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" UiouLT Com win i> a blk.?A petition in before
? ongress for the incorporation of a society to es
tablish houses of industry and refuse?the first to
save, the second to redeem from crime. The ob
ject* will doubtless meet the approbation of the
right-minded as being just what is needed. Some
regard this an the greatest necessity existing
amongst us, and propose to assist the society in
purchasing suitable places for preparing those who
may be committed to their care for good homes,
where their labor is needed, where they will be
well treated and instructed, and faithfulness will be
encouraged by a fair compensation, to be paid at
the end of their term. Courts and juries will be
relieved from the painful necessity of so often
tending at large those who need restraint, because
confinement with hardened criminals will make
them still worse. Regarding the trustees as worthy
of public confidence, and approving their plan,
we hope Congress will grant them a charter, and
that thev will find a liberal public encouragement.
" N."
Highly commendable, indeed ! Just what is
needed in Washington. The conservators of the
public weal owe this much to the future. The
queHtion is, nre the vicious and depraved young of
our city to he redeemed and made useful in the
future, or are they to be allowed to follow up their
wicked courses, corrupting those of their own age
with whom they come in contact, and entailing
upon society all the ovils flowing from an educa
tion of ciime and debauchery? "An ounce of
preventive is worth a pound of cure." Take these
youths away from the society of the educated thief
and burglar, and introduce them into the company
of the industrious and moral, learn them good
trades, and by the time they are twenty-one years
of age, they will have u ceased to do evil and have
learned to do well."
Criminal Comr.?The court amounted on
Wednesday evening with the jury sworn and
ready for the trial yesterday of John W. Demaine
for larceny in having stolen certain articles the
property of Mr. John E. Latham, dry-goods mer
chant in the First Ward. The first witness called
yesterday morning was Mr. Latham, who proved
the losa of three pieces of calico, five pieces of de
laine, several pieces of Irish linen, bleached cot
tons, a large quantity of tilk handkerchiefs, rib
ands, and sewing silk, his whole loss being from
$400 ty $500. The property recovered by him he
valued at S<9ti. Thes<^ article were stolen from
him on the night of the '24 th of March hut. They
wore found by officer Handy partly in and under
the honse occupied by Ray and Croggin and part
ly in possession of * young man named Charles
Steele. It was proven tiitt Steele got them fiom
one Harvey Belt, who in his turn gpt them from
the prisoner Demaine.
The testimony as to character adduced the day
before was repeated, and instructions were asked
by confine), the desired effect which was to re
duce the crime from stealing to the receiv
ing of stolen goodtt.
Mr. Key urged that the finding of the good* on
Demaine laid on him the burden of accounting for
their coming into his possession ; as he had made
no eftort to show this, the law held him as the fe?
lonious taker.
The Court sustained this view of Mr. Key.
Messrs. Svvann and Wharton addressed th? jury
for the defence, Mr. Key replied, and the jury, af
ter nearly three hours deliberation, brought in a
verdict of guilty.
4?hn W. Demaine was then put upon trial on a
third ?fcarge of larceny upon the goods and chat
tels of Mr. Geo. W. Hinton on the 19th of October
last. When wrested for this on the 8th of April
and confronted with Mr. Ilinton at the watch
house, the latter immediately recognised the pan
<atocn* then on the person of Demaine as having
been made in his (Hinton's) store for acertaiu cub
iomer whose name lie stated, and on examination
that customer'* name was actually found written on
the watch-pocket. Brides this, a vest, marked
" John Espey, October, 1865," was found in De
niable'* bed-ioom ; which vest was also made by
Mr. Hinton, and the name written on it by him. A
pair of pantaloons and a silk umbrella, found in the
same chamber, were also identified by the same as
bis property.
At the time of the preliminary examination be
fore the magistrate, Demaine charged Bailey with
having sold him the above articles, which Bailey
instantly anil before Demaine's face denied. The
prisoner's counsel, Mr. Stone, made every effort
ror his client by way of argument and the moving
of instructions to the juryand the other counsel,
Messrs. Swan and Wharton, made considerably
lengthy addresses. Mr. Key replied, and the jury
in a very few minuted returned with a verdict of
We hear that there are eighteen more indict
ments against this unhappy young man.
In the course of the sitting the court called up
Wm. D. Bell, convicted a day or two ago of an ag
gravated assault on Dr. Henry Haw, and pro
nounced sentence on him of two months' imprison
ment in the county jail, and a fine of $30. The
other person, Edmund J. Ellis, implicated in the
same matter, failed to present himself in court, as
ordered, to receive sentence, and his recognisance
was accordingly forfeited.
Biddy Macnnmara, for an assault on another wo
man, was likewise fined $10.?Nat. Intel.
Eiur.? Last evening, about half-past eight
o'clock, a fire broke out in one of the five frame
houses at the. corner of Thirteenth and L streets,
by which the wholo five wero destroyed. Three
were owned, as we loam, by Mr. Cooper, carpenter,
residing on Twelfth street, aud two by a worthy
colored man, named James Thomas.
The fire originated in one of the new frame
house*, and was doubtless the work of an incen
A man, named Thomas Steele, was, we fear,
seriously injured at this fire. He was standing
upon a ladder, endeavoring ta enter a window in
the second story, and, being blinded by the smoke,
made a misstep and fell to tha ground. He was
carried away upon a shutter.
