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WiwiMUiT, December 20, 18*4.
uiriuiv rsocxKinxM.
The Invalid Pension bill was so amended M to
place widow* of often in the naval service on the
Muio footing with widows of army officer*, and
wan theu passed.
The bill to eatahliah a u Department of Law*
was postponed until Tuesday next.
The bill securing citixeuahip to the children of
citizen* born abroad, was taken op and passed.
Wiuiiuiir, Dec. 20.
After our report closed yesterday, the House
proceeded, in Committee of the Whole, to consider
the bill authorizing the extension, construction,
and use of the Metropolitan Railroad Company in
to and within the District of Columbia.
Mr. CRAIG submitted the following amendment,
to come in as a proviso at the end of the oecond
section :
ProvidtJ, That said railroad shall not pass through
the public avenues of tha city of Washington.
Mr. HAMILTON thought that the amendment
was too broad. If the gentleman would modify
his amendment so as to exclude the construction
ol said road in Pennsylvania avenue, and on the
public grounds and reservations of this city, he
would make no objection to It.
Mr. CRAIti modified his amendment according
to the suggestion of Mr. H. And the anwudment
ad modified was agreed to.
Mr. bIMMONS inquired of the chairman of tbe
Committee on the District of Columbia, whether
the bill conferred the authority on the corporations
of the cities of Georgetown and Washington, to
determine the manner and speed in which the cars
may pass through the respective limits of said cities ?
Mr. HAMILTON thought that the third section
of the bill conferred such authority.
Mr. FLORENCE hoped tliat the cars would not
be propelled through the streets of the District by
steam. The people of the District had already suf
fered enough from tho effects of tleam. [ Laughter. 1
Mr. SEYMOUR moved to amend the bill by con
ferring the authority on the corporations of Wash
ington aud Georgetown, to determine through what
streets and avenues the said railroad shall pass ?
which, after some discussion, was agreed to.
The House then proceeded, as in Committee of
the Whole, to oonsider House bill 517, authorizing
the corporate authorities of Georgetown to lay am
collect an annual tax of 1i cents on every $100
taxable by law within the limits of said town, in
order to meet the engagements recently assumed
by said town in subscribing to the stock of the
Metropolitan Railroad Company.
Mr. FLORENCE moved to strike out the first"
section of the bill. He was opposed to conferring
power upon municipal authorities to subscribe to
the stock of railroad companies. This Insane course
of procedure, which had been adopted to a greater
or lesa extent throughout the countrv, bad onlv
resulted in disaster.
Mr. HAVEN did not think it ncceasary to strike
out the entire scction, but he thought that it ought
to be amended. He then offered an amendment
to secure the application of the tax collected to no
other purpose than the object required by the pro
visions of the bill.
After a short debate? the amendment of Mr. H
wan agreed to.
The question then recurred on the motion of
Mr. FioacKOE, to strike out the first section of the
bill; which was not agreed to.
On motion of Mr. COBB, the committee rose; ami
a resolution closing the debate on tho bill in five
minutes after the House goes again into Committee
of the Whole was agreed to.
The House again resolved itself into tho Commit
tee of the Whole ; when
Mr. LETCHER moved to amend the first sec
tion by inserting the word "real" before the word
'? property," so as to confine the collection of taxes
to real property.
The amendment was rejected. ?
No further amendment being proposed in com
mittee, the bill was laid aside to be reported to the
After some discussion, the bill incorporating this
company, was recommitted to the Committee on
the District.
Suppressing the circulation of small notes in tho
District of Columbia.
Authorizing the extension, Ac., of the Metro
politan railroad.
TuliujDay, Dec. 21, 1864.
A message was received from the House of Rep
resentatives, informing the 8enate that they had
passed various bills concerning the District.
Mr. STCART introduced a bill for the im
provement of harbors on Lakes Huron, Ontario
and Superior.
Mr. ALLEN offered resolutions from Rhode la
?nd, concerning the improvement of Narraganset
Mr. SLIDE LL handed in a petition concerning
religious worship abroad.
?Mr. FOOT introduced a biirto build a breakwater
at, and otherwise improve the harbor of Burling
ton, on Lake Champlain.
Mr. FOOT advocated the passage of the WU on
the ground that $80,000 or *W,000 had already
been expended, w hich would be lost unless the
work was finished.
Mr. BADGER handed In a petition of a G.
Kidgley.s asking for arrearages of pay.
Mr. SEIDELL offered a revolution coucerninc
pilotage * 'thin the Kmlts of tbe United States.
Mr. DAWSON offered a resolution Inquiring into
^Miency ?r establishing a naval depot in
The bill, in relation to the District of Columbia
W"u *2* re"PoctiTe committees.
Mr. SLMN8R offered a resolution of Inquiry
concerning the expediency of offering mediation
between the allied powers of Russia; which was
objected to, and lies over.
. JONES, of Iowa, moved to take up Senate
bill, No 264, for tbe relief of Catharine B. Ar
"ri'iar ri * *** rw"1 three Ump? by Ma title, and
Mr. CASS moved that 1,000 copies of Under
wood s report concerning rights of religious wor
"hip abroad bo printed for the use of the Senate
Mr- BRODHEAD called up the bill reported by
the select committee on Uie apartment of private
Hsims ; which, was read.
Mr. CASH spoke In favor of the measure, show
tag tho difference between It and the one Prcai
cnt Madison stopped ; that tho one drew money
directly from the Treasury, while the one now
pending could notr He thought a solicitor for the
government should be appointed, as the operation,
of tho mind of one of our best auditors was not
W by ihuiUd this claim be allowed 1" but " Why
should it not be allowed r? He wanted a man who
would l>e on the side of the government altogether,
and closed with a humorous anecdote of the readl
ness with which Congress rejects claims.
