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WILLIAM 8. CROWLEY, Bookseller and Sta
tioner, No. 144 Baltimore street, near Calvert,
opposite Carroll Hall, keepa constantly ou hand a
complete aaaortment of Books, in every department
of literature.
Also, Blank Books, School Books, Latter Paper, Cap
Paper, Peru, Iuk, Envelopes, and every variety of
Fancy and Staple .Stationery,
A If the new Look* received aa soon as published.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the very lowest
Subscriptions received for all the Papers and Mag
azines published.
tW Agent for (he "American Organ," and all the
American Books and Papers published.
nov 18
Cabinet Maker aud Undertaker of Funerals,
At short notice,
No. 81 ROSS .Street, near Eutaw,
Baltimore. nov 18
T'M'r sr,. sttW wf"?
atSmer O^O^IE' pAQK'wu/^Ve Waahing
ton daily, ?t the usual hours.
Will leave Alexandria at the usuul hours.
His omnibuses will leave tho coruer of PunUH.>.1
vania Avenue and Seventh street, to connect with
'' lHs'onm^buiijs'will connect with nil cars arriving
THERE i? always noinethinK new un
der the sun, and therefore 1 would inform my
friends and the public ?t large, thut
flue new Courcctionury Store, opposite
tc| No. 817, Pennsylvania avenue, in which >"ay l
obtained everything in tho line in the b^t POMiWe
manner, and cheapest rates. Ice Creams, . ell ca. Uiar
kXta, Ices, Ac., ofVll kinds; Candies of all tad- ?nd
nrices from 2o cents to $3 per pound; takes or an
Linda' Vou mav U?d here more than fifty varieties
of Ci!ke, all of the best quality, made of good frmh
litter and ernfs, and by the Best workmen in the
United States. I flatter myself leanplcastMhotaato
of tho most fastidious. J- ?? ? Vft?.
N. B. Parties, weddings, balls, Ac., Ac., supplied
in the shortest notice and most pleasing terms,
nov 17?StawSm j- u'
PARKER, at his Fancy Store, under
National llotel, is just receiving 10 dozen, large
and small size, Batcholor's Hair Dye, which is uni
versally conceded to be the very best article for color
ing the hair INSTANTANEOUSLY, without injury
to the skin?a beautiful jet black or brown. We re
rommend it as the SUREST and SAFEST Dye ...
USe' PARKER'S Fancy and Perfumery Store,
Under Nat.oual Hotel.
nov 2S
X Wood and Coal Yurd on Fifteenth ?treet, be
tween I and K, where peraons wishing to obtain ?
good article in the way of fuel will lind it to their ad
vantage to call. T j woRTHlNGTON, Agent.
nor 88?ltn
THERE will be found at the extensive ware
rooms of the subscriber, on Seventh street, opjv>
aitn Fxchauire Bank of Seidell, \S .thers, A Co., the
most magnificent Parlor Furniture, of richest, rose
wood oak, walnut, aud mahogany, upholstered in the
beat manner, with French brocatelle, plusb, and hair
C'?Alao elegant Cottage Chamber Furniture, enauiel
closets, an J Bedsteads of every variety and style.
Dining room Furniture of every description.
Chairs of all kinds and qualities. p. . _
H*ir and Shuck Mattresses, feather Beds, Bolsters
and Pillows i together wiOi a goneral and very ex
'?naive assortment of articles in thei h<Hise-furoishing
I ne all of which will be sold on the most favorable
terms, aud at the lowest prioea, for cash or approved
No. 680 North Seventh street
opp. Exchange Bank Helden, Withers, A Co.
nov 18?ed3m
491, Eighth Strut, ntar Ptnn. Aotnut,
HAS on hand an extensive and splendid assort
ment of paper-hangings, including gold, satin,
and oommon pipers; also, gold veWe^nd ^a .iHl
common borders, together with a great variety
panel papers of every description: consisting of
French walnut, rose-wood, maple, oak, and pnie, with
all their various mouldings and ornamenta, which he
pu t on ill the most workmanlike manner, and guar
antees satisfaction to all who may please to honor him
" aIw on {Jand.'goM and transparent, and wliHe and
bufl; linen shades, also picture cords ?
every deacription. nov. 18?8tawtf.
R We are now receiving the largest stock of Gas
Fivtures ever offered in this city, comprising everv
variety of style and finish. They have ^
from the celebrated factor of Cornelius A Co., Phila
delphia, and include all of tbe.r
Ominir to a reduction in price of Gas Fixtures, wc
are now prepared to furnish them at a les*i rate than
they have ever vet been sold here or elsewhere.
To keep pace'with the above improvement the once
of gas tubing has been materially reduced, and our
increased facilities warranta ua in saying that we are
prepared and can execute any work we may under
ukl cheaper and better than any other eatabliahment
in thia city. } w thoMP80N A BRO.,
Plumbing and Oaa Fitting Establishment,
Pennsylvania avenue, south side,
nuv 18-dUaml btw. 10th and 11th sf.
mE AUtIfUL ft nw JUVENILES.r??
IIdav Afternoons ir. tl.r Nursery, or Familiar Nar
intivcn f*mm the IVtok Obdwii* ,
Light Through the Clonds, or Peace and Joy in Be
lieThe"'Nur?erv Goven.ess, by the author of "The
ITT?,JS 5" UWS?'
*7 No. VJ8, Seventh street.
? C. TUCKER, Washington,
Attorney and Agent lor Claims, and Commission
?r of Deeds f?r all the States; revolutionary, naval, in
? hulf-nav penaions obtained; also boun ty land
r:r $ r?r. >. which u.e uai^
l.^TwTengaged, snd for the services tf volunteer,
in lhr TVias llero uUon of 1NW. Having_ copies of
aVthe m" te^rells of the Texas Revolution, be is
1,re pared to give prompt attention to the claims of all
STCred,* d of the heirs of those who died or
tilled while in the service.
Office und reaidcuoe, No. 018 Maryland avenne.
nov 18?dAwljr
F II. SIMS, Practical Plumber, Sev.