Anotbkr.-?Soon after the above fire was extin
guished, Sanies were discovered in the attic of the
building on Seventh street, near the corner of
Pennsylvania avenue, known as ike " Steamboat
Hotel," in the occupancy of Mr. Davidson. The
firemen were quickly on the ground, and the Canal
near at hand affording a good supply of water, the
building was saved, with the loss of a portion of
the roof and of the attic story. The furniture of
the house was, of course, considerably Injured by
hasty removal and by being deluged with water.
Packets.?A now line of packets has been put
on the route between Alexandria and New York.
Interments.?The Alexandria Gazette of to-day
says, there have been fewer interments in the
grave-yards of this place this summer, than in the
same number ol months at the same season for sev
eral years past. The health,of Alexandria is a
subject of general congratulation.
Pcbi.ic Schools.?In the proceedings of the
Public Schools, published in yesterday's Organ, in
the vote of thanks given to the President and
others for their assistance in the exercises at the
puMic anniversary, tho name of Mayor Magroder
was unintentionally omitted. It affords us plea
sure to acknowledge the zeal manifested by our
Mayor in the welfare of the Public Schools, and
the mover of the resolution assures us that his
name was omitted in the printed proceedings by a
mere oversight. We request the daily papers
which have published the proceedings to notice
New Orleans, commercially, appears to be grow
ing very rapidly. The domestic exports to foreign
and coastwise ports, for the fiscal year just closed,
amounted to $110,853,436, %hich is an increase
over the year euding the 80th June, 1855, of $26,
681,010. The increase in exports to foreign coun
tries for the year reaches the extraordinary sum of
$24,859,411, or within a few hundred dollars of
$25,000,000, and an increase over the great year
of 1858 of $12,749,839. The domestic exports
from New Orleans exceed those of New York for
the same period of time. They are given as fol
lows: New Orleans, $80,547,968; New York,
$75,026,244 ; or over five millions greater from
New Orleans than from New York. This does not
: ;
look like New Orleans losing her commercial pro*
per it.v, iu consequence of railroadH over the South
aud West diverting trade to other Atlantic porta.
From the Cleveland Plaiudealer.
Bennett, Beecher, Greeley, Webb.
The Mariposa claim is at the bottom of all this
furor and fusionism of the New York preachers
and press for Fremont. There is no doubt of it.
The celebrated stock-jobbing firm of " Palmer,
Conk, k Co," New York, ,is composed of Cook,
Palmer, aud Fremont Nobody denies this.' Their
principal stock in trade is the " Mariposa claim,"
although the firm have other land claims id Cali
fornia to a large amount. Although this MaripoM
claim has been hurried through <yOngre#s and the
Departments, and settled so fir as the title is con
cerned, vet it is well known that possession cannot
be got from the indignant deu'xens now reposing
on that claim, aud probably will not be without
bloodshed. It is said that California!)* look upon
said claim as a humbug, and they do not care
about installing in that State a system of landlord
and tenantry like unto the patroon estate in New
York. It is supposed to conuin untold riches in
gold mines. It is estimated to be worth from eight
to ten million* of dollarI; that is, if peaceable
possession can be obtained. Of course, if Fremont
is elected President, with power to fix the heads
of depin tments, and be commander-in-chief of the
army and navy, all questions about this grant will
be quieted. He can afford to give one-half his
interest in it to secure this result, and he has, no
doubt, agreed to do that same.
How is it that Greeley, who was a Seward man,
Bennett, who was a George Law man, and Webb,
who was anythiug but an Abolitionist, should all
jump Jim Crow aud go fot Fremont?1 How is it
that Buechcr, the divine, should suddenly see, as
did Saul of Tarsus, a light from Heaven shining
upon him, directing him to reverse the preachings
aud practices of a religious life, and go for rifles
aud revolutions ?
These babblers are all bought?bought with a
price?and here is no doubt the consideration ;
Mariposa claim, represented by stock
estimated worth - - - $10,000,tMMj
One-half reserved to Fremont A Co. - 5,000/100
The balance distributed as follows :
Bennett, in consideration of the Her
ald's support r ? ? p - '290,000
Bcecher, for enlisting his paper and the
churches - - - . * 360,000
Webb asks in stock .... '260,000
Greeley, for dropping Seward, his im
mense circulation, and lying without
stint - 500,000
Raymond, New York Times, going it
blind 250,000
Evening Past, going it blind - - 150,000
National Era, going it blind * - J 50,000
Other papers in other cities come in tor tlieir
yliare of this Mariposa stock pro rata. A large
fund is of course reserved for other electioneering
purposes, such as " I^iycs of Fremont," sold for a
shilling, songs, speeches, etc., distributed iu car
loads throughout the country.
Dot's not this look possible, yea, highly proba
ble ? Is not Mr. Fremont the largest land specu
lator in the world ? Hu \i$ not been to Europe
to raise money upon this stock * Is ho not the
land partner of Palmer, Cook, & Co., aud does he
not reside In Hew Yoik among these stock-jobbers
and land-brokers? How phpuld such a man be
thought of for the Presidency, much less supported
by these leading presses, if there were np moneyed
Mariposa consideration* it) flit) case?
