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rUlge Street, BmU
ssssa ars-.
srtioleo uew suit uuiqe, suitable to
to whieh be invites the Inspselioa ?* ^
Hi. Bu>ck. i? large, quite now, aud *?" aetect?<l,SB?
wiUIIT3d tost c-?oot poMibiy wi to
^uodia ?y^^<22*5lailp^e^
** plated ?*
U American, Euflish, and French Clock*, from
*H xl for many years paid particular atteu
tiou to rep?Wag An* Watches, end has latelyaeaited
hi^f cFsome costly modern mechtaery to frcHl
utahis operations. Jewelry repaired equal to new.
Knmevingin ?" iu *?"???"? Charge, always wry
Moderate. dec 1??lw
rjj are mow kadM all the aeeoaaU
I v on our books made off, and will hare them
reedy for delivery by the 80th, and will be greatly
obliged to all who vrill oome forward and pay up as
early a? poaaible, aa we are in a great measure de
pendent upon our collection* to meet engagements at
this and the approaching season of the year. Those
of our customers who do not wish their accounts sent
in will oblige us by coming or sending to the store
"" tv Sassi ?oi>
AVING retired from the
mm new*. I wuuld inform my friend* afld
zens of Washington that I hare resumed the Car
penter's Business at the old stand of Davis A Uar
rett Iu returning my thanks to my friend* for their
liberal patronage and a&siatanoe, I would boy a oon
timuinoe of the same. . v ,
I can be found at my shop at any time, in Jackson
Alley, where I am prepared to oontract, buM. and
do job work on the most reasonable terms, and at the
bhortcst notice^ j? this business for msnr
years, 1 feel esauredthatl oan gire satiafoction to all
who gire me their patronage. drftt
dec IS?eolm QKO. W? QAnBffriv
Bat Cords of New and Valaable Book*
Nightly taken from the Netc Book Auction itore,
474 Pennsylvania avenue, FITZGERALD'S Store.
Holiday Frf?t?
and cheap, at the new Book store, 474 raun
syivania avenue.
Look oot for the oars wh*n the bell ringal
Just received, st the new Union Book store, the
Autobiography of the incomparable Barnum.
Life of the inde&tigable Greeley. _ .
Buth Hall, a continuous story by Fanny Fern, the
memorable writer of the nineteenth century, and
Fern scries complete, with little Feme and an assort
ment of New Books for the Holidays, just opening at
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Donn Earl, Jack Dowuings last, with High
Life in tow York, Wide-Awake Gift for 1865, Aa,
Ac., just in at the new Bookstore,
d? dSt 474 Penn. avenue.
THE undersigned would raeyectfWlT in
form her lady patrons end strangers, that she
*??? just received from the North a beautiful assort
ment of *
many of which are well adapted to the present sea
son for Christmas gifts, Ac. .
EMBROIDERIES ?Rich and superbly worked
Guipure Collars and Setts Collarette and Modesty
pioces, in setts j beautiful Embroidered Collars,
Sleeves, Habits. Chemiaetts, Setts of Sleeves and
Collars: worked Handkerchiefs. Ac
LACE GOODS.?Mslteae, Platte, Limerick, Na
poleon, and Aupassa Lace Collars, and Coltosand
Sleeves in aetts, from U 50 to $10: also, Heed^ Dres
ses, Dress Caps, Kid and Silk Gloves; children s
Comforts, Gaiters, and Socks.
A splendid stock of Black snd White Mourning
Persons wishing to purchase, will please call
and get great bargains, at the old stand?No. 12 Mar
^fest RUTH A. PEACO.
Mini*ter?, Super irUeadantt, Teaehert, and other*.
ROBERT HALL'S works. fine EagUah
edition, # voU., 8vo, calf binding, 115.
Bible Cyclopedia, S vols calf, $10.
Chalmers' SelMtod Warks, 4 vol*, celt $10.
Kitto's Daily Bible Illoatration, 8 voja., $9 to $18.
Conhbeere A Howson's Life and Epistles of St.
Paul, 2 vola, cloth, $6; half calf, $8.
John OwetTs Complete Works, 16 vols , half calf,
Jav> Autobiography, 3 vols., cloth, $2 50j call, ?
West's Analysis of the Bible, sheep, $5; half
ealf, $8 60. ? ...
Brown's Discourses, 2 vols., cloth, $4; half
calf $6.
Smith's Sacred Annals, S vols., half calf, $7 60.
Olahausen's Commentary, 9 vola., $18.
Pool's Annotations, 8 vols , calf, $12.
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Home's Introduction, half calf, $8.
Jay's Morning and Evening Exercises, 4 vols.,
cloth, $4: half calf, $6 50; antique, $8; ftill
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ed in the finest style of the art, $1?
While presenting your tokens of friendship and
gratitude to others, don't forget your Pastors, who
U" *" ""'oTTK B.U.ASTYSE,
nov 1? 8t 4*8 Seventh street.
Mo. 510 Seventh *tre0t
THE nnderslgwed keg leara to ??*<>"?
their friends and the public generally that they
have formed a co-partnership, under the firm of Hall
A Henning, and will open on Monday the 18th Inst-,
a large assortment of Teas, Coffees, and Spiees.
We particularly call attention to onr system of
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which renders them impervious to the air. This aye
tem offers great inducements to country merchants
and dealers, aa it enablea them to keep a varied sseort
ment of Teas for a small investment.
To house-keepers this method possesses great ad
rantegee, as it preserves the Tea in the beat passible
manner. Each package contains foil weight, snd we
warrant our Teaa to be as lepiescnted, or they may
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From the following list it will he seen that our ss
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fore i
Young Hyson, 40 cents; good ditto 50 cents ( fine
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cents; fine ditto $1; extra ?fitto $1 25 ; Superior
Old Hysoa, 7# coote, snd Ne Plus Ultra Green
$1 60.