Mr. BRODIIEAD spoke in favor.
Mr. WELLEB offered an amendment changing
the character of the tribunal to try these claim*,
rom judges to a board of commissioners, as the
*',pe' V thc bill> pointed for life. He
"wished th^t thc commissioners shonld be held
amenable to public opinion, which would not be
tho oase if they held a life tennre, and he pro
poaaJ to amend the bill so that they should be ap
pointed for a limited time.
When the report dosed Mr. BROWN was speak
ing against the amendment ?
Tupmoit, December SI, 18M.
The SPEAKER laid tiefore the Mouse, a com
munication from the President, enclosing tbe cor
"tpondencc between tb? State Department and
the Hague in reference to Captain Gibson's case.
Referred to the Committee on Foreign Afffcirs
snd ordered to be printed.
Communications from the Treascry and Post
? ^P*.rtD,ents were also laid before the llouae
Mr. V ANHANT introduced a bill proriding for
the wpatrwet? of a port at Baltimore, and for
snitabfc accommodations for the United States
(kmrtfl in Maryland.
. Ur HMLLIf '"twdoo?d ? "toiilar bill, in reference
to Alexandria, Va.
Several other unimportant Mils were introduced
by g.-mlenx*, and appropriately rrfcrred
The motion to lay on the table the MB authoris
ing the corporation of Georgetown to impose addi
tional taxes coming up first In order, the ayes and
nays wore ordered, and It was decided In the neg
ative, by a vote of 49 to 87.
The hiD was then passed, the ayes and naya W
?ng again ordered. '
The Mil for this purpose name up, and Mr. Mat
was proceeding to express his views at length,
when we were compelled to close our report,
StarlktV Wuiiu Ware?The two greatest
tight* In WaalikigtMi this wiuter in Hteulsy.'a lu
M|.n Panorama, Odd Fellows' Hail, and tin Dying
Gladiator. Due is a native subject, the other for
eign ; both we in the highest style of art. While
each work Id admirable, American feeling must,
we think, incline to favor the painting. Great in
terest la now Imparted to the panorama by the lec
ture of the artist.
Til* Dtinu Gladutob.?We need say no more
than that tliis admirable work la still on exhibition
at Morrison's Building, 4 1-2 street It needs uo
comments?the beauty of the work Is too app*
reut of itself for us to endeavor to point it out.
Go and see it, und you will not fkll to admire It.
W? have in type the proceeding# of the case
before Magistrate Doun, yesterday, in the false
pretence case, which will appear to-morrow. The
case having been adjourned till this P. M. at four
o'clock. We intend giving the final decision of
the magistrate upon the case, with the evidenoc.
Books! Books!?The man at the Union Book
Store is actually giving away books to all who come
there. He has all sorts of books, and is doing " a
an,.*hing business." Of course all who want to
make a Christinas present will go to this modern
Union Book Store, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue.
Ladirs' Fairs.?1The ladles of the Navy-Yard
Baptist church, are holding a (air at Anaooatia Hall,
the proceeds of which are to go to the church.
They have the Hormoneons and Amphions this
evening, and a rich treat may be expected.
The ladies of Kyland chapel open their fair at
Island Hall this evening, and their proceeds are to
be disposed of in the same manner.
The ladies of Union chapel are also holding a
fair at Faraham's Hall, and we urge our citizens to
go to one, if not all the above, and aid them in a
generous manner in the result they are laboring so
nobly to attain.
Csmtkk Markkt, Washington, December 21.?
Prices?beef-cattle, $8 50 ? $5 00 per cwt; retail,
10 * IS 1-2 cento per pound. Pork?hogs. #7 00
per cwt; retail, 10 a 12 cents per lb. Mutton,
12 1-2 cents per lb. Ham and sausages, each 12 1-2
cents per lb. Turkeys, $1 00 a $2 00. Chickens,
60 a 75 cents per pair. Butter, 26 to 40 ets. per
lb. Cheese, 14 a 16 cts. per lb. Eggs, 87 to 40
eta. per dozen. Potatoes, $1 87 per bushel. Hay,
$1 00 a #1 25 per cwt. Straw, 76 cents per cwt.
Wood?pine, $4 76 per cord; hard, $0 25.
The market was a good one today?purchasers
were quick and marketmen busy. _ Beef cattle
have gone up, and all other provisions maintain
thoir last quotations. Hay and straw had declined
a very little, and wood had rather an upward ten
Gas Works.?We are pleased to see that the
Washington Gas Light Company have greatly In
creased their facilities for supplying the city with
gas, by the erection of a Mammoth Gas Holder, on
K street, in the First ward. It is a beautiful
structure, and reflects much credit ?n the compa
ny, who, wliile they thus ornament that section of
the city, erect a monument of their own liberality.
The contract for building the gasometer was given
to the late Jos. H. Amer, of Pliiladelphia, in which
city the various parts were prepared for erec
ti ou, under the immediate direction of Geo. W.
Kraft and Thos. Greer, who designed the whole
apparatus, Introducing many valuable Improve
The gasometer is of the tcleseopic pattern ; K
is 05 feet diameter, and 40 feet deep.
The inner section Is 98 feet 0 inches diameter,
and 20 feet high, with a hydraulic cup 15 inches
deep. There is 1,5(W sheets of Nos. 10 and 12
iron In the sides and crown, joined together with
button and flat-head rivets. The frame is com
posed of three strong rings of angle iron, 20 T
iron legs, for support of the skies, and 20 trussed
rafters, also of T Iron, to sustain the weight of the
crown?tlie crown and rafters being securely riveted
The outer section is #5 feet diameter, and 20
feet high, and has no other bracing than the rings
necessary to keep it cylindrical. It is counterbal
anced by 10 weights, equal to 25,000 pounds;
which, with the necessary chains, whocls, stands,
Ac., atfd greatly to the beauty of the guide frame.
