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Baltimore Correspondent
Doing* of the City CoHneiJ?Appointment of
School Commieeioner and Railroad Director?
Confirming a Mittakt?Arr?t of Counterfeit
ere?Rev. Tkonuu Stockton on Preeident Pierce,
tie., ttc.
Baltimosi, Dec. T, 18M.
? The city council lot night appointed John H.
T. Jerome, Esq., a school commissioner, vice Beale
H. Richardson, Esq., rcaiguod. Mr. Jerome, whilst
mayor of the city, proved himself well worthy
the confidence of his fellow-citizens; and his ap
pointment to the important duty of guarding the
welfare of our glorious free dbhool system will be
hailed with gratification by every friend of popular
education. The new Methodist Episcopal church
at the corner of Jefferson and Bond streets, will be
dedicated to Divine worship on Sunday next by
Bishop Simpson. The new church will be under
the pastoral care of the Rev. Elisha D. Owen. It
is a neat edifice.
Columbus Daviti, a luggage-uiaster on the ac
commodation train of the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road, had both his legs broken on Monday night,
near Benton's fcrry, on the western division of the
road. lie resides at Woodstock, and was doing
well there yesterday.
* A man named William Wilson and a woman
named Louisa Miller, were arrested yesterday by
Deputy Marshall Kries, charged with forging and
passing counterfeit coin. The parties were com
mitted for a further hearing by Commisaioaer j
11anna. The spurious coin consist* of dimes and
half-dimes. It is supposed that a considerable
number have been put in circulation, but thay are
poorly executed.
The Richard C. Mason who was elocted, on Sat
urday, by the city council, a director in the North
ern Control Railway Company, through mistake,
and who resigned the appointment, was yesterday
again elcted by the council, w ho seem to be satis- |
ficd that tho gentleman, though chosen by aoci
dent, will make a competent and fuitliful officer.
The person whom it was first the intention to |
elect?Richard Mason?refused to permit his
name to go before the convention a second time.
The affair has caused considerable amusement; and
is considered a very good joke.
A sermon preached by the Rev. Thomas Stock
ton, on Thanksgiving day, in the Liberty street
Methodist Protestant Church, has attracted much
attention from the violent denunciaton which was !
poured upon this reverend and eloquent divine by
the editor of the Baltimore Argus, who occupies a
scat in that church. The facts of tho case are
these : Mr. Stockton, in the course of his sermon,
alluded to President Pierce and the anti-American
policy that he has pursued at home and abroad,
as the only blot on the fair fame of the country
during the past year. In short, he spoke of him
in the same spirit that nearly all men out of the j
pulpit, and even his own political friends in Con
gress, now regard him. On dismissing his congre
gation, and coming down from the pulpit, the edi
tor of the Argus stepped up to him and condemned
his views in a most insulting manner, asserting
that he would get up and leave the house if such
language was ever again used in the pulpit. Mr.
Stockton, who is distinguished for his quiet and
impressive tone, mildly replied : " Sir, when I en
ter the pulpit and take mv text, I do not know
that such an individual as the editor of the Argus
is in existence."
Notwithstanding the dull times, stringency in the
money market, and other discouraging circumstan
ces, matrimonial affairs appear to be as brisk as
ever. During the half year, ending on the 1 st in
stant, no less than nine hundred and seventy-four
licenses for marriages were issued from the court
of common pleas and couuty circuit court, the first
representing the city, and the second the county
of Baltimore.
The United States district court grand jury have
made a presentation against the captain of a Ger
man vessel, recently arrived from Bremen, for a
violation of an act of Congress, in bringing a larger
number of passengers than his vessel was entitled
to carry. This is a movement in the right direction.
Aside from the inhumanity of crowding so many
miserable beings into a ship as to render it a pest
house, the tide of foreign emigration to this country
is sufficiently great, without seeking to swell it by
crowding two ship loads into one vessel. It is high
time some restriction should be applied to this im
portation of fbreign pauperism and crime, qualities
which are justly applicable to a very large propor
tion of the foreign immigrant* of the present day.
To use a commercial expression, "the market is
glutted." Amkkicits.
THE great national panorama.
Also showing the
Northern Pacific Railroad Route,
As recently surveyod by Governor Stivins,
On MONDAY, Dec. Utk.
dec 7?3t Artist and Pi'oprtotOf.
or THI
Thumday, December 14<A, 18M.
Tlis Scott Guards have the pleasure of announcing
that their First Annual Ball will take place on Thurs
day December 14th, 18M, at
In announcing this Hall the Scott Guards solicit
the patronage and preaenoe of the military and citi
lens generally in their behalf.
Ticket* ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman
and ladles, to be had of the member* of the eom
Committer of Arranyemente:
Lieut E. R. McKban,
Sergeant J. Key worth, I Private J. B. Houston,
I'rivate French, " G. Bassett,
" Thos. Withers, | " J. F. Sonthoron.
dec 7?dtd
JUST PUBLISHED, an illaatrnted de
scription of the Russian Empire, being a Physi
cal and Political History of its Governments and Pro
vinces, Productions, Resources, Imperial Govern
ment, Commerce. Literature, Educational Means, Re
ligion, People, Manners, Customs, Antiquities, Ac.,
Ac.. Ac.
K mm the latest snd most suthentic sotfrees.
Embellished with about 200 Engravings and Maps
of European and Asiatic Russia.