Ning Yong, 87 1-8 cents j good Oolong, 50 cents;
fine ditto 76 cents; extra ditto $1; fragrant ditto
$1 28; Superior Ning Yong, 40 cents; extra ditto
BO cents. Fine Chulan, 50 oents; 1/otidon Breskfsst,
7.", cents; Kngliah ditto 60 oents; Orange Pecoo^ SO
cents: irood noflchong, 40 oentoj Ne Plus Ultra
Black, ?1 10. .
To persons buying in quantities for cash ws offer
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Arr O. C HENSlVo.
AM NCHOVIES, Varieties, aad shrimp
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Anchovies in sauce, in pickle, and salt
Essence of lobsters. Anchovies, and Hbjnmps
Jnst receives by SliKKELL MOTHER*
dec 19?8tif No. 40 opposite Centre Market.
THE best Imperial Tea ran be boaght of
Jos. W. *??tis, comer of Ninth and E streets,
for 75 oents per lb., snd sll other Tees very cheap
Also, the best New York Butter st 81 1-4 oents. .
dee l??If
WILL open on Wedaoeday aa aseort>
ment of new style Head Dresses, Feathers,
Flowers Ribbons, Dress taps. Sash RibBona, snd
white Kid Gloves; to which she invites the sttention
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Kifjhth street, opposste Centre Martlet.
SrTc,,^irw^BvVK.n.v? AKD
A N eatire aew stoek of Watehee, Jew
A. airy, Silver and Plated-Wsrse, to now oflktwd
Call and ses the new styles, which I will sell st
New York prices
Clocks, Wstehea, snd Jewelry csrefnlly repsired
dec 1??tw
DactMaaa 18, 1844.
??" B?utw" ^ "> by Us President.
J r?M?ul: Mcmiu Ivan*, FiUpatriok, Reed Bai ?
-?? m"r> U<Mutiou> CWko, Marts, ainlPeJ.
Mr. i'ittpatrick introduced mi act for the relief
of Margaret Tilghmaii; whiah was referred to tb?
Committee on Claims.
Abo, a Joint resolution fixing the times of the
two next meeting* on the 26th of December and
2d of January ; which wU adopted.
Mr. Clarke presented a petition of Isaac A Mou
trosa, for remission of a fine. Refcrrad to the Coib
unttee on Claims.
Mr. Bayly presented the petition of H. W. Far
guson, and other*, for the same. Inferred to same
He also introduced a bill for the burial of the
out-door poor; which wai pumd.
Mr. llouatou introduced a bill to relieve the Co
lumbia Fire < 'ompany. Referred to the Committee
6ti the Fir? Department.
A communication from the Secretary of the
American Association for the advancement of Edu
cation, mentioning their annual meeting to be
in our city during Christmas week; and, upon mo
tion of Mr. Fitapatrick, the use of the Chamber
was tendered the association in the form of a reso
Mr. Pepper submitted a resolution inquiring In
to the expediency of having an " inspector ofgaar"
which was adopted.
Mr. Pearson introduced a bill for the relief of
Kliaa B. Barnes; which was passed.
He also submitted a joint resolution regarding
the obstructions In Siith street west; which wu
Mr. Pepper, from the Committoe on Improve
ments, reported the resolution changing the alley
in square 404 to Brent street. Adopted.
The following bill# from the Common Council
were taken up and passed :
An act for relief of John MpCarvey;
An act for the erection of an engine house for
the Northern Liberties Fire company;
An act for cleaning alleys and gutters In the
Second ward; and
An act to pay the paving taxes in front of pub
he school-houses.
The bill to pay the additional salaries to the com
missioners of canals, was referred to the Commit
tee on Finance.
The bill increasing the salaries of poHce officers
? UP' Mr. Bayly moved to amend by in
serting f 700 m the place of $#00, and " excepting
the pohoe officer at the railroad depot, whose sala
ry shall be $400," but without adopting the amend
PoUee bU1 W" refem>d Committee on
.???? for Paring the footway on square 878,
with the council amendment, was referred to the
Committee on Improvement*.
The bill to increase the salary of the Centr*
market master was taken up. Mr. Clarke moved
to amend by increasing the salary of the assistant
market master to $800, which was lost?4 to 4.
Mr. Bayly moved to refer to the Committee'on
Finance. Passed?5 to 8.
Mr., Pearson, front the Committee on Claims
asked to be discharged from the consideration of1
the petition of C. Schulz. Discharged.
, ?*f; Bfj'y. from the same committee, reported a
bdl for the relief of John Consartine, whidTwai
Mr. Read, frtjm the Committee on the Fire De
partment, reported the bin for the relief of the
Columbia Fire Company, which was passed. -
Board adjourned.
Monday, Deoember 18.
President*"^ h*"' 411(1 Wero c*Uod 10 order by
All the members were present. Reading of the
minutes were dispensed with, when
Mr. Dnncanson presented the petition of H.
Johnson. Referred to Committoe on Finance
Mr. Clements presented a letter from the com
missioner of the Fourth ward; and Mr. Bamberger !
the pe?Uon of II Lindsley, <t ?/.; which ware
both referred to the Committee of Improvements.
Mr. Barr, from the Committoe of Ways and
Means, reported the Board of Aldermen's bill to
constitute a temporary board of appeal, which has
been mentioned.
Mr. Do tin moved to refer; and
Mr. Bamberger deemed the Board totally unne
Mr. Busev thought the Board had no power to
appoint such a board, and read from the city char
ter a section supporting his news, which views the
Chair concurred in.
After a short discussion, in which Mr. McOauley
joined, the whole was referred, on motion of Mr
Busey, to the Committoe on PoHce.
Mr. Barr also reported the joint resolution post
poning the advertisement of estates due for taxes
until March 1st, 1855, with the recommendation
that it do not pass; and it was refosed a third
Mr. nrf, from -the same committee, reported
!?.?? *Ct fr?m 'be Board of Aldermen paying
#288 38 for extra work on the tax books.
