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IJNI.INC I ho* Patrol Hnnediet whuh
U claim by one thiog to ear? all disss?, each
preparation is particularly designed to our* sonic one
specific Idiopathic complaint, with iU train of syrup*
tonoatie affections
These medicines hare been iu use many years, and
had been Ion* before any of the patent medicines
now advertised an generally aa Pifls, Panaceas, Ki
lt acts, Hymps, Ac , were known, ana had a reputa
tion unsurpassed by any other. It is to be hoped
therefore, tiiat th>*e >vell-tried remedied, the matured
results oi nearly thirty years' experience and obser
vation of thoir masterly influence in the cure of dis
e*re, wiU meet with thai attention which their value,
their Inestimable importance to (heafflicted, demand.
Their uame* and net-* are fallows:
This is a powerful anodyne, and is sure to relieve
pain whou all other means fail, but should only be
given in urgent cases, and when no relief can be ob
tained by other meaus. Exceedingly valuable in Pita,
Lock-jaw, Colic, and severe pain. Prioe 60 cents.
'J'his is used whenever a strengthening plaster is
wanted. It seldom or never fails to afford relief.
Price 18W cents.
This is one of the most valuable counter-irritants.
By being applied over the parte, it quickly relieves
acute and chronic pains in the side and chest, and
inliammation of the throat or bronchitis. It cures
Deafness, or dullner.s of hearing, and is one of the
teiy b^st remedies for all diseases ot the spius, and
of the head or brain. Price 26 cents.
These Powders possess strong tonic anti-febrile
and anti-bilious properties, and will be found a sov
ereign remedy for Fever and Ague or Intermittent
Fever, in all its forms and stages, and will not, like
other remedies employed for this disease, in the least
degree injure the constitution. 11 has been employed
for mauy years In very many severe eases, and has
Kiven the most unqualified satisfaction te those who
avc used it, having pertortued many extraordinary
urea. Price 91.
These Drops are stimulant and expectorant, and
have un immediate effect in relieving Whooping
Cough, Croup, or Hives, Astha, Inflammation of the
Lungs, and in all rases where there is difficulty of
breathing; also, in Epilepsy, Pleurisy, Consumption,
and common Fits.
This Salve seldom or never fails to benefit or cure
Ulcers, Cuts, Sore Nipples, Bums, and sores of all
kinds. It will be found excellent in every case where
a healing salve is needed. If there is inflammation,
first reduce it by the application of a poultice; then
wash the ulcer or Bore with warm water and Castile
soap, and apply the Salve. This salve is also excel
lent for Corns, for venerial, acrofluous, fistulous, and
all other ulcers. Nothing better can be found. Price
25 cents.
These Pills are mode of the roots of the most val
uable medicinal plants, and are possessed of stimu
lating, detergent, or cleansing properties, and are also
a complete substitute for mercurv, and other drastic
purgatives, operating in almost all cases without gri
ping. They promote healthy secretions of the sto
mach, liver, and intestines, removing bilious and
morbid accumulations of matter, thereby relieving
these organs, and restoring their tone. Hence they
are invaluable in cases of Dyspepsia or indigestiou,
Disease of the Bowels, Costiveuess, Pains in the 8t?
mach, Side, and in the Abdomen, Fever, or Determi
nation of Blood to the Head. Ac. They act also on
ibe urinary organs, producing a natural action and
discharge, and they will therefore be found of the
nf iliw KiitncTN.
will prove inosi'iunvio n ?... ...?-- ? ,1
safe, and thorough evacuentoi purgative is required,
and a substitute of superior quality and efficacy for
a'l Pills recommended as purgatives. Price 25 cents.
For Coughs, Cold.x, Conmonption, Spitting of
Blood, Pain in the Breast, <L'c.
TMs Syrup has beeo extensively used in the pri
vate practice of the original proprietor for many
years, and its virtues have been fully tested in various
diseases of the lungs and chest. It promotes expec
toration, allays the cough, gives tone aud strength to
the system, aud, where the patient is not too far re
d coa, will effect a cure. It has repeatedly proved
e'licacious when all other means have failed. Being
prepared In a very concentrated state, and entirely
from vegetables, it may be takun, not only without
danger to the system, but with a good prospect ul
speedy relief and permanent benefit. 1 have known
this medicine to cure cases where there Bcemed to be
no ground lor hope whatever. Price $ 1.
This compound is admirably calculated to cure
Rheumatism, Sprains, Contractions of the Tendono,
White Swellings, Ague in the Face and in the Breasts,
Neuralgia, Mpinal Irritations, lVius and Soreness, or
Bruises in any part of the body- It is also equally
good for Mumps, Quinsy, Sore Throat, and for Paral
ysis. or Iom ot the use of the limbs after confinement
in cLild-birth, or from any other cause. This liquid
is a medicine in the highest reputation with these
r,ho know it by using it on their own persons and
(iimilips, and is certainly not surpassed by any of the
liniments, opodeldocs, or other preparations for
Rheumatism, Ac. Price 7f> cents.
For jfttiralgia and Nervous Dixeaxet
This is a very valuable Pill in all cases of Nervous
Irritation, fivstlessness, and pain arising from an en
feebled or shattered state of the nervous system. It
is excellent in Hysterics, and in all cases resulting
from derangements of the Uterine functions or fe
male complaints. Price. 25 cent?.
This preparation is designed to remove the difler
ent kinas of worms from the system, whether in the
stomach, the small or the large intestines; as the
[ pin, tape, aud common worms. It not only acts as
i\ vermifuge, but also cleanses and strengthens the
stomach and bowels, arrests fever, allays irritation,
and is surpassed by no other vermifuge in existence.
Price 60 cents.