Let him who is wisest penetrate thiu mystery
deepest, and he will find gold at the bottom of ijt
" "" ?Mwiow'iyiji.tM'i'
Sons of Amerio.1, respectfully inform ll}e
public that their
Of the season, will take place
(hi Wednesday, Avgvst .151th, 1850,
The safe und commodious
Has been chartered for the occasion, and the Cauip
pledge themselves that no pains will be spared to
make this an agreeable trip.
The boat will leave Georgetown, at o'clock, P.
M.( Washington, at 2; Navy Yard, at 3, =?nd Alexan
dria, at 3}^.
Tickets ONE DOLLAR? admitting a srentleman |
and ladies?to be procured of the members of tlje
Camp, or at the boat on the day of the Excursion.
Scott's Cotillon Band has been engaged for the oc
Committee of A rrangement*.
Thomas Marche,
James Fenton.
Sam. W. Bradlev,
Harris Atchison,
It. B. Ferguson.
^7 ceived by the undersigned, at the Mayor's
Office, until the 11th instant, for rebuilding (and
furnishing all of the necessary material) a nrhlge
across the Canal al N street south, as follows:
The bridge is to1 be of the same length and width
as the old one now standing at that point; the cups
to be 12 by 12 inches square, and 24 feet in length
each, of North Carolina heart pint*, clear of all de
fects, and rounded on the top for the purpose of ]
turning the water; the wall plates to be '> b.v 12
inches, of the sam* material; the stringers (83 in
number) to be of white pine, by 12, dear of large
knots and sap, and to be rounded on the top edge;
the floor to be of 12 feet gcod Kastern Shore joist,
not leas than-8 inches wine; the stringer bolts (72
in number) to be W by 20 inches in length ; the poata
and hand-rails on both sides oi the bridge are to be
of North Carolina pine, 4 b v 4 inches, clear of all
defects. All of the timber will be of sufficient length
to give the structure a substantial character; and for
any of the old material which may be used in the
new work a fair allowance must be made. The whole
to be done by the direotiou of the undersigned.
The contractor will be required to remove the old
bridge free of expeuse to tho Conioration.
Commissioner of the Eastern Section
aug 5?eoSt of Washington Canal.
TI-tfT rOR SALE. "
AYALI7ABLE Lot on Indiana avenue,
between First and Second streets, running
through to D afreet, in a rapidly-increasing part of
the city, is offered for aale.
One-fourth cash, and the balance in equal po: uona
for five years. Title indisputable.
Inquire of JOHN T. K1LLM0N,
Pennsylvania avenue, near the Capitol.
june 7?tf
by the undersigned until Mondav, the 18th
day of the present month, at one o'clock, for grading
Fourth street west, from New York avenue to 0
street north. Proposals to state the price per cubic
yard. The surplus earth to be deposited in O street,
and to be levelled.
Notice is given that there will be but one price
paid either for cutting or filling, that which measures
the mo.-1.
Commissioner of the 3d and 4th Wards.
aug 5 Assistant Comtnihsioneis.
A PARTNER, either active or nilent,
with a capital of (500, in the Lime and Cement
Business. The kiln, which is capable of bnming
100 barrels of lime, or 150 barrels of cement per day
together with the mill to grind the cement, is already
built. Apply to A. 8. BURROWS,
552, Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 1st and 2d sts.
may 1?
WTNION SPRING-BED, Tucker** Pa teat.
a new invention, and a most oomfortable and
desirable article, especially for summer use, requir
ing only a thin mattress, just received at the Honse
farniahing store next to Odd-Fellows' Hall, Seventh
street A. ROTH WELL
an 4?eogtif , ' J
A FOR *ent. I
in t? J?T.1BrWt House, with Pump
^3? sBNasaar
* S60.000!
R. FRANCE A CO., Managers.
Class M., to be drawn in the City of Baltimore,
On Saturday, August 30, 1856.
78 Numbers?15 drawn !
1 I'rise of $60,000 is >40,000
i do 2o,?8oi? ao.yoo
1 do 10,000
. 1 do 10,000
1 do 5,000
.1 do 5,000
1 do 5,000
1 do 5,000
1 do 2,500 '
1 do 2,600
1 do 2,500
1 do 2,600
1 do 2,500
1 do 2,500
1 do 2,500
1 do 2.500
100 Prizes of 11,000 are $100,000
38ft do of. 300 arts 101,700
68 do of. 100 are... <$,800
68 do of. 80 are 5,040
12?> do of. 60 are 7,560
<1,368 do of. 40 are.. * 254,520,
do of. 5i0 are 685,900
P.6,865 prizes, amounting $1,202,000 80
Ticketn, ??JO? Httlvtu, $10?Quarters, $.'.?Eighths,
$2 50.
fVrtilicutes of package* of 2<i wholes $260 00
Do do 2?> halves ... 180 00
Do do 26 quarter*. 65 oo
Address nil orders to
Baltimore, Maryland
Authorised Agents for th?f Manager*
Olfidal drawings sent to all wb*> order.
july 25?dAw
NO, IK,419.
