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WILLIAM 8. CROWLEY, Bookseller and Ste
tloner, No. 146 Baltimore ilrMl.nwrCtlfert,
opposite C?rr->ll Hall, keeps conatantly on band a
complete assortment of Book*, io every OupariuMXii
Alao, Blank Books. School Hooka, Letter Paper, Cap
Paper, Pens, Ink, Envelopes, and every variety of
Fsney and Staple Stationery.
All the new books received s* noon ai publishod.
For aale, wholesale and retail, at the very lowest
prices. ?
Subscriptions reoeived for all the Paper* and Mag
alines published.
XW Agent for the "American Orpin," and all the
Amerioan Books and Papers published.
nov 18
Cubiaet Maker and Undertaker of FuacralN,
At abort notice,
No. 31 ROSS Street, near Eutaw,
Baltimore. nov
-a ?
THE following art) the hour* of depar
tnrea of the only rolmble steam ferry boat ply
ing between Alexandria Mid Washington :
The steamer GEORGE l'AOE willlcave Washing
ton daily, at the usual hours.
Will feare Alexandria at the usual hours.
Ilia omnibuacs will leave the corner of Pennsyl
vania Avenue and Seventh street, to connect with
the boat, also at the usual hour*.
Jiia omnibuses will connect with all curs arriving
at, and departing from, Washington and Alexandria,
nov 84- tf GEORGE PAGE.
M7E are Just receiving a full supply of
wT good* suitable for the present season, and
upproaching holidays, and our friend* will lind our
new stock to be very choice, mid very deairable; and
that we are sailing at very low prices. Among which
And sixty other adors.
gross of l^jw's brown Windsor Soap,
do ol' Cleaver'a Honey Soap,
Tailor's transparent Wash Balls, Ac., Ac., Ac.
COmbt, Hair, Jbo/Ji, and A'ail^h-uthfu.
100 patterns of English, French, and American Hair
PARKER'S Fancy and Perfumery Store,
Under National Hotel,
nov S8 _
A CARD?To all who wish to purchase
j3L good Furnituye or Housekeeping Articles of
uny kind, the subscriber would announce that his
IIouse-Furn shmg Ware Rooms, on Seventh street
No. 550, opposiio the Exchange Bank, are well filled
wifh a fine a sortment. None need wait for auction
falea to get bargains, "as ho is determined uot to be
outdone anywhere. He has six sets of beautiful par
lor Furniture now in store, and eight or ten sets of
Ynunlellcd cottagc chamber Furniture, made to order
und finished in superb style.
The reason is fur advunoed, the assortment very
large, funds very desirable, and great bargains may
be vxpectod. (foods delivered safely, free of charge,
to all part* of the city or Georgetown.
nov 27?eo8w ft'. M. McGREGOR.
THERE is always MawtUic lew un
der the sun, and therefore I woula inform my
friend* sad the public at large, that I have opened *
fine new Confectionary Store, opposite Brown's Ho
tel, No. 847, Pennsylvania avenuo, in which may be J
obtained even-thing in tbe line in the best possible
manner, and cheapest rates. Ico Creams, Jellies, Char
lotto, Ieoa, Ac., of all kinds; Candies of all kinds and
prices, from 86 cents to $8 per pound; Cakes of all
kinds. You mar find hers more than fifty varieties
of Cake, all of the beat quality, made of good fresh
halter and eggs, and by the Mat workmen in the
United States. I flatter myself I can please the taste
of the moat fastidious. J. G. WEAVER.
N. B. Parties, wedding*, balls, Ac., Ac., supplied
in tbe shortest notioe ana most pleftsing terms.
nov 17?8taw2m J. G. W.
PARKER, at his Fancy Store, under
National Hotel, is just receiving lOdosen, large
and small sisr, Batchelor's Hair Dye, which is uni
versally ooneeded to be the verv best artiele for color
ing the hair INSTANTANEOUSLY, without injury
to the akin?a beautiful jet black or brown. We re
commend it as tbe SUREST and SAFEST Dye in
PARKER'S Fancy and Perfumery Store.
Under National Hotel.
nov 28
flHE SuSmSSi^SP ??**?
^?nsrr.jrsars sBu.
nov M?]m T* J- wORTHINGTON, Agent
THERE will be found at the extensive ware
rooms of the subscriber, on Seventh atreet, oppo
site Exchange Bank of Selden, Withers, A Co., the
most magnificent Parlor Furniture, of richest rose
wood, oak, walnut, and mabogsnv. upholstered in the
best manner, with French brocatelle, plush, and hair
Alao, elegant Cottage Chamber Furniture, enamel
led and beautifully ornamented.
Mahngauv and walnut Wardrobes, Bureaus, Waah
cloaeta, and Bedsteads of every vsriety and style.
Dining room Furniture of every description.
Chain of all kinds and qualities.
Ralr and Shuck Mat tmeses, Feather Hods, Bolsters
and Pillows; together with a general snd very ex- I
'ensive aasortment of articles in the hotiae-fumi'shing j
i ne, all of which win be sold on the most fkvorable |
terms, and at the lowest pnoee, for cash or approved
No. MO North Seventh street, I
opp. Exchange Bank Selden, Withers, A Co.
TOV 18?edSB >
411, tXght\ StrrM, near Ptnn. Avtnv*
Hhas on banil an extensive and splendid asaort
men I of paper-hangings, including gold, aaUn.
I and eoaanioa papers , also, gold, velvet and gold, and
"?mmon bora em, together with a great variety of
p?o?l papers of every description: eonaiating of
Wench, walnut, rotfe-wnod, inside, oak, and pine, with
all I heir various mouldings ana ornaments, which be
pn s upm tbe most workmanlike manner, and guar
snteea satisfaction to all who may please to honor him
wiih tbetr patronage.
Alao on hand, gold and transparent, and white and
buff linen shadiss, alao picture cords and taaaela of
every description. nov. 18?ttawtf.
? V We are now receiving the largaat stock of Gaa
I'lvturee ever offered in tnia eitv, comprising every
< Sites> af stylo aod finish. They liava been selected
fro* the celebrated fartorr of Cornelius A Co., Phila
delphia, and include all of their patterns.