These Pills are composed of the most valuable ar
ticles which can be found in the vegetable J(ateria
Medica, for Dyspepsia, and also for the removal of
all complaints immediately arising from or connected
with .Indigestion, Gastric or Intestinal Debility and
Derangement; Buch as Lobs of Appetite, Sourness of
the Stomach, Flatulence, Nausea, Heat and Burning
of the Stomach and Bowels, Dizxiness, Water-brash,
Headache, Palpitation of the Heart, Congli, Pain in
the Breast, Habitual Costivonesa, or its opposite, Di
arrhoea, Female Obstructions, Torpor of tho Liver or
Bowels, CTholic Pains, General Debility of Body and
Depression of Mind. These Pills operate mildly on
he stomach and bowels, cleansing and imparting to
them tone and cnerjry; and removing those ofcvSoo
tions or cansfw which induoe derangement and de
bility in tne digestive organs, and which produce
thatlong train or complaints which accompany dys
pepsia. They have been prescribed in thousands ol
rases by thsir original proprietor in his private prac
tice, and have met with such inurked and surprising
success, as to be valued above price by those who
best know them, and who have witnessed in their
own persons or families their sovereign efficacy in
curing the diseases for which they are recommended.
Prioe 96 conte
This Ointment is designed for Cutaneous DiagMMk
or affections of the skin; such as Tetter, or Salt
Rheum, or Dow Worm, or 8t Anthony's Fire, or
Erysipelas; tor all itching affections, eruptions oi
the skin, sore nipples, chapped hands, cliilbains, sore
and inflamed eyed, chappings and excoriations about
the nose and lips: the neck, thighs, and armpits of
children; for scalds and burns, bruises, swellings,
and piles. This is an article of great efficacy; oue
which has given goncral satisfaction, and whteo has
effected groat cures. Price 25 cents.
These Pills are retj efficacious in relieving very
severe Coughs, Pains in the Chest, and Irritation ol
ths Lungs. They are a very valuable, safe, mild, hut
effective remedy, not only for these affections, but
also for tickling in the throat, stricture of the luugs,
bronchitis, an<l other Pulmanary difficulties. They
ars very highly prized by many persons. Price 25
Ktpfcia,ly Dtrigned for Female Connpluint*.
The constitution alwayn suffers more or lees when
?oy of ths secretion* <,r discharges, established by
me laws of nature, are arrested or retarded ; but from
no## dM ?op^ t?il wiae than from obstruction or
e xpression of ths menses. This is sure in time to
bring on a train of complicated and obstinate di?
eosttrMrfc as pains iu the bead, back, loins, and ab
' ii Sill rtjlsi.liwiisliiili of Mood to the head, find con
sequent diixiness, cold extremities, but especially
< old last; loss of aiip-stite^ cutiveness. and general
debility; Cough, Palpitation of the Heart, Hectic
it er, and Consumption. Hie re-establishment o<
the Cat amenta! evacuation, whenever cheeked or sua
ponded, is indispensable to health, and the continu
ance of iife
Thajtsctgo ot U>a*s pdlls km tkm restoration el the
Tm- uk-nu* accretions, bf tmturrum tbc causes
which tber ars arrested ?*? checked^ sod b* pv
i\ An
in* inn* and bsaltb to the general system; they are
tb?r?J"r? an effectual remedy in ill cam* of difficult,
?sinful, or obstructed mau?-t; having bewn uwd in
nultitudM of cases, in the private practice of the
onirinsl proprietor, with singular suocess, ia which
rhey L*ve proved to be of the highest valns nd effl
eery. Prioe fcO cents. /
These Powders form a very ralaabla Anodyne, Di
aphoretic and Sudoriflo compound. They are bene
ficially administered in Fever, at Anthony's Fire, or
Erysipelas, Diarrhoea, Dyaantery, Cholera Morbus;
and in all cases where an anodyne. combined with a
sudorific, is required In theae diseases, it should
be administered in small doses. It is also applicable
to many other diseases, such ss rheumatism and
gout, colic, and griping pains, Ac. It promotes per
spiration without increasing the beat of the body, and
produoos a oonstant moisture of the skin for a great
length of time, while it allays irritation and gives
rest. 50 cents. s?p 15?eodly
Alterative Syrnp for all Impurities ol
the Blood.
This Syrup has been proved in thousands of cases
to be an unequalled remedy for Scrofula, Salt-Rheum,
Mercurial, Syphilitic or Venereal, ?u?d Eruptive dis
eases; for Jaundice, Erysipelas, Boils, Ulocrs, Uheu
matiam, Gout. CuUdooui Affections, or Diswioi ol
the Skin, as Blotches, Pimples, or Pustules, and all
Itching Eruptions, Ac. The design of this ttyrup ia
to re-establish the hsalthy functions of the system,
without producing any very sensible evacuation; not
being intended to not particularly npon the bowels,
but airectly,*nd with the greatest effect, upon tiie
Blood , ,
I have tried every preparation used by modern
Physicians, with the most distinguished and oelebrsr
tea patent nostrums, now so highly extolled; as the
various Panaceas. Sarsaparilla Syrups, Balsams, and
Extracts; and. after repeated trials for years, in dif
ferent forms of disease, I have found that this Syrup,
beyond all compuriaon, far exceeds them alL In
Chronic Inflammation of the Liver White Swelling,
Necrosis, or Fever Sores, Rickets. Fistula, and King s
Evil; in short, in every taint of the system or blood,
from whstever cause ft mav arise, or however long
standing, this medicine will be a pre-eminently supe
rior article, and of the highest value in all oases tor
which it is recommended. Price $1.
Sudorific Tincture or Sioeating Drops.
This medicine is truly unsurpassed in fulfilling the
indications for which it is given, which is generally
to produce free perspiration; hence its great and pro
eminent value in Bevere and violent colds and coughs,
fevers, inflammations, pleurisy, neuralgia, qninsy s
and also in allaying pain, however acute, as in bil
ious oholic, rheumatism, gravel, retention of urine,
painful menstruation, Ac. Price 50 cents.
Compound ITlmv* Ponder*, for Poultices.