The whole complete in one large octavo volume of |
about 700 pages, elegantly snd substantially bound.
Retail price, $8 00.
The work can be obtained of R. W. BATES, agent
for the American Organ. dec 7?lw
Collector's Office, Dec. ft, IKS4.
TW"OTICE is hereby given that the list of delin
quent property is in course of preparation, and
will he completed and published on or about the 1st
of January, 186ft. All persons interested are earnestly
requested to come forward and (by paying) relieve
the undersigned from the unpleassnt auty of enforc
ing the collection, snd themselves from the onerous
additional expense sttending sn sdvertisement.
IT J. ROCHE, Collector.
dec 7?dtJan 1
Fancy good* and toys, a large
and beautifal assortment How open at
dec 7?it Seventh street.
IA Desk*, gift Cups and Saucers, and many other
notions, suitable for presents,st I.AMMONIrS,
dee 7?8t Seventh street
ttQAA WANTED.?A Partner with
the shove smounl to engage in a re
spectable and very profitable business in wis eity.
Address, with real name and place of interview,
A. B. cTClty Post Office. dec 7?It"
th 1 rt y?tHill) C?l?e?B?l
Widhksuat, D?c. 6, 1864
When oar paper went to prow yesterday, the
Hirer uid Harbor bill, vetoed by the President at
tho clone of the last aeimtou, had just come up for
consideration. The following are the subsequent
proceeding* of the House:
Mr. CLINGMAN said, an the Preiideut has pro
mised to send in bis detailed views on the subject,
it would perhaps be proper for the House to wait
until that time, ne voted against tho bill, and did
not wish to hear anything further; but, perhaps,
as some gentlemen who differ with the President
may wish to have his views more ftilly before them,
he suggested that the consideration of the sutiject
be postponed for a few days.
Mr. DUNBAR said that large appropriations are
made in the bill for the improvement of the mouth
of the Mississippi and its tributary streams, in
which all his constituents are interested. He vo
ted for the bill in the Committee of Commerce and
on its final passage in the House, and thought the
President ought not have vetoed it, but he thought
decent respect for the Chief Magistrate should in
duce them to w^it until the President shall com
municate his reasons for the veto more Ailly. He
moved the postponement of tho bill till this day
week. All could then act understanding^, and
gentlemen determine whether they shall attempt
to pass the bill notwithstanding the veto of the
President, or whether they shall introduce another
which will not be liable to the objections which
the President may assign.
Mr. WKNTWORTH, of Illinois, said if be sup
posed there was any individual in the. House who
could b? influenced one way or another by a mes
sage of the President, touching this Bubject, he
would vote for Its postponement, but he sincerely
believed every man was prepared to vote yea or
nay on the bilL Tho subject is familiar to every
body; it has been an agitating matter ever since
the organization of the government, and has been
debated on every stump. This beingsthe case he
did not know why the House should not as well act
now as at any other time. He supposed that the
message already sent with the return of the river
and harbor bill, was really the veto message. They
had no right then to allow the President to send
another message to bo so considered. He would
carry out the will of his constituents, and presumed
overy man would do the same. He would
withdraw the motion to reconsider if any gentle
man would state he is in doubt as to what he ought
to do in the absence of the President's promised
Mr. TAYLOR, of Ohjp, asked the gentleman
whether the bill contained any item for the improve
ment of the rivers and harbors not heretofore re
commended by the proper departments of the
The SPEAKER reminded the gentleman that a
general debate was out of order.
Mr. CAMPBELL concurred in Mr. Ddnbak's
suggestion that a decent respect for the President
requires at least the suspension of action till the
Executive shall have more fully communicated his
views. Had the gentleman from Louisiana any in
formation as to the time the President will send in
his message ?
Mr. DUNBAR replied in tho negative, but
doubted not it woufcl be here in a very few days.
Mr. CAMPBELL asked, by this time next week
Mr. DUNBAR replied, I have no doubt of it.
Mr. CAMPBELL hoped, then, that the House
would extend the courtesy to the President.
Mr. WENT WORTH, of Illinois, moved (he pre
vious question, which was seconded?ayes 82,
nays 78.
Tho question was put, Will the House pass the
River and Harbor bill, the President's otj'ections to
the contrary notwithstanding ? and it was decided
in the negative?yeas 95, nays 80. The constitu
tional minority of two thirds not voting therefor.
The House then adjourned.
TncuBDAT, December 7.
The Senate met at the usual hour.
Mr. SEWARD presented the petition of E. K.
Collins, asking Congress to take some action for
the better preservation of human life in case of
On motion of Mr. BADGER, the Senate agreed,
when they adjourn to-day, to meet on Monday next.
A resolution was adopted providing for the fil
ling of vacancies in the Board of Regents of the
Smithsonian Institute, occasioned bv the expira
tion of the terms of Rufus Choate, or Boston and
Gideon Hawly, of N. Y., by re-appointing the same.
Mr. BADGER gave notice of his intention to in
troduce a bill to increase the compensation of the
members of both houses of Congress, and of the
Judges of the Supreme Court.
Mr. DODGE, of Iowa, introduced a bill to estab
lish the office of Surveyor General of the Territory
of Utah, and granting lands to actual settlers; re
Several priyate bills were here considered and
The Clerk of the House announced to the Senate
the passage by the House of the usual resolutions
on the death of the Hon. Persliy E*i?o, a mem
ber of the House from Kentucky.