The guide frame consists of 10 trigon towers,
each tower formed of three sections of columns,
each section having Gothic panels, and surmounted
by an entablature. On the upper extablature or
cap the girders rest, bracing the whole frame
work firmly together.
The process of erection commenced the middle
of May last, under the personal direction of Mr.
Kraft, and early In August both sections were com
pleted, though the erection of the towers was sus
pended on account of tho non-arrival of the cast
During the heavy thunder storm of August 16,
the outer section, together with the scaffolding, in
all about thirty tons weight, was lifted bodily twelve
feet In the air, and thrown eighty fcet from Its for
mer position, falling with a perfect crash on the
crown of the inner section. But, strango to tell,
the improved trussed rafters, intended to support
the crown, performed their duty so perfectly that
not one of them received tf?e slightest damage, and
the crown sheets themselves being but little in
jured, while the outer section was rendered a per
fect wrecks being so completely destroyed ss to
mj^e It necessary to take It entirely to pieces;
this was done, and tho parts all made perfect and
ready to put logetlter again within a week after
the occurrence, the loss amounting to about $600.
The value of the trussed rafter was here made
manifest, for had the crown given way the toner
section would also have been destroyed, fnd, in
stead of a loss of $600, it would probably have been
as many thousand. Let our readers for a moment
look at the immense size of fhe crown of this gas
holder?ninety-three fcet si* inches diameter, and
yet twenty rafters of this construction have proved
amply sufficient to sustain the crown under such
adverse circumstances.
Watch ItrrrRWs.?Before Police Magistrate
A large number of vagrants, who have been in
the habit of lodging in the watch-house, and whom
1 Captain Birch found accumulating in great num
bers, wen; sent to the workhouse. The following
Are their utmffl ? Curtis Rithborn, Job?
Peter Riley, John McKennon, James Rigsby, and
James Cropsey.
John Stndley, English, lodging ; Thomas Reese,
for imbibing poor whiskey, was sent to the work
l house for 30 days. John Kelly, Irish, and Henry
Hchafer, German, were furnished lodging. Frank
Diggs, a runaway slave, was sent home. James
Ilogan, an Irish vagrant, workhouse SO days.
Ann Boyle, an insane woman, was sent to Jail.
Criminal Court, DeoembertO.?Henrietta King
was acquitted upon a charge of larceny.
Harah J. Norton was also acquitted on the same
Moses Brown and George Humphreys were ac
quitted on a charge of stealing chickens.
George Handy was not so lucky, but was con
victed of stealing a pair of shoes, and senteoood to
six months in jail.
William James was also couvicted of stealing a
Hitch of bacon, and sent to jail ft?r Ave months.
Lewis Harris was convicted of stealing earthern
pots from the market, and sentenced to jail for six
month*?quite a list of larcenies for one day.
John Kelly and Sarah J. Morton were discharged
from jail.
WilUnm Umlierfleld, for assault on Andrew Stew
art. sent to jail for one month, and for two
weeks additional for assault on Philip Miller.
We wl?h to call the hubHwi of our ciuseua to
Wifltun Hutchinson, the baker, who occupies ?
cuoqpkmous phwe, both at the Centre aad North
era Liberty market*, nod who has bread, sweet
bread, nice bread, Rood bread, In largo, round
loaves, which he in selling, merely for cash, cheap
Look after luui when you go to market.
Thom of our reader* who are ia quest of ulegaut
and appropriate present* lor the holidays will find
at Bhillington's bookstore, Odeou building, a mag
nificent assortment of iniuialw, gift books, albums,
poets in all styles of binding, Interesting juvenile
books, toy books, Episcopal ami Catholic prayer
books, Bibiee, writing desks, port-monuaies, port
folios, work-boxes, gold pens, and everything in
the fkney stationery line.
? Caan Wairwa.?Purchase, the excelsior Card
Writer, whose circulars and specimens of writing
are to be found at the hotels, is at Willard's yet,
prepared to furnish visiting and wedding cards,
written in the most complete and artistic manner.
The motto he has adopted?"Excelsior"?is not
vanity nor boasting, for he is indeed the most rap
id and elegant writer we ever met.
scriber baa oomineuood a new Baking Es
tablishment, on Seventh street, between L and M,
and ap|ieals to the oitiaens of Washington generally ;
also to his brother mechanic*, those who, like lain,
have served a regular apprenticeship; and to his bro
ther soldiers of the Mexican war; and last, not least,
to the eitisen soldiers of Washington, to afford him a
share of their patronage. Every article, by his per
sonal attention, shall be of superior order, which, by
his extensive experience ia Washington, New York,
New Orleans, and Mobile, he oau produce in the very
first style. His stand in Centre Market is No. 84,
west wing, and in Northern Liberties Market near
the centra. Bee signs at each.
?11 orders left at his establishment, or at either of
the above stands, will be promptly attended to, being
prepared to supply Cake of all descriptions, including
new styles from other cities, for parties and the holi
dec SI 2t*
M%- and bunch Raisins, in whole, half, and quarter
Prune* in handsome fhncy boxes, glass jars, Ac.
New Figs, very fine. Fif 1'aate, *e
For sale by ROB'T D. TWEEDY,
Corner Peun. avenue and 18th St., south side,
dec 21?oodtjan I
ENGLISH DAIRY, Pine Apple, and
JEi Ooaben Cheese.?2fi boxes English Dairy
Cheese, small size, selected expressly for family use.
10 cases of Norton's celebrated line Apple
100 boxes Goshen Cheese, selected
20 casks do do.