This Powder made into Poultices is the most effi
cacious of any of the various kinds recommended,
and among all the different kinds used, I know ol
none which is equal to this for all inflammations
whether of the eyes, face, limbB or other parts of
the body?for Burns, Ulcers, Sore and Inflamed
Breasts, .Erysipelas or St. Anthony's Fire,
White Swellings, King's Evil, or Scrofulous and Fe
ver Sores, and Cuts. Inflamed Wounds, CarbuncleiL
Ac. It rapidly diminishes pain, heat, swelling, and
where there iB any gathering of purulent matter, it
promotes a free and easy suppuration. A better ar
ticle of the kind is not to be found. Price 50 cents
This article has been extensively used many yeai>
by the original proprietor, in hiB private practice in
thousands of cases in this city, (New York,) and
throughout the country, with invariable BiicceBs; he
can, therefore, with coufldenoe, recommend it as su
perior to any preparation of the kind now in use; it
is admirably calculated to restore tone to the muscu
lar fire, ana thereby impart, strength and energy to
the whole system. It will be found exceedingly val
uable in all cases of Debility, Dyspepsia, Pain in the
Breast Weakness of the Lungs, Nervous Complaints,
and those inward complaints peculiar to females,
such as Fluor Albus, or Whites, Prolapsus Uteri, or
r ailing of the Womb, Ac.
By giving tone to the digestive organs, they are
peculiarly useful in Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Ner
vous Diseases, and are thus beneficial in removing
Flatulency, Ac. In short, they will be found a valu
able preparation in all cases where a strengthening
remedy is required. This medicine haB long been in
great demand, and has the justly deserved reputation
of being nnrivalled in its value and efficacy. Price
50 cents.
Theoe drops are remarkably well calculated to al
lay tlio irratibility of the Bronchial tubes and lungs,
aiid thus cure colds, coughs, soreness and pain of
the chest and lungs, and iufluenia. Thfiy contain no
preparation of opium, or other narcotic, and possess
the peculiar property of removing irritation without
producing excitement of the system. They promote
expectoration, and mitigate and remove in a short
time the moat distressing Colds, Coughs, Hoarse
ness, and other Bronchial Affections. 1 hey are per
fectly innocent as well as pleasant, and may there
fore be taken with safety by pettous of every age,
and under all circumstances. Price 50 cents.
These Powders are very serviceable in Catarrh
and other obstructions of the nose and head. They
Sromote a free discharge from the nasal glands, and
iminish the pressure of blood upon the brain, re
lieve headache, mid have often cured polypus in the
nose. Colds which affect the head, eyes, and fances,
and which produce a tightness or stricture across
the forehead will be relieved by these Powders.
Prioe 25 cents.
For Diarrkaxt, Cooler a Morbus, and Summer
Complainth of Children.
This Medicine possesses the power, in a very re
markable manner, of neutralixing the acidity of the
Stomach, or removing the morbid or acrid secretions
of the Liver, which are the exciting causes of bowel
complaints in general. It allays sickness of the sto
mach, removes the pain, causos healthy evacuations
from the bowels, at the same time nets as a gentlo
astringent Hence it will be found a very superior
and vnluable remedy, in both acute and chronic dis
eases of the bowels, in Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Chole
ra Morbus, and Summer Complaiuts of Children. In
all these complaints the liver is usually more or less
affected, the stomach in an irritable, and the bowels
in an inflamed condition. Thin medicine is most
effectual in relieving all these organs, restoring their
tone and natural fuuetions. Among all the numer
ous remedies for these diseases, some of which are
strongly recommended, this has proved itself, in every
instance, to be the best, the surest, safest, and most
effective of all. I do not think its equal can be found
for children when teething, or as a remedy for bowel
complaints. Price 50 cents.
Hepatic, or Liner Pills, for Complaints of the
Jher are truly an extraordinary remedy for Liver
Compfaint, and havo invariably met with unexam
pled success, in thousands of most difficult cases of
very long standing. These pills remove all obstruc
tions of the Liver, and act specially on this organ,
by changing and regulating its secretions; they gen
erally remove the pain in tne side and shoulder, and
the yellowness of the complexion, in a very short
time, and will accomplish all and even more than is
ever represented to be effected by mercury or calo
mel in any form. They act gently upon the bowels,
and operate ouly as a very mild purgative, but at the
same time they give tone and strength to the general
system. Price 26 cents.
For the Gravel, and all Affections of the Kidneys,
or difficulty in voiding Urine, attended with heat and
scalding. They will also be found a veir valuable
remedy in Flnor Albus. or Whites, and Gonorrhoea.
They are also inestimable in syphilitic or venereal
complaints, in Nephritis, or inflammation of the Kid
neys, in Cystitis, or Inflammation of the Bladder, in
Hematuria, or bloody urine, and all other diseases of
the Urinary apparatus, however severe and painftil.
A better rvmeoy for these complaints is not known.
Price 91.
This Emetic exerts a very salutary influence ovsv
the animal economy, and removes diseases when
other remedies fail.
The stomach is coated frequently with a viscid,
tenacious fluid, which prevents the action of purga
tives and other agents; in this manner the functions
of thro primary and important organ are so deranged
that nothing will act beneficially on its living fibre;
Cstbartics pass through it and the bowels witiiout
r? moving any morbid accumulation, or rssioringja
healthy tone to these ports.
This emetic, from its pecaliar combination, has a
three-fold efi'oct upon the system. When any morbid
affection depends upon, or is connected with, over
distension of the stomach, or the presence of acrid or
indigestible substances, vomiting gives speedy relief.
8. It not only thus dislodges from the stomach for
eign and deleterious agents, but it produces a new
action, nnd thus changes the secretions by its stimu
lating effects on the stomach, lungs, liver, 4c.
8. in consequence of the intimate connexion be
tween the stomach and tho capiliary system, or the
minute vessels of the surface, a most important and
i? product hy th~ operation of vom
,tlng, In eanring r>#rsuiration. In short, every part
of the srst?m, by its avmpsthstie etftct, is more or
less benefited bj this Emetic. Houcc it in rwcow
mended in every dor an geese at <A the digestive or
gans, in Dvspttpsin, is Affections of the Liver, in bil
ious and febrile complaints, sick and nervous head
ache, loas of appetite, pulmonary disease, Croup or
Hive*. Whooping Cough, Incipient Apoplexy, Hys
teric Pits, Ac. Prioe 25 cents.