Messrs. THOMPSON, of Ky., apd BADGER,
spoke briefly upon the life and character of the de
ceased, and the customary resolutions were passed,
and the Senate adjourned.
Mr. MAXWELL introduced a bill to authorize
the salo of resorved lands in Florida.
Mr. ZOLLICOFFER introduced a bill further to
provide for the security of the lives of passengers
of vessels propelled in whole or in part by steam.
Mr. HENN introduced a bill making a further
appropriation for tho improvement of the rapids
of the Mississippi river.
Mr. HOUSTON, from the Committee of Ways
and Means, reported the invalid pension bill and
the Indian appropriation bill, which were referred
to the Committee of the Whole on the state of the
On motion of Mr. PERKINS, of La., the Com
mittee of the Whole was discharged from the fur
ther consideration of the bill to remodel the diplo
matic and consular systems of the United States,
and it was referred to the Committee on Foreign
Affaire. . ,
On motion of Mr. ROLLERS, It was ordered that,
when the House adjourn to-day, It adjourn to meet
on Monday next.
Mr. CO5C then rose and announced to the House,
In an impressive manner, the death of the Hon.
Presley Swing, late a Representative from the third
congressional district of Kentucky. In conclusion,
he offered the usual resolutions of respect,
Mr. BRISTOW, the successor of the deceased,
seconded the resolutions, and was followed by Mr.
Messrs. BRISTOW, LATHAM, and SMITH, of
Alabama, seconded the resolutions, when they
were unanimously adopted, and
ANY person or persons kaving on hand
a thousand dollars of the notes of the Trans
Alleghany Bank of Virginia, or even thousands, may
send them to Richmond to be prsssntert to the Trea
surer, and they will receive therefor Coupon Bon**"
of the State or Virginia. R. W. LATHAM.
dec 7?<t [Star.]
MRS. 11 KM* has removed fro* Thirteen
and-e-Half street to E street, between Heoond
and Third, near the Jail, where she will be prepared
to tell Past, Present, snd Future events.
Thankful for past favors, she would be pleased for
a continuance or the same. dec 7?3t if
Rich hbavy silks, at n iwii.
We have on hand about 100 pieces 6f rich
heavy Silks, some of them a little ont of date, which
we have selected out of our regular stoek, snd will
now offer st 7(1 cents. Home of these goods cost near
ly double that price, and we advise all in want of a
rrry cheap snd serviceable Silk Dress to look at them
before making purchases elsewhere, ss we feel con
fident such su epportunity will not again be afforded
this season.
W. M. 8HUHTER * 00.
Corner of L snd Twelfth streets,
dec >1?dflm I
rial and the best work only sllowed in the 8HIKT8
made and sold by WM. H. FAULKNER, the only
practical Shirt Maker in the city of Waahington. Try
them, and save money, h> addition to trouble, time,
and temper. Gentlemen measured, and a good fit
guaranteed in all eases.
Orders attended to with despstch. Please note the
Pennsylvania avenue, between
Third and Four-and-a-Half tta., south side,
dee 5?lyd
Bttllaui's Panorama o( New York city, which
exhibit* at Odd Fellow*' Mail, Seventh street, every
evening this week, positively close* it* exhibitions
here on Saturday evening. To-morrow and Satur
day it also exhibits iu the afternoon, at 8 o'clock.
Public School Rbfort.?We preaent below a
nummary of the Teacher*' Reports, received for the
month of November. All the teacher* presented
report*, via., 87 ; number of pupils on the rolls,
2,148; entered during the month, 186; withdrawn,
1*8; transferred, 18; present every school-day,
666; average attendance in each school, 47; in
each school corporeally punished, 109; suspended,
17; awaiting admission, 128; aggregate days'at
tendance, 86,429; ditto, absence, 8,688 ; time lost
iu decimals, 0.24; number of visits made by Trus
tees and Secretary, 228 ; averaging about 10 every
school day, and 6 to each school during the month.
In the first district not four days were lost by
sickness or necessary absence of teachers. In the
second, seven day*; In the third, ten day*; and
in the fourth, one day. The least portion of
time was lost by pupil* in the fourth district, vix:
fiftoeen; and the greatest in the third district?
thirty. Of the pupil* waiting for admission into
schools, sixty-nine are in the last-named district.
The best attendance was by the pupils of Hiss
Middleton's school?the aggregate of day*' attend
ance being 960 ; of absence 13. In the second
district, in Mrs. Ogden'* school, attendance 996,
absence 18 1-2?one day lost by indisposition of
teacher. In The third district, in Mrs. Clark's at
tendance, 896, absence 148. In the fourth dis
trict, In Mr*. Adama's attendance, 1,092, absence
116. Average attendance of pupils in schools in
the first district, 89 ; in second, 46 ; in third, 66 ;
and In fourth, 60.
These statistics show an improved state of tho
schools over the preceding month.
We are informed that, on last Friday night, a
camp of the order of the United Sons of America,
was organized as District of Columbia Camp No. 1,
and is to be beneficial in it* character. This order
is of ten years' standing, and exists in many of the
States and Territories, and is purely American in
its character. It does not, in any way, conflict
with the grcal political movement now iu being,
and which is the besom politically to sweep the
errors of partyism out of the country. It is co
operative, and says at all times America for
Americans. The meetings arc held weekly at
Tempepance Hall, on Friday night.