Pri*e? of $16,000, sold in ?baree, j>art in Baltimore
und tbe balance Kent to ijislant customers.
are...- 20,000
are 20,000
are #0,000
IViwii lender tbe management ol? R. FRANCE A CQ.,
are tbe lotteries to purphase ticket# in.
1'lenty of prises drawn, and tl|,c i^oney pai4 Cor u"
prizes as sooh as drawn. '
' T. H. HUBBARD & CO.,
Are the authorized ageuts of the Managers, and will
promptly fill all orders.
All the prizes drawn I The beat Lotteries, H"d no
Drawn in Baltimore on Saturday, August 28d, 1*56
|| Purchasers, look to vour interest, and don't touch
^py but Maryland Tickets.
Bonds to the amount of '$5fl0>000 are given by tha
Managers to the State of Maryland to
secure the payment of prizes.
Havana Flan.
Extra Class, No. 3, to ba drawn iu Baltimore August
28, 1856.
1,000 Prizes?20,000 Tickets!
1 prize of..$86,000... .4... .approximations..$200
1 do 12,500....4 do lOO
1 do 5,000.... 4 4 ........ 80
1 dp 2,160. ...4..; do 60
i do Moo,,,,4..;; dp <jo
1 4o i,100 4.dp 40
2 prize#.,, 1,000.... 8 ,,..do ao
10 do 400 40 do 20
182 do 300 728 do 10
Tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50.
Remember that every prize must be drawn by
some one, as every prize is drawn out of tbe wheel.
Prizes paid on demand and in full?no deduction
All orders sent to
Baltimore, Maryland,
Will be promptly filled, and tbe drawings sent as
soon aa completed. july 25?dAw
Splendid Scheme* for Avgutt, 1856.
T. H. HUBBARD A CO., are the authorized Agents
of the Managers to fill all orders.
NT Be particular and address all letters to T. H.
Hubbakd A Co., Baltimore, Maryland.
Class 36,
To be drawn in Baltimore on Saturday, AugUst 9,
1 prize of $37,500 25 prizes of. $750
20 do 8,500 25 do ,")05
25 do ....... 1,500 124 dp , 250
Ac., ?c., Ac.
Whole tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50.
Certificates of packages of 26 wholes $140 00
Do do... ... 26 halves 70 00
Do do 26 quarters 85 (0
Olasa 35.
To be drawn in Baltimore city, August 13, 1856.
1 prize of $33,461
1 do 12,500
1 do 7,500
1 do 5,500
10 prizes of $2,500
10 do 1,500
262 do 29 2
Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50
Certificates of packages of26 wholes, $140?shares in
Class 27.
To be drawn in Baltimore on Saturday, August 16,
1 prize of $32,000
1 do 8,000
1 do S,000
1 do 9,000
1 do 8,000
4 prizes of $4,000
1 do 1,272
40 do...... 750
40 do 400
Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50.
Certificates of packages 26 wholes. $140?shares in
Class 36.
To be drawn in Baltimore on Wednesday, August
20, 1856.
1 prize of. $80,000
20 do 5,000
20 do 1,000
20 do.... 500
20 prizes of $400
20 do 250
119 do 200
Ac., Ac. Ac.
Tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50.
Class 28. ' ?
To be drawn in Baltimore on Saturday, August 23,
75 numbers?15 drawn ballots.
1 prise of $80,000 I 1 prize of $2,700
1 d? 10,000 10 do 1,500
1 do 6,000 10 do 600
1 do 4,000 I 10 do . 400
Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac.
Tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50.
Class 87.
To be drawn in Baltimore city August 27, 1856.
75 numbers?15 drawn ballot*.
1 prize of (U)0,000
1 do 22,000
1 do 8,000
10 prises of $1,000
20 do. 500
80 do 850
400 do ]50
1 do 6,000
1 do 2,100
Tickets $10?Halves, $5?Quarters, $2 50.
All orders addressed to
Baltimore, Maryland,
Will meet with prompt and confldentia?attention. M
July 25?dAw
I Authorized by tbu Statu uf Alabama. ]
To b? drawn, in lb? City uf Montgomery, Ala
bum*, in public, on Thursday, Auguii 18,
1866, on tb?
Prizes amouuting to
204,000 DOLLARS!
Will be distributed according to the following
80,000 Numbers?15,186 Priaw!
1 Prize of. #40,000.... is $40,MO
1 do 16,000 ia 16,000
1 do 7,000.,,, ia 7,000
1 do 8,000... .ia 8,000
1 do 2,000 ia 8,000
1 do 1,000... .ia, 1,000
1 do 1,000... .ia 1,000
10 do ,. 200 are 2,000
100 do* 100 are. ... 10,000
4 do of #200 approi. to #4o,000 prize are 800
4 do 100 do lfi,0O0 do 400
4 do 7ft do 7,000 do 800
4 do 40 ?|o 8,000 do 240
:hasers in buying an equal quantity of add and
lumber tipketa will he certain of drawing nearly
If the cent of the name, with chances oi obtain
4 do 60 do 2,tiO0 do 200
4 do 44) do 1,000 do 1 ?|0
4 do 23 do 1,000 do 100
40 do 20 do 200 do 800
a 5,000 do bare 120,000
15,185 prize*, amounting to #204,<>00
The 15 000 Prizes of #8 are determined by the num
ber which draws the $40,000 Prize. If that number
should Ijj an odd number, then every edd number
ticket in the scheme will be entitled to $8 ; if ail even
number, then every even number ticket will be enti
tled to $3 in addition to any other Prize which may
be drawn.