Mr. J. W. Davis took occasion to remark that
something was said in the Board of Aldenneu that
the work on these books had bean neglected and
was behindhand in consequence of the neglect of
the present clerk, which was not so. His prede
cessor, about the time of the last election, was
taken sick aDd out of his office for forty daw. du
ring which time these books wera not touched,
and this extra pay was given to clerks to put the
t?ooks in order, which was cauaed by the neglect
of the former clerk. It is my duty to state this
in justice to the present clerk.
Mr. McOauley also made substantially the same
Mr. Walker thought it was wrong for member*
to make these explanations. There was alwavs
misrepresentation of the doings of this Council
abroad. Hr might rise to s privileged question I
but he scorned to do it. Men, and old men, with >
grav hairs have sent abroad a tissue of lies In re
gard to the doings of this (buncil, but be was
above making explanations. He came herv to rep
resent his constituents, and this set, who
resent us in this manner ought to be ashamed of
themselves The bill paa*,d !
Mr. J. W. Davis from tho Committee on Im- I
provements, reported the petition of James Handr
U. 'i. * "wer 011 8eTcnth street, with a bill,
which was passed. ' I
Mr. Ball from same committee, reported a bill
to grade K street, front Fourth street to North
Capitol street, appropriating |700 for the purpose,
which was pawed. 1 urpo"?
. rmn mm*?""?raittee, reported s bin for
laying a flag foot-way across Maryland avenue, at
the Intersection of Thirteenth and-a-Half street
Mr. Dnncanson from the Committee on Claima,
asked to be discharged from the petition of Jacob
Mayl*e, which was done?also, the petition of 8
Kurson, with a biO appropriating $88.80 for gra
ding an alley in square 715. Passed.
Mr. dements introduced a WB amendatory o#
an act, approved March 3, 1854. for the construc
tion of sewers in the Fourth Ward, which was
Bill* frv>n Bomnd AiJtrm**.
Joint resolution instructing the committee before !
' ?"5rT' *C ' 10 T><Wt that the obstructions
??wss8iith street, to be removed, which, with an
?t to pay Rlias B. Barnes 170.81, for grading on
5?'in"W,T PM-?d An chl^giS ?
?lley In square 494 to Brent street, laid ovw An
act appropriating #2iH> ft,r the burial of out door
poor, was passed An act remitting to John fWi
ssrtine the flue of $*i, imposed on him for taking
sand out oTHber creek. Referred to the Com
rnittec on Claims. An aet to pay John Rogers
*1 ?7 to pay for the new Suction for the Columbia 1
Fire Company, was referred to Committee on Fire |
MM resolution that the two next meetings of the I
Hoards he on December 2ft, and January S wma
passed. J '
Communication from the Mayor was read men
tioning the signature of certain biUs.
Also, a communication from the Secretary of the
American Association, for the advancement of ed
ucation, mentioning tlieir annual meeting A res
ol.ition was afterwards introduce, tendering th?
use of the Conncil Chamber to the Association by
Mr. Donn, and was pasaed.
On motion of Mr. Kiimon the Mil for making a
gni?*l foot way In the 5th ward, was taken up and
On motion of Mr. Newman, the joint reaolution
?dT?rtlsing of estates in the 8rat
ward, due for taxse for laying pavements on Penn
,?1 *nH M,h 'treeta
? esars Bnscy, Bamberger, Smith. Walker and I
Pyyy* to p^. * a*
refb#?d a third reading?yeas 7 ;
<* Mr. Clamcuta, the UB paying
A*10 f0*10 Kmton> fcr Uxt*. erroneously
NMoasod, and it wm pMed.
? *^<iwUe7 dfowd * joist resolution, instruct
>ug too Cuugrusaiounl Couuuitte* to auk Ooogrew
for au appropriation to grado Virginia avenue ;
Mr. Dnucanaon moved to take up the biB to pay
Gales ft Seatoa, and Mr. Thompson, for ocrtaln
Mr. Buwjr moved to a<tyouru, k>at?9 to 1).
Mr. Bamberger moved to amend that the Mayor
be authoring to have the proceeding* of the Board
published in the American Organ, at a coat not to
exceed$100per year, and to contract with the same
paper, to publish all the laws, and advertising, at
the usual advertising rate*.
The Chair (Mr. Ban-) thought the amendment
out of order; but it was afterwards considered in
order, and oalled forth a lengthy discussion.
Mr. McD. Davis wished the propositions sepa
rated, and that the Board would say at once whether
Mr. Thompson's bill was just or uqjust. -1
Mr. Diwoanaon said the amendment rendered the
biU objectionable, as it included one law for one
paper and another for another He wished the
separation of the propositions, and hoped Mr.
Bamberger would withdraw the amendmeut.
Mr. Clements hoped it would not be withdrawn,
and took the gronnd aa did Mr. Bamberger, that the
laws, be., ought to be published in a largely-cir
culated paper.
After a long discussion, Mr. Ruff moved the pre
vious question, which waa sustained.
The question then recurred on Mr. Bamltcrger's
amendment, which was adopted :
Teas?Messrs. Newman, Kelly, Plant, Donn,
Walker, J. W. Davis, Ball, Clemeuts, K Union, Mc
Cauley, Cross, Ruff, Stewart, Smith, Bamberger,
and A. McD. DariB?18.
Nays?Messrs. Bair, Duncanson, and QUI.
Mr. Duncanson did not vote when his name was
called, and asked to be excused, which the Board
refoscd to do, and he then said he was compelled
very reluctantly to vote in the negative.
The question then came back to the amendment
of the Board of Aldermen, which annexed Mr.
Thompson's bill to that of Gales k Scaton, and it
waa adopted.
On motion of Mr. Clements, the Board then ad
Remember Stanley's exhibition at Odd Fellows'
HalL Every American should know his own
PakoramaofNiw Yo?Crrr.?This work closes
its exhibition at the Island Hall this evening. It |
commences Ha exhibition at Alexandria, in Liberty
Hall, to-morrow (Wednesday) evening, at seven and
a half o'clock.