Centre Market, Washington, December 7.?
Prices?Beef, wholesale, $3 60 a $6 cwt, ; retail,
8 a 12 1-2 cents.
Pork?Ilogs, $6 60 a $6 cwt.; retail, 10 a
12 1-2 cents.
Hams, 12 1-2 ccnts per pound.
Mutton, 111-2 ccnts per pound.
Veal, 8 a 12 cent* per pound.
Butter, 81 to 40 cents per pound.
Cheese, 14 to 16 cents per pound.
Eggs, 36 to 87 1-2 cents per dozen.
Poultry?Turkeys, $1 to $1 76 each ; chickens,
60 to 76 cent* a pair.
Turnips and onions, 26 cents a pock.
Potatoes, f 1 60 cent* per bushel?60 cents per
Hay, |1 37 1-2 to f 1 60 per cwt.
Wood, (6 to ft> 60 per cord.
Straw, 02 1-2 cents per cwt.
Rrmark*.?Notwithstanding the lncreaso of
prices iu some of the articles of producc, the
market was very dull and heavy. But five loads
of hay were in market, hence the rise of 26 cents
per cwt. Straw was high, and wood was held at
the increased rate of $6 60, with small sale*.
Meeting or the Trustees or Public School*.?
The Board of Trustee* met in the City Hall last
evening. Present: Messrs, Davis, chairman; Bacon,
At Lee, Dixon, Magrudcr, Hanson, Bennett, Dick
crson, and Lord.
Mr. At Lee reported In fcvor of adopting
Knapp's and Rightmeyer'a system of penmanship;
which, after explanations made by Mr. Knapp, was
ordered to be used In the public scool*. A letter,
with an account and vouchers, was received from
the late treasurer, Mr. Harbaugh, which was refer
red to Messrs. At Lee, Dickerson, and Lord.
On motion of Mr. Dixon, all the schools were or
dered to close at three and a half o'clock, during
the month* of December, January, and February.
On hi* motion, also, a committee, (appointed by
the chair,) consisting of Messra. Dixon, Allen, Dick
erson, and Bacon, were ordered to prepare an ab
stract of the rules for publication.
The secretary presented hi* monthly report, em
bracing remarks on monthly certificates to be given
to pupils; the use of a room in the City Hall for the
Trustee*; condition of certain school-houses; the
obtaining a title to a lot on the corner of Four
teenth and G streets; uniform mode of preparing
monthly report* by teacher*; uniform hour* of
closing schools, kc.
Tho secretary waa directed to communicate with
the Secretary?of the Interior respecting obtaining
a title to the lot on the corner of 14th and G streets;
also with the City Councils on the same subject,
and the expediency of applying to Congress for a
donation of lands for school purposes.
He was also directed to prepare in detail a re
port on the condition and suitableness of all the
rooms used for school purposes.
Report* of the tear he rj were read, and a sum
mary of them ordered to be published.
Sundry bill* were ordered to be paid.
On motion of Mr. Bennett, the offer of Mr.
Knapp to viait the school* and explain hi* system
of penmanship was accepted.
Militabt.?Yesterday appeared to be quite a
gala day for the military.
The Union Infantry, Capt. Laaell, turned out
with IS muskets, at tended by Prosperl's band.
Thia I* a juvenile company, and their first parade.
They had a benefit laat evening at Kunkel's.
The Washington Light Infantry, Captain Car
rington also turnd out. The company were
intended to act as an escort to the Washington
Highlanders, but, owing to some misunderstanding
in the avertisemenU, the companies did not meet,
except at the Ball in the evening.
They marched, however, to the residence of the
able Captain, where they sat down to a rich colla
tion, provided for the occasion, and enjoyed them
selves hugely.
The Washington' Highlanders, Captain Reese,
made their first parade yesterday. They were es
corted by the American Rifles. Captain John
L. Smith, which numbered 28 guns. The battalion
thus formed were attended by Capt. Maroellettf*
liand, their first parade as a band since their re
organisation, who discoursed excellent music.
Upon reaching the White House, they passed
through the President's yard. The President, by
previous arrangement, was in front of the mansion,
when the hatalllon passed in review, and formed
below the centre of the circle. H. EL Heath, Esq.,
at the instance of the President, who had retired to
the East room, conducted the officers of the Rifle
men and Highlander* to him, and presented them
with appropriate remarks, which was responded to
by the President. This wa* one of the most in
teresting proceedings of the day, and appeared to
give the utmost gratification to all parties. The
battalion was under the efficient command of Capt.
i. L. Smith, of the American Riflemen. The High
lander* numbered 28 gun*,
Ball or the Washinoton Highlanders.?Thia
new and elegant oorpa held their first bell last even
ing, at Jackson Hall, and it waa decidedly a great
time. The tapper and all other arrangements were
superb, and the ball passed off moat brilliantly
Delegations were present from all the companies in
the District and from Alexandria, and the number
in attendance waa very large.
Lamm Bale or Rial Estate.?Jas. C. McGuire
sold at auction yesterday the beautiful estate known
as "Ingleside," with the beautiful uiausion stand
ing on the premises, for $36,000. The land com
prises 140 acres, and the place waa formerly owned
and occupied by T. B. Hewling, Esq., who built
the mansion, and expended a large sum of money
in beautifying the place. Tho estate was purchased
by Arnold Harris, Esq.