These Pills are very effiosciona in avsry case of
Rheumstiam, whether acuta or chronic; and I sm
sa.li a tied, from my own observation of their great
efficacy in the wont and most obatinate cases, that
they are not surpassed, if they are indeed equalled,
by any other pills of the kind in existence; they at
tenuate viscid humors, remove obstructions, regulate
the system, purify the blood, and thus cure the com
plaint The Rheumatic Liquid used with the Pills,
to bathe the parts affected, will very much facilitate
the cure. When the case is very obstinate, and does
not yield readily to the above medicines, a Syrup
made from the Alterative Powder, (which can be ob
tained at the same place with the Pills and Rheuma
tic Liquid,) muet be taken aooording to directions
accompanying it; bnt in most instances the Pills
alone, or the rills and Liquid, will remove the com
plaint in a short time. Price 60 cents.
This preparation has been fonnd On invaluable
remedy fjr the Hemorrhoids, or Piles. It is given
internally, to correct a faulty state of the bil'ary or
digestive organs, which produces oostiveness, or a
derangement of the bowels, and consequently the
Most of the remedies now in use for this dangerous
and painful affection, are directed to be applied ex
ternally ; thoy do not remove the cause of the oom
plaint, and can therefore afford only temporary re
lief. Again, the disease ia often beyond the reach o
aid from external applications, au objection to whiph
this remedy is not liable, it being taken internally.
It is perfectly safe, pleasant to take, mild and easy
in its operation, and affords immediate relief.
We have not heard of a single case in which this
mediciue has failed either to produoe speody relief,
or to ours the complaint.
It is equally efficacious in curing both the Blind
and Bleeding Piles. If the bowels are left costive
after the use of this medicine, a little physic may bs
taken to regulate them. Having beep trying the A1U
Healing Ointment in some very bad cases of Piles, I
hesitate not to assure the afflicted that it is a vary
valuable medicine, and an inestimable auxiliary to
the Electuary. I consider it the beat external appli
cation, I have ever known. The Electuary ia an in
ternal remedy, and the Ointment aa an external appli
cation. used in connexion, I doubt not would be ef
fectual in the most obstinate casss, and must surpass
in all instances any other remedies for Piles to be
found. Price $1.
All my medicines are put op under my own
personal supervision, and the public are assured that
they are prepared of the best imported vegetable in
gredients, and can be obtained only at our office, No.
179 South B street, opposite Smithsonian Institution,
where they have done a large snd successful practice
for the last six years, in the treatment of all Chronic
Diseases, and those diseases produced by the Old
School Mineral Physicians, by the indiscriminate use
of Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony, Ac. Happily for
suffering humanity, their practice is so manifestly
Injurious, that it is now gradually on the wane, and
must in a few years sink into oblivion.
sept 17?eodly
ON Til
At. II. LA CROIX. M. D.,
260 pages and 130 Fine, Plain, and Colored Lith-1
ographtt and Platen.
Pajos on it Tw?ktt-?jyk Csnw
Sent free of poatage to all parts of the Union.
' ed, and containim; nearly
double the quantity of reading
matter in that of the Fifty Cent
or Dollar Publications. It treats
on the Physiology of Marriage.
and the Secret Infirmities ana
Disorder of Youth and Maturity,
resulting from excesses, which 1
destroy the physical and mental
EBwors, \yith observations on.
arriage, its duties and disquali
fications, and their remedies,
with lithographs illustrating the anatomy and Physi
ology and diseases of the reproductive organs of both
Bexea, their structure, uses, and functions. A popu
lar and comprehensive Treatise on the Duties and
Casualties of Single and Married Life; happy and
fruitful alliances; mode of securing them; infelici
tous and infertile ones; theirobviation and removal;
important hints to those contemplating matrimony,
that will overcame objections to it; none, however,
should take this important step without first consult
ing its pages; commentaries on the diseases and med
ical treatment of females from infancy to old age,
each case graphically illustrated by beautiful litho
graphic plates; nervous debility, itBcauses and cure,
by a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual,
that failure is impoaaible; rules for daily manage
ment; an essay on spermatorrhoea, with practical
observations on the safer and more successful mode
of treatment, precautionary bints on the evils result
ing from empirical practice; an essay on all diseases
arising from indiscretion, with plain and simple rules
by whioh all persons can cure themselves without
mercury; remedies for those self-inflicted miseries
and disappointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent
in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married
and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is
particularly recommended to persons entertaining
accret doubts of their physical condition, and who are
conscious of having hamrdod the health, happiness,
and ^privileges to which every human being is en
Price TWENTY FIVE CENTS per copy, or five
copies for One Dollar. Mailed free of postage to all
parts of the United States.
N. B. Those who prefer, may consult Dr. La Croix
upon any of the diseases upon whioh this book treats,
either personally or by mail.
Medicine sent to any part of the Union according
to directions, safely packed, and carefully secured
from all observation.
Address Dr. M. B. LA CROIX, No. 81. Maiden
Lane, or post office box 579, Albany, New York.
Office open daily, from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M.,
and oq Sunday from 8 until 5 P. M.
EST Office removed from No. HQ, Beaver street to
81. Maiden Lane, Albany, New York.
jau 15?ly
I A R D.?The Undersigned, JOHN C.
DEVEREUX, of New York City, and M.
THOMPSON, of Washington D. C., Attorneys and
Counsellors-at-Law, are associated for the legal pros
ecution of claims for creditors of Government in the
Court of Claims.
They will co-operate in immpdinte and careful at
tention to business matters at Washington, which
may be intrusted to their cure by gentlemen of the
profession and claimants in the city of New York, or
els where in any part of the Union.
l'ney may be consulted at any time, personallv or
by letter, either at New York or Washington. Par
Uoular information as to claims which have been at
any time before Congress or Departments can be
furnished at once, upon application by the parties
interested. JOHN C. DEVEREUX,
No. 90, Broadway,
Corner of Wall street, New York City
Wash ngton City. -
N. B. J. C. Deverenx is a Commissioner of the
Court of Claims. feb e8?dtf
OrricK or Washington Nat. Monument Soctrrr,
Washington, July 1, 1866.
?N accordance with an order of the Board
of Managers, the public are requested U> pay no
more contributions for the Washington National
Monument to agents heretofore commissioned by the
This notice is not to be construed as a censure on
the agents, but it is designed to effectuate a general
settlement of the affcirs of the Society. The Board
is well assured of eventual success fn the patriotic
enterprise in which it is engaged, but it has resolved
to smipend further proceedings by agency until a
plan, now under consideration, for combining effi
ciency, promptitude and safety, is matured.