Militaky Burial.?The American Rifles turned
out yesterday with thirty-two rank and file, the
occasion being the burial of Wa. H. Robinson, a
member of the corps, who died last Saturday. The
funeral cortege was very large, and at the burial
ground the usual military salute was fired over his
coffin. He waa buried in the uniform of the Rifles,
who all aincerely felt tho melancholy which the
dirge played by the band tended to lncreaac. The
soft slow notes stole through tho streets and into
tho alleys and lanes of our city, vividly reminding
all who heard them of the passing away of one
more to his long home.
The Thirteenth street Baptist Church have (bund
it neceaaary to continue their protracted meeting
another week. The interest in the meeting seems
not to abate. Six candidates were baptized at the
cloae of a sermon by the pastor ou Sunday night
last. Preaching every night at 7 o'clock. To
morrow night the subject ia to be " The Prodigal
Son." ,
CtSTKK Markst, Dec. 18, 1854.?Beef, 10 a
111-3; pork, 10 a 19 1-3, and scarce; mutton, 10
a 13 1-3; sausages, 12 1-3; ham, 13 1-3; turkevs,
|1 a |3; chickens, 00 a 75 cts. a pair; butter, 87
1-2 a 40; cheese, 14 a 1(1; eggs, 37 1-2 a 50; po
tatoes, $1 37 per bush.; hay.^1 12 1-2 a $1 37 1-2 ]
Cr cwt; straw, 66 a 75 cts. per cwt.; wood, pine,
74 a #0 00 per cord.
The market was no no moi-e than an average one
to-day, and there was a tendency to heavineaa in |
Mvend articles. Eggs, however, took a rise, as
will l>? aeen. Of wood there waa a good supply.
Hay aad straw, flur. Provisions plenty.
? ??? ? ? ?
Criminal OofRT.?Gaspar Siebel, a German, was
tried the second time yesterday for a rape, ou a
child of three years of age. The jury could not
agree in the first case. Yesterday the jury acquit
ted him.
John Kellcy alia* Callis, was acquitted on a
charge of larceny.
Richard Turner and James Butler were tried and
convicted of stealing a barrel of apples, tho proper
ty at G. and T. Parker, from a place in George
town, and were sentenced to eight months Impris
onment in jail, each.
Isaac B. Cook for larceny, was found guilty, with
a recommendation 'to tha merry of the court, by
the jury. He was sentenced to alx months in jail.
John Scrivcner, William Baker, Mary Brown,
Suaan Anderson, and James Walden, were dis
charged, at the suggestion of the grand jury.
The three Breaoebaiw, and Sullivan, who were
tried yesterday for riot, were convicted, bet not yet
Bt Looxiwo at the advertisement, our readers
will see that at the Union Bookstore, they are
" going ahead " with a tremendous speed. Every
thing rich, rare, and racy, id the book line, can be
got there, and all the new books as soon as pub
lished, direct from the publishers. Remember the
Union Bookstore, No. 474, Pennsylvania avenue.
Cifccrrt Cocar.?The caae of Nelson w. Cornell,
waa continued yesterday, and resumed this morn
ing. J. F. Knnis, for petitioner, and Messrs.
Neale, of Alexandria, and Davidge for the claimant
Oontompt.?Francis A. Jones was brought in
on an attechmeut for contempt, in not attending
oourt as a witnosa in the above caae, but waa dis
Watch Rrrraxs?John McKenney, Irish, lodg
ing ; Benjamin Bromalorkv, English, lodging;
William Livingston, Scotch, lodging.
Jeremiah Callahan, for whipping his wife, wss
sent to jail. ' I
John Council and Ann his wtft> ware brought up
for distorting tho neighborhood, at midnight, and
he gave security. H* reftesed to do anything for
his wifc, saying they had already lived together
long enough.
It seesns she la somewhat of a termagant, as all the
neighbors Impute blame to her only. The worthy
couple got Into a fight last night, when the hus
band, aa the last resort, turned the wifr into the
street, in her night cloUics, and loeked himself in
the house. The wife was sent to the workhouse.
THF LAI>m of Union rtaael R. K.
Church will hold a Fair at Fsmham I Hall, oor
tier of Pennsrlvania avenue and Eleventh street,
commencing ?m MO!fDAT Morning, the l*th inst.,
at 7 u'rlnrk. III" pnww - of irhirh will bo applied In
the improvement of the above-named Ohnren.
8npper win he served every evening.
Aitmiaaion 19^ nnnte ; wwinin tickets |1 00, to hs
had at the door /if the Hall. dec 18- 1w
rflHB laJiiw Mile flseietr of Rvlaad
I Chapel dneign holding a Fair, at laland Hall,
wnmisncing on THCRAUAY EVENING, December
21st, and continuing ton evenings. The nmeeede are
to be appropriated In the liquidation of their Chnrcli
<t<bt In appealing to * fenerona nnl.lir mi i|ii? land
able undertaking of our spirited and persevering
ladies, we think it only aeossaary to My that no effort
will be snared on their part in catering for the benefit
of the public, and providing fcr the epicureans who
may honor ns with their prusennt'
Admission Use, lttfcents: season tick eta, 50 cts.
Tickets may he obtained from the Pa?or* of the
Church and of the Ladies of the Society.
4rn 18?lw
IHAVr tent re?wtT*4 a is*4 anpplr.
which I will sell at importers prices at
dec 15?dtf 418 Pens. svenno^_
Omly MM AAenow EikMlioa #f
Will be given, to uku p>???
On Wedn4?lay, Dee*mtnr goth,
P?".? 2K o'oloek -ooaiamnoe at ?W.
Children 10 oapU; teachers free. dec 16?3(
Bl/^LA,fiU\ ^mmormmm 0f New York
City will be exhibited at the above Ball ouMO.N
"AV Evening, December Is and TUErfDAY After
o'clucJi* Evening, December 1?, at ?>,' and 7>f
Admission 25 ceuU; ohildrou half price.