False Alarm.?The alarm of firo yesterday, 1'.
M., was caused by the smoking of a chimney at j
house No. 384, Pennsylvania avenue. After call
ing out the whole firo department, tho bella were
stopped, giving the firemen the pleasure of an
agreeable run with a heavy inachinc.
Snow.?The first fall this season visited us this
morning to tho depth of an inch. The soft white
coating which embraced mother earth makes every
thing wear a cheerful aapect, it having brought
with it a moderation of the sevcro weather we have
had during tho last three days.
Watch Returns, Dec. 7.?Bon4pn Hawkins,
lodging. Jno. Walker, Irish, vagrancy, workhouse
90 days. Jno. McKim, Irish, lodging. Bticiua
Sulla, Italian, for riding a horse on pavement, was
fined. A. A. Clark, drunk, paid fine. Daniel Con
ner, disorderly at the ball last night, was diainissed.
Wm. Hcfter and Robert Bailey, two boya, were ar
rested, suspected of stealing $40 from Mailer's ho
tel yesterday, and examination waa deferred till thia
Dross Circle and Parquette 25 cents.
Gentlemen without Ladies S7>^ "
Second and Third Tiers of Boxes 25 "
JOHN T. FORD Treasures.
Breathings of Music I
Introducing everything that is
American Untie !
As well as Burlesques on
Ac., Ac., Ae.
As well as the Opera of OH I HUSH! and the petite
Comedies of the
Two Doctors,
Spiritual Rapping*,
Black Barber,
Siege of Grey town,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
Doors open at 6yt?performance oommence at 1)4
o'clock. JNO. T. FORD, Agent,
dec 6?lw
Takes the spectator
Through the
Faithfully showing
Be has a view of more than
700 Horses and Carriages,
And upwards of
10.000 oi its People t
At cach Exhibition, nn Explanatory Lecture will
be given by one of the Proprietors,
M r. DOEL,
Giving much valuable knowledge of
Of great importance to a Stranger, and of general
and instructive information to sverytody, will be ex- |
hibited at Washington, in
Seventh street, as follows :
First Exhibition
At 7% o.clock, and every evening until December
9, inclusive; also, on Wednesday, Fridav, and Hstur
dav afternoons of each week.
The Afternoon Exhibitions will commence at 8
o'clock: the Evening, at 7V?.
Admission 35 cents?Children half price.
Families and parties of five persons $1?Eight per
sons >1 50. nov 25?d2w
Just opened, a lot of good* from Auction, con
sisting in part 2,000yards of Calioo, warranted fkst 1
colors, cents j Worsted Plaids, 14 cents, worth
31){ cts; Alpaca*, cents ; 800 Cambric Collar*
at 811f cents, worth 50 cents. For ssle st
W. R. HURDLE'S, Righ st,
dee 6?lw Georgetown, D. C.
TO PERSONS furnishing.
ing elsewhere, are invited to view the immenae
stock of raperior and fashionable
Consisting of every requisite for completely furnish
ing any class of house, on the most economical terms,
now on show in the large wore rooms of the celebrated
furnishing establishment of
(5 Loiiisians svenne, opposite the Hank of
Washington, near the corner of 7th street.
dec 5?6m g
six or eight Single Gentlemen can be accommo
dated with Board, at the oorner of Seventh and L
streets, Nsvy Yard, Waahington, D. C.
dec 6?*t ~
solutions of Congress relative to Pensions,
Bounty l*ndn, Pay of the Army, Mileage, horses or
other property lost or destroyed in the Military Ser
vice, Expenses of Volunteer force, Pstenta, Ac., to
gether with the Opinions of the Attorney* General
and Decisions of tke Secretaries of Wsr snd Interior,
and of the accounting officers of the Treasury there
on, with fall and complete
So arranged as to furnish all the information that
may be desired by claimants or their attorney*.
dee I?d?m Attorocy-st-Law.
Prosecutes Claims before Congress and ths Depart
dec 5?ly
Guerlsin's Amondine;
Lip Salve;
Patey'a Cold Cream;
Fresh?for sale at PARKER S
Fancy and Perfamery store,
dec 5??t if Under National Ilotel.
Furnished rooms to LET?Per
son* desiring comfortable and wel!-farnished
moms, can be accommodated, at mmlerate rates, at
No. 619, New Jersey avenue. nov ?eogw
WATCHES, of Superior quality, end
warranted accurate time keepers, constantly
on hsnd, snd recieved direct from the importers, for
sale st wholesale prices cheapest in A mertca?at No.
418, Pennsylvania arenne.
nor M B. 0. HOOP.
Furnished rooms to let.?Two
Parlors and two or three chamber*, or the
whole house, if preferred. Enquire st No. 164, Penn
sylvania avenue, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth
streets, near the Wsr Department. nor 16
KRIGGS, hall A CO., Engineers and
Oeneral Machinist* corner of Virginia avenue
and Ninth street west, Washington, District of Co
lumbia nov 1*?ly
Leader, J. M. Prospbbi?Cbndwior, F. Prosperj.
lit I L I T A R Y Parades, Balls, Private
J.VM Parties, sttenHed with snv number of pieces.
Residence, opposite the Marine Barracks,
nor tf?-1y
Fire?Lot* of Factory.