Owing to a reduction in price of Gaa Fixture*. we
I re now prepared to furnish them at a lees rste than
thev have ever yet boen sold here or elsewhere.
To kaen pace with the above improvement the price
of gas tuning baa been materially reduced, ana oar
.rreeeed heilMee warrants us in sa ving that we are
prepared and can execute any work ws inav under
?ahe cheaper and belter than any other catabfiahment
in this city.
Plumbing and (Jaa Fitting Establishment,
Pennsylvania avenue, south side,
ner 18-dUaa. 1 btw. 10th and 11th ete.
dsv Afternoons ir. tlie Nursery, or Familiar Nar
ratlve* mm? the Book of Genesis.
Light Through the Clouds, or Peace and Joy in Be
The Nuresry Ooverneas, by the author of "The
Week" .
Addressee to the Young, by Alexander Fletcher,
D.I). For sale by tJKAYA HALLANTYNK,
nov 87 No. 4#H, Seventh street.
C1II AS. C. TUCKER, Washinaton,1).
> Attorney and Agent for Claims, ana Commlaslon
er of Deeds ft>r all the States, Revolutionarv, naval, in
valid, and hslf p?r ix-nsionsobtained; slsobouolv Isnd j
fbr aervioaa in all the wars in which the United States 1
have been engaged, snd for tbe services of volunteers
in the Texas Revolution of 1K8H. llaviag ccipiae oi i
ait the muater-roib of the Texaa Revolution, he is !
prepared to give prompt attention to tha claims of all
who served, and of the heirs of thuae who died or ]
were killed while in the eervioe.
Office snd residence. No. 618 Maryland avenua.
nov 18- -dAwly _
|j n. HLUS, Practical Plnwher, ftev
? a onth street, near the Bridge, opposite Centre
Market, Ws hington, D. C.? Lift and Force Pnmpe,
Bydrautle Rams, Bydrants, Fountains, Bathing Tuhs
and Shower Bath Fixtures, Msrble Waah Haains.
Water Closets, Iron Sinks, Copper Boilers. Ae., of
every deecriptmo, put up on the moei spproved prm
"'P^a- . ,
1JT WiU tenure, .>n ths wth instant, at the old
stand, ftevsnth atreet, oppoeite Intelligent office,
nev )??4f
tytytuyuuBTOW* aju* biti?k ?*> **?
NBfAiUi, TOBACCO, and snukt.
40 bozo. flm> consisting of pound lnmps,
half pound do., 5'* do., ?nd 10 a do.
UF? 1 . , , ... *
Garrett*. Rappee and Hcotch, \u Jan., bottles, and
kCfi?ccab?u and Congreas, in kegs.
Uoodwin'D lino Cut Chewing and Smoking, in p?
Ti'pcs, Snuff Bom Segar Case?, Matah?. and
every article appertaining to a Whuloaale and Retail
No. 5W, High street, between bridge and Prospect
streets, Georgetown, D. C.
nor H4?d'iw
W"~~ IDE AWAK|5?Atthe old ertabliahed
boot and alioc factory, High street, where May
be found a large and fashionable assortment of Boots
and Hhooe, comprising every rariety of atyle and
quality, and at the very loweat u?rket prices.
Especial attention it invited to the following:
Ftrr Gentlemen?
Fine oalf Boots _
Fine calf double soled Fear Naught*
Fine culf Congress Shoes
Fine ealf Munrocs
Fine oalf Oxford Tie#
fbr Ladies?
Whole tun colored Gaiters
Whole Black Gaiters
For Mieee*?
Black and colored Gaiters
Black Morocoo Boots
Boys, youths, and servants Shoes, coarse and fine
60O pairs cbildruns Boots, Shoes, and Ankle Ties, of
all colors and sixes
Boots and Shoes made to order or the beat matcn
and workmanship, and at tha shortest 1?<<?*_
nov 13?lm THOMAS BANGS.
Merchant Tailors, Bridge street,
One door east or Bank of Commerce, Georgetown,
nov 18?ly
Merchant Tailor, and general dealer in
Bridge street, between Potomac aud High streets,
nov 13?ly
received, and for sale wholesale and retail, a.
prime lot of Goshen and Glades Butter; also, a fresh
N. B.?Hotel and boarding-house proprietors will
do well to call and examine my stock before pur
chasing elsewhere. nov 18 11a
riABINET and Undertaking Business *?
still coutiuued st the establishment of the late
William King, Congress street, betwiwn tl* canal
tnd Water street, where all orders will met* with
->rompt attention. nor
k. n.
" Put none hut Americans 011 Guard, to-night."
The Book for all of you.
f a wide-awake gift, for 1865, edited by "ONE
OF 'EM "
The following distinguished American wntoV?
American subjects, adoru the pages of this truly
AineriMn Bi>ok; j R R. W Emerson, Mrs.
L H Sigournev, tba Hon. J. W. Savage, K 8. Key,
Ur Thomas E. Bond, Joseph Hopkinson, H. W. Ujng
fellow, H. Fuller, L. C. Levin, ? ^Q<'uliT1^ "?f
Daniel Webster, Grace Greenwood, E. Everett, r.
Dwight, John M. Mason, John Fieroont, Ur. Boucher,
W. 8? Simms, E. P-Whipple, J. 6 1W.1, L. C.
I*vin, O. W. Holmes. Erastus Brooks, WD. Galla
gher, E. H. Chapin, 3ie Hop.
lurleigli, the Hon. Caleb iSoo, G. Meilin. L. McLel
\L ir I. G. Whittier, Chief Justioe Marahall.E.
o3& femith, R. T. Paine, J a red Sparks, Seba Smith,
Andrew Jackson.
The Marriage of' Washington,
Ooddess of Liberty,
Portrait of Washington,
Portrait of Daniel WebeUr,
Spirit of *78,
Portrait of Martha Washington,
^"^Washington's Farewell Address,"^
" Constitution of the United Statea, and the
" Declaration of Independence.
The following are a fow of the strong commends- 1
lil''ThetlKr?P of l5r? ?,a,uc W" * ''"VPy \
v 4 ii uwakens and fnYiiroratctt the noblest
Stic sentiuienU, and, 1
SUr bestowed by a patriotnpon ~un?ry and
then follows, in prows and poetry, the
moat soul-stirring sppealsto the reason ?|?dbeurts?l
American., warning them of the danger of
fluencc adverse to thar free notations, and exaU g
to sleepless vigilance in their perpetuation.