Just received from New York per schooner Ann
D. For sale by EE. WHITE A CO.,
No. 88 Louisiana avenue, bet 6th and 7th
streets, opposite Bunk of Washington,
dec 21?SUf
1? hulled Buckwheat and Goshon Butter.
Forsyte by ROB'T D. TWEEDY,
^Corner Penn. aveaue and 13th at.,'south side,
dec 21?eodyanl *
O THERE is a beauty in the rosy bowers,
When balmy summer docks the earth with
And beauty lingers in the quiet shade,
When sober autumn strays o'er wood and glade;
But if you wish the beoutifol to see
In every aspect and variety,
Just call at LAMMOND'8," where is now displayed,
The fanciful in everr hue and grade;
Consiating of rioh Presents, Gifts, and Toys,
For Wivea and Sweethearts, little Girl* and Boys;
And those who wish a bargain to secure,
Should go at onoe to old " Kriu KrinoU't" store,
dec 21?2t
|^IHAMPA6NK.-Lallcmd's Creme Do Bouxy
Champagne. The undersigned begs leave to
call the attention of the oitisens of Washington, and
connoisseurs, to this new brand of superior full
bodied and fruity Champagne, which, upon trial,
will be found unequalled by any now imported into
the oonntrv. For sale bv
, No 08 Louisiana avenue, bet. flth and 7th
street, opposite the Dank of Washington,
dec 21?Stir
pure Crab Apple Cider from Franklin ctunty,
Pennsylvania, a very superior article, received this
day and for sale bv tbo gallon and barrel, bv
No. 68 Louisiana avenne, bet. 6th and 7 th
streets, opposite Bank of Washington
dec 21?8tif
1? cyclopwdia.?Fifty volumes (front first to fif
teenth inclusive) of the valuable work (Niles's Regis
ter,) and a complete set of Rees's Encyclopedia, for
sale by tbe subscriber at low price.
Information, prices, Ac., can be had by address
lec 21?dSt Wheatland, Vs.
C1EVERAL gentlemen can be accomnto*
^7 dated with board and lodgingat Mrs. WARD'S,
an the corner of Fonr-snd-a-haTf street and Missouri
Gentlemen oan be accommodated with meals
for $8 per week. dec go?d 1 w
gentlemen can be accommodated
with board at Mrs. WHITNEY'S, onC street,
No. 202, between Twelfth snd Thirteenth streets. Also,
a good toned second-band Piano for sale cheap,
dee SO?6td
AN entire new stock of Watches, Jew*
elry, Silver and Plated-Wsrcs, is now offered
at Villard s old stand, 122 Bridge Ktroet, Georgetown,
Call and see the new styles, which I will sell at j
New Yorkpriees.
Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry carefully repaired.
dec 1?~2W
WILL open on Wednesday an assort*
meat of new style Head Dresses. Feathers,
Flowers Ribbons, Dress Caps, Sash Ribbons, and
white Rid Gloves ; to which she invites the sttention
of the ladies. Pennsylvania avenue, one door froui
Eighth street, opposite Centre Market.
dec 1???t*
AVIS Norton's brand Pine Apple
Cheese, prime?
Superior Brand v Cheese, I lb. jars,
do Csoada do X ana 1 lb. jars.
English Dairy, imitation Gloster and Cheshire.
1'srmessa Cheese. 1 cake, in prime order.
A) do grated in glaitx jars, 1 lb. each.
dec 20?Jtif No. 40, opposite Centre Market.
Bnt Cords of New and Valuable Book*
Sightly taktn from th* Ntv Book Aurlion 0orf,
*74 Psnnnylvsniaavenue, FITZGERALD'S Store.
HOLIDAY Prints in great abundance,
and cheap, at the new Book store, 474 Penn
nvivania avenue.
' Look oat for the oars when tbe bell rinr*!
Jnst received, at the new Union Book store, the
Autobiography of the inoomjiarabU Barnum.
Life of tbe indefatigable Greeley.
Rath Hall, fe continuous story by Fanny Fern, tbe
memorable writer of the nineteenth century, and
Fern aeries complete, with little Ferna, and an assort
ment of New Books fir the Holidays, just opening at
the new Union Book Store, 474 Pennsvlvsnia avenue.
? Donn Earl, Jack Downing's Isat, with High
Life in New York, Wide-Awake Gift for IBM, Ac.,
Ac., jnst In at the new Bookstore,
dee i??dftt 474 Peon, avenoe.
THE LADIES of Union Chapel M. E.
Church will hold a Fair at Famham s Hall, oor- j
ner of Pennsylvania svenue and Eleventh street,
commencing on MONDAY Morning, the 18th lust.,
st 7 o'clock, tbo prooeeis of which will bo applied tol
the improvement of the above-named Church
Hopper will be served every evening.
Admission 12W cents, s<*son tickets $1 no, to be
hsd st the door of the Hall. dcc IS?lw M
THE Ladies Mite Society of Rvlaad
Chapel design holding a Pair, at Island Hall,
oommenoing on THURSDAY EVENING, December
21st, and continuing ten . veningK, The proceed* *r<>
to be appropriated to the liquidation of their Church
debt In sppenling to a generons public in this land
sble undertaking of onr spirited snd persevering
ladies, we think it only neeesaary to say that no effort
will be spared on tbeir jwrt in catering for the benefit
Of the pnblie, and providing for the epicureans who
mmt honor na wHJi their praaenOe.
Admission fee, llj/cents: season tickets, .VI rta
Tiekett.msv be obtained from the Psators of the
Church and M the Indies of the Society.
dee IS?It
TAKEN tki .pectaUw over six ?1>M
through the * true Id of N?W Yurk oily faithfully
vhowiui tli?
of oity lik. He na? a view of over 700 horse* and
carriages, and upwards of
10,000 of it* People,
ProteMtotu, Military Companiei, Bandt of Mu
tic, Shtfjjjtmt, Steamboat*, <tc.