Balances due fiom agents, or offering* from inde
rndent contributors, arc to be sent by draft, pavahU
th4 order of Uu Treasurer Wmhuigton National
Monument Soeirty, enclosed in a letter to the under
signed. By order:
iuly 6?dtf Secretary W. N. M. S.
If. B. Editors throughout the United States will
conior a favor on the Society, and benefit the public,
by publishing this notice and sonding to the Secns
tnrv h copv of H, . pap?>r containing thf *.Hmo
A PARTNER, either active or silent,
with a capital of $">00, in the Lime aDd Cement
Business. The kiln, which is capable of biarnisg
100 barrels of lime, or 160 barrels of cemsntpsr day
together with the mill to grind the cement, la already
boilt. Apply to A. 8. BURROWS
RR?, Pennsylvania nvenns, bet. latand 2d at*
may 1?
Ks* ?>
? K(? It*
FOR the radical Care of Coughs, Colds,
Consumption, Croup, Whooping Coujh, Ac.
Avoid ?U qsackery, and take medicine* prepared by
a regular physician only.
Fur Consumption, Colds, Coughs, Asthma. Spitting
of Blood, Bronchitis, and all diseases of the Lungs.
The beat Cough Syrup in the world I
Dr. J. S. Rose, of Philadelphia, haa had an exten
sive practice of medicine in tnat city, the past thirty
Cm, and his Congh Syrup is une of the most popu
prescriptions for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, and
all complaints of the Breast and Lungs. It not only
cures the above complaints, but fortifies the system
against future attacka. Thousand* have been cured
of Consumption by this valuable preparation. It is
now used and recommended by medical man, at home
and abroad, as the best Cough and Consumption
Medicine in the world. This is no quack prepara
tion, but it is prepared with great care by Dr. J. S.
Rosa himself, an eminent and regularly educated
When you see a medicine uufiTed to enre Coughs,
Consumption, Croup, and Whooping Cough, discuses
entirely dissimilar, put it down as a quack medicine;
henee, Dr. Rose prepares a mixture for each com
plaint, and suited to each diaeaae. Cough Syrup for
? - .. _ _ ^ ??. r> rn.
I There have been many remedies compounded for
the cure of Croup or Hive. The disease is particu
larly prevalent among children, and oftep fatal; but,
aa I nave never seen a case terminate fcUlly or con
tinue long where this Syrup was used, I can recom
mend it with the highest confidence. With one bot
tle of Dr. Rose's Croup Syrup in the house, no mother
need fear the Croup. S?5 cento a ^ ^
Whooping Cough?what is it? Physicians have
I unanimously co*ne to the conclusion thst Wboopinc
Cough is not oa v spasmodic, but may, rf neglected,
often run into o.her diseases, as Chronic inflamma
tdon of the Lungs, Consumption, and often Droray o
the Chest, aU of which dangerous and frequently in
curable complaints will be avoided by umngDr. Rose s
Whooping Cough 8yrup, which gives immediate re
lief, and frequently cures in a few days. 60 cents a
bottle. . ? . , , I
I In most cases of Colds or Croup there is frequently
some fever. When this occurs, keep the bowels open
I with Dr. Rose's Family Pills.
Use Dr- Rose's Pain Cujer whenever you suffer
pain. It gives immediate felief.
I Washington, D. C.
I awl&Beorgetown. I
And by all dealers in Alexandria, Virginia. ?
I jy 17?eoif 6m H
PR. C. M. JACKSON, Philadelphia, Pa.71
Liver Complaint, Dytpepsia, Jayndice, Chronic I
or Nervous Jkbility, biseaaeit of the Kidneys,
arul ali Diseases a ri tiiiuj from (^imrdei^^Avn^
I or Stomach,
Such as Constipation, Inward Piles. Fuljfleaa OT Blood
to the He^d, Acidity of the Stomach, Nansea, Heart
burn, Disgust for Food, Fullness or Weight in ^
the Stomach, Sonr Eructations, Sinking or ?
I Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swim- H
I ming of the Head, Hurried and Difficult H
I Breathing, Fluttering of the Heart, Oho- ?
I king orSuffocating Sensations when H
I in a lying posture, Dimness qf Yia- H
I ion, itats of Webs before the Bight, H
I Fever and Dull Pain in the Head, I
Deficiency of Perspiration, ?
I Y ellowness of the Skin and H
I Eyes. Pain in the side, H
I Back, Chest, Limbs, Ac. ^
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Burning in tlje Flesh, Con
stant Imaginings of Evil, and Great Depression ol
^?HE Proprietor, in calling the attention of the I
public to this preparation, does so with a feci
ling of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap
tation of it to the diseases for which it is recom
I mended. " I
I It is n? new and untried article, bi.t one that has
I stood the test of a ten yeara' trial before the Amer
ican people, and its reputation and sale is unrivalled
I by any similar preparations extant. The testimony
I in its fkvor given by the most prominent and wefl
I known physicians and individuals, in all parts of the
I country is imni nse. The fo'lowing from North
I Carolina is respectlully submit led, referring any who
I may still doubt to the " Memorabilia," or Practical
I Receipt Book, tor Fanners and Families, to be hod
I gratis >>i nil the agents for the German Bitters.
I Principal Office and Manufactory 120, Arch street,!
I Philadel hia, Pennsylvania: I
I Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pint Hill, Rich I
I mond County, North Carolina. I
I Pins Hill, March 4, 1854. I
I Dsar Sia: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in]
I its worst form, for the last five years. Such was my
(condition for twelve months (hat the physicians andl
I all who saw me said I muat die. While in this c<>n-|
Idition, 1 was carried to the watering places in Vir]
I ginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, but was not
I benefited by any water to which I was taken. While
I on my way home, I stopped a week at liuthertordton,
I a small village in North Carolina, to try the effect of
I some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last
I of the week I went into a drug store to get some med
I icine for my child and myself. There were several
I of the village physicians in the store, and one of them
I seemed to take some interest in my case, and, after
I asking me some questions, said he had been a dys
I peptic, and had been greatly benefited by the ?se of
I " Hoonond's German flitters," prepared by you, and
I he insisted that I would try the Bitters. He also
I called the next day at my room, and insisted so much
I that I would try them that I asked him to get me
I one boitle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as
I directed, and I was more benefited by it than all the
I water and medicine I had ever token.