Purchasers in
eren ni!
ing other Prizes,
All thcae tickets endiug with 0, 2,4, (5,8, are even;
all those ending with 1, 3, 6, 7, 0 are odd.
KememDer that every Prize ia drawn, and
pavfthlp in hill w^hoat (teduoVipp.
Z4f All Ppizea of $1,000 and uuder naid immedi
ately after the drawing } other prizes at the usual lime
of thirty days.
All communications strictly confidential.
Tlje drawn numbers w'U forwarded to puroha
sera Immediately after the drawing.
| Whole Tickets, #10?Halves, #5?Quarters, $2 60.
Prise Tiokcts cashed or renewed in other Tickets
at either office.
Orders for Tickets can be addressed to
S. SWAN k CO.,
Atlanta, Georgia.
Or 8. SWAN.
jljly Q?d$wt| Montgomery, Alabama.
[Authorized by the Stato of Georgia.]
To be drawn in the city of At'auta, Georgia, in pub
lic, on Thursday, August 28, 1866, on the
SAMUEL SWAN * CO., Manager*.
Prizes amonnting to
204,000 DOLLARS!
Will he distributed according to the following
30,000 Numbers?15,185 Prizes!
1 prize of. $ 10,000.... ia $40,000
1 dp 10,000....ia 10,000
1 do 10,000.... i? 10,000
1 do 5,000... .ia 5,000
1 do 2,000....is 2,000
1 do 1,000....is 1,000
1 do 1,000....is 1,000
10 prizes 200..,.are 2,000
100 do 100....are 10,000
4 prizes of #200 appro*, to $40,000 prize 800
4 do .... 100 do to 10,000 do 400
4 do .... 75 do to 10,000 do 300
4 do .... t)0 do to 5,000 do 240
4 do .... 50 dft to 2,000 do 200
4 do .... 40 do to 1,000 do lfiO
4 do .... 25 do tp 1,000 do loo
40 do .. 1. 20 do to 200 do 800
15,000 qo 8 q mounting to 180,000
15,185 prizes, amounting to $2o4,?M)0
The 15,000 Prizes of $8 aro determined by the num
ber which draws the $40,000 Prize. If that number
should be an odd number, then every odd number
ticket in the scheme will be entitled to $8; if an even
number, then every even number ticket In the scheme
will be entitled to *$8, in addition to any other Prize
which may be drawn.
Purchasers in buying unequal quantity of odd and
even number tickets will be certain of drawing nearly
one-half the cost of the same, with chapes of ob
taining other Prizeu.
All those tickets ending with 0, 2, 4, 6, S, are even
?all those ending with 1, 3, 5, 7, 0, are odd.
jRemember that every Prize is drawn, and
payable in full without deductum.
|gif All Prizes of #1,000 and under paid immedi
ately after the drawing; other Prizes at the usuul
time of thirty day*.
All csmmunicatious strictly confidential.
The drawn numbers will be forwarded to purcha
sers immediately after the drawing.
Whole Tickets #10?Halves $5?Quarters $2 50.
Pr ize Tickets cashed or renewed in other Tickets
at either office.
Great Inducement To Clubs.
As one half of the Tickets are guaranteed to draw
#8. we will sell Certificates of Packages of 10 Tickets
(odd and eren numbers,) at (he following ratts:
All that the 10 Tickets draw over the amount gua
ranteed accrues to the purchaser.
Certificate ot Package of 10 Whole Tickets.... #t>0
" " 10 Half " .... 80
" " 10 Quarter " .... 15
Address orders for Tickets, or Certificates of Pack
ages of Tickets, either to
S. SWAN & CO.,
Atlanta, Georgia.
|nly 24?d&wtf Montgomery, Alabama.
and RL1ND.
O */., between 80th ??<l 21.??/ ?t* , totUk aide.
has been set apart for the reception of visiters
at the Institution. The friends of this Institution are
respectfully invited to be present and witness the
exercises on that day.
This Institution is entirely charitable in its nature,
having been established expressly for the benefit of
that class of afflicted children for whom no provision
has ever be ;n made.
Donation; of money, household furniture, or of al
most any description, will be thankfully received at
the Institution. June 18?tf
_&rt?rm-iar&r r^rwrnrr^T-?r.
IrwiHE Recipe lor making the Won
M. drous Panacea, a core for almost every
class of disease, for only 25 cents. It readily sells
'for #?'( per bottle, and the recipe alone is worth
i4i?25. A good familv newspaper sent for one year?
Jcxtra. T. WILLIAMS, * J
ffi June 21 - ly* Albany, New fork. Jjjj
tnrotrBTirtrgrg-y '
JONES have removed their Law Office to No.