? cnth street, near the Bridge, opp<?ite Centre
M.*Vwa hinSon. D. C.- M ??<! Force Pnmtja,
Hydraulic Ranis, Hvdranta, Fountains, i^thi'ig Tubs
? i ui,.)tf?r Hath Fixtumi, Marble Wruii uiiriiih,
W^tef cn^K In.n SinkT Copper Boilers Ac , of
every description, put up on the moat approved prin
r'P,,S- Will remove, on Uie 20th instant, at the old
atiud. Seventh street, opposite Intelligencer offloe.
nov 18?tf
?vk ,r
French. Ue^ and A^m
rssf ^ ^
many things not nece^ry to enumerate, and to
whlcl ^ a^^^W^Ik HUtJhIN&N
No..42? Penn. Avenne, near Four-and-a-half aL
aov 18 ?
THE Eagle Gaa-riUlag and Plumbing
Establiafcment, on the comer of lith street and
Pennsylvania avenue are now receiving the finest ]
HAHortment of Chandeliers and Gas fixtures ever of- |
f.-red to tlie citiaens of Washington, and at the same
time " cheaper Uuin the cheapoat. All th?t m ne
cJ2Lry U to give a call to be convinced of this fact.
T^VuperiorfacUitiea of this h.mae enablea tham to
sell their good* and do work at a leas rate than any
nov 18
bb mood's, iSeventh street,) can be had Lyons
Kathairon and Barry's Tricopherous, the genuine
articles 27?It
130,000 and German liegars, of nil
the tavoriteurauds
40 boxen flue Chewing, oousisting of pound lurnpb,
I half iiound do., 6's do., and 10'a do.
Garrett's Rappee and Hootch, in jars, bottles, and
1 kegs.
: Maeeabau and Congress, in keg*.
[ Goodwill's line Cut Chewing and Smoking, in pa
1'ipes, Huuff Boxes, Hegar Cases, Mulches, and
every article appertaining to a Wholesale and Iletail
trade, will be sold low for cash.
No. Ml High street, between Bridge and Prospect
streets, Georgetown, D. C.
nov 24?d-iw
WIDE AWAKE A tthe oIdTsta hiished
boot and shoe factory, High street, where may
be found a large and fashionable assortment of Boots
aud Hhoes, comprising erery variety of style and
quality, and at tiie very lowest market prices.
Especial attention is Invited to the following:
For (JtnlieiMii?
Fine calf Boots
Fine calf double soled Fear Naught*
Fine calf Congress Hhoes
Fine calf Muurocs
Fine calf Oxford Ties
For Lad it*?
Whole tan colored Gaiters
Whole Black Gaiters
For Minim?
Black and colored Gaiters
Black Morocco Boots
Boys, youths, and servants Hhoes, coarse and tine
600 piiii s childrens Boots, Hhoes, and Ankle Ties, of
all colors and sizes
Boots und Bhues made to order of the best material
and workmunsbip, aud at the shortest notice,
nov 18?1m THOMAH BANGS.
Merchant Tailors, Bridge street,
One door east of Bauk of Commerce, Georgetown.
nov 18?ly
Merchant Tailor, and general dealer in
Bridge street, between Potomac and High streets,
nov 18?ly
received, and for sale wholesalo and retail, a
prime lot of Goshen and Glades Butter; also, a fresli
supply of roll Butter every week from Loudoun county
Virginia, at C. B. RICE'S
Provision Store, 98 High street, betweeu First and
Second, und at stall No. 2, Market-house.
N. B.?Hotel and boarding-house proprietors will
do well to call aud examine my stock before pur
chasing elsewhere. nov 18?1m
CABINET and Undertaking Business is
still continued at the establishment of the late
William King, Congress street, between the canal
and Water street, where ?11 orders will meet with
rompt ii" ? tion. nov 18?9w
K* N*
" Put but Aiueriean* oil Guard to-night."
The Book for all of you.
Tiie "KNow-nothing token,"
a wide-awake gift, for 1655, edited by "ONE
OF 'EM "
The following distinguished American enters, on
American subjects, adorn the pages ol this truly
A Wf c" Bryauti J. R- Drake, R.W. Emerson, Mrs.
L H. Siirourney, the Hon. J. W. Savage, P. S. Key,
l)r ThomasE. lkind, Joseph Hopkmsou, 11. W. I^jng
fellow. 11. Fuller, L. C. Levin, ELF. Gould, the Hon.
1kmni? Webster. Grace Greenwood, E. fcverett. 1.
Dwight. John M. Mason John Pierpont, Dr. Beecher,
wOimms, E. 1'. wWpK J. V w7) Gal*:
I^evin, O. W. Holmes, Erastus Brooks, W. 1). Galla
gher, K. II. Chapin, tie Hon. George^Bancroft. W H.
lurUigh, the Hon. Caleb Lvon G. Meili^ L^ McLel
lan ir J. O. Whitticr, Chief Justice Marshall h.
Oakes Smith, R. T. Paine, Jared Sparks, Seba Smith,
Andrew Jackson.
The Marriage of Washington,
Uoddess of Liberty,
Portrait of Washington,
Portrait of Daniel Webster,
Portrait oVilartha Washington,
TwlTshington's Farewell Address,"^
" Constitution of the United States, aud the
'? Declaration of Independence.
The following are a few of the strong commenda
tions of the press: . .. . i,._.
"The Betting up of this volume was a haripv
thought. It awakens slid Invigoratea tile noblest
patriotic sentiment., and, withal, fortifi *
by Bible religion. The volume opens with W ssh
ingtou's Farewell Address," among the richest lega
ciw ever bestowed by a patriot upon his counter ; and
then follows. in prose and poetry, the hanmest and
most soul-stirring appeals to the reason and ?f
Americana, warning tlieni of the danger of foreign in
fluence adverse So their free institutions, and exciting
to sleepless vigilsnce in their perpetuation.