"The book gives a clear exhibition of wb*v
' Know-Nothings' are, allows thene^^of socha
association, and exoiteaan earnest hone thatthev M/
la- preserved and prospered as the life-guard of civil
an, religious liberty CM*. Ad*, and Jcwrnal
"This is a sterling annual, foil <rf
which must be commended by every editor who is
not s Jesuit at heart, and llnd a response in the sou
of cverv lover of American soil and instJtnUonr
Everv page in it is of sterling value, snd shoold be
committed to memory, and handed ^"^^^ther
to child The matter in such a book '?
adornment. WashingU.naca .il
in* after him hera speak In the living present an
poets ?f the soul set to glowing measura tha glides
flf^rar Protestant birthright ?Albay Spectator.
The whole making one elegant 12nio
Priea |i. The same m full gilt, sides and edg*s,
' For sal* by bookseller* generally.
^ Y k
No. 11?, Nassau street. New York.
750 Agents wanted to emvasa for th? above, to
Vhom a uberal diaoount will be given.
nov 2ft -i_
ml Hill, (.uwwww to 1. c. w^. ' '' n"r7
at the Roek CwA
n v ? <or the Empire State and Kenaseuer r ire
OSlteiKS American Mutual Life
Insurance t ompsmes, ^ g-,
1 V?fr<?s?>r'Killiman, Prewdeot j Dr. 8. ? Busey, Med
%T*lMn^ce promptly and safely done on liberal
and rentoxahU terms- . :ii
N. B. Orders through the city P"*1 omca
meet prom ft attention.
nov 1>?ly ?
Roth well a b ro *n"
m>v* and C'onsnsl""'?" Mercnaata, ixi?
,^ana a^-TT^poai "the Bank of Washington, will
?re attendance to all buaineas oon.rn.tted totheir
charge, and will make sales by a?U.m of KU l., riP
lions of property, real or peraonal. Tfcf rafcfaBy
?"S33BSo1b re??iTro% , .
Of .very variety, to which they invite the attention
of person, famishing
Thev hsva on hand a WpvJy W
Purchased in Boaton, and will shortly be provided
All of which will b? disposed of at private sals.
?ov 1>?>sw%?
Real Estate Agency and Conveyancer.
THE undersigned, having resided f,
for the lent twentv-four *
acquainted with the e.tisens partirolariy the large
firman popnlaUen of Washington city,
?uirvices to persons desiring to purchase or sell Besl
^rorto^tand-l^rthe ^nte Ac He h? now
for sale msnv desirable booses, varyiag inf|W
WOO to >C.,i>0O; with many vacant late, eligibly situ
ated, for building, at all prices.
The undersigned Is ready at all
n^j, I)ards of Trust, Deeds of Release, i<eases,
to property.
nov lfr?Ira Mo. 4M
jpvan such general asUsfactKJn^ HYI VKST1;R
Ih-uggist, corner of 11th street and Penn. av
nov 14
1V)R rent, n thr.?- stoTf ,?wellla?, wUh
back bnildmg, on F street north, (No ?MJ"f
a sonars east the Patent Ofltee Ths h?W? '?
hannsomely finished, and eontetaa fonrtewi n? ??leen
roomi. a?M>i>?d witli rta and water.
nov 1*?eotf Next door. No. 487.
f i*D WAliANT* and VlRUlftlA
?^IP ^ J.8. H0LUN0M1AD.
New House IhtlMlibwt and
Jjinmm oMUM, (MMifi U* .SaaA 0/ WwgUaffcw.
THE notice of Ui* public, tod of all peraous de
siring to purchase Furniture, ia respectfaUy in
Titod to our assortment, embracing almost every va
riety of uabiaet and common Furniture, among which
we enumerate?
Entire sots, including Sofia, Divans, Teto-s-Tetoa,
Chairs, anil Rockers
Sofas and Chairs, mahogany ami waluut
Centre and Hide Tables, marble'top and mahogany
Easy Cluura and Rockera, of Webster and other pat
Chairs, In variety, hair, cloth, velvet, and damask
Music Ktands, What-nots, Tea Poys, Ac.
Extension Dining Tables, of walnut and mahogany,
of various sues
Sideboards, Hide Tables, Dlning-Room Cluura, Ac.
Ornamental Chamber Seta, of rose and other laney
Bedsteads, of every pattern and variety
Children's bedsteads, Cribs, Cradles, and Chairs
Bureaus, marble-top, and mahogany Wardrobes
Washstunds, What-nots, Wash Sinks, Nur-e Chairs.
llutrucks, Clothes Driers, Light Stands
Tea Tables, Ollicc Cbaira
Recumbent Eusy Chain, Ac.
With an assortment of Cot Bcdstcuds, Mattresses,
Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Ac.
Wo shall from time to time add to our stock, and
keep up a general assortment, and will sell at reason
able prices. A share of the public patronage is so
Auction Sale*.
We will hold Auction sales in front of our store
every market morning of new aud second-hand Fur
niture and other goods; also, frequent night salea of
miscellaneous articles, and we solicit consignments |
of goods for sale.
From our location, near the Centre Market Space,
we shall be able to make advantageous sales of I
Horses, Carriages, Furniture, nnd all descriptions of
pro|>erty. ROXHWELL A BROWN,
Furniture Dealers and Auctioneers,
dec 1?2aw2m
THAT elegant fonrHitoir brown stone
fancy front Warehouse, just erected on 7th street,
between D and E streets, adjoining Odd Fellows
Hall, and near the General and City Post Offices.
This is one of the best locations for business in this
city. The entire building is twenty-live feet iu width
anil one hundred feet in depth, with very high oeilings,
and so arranged as to hsvo each story occupied sepa
rately if deHired. There is also a fine dry cellar under |
the whole bouso. This building has been erected in
the most substantial manner, and is well calculated
for any wholesale or other business requiring a large
amount of space.