I After reaching home, one of my neighbors came to
I me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspeptic.)
I and I gave him nearly all the Bitters I had left, whicn
I effected much good iu his case. He has often called
I on me for more of the ...ie kind of medicine, saymgJ
I he was more benefited by it than any other he hadl
I taken, bat I have not been able to get any more fori
I him or myself since. Will you, therefore, please ship |
I me a dozen or more as soon possible. _&jM|
I Respectfully, yours. W. SMITH.H
I Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia. H
I D. R. Hooker, Roger's 8tore, Wake county, North!
I Carolina, October 24, 1858, says:
I " Having experienced venr great benefit from the
I use of Hoofiana's German Bitters, in Chronic Dysen
I tery and Functional Derangement of the Liver, and
I its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a
I quantity of it for the benefit of my community. You
I will, therefore, please send a lot, Ac." ?
| Humtstilli, faoKiir Co., N. C., H
November 1, 1855. ?
I)rar Sir: Allow me to express to you my sinoere
thanks for vour discovery of a medicine which, to sar
the least of it, has effected a cure that all other med
icines that I have taken have entirely failed to do. |
Hoofland's German Bitters hare cured me of the most
stubborn and aggravated case of the Piles that per- I
haps ever fell to the lot of man. My case is not a
stranger in this community, as I am well known in
this and the surroundiiqt counties, and ean truly,say
that my recovery has astounded all my friends and
relations, as I had tried everything recommended,
and nothing did me any good, until I was prevailed
upon to try the Bitters. Yon ore at liberty to make
anv use of this communication, for the bet efit of the I
afflicted, yon may think proper. I
Traly.Jrottra, WM. J. ATWOOD.
Dr. C. M. Jacrso*.
These Bitters are entirely vegetable. They invig
orate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it,
and can be used for infcnts at weH aa adults.
For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, and by
XD, OILMAN. Washington.
J. L. KIDWELL Georgetown.
J. R. PIKRPONT, Alexandria,
jan 4?dim I
JHOHN A. KEtC Mearchaat Tailor, Ma.
? 118 King street, (one door we* of Pit*>Ale*- I
??^Ha, To. ^ ^ ^ .
?Constantly so head Bhirta. Drawers, OwjMj;
.d everything to be fhnnd in a ceatUttea'eootftMag
mar (a?if
medical advj
Pleasant Family PIhysic.
AN ENTIRELY VEGETABLE prsr> iration, ploa
?ttui u> the taste, unexcelled in ita . cue n upon
the Liver, Stomach, &nd general system. Ar an anti
bilious and alterative pbyaic, this
I have used it constantly in my pmo*Ice tor upwards
of ton reare in all caaes where a good physic and al
terative was required, and would not now do without
it. It is the Physician's Assistant, as well as the safest
family medicine in use. Children drink ? with plea
sure.' It will nut nauseate the weakest stoineeh. It
produces no griping, but operates easily, thoroughly,
and ia sure to eradicate sll imparities from the sys
tem if it is properly taken. Already thousands of
living witnesses are ready to testify to ita superior
virtues independent of 1U purgative and anti-bilioua
qualities. It has cured the worst oases of Erysipelas
in a few days. It ia a never-friliM core for Head
ache, Liver Complaint, Jaundios, Kidney Complaint
Bilioua Fever, Pains in the Hide, Back, Breast, and
Limbs, Colda Craaapa, Worms, Lumbago, Blotches
on the Skin, Pimples. Cutaneous Eruptions, Obstiuc
tiona in the System, Constipation of the Bowels, Dis
xiness, Mercurial Diseases, Ptourisy, Female Irregu
larities, Bowel Complaints, Uloers of all kinds, 4c.
It cleanses by its superior medicinal virtnss, the ul
osrous humor from the blood and corrupt bila from
ZTtoSh, carrying it oil through the nataral
channels; it invigorates the blood and leavesi thesys
tem bealtiiy. I ask my friends to tost the above
medicine, and pronounce a verdio* as they shall be
imnressedby the evidenoe. Tboae who know me
professionally will not doubt ita worth.
Since ita tirat introduction, no medicine has attun
ed such wonderful popularity, and ita aalea have in
creased beyond the moat sanguine hopes of its friends.
Neighbora recommend it as a safe and unequalled
physic! Physicians carry it with them. Chlldran
will take no other after one trial, and prat* should
use no Other in their Miilaa. lWing in low
Knd marshy countries, suW to daedymiasuiM,
?vhare Fevers, Ague and Fev?r aod bilious com
plaints are more apt to be, mil find the Liquid
Cathartic" the moat potent remedy yet tried. Give
it a triaL
Wholesale by A. B. A D. Sands, C. Y. CHetnsr *
Co., and C. H. Ring, New York.
Full directions aooomp^sy each bottle Price 60
and 26 centa often ana twenty doses.
Principal Depot, 409 Broadway, N. Y.
Sold bv C. STOTT & CO. Washington and all re
spectable Druggista throughout the country, oct 18
Midwifery,-*?, bangs, Profes
sional Medium, Would respectfiilly lnlorm her
friends and the public, that she has removed from
her late regidenoe to Twelfth, between C and D streets,
next door to John D. Clark's Police Office. 8be here
by tenders her thanks to her frienda and customers
for the liberal patronage bastowed upon her, and
hopes, by her attention and assiduity to business, to
merit a continuance of public patronage.
Refers to Dr. Uogan and Dr. Fairfax, Alexandria.
j n?28?ly - '
ARliLE WORKS.-?The Subscriber
L begs leave to inform hia friend* wd the pub
lic that he has increased his atook of Marble Mantels,
comprising Sienna. Brockedelia, Spanish, Egyptian
rein; Italian, and Block Marble, richly carved -#pd
plain, of the beBt qualittr, newest style, and superior
finish, which he offers for aale low for caa^ ?