?? The book gives a clear exhibition of what the
' Know-Nothings' are, shows the "????? *"
association, and excites an earnest hope that they mav
and prospered as the likgusrd of Civil
religious liberty."?ChriM. A Jr. a.ulJnrHul.
??This is a sterling annual, ftill of living truth,
which must be commended by every ed'torwhoia
not a Jesuit at heart, and find a response in the soul
of eve^tver of American soil/and institutions
Even- iMigr in it is of sterling value, and should be
committed to memory, and handed ^?ert
to child. The matter in such a book 10 Ma own peat
adornment. Washington and all the worthies foil"*,
ing after him here speak in the living present and
iioets of the soul set to glowing n^ure the glories
Sr our Protestant birthright. ?Albany SptrtaUn ?
The whole making one elegant 12mo. volume.
Prioe fl. The same in rail gilt, sides and edges,
*Vor sals by booksellers generally- .
Copies sent bv mail, on receipt of once.
J. C. DERBY, Publisher,
No. 119, Nassau street, New ^ orh.
750 Agent* wanted to canvass for the above, to
whom a liberal discount will be given.
nor W
A MOB HUNT, Collector and General Agent, of
ttro sod residence No. 51 North A street^ Capi
tol W to I.C. Weed. Esq.. who is now
2 ?Ag^rorW4r^i.Tnrd
Insurance Cou.|?nv of Now "sven <o.mrc*eut.
Professor Silliman, President; Dr. S. C. Buaey, Mea
'^Tsuraucc promptly snd safely done on liberal
anN.rT0Herantl^ngh the city post office will
[ meet prompt attention.
nov 18?IT ? .
Rothwell a brown, auction
ecr? and Commission Merchants, Lou
isisns svenue, opposite the Bank of Wa?l?jrton, wi"
give attendance to all business ronmiitM
charge, and will make sales by
lions of property, real or issrsonal They reapedIVilly
solicit s share of the patronage of the public^
Thev art* now opening and arranging for aale an
"""""1ToKiliu.n n-KNITUBF,
Of everv varietv, to which they invite the attention
of persons furnishing.
?key have .tag. ^^I0NS. ^ ^
Purchased in Boston, and will shortly be provided
W,th POTATOES. ^ ,
All of which will be disposed of at private sale,
nov 18?2aw2m
am-sais i
M for the last twentj-fonr years, and being well
acquainted with the cftixens, particularly the large
German population of Wsahhigtim city, offers ''"J
wrvices tti persons desiring to purchase or sell Real
Estate or to rent and collect the rento, Ac. Hehaa now
Tor ssle manv desirable houses, vsrving '"gj*
$j00 to |I1,0(|0; with many vacant lota, eligibly situ
ated, for building, at all prices. ?^or.
The^mdersigned is ready at all tunes to prepare
Deeds Deeds of Trust, Deeds of Release, I*a?'".
Articles of Ajrreement, Powers of Attorney, In the
German and Oish language and to titles
to pt?(*rtj.
nov IS?lm No. 455 Eighth stbetweeu D and E.
Tins (Iky ooeaitt another lot of those
which have heretofore
given such general satiifcctH.n^ gyLVEHTKR^
Druggist, oorncr of Uth street and Penn. av.
nov IV |
FOB rent, a three story Bwelliny, with
baek building, on F ?tnwt north, 48ft,) naif
* iimiare eaat 01 th? Patent Office. Tne "?2J^ 18
handftomely flniiilied, and containa fourteen or fifteen
r"?m*' Wit" tRlL MXH.
nov 16?eotf Next door, No. 4X7.
Eand warranth and Virginia
HCRIP wanted, by _ _
nov 18 J. 8. H0LL1NGSHKAD.
FOB ULE Oft kmi
ONE of Ikow new Had bawlMinc dwell
ing Houses, situs ted on 0 street, between First
?nd Second street. Fur s private family residence,
this offer* many inducements. Every improvement
conducive to health, comfort, and economy lias been |
provided. The house contains six Urge chambers, s
fine large parlor, fashionably finished, a commodious !
dining room and well-arraugvd kitchen. Hot and
cold water, and gas-pipes through the house. Usth- |
iug room, arranged for hot, cold, and shower-baths;
pump in kitchen : Bells from every room; oooking- !
range in the kitcoeu, and furnace in the cellar.
Rare inducements will be offered to persous desir
ous of p r basing a comfortable house.
To a tp od and punctual tenant the rent will be
For further particular* inquire of JNO. B. WARD,
in tlic unjoining house, or at tlie corner of Twelfth
street nd C;.nal.
nev a/-8t eod | Intelligencer.]
For sale, a new two-story
and attic frame HOUSE, situated on K street,
between Sixth and Seventh, containing eight large
aud well arranged roomB, with side and back alley,
and about one hundred yards from the Northern Lib
erty market-house.
Inquire of J. F. HODGSON, Tia Plato and Sheet
Iron worker, No. 4<J5, Seventh street, near II.
nov 27?lw
lft raul and the Oentilea, by Dr. Isaac Da Costa.
Haley's Evidences of Christianity, with Note* and
Additions by Charles M. Nairne.
Lectures delivered before the Young Men's Chris
tian Association of London.
Words to Win Would, twelve sermons by eminent
Divines of the Church of England.
Letters and Bemains pf the late Bev. W. H. Hcwit
son, 2 vols.
The Works of the Bev. Edward Bickcrstetli, 10 vols.
Autobiography and Bemiuisoences of the Bev. Wm.
Jay, of Bath.
Scripture Testimony to tho Measiuli, by John Pye
?Smith, D. D, For sale by
nov 27?8t No. 498, Seventh street.
ALL the Ch?ap Publication*, Magazine**,
and Newspapers, can be had at Alex. Adam
son's, on Seventh street, opposite to the Post Office.