506 E street between Third and Fourth.
Ch. Lee Jones will practice in the Supreme Court
of the United States, and all other courwheld in the
District of Columbia, and give prompt attention to
every species of profemrional business that may be in
trusted to him. His father, General Walter Jones,
though mostly retired from general practico, will
unite with him, and do his best to advance the suc
cess of clients, by written statements aud arguments,
and by all other needful and proper exertions.
july 5?8mlf
f N a Honse which haa no superior loca
I tioo lor summer in the city, having large, airy,
and commodious rooms, not near any other build
ing or obstruction, and being near next to, and north
oftne east square of the* Capitol Park : is rendered
perfectly healthful by the absorption of malaria by
the foliage and flowers, over ana through which the
southwestern breezes so prevalent at this season
pass. Mosquitoes remarkably scarce. Board as good
as any.
No. 8#8, First street esst, between A and B north,
joly ??
AorlA Carol inn Elect tun
Kitium, A.*,* A K._Wlk
Or.ng?, iUm.n?, a?llfotd, lto?.ll ,nJ
c<,Iu"l", >??? l'??d from, ,?d .11 ,h<>w
Uige Deinocrkttc gaiiu, exrapt (iuillor<i.
'"inner, the Amcrinn c.ndid?Ui for Governor
g?in. 400. In the foregoing couture, the DeintJ
( rata gain fire member* of the Legislature. Pan!
0. Cameron, Esq., i? elected to the Senate from
Orange county, a Democratic gaiu.
Wii viNoroM, August 8._New Hanover county
gives 930 majority for Bragg ; a large gain. Co
lumbus 276 majority for Bragg, a g?i?. Bruns
wick county gone American by 89 majority, a gain
for Gilmer.
The Democratic gain in these counties is 224. I
The Deiiux ran have undoubtedly carried the
Kentucky Elections
Ciaoiwun, August 8.?Returns from thirty-six
countiea in Kentucky, mostly complete, give Ame
ncan majorities of upwards of 2,000, showing a
Democratic gain, as compared with the last Gub
ernatorial vote, of 5,650, when the Americas car
ried the State by about 4,400 votes.
.1Itssouri Election.
St. Louis, Aug. 8.?Galloway county give*
Ewing 300 majority; Scott county, Ewing 180
majority ; Lincoln county, Polk 300 majority.
Arkansas Elet^timi.
' ,Nt Innati, Aug. 8.?Crittenden countr, Ark
ansas, elects the entire American ticket. Yell, the
American candidate, Is elected fiovernor bv a large
Michigan Politics. '
Dtraoir, Aug. 8.?The Democratic State Con
vention has nominated ex-Senator Phelps for Gov
ernor, and a ticket for Presidential Electors, and
adopted .strong anti-Maine Law resolutions.
I own Kleclion.
Dvhuquk, August 8.?Davis and Curtis, Repub
licans, are elected to Congress from this State.
The Sute is claimed by the Republicans by live
thousand majority.
We understand that a private despatch has been
received in Washington from Burlington, Iowa,
stating that the Republicans have carried every
thing in that State?State ticket, Members of Con
gress, and Legislature.
-Vfttf* Route to Boston.
Nkw York, August 8?Cornelius Vanderbilt has
purchased the New York and Boston Central Rail
read, and will run steamers in connexion therewith,
thus forming a new line to Boston.
Arrival a/ the Vigo.
Nkw York, Aug. 8.?French propeller steam
ship Vigo, from Havre, arrived this morning. She
brings no later advices from Europe.
Letter Rag Seized,
( *^K,V ^ 0Rti Aug. 8.?The letter bags of the
French propeller Alma were seised vesterduv bv
the Government officers.
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, August 8,?Flour is heavv. Sal's
of l,i00 barrels, at #7.
Wheat has declined 6 a 8 cents. Good to pi ime
reds, $1 45 a #1 50; whites, #1 f?0 a $1 60.
( or.i. White, 58 a 63 cents] yellow, 63 a ?
New York Markett.
a m ORIV^gc,8 ~F,our is ,ower
\500 bbk Good State, $0 05; superfine Ohio,
fo 45 ; standard Southern, #8.
Wheat 1ms declined 3 a 5 cents. Sales of IV -
500 bushels. Prices arc unsetlled as yet.
Corn is lower. Sales of 29,000 bushels. South
em mixed, 64 cents.
Pork is easier. Sales of 250 bbls. Mess *20
Beef is dull. Sales of 250 bbls. Repacked
mess, |U. r
Lard is steady. Sales of 150 bbls. ?i 12 7-8 eta.
Whiskey is unchanged. Sales of 1 Oo bbls. Ohio
no cts. '
New York, August 8.? Stocks are higher. Chi
i'Bgo snd Rock Island, 92 3-4 ; Cumberland Coal.
19 7 8 ; Illinois Central shared, 108 ; do. bonds, 91
1-4 ; New ^ oi k Central, 90; Heading, 92; Vir?
ginia 6's, 93; Missouri 6's, 86 1-8.
Sterling Exchange is firm.
C10L0RED Miid Fancy Shirts tor Gentle
, men.?A good assortment on hund, which I
w ill close out at reduced prices for cash
Oent's Furnishing Ktorc,
jnl.y 1,"'~ 424, Pennsylvan'a avenue.
I hf shaving soap.