A.u vxplauatoiy lecture will be giveu by oue ot the
proprietors, Mr. Doel, giving much valuable knowl
edge of ?
of great import* noe to a stranger, and of general and
instructive information to everybody, will be exhib
ited at
LIBERTY HAUL, Alexandria,
December 10, 21, 22, 28, 29, and 28,
Also Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday afternoons,
December 28, 25, and 20.
I-ST" The Afteruoon Exhibition* continence at 8>f,
the Evening at o'clock.
(ST* Admission 26 oenU; children half price.
Families and parties of five persona, $1; eight
peraons, ?1 50. dec 20
The Great Marble Statue
On exhibition at Morriton'i Building, Four and a half
street, near Pennsylvania avenue, from 9 o'clock
A. M. until 10 P. M., daily.
Admittance 35 Cents.
" A statue of surpassing merit. Its power and
pathos are independent of time, place, and condition.
The charm ana powar of the statue oonsist in the
amoxing truth with which the two great elements of
humanity and mortality are delineated. The artist
gives us all the pathos and the tragedy of death,
without its ghastlineaa and horror. We feel ourselves
in the presence of that awful power before whoso icy
sceptre all mortal distinctions are levelled. No statue
was ever more marked by simplicity, Nothing lias
been done foreffect No vulgar applause is oourted,
and tho decen-cy and dignity of truth are scrupulously
observed."?UUlard't Six Month* in Italy.
" A wonderful production of art. Its simplicity is
such that it does not strike at first: the admiration
comes afterward, and in a tide sufficiently deep and
strong. At the moment we behold the dying Gladia
tor his agony is pant. It is the uiouiont of exhaust
ion, of faintness, of deiith."?Jfre. HUit. .
This statue is indisaolubly associated with Byron s
immortal stanza:
I see before ine the Gladiator lie:
He leans upon his hand; his manly brow
Consents to death, but conquers agony ;
And bis droop'd head sinks gradually low,
And through his side the last drops, ebbing slow
From the red gash, fall heavy, one by one,
Like the first of a thunder shower; and now
The arena swims around him: he is gone,
Ere ceased tbe inhuman shout which hailed tho
wretch who won.
He beard it, but be heeded not; his eyes
Were with bis heart, and that was far away.
He rcck'dnot of the life he lost, uor prize,
But where his rude hut by the Danube lay:
7here were bis young barbarians all at plav;
1 here was their Daeian mother: he, their sire,
Butchered to make a Roman holy day.
All this rush'd with his blood. Shall be expire,
And unavenged? Arise, ye Goths, and glut your
dec 15?dtf Agent
Also showing the
Northern Pacific Railroad Route,
As recently surveyed by Governor Stivins,
Doors open at 6)^, exhibition commences at 1x/\
dec 11?tf Artist and Proprietor.
Penntylvania Avenue, betu>eeii Seventeenth and
Eiyhteenth itreett,
HAVING removed to hia large fonr-story
building, has now on hand a large stock of
Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, and from the lowest price
substantial to the most elegant and fashionable, which
will be sold at tbe lowest rates.
Jobbing and repairing promptly attended to. Ma
hogany and walnut on band for sate.
dec 20?8tif [Star, Union, Geo. Advocate]
mas and New Year's Presents.
GENTLEMEN'S Fine Diamine Robes of
all styles
Mufflers, Scarfs, Cravats, and Ties.
Gentlemen's Dressing Cases, Portemonnaies,
Card Cases.
Fine Raaors and Stropsi Brnsbee of alt kinds.
Best German Cologne, in plain and fancy bottles
Lubin's Extracts, snd Soaps.
Phalon's, Lyon's Barry's, and Roussell'* Prepa
rations for tbe hair.
Also, ? rich and varied assortment of misses' and
children's Hats and Flats.
With many other very desirable artioles for Holi
Gentlemen's Furnishing Store,
424 Pennsylvania avenue,
dee 20?d2wif near Four-aud-a-balf at rest
SPECIALLY prepared fbr oar sale*.
W For sale by 8HEK ELL BROTHERS,
dee 20?8tif No. 40, opposite Centre Market.
. 800 pounds of Mince Meat msde by Dirtier's pa
tent cutter. For sale at 25 per cent, leas thsn it can
be prepared by families. A.JACKSON,
Corner 11 and 18th streets.
Confectioners and Hotels can be supplied at Phila
delphia prices, by tbe 50 lbs. Csll and examine,
dee 18?lw A. J.
TEW EMBROIDERIES.?We sliall ot>en
A J to-day a large assortment of Worked Cellars
and Embroidered Handkerchiefa.
We shall hare a fine assortment of Cambric Col
lars, from 50 cents up, and all very cheap.
Also, an auction lot of Hemstitched Llnencambrie
Handkerchiefs, at 8TM rents, the cheapest we ever
Also, fine Worsted Comforts, from 25 rente to fl
in every variety of colors.
We shall also open a very beautiful assortment of
rieli printed Monoclines and C**hmer*a, at 25 cents,
worth at least 8fj* eontt. .
With many other dfiireble article?, nuiUW? for |
Christmas presents. Aud we would state here, that
we are selling off the balance of our fine Shawl* anu
Silk Goods, at greatly rndacod pncea, and will offer
particular inducement* to all who pay caah.
dec l>?dfltif W M BIIUaTER A CO.
Marmalade, viz:
Teaches, Quinces, Damsons, Blackberries, Straw
berries and Raspberries, and Pine Apple Pre
Black Currant Jetliea, in half and one pound jars
Red do do in half pint and quart jars
Grape, Quince, Crab Apple, and Plums
Pine Apple and Crab Apple Marmalades
Pescbes and Pine Apple, in cans, hermetically
sealed. Jellies
Pine Ajple, Peaches, Oreen Gages, preserved in
These Preserves, Jellies, Ac., are of the best quality,
put up to our order for our sales.
dee 18?Iwif No. 40, opposite Centre Market.