New York Herald, Times, and Tribune, received
every night, and delivered to subscribers at ?5 cents
a mouth, payable in advance. He keeps constantly
on hand a large assortment of Blank Books, Pens,
Ink, Paper, Ac. Harpers', Putnam's, Graham's Ma
gazines and Lady's Book, at $2 SO a year, payable in
advaucc. The American Organ is for sale, every
evening, at hi* store. A. ADAMSON.
nov 16?dtf
? Place, corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh
street, keep constantly for sale at their establishment,
a good nssortmcnt or Standard and Popular Litera
ture, in bouud and cheap form; all the Popular Maga
zines and Periodicals of the dav; also, the Know
Nothing papers; Daily and Weekly Herald, and Tri
bune ; and the Police Gazette, Boston l'ilot, Citizen,
Waverly Magazine, Home Journal, Dollar Newspaper,
New York and Philadelphia Sunday papers, Station
ery, Blank Books, Ac.
The American Organ for sale every afternoon,
nov 18?lni J. ELDER A CO.
No. 12, Centre Market Space,
HAS just received from the eastern cities
rich and beautifhl French aud Swiss Embroide
Limerick, Crochet aud Maltese Lace Collars and
Sleeves; Swis* and cambric Chemezetts and Habits,
embroidered and laco sets, from $4 to $25; Swiss,
Cambric aud Guipure Bufflos and Bands; embroider
ed Handkerchiefs, at greatly reduced prices. Also,
Head Dresses and Caps, Flowers and Feathers for
bonnets; black kid Gloves, 60 cents: colored and
white at 62 1-2, (sujicrior quality;) Jouvirt, 87 1-8.
Persons wishing to make purchases, would do well
to call at No. 13, where great bargains can be obtain
ed, particularly for the ea*h.
nov 20?1 wn
DIAMOND and other rich Jewelry, a
good assortment on hand, or manufactured to
order, at short notice, and at much lower prices than
elsewhere in this city, aud no mistake, at No. 418,
Pennsylvania avenue*.
nov 22 II. O. HOOD.
f^llLMANS' H Oye ham made its ap
ftJT pearauce in \, very much to the gratifi
cation of our youii ax who wear red whiskers or
mustachios. GentK men are now seen going into our
liair-dressing saloons w ith hair, whiskers, mustachios,
aud eyebrows of all imaginable color*, and in iivo
minutes they will appear on the street having them
entirely changed, and decidedly improved by a lus
trous black, obtained by using Oilman's Dye.?Nor
folk Ihrald.
For sale by Z. D. OILMAN, Chemist,
nov 18 Washington city.
OME RKMKUIF.M. The Compound
Cherry Pectoral is the best and, surest, and
most palatablo cough remedy ever ouerca to tlie pub
lic; it will oure the worst cold or cough possible, and
is the ouly article that will afford relict to consump
tives without hastening their end. Try it, and you
will be convinced. Price 25 and 50 cents per bottle.
The Hirb Cocoh Candy i* also an exoellent and
very palatable medioatod compauud, and i* well
adapted to children and other* who are prejudiced to
medicine in other forms. Price 12^ ana 25 cents
per package. For sale at
Druggist, Penn. avenue, opposite 7 buildings,
nov 18
THE undersigned will continue to practice in tho j
various courts of this District, and attend to tlie |
prosecution of all classes of claims sgainst the gov- '
eminent. He will also attend to the unfinished agen- I
cy business of Vespasian Ellis, Esq.
Washington City.
F. Moulton, Esq. is suthorixed to close up all my
business connected with claim* upon the govern
nov 18?ly V. ELLIS.
(ft HAA BUSHELS Wood-burnt Lime, which
is burnt of white stone, and is well
calculated for plastering, and, indeed, for any building
purposes. This limo i.t in good order, and 1 would
invite all those using the article to coine and examine
for themselves and try its qualities.
Also on hand the best qualities of White and Bed
ash Coal, Hickory, Oak, and Pine Wood; all of
w hich will b? sold a* low as the market will afford.
Corner 12th and C streets, No. 549.
nov 18?dim
CUMBERLAND COAL-We have on the
wharf a cargo of the Cumberland C?al snd Iron
Company's superior coal. Consumers of Cumberland
coal would do well to try this article, which we will
deliver carefully screened in all cases.
nov 18 Office corner of C and l?th ?ts.
Extensive wood yard The sub
scrihcr, having purchased the ent're stock of
Wood of Captain .lames W. White, *o long and fa
vorably known to the citizens of Washington, as an
upright dealer in tho article of Wood, beg* leave to
announce to tlie customers of his predecessor, and the
citizens generally, that be intends to continue the
business at the old stand on Canal street, a few yards
east of Seventh street bridge, where he will endeavor
to have at all times a Nil supply of all kinds of fire
wood, of the best quality, at the most reasonable
prices. His customers may always depend oil getting
a good article and honest measure.
nov 18?8m Til OS. S. BUTLER.
ANOTHER opportunity will be offered
to those persons who hare not laid in their
w inter's supply of Coal to do so, at twenty-five cent*
a ton lower than the market price, by taking it from
the vessels upon their arrival. The ooal win be from
Philadelphia, and of the best qualities, both red and
white ash, egg sice. Orders should be left at our
yard immediately on Sth, between D and E street*.
Terma cash?2,240 lb*, to the ton.
novj# X?!1?? * MOORK.
tractor* and builder* can be supplied st all
limes with Doors, Sash. Blinds, Mouldings, Balusters,
and Newels, of oak, walnut, maple, mahogany, and
yellow pine; also, all kind* of scroll and fancy saw
ing ana turning, and all other work which the first
class steam machinery can execute.
Fsctory corner Indiana avenue and Third street,
east of City Hall. nov 18?Htaw8m
WC. CHOATE, Cupper, 1-eecher,
? Bleeder, and Chiropedist, keeps constant
ly on hand a Rood supply of the very best Swed
ish leeches. None applied but tho*e" that are war
ranted fre*h and healthy. .Physicians in the country
can be supplied at the *horte*t notice. Corn* re
moved without pain or drawing blood, and instant
relief produced. Mr. Cboayi doe* not pratti*e any
humbug; hi* charge* are moderate, and he can be
commanded at any time.