Vroom At Fowler's Walnut Oil. Military
Shaving Soap.
?onght by the moat fas
tidious in this branch of the toilet, and essen
tial to a - good shave," will be found, upon trial,
combined in the above-named article.
It has now been in the market twelve years, and
the thousands who have used it can testify to its sur
jvassing and useable qualities. It is without doubt
the bent soap in the world. The genuine bears Vroom
.1 Fowler s signature \nfae simile, and is onlv man
ufactnred bv John B. Vroom, (successor,) New York.
Sold in Washington bv Selbv Parker, Nairn and
Palmer; Georgetown, W. B. White.
july 11?8mdif
WE are now prepared to supply all
those who may favor us with their patron
age with the best article of fuel, at the following
2*^ ^r00^' Per cord.
Pine Wood 6 00 ?'
Hickory Wood 7 00 "
Rlove snd White Ash Kg* Coai.fl 50 per ton
Ked Ash. 6 75 "
Transition Nut ?. ..... 6 00 "
Cumberland Lump 5 50 "
Persons laying in fuel for the winter would do well
to give us a call before purchasing.
All orders left at P. J. Steer's store, No. 438 Sev
enth street, between I) and K, or at our office, will
be promptly filled.
2,440 pounds given to the ton.
nm ^ vJ?fN W MYERS & CO.,
Office and Ysrd corner G and 22d streets,
aug 5? 1m First Ward.
OrriCK or Washington Nat. Momitmknt Sociktt,
Washington, July 1, 1856.
IN accordance with an order of the Board
of Managers, the miblic are requested to pay no
more contributions tor the Washington National
Monument to agents heretofore commissioned bv the
This notice is not to be construed as a censure on
the agents, but it is designed to effectuate a general
settlement of the affairs of the Society. The Board
is well assured of eventual success in the |i?triotic
enterprise iu which it is engaged, but it has resolved
to suspend further proceedings by agency until a
plan, now under consideration, for combining effi
ciency, promptitude and safety, is matured.
Balances due ftoni agents, or offering* from inde
pendent contributors, are to be sent bv draft, jtayafrl*
to th* order of the Treasurer of Washington '\<it tonal
Monument Sod*#, enclosed in a letter to the under
signed. Bv order:
Secretary W. N. M. S.
N. B. Editors throughout the United States will
confer a favor on the Society, and benefit the puWie
by publishing this notice and sending to the Secre
tary a copy of the paper containing the same
$310,000 north of Famm hii<| Handing
[t.M ^ Lots,
WW ike iiOld Reciou of Virginia, (Culne
trLc,Z\ti ded wno?* ^ ?2CT
of Fort kot.V^, l?T^r' for the benefit
&123^2 Jrspss. SJTKlrrS
livery of the ?*e*d. Every Mibscrlher will get a build
"* ??t or . raog.ug.lu r-ue ^fjT
000. Then# farms and lots are ??ld nochean lo it.
dace settlement*, a sufficient numbtr beiu* reserved
the increase in the value of which will eompensslo
for the apparent low price now aaked. Ample iecuri
ty will be giveu for the faithful performance of toe
tW~ More A genu are wanted out of Washington
cut to obtain subscribers, to whooi the moat liberal
inducements will be given. Some Agents write that
t?ej are making |200 per month. Advertising will
f?r evt"r.v Agent where possible,
, P*rtic,',*r* Subscriptions, Agencies, Ac.,
?PI?'r to K BAUDER, Port Royal,
.. _ Caroline Cb. Vs.
,, Or,10 h. WHEELER. AnH
i "?!? lxth ?treet and Louisiana avenue,
jjrH-ftao Washington, I>.C.
Hi?, _ . REMOVAL.
O. HOOD wishes to inform Lm
? Ir tends and the public that he has re-/"X
moved his stock of line Watches, rich Jewelry fK
andI Silver; Wtiw, to the store formerly oa^lAIifc
pied by Mr. Keyworth, No. 888, Pennsylvania ave
nue, three doom abore Ninth street, where he will
keep constantly on hand a flue assortment of (fold
r& Wat5he* ot ererJr description; ai*o, pure
Silver Ware of my own manufacture: Wether with
a great variety of other rich wares.
. ^rin1. a lonf experience in the New York
and Washington trade, I am prepared lo offer goad*
at the lowest possible prices, at wholesale or retail
Sign of the large Spread Ragle.
lune 0 tf No. 388. Pennsylvania avenue.
m?rST BE HOLD, our entire stock of
!?? bancy and Plain Bonnets.
80 Open-worked* Laoc and Hair Bonnet* with
*0 Fancy Hair and Oimp Bonnet*.
2j Misses Hair and I*ace Bonnet*.
1 case slightly damaged straw, wjiiable for com
mon wear, travelling, Ac., will be offered a
great bargain.
C?llat Mrs. R. O. ETCHISON'M
Our customers who have received their hi lb ur?
respectfully requested to make ah esrly settlement
either by cash or notes at short date, and thereby
greatly oblige Mn?. U. (>. K.
j"'y 3?