No. 511, 7th street, opposite the Intelligencer Office.
THE subscriber having completed his ar
rangement* in his new store, is now ready to
furnlah and put up all articles in (his) the above line of
business, and would state that, having served an ap
prenticeship with a New York firm, he feels fully
competent to do all wortt intrusted to him, with du
rabifitv, promptness, and despatch.
dec.'1? P. H SIMS, Practical Plumber.
| HAVE on hand a good assortment of
I. perfect time-keeping Watches, from tbe best
maker* in Europe or America, that I will sell st
itToaUy reduced prire*, at 418 Pennsylvania avenue
dee If. dtf &? 0. HOOD
IHAVEtanrt reeeived a new supply of the
latest atylee of Jewelry, and havelue*fiuishad a
fine lot of utvre Silver Ware, aucli as Tsa Hetta, Oob
lets. Cups, Hpoona, Forks, ledlwi. Butter. Fish, and
Pie Knives, Napkin Rings, Ac Ac ; oil of wMch I
will sell at much lower price* than ia usaallv aaked
tnr the same quality of goods st other establishments
in this city. And every article will bo warranted aa
repswatMl at time of sate, at 418.Pennsylvania *v
enne, Mwwi 4t$ snd flth streets. unnn
dee 15?dtf ? 0 HOOD.
uronu rox th?
Wmthtr in AVw Jcrtty.
Saum, N. J., Dec. 41.?We had 4 heavy fall of
huow here this morning, tud the weather la still
Weather in Philadelphia.
Philadklmiia, Dec. 21.?The weaihtir here in
variable, with a fall ol snow this morning. It
id now clear ami cokl.
Weathir at tfe*> York.
Nkw Yokk, Dec. 21.?The weather has wodcra
tod here considerably since yesterday's report. At
the present time enow is slightly falling. It hat*
also moderated at the eastward.
Weather ?i? Vermont.
St. Johxsbiky, Dec. 20.?The weather is clear
and intensely cold. Tho mercury now stands at J
36 deg. below aero.
Packet Ship Ashore at Barnegat.
Nkw York, Dec. 21.?The ship St. Patrick,
from Liverpool, with 400 passengers, went ashore
at li o'clock last evening in a fog, two miles south
of Barnegat. It is thought the vessel will be
total loss, but the passengers were all saved, and
are comiug up in lighters.
The latest accounts say the vessel has bilged,
with seven feet of water in her hold. The vessel
was insured for $50,000, but tho amount of insu- |
ranee on the cargo, which was a full one, has not
been ascertained.
Heavy Failure in Oneida County.
N*w York, Dec 21.?Messrs. Owen k Co., ex
tensive produce dealers in Oneida, New York, have
failed for a large amount. No further particulars ]
given. ?
The Halifax Steamer.
Nkw York, Dec. 21.?It is stated hero that
when the Pacific left Liverpool, it was there con
sidered doubtful if the American, now supposed to I
be due at Halifax, would sail on tho ?tH, as ad
vertised ; as it was probable she would be required
fbr transportation of troops and munitions of war
to the Crimea.
Schooner Ashore?Desperate Situation of the Orew.
Philadelphia, Dec. 21.?The schooner Isabel
went ashore this morning near Congress Hall, on
Cape Island. The crew, almost frozen and be
numbed by the spray, clung to tho rigging until
daylight, when they were fortunately rescued by
the citizens from their perilous situation, and taken
on shore in whale-boats.
yon-arrival of the Steamer?.
Nkw York, Dec. 21, 1 P. M.?Nothing has yet
t>een heard of the America, due at Halifax; the Sa
rah Bauds, at Portland, or the Washington, due at
Sandy Ilook, up to this hour.
Libel Decision in New York.
Nkw York. Dec. 21.?-Tho jury in the case of j
Shelton vs. Fuller,(the latter, editor of the "Mirror")
has brought in a [verdict in favor of the plaintiff.
The damages are assessed at (250.00.
Markets. '
Baltimokk, Dec. 21.?Flour is fn m at rtster
ilav's prices. Sales of Howard street at $8 56 1-4
a $8 02 1-2; city mille, sales of 2,400 barrels, at
|8 87 1-2 a $8 50, and $'.? 25 for extra. Wheat
is firm and active at yesterday's prices?sales of |
good to prime red at $1 92 a $2 ; good to prime
white at $2 a $2 05; and choice, for family flour,
at $2 0b. Corn?a large supply on hand, and hi
speculative demand, at an advanced price; sales of |
white at t>0 a 91 1-2 cents; yellow at 87 a90 cents.
Nkw York, Dec. 21.?Flour?Prises have ad
vanced 12 1-2 cents?sales of good Ohio, 8,000
barrels, at |9 a $9 87 1-2; southern has advanced
12 1-2 cents, with sales of l,fi00 barrels at $8 87 1-2
a $9 50. Wheat Is unchanged, with limited sales
at previous rates. Com has advanced 12 1-2 cts.,
with sales of 15,000 bushels western mixed at 98 a
99 cents. Provisions unchanged. Whiskey?Ohio,
88 1-2 cents.
Georgetown Markets. December 21.
The scarcity of flour has caus?d an advance in
Flour?family?$10 to $11.
Wheat?white $1 9.1 to $2 00; Rod $1 90 to $1 95.
Corn?white, 80 to 85 cents.; yellow, 86 to 87.
Mill offal?Hhorts?-80 cents.
Ship staff?40 to 86 cents.
Brown stuff? 25 to 85 oents.
Com meal?(1 05.