Residence, Louisiana Avenue, No. 44, near Hixth
street not 18?eolm
scriber continue* to pink nifltes, flounces,
aprons, capes, talmas, scarf*, joseys, Ac., at the short
est notice.
Umbrellas and parasols repaired. A general nuaort
ment of umbrella* for sale, by
No. 857, Pennsylvania av., near 12th street.
nov 18
FOR SALE OR LEASE.?A number of un
improved lot* for sal* or lease, located in various
part* of the oily, U. WARD,
nov 18?dtf
a mshhreb?s r?
ststx- j *s\?v5bJssr1"'"
quire or Uood? and Shoe Store,
nor 2&-eodta No. ?W, Seven? etreet.
atreets. Office on BW*d ?j3f^^ssr?d
atreeta. Boaideuoe 418 l street, beiweeu U0T n
Seventh. ..
WITMT received. 35 P?r ??1' lo*r*r lha,,
fashion* of the furthcoming season, which, in splendor
and richness, cannot ^ A0E roBES.
Also a number of superb CAKK1AUB. uubm.
A fine lot of UMBBlJLLAS, of all lit**, to be <hs
T'lTw^f Children and InfanV* Fancy
GOODS always on hand, made from the beat mate
mH^t^new^^^AT&ntlemen h- been
already rteniped as the ne plus "ultra,, and he only
makesmentionof it to say At the price, a. hereto
fore, for the very beat, ia only ?4^ BVAJ(H
noy 18_i w No. 886. Pennsylvania avenue.
the second EXHIBITION of the
For the PromotioB and K?,co"I*Fe*?nt of
Manufactures, ComMreei th
Mechanic and Useful Arts,
WILL be opened at the city
Thursday, the 8th day of iebniary, lBfifi, in
tho now und splendid hall of the Smithsonian Insti
tuUon, whicht ot^ of the moat magnificent room, in
^thffiiWtion the Manufacturers, Mwbanta,
Artista Inventors, and all others desiring to display
the results of their labor, skill, ingenui^. ftud Uwte,
from all portion! of the Union, are oordially invited
l?The'Machinery Department will be W?der Jh?
charge of a special superintendent. Hteam po*t ,
fixtures, labor, Ac., will be given free
tttThe wnmuttoethere^e, feel ???
they are offering to the producer of excellent articles
a vnlliable opportunity of making known 10 toe
whole country their novelty and utility, the
sty le of their workmanship, and their ad?P?*Uon to
turo of these displays. It is
such contributions to a committee of ladies andto
award to articles of merit (P.rero,JJ"? ?^eWellry' AC-'
fUNoW?rtloie deposited afler Saturday ajfty^dof
February, can be entered upon the Judges
competiuon or premium exoept such aa the eomwU,
tee snail be satisfied were dispatchedfroma distance
in time to have reached the hall by that day, but
failed to arrive from unavoidable detention.
Articles designed for exhibition only will be re
ceived free of charge until Tuesday nig t,
ruary, at 10 o'clock; after whichUme de^wtortwill
bo Butject to a charge of from 60 cents to $1 00 for
ea^pprenticeseKd minors who contrUwto 'rtfaj^of
their own make or invention ahull
and the timo they may have served at their busuiMa.
All articles deposited for competition and P.remlum
muat be of American nianufacturc, conspiOTOiisly
labelled with appropriate names, the name of the
maker and inventor, (if known,) and the name of the
depositor; a copy of which label must be furnmhed
theclerk kt thePfime of bringing the good,.tor entey
on the record. Prices may be affixed or not, at toe
option of the exhibitor. r?>Hive a
Depositors, at tho time of T?, *
ticket if title to their goods, whioh ticket will also
admit them to the exhibition at all times when open
10 Jf!\? Goods should be addressed a* follows " Ex
hibition of tho Metropolitan Mechanics iM^ute,
Washington, D. C.,' and should have the nature or
the articC and the name of the party ^ingthem
distinctly marked on the pacH^s^ They should
also be accompanied by a detailed mroico.
Circulars containing detailed instructions wiU be
forwarded and any information given on application
to toe con-esponditig secretary, to whom afi commu
nications on the business of the InstituUon should
be addressed. nov lfr-8taw?w
Improved Stereoscopic Likenesses.
Tkt greatut improvement tvtr vuuU in the Photo
And in Oil Colors, far exceeding any style <
ture ever offered to the public, and at a small wflt.
This establishment possesses many adrMteges
over others in this city, having a ^-Hgbt with over
200 feet of glass, and thereby enabling theartistU,
make likenesses of children almost mstenUnwualy.
Portraits are made in this establishment from bx
A. M. to sun set, and equally well in dowdy as fair
weather, except of children. .
No likenesses but the best will be sold at this gal
lerv, as he intends every picture Which he gives to
be a lasting advertisement of his work. ? . ,
Particular attention will be paid to copying Paint
ings, Engravings, Statuary, and Daguerreotypes. I'or
taking theae copies he has an instrument made
the purpose, and used only inthi. Jg^)N>g>
No. 428 and 428, over Lane A Tucker's
nov 18?tf building. Pennsylvania avenue.
of Fine Fresh Toilette Articles, which our cul
will find, as usual, to be the v|>rJB^gB?,fC lm"
,mrte-l. Comb tnd Perfumery Store
Pennsylvania avenue, under National Hotel.
nov 18 i
AS. CARNER, Draper
? Morfit'i Building, Four-and-and-a-half street
rrspectfnlly informs his friends and thsatilWM of
Wsshington, Georgetown and AUxandrU, tf^tlie
keens always on hand a choice selection of the best
S3RS iH.pular makes of ClothN Cashmeres, and
Vesting*, together with a good supply of the best
Trimming*, and will make to order garmenta in the
most elegant manner, (plain or f^'ey.) to p'eaM the
tastes of all who may favor him with a call.