Families >nd parties, ft person*, f 1 ? 8 persons,
*' 6*'- dec 18?gt
Tke Great Marble Mtatuo
(M?AMlion atMorritm't JtvUdiny, /bur and a K,Uf
j hi Ti W^iSViP?". avmue> u o'dock
"ffl >*"*? P*n>?ylwinia <i
A. M. until 10 P. if., doily.
Admittance '45 Ceata.
"A statue of surpassing merit. Its power and
paUioM are independent of time, place, and oouditiou.
Tbe charm and power of the statue consist in the
j' ' w.hich ^ two Kreat elements of
hnmanity and mortality are delineated. The artist
*1' P*thu? *nd the tragedy of death,
without its gha* times* and horror. We feel ourselves
inthe presence of that awful power before whose icy
sceptre all mortal distinctions are levelled. No statue
wa? srer mote marked by simplicity. Nothinir has
beeu done toretfect No vulgar applause is oourted,
" A wonderftil production of art. Its simplicity is
such that it does not strike at first|t the admiration
comes afterward, and in ? tide sufficiently deep and
ofdsath." ^the|?^raent of "tauation, of fiiintness,
This status is indiaeolubly associated with Byron's
immortal stents:
I see before me the Gladiator lie:
He leans upon hi* bsnd; his manly brow
Consents to death, but conquers agony;
And his droop d bead sinks gradually low,
SWninfS 1?4 ^P*' ?l>bing slow
From the red gash, tall heavy, one by one,
JUkc the first of a thunder shower: and now
The arena swims around him: he is gone.
Ere ceased the ir.humau shout which hailed the
wretch who won.
He heard it but he heeded not; his eyes
Were with his heart, and that was far away.
He rock d not of the life lie lost, nor prise
But where his rude hut by the Danube lay:
1/nrt were his young barbarians all at play;
7Atre was their Dacian mother: he, their sire.
Butchered to make a Koyian holvday
All this rush'd with his blood, fchall be expire.
And unavenged t Arise, ye Goths, and glut Tour
dec 15 dtf Agent
Also showing the
Northern Pacific Railroad Route,
A* recently surveyed by Governor Bravo*,
JISHi be exhibited
Doors open at 6^, exhibition commences at 7)^.
dec 11 tf Artist and Proprietor.
TpHI" exquisite work of Art, ia marble,
* is now on exhibition at Morrison's Building
4,1-3 street, near Pennsylvania avenue, - A statue
or such surpassing merit as this should lisve a room
by itself, for, in its presence, it is difficult to look at
anything else. I should put this work at the head of
all the statues in the world." Heo Hillard's Six
Months in Italy.
The statue now on exhibition is an exact and fiuth
n W hyJ' ^ of ,he ^ antique in the
Cauitoiiue Museum at Reine.
Hours of admission from 9 a. m., to 10 p. m? daily
Single tickets 25 cents.
Season tickets, admitting a lady and gentleman tor
two months, $2.
Tickets for sals at all theprincipal hotels and book
stonsfc JOHN B. HOLUNGsHEAD, Aceot
dec *?3m
500 pounds of Minor Meat made by Didier's pa
tent cutter. For sale at 25 per cent less than It can
be pre]Htred by families. A. JACKSON,
? , .. . ? Corner H and 18th streets.
Confectioners and Hotels ean be supplied at Phila
dein^'ft' br ^ 60 ,b*- ^ ?zamine.
received, the largest and most bcautitol collec
tion of Toys and Fancy Notions, suitable tor Christ
mas presents, that has ever been nflervd in this city.
dee IB?at LAM MPS I), Seventh at
Cloak-naaklag Establiakaieat.
4? 4X mm/A </ av*nu4.
LADIEM deal ring to be fitted oat ia tke
most fashionable style with either of the above
named artioles of drees will do well to call at the
above-named establishment
Also, a Room to rent suitable for an offioe.
dec 18?lm
French peas a~nd mi'mhrooma.
Petit'* Pois - Billet*," in 1 and 1 lb. cans
Champignon'* do 1 and S lb. cans.
For sale ny SHEKELL BROTHER!',
_ dec 18?atif No. 40, opposite Centre Market.
dee 1??dt Jan 1
f|TEW EMBROIDERIES.- We .hall open
1M U>day a large assortment of Worked Collars
and Embroidered Handkerchiefs.
Wc shall have a fine assortment of Cambric Col*
lars, from 50 cents up, and all very cheap.
Also, an suction lot of Hemstitched Linencambric
Handkerchiefs, at S7% cents, the cheapest we ever
Also, fine Worsted Comforts, from 25 cent* to $1
in every variety of eolors.
We shall also open a very beautiful aasortment of
nrh printed Mousselines anil Cashmeres, at 1ft ecnta.
wortn at least 87}( cents
With msny other desirsble articles, suitable for
( hristmas presents. And we would state bere, thst
we are sellmg off the balance of onr fine Shawls snd
Silk floods, at greatly reduced price-, snd will offer
particular inducements to all who pay cash
deo 1<?d^tif W. M. SII L'STKR A CO.
M?rmalikd^ rh:
reaches, Quineea, Damsons, Blackberries, Straw
berries snd Raspberries, and Pine Apple Pre
Blsck Cnrrsnt Jellies, in half snd one pound jars
Red do do in half pint snd qusrt jure
Qu'nce, Orab Apple, snd Plains
Pine Apple and Crab Apple Marmalsdes
Peacbes and Pine Apple, in esus, benneticelly
sealed, Jellies
'"'btlllff'*1 Green Gages, preserved in
Theee Preserves, Jellies, Ae., are of the best quality
put up to our order fur our sales.
dec lA-lwif No. 40. opposite Centre Msrket
No. M?, 7th street, opposite the Intelligencer Office.