Also, 20 Marble Monuments, Tw?ka, and Head
stone Slabs; Easterp Ma^hie for window-sills, lintels,
steps, wjd platibrnis: Marble tile, counter, and tsble
topli; Soapstoue; Calcined plaster, $8 per barrel.
Also on hand a large lot of Connecticut Brown
Stone, New York Flags and atopft, auiteblefbr build
ing purposes,
ipvto ih6 ffcUentit'U of buildon una others to
his stock, and will endeavor t? give aatisfaction to all
who may favor him with their orders.
aug 2?ly On E street, bet 18th and l?th.
TO f^d persons in want of the following
French and German Looking Glasses
Portrait and Picture Frames, round, oval, or
Oil Paintings, all sixes
Marble-top bracket Tables, in bronse or gilt
All kinds ?f Picture and other Frames made to
ardet -
Also, Looking Glasses of any site made to order
A lot of cast-iron Braokete on hand, suitable for
N. B. Old work regilt and Looking Glasses in
serted in old frames.
All the above will be done and sold at the lowest
rates for cash. JOHN WAGNER,
255, Penn. avenue, opposite Kirkwood House,
dec 19?ly
MRS. SMITH ?et her Tea-Pot on the
range to dtttor the tea, little dreaming it
" Wouldn't stand the fire" till she saw it run. She
screamed as it disappeared, and fell back in conyul
siotis. Every remedy was administered, but nothing
would restore her. At last, her husband said he
would call at FRANCIS'S, on Seventh Street, and
buy her one of his Fire-prooi 1 ea-Pots, when she waa
observed to smile. In the morning, after aiarting
away, Mr. Smith looked back, and aaw her standing
in the door. For a moment he listened, it was that
same musical voice, " My dear, remember the Tea
Pot!" jan 11?rt
DR. O. MUNSON, at 338, Pennsylvania
avenur, is mounting Teeth on s Gntta Percha
bale. Also wtih Allen's patent continuous Gum, com
bining beauty, strength, and cleanliness.
Dr. M. is determined to keen pace with every im
provement in Dentistry, and will strive to please and
profit his patrons.
Rev. Dr. Gurley Hon. R. H. Gillet
Dr. Binney Hon. S. A. Douglas
Hon. C. Mason Dr. R. P. Patterson
Hon. A. 0. P. Nicholson Dr. R. Coolidge
And the Medical Faculty of Georgetown College,
nov 24?ly
The Mutual Fire Insurance Company oi the
District of Colombia*
Chartered by Concrete,
OFFERS to the property owners of the
District as cheap and as safe meana of mau
rance as any other Company in this District.
ULYS8B8 WARD, President
CHAS."WILSON, Secretary.
MATHEW G. EMERY, Treasurer.
Ulysses Ward, John Yan Riswiok,
Thomas Blagden, T. J. Magruder,
John Dixon, Maihew G. Emery,
J. C. MoKeUsn.
Office?Adjoining; [north) of Bank Washington.
Fs* open during Bank hours.
Ian 89-tf
In connexion with the Orange and
i Alexandria Railroad.
This commodious steamer will leave ber slip, f*ot
of Seventh atreet daily at 6 o'clock A. M., mivmg
Alexandria in aeason for the trains of the Orange and
Alexandria and M ??????* Gap railroads for Gordon s
ville, Charlottoaville, and Stanton, on the Mana?"
road tor Winchester and Strssbwrg. Brsakust
board t'-e boat Thia host is the only regular line
between Washington sad Alexandria.
JOHN VAN RISWIOK, 1 Propri#tori.
ap 80_tf H A. RYTHKR. Captain
| Great Inducements for yon to Call and See
HE undersigned gives notice to hia friends and
* a* . l a \ . % - 1 _ A ?i i ii I) l?- n rl Itia ei/lA
lib HUUOIBlHUW K* ' . . , . .
the public that be h*? just recurred his Mtoo
of Fall and Winter Gooda, comprising all the latest
atvlea and colors of Cloth, Caasimere, and Vss
which goods will be made up ordei% ^
elegant manner, as he baa some of the best workmen
in Uie United States at work for him.
for Scott the reporter of fashions, rxn may re
getting the most fkshionable clothing.
for instance, a whole snit, Goat, Psato, and Vest,
the small sum oWfi. uU from |10 , to $90
htSr^ Sr do s t. io
v do do do 2 M to 10
Hr^rpectfolly soHdts s call from all in waat
Ifflothing. yUfjjngfilNQ GOODS,
aach as Shirts, Drawers, Collars, Stocks, Bandker
chiefs Soarfh, Umbrellas, Ac.
| csiets, nca p ^ HKOWNlNa,
Under United States Hotel,
Betweeo Sd and 4^ atreeU. Penn. avenns
sov 7?tf
principal teacher of WaafiJJtS city, baa ttjo : >uor
to announoe to hit former petrona *nd the vbii?
general Iy that he will mm the duties of h is S choel
l8?. ?* Mender' s As
sembly Hail, adjoining the Star o?o#, m 8 o'clock,
r. 1L, for Indies, misaee, and masters, aud oa the
same evening, at 7 W for gentlemen.
He feels assured that the oa equalled progress o.
numerous pupils in his former classes is a b??
CUul of his superior skill as an instructor.
rror. M. begs leave to remind the public of the
unbounded success of his May Festival Ball, at the
|.National Theatre, which was attended by upwards
|ol LOOO persons.
kiifl<lW Hall, which is one of the largest, most
beautiful, and convemantly-arrsnged in the city, with
two larire dmaain* un.l J1 jj j _l._v
Itwo large dressing and supper rooms added,"which
?can be reuted for balls aud parties. The location is
?ooDveatent to persons residing in any part of the city.
I , V"? 011 Thursday, at *
lo clock, P. M., and on the same evenings. at 7 toe
.ii Mu* ?-u?
All who desire to join hii nlssess, will pleaae sddIt
1st Mr. John F. Ellis'g Music store, Pennsylv*ni*av?
lane, near Teuth street, or to Prof. M., at his rooms.
Ion th? above days. A subscription list is now open
?to receive the names oi those wishing season tickets
|to the Soirees. (July $6 for the season
oct 80 dtj
Office No. 398 Pennsylvania amenti*.