N. B. Prices moderate, and terms casn.
nov 111?eolm __________
K.?h AAA FEET Albany white pine
lumber 4-4 to 1S-4
5,000 Teet cherry 6-4 to 12-4
6.000 do do 4-4 and W
5,iXH> do walnut ooflln boatds, first auallty
6;000 do do 4-4 to 12-4.Wide.tnd clear
lo.noo do ash 4-4 to 16-4, of the best kind
ft',000 do poplar 4-4
Just received and f^ Mle^^^
Twelfth street and canal,
nov 18 _____
mtEVTBOOKS.-Cheap edition ^ EniipW
1M Alliance Prise hsaay on Infidelity, by Her.
Thomas Pearson. 60 cents. . _ .
Family Prayers for Morning and Evening Use; by
the Be v. John Sweto, D. D. ?0 cents.
Family Expositions, on St. John and St Jude, by
Bev. E. Bickersteth. ?0 cenU.
Memoir of Jo?iah PraU; by his sons. ?1 W.
Jeanie Morrison, or the Discipline of Life. 75
^Memoirs of Celebrated Characters; by Lamartine.
^M^noirs of Nspoleon, His Court, and Family; %
vols. $4.
For sale by qraY k BALLANTYNE,
nov 18 498 Seventh
THE subscriber wishes to call partteular attej
,ion to his stock of Boys' and Men * R*?dy-tnsd?
Clothirnr, which must be closed ont at cost for cash, and
no humfcig. as hereafter he intends to drop this branch
of his liosmess- "e has als?> a large, ^^ and rery
handsome s..?k of Cloths, CsNrimer^ .nd V ,
which be will be happy to make up in tl? m<^f??h
ionable style at short notice, and the lowest possible
fi^Tai so "invites special attention to the most beeu
tifhl Overcoat, of tSe latest Paris fashion, made up
expressly for exhibition. j RIOGLES,
? "?rtbTKKS'm&fico.
nor. 18
K tol?, Building Blacks, Boxes of Tools^ Games,
Magic Unterns, Ac., at LAMMOND H,
nov 18 Seventh street.
rflHIS day received from th'.m""J?*
I tnrers, one case of the above mentioned Owws,
of Watt's make, which are offered at New lorm
prices, by E TU0KKll k co.,
No. 858 Pennsylvania avenue.
nov 22
UAJI ,, .. .
W u?J inUrfUng divvuerg in vegetable utedtcme.
- A.?ti-p?rto41c Ot Few u4
?e a certain
riodic oomp
id a?u?.
rU: ?V?ITmnio, or
-vkVfliif KR'& Anil-periodic ?r Fevei i
EOS: E.V?1? ?iT
dred complaint*, which wnll our. at
caaes out of every hundred. He feeU, very iwmubly,
that this uound* botiutAil and chimerical, out he has
now used it under hia own obaervaUou, upon more
thuu one thousand severe caaea without o^ failure.
Before asking the confidence of the public. how
ever and without making any drafta upon lte credu
lity 'the inventor of this medicine dewrea to
his statement* are not those of a reckless and unprin
cipled man. We therefore aal^atte^ien to the^ofiow
ing joint certificate from the Hon. William A- ?ewe".
M D lute member of Cougrem* from New Jaraey,
?d T. DNeweU, M. D. auminentW auoceasfUl sur
1 g&on and physician, of New Brunawfck, N. J.
? 7b Phynciane and the Public.
eraars'. tste? s
l rr'?;rris%"S "snsisi'is
them; and as they contain no salt of araemcor qm
' nine the former ef which sometimes operates so de
teriouslv as an accumulative poison, weoonaiderthem
i a safe and valuable remedy, that ought to ^ within
r^u of every family that is liable to chills and fever,
i To our professional brethren we deuui it Pr?per to
sav thai we have been made acquainted with the
composition of these pilU, and find them
ecu/UiAc preparation. Moreover, as they are PfeP"?
bv an apothecary of more than twenty years active
experience, we can vouch that they are
pounded. We earnestly commend them to the no
tice of the profession, and believe they will cure after
all usual remedies have tailed.^ N?W ? D
In their own State both these gentlemen have an
extensive practice, and epioy, to an en^bk dwree.
the confidence of the public. There they w ould oh
tain universal credit. But as we desire to prepossess
every citizen of the United Htates with our trethful
ness aud good faith, we subjoin the following note
from a guutlemaii known and reverenced throughout
the Union?the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, LL. D.
Note from the lion. Theodore Frelinghuyeen.
" From the professional character and reputation
of Drs. Newell, above named, and the esteem in which
these gentlemen, with Mr. Deshler, are held in this
State,T take pleasure in stating that any
lions made b/them
Niw BauimwiC*, N. J., Jan. 24, 1854.
Owing to the floods of quack medicines with which
the country hus been deluged, and which have proved
so uniformly worthless, the discoverer of^this ? y
has long hesitated to come before the public. Having
regard for his character, he has been unwilling to be
classed with the pretenders who, undertaking to cure
all complaints with one remedy, miserably fail.to em*
any; and he has feared that the j>ublio which has
been bo often shamelessly deceived, would deny him
its attention. He relies, however, that the above cer
tificates give him a title to its confidence and atten
tion while making the following statement:
We claim for our remedy the following
tie? and advantage* by which it is distinguished from
others. ? .
Peculiarities of DeeUtfe Anti-Periodic Pill*.
1st. They exert a marked, specific, and almost in
fallible anti-periodic power, by which they neutralize
the periodical and constantly-recurring attacks.which
characterize fever and ague. The law by which th
remedy acts overpowers the law of the disoase.
2d. 'While they thus manifest great activity and
nowcr they are yet perfectly liarmless. A well per
son (even if on infant) may take great quantities not
only without inconvenience, but without seeming
efl8d! Theyiaever disagree with the weiikeRtstomacli,
almost iustantly restore appetite, and break "Pjhat
distressing sense of bodily pro?tr?tion which always
ttC4th!IThey mav be taken without regard to
diet, or drink, and on a journey "."j}?'?," Irihil"
5th. They are not only anti-periodic, but anti-bil
?Cth. They contain no salt of mercury, arsenic, or
q Advantages of DeeMtr'* Fever and Ague Kennedy.