Baltimore, Dec. 7.?Ashland'* cotton factory
at Gwinn's falls, near Wetheredsville, Baltimore
county, wan eutir?ly destroyed by lire this morning.
Fully insured in the company of which Thomaa C.
Thoina* in president.
Snow i* fklling Gut here.
Stbinqfield, Mass., Dec. 7.?The boiler of Ainea
manufacturing company, at Chicopeo, exploded this
morning. Engineer A. B. Jloyt,-killed, and Lum
inal, a machinist, dreadfully injured. Cause, lack
of water.
Railroad A eculent.
New York, Dec. 7.?Intelligence has been re
ceived here that the Syracuse lightning express
train, on tbo Central railroad, which left at six
o'clock last evening, going woet, came in collision
with the emigrant train, going cast, near Clyde,
Soneca county, N. Y. No particulars of the acci
dent hare yet been received.
Great Fire in ColombiaS. C.
Columbia, (8. C.,) Dec. 7.?A fire occurred here
last night, which destroyed an entire block on
Maine street, including Mott's drug store, Coombs's
Express, Carolinian newspaper oflice, Boatwright's
carriage manufactory, and various other establish
ments. Loss of the Carolinian office, $40,000?
covered by insurance. Other losses not ascertained.
Baltimore, December 7.
Extensive forgeries, amounting to over $0,000,
have been discovered to have been perpetrated by
a houso carpenter largely engaged in building.
Various buildings put up by him, including a large
female seminary, bavo been siexed under the lien
law, by parties having claims against him for ma
terials furnished.
Nkw York, Dee. 7.?Wm. P. McGirck, teller of
the Ocean Bank, who embezzlod (SO,000 in Octo
ber last, was arrested and committed to-day.
Market i.
Baltimore, December 7.?Floui^?sales are bet
ter to-day ; Howard street, $8 26 offered, held at
$8 50. City Mills held at $8 26.
Wheat?advanced 5 cents; sales of white a
$1 90 a $2 00; red, $1 85 a $ 1 05.
Corn?sales of white at 78 cents; yellow 82 a
88 1-2 cts.
Rye and Oats unchanged; receipts of all de
scriptions light.
New York, Dec. 7.?Flour has advanced 12
cents. 8,500 barrels sold. Good Ohio $8 62 and
$9 12. Southern has advanced 12 1-2 cents. 1,700
barrels sold at $8 82 and $9 37.
Wheat?market unchanged, limited demand at
former rates.
Corn?market dull?10,000 bus. western mixed
92 a 93 cts.^
Pork?market firm, with upward tendency?mesa
$18 75 a $14 00; prime $12 25 a $12 31.
Boef?unchanged, moderate demand at previous
rates. ,
Lard?market firm.
Whiskey?market unsettled?Ohio 43 a 43 1-2
Georgetown Market*, December 7.
Flour?family?$10 to $11 85.
Extra supcrfiae?$8 62.
Superfine?$8 87.
Wheat?white $1 80 to $1 82: Bed $1 86 to $1 90.
Com?white no sale*, worth 75 to 80 cents.; yel
low no sales.
Mill offal?Shorts?18 cents.
Ship stuff?40 to 65 cents.
Brown stuff*?25 to 85 cents.
Corn ineal?95 cents.
Arrivals at the Hotels, Wedueaday.
C B Curtis, Pa TE Oulbreth, Md
8 Collins, NY OF Baron, N Y
J B Kimball, U 8 N D L Kent, do
M Elias, Europe A H Avery 4 lady Mass
J H Oner, Cal J M Edgar, Md .
0 Baker, do H Tvlcr, Pa
W F Parker and family, J G Long, la
pa B C Howard, N O
Hon C Chapman, Ct D Foucher, do
A A Marshall, Va 8 A Long, Pa
J Surgurashe, NY K Pollock, do
R O Mullikin, Md J C Henderson, do
J Flvnn, do 8 F Burr, do
Mr Dorman and lady, II A B Holbrook and lady,
M Holden and lady, do Pa
V Brent, Md Miss B Harrison, Texas
G A Wilkes, NY EH Chapman, N Y
J W Bradley and lady, W H Kernan, Md
Maie ? E Schoonmaker, N Y
J Adams, NY. R Cantine, do
Peter holt, Va O W Yenney, Va
J R Brown, do Thomas White, Va
H J Mead, La A Wiiliams, do
A Roberts, Md G T. Hunt, do
Hon J Knox, III E N Eno, do
F H Smith, DC D Pugh, do
A W Graham 4 Aim., Ky J G If Prosser, Pa
F Rice, Ky WC McCauslen, Ohio
F J Burns, Ky A A Stone, Md
Geo Duffres 4 lady, 8 C W A Wilcox, Oa
J II Scott, N Y
WILLARDS'?Willabd Broth em.
R. H. Garnctt, Va F W Dillard 4 lady, Va
E. Curdulo, do Miss C J Dillard, do
J. Hunter, do Miss 8 J Dillard, do
L Janin, La Miss J C Pleasants, do
J. Bowne, Va Miss 8 T Dillard, do
C. M. Fauntleroy, U 8 N Miss J M Watts, do
Mrs Ravford, NY WD Lamand, N Y
R W Scott, C 8 N G Crosby k family, do
T 8 Harris, Mass T F Fauntlerov, jr., \ a
A W Anderson, Md F N Britton, Texas
Mr Hill k lady. Mass G Smith, N Y
B F Ireland, N Y
KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?Kibkwood Brothers.