Bay, in bales, $1 85.
J ELDER A Co.. corner La. arena*
? and 7 th streets, ufler st private sale their en
tiro stock and store fixtures, Ac. The stock, compris
ing History, Biography, Poetry, Travels, Ac., Works
ot Fiction," u great variety, mid of the most popular
kind, bound, and in cheap form : Bibles, Prayer-books,
Portemonnaies, suitable for holidsv presents; also, a
good assortment of Blank-books, Stationery, Ac., Ac.
The location fs a desirable one, and the stock is
fresh and in such variety as one commencing business
Tbd stock and fixture* will be sold separately or
together, as oan be agreed upon.
Apply on tbe premises, ia person or by letter.
No. 8, Columbia l'lace,
Corner Louisiana avenue and 7th sts.
The public are requested to call, where they will
And books cheap. dee H0--4t*
A LOT Jnst received of Golden Chop No.
1, 40 packs to the box, for sale by the bo* only
at the store of the Canton Tea Company, No. 510,
Seventh street. Price low. Terms oish.
dee 90?3td [Star] HA 1.1. * HBNNfSO.
rriHE undersigned won Id respectfully ia
? form her lady patrons and strangers, that she
has just received from Uis North a beautiful assort
ment of
many of whiob are well adipL'd to the present sea
son for Cbriatmas gifts, Ae.
EMBROIDERIES.?Rich and superbly worked
<Impure Collars and Setts ; Coliaretl* and Modest/1
Sieces, in setts; beautiful Embroidered Collars,
leeves, Habits. Chemisette, .Setts of Sleeves ami
Collars: worked Handkerchiefs. Ac.
LACK GOODS.?Maltese, Platte, Limerick, Na
gileon, and Aupssaa Lace Collars, and Collar* and
leeves in setts, from $-J 50 to $10 : alao, Uead Dres
ses, l>ress Taps, Kid and Silk Gloves; children's
Comforts, Oaiters, and Hocks.
A splendid stock of Black sad While MouSuing
\SH" Persons wishing to purrhase, will please call
nnd get great bargains, at tbe old stand?No. 12 Mar
ket space.
dec It*?flt KCTH Aa PKACO.
I HAVE Jnst received a good supply,
which I will sell st importers prioea st
II. 0. HOOD'S,
dee 15?dtf 4i8 Psnn. avspue.
pleasure to announce thut they will give s grand
DRESS it A 1.1,, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Nary Yard, on
tbe Hth of Janum-v, 1955.
Particulars in future advertisement.
dec 5? eodUau I
Housekeepers. Attention! Dinner
Seta, Toilet Bets. Tea Sets. Crockery Ware,
and Housekeeping articles generally, for safe a little
lower than they cau be had tu tbe city.
lloinK about to close ont that nart of my business,
I offer to the public any of tbe above enumerated ar
ttclea atooat. _
Mv stock of Paints, Oila, Glass, Varnishes, finishes.
Wicks, Gold Leaf, and everything appertaining there
to is complete, and I invite all perwms in want to give
IM a mil, being determined not to be undersold in
this city or Baltimore
Hperin and Lard Oils, a fine article, constantly on
I also keep for sale Russia Hair Felt for packing
steam l>oilers.
Mr stock Is bought entirely for easb and I aas con
fident any one in want of articles sold by ma eannot
gn amlsa bJ giving me calL
On all soma of and over, five prr oent. deducted
for cash. ,
Goods delivered In say part of the city and George
town free of cost.
514 Seventh street
P. H. All bills made with mo must he settled
monthly. dee 8?sodlftw
VVKMY EVENING this week sale* will
-"-J* held at the Auction atari', oppoaite the Bank
rn.*^Un,fto"' ?(the following article*. ri?:
t hnatmas Present*, such uFmo; pox?, Ladies'
: BknkeU, Cotton*, Flapncls, Mu?lin?
Pattern* of Merinos, Alpac.*, 4c. ,
. , ? ' variety of article*, including* ouanU
[ ty of Cig*r?, of excellent quality. B1
i Jbc 18~1w Auctioneer?
| of Choice and Valuable Book*, Stationery,
<lc., at Auction.
Commencing on Saturday evening, Dec. 10, at Fitx
p gt'rald .1 Store, 47* Pennsylvania avunuo.
tt'rWK all new and perfect, direct ftom
the Now York Trade Saloa, comprising the
choicest and beat selected assortment i foreign and
doinvatic) ever offered in thia market, oou*i&ting uf?
School, Classical, Law, Medical, and Ml*.
cellaneona Books,
New Hooka daily from New York, and ordered di
School, public and pr'vutc Libraries, furniabed from
80 to 40 per cent, leas than usual rates.
Bibles, Prayer Books, Blank Books, Au., a great
Albums, Annuals, and Holiday Presents for 1865.
Agricultural Work*, some lifly'different authors, all
Hi*.,*?, p?pul?r works, in print, (Amerioan and
f i. > to ""P"'** the soil and the mind.
"?Idand Steel Pen*, of extra quality.
^ Diaries, Pocket Memorandums, Portmonnaea, Ac.,
1 he above stock will be open I'or examination and
private sale duriug the day, (to which all arc resj>cct
fully invited, whether wishing to purchase or not,)
and offered'at auction every evening until the entire
stock shall be disposed of.
N. B. A rare opportunity is now offered for re
plenishing libraries with choicu reading, at low rates,
for the long winter evenings, as all can be suited.
Remember the plaoo, at we New Union Bookstore,
471 Pennsylvania avenue.
, ,. , , JEWELLS * CO.,
dec 18?dtf Auctioneers.