THE sakaerlker bavin*coaipleted his ar
rangementa In his new store, is now ready to
ftirnish snd p?t npsll srtioles in (his) thesbove lios of
bosmess, snd would state thst, hsving served an ap
prenticeship with a Sew York drm, be feels tolly
competent to do sll work intrusted to him, with du
rability, promptness, snd despatch.
****? 1" P. H. SIMM, Prnotical Plumber.
In AVE oa hand a good assortment of
perfect time-keeping Watche., from the best
mskers in F.ornpe or America, thst I will sell at
grestly reduced pnrss, stilt IVnnxrlvnnis avenue
dec 15?dtf H. 0. HOOD -
IHAVEjast reeeived a new a apply *f tke
latest styles of Jewelry, and have just finiahed a
tine lot of pare Silver Ware, aiich se Ten Hetta, Oob
lets, f.itpa, Spoons, Porks, Lsdles, Batter. Pish, snd
Knives, Napkin Ring*, Ac. Ac.; all of which I
will sell at flinch lower prices tbsn is r*nally asked
? r.ST ^ln? of goods st other estnblishmenti
ia this city. And every article will he warranted as
represented at time at sale, st 418 Pennsylvania av
enoe, between 4)< and ?th atreeta.
^ dtf H. 0. HOOD.
Apples, potatoes, mweet ci
d?r *c -Just reeoir^H, an"'h/-r lot of ttiose fln?>
Apples White Mercer Potatoes, Sweet rider, snd a
general assortment of fresh family groceries, ft-dta,
a?v, which I am s?IHng low, st mr store. In Odd Fel
lews' Ifsll, Seventh street.
<bc 14?St ThSaTn No, 60S Seventh street
?ironio ro> tui
Cum*i<tion for forging Ltmd Warrant*.
New Omuw, Due. 18.?W. H. Wilder, a law
yer, and one of the most prominent of the Cuba
tUliLnwu-ru and Lopes aympnthiiers, ?u convicted
<o-<iay of forging land warrants.
. Reporttd Failure Contradicttd.
Bosro*, Deo. 10.?The Daily Advertiser of thin
morning positively contradict* the reported failure
of A. a Poabody, a leading broker. ' I understand
that the rumor van telegraphed South by some
irresponsible parties, and was probably published
in some of the Wa?hington pnpers.
A Lift-boat tuppotod to have beUnujtd tothe Arctic.
Boston, Dec. IV.?The Halifax papers report
finding a life-boat full of water, near Rani's Island,
supposed to be one of the missing boats of the un
fortunate steamer Arctic.
h\re in Philadelphia.
Philacel ruia, Dec. 10.?A destructive Are
broke out at 8 o'clock this morning in the work
shop of the new House of Refuge, beyond Fair
mount. The building was two hundred and fifty
feet loug ; the roof was entirely ^destroyed, and a
portion of the walls have fallen. It will probably
be an entire loss, but is covered by insitranoe. It
contained a large quantity of materials (or cane
seat chairs, slates, whalebones for umbrellas, Ac.
These articles belonged to different persons, and
were mostly insured. The loas is about $80,000.
It is supposed one bf the boys set fire to the
canes, as it could have caught in no other way, be
ing heated by steam generated 200 feet distant.
None of the boys escaped.
As I close my despatch, it is stated, that one of
the boys has escaped, but not more.
Tried of a Mail Robber.
Baltimore, Deo. 10.-?The trial of Wm. H. Mar
tin, a clerk in the Baltimore post office, charged
with purloining letters containing tuonay, was com
menced this morning before Judge Giles, in the
United States district court. A Jury have not yet
been obtained. The weather here is clear, but very
Baltiuokc, Dec. 10.?Flour is firm, without
change in prices, with sales amounting to 8,000
barrels of City Mills at $8 80, and Iloward street
at $8 36 1-4.
Whear is firm and active at (1 DOi (2 00 for
good to prime red, and $1 05 to $2 03 for good to
prime white, and #2 05 to $2 06 for choice parcels
of wliitc suitable for family flour.
Corn is very firm, with sales of old white at 88
cents, new mixed at 88 cents ; 84 to 85 cents for
white, and 86 to 86 1-2 cents for yellow.
Rye?tialea of Pennsylvania at $1 28 to f 1 80.
New York, Dec. 10.?Cotton?The market is
Flour?State and Ohio have advanced 12 1-2
cents, with sales of 4,500 barrels of good Ohio at
f8 87 1-2 a $0 25. Southern has also advanced
12 1-2 cents, with sales of 1,600 barrels.
Wheat is firm and unchanged.
Corn is firm, with sales of 80,000 bushels of
western mixed, at 06 cents.
Pork la unchanged, with a limited business.
Beef is firm, with an upward tendency. Sales
of country mess at $8 50 a $11 25.
Lard is firm.
Whiskey is firm, with sales at 40 cts. per gallon.
* New Orleans, Dec. 18.?Cotton is easier, but
not quotablv lower. The sales to-day have been
8,600 bales, at irregular prices.
Charleston, Dec. 18.?Cotton. The sales to
day amount to 2,800 bales. Prices are a trifle
ON Wedaeadajr next, the SOth Inst., at
12 o'clock, on F. A A. H. Dodge's wharf; the
cargo of the bark William Chase, consisting of
8-S? hhds. clarified, choice, and prime Sugar
4*7 bbls hoiee Molasses.
' Auctioneer,
dec 18?if tds Georgetown, D. C.
[Intel., Union, Sent, B. Bun, ana Ales. Gaz.]
ISrffO dees not waat a Cake, for Sweet
w w heart, lover, wife, or friend, at Christinas or
New Year's Day f I will tell you where yoa oao get
one or more, from $1 to $20 each. It is at No. 347,
opposite Brown's Hotel.
Now making and on exhibition $5,000 worth of the
very best C*ki-? sad Confectionery ct.t offered in
this city, and on the most pleasing terms. Call early
and leave your orders.
There also you can find upwards of sixty varieties
of small Cakes.