C W Scheslinger, NY J G Davis, Md
8 Bridges, Lb R Stalmaker, Va
A T Lewis k son N J CH West, Ohio
W Denbam 4 son Md N B Owen, N Y
A Rossaroan, Texas B Gough, Ky.
J F Eaton 4 ladv, Mass E T Montague, Va
C 8 Ross, Ohio C Henly, 8 0
Dr C Crquebart 4 I, Va J B Russell, N C
Miss M Cass, Va D Dick, Pa
Miss E Gray, Va J M Miller, Pa
R ? Cann, Va V N Garden, \ a
L 8 Jones, Va W R P Anderson, Mans
D II Xewbejing, Me Hon M Norris 4 1, N II
RPRolmln. Va R Brown, Va
W D Brown, Va N G Gray, Va
M Remick, Ala
A COMPETENT Porter to carry oat
Hoods and mske himself generally useful about
a store. Testimonials will be required as to honesty,
industry, and devotion to business. A single man
denV-dSt 5*4 Seventh street
pleasure to annonnee that they will give a grand
DRI$8S BALL, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Nary Yard, on
the Nth of Januarv, 1855.
Particulars in future advertisement.
dec 5?eodUsn 1
eeived to-dav, a large lot of Fire Crackers, Tor
ptdoe*. Firework*! Ac., for ?*!* nt the lowent kind of
Price t,>Sb^k^rs tOHSeHs^.Hj(fh ^
dee 5?1 w Georgetown, 1). C.
amount to loan, on the most unexceptionable
real-estate securitv, will hear of a customer by ad
dressing, with real name, Bo* 184, Washington City
Poat Office. nov fo-dtf
F. Strbbt, BrrwRij 18m akd 18th, Wasbwotoh.
THE dntlea of this institatioa coasnea
eed Sept 18th, and will continue to the usual
time of cloaing in July. Parents wishing to enter
their children, can do so soeording to terms stated in
circular, which may be obtained either at the institu
tion, or at any of the principal book stores.
nov 80?diw
By GREENtscOTT, Auctioneers.
D* *bl? ?"?u?|?ruTed Ground near the Railroad
ar >^l (?5i*V?110,|I ~ n" Tur^f ? 'he ?th day of Jami
0 cloak. P u J se"i.An frout ?f 'he premieee, ?t 4
*l l^bho auction, by virtue of a du?d
wl^? record?d ?moDK tb? land reeordsof
M?y uKl tw'y' I,)U,trietof Columbia, ou the J7th
, t&SS&'JSi 3 asSSHS
ni!llrrid ^Kt,Vet Wfu^iTKS. northVsaofert
nine inches; thence west 60 feet; thence south "80
feet nine inches, to the beginning. 8
TermaI: One-half cash; the residue iu three instal
ments of six, twelve, and eighteen mouth*, bearing
interest, and secured to the satisfaction of the tnu?
If the terms are not ooiuplied with in three days
after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk
and expoufto of the tirat purchaser.
J. M. CARLI8LE, Trustee
dec ti 1 GREEN A SCOTT, Austioneers.
I^HAPfCERY MALE.?By virtue of a dr.
/~.fre^of 'h? Circuit Court of the District of Co
brit? for.,h.? ??unty Washington, sitting in
Equity, made in the cause of John 3. Blackford snd
ithers vs. Martha Blagrove and Josephine Bla
|jTove, number one thousand and nineteen, and dated
!,wiii.?fer f?p "'e ?? public
."ara.'S. s
tersection of Montgomery and SliM .tr^u ^nninr
thence with the west line of Montgomery street ^ '
feet more or less, to the northern boundary line of a
the- lHto H" B ?l?K~re to
FTJIKli- G.odey- un.d ruining thunoe 54 feet paral
!t ^ ,re * re^Jt " thence iu a line purnllelwith
t tnL"aKlU' 0li,Te. ""d thence rTs?S
2"? P,u?? of bcK|V"?*. together with the Tin
provements thereon, which consist of a fine two-story
Itoime house and bark-buildings attached.
Terms of sule: One-third cash: the residue In two
equal instalments at nine and eighteen motuhs to bo
dn^ofsaltf *pproVcd boud*> hearing interest from
. ? " the failure of any purchaser to comply with th*
terms of sale within one week after the day of sal*,
the right i. reserved to re-sell, at hi. risk and
after one week s notice.
D. W. KDMONSTON, Jr. Trustee.
1 i t . JDWAKt> s- WRIttilT.
dec 4-TuhTh 'it Auctioneer.
A VSfP1 Gold Lepine
letters j"^l'V^tsfiT K'J.cine, maker, Geneva,
letter* J. M., No. 16,51] was found under circuiu
stances leading to the belief that it was either stolen
or picked up. Any person having lost such a natch
can obtain information by calling a| t'ho offlS of
Thomas C. Bonn, Justice of the Peace, No. 66 Lou
iHiiina avenue. '
dec 6 lw CHAS. KEMBLE. Constable.