By GREEN At SCOTT, Auctioneer*.
able uuimproved Ground near the Railroad
Depot at auction.?On Tuesday, the #th dav of Jann
apr, 1855, 1shall sail, in front of the premlaee, at 4
o clock, P. M., at public auction, by virtus of a deed
of trust to me, recorded among the land rooords of
\V aahington county, District of Columbia, on the L'Tlfa
May last, all that part of square numbered 980 which
is comprised within the following boundaries, to wit:
Beginning at a point on north D street, 7" feet from
the southwest corner of said square, running thanes
east on said D street 60 feet; thence north 380 feet
ihiio inches; thence west do feel; thence south 360
foot nine inches, to the beginning.
Terms: Ouu-hulf cash; the residue in three instal
ments of six, twelve, and eighteen months, bearing
interest, and secured to the satisfaction of the tma
if the terms are not complied with in three day*
after the sale, the property will bo reeold at the risk
and expense of the iirst purchaser.
S. M. CARLISLE, Trustee.
GREEN A SCOTT, Anstioncers.
dec li?d ____
ANCHOVIES, Varieties, and Shrimp
Paste.?Anchovies Paste, genuine, in jars.
Anchovies in sauoe, in pickle, and salt.
Essence of Lobsters. Anchovies, and Shrimps.
Just receives by SHEKELL BROTHERS,
dec 19?iltif No, 40 opposite Centre Market.
09 Bridge Street, South side.
J*. BLACKFORD, Silver-smith and
? Jeweler, has just received direct from New
* ork and Philadelphia, in addition to bis usual as
sortment of line Watches, Jewelry and Silver-Ws?l
articles new and uniqe, suitable for
to which he invites the inspection of the public.
His stock is large, quite uew, and well selected, and
will be sold at prices that cannot possibly fail to
A splendid assortment of Gold and Silter Watches
lino Jewelry of ev?;ry description. Pure Silver
Wares, Spoons, Forks, and Tea Seta, plated on al
American, Englit.li, aud French Clocks, from
(1 GO to W>n.
J. S. B. has for main years paid particular atten
tion to repairing One Watche*, and has lately a vailed
himself of some oostly modern machinery to facili
tate his o|ierations. Jewelry repaired equal to new
Engraving in nil its branches. Charges always very
moderate. dec l??lw
TODD & CO. invite the attention of the
I<adics to their large stock of rich FURS, hi
set* of
With a variety of other choice and rich Furs, com
pruingthu largest assortment ever offered in this
dty. The present Is s rsre opportunity of obtaining
these seasonable luxuries at a reasonable prioe.
Children ? Furs in endless vsriety. prices very low
, , TODD A CO.,
dec 18?lw Under Brown'* Hotel.
I received a large cargo *f
m. Albany Lumber in good order and well seasoned ?
it oootains a fine lot of 4-4. 6-4, fl-4, H-4, 12-4 Psanel'
merchantable sclcct Ctilling*, Cherry, Poplar *o<i
Wslnut. r '
Also, a prime lot of 6-8 Poplar for coachmaker*.
You will also find a general assortment "f Lumber.
dT' Plaster, Rosend^Us Cement, Shingles,
Laat and not least, a large stock of Coal, such **
ix-sch orchard and Lvkins V?lley red ash Lehigh
Furnace Coal, egg and stove-sire white ash.
Now unloading, a cargo of superior Lump Camber
laud Coal; all of which will be sold on reasonable
terms, by applying at my yard, on First street, near
the Capitol.
dec lfr-dlw JOHN PURDV.
Cloak-making Establishment.
A'o. 48 4f$ ftrfft, * <tlh t/ Ptnnnylvania at+nus.
| A DIES desiring to be fitted out in the
MJ mom fcuhionslde style with either of the above
named articles of dress will do well to call at the
above-named establishment.
Also, a Room to rent suitable for an otflixv
dec 18?lm
WHO dees not want a Cake, for Sweet
heart, lover, wife, or friend, at Christmas or
New Year's Day T I will tell you where you can get
one or more, from II to |2o each. It is at No. ?47,
opposite Brown's Hotel.
Now making and on exhibition $.*,0A0 worth of the
very best Cakes and Confectionery ever offered In
this city, and on the most pleasing terms. Call early
and leave vour orders.
There sfso r>?t ea?i find upward* of sixty varieties
of small (lakes.
The headquarters for the genuine Boston snd
French Cream Cake, vary delicious, and taken by
storm, every day fresh.
The public can rely on being served in the vary
best stvle. Mv personal attention given to pertiea of
all kinds. J. O. WEAVER.
dec 16?dt Jan 1
Fresh fruit, nuts,
100 boxes Raiains
70" pounds Currants, good ?nd ch?e,>
halm A Imonds, hard and sell
1 > do Oround Note, freah
?l do English Walnuts, fnafc
do Pecau Nuts
l> hag* Hhcllbark*
tairrels Mhellharka, large
barrela Cranberries
? case* Preserved Canton O ngtr
t< do Citron
'i do Pnines. freah
?o drums Figs, new
barrela Oranges
larHii lemons
Onava Jelly
fi dosen package* Straw Iterries
7 do I Verbs*, preserved
4 do do hermetically i *a!ad
9 dosen Pine Apples do
i oases of Brandy Fruit
i do Sardines, third, half, and wb >!? b'xa
I barrel Mince Meet
10 dram* Snltona Raisin*
For aale low by RICHARD J. RYON,
dec Id oo?wit Comer Pth srd D atreete
PENNSYLVANIA Ave.ne, between Mb
?nd l'>th streets, have jnst rec-tved a large aa
( sortment of Cloths, Caaslmera, and Vesting, wh ah
I they will hava made up u? order iu the most fashimi
' able styles.
j Also, on hand a very Urge stock of ready-made
i Clothing, which they will *<3l as efc< ap aa any other
satahlishment in the United States , cUc ?

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