Rent moderate. Apply on the premises, or at the
residence of the owner, on Eighth street, between D
dec 1?eod2w
1? scriber, having taken the old established stand
under Odd FellowsHiall, No. 502, Seventh street, has
just returned from the North, and is now opening a
general assortment of Fresh'FAMILY GROCERIES,
selected by an experienced baud from tho beet bouses,
and on such terms as will permit him to sell them as
low as any house in the city. In order that he may
establish his business on a lair basis, it will be con
ducted on the cash system, which he believes will be
better for both seller and bqyer. By striet attention
to business be hopes to receive the patronage of his
friends and the public generally. Fair dealing may
be cxpected in all cases. ,
nov 87?8taW2w Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th st.
Shaping of a Home ou the banks of the Hud
son, by N. P. Willis.
Maxims of Washington: political, social, moral,
and religious, collected by Dr. Schrosder.
This, That, and the Other, by Ellen L. Chandler.
The Rural Wreath; or, Life among the Flowers,
by Laura Greenwood.
Beautiful Bertha, a new story, by Mrs. Tuthill.
Only a Dandelion, and other Stories, by the author
of Ths Flower of the Fam%.
Pray and Work, then God will help, a series of
Story Books for Children, by >darah A. Myers.
The Wanderers by Sea and Land, with other
Tales, by Peter Parley.
A Winter Wreath of Bummer Flowers, by S. G.
We are now receiving our stock of Family and
Pocket Bibles, Prayer Books, superbly bonnd copies
of the Poets, and other standard and illustrated works
for the holydays.
dec 2 Booksellers, 41*8*Seventh street.
ALL the Cheap Publications, Magazines,
and Newspapers, can bo had st Alex. Adam
sou's, on Seventh street, opposite to the Post Ofltoe.
New York Herald, Times, and Tribune, received
every nigbt, and delivered to subscribers st Sf> cents
a month, payable in advance. He keeps constantly
on hand a large assortment of Blank Books, Pens,
Ink, Paper, Ac. Harpers', Putnam's, Graham's Ma
gasines and Lady's Book, at $2 60 a year, payable in
advance. The 'American Organ is for sale, every
evening, at his store. JL ADAMSON.
nov 15?dtf ______
? Place, earner Louisiana avenue and Seventh
street, keep oonKantlv for sale at their establishment,
a good asaortmeat of Standard and Popular Litera
ture, in bonnd an d cheap form; all the Popular Maga
sines and Periodicals of the day; also, the Know
Nothing papers; Daily and Weekly Herald, and Tri
bune ; and the Poiiau Gasette, Boston Pilot, Citison,
Waverly Magazine. Home Journal. Dollar Nuwspaper,
New York and Itilladelphia Sunday papers, Station
er*. Blank Books, Ac.
The American Organ for sale every afternoon,
nov 18?Id J. ELDER A CO.
DIAMOND and other rich Jewelry, a
good assortment on hsnd, or manufactured to
order, st short notice, and at much lower prices than
elsewhere in this city, and no mistake, at No. 416,
Pennsylvania avenue.
nov M H O. HOOD
?1II.M ANN' Hair Dye has made lU ap
H pears DC* in our city, very muoh to the gratifi
cation of our young beaux who wear red whisEera <*
inoatnchios Gentlemen are now seen going into our
hair-dressing saloons with hair, whiakara, mastsohios,
and eyebrows of all imaginable colors, and in five
minutes they will appear on the street having them
entirely changed, aad decidedly improved by a bis
tnras blsck, obtained by using Oilman's Dy?.?Kor
/otk H.raU.
For sale by Z. D. OILMAN, Chemist,
nov 18 Washington city.
HE undersigned will continue to practice in the
various courts of this District, ana attend to the
pi ie?cut?on df .11 clssaes of claims against the gov
irrvment. He will also sttead to thetwiftnishsd sgen
cy business of Veepaaiaa Kllia, Esq.
Waahington City.
P. Moulton, Esq. la authorised to dose up all my
business connected with claitna upoa ths govern -
""i it?1 y V. ELLIS.
BUHHKIjH Wood-burnt Liins. which
*5a? is burnt of white stone, snd is well
calculated for plaateting. and. indeed, for any building
iiniiinass This lim? la in good order, and 1 would
invite all thos. oatag thearticle tooome and examine
for thamaelvss and try lis quailtiss.
Also os hand Ok- bast qaaliUesof WhlUand Red
aah Coal, Hickory, Oak, and Pins Wood j all of
which will bo sold ss tow as the market will afford.
Corner lfth and C streets, No. MS.
nov 1>?dim
'j scriber, Uaviag purchased the ent're stock of
Wood of Captain James W. White, so long and fa
rorably knows to the cititens of Wsshlngton, ss an
upright dealer ia the article of Wood, begs leave to
announce to the customers of his predecessor, snd the
citiiaae generally. that he intends to contmne the
business at the old atand on Caaal street, a few yards
cast of Seventh atreet bridge, where he wiH ?i<fcsvor
to hsve at all timea a fall supply of all kinds of flfy
wood of the best quality, at the most reasonable
prices. Hin^istomers msy always depend on getting
a rood article and honest measure
BALbWtHHl it^AM EACfoKY; -Con
|f tractors and buildera can be supplied at all
times with Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings, Balusters,
and Newels, of oak, walnut, maple, mahogany, and
ysllow pine ; also, all kinds nf scroll snd fancy ssw
ing aud turning, snd all other work which the first
class steam machinery can assents.
Factory comer Indiana avenue snd Third street, |
mmt of City Hall. nov IS?<taw*m
C. CHOATK, < "PP". 1
? Bleeder, and Chiropodist, keeps
ly ou hand a good supply of the very best Swed
ish Leeches. Sons applied but those that are "war
ranted fresh and healtliy. Physicians Is the country
can be supplied at the shortest notice. Corns re
moved without pain or drawing blood, and instant
?|?f produced Mr. Cuoars does not practise any
hnmhujft hie ehaegea are modsrsis, and he onto bs
commanded at any time. ,
Reaidenoe LosMsae Avanna, No. 44, near Birth
??tiast _ nov IU?eolm
gu)R HA LKOR LEA ME.?A numb* orna
te improved loSs for sals or lessa, los^ m various
parts of the eity. 0- WA?B.
cons last
Anew TiiUMrawr ami> atik
Brick Himse, rftoawd <*Kth siket
near Uu corner ol U, No. Mi. ForpartLuar?k^
qmwof F. M. MAGIu/diu, '
. Dry Good* and Sho? Store,
nor 88?eodta No. 888, Seventh street.