1st It is not liquid. There is no
evaporation, or bv coming in contact wfth clothing.
a. It is perfectly portabta. A dozen boxes may be
nut in a Seidlitx powder box. One box may bo sent
Ey mail to any part of the Union for six cents, ex
cept California or Oregon, or to those places for
1 *2<T"ifr tasteless and without oder. All other
remedies for the disease are bitter and nauseous, and
are taken with difficulty by children or delicate per
^ Desliler's Anti-periodic or Fever and Ague Pills,
may be procured at wholesale or retail, of
841 Broadway, New l ork.
Price $1 per box; or, for the convenience of those
residing where it has not been introduced a* yet, it
will be forwarded by mail, prepaid, 1to iany?"?
closing 34 letter-stamps, in any part of the United
States exoept Oregon and California; or to these for
3#t3f" ^ liberal diaconnt to dealers, and delivered in
New York city free of expense.
nov 18?ly
for SALE I
*tDob'(?fjSsMOORE, upEiUWrer ?nd
er has just received a large and elegant assortment ol
g^ds of the latest style, comprising
Window Cornices, Cumin
Gimps, I loops, Cords and Tassels,
hnnfln and clasps, Rings, Picture Oofd and teasels,
Hair seating, ^ ebbing. Sofa and Cbalr flpnngi,
Curled Hair, Feathers Shucks, Ac. All kinds of in
side Blinds, Venitian Blinds wide and narrow state,
Patent Reed Blinds, Paper Blinds, Transparent ^ in
dow Shades, bufl and white Holland for Shades,
Brass Fixtures and Rollers for Shades, Furniture
Oil Cloths, Table Covers, Cota Hair, and Shuck Mat
tresses, Blankets, Pillows, kmnges, I arlor, and
Chamber Easy Chairs, Pew and other Cushiony Ac
Also, a variety of Paper Hangings, of new and
fashionable patterns suitable for P****.
withB^d'ers, C^^XTv'iews, Stated, Fin Screens,
*CI). MOORE makes to order, in the best manner,
Window and Bed Curtains, Carpet*. Cushions,
Feather Beds, Curled Hair and Shuck Mattresses,
Venitian Blinds; and all work in the Upholstering
and Paper Hanging business promptly attended to.
Steamboat and ship cabins furnished. Rooms,
Ac., papered at short notice.
nov 11
JAMES W. ORAV, Ball's Pond, Falrileld
county, Connecticut, cultivates one of lhe "lost ex
tensive and well-established tn.it N?rscnes in the
country, grown from the moat healthy and thrifty
stocks thereby producing the finest quality of trees,
and embracing all the choicest vaneties of every kind
of fruit adapted to this climate, vn :
Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Cherry, Apnoot, Nec
tarine, and Quinoe Trees. n ,,
Orafle Vines?Isabella and Catawba ; Goose, Car
rant, and Raspberry Bushes, and Strawberry 1 lanta,
"of the best imported varieties.
Also. Ornamental Trees, such as Balsam, Sprncc,
Fir, White l*ine, Tamarisk, Hemlock, Sugar Maple,
A A*iant^ variety of Dwarf Pears on imported Quince
"^rfersmay be l^th RUSSKL ORAY, who
can be seen at 2o6 Eighth street, or at Oray a Bal
lantvlie's Book Store, 48* Seventh street; also, with
JOHN W BREWER, Columbia Pike, three miles
from the Iiong Bridge, Alexandria oounty, Va.
nov 18 ?
wil.TIAM H. HULK (for several years an
Examiner in the Pension <>?<*,) will attend to the
prosecution of claims against ?e ?ov,rnment, Mich
as Bounty Unda, Pensions, Back and Extra Fay,
*Refer to Hon. L. P. Waldo, Commissioner of Pen
sions. Hon. John Wilson, Commissioner General
Land Office, and to the Ileads of Departments aud
Bureaus generally.
nov 18?ly
Class G.?To be drawn November 80.
On? Prizk to Tw*stt Ticaaxa!
And remember, e^ pyejrmtm
10,000 Tlckets-SOl Priwsal
. 115,000
J ?y 4,ooo
1?J 8,000
j ?v 2,000
1* l.WK)
;; 1,100
I In all, 601 Prizes, amounting to....
! Tickets $10? Halvea and Quarters in proportion.
' Every Prize drawn at each drawing.
! Bills on all solvent banks taken at]par
All communications strictly confl*""^'
SAMUEL SWAN, Agent and Manaeer.
Sign of the Bronze Liona.
1 Moxtoomzsv, Alabama. 1??dAwly
Uuker u< Dealer U Kicku|6 Stock*,
4c., 4c.,
Mo. 482 Peuusjlvania avenue, Washington, D. C.
nov 18?ly
Attorney* ui Counsellors at Law.
Office over Heldsn, Wither*, A Ce.'a Bank.
uov 1>
Attorney aud Couaaellor at Law.
Office over Seldeu, Withers, A Co.'* Bank.
nor 18
Attorney aad Couaaellor at Law,
Office over Banking House of SeldeA, Withers, A Co.
nor 18
Ueaeral nad Real Estate Agent,
Wathington, D. C.,
Gires special attention to olainis before Congress or
the various Departments, collection of claims, nego
tiating loans, purchase or sale of real estate, land war
rants, Ae.
Office orer banking house of Selden, Withers, A Co.
Residence No. 8, Union How, F street, near Seventh.
nor 18
0 street, between Fourth and Fifth streets.
nov 18
| Merchant Tailor, National Hotel,
Washington, D. C.
nor 13?3m
Attorney at Law and Goneral Agent.
Office at the corner of Sixth street and Louisiana
Avenue, Washington city.
nov 18?tf
DuvalT* Building,
I'enn. avenue, near Four-and-a-half street.
nov 18
Corner of H and Seventh streets.