Jt'oruer of 10th atreot^ over the Savings
THIS Cemetery is liMnt oa the plait of
the celebrated Greenwood of New York and
?situated on the high ground, distant one ao-i a'quar
Itance to those who wish their dead to repose wfisre
I jl?' ^v.e Utom. for it baa btcomea custom in all
I ernes. when the burial ground has hsttiiiui valuable
for other Purposes, to sell it andthrowthe dead p?
I miscuously into one large pit, and legal measures cnu
I not prevent it. as so titles are given to the ground.
N. fi OAtpe open from 10 to 12 A. M., where pamph
I ? containing the charter, by-lawa, and a aZrf
I thegrounda, and all other information can be oo
I ^I#ft with Mr- JAMES F. UAR
I > EY, No. 410 7th street, or any other Undertaker,
[will be promptly attended to. June IS?ly
lltW are, don't take Qnack Medicines,
I result of thirty years' practice in Philadelphia. His
(prescriptions are for each complaint, and have been
I well tusted and approved by huudreda of physicians,
| and thousands of patients. A remedv for each disease.
This preparation is truly the wouder of thes^a
I JM" ,al1 P?in, external or internal. Cures Pains iu
the 8?des, Limbs, or Back, Chi Iblains, Ague, or Lumps
m Tq' BmU.iB*8' sP""a?, toothache,
| Earwhe, Stiff Neck. Sore Thibet, Pains in tha Bowels
and Stomach^Sudden Colds, Ac.
D **in?La t?nic mixture, is also
^neflt1br ^eak Stomach and Bow
elfc likewise fbr Fever and A^ue.
Whenever you have pain uae the Pain Curer freely,
and you will obtain immediaie relief. Bottles 12W
'2,\ and 50 cenU
Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup, or Expectorant, is the
best preparation in the world for a Cough, arising
[from a cold, or a consumptive cough. Bottles 60
? i e Pr' ^ose'8 Whooping Cough Syrup. It laths
?only reliable remedy for that distressing and often
I fatal complaint. Price 60 cents.
Dr. Rose's Croup Syrup has saved the lives of
|thousands of children. 25 cents a bottle
_ The most wonderful preparation to allay all osr*
Ivous affections of the mind or body is Dr. Rose's
INervoug Cordial. 60 cento a bottle.
rr ? ? PLAINTS.
Use I)r. Rose's Bucher Compound. It aha adim
|Dropsy. 50 cents a bottle.
_ Dr. Rose's Gulden Pills are the
?Falling of the Womb, Weakness, an
|ity. 50 cents a box.
Are the great regulating Female Pills.
|a box.
Siiinilm Ka nno.1 Km aII 1" - 1 _ fi ?... .m
Should be used by all females, as it strengthens
ie constitution, purifies theblood,
land invigorates the U,.U1UIUU?U| purines w
land removes all eruptions from the skin
[bottles 91, small bott'es 50 cents.
l-nDBe*Dr' 225?'8 '^"P otic and Liver Compound
|o0 cents a bottle.
,T.Tttke Dr- ?*>*?* Anti-BUoas or Railroad Pills.
hev carry off all bile. 1 iU and S6 oents a box.
I These Pills are called Railroad Pills, bemnae they
Igo ahead of all other Pills in removing bile, bad
|co^Jdand a11 ft)ul ?eeretions^from the system.
And by all dealer 1
iy 17?ao?m
D. 8. DYSON.
0. STOTT A 6om
H. H. MoPHEksON,
8. B. WAITE,
\ aahkigton, D. O.
. exandria, Virginia.
|f310t000 Worth of Farms and Building
T H Lots,
IN the Gold Reg ion of Virginia, (CHlpo
per county,) to be divided among 10,200 subderi
bers, on the 17th of September, 1866, for the benefit
of Port Royal Female Academy. Subscriptions only
ten dollars ea<li; one-half down, the rest on the de
livery of the <*eed. Every subscriber will get a build
ing lot or a farm, ranging in value from^$l0 to $25,*
000. These farms and lots are sold so cheap to in
duce settlements, a sufficient number being reserved,
the increase in the value of which will compensate
for the apparent low price now asked. Ample securi
ty will be given for tne faithful performance of con?
More Agents are wanted out of Washington
city to obtain subscribers, to whori, fhe moat libera
inducements will be given. Some J gents write tha
they are makfctg |2<K) per moath. Advertising wil
be done for every Agent where possible.
For full particulars, Subscriptions, Agencies, Ac.
apply to K. BAUDER, Port Roys I,
Caroline Co., Va.
Or, to E. WHEELER, Agent,
Corner Sixth street and Loniaianaavenue,
jy 81?8mo Washington, D. C.
JUST opened, a large and well-selected
variety of Dress, Fancy, and Jockey styles?all
qualities, and very low for cash, at
Fashionable Hat and Cap Store,
382 Penn. A v. bet 9th and 10th streets,
sep 16?6teodif
jpQK If. |RjNTTF ~ 11
Dwelling house ifo. 332 Pennsyi
vania avenue, north aide, between 9th and 10th
streets - one of the best locations in the citv. Imme
diate possession given. Apply to GEORGE H. B.
WHITE A CO., on the premises, or to
. PI >S. M. LANE,
aug 2 QenVa Furnishing Store, 424 Pa sven ue.
LJ. MIDOLKTON- Dealer >n lee...
? Office and Depot southwest corn, i of F and
Twelfth streets. fet> 26?ly
Carpenter and Bnilder.
Jobbing; promptly attended to. Sbopcorner of Fourth
and G streets. Residence fTt, Biarhth street
jan a?
iV?. 42, Chatham S*rt*t. JV!ns York.
^accessor of Peter A Georp Lorillsrd, offers for isle
all kinds of Snuff and fobaceos in general nse.
For partienlan, a Price Current oan be obtained
by addressing as shove.
This Establishment is one ol the oldest of the kind
> the United Spates. fch 8?4ly
IN all its vaiieties, neatly and promptly
exesatsd at the oAee of the Ataerisaa Organ, a*
?asonable ratee. net So?

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