JUST RECEIVED. 100 bar tel.
ern Apples, such ue Greenings, Baldwins, and
?ne order, delivered all sound. Private
families, boarding-house and lu>tol keepers will fljid
it to their advantage to give us a call.
Fine yellow Onions in barrels.
Also, New Jersey white Mercer Potatoes.
"ov ?eottw Feed Store, 'Z<1 street, Pa. avenue.
(i. EMKKV'M Urulle Marble uud
V** ?Jrt Stone Yard, corner of B and Second
streets. Office on Second street, between B and C
streets. Kesidence 418 F street, between Sixth and
Koventh. nor IT
JUST received. S5 per cent, lower than
ever offered in this city. The subscriber would
[respectfully invite the attention of the ladies of Wash
ington and its environs to call and examine his large
and beautiful assortment of PURS, combining all the
fashions of the forthcoming season, which, in splendor
and richness, cannot be surpassed.
Also, a number of sujierb CARRIAGE KOBES.
A tine lot of UMBRELLAS, of all silts, to be dis
posed of very cheap.
A large stock of Children and Infant's Fancy
GOODS always on hand, made from the best mate
rials, and at exceedingly low prioes.
His late new style of HATS for gentlemen has been
already stamped as the ne dIus ultra, and be only
makes mention of it to say that the price, as hereti
fore, for tho very best, is only 14.
nov 18-?lw No. 286, Pennsylvania avenue.
I WILLIAM H. HULL, (for several years an
I Examiner in the Pension Office,) will attend to the
pi oseoution of claims against the Government, such
as Bounty Lands, Pensions, Back and Extra Pav
Ac. "
Refer to Uon. L. P. Waldo, Commissioner of Pen
sions, lion. John Wilson, Commissioner General
Land Office, and to the Heads of Departments and
Bureaus generally.
nov 18?ly
For the Promotion and Encouragement of
MannlactoreM, Commerce, and the
Mechanic and Useful Arte,
WILL be opened at the city of Washington on
Thursday, the 8th day or February, 1868, in
the new and splendid hall of the Smithsonian Insti
tution, which is one of the most magnificent rooms in
the United States.
To this Exhibition the Manufacturers, Mechanics,
Artists, Inventors, and all others desiring to display
the results of their labor, skill, ingenuity, and taste
from all portions of the Union, are cordially invited
to oontribute.
The Machinery Department will be tinder the
chwge or a special superintendent Steam-power,
fixtures, labor, Ac., will be given free of expense.
All intending to exhibit are requested to give no
tice at as early a day as possible. Goods should be
accompanied with a proper invoioe.
The committee, therefore, feel that, in inviting con
tributtons, from all portions of the Union to the Sec
ond JixMlrUionof the MetrvpoUU* Mrckan iff' J net it ult
they are offering to the producer of excellent articles
a valuable opportunity of making known to the
^eir novelty and utility, the superior
S??"L^"rrWOrk^B^P' *"4 adaptation to
thepurposes for which they may be intended.
They would respectftilly solicit from the Ladies
those specimens of elegant handiwork which hereto
fore have formed so attractive and important a fea
ture of these displays. It is propesed to submit all
such contributions to a committee of ladies, and to
^ articles of merit premiums of jewelry. Ac.
suited to the tastes of the air exhibitors. '
The hall will be opened for the reception of goods
on Monday, the ?9th day of January, and on the
evemng of Thursday, the 8th of February, at seven
oi clock, the Exhibition will be formally opened for
four week IO? vi,iter*> continue open about
No article deposited after Saturday night, 8d of
February, can be entered upon the Judges^ Lists for
competition or premium except such as the oommit
tee shall bo satisfied were dispatched from a distance
10 J?*ereeche<i the hail by that day, but
tailed to arrive from unavoidable detention.
Articles designed for exhibition only will be re
ceived free of charge until Tuesday night, 8th of Feb
ruary. at 10 o clock; after which time depositors will
be subject to a chsrge of from 60 cenU to $1 00 for
each article deposited.
Apprentices and minors who oontribute articles of
their own make or invention shall specify their age
?ii "?ey 'l?T? ??rved ?t their business.
All articles deposited for competition and premium
J"""' 5? American manufacture, conspicuously
labelled with appropriate names, the name of the
maker and inventor, (if known,) and tho name of the
depositor; a copy of which label must be furnished
tne clerk at the time of bringing the foods for entry
on the rooord. Prioes may be affixed or not, at the
option of the exhibitor.
" the time of entry, will receive a
ttcket of title to their goods, which ticket will also
admit them to the exhibition st all times when open
to the nublic. 1
N. B. Goods should be addressed s? follows " Ex
hibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute,
Washington, D. C., and should 'have the nature of
the articles and the name of the party sending them
distinctly marked on the packaged. Tbsy should
also be accompanied by a detailed invoice.
Circulars containing detailed Instructions will be
rorwarded, and a?y information given on application
to the corresponding secretary, to whom all oommu
mcaUons on tho business of the Institution should
be addressed. mv l?-8taw?w
Improved fttereoscopir Likenesses.
The preateet improvement ever made in tkt PKoto
graphic Art.
And in Oil Color*. far exceeding any a trie of portrai.
tore ever offersd to the publio, sod st a small cost,
mis establishment possesses many advantages
?* ? "Sr-1** **
i. in. K1***. and thereby enabling the artist to
?T' ."*?n*,ses of children almost instantaneously.
Portraits are made in this establishment from 8W
A. M. to sua set, and equally well in cloudy as fcir
*15 ' c*??pt of children.
No likenesses but the best will be sold st this gal
lery ss he intends every pietnrs which he gives to
be s lasung ad rert.sement of his work.
1 *tu,DJjon "i" b* paid to copying Paint
ings, Etigravlngs, Statuary, and Daguerreotypes For
'axing these copies be has an instrument made for
the purpose, aad used only is this city st
v ... , VANNERflON-H,
]*?- and 41*, over I-ane A Tucker's
"ov I? tf building, Pennsylvanls avenne.