Drugs, Chemicals and Fancy Article*. Prescription*
carefblly compounded day and night.
nor 18
COAL I COAL!?A cargo of tmnorlor Le
high Nut Coal, for small stoves, cooking ranges,
Ac., at 97.60 per ton: to be delivered from the vessel
at Riley's wharf during this week. Apply immedi
ately, and leave your orders corner of Massachusetts
avenue and 7th street.
The subscriber is also expecting a cargo of Red
| Ash, and one of Stove Schuylkill Coal, which will be
[ sold low from the vessel.
Also, on hand, a good article of Cumberland and
Smith Coal. J. HUNSBERGER.
' nov 21?d5t
CM. SKIPPON, Merchant Tailor. No.
O 188 Pennsylvania avenue, between Nineteenth
and Twentieth streets, would inform his friends and
customers, that he has now on hand a handsome as
sortment of Cloths. Csssimeres, and Vesting*, which
have been selected with care, especially for custom
trade, and of which he would be pleased to make up
to order in his usual good style, at moderate prioes.
N. B.?His friends and the public in general, are
most respectfully solicited to call and examine for
themselves. hot 20?TuAThlm
THE subscribers having established themselves
in the Lumber business, at the old stand of
Win. Bird, oorner Sixth and B streets, are prepared
to furnish all articles in the trade on favorable terms.
They solicit a share of public patronage.
nov 18?eotf GEO. W GARRETT A CO.
VfTlLLIAM TUCKER, Merchant Tal
WW lor. No. 426 Pennsylvania avenue, takes this
method of informing his friends and the public gen
erally that he has in store a Urge and complete as
sortment of
of very superior qualities, selected with great care,
and which cannot fail to please the taste of the most
fastidious. AH of which I am prepared to make up
at the shortest notice, and in the best and most ap
proved styles, and at prices that cannot fiail to suit
the most economical.
N. B. A few of the latest and most approved styles
of Over Garments in store, ready for exhibition,
nov 18?eodlmif
WH. OILMAN'S pure Soaaa.FigsI?
O A most palatable, safe, and effectual reme
dy for constipation of the bowel*, nsrvous or sick
head-ache, and all that train of unpleaaant symptom*
induced by a state of habitual coativeneas. Prepared
and sold, whole?.e
Chemist and Apotheosry, ttt Pen*,
avenue, oorner Fun ?J ? half street.
Price 25 oenta a box.
nov 13 , ,m
furnishing goods generally, both new and aec
ond-hand.?The undersigned keeps constantly on
hand a Urge and varied assortment of new asd eec
ond-hand Furniture, and Housekeeping Goods, which
be will sell on the very beat of terms.
An extensive assortment of seasonable artistes now
on hand. Give him sa eariy c^
No. 89.V south side Peon, avenue.
between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets.
nov 18
Religion* Book
ton, 1). 0., have the oofr lhl5
the publications of the?, .
American Bible NMyi
Methodist Book CWWlP",
Robert Carter A BrdfcsM,
Gould A Lincoln,
Presbyterian Board,
American Treat Secisty,
Evangelical Knowledge Society,
American Sunday 8c6ool Union,
New England I Manas limit's Sabbath
School Societies:
and all the principal religion* publishers. Also, ?
It is, therefore, apparent that thawalack of Stand
ard Theological Works and general f rf%lea* litera
ture must fie unequalled.
Tbey always keep an extensive araortmenl af all
the Hvmn Books used in the dUbnst churches, family
snd pocket Bibles snd Prayer Book*, in plain and
superb bindings.
Their assortment of attractive and shoice
suitable for gifts and Sunday School libraries, is
very extensive. ...... *
gchool Book*, of all the kind* used in the city and
oonntrv school*, at the loweat pricea.
Blank Books, staple and fancy etatiouery.
Pocket Knives, I'orte-monnaiea, Portfolios, Writing
Desks, Gold Pens, Ac. ..... .
A liberal discount will be allowed to ministers aad
wholesale purchasers.
nov 18 ?
No. 84, Opposite Centre Market,
THE subscriber respectfully calls the attention
of the public generally to his NKW STOCK
of GOODS, Just received. They compose all kinds,
from French importations to the heat description of
home made articles, suitable for ladiea and gentlemen
of the most fastidious taste.
The ball season having fairly commenced, he espe
cially invites Isdies to call and examine a beautiful
assortment of FaKCT Si.irrsRS, which cannot fail to
A great variety of superb Trunk*, Carpet Bag*,
and Valises, at exceedingly low prices.
DO YOU wish a Sae salt of Halrf-Try
MOORE'S Improved Trieopherona?it ta the
only article that will produce a growth of Hair, as a
number of persons can testify. As a toilet article it
has no superior; it renders the hairsnft and glossy,
removes dandruff and scruff, Ac. Price 88 oenta per
bottle, or five for $1.
Moore's Excelsior Soap Dentifrice is warranted to
be the best preparation for cleansing the teeth and
mouth, for purifying the breath, hardening the guma,
and preventing decay, now extant. It contains no
1 scid or gritty mibstsnoes. nor is in any way injiin
ons. Price 26 cents per jar.
For sale at J B. MOORE'S, Chemist,
Penn. avenue, opposite Seven Building*,
nov 18
LAND ond (>**?i Agency Ofloto, "Co
lumbia Plsoe," Seventh *treet, Washington,
D. C.?Claims for Bounty I And, applications for
Pension by the widows and minor heirs of sol
diers killed (or who died) in the United States
service in any war since 1700, (including the Florida
and other Indian wars, the war of 1818, and the late
war with Mexico;) application* for Pension hy the
widow* snd heirs or sit Revolutionary soldier* ?
Money Claims against the various Departments of
the (lovernment snd before Congress: and claims
for extra pay for Army and Navy in California snd
Oregon from 1844 to f(W?9. 1 , . .
F. E. H ASHLER, General A rant.
N. B.?Und Warrants and Land Scrip bought and
sold. ?0T ft""*

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