1TR ("Pintog,") respectfully informs Members oT
Congress, citizens, and the public, that lie is now
prepared to execute, as usual, all business generally
intrusted to au
Amanuensis, Ooot/mt, md General Scribe*
Office at the "Exchange Hotel," C street. Orders
left either at J. Shillingtou's, "Odeon," corner of
Pennsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-halfstreet, or
at 879f Pennsylvania avenue, will ui?et with prompt
attention. fob lV-tl "
THIS place of resort will be open ou the
8d day of July for the accomtnoduiion ot
visiters. The subscriber has engaged a tirst- lEig
rate Cotillou Band for the season, and, with his large
and splendid ball-room, oBers vast inducements to
the lovers of the dance.
His table will bs constantly supplied with all the
luxuries of the Potomac, and his Bar with the choicest
This is known to be one o/ the healthiest places on
the nver, being situated betweon Bhiokistone's and
St. Catharine's islands.
There will be a celebration on the Fourth of July
a*d Bull and public Coti.lon Parties on Thursday'
24 th July, Thursday, 7th August, and Thursday, L'li.'t
of Augus;.
The steumer Alice Price will land passengers du
ring the watering season, on Tnesdajs and Friday*
going down, mid will stop tor passengers on Wed
ncsdays and Saturdays, ou her return trips.
The steamer Columbia will also land snd take oft'
passengers at the above Pavilion on Wednesdays
goinp to, and ou Sundays returning from Baltimore
Board?#1 per day, for a week or longer; $1 ?:>,
less than a week.
lune 97?gm? GEORGE W. BLACK 1STONE.
W EFT the residence of the subscriber,
R_J on the ISth instant, a negro boy, named Henrv,
about twelve years of ugo; had on when he lefi, bill.'
cotton pants and black and white straw hat; it ears
one suspender, llis right wrist is weak, from a
sprain. I will pay the above reward for his return to
July lii?il 11 it., between IIth and l.'ih.
(Successor to James F. llarvey, deceased,)
No. 410, Seventh utreet, between G and IU
BEOS leave to iuf< rm the public that she lias in
her employ the same persona that were tin
merly in the establishment, wbo are fully compntei t
to conduct the Undertaking Business, and that evei y
attention will be given to culls, day or night, as heie
tofote. may 1H?d"m
FOR Spring and Summer, my Htorh ol
the above is now full and complete in i r, ry
department. My facilities for doing business un? of
the best character. The public are inviled local|
and examine my stock, as 1 am determined to *elj
cheap for cash or to my puuctiuil customers.
Gents'Furnishing Store,
Penn. avenue, near Fonr-and-a-hnll stm-t.
ap SO?dtf
A GENTLEMAN who has several debt ,
well secured by ?'eeds in trust In this city,
wishes to raise a few thousand dollars lor sixty or
ninety daya, and wi.l make such a discount a* will
give a liberal interest for the amouut required.. It
the pnwrhaser desires it, the debts can remain, or
they will be liquidated in July or August.
Address L S. I)., at this office, care of the editoi
of tho Organ. , may 8?dttif
a bar<;ain7 "
FOR SALE, 20,000 feet of (.round, lu
twelve lots, of 25 fret by ISO feet ea?*h, situa
ted on the Island, near Four-and-a-half street, and
fronting upon Van street, between M and N streets
south. A good frame house, nearly new, in ou one
of the lots. The twelve lots fronting on Vun street
have alleys ou three sides, being thu surrounded bv
a street and alleys. The whole will be sold together,
or in lots to suit purchasers, at a bargain, and time
given on the larger portion of the purchase-money.
Inquire ?t this office. may 7?'dtf if
~TJVIO> HOT E L, WAS HI !?<JTO N \?it y jj
Opposite the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Depot.
npiIE Subscriber, having leased the hotel
M. known as Foy's Hotel, and formerly occupied
by the late John Foy, is now prepared to accommo
date the travelling public. The table will always be
supplied with all the delicacies of the season, pre
Isin d in the most superior style.
The bar attached to the house is furnished with
the finest Liquor and Cigars that can be obtained.
June 2?eo8m Proprietor.
WILL be opened to-morrow, at the
Lime Kilns of W. H. OOOEY A CD., situ
ated on Rock Creek, between the upper and lower
bridgea, a kiln of very superior Wood-burnt L.me.
The subscribers have also on haud a large supply
of Plasterers' Hair, Cemeut, Calcined Plaster, and
etery description of the veiy best quality of Lima
which will be disposed of on the most reasonable
terms. W. H. GOOEY A CO.
ap 15?eotf
Resort, within instant reach of all the luxuries
of the salt water region, the moat inviting locality
on the southern seaboard, snd rivaling, for h?*lth, the
most secluded retreat of the mountain interior, has
pass d to the nroprietorship of the undersigned, and
will be openeu on the loth of June.
The proprietor is resolved to make the establish
ment rank with the very first watering-places of the
country, and to that end no labor or expense has
been spared, and none will be.
may '2? 2awdAw JOS. SEOAR.
Houses, with cellars, on 12th street, between C
and D streets one square ?onth of Pennsylvania av
enue, containing ten rooms and cellar, will be sold
on accommodating terms, or rented to good tenant*.
H street, between 11th and 12th,
?ug 1 eodtt next to the Lutheran Church.

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