P?ucr aad IVrfkmery Store.
will And, as usual, to be the very best artiele im
jwted. ? PARKER'S
Fancy, Comb, and Perfumery Store,
Pennsylvania avenue, nnder National Hotel,
no? IS
A. .*? aad Tailor,
? Morflt's Building, Fonraad-aod-a-half street!
respectftilly informs his friends snd the citiseos of
Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria, that be
Cems always on hand a choice selection of the best
sod most popular makes of Cloths, Caesimenu, and
Vestings, together with s good supply of the best
Trlmtmngs, snd will make to order Omenta inX
most rbwunt manner, (plain or fancy.) to please the
t*Me*n? **** rn*Jr f*TI>r him with a call.
!*? B. Prices moderate, and terms cash.
nov 1ft?eolm
rEET AII*?y white pinr
UVjffW lumber 4-4 to H-i
.r>,0(K) feet cherry 8-4 to 1S-4
B,000 do do 4-4 and S-8
8,000 do walnnt coffin boards, first quality
5,0ft0 do do 4-4 to 18-4, wide and dear
10,000 do aah 4-4 to 18-4, of the beet kind
6,000 do poplar 4-4
Just received and for sale by
,. Twelfth street snd canal,
nor 18 *
ET? IE aubscribw; wiriies to esll particular stton
lon to his stock of Boys' snd Men's Rsadv-msds
which must be ckwed out at ooet Mrslshand
rm humbug, a. h.reatW he Intends dm* this brinch
of his business. He has alsn a lanre, asled snd vm
Mm. .to^ofCUths,
whK*he W'H be happy to make up i. ths most fi.??
?onaMe style st abert ami A. West p<?wbis
fi^urea. for aaah. r
.isSen inT,taf r,?"0!*1 to tho most bssu
tiftil Overoosl, of ths Istest Psris foshion ms<ta nn
expressly for exhibition. ' m*d* "P
No. 618 North 7th street, opposite E^hs^Bank
nor. 18 ?f8i4?,WltC^d0o.|
MWaifMTB,, AXn 4k AMK
rviHIN day Waived ftam the m.naftic
mentioned Goods.
' *** ?*W#w Yodr
w ? TUOKKR * CO..
Mf jg N*. Pennsylvania sveone
in viwt variety, such a* Cloths, Caasiuieres, aud y ??
ting*, of the latest importattou, sud is prepared to
have them made up at the shortest notice, is tha uio*t
fashionable rnauaar, and at tow rata* of pricaa.
Having nadt arrangement* to gu into tha " Bendy
Made Clothing Buaiueeaa" extensively this aeaaou, lie
(eel* ooufideut that he oau offer to those wishing to
pure haute a stock of Clothing not inferior to auy in
this city, and not made up at the Korth, as is usually
the ease with work sold bare, but eut in his own e?
tublishuient, and made by our own needy citiaens, in
this dull season, at low rates of prioea. He is euabied,
therefore, to ooiupete with northern work in i?>iut of
prices, and as to quality and style he will leave for
those who favor him with a call to judge.
He cau sell whole suits (coat, pants, and Teat) at tha
following rates:
Good suit for business purpose*, out of ototh or eaasi
mere. for the small sum of . $15
Dress aud Frock Coats from $10 00 to 4aO
oZUs of different styles. IS 00 to ?
Black and Fancy Pantaloons.. ? 60 to 10
Silk aud Velvet Vests...... ?? ? ? * 60 to 10
This stock of Clothing is of a superior uptrend
lias been made up since he received the Fall and Win
tor Fuahioiia. , . . .
He keeps constantly on hand a Urge assortment of
Fancy Articles, such as Gloves, Cravats, Collars, Um
i '"soieXeetit for the sale of Hcott's Report of Fashions
in this city. nov 27?dtjan.l
Atw and inlereeting diecoeery in vegeUMe medicine.
DEHIILER'H Anti-periodic wFever and
Ague Fills, are a certain cure lor all that ehuja
of malarious and periodic complaints knows us chills
and fever, fever and ague, dumb ague, irregularity
in women, Ac. Ac., without the aid of those noxious
drugs usually relied upon, vis: calomel, arsenic, or
quinine. . .
After many years' patient experiment and research
as a Pharmaceutist, the undersigned candidly believes
that he has perfected a remedy nir the above and kin
dred complaints, which will curs at leaat ninety^five
case* out of every hundred. He feels, vsrv sensibly,
that this sounds boastful and chimerical, but ho has
now used It, under his own observation, upon more
than one thousand severe cases without one failure.
Before aaking the confidence of the public, how
over, and without making any drafts upon its credu
lity, the inventor of this medicine desires to show that
hiu statement* arc not those of a reckless and unprin
cipled man. We therefore ask attention to the follow
ing joint certificate from the Hon. William A. Newell,
11. D., late member of Congress from New Jersey,
and A. D. Newell, M. D., an eminently successful sur
geon and physician, of New Brunswick, V. J.
Tb Phyeiciant and the Public.
I " Having extensively used ' Dcshlcr's Anti-periodic
or Fever and Ague Pills,' in our practice, we take
Bleasure in stating thus publicly our experience of
ieir efficacy. We have used them in hundreds of
! cases of fever and ague, and have never known a per
son to have a second chill after commencing yith
them; and as they contain no salt of arsenic or qui
nine, the former of which sometimes operates so dele
te riously as an accumulative poison, we consider thom
a safe and valuable remedy, that ought to bo Within
reach of every family that is liable to chills and fever.
To our professional brethren we deem it proper to
say, thai we have been made acquainted with the
composition of these pills, and find them strictly a
ecientitic preparation. Moreover, as they are prepared
by an apothecary of more than twenty years' active
experience, we can vouch that they are skilfully com
pounded. We earnestly commend them to the no
tice of the profession, and believe they will cure after
all usual remedies have failed."
? WM. A. NEWELL. M. D.
In their own State both these gentlemen have an
extensive practice, and enjoy, to an enviable degree,
the confidence of the public. There they would ob
tain universal credit. But as we deaire to prepossess
every citiien of the United States with our truthful
ness and good faith, we subjoin the following note
from a gentleman known and reverenced throughout
the Union?the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, LL. 1).