The headquarters for the genuine Boston and
French Cream Cake, very delicious, and taksn by
storm, every day fresh.
The public can rely on being served in the very
beststvle. Mv personal sttention given to parties of
all kinds. J. O. WEAVER.
dec 16?dt Jan 1
I the season.?Evening Hoars with my Children,
or Conversations on the Gospel Story. Large type,
quarto, besutifWIy illustrated. Price $1 25; oolored
plates, $1 75.
New work bv the author of the " Wide, Wide
World," being tfce second volume of Mr. Rutherford's
Children. I'rioo 76 cents.
Pictorial Gathering*for the Young. Price 50 cents.
Hsve You Seen It? A new sna attractive little
book, from the Sunday School Union. Tries M cts.
Our stock of Juvenile Works is the lsrgest we have |
ever had, and has been selected. In regard to mutter,
style, and embellishments, expressly for the Holiday ?
season, embracing the choice publications of Carter I
A Brothers, Carlton A Phillips, Appletooa, Sunday I
School Union, Ac.
Now is the time to subneribe for the Child's Paper,
American Messenger. Sabbath School Visiter, snd
the IWs snd Girls' Msgasiue for 1856. All of which !
are delivered here at the same rates as in New York.
dec 14?*t 4W, Seventh street. !
100 boles Raisins
700 pounds Currants, good and cheap
A bales Almond*, hard and soft
10 do Ground Nnta, fresh
t do English Walnuts, fresh
do Pseas Nnta
6 hags Shellharks
barrels Shellbarks, large
6 barrels Cranbsrrics
? cases Vreserv ed Canton Ginger
? do Citron
8 do Prunes, fresh
So drums Figs, new
2 barrels Oranges
barrels Lemons
Gusvs Jelly
t, docen packages Strawberries
7 <lo Pescbea, preserved
4 do do hermetically sealed
2 dotcn line Apples do
t esses of Brandy FrnH
2 do Sardines. third, half, and whole b'xs
1 barrel Mince Ment
10 drams Sultana Raisins
For sale low by RICHARD J. RVON,
dec 14?eoVwif Comer !'th and I> streeta.
THE snhacrlbers having arranged their
(foods since the flw, in the Meond 1^*7 of ??
store occupied bv Mr. John W Dyer as s shoe store,
take this method of informing their friends that they
will be able to supply them during the remainder of
the veer, with all articles usually kept in the Dry
Goods line. T. W. JOIINSON A CO.,
Entrance through Dyers store,
dec 14?eod 8t [Bur] <
? pleasure to announce that they will give a grand |
DRESS BALL, at Odd FeUowa' Hall, Navy Yard, on
the Hth of Jantmrr, 1856.
I I'srtieulsrs in future advertisement.
dee ft- end t J an I
WE hare bow la oar yar4 a good stock
of thia soarce Wood, of an excellent quality.
Also Oak and Pins Wood, snd the best assortment
of sll kinds of Coal in the city.
w e: waters a co., |
Office, corner of 13th snd C streets, j
dee II?solt [Intel.]
i iii ??naoMCTLaM
i^VEHY EVENING till* wwk #alea will
t? held at Um Auctiuu store, opposite th# Iksk
cT *^nKto1n, ?f *ha followingutulw,
C hnstuuMi 1'reinuU, sucli as Fancy Boxu#,
Work do.? n 11 "
Work Bowl bulla, Uames, and Toys
Men'* Clothing, Coats, V cats, Shirts, Underahlrte,
Ac. 4c.
Blankets, Cottons, Klabnals, Muslins
Ladies Lines Pstlerus of Merinos, Aiiiacas, Ac.
With a great ??rietv of articles, including a quanti
tr uf Cilian, of excellent quality.
dec 18?lw Auction#***.
57 E* II. WRIGHT, Auctioneer,
FIKN1TDKK, meal estate, Ac.,
at auction.?On Thursday nut, the Slst lust.,
at 111 o'clock A. M , I ahull eef), without reaarrt. at
the residence of tho late Mra. Elizabeth GotUs, on
Second street, tbe entire household effects, consist
iug of?
Mahogany and other Table#
Chain, Carpet*. Sideboard, Sofk
Crocker* and Glassware
Feather Beds, Bedsteads, Bedding
l ooking Glasses, Stovoa, Ac.
With the uaual Kitchen Furniture.
Also, at IS o'clock, tho llouae and Lot, b*>ng lot
#4, in Tbirlkeld's Addition, fronting on the oornar of
Second and Fayette street, Georgetown, 80 by 140
feet, with the improvement#, being a good two-# lory
frame House. _ __
Terms at sale. E. 8. WRIGHT,
dec 16?It ? . Anctionaer.
of Choice nad Valuable Hooks, Stationery,
<te., at Awtion.
Commencing on Saturday evening, Dec. 14, at FitSr
gerald a Store, 474 Pennsylvania avenue.
fc<TO(U all aew aud perfect, direct lVom
the New York Trade Sale#, comprising tlw
choicest and beat aelectcd assortment (foreign and
domestic) erer offered in thia market, consisting ol?
School. Classical, Law, Medical, aad Mla
cellaneous Book*,
New Booka daily from N#w York, and ordered dl
reSchool, public and pr'vate Librarie#, furniah#d from
80 to 40 per oent. less than usual ratea.
Biblea, I'raycr Books, Blank Hooka, Ac., a gr#at
Albums, Annuals, and Holiday Preacnta for 1866.
Agricultural Works, aorou fifty different authors, all
new and popular worka, in "pvint, (Anu.noan and
English) to improve the soil and the mind.
Geld snd Steel Pona, ofextra quality.
Diaries, Pocket Memorandums, Portmonnaes, Ac.,
Ac. . A.
The above stock wil' be open for examination and
private aale during the day, (to which all are re#poct
Fully invited, whether wishing to purchase or not,)
and offered at miction every evening until tbe entire
stock shall be disposid of.
