishertoy further given, that at. the
•.peeial term of said court to t>e held at said
joart house, on tbe second Tuesday of Septem
■ier. A. D. 1917. there will be heard, considered
and adjusted ail claims against said Ida
Gammond, deceased.
And notice is hereby further that all
such claims for examination and allowance
must ire presented to said county court at the
court bouse in the city of Wausau. In said
county and state, on or before the first Tues
day of Reptemiwr, A. D., 1917, or be barred.
Dated April :so. 1917.
By the Court.
Kpeutzeb. Bint). Okon- F. F.. Bump.
gsKi £ Pcchukk. Attys. Judge.

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