I'ThTh iTi^'V*^ A"h EKR COAL, direct from
Philadelphia, which we wUl sell at the lowest market
Also, one cargo White Ash Egg, which we will do
liver from thevessel at a much Tms price than from
W 8h?1uld b" ,eft ininiediately, at our
tothe toiTm *' ^'tween B and E. 2,i4o pounds
Terms cash. YOUNG <k MOORE,
dec J-*"*" m Iand nud Anthracite Coal.
Avenue? between Oth
aud 10th street^ have just received a large as
th^f^ni h C-'lu""MK'r?' ?nd Vestiug, which
able styles* ' " "P 40 ? 'r ,n t,ie niOBt lashion
Also, on hand a very Urge stock of ready-mads
. ki'T W ch ^ w'H sell as cheap as any other
establishment in the United States. iloc 4
mfEDWJFERY.-air,. BANGS, Profes
M""*! :Medium, wotdd recpectfully inform her
friends and the public, that she has removed from bar
late residence to Twelfth, between O and I) streets.
next door to John I). Clark's Police Office. She here
iMk n i ! ' t0 fri">nd'4 uud customers
for the liberal IHitronago bestowed upon her. and
hopes by her attention and ujtHiduitv to buMinota to
merit a continuance of public patronage
d?T f *r'1Iofra" Un<1 1>r" K*irt".'Alexandria.
? , .Mm. C. V. JOHNSTON,
I ennsylvania avenue, third door from Tenth street.
entrance on B street.
wanted WTe?1 APP>*utico.. Also, good hands
dee 4?i CUt 8nd tw"te' CU' "nd Patterns.
R EMOV AL.?The office of the Hart lord
*?< and vKtns Insurance Companies, of IlartfonL
Connecticut, has been removed to No. 512 Seveuth
*'***'? t>pp<>site the National Intelligener olfico where
the undersigned is prepared to issue policies 00 all
descriptions of proiwrty on as Givorahle terma as
other responsible offices.
The promptness, fcirness, and liberality which hava
marked the dealings of these companies for nearly
iZ Zlii"!!' ?ur,',t guaranty that thetr
affairs wiU be so managed as to afford to the assured
ultimate safety and secaritr.
dee 1? itwdif T. M. HANSON.
'1??becrlber ha? on hand and In daily
.u i^"TID* ifF* "dditions ofBo<Us and Hhoes of
tha best material and workmanship, euibradn*
all the modern stylea, among which be would enu
merate in part the following
Congteaa Boots, Gaiter Boots of all kinds sad rotors
Morocoo and IsOAther Boota
Morocco and kid Hlippcra
Morocoo and leather Walking Shoes, together wlfi a
Urge sup| Iv of Toilet sfi.penT ^ *
Jilted bottom Boots, patent leather Boot.
wvy water-proof B?s)ts, sewed and pegr. d
I-Ight dress Boots, sewed and pegged
[ stent leather, calf and cloth Congn sa Boots
?*j leather, and calf Kossuth Tirs
Qslf Monroes and Oxford Ties, sewed snd pecjrad
Missee, Boys, Youths, and ChildW Boots Md
Shoes of every kind snd description, together with s
Urge assortment for servants. Heads a/families and
purchasers generally will find it mnch to their Jtuv
tage to visit this estsblishn>ent.
lIVIL and Military Engineering, Tenth
,Ar**Khouse from McGuire's, esteblisfaed
m I888- ?*, FILL, Professor of Mathainatics, can
receive another clsss in the higher branches of Math
-0 Civil and
Terms per oounH-, '&* ; wriUng lessons, #10: book
i3'vfnw. eotrv-114 P*r C"?rse. Payable
<iac 8?At* | Star. |
1?, * B * ? E RIO V CO N G R eTIT,
* Btrangers sojourning in the city, and the wib
ic geiierally^?Permit me to call your attention in
LT*" superior stock of Cloths, Csssimer??.
*.''d "hieh will be made up to order at ih?
shortest notice snd in such style ss cannot fsil u>
plsaas. Having supplied my establishment with the
TW7 r*IL *ljk.,n*n' ' wi" wsrrant that all gnrmenu
manufactured by me shall be eaual to those loads in
any other establishment in the United States
? , Merchant Tailor,
I ennsylvania avenue, three doors west of
Third street, No. IS6.
Also, agent for the regular French Fashions, re
ceived regularly, two suits s month.
dec t?2aw3wif W. n. S.
Warrants bought and s >ld j Drafts on all the
principal cities sold to suit purchasers. Six per cent
allowed on all moneys remaining on deuoaita 11111
thirty days. " r o w
Claims sgsinst the government oolleeted.
not 1#^"y P*nn- Wsahington, 6. C.
kinds'VrK!tK,Kll,h f"*h Groceries ,4 all
K'fri.Xh ^ 'he patronsge
- - ? . dot is-?ti
CiVS,IKT B*TTERaad Hack wheat.
W Now landing?
W kegs Chemung county Butter, very fine
. pelaware county do very good
I latt Mills extra Ruck'whest, in burtels, half
barrels, boxes, snd bags
^ Also^ Pennsylvania Buckwheat, in bags.
, *?- opposite the Centre Market
nov JO?lwif
F('R RENT.~Two large Saloons, orsr
the 8 to re on the comer of Kleventh street anJ
Tennsylvania avenue: also, one room suitable for an
office. The whole will he rented together, or sspa
rate. The Saloons sre suitable for Billisrn rooms
nov 99?lw Cor. llth at. sod Psun. svstrje.

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