Note from the Hon. Theodore FreHngkuynen.
" From the professional character and reputation
of Drs. Newell, above' named, and the esteem in which
these gentlemen, with Mr. Deshler, are held in this
State,! take pleasure in stating that any representa
tions mads bv them are worthy of pubic confidence."
Nww Bstiwrwicx, N. J., Jan. 84,1854.
Owing to the floods of quack medicines with which
the country has been deluj^d, and which have proved
so uniformly worthless, the discoverer of this remedy
has long hesitated to come before the public. Having
regard for his character, he has been unwilling to be
classed with the pretenders who, undertaking to cure
all oomplaints with one remedy, miserably fail to cure
any; and he has feared that the public, which has
been so often shamelessly deceived, would deny him
its attention. He relies, however, that the *bove cer
tificates give him a title to its confidence and atten
tion while making the following statement:
We claim for our remedy the following petmliari
tiee and advantage) by which it is distinguished from
PeculiarUiee of Dmhler't AnU-Periodic Pille.
M lgt They exert a marked, spocific, and almost in
fallible anti-periodic power, by which they neutralise
the periodical and oonstantly-recurring attacks which
characterise fever and ague. The law by which the
remedy acts overpowers the Isw of the disease.
2d. While they thus manifest great activity and
power, they are yet perfectly harmless. A well per
son (even if an infant) may take groat quantities not
only without inconvenience, but without seeming
effect of any kind.
Sd. They never disagree with the weakest stomach,
almost instantly restore sppetite, and break un that
distressing sense of bodily prostration which always
accompanies this disease.
4th. They nsay be taken without rqrari to age, sex,
diet, or drink, and on a journey as safely a* at home.
5th. Thsy are not only anti-periodic, but anti-bil
ious also.
Atli They contain no salt of mercury, arsenic, or
AJvaniagn of DeMetfe Fever and Ague Remedy.
I 1st It is not liquid. There is no danger of loss by
evaporation, or by coming in contact wrth clothing.
I. It is perfectly portable. A down boxes may b*
[Hit in a Setdhtx powder box. One box may be aent
bv mail to any part of the Union for aix cents, ex
cept California or Oregon, or to thoee places for
twelve eents.
ad. It is tasteless and without oder. AU other
remedies for the disease are bitter and nauseous, and
are taken with difficulty by children or delicate per
Dsshler's Anti-periodic or Fercr and Ague Pills,
may be procured at wholesale or retail, of
Ml Broadway, New York.
Price |1 per box; or, for the convenience of those
residing where it has not been introduced B* yet, it
will be forwarded by mail, prepaid, to any one en
dosing 84 letter-stamps. In any part of the United
Slates except Oregon and California; or to these for
86 stamps.
fJT A liberal discount to dealers, and delivered in
New York city free of expense.
Fruit and ornamental tricksi
JAMES W. GRAY, Ball's Pond, Fairfield
oountv, Connect!cot, cultivates one of the most ex
tensive and well-established Fruit Nurseries in the
country, grown from the most healthy and thrifty
stocks, thereby producing the flneet quality of trees,
and embracing all the choicest varieties of every kind
of fruit adapted to this elimate, vlx ]
Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Cherry, Apricot, Nec
tarine, and Quince Trees.
Grape Vine*?Isabella and Catawba ; Goose Cur
rent, and Raspberry Bushea, and Strawberry Plants,
of the best imported varieties.
Also, Ornamental Tree*, such as Balsam, Sprue*.,
Fir, White Phi*, Tamarisk, Hemlock, Sugar Maple,
Arbor-Vitte, Ac., Ae.
A large variety of Dwarf Pears on imported Qui nee
Orders roiy bo with RTIHHKL Oft AY, wH#
out be seen st SM Eighth street, or st Gray A Bel
lantyne's Book Store, 4W Seventh street; also, with
JOHN W. BREWER, Columbia Pike, three mile*
from the Long Bridge, Alexandria county, V*.
nov II _____ _
Claas II.?T* be drawn December II.
Oxs Psixs to Twsxtt Tickets t
And remember, 'eery prime drawn !
10,000 Ticket*?501 Prlwisf
l of. ?.?oo
lof. . MOO
l of. *??
lof..,.., J'onp 3
1 ?f 1.M0
irf' 1.100
6 of $1,000 B.???
In all, SOI Pri*sa, amounting to.... $?0,000
Tickets #10?Halve* and Quarters in proportion.
Every Prise drawn at each drawing
Bill* on all solvent hanks taken at par.
An commnnications strictly confidential.
SAMUEL SWAN, Agent and Manayer.
Htffik of Umi Bffww IJkMML
Montsnsitr, Alabama. nov 18?*Awiy
Lb AM MONO, Seventh Street, bn* received
a large *?d Wutifnl assortment of Toys and
Fancy Notions, end for S*l# wholesale and retail, at
tow priee* MV W>-~?t
attornetaN^'a)T NSiai^R AT LAW,
A*l> ,
cwuMam of Deeds
worn Turn statbs or
Virginia, Now York, Maine,
Kentucky, New Jersey, Illinois,
lAiuisiana, Miseisaippi Connecticut,
MasaacbusuUs, Maryland. Penney lvaa?a,
Florida, Teuuessoe, AUW??,
EEL, ssrd.^.
Conveyancing i>> i" braucbe* promptly and
accurately executed.
Office Louisiana avenue, spposito t llth street
nov >??ddwly ?
Banker uivmlei in Eicksnge stock*,
No. 48> Pennsylvania arwiue, Washington, D. C.
no* 16?ly
Attorneys u4 CoubmUom nt Law.
Oflioe over Solden, Wither*, 4 Ce.'? Bank.
dot 18
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Offioe over Selden, Withers, A Co.'s Bask,
uov 1? ?
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office over Banking House of Solden, Withers, k Co.
nor 18
(l.ATK or VIWJIN1A,)
General and Real Kstato Ageat,
Washington, D. C.,
Gives special attention to claims before Congress or
the various Departments, collection of claims, nego
tiating loans, purchase or sale of real estate, land war
Otfluo over banking house of Helden, Withers, A Co.