N. B. A rare opportunity la now offered for re
plenishing libraries with choice reading, at low rate*,
for the long winter evenings, as all can be suited.
Remember the place, at the New Union Bookstore,
474 Pennsylvania avenue.
dec 15?dtf Auctioneer*.
By GREEN * SCOTT, Auctioneer*.
able unimproved Ground near the Railroad
Depot at auction.?Qn Tueaday, the 9th day of Janu
ary, 185ft, I shall sell, in front of the premise#, nt 4
o'clock, P. M., at publie auction, by vfrtu# ofndeed
of trust to me, reoorded among the land record# or
Washington county, Diatrict of Columbia, on th* 87th
May last all that part of square numbered MO which
is comprised within the following boundaries to wit:
Beginning at a point on north D street, 78 feat from
the aouthweat corner of said square, running thsoee
east on said D atreet 80 feet; thonce north 280 feet
nine inches; thence weat 80 feet; thence south 28u
feet nine inches, to the beginning. .
Terms: One-half caah; the ruaidue In three uwtal
menta of six, twelve, and eighteen month#, baariog
interest, and secured to the aatiafaction of th# trun
Ifthe terms are not complied with in thr## days
afUr tbe sale, the property will be resold at the risk
and expenae of th* first purchaser.
J. M. CARLISLE, Trust#*.
GREEN A SCOTT, Auation#era.
j i
TODD A CO. iavlte the attentlonofUr
Ladies to their larg? stock of rich FOBS, In
sets of
With a variety of other choice aud rioh Furs, com
prising the largest assortment ever offered In this
city. The present is a rare opportunity of obtaining
these aeasonablc luxitri** at a reasonable price.
Children's Furs in endless variety, price* very tow
doc 1" lw Under Brown's Hotel.
1IIAVE Ja*t received a large cargo of
Albany Lumber in good order and well aeaaoned ;
it contains a fine lot of 4-1. 8-1, 8-1, 8-4,
merchantable select Culllngs, Cherry, Poplar, and
Alio, a prim# lot of 6-8 Poplar for coach makers ^
You will alao And a general assortment of Lumber,
Lime, Calcined Plaater, Roseudale Cement, ShingUa.
and Latha.
I>a#t and not least, a large stock of Goal, sneh a#
,-each orchard and Lykin# Valley rod sab, Lehigh
Furnace Coal, egg and stove-ail* white aah. ?
Now unloading, a cargo of superior Lump Cumber
land Coal; all of which will be sold on r#a#onabla
terms, bv applying at iny yard, on First street, ttitr
uoalted my entire stock of Toys snd Fancy Wo
*2 K"? '~SsW?.n?LE_
PENNSYLVANIA Areaue, between ?th
and 10th street#, have Just receivtdia Urge sa
sortment of Cloths, Caasimem, and V esttng, which
they will have made op to order in the mn#t fkahioo
*^Alao^on hand a very large stock of ready-mada
Clothing, which they will sell aa cheap aa any other
establishment in the United Htales 4
gentlemen** hair-dressino
Wlllard'a Hotel.
JOHN II. GIBBS beg* leave to call the
attention of the Gentlemen to the above e#tab
ltshment, where they will find everv comfort In the
Shaving, liar-cutting, Curling, Shampooing, and
Hair Dving departments.
Alse, to his Wigs, Scalpe, and Toupeea, which ar*
ticlee cannot be surpassed in th* United Statea, and
ar* always on band, or insde to order at short notice.
Hia stock of Toilet articlea and Fummhing Oooda
are carefully selecte.1, and will be found to eomprisa
the beat kinds of Combs, Brushee : I^ibiu * hitracte s
all sorts of Paris Perfumeries; Guerlain a, Rigge*.
snd other Shaving aml^WUt ^P*- Bc*1 <1""',,J
Rasors ; nail Knives: Penknwes ; TweeH*s, Rasov
Strop*; genuine Karina Cologne, in kwig. short, mh!
wicker CoUles; Toilet Mirrors; C?4d W*". Lip
Salvv, Amoodiue; aud almost every rri|uislte for
lblJ Furnishing Goods he baa kid Gloves, while
and colored ; fkahirmable Cravata. Scarfa, Neck Tjea.
winter Glove#; Shirta. Susprodera. 8tock. p-|<*et
Handkerchiefs, Collars, Ac , all of whush have bew
purchased from the best hooeee In New \ork, aud
are warranted to be what th*y are represented,
dee II?eod>m*
JUST received one of Nelll, Duroea, A
| Co.'s firat peemiom Pianoa, a spWndid inatru^
men, in tone snJ beauty ?k;n?i^ Call and
piamins for yourselves. Netll. Uun*, A t o. ? n
.... . Ih. ???prwiH.m ? Ih. Ut. .duU.
ton ls.UUMQ.rf j-jpg
dec 1ft- eo*t Agseta.
nOl SEKEEPERS, Attention 1 Dlaaer
Sets. ToiWt SeU. Tea SMa, Crockeir W are,
snd llouaekeeping article* generally, for sal* a ulUe
lower than they can be had in the city.
B.mg about to clone out that part of my bnalm#".
1 nfler to the public any flf the above enumerated SI
ticlea at oost
Mv stock of Painta, Oila, Olasa, Varmshea. Bmahos.
Wicks, Gold Leaf, and everything appertaining Jw
to I. oouipleU. and I invite all p< r??o. in
me a call, being determined not to be undersold la
this city or Baltimore. .
HperWi and Urd Oila, a fine article, conatantly on
hTlt?, keep fbr sale Russia Hair Felt fbiwpeeking
*^V(T stoek'is bought entirel y fir cash, and I am eon
fldent snv one in w.n, of srtieUs ^ by me cannot
go ami*a by giT'?g m* "U
On alt mms of |4? and c
over, Sve per c*ni deducted
Goods delivemd in any part oftheelty and George
town free f<f co#t
M4 Seventh street.
P. 8. All bill# made with me inu#t be cettled
monthly dec S?#odiftw

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