Residence No. 8, Union Row, t street, near Seventh.
pov 18
O street, between Fourth and Fifth streets,
nov 18 _
Merchant Tnilor, Nntional Hotel,
Washington, I). C.
nov 18?3m
Attorney nt Law and General Agent.
Office at the corner of Sixth street and Louisiana
Avenue, Washington city.
nov 13?tf
and commissioner of deeds,
Duvall's Building,
Penn. avenue, near Four-and-a-half street.
nov 18 ._
Corner of H and Seventh streets.
Drugs, Chemicals and Fancy Articles. Prescriptions
carefully compounded day and night
pov 18
To Furnish a House Complete,
CALL at DONN, BRO. & Co.'s Ninth
street, five doors north of Clagett A Co., Noa.
492, 494, and 496, where will be found in our four
large sales rooms, the most various anc complete
stock af Housekeeping Goods in the United States, in
one store, to which additions are constantly made of
everything that is new and convenient. Housekeep
ers and those who are about commencing may rest as
sured of finding the goods as cheap as elsewhere,
with a great saving of time, trouble, and vexation ot
dealing in many stores.
All goods warranted as represented, and delivered
to any part of the District free of expense.
We note the heading of what we keep:
Sofas. Divans, Lounges, arm Rockers, Gothic Par
lor Chairs, of rose, walnut, and mahogany, covered
with hair, plush, brocatelle, damask, or chintz, or in
white, for those furnishing their own covers.
Tables of every kind ana description, Piano 8tools,
What-not, Mirrors of the largest site to the smallest,
Bracket Tables, Ac.
Extension and plain Tables, Sideboards, Chairs, Ac.
Painted or imitation, of the various woods?walnut,
mahogany, and cherry, in sets or detached -pieces,
Beds: Mattresses, of hair, cotton, and shuck; rilfow*
and Bolsters; Feathers in sacks.
Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Baskets, Castor*, Waiters,
Tea Sets, Ac.
In dinner, tea, and chamber sets, or in detached
piccos in fancy G. B. or white.
Edwards's white Stone Ware, in seta or detached.
Glass Ware, pressed and cut, a fall assortment.
Cutlery, from the best manufacturers.
Lamps, Fancy Goods, Wood Wsre, Baskets, Brush
es Clocks, Japanned Goods, Block Tin,?dfnrnon Tin
Ware, Children's Toys, and everything appertaining
to a well famished kitchen (the foundation of g"?d
housekeeping) may be found in our store, he.
Call and see our stock, and get a catalogue, aad
it will assist new house housMOcpers in selecting
what is necessary for making their homes comfort
able. Remember the stores no. 492, 494, and 496
Ninth street, five doors north of Pennsylvania sve
nov 18?lmeodif DONN, BRO. A CO.
CM. SKI WON, Merchant Tailor. No.
a 188 Pennsylvania avenoe, between Ntaneaath
and Twentieth streets, would inform his tiwill and
customers, that he haa now on hand a handsome as
sortment of Cloths. Caasi meres, aad Yeatings, which
have been selected with care, especially for custom
trade, and of which he would b? pleased to make up
to order in his nsnsl good style, at moderate prices.
N. B.?His friends and the public in general, are
moat respectfally solicited to call sad examine for
themselves. nov 9?>?TwAThlws
<HE subscribers having established themselves
_ ^ in the Lumber business, at the old stand of
Wm. Bird, corner Sixth and B streets, are prepared
to famish all articles in the trade t?a Ihrrirsble terms.
They solicit a share of public i?trona*e.
nov 18?eotf GEO. W GARRETT A CO.
1LLIAM TUCKER. Merchant Tni
lor, No. 426 Pennsylvania arenas, takes this
method of informing his friends and the paMic gen
erally that be has in store a large and complete as
sortment of
of very superior qualities, selected with great aare,
and which cannot fail to please the taste of ths moat
rsstidious. All of which I am prepared to make up
at the shortest notice, snd in the best snd most ap
rred styles, and at prices thst cannot fall to suit
most economical.
N. B. A few ol the latest and most approved style*
of Over (Jarmenta in store, ready for exhibition,
nov 18?oodlmif
farnislting good* generally, both new and sec
ond-hand.?The undersigned keeps constantly on
hand a largo and varied assortment of new an?l sec
ond-hand Furniture, and Housekeeping Ooods, which
he will sell on the very best of term*.
An extensive sssortmentof seasonable articles now
on hand. Give him an early call.
No. MA, south side I'cms. avenue,
between Foar-and-a half and Sixth street*,
nov 18 _
No. 84, Opposite Centre Market,
THE subscriber raapeetfally ealls the sttentina
of the public generally to hi* NEW STOCK
of OOODS, jn*t received. They oomprise sll kinds,
from French importations to the best description of
home mads articles, suitable for ladies and gentlemen
of the most Ihstidiou* taste.
The ball season having fairly Commenced, he espe
cially invitee ladies to call and examine a beantmil
" of Fawct Hurras*, which cannot hil to
A great variety of sunerh Trunks, Csrpet Regs,
and Valise*, at exceedingly low prices.
I AND and General Agency Office, "Co.
1A fambia Place," Seventh Street, Washington,
D. C.?Claims for Bounty Land, applications for
Pension by the widows snd minor heirs of sol
dier* killed (or who died) In the United St*tea
service in any war since 1790, (including the Florida
and other Indian wars, the war of 1818, and the late
war with Mexico;) applications for Pension by lha
widow* snd heirs of all Revolutionary soldier*;
Money Claim* against the vsrions Departments of
ths Government and before Congress; snd rlaima
for extra pay for Army and Navy in California and
Oregon from 1846 to Wl prosecuted by
P. I. HAftHLflL Genersl Agent
N. R.?Land Warrant* and I-and Scrip bought snd
sold. no* iV tf
H. GILMAN'S pare Seaaa Fife!?
a A most palatable, safe, and eOWtnal
dy ftr constipation of ths bowsia. nerveaw erslo*
brad-ache, and all that train of nnpleaaant stmtsmi
induced by a Stats ef habitual oaatiiessss. Prepared
and said, wholesale or retail, by
CWiist and Apothecary, 442 Penn
areese, corner Foar-snd-e-half street.
Pries 28 cents a has.
nov 1?

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