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VOL. II.?NO. 311.
"Tie P?rpetMUos mf Atwrina Freedom ii our elject; America* Risht* our moU?; and the American Party oar coiarawi."
i ?
1* publiabed erary afternoon, (eaoepi Buadey,) M
||) cjornar of Louisiana ai and Teath attest, and
i? dolt * ? . ->: to ?tv lubasribtm < payable tothe oar
Him) at nfc ssnte per week, Single oopy, lo?t
U aubeeribera, P 00 per ?aoo*, or |2 00 for
etx MCHih?iw).ri ia wtvaowTg
katu or aovanrama.
rtve 11MI or 1MB, OM tneertton, %b otnli; each aJ
iiOunaJ lia% ft Mate.
Bash sddiuoaei iaasrtion, ball of the above rates.
lHapteyed ad/sMiasneuts charged solid itanut.
mm viikly aieJican organ
la pubUabed iwy 8aCjrday, on the following
i mm, OM year. J1 (0! 1 oopy, # months .ftl 00
? eoplaa, ?m ycsr. ? 00 5 oapiae, * meatha.. 6 00
ooM?M)Mr.l> Oft) lft KljliM, 0 MWIxl 00
MT Paymenta ttmji to ad vau<*.
um or wrmuiM.
Ian neti pa. ana tor eaah insertion.
fgr All eeemwleatintiit ? >? bwnneaa wwneetc*;
. K) the "ytotfrwrft.
I rcan." Washington city sod be .^oat-paid.
X-W" All sdvenWu^nts for the ? Qratt?' tftMN&t
r banded into tha offlo* before twelve 0 0lock, M., of
iha day of pab; jetlon
" AfW?afc the m4m mhw of fomign influence
??<?? to believe mm, MMkm-oiiou.-n* the j?c
httG >H. ?pla Otjgfct to be cmateuU* uwfck'
>n>ry and eiqpfcriencc yroT?, that foreign to
'>11*00* k, -mm of thr most baneful fbaa of a repebltcas
"1 bap* we may ftud some msaae, in fowa, of
lIMting ..a?*?!*?? from foreign tniueoc^ political,
tommerml, 0* ia whatevertorm itmay be nttempuxS
1 can scarcely withhold mroelf taflK jhMftAf to *&a
wish of a* I>t*m 'thatth??? mmrn mm
bat ween this n"d ib - old SwM. - y
I Mil I KM to mil the Attention 0! nil that
suffer with defective a>gbt, caused by age,
nakuees, and particularly from glasses injudiciously
f dec led, to his SUpeTO* Spectacles and Glasses, oare
hilly ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy,
and brilliant transparency, Buited precisely and ben
eficially to the wean r, according to the concavity or
convexity ol the eye. Very numerous are the ill
effects caused to the precious organs of sight from
tie commencement of usingglaasoa in not being pre
cisely sailed, by th? use of an optf meter; and the
practice ot many years enables him to measure the
local disease of the eyos. ?od auab glaaaaa that are
sbsolutaly required will be furnished with precision
und ntisnusti#n.
J, T. acknowledges the very liberal encourage
already obtained, and further aoheita the pat
nmage <rf thoae that hare not yet arailed themeelTas
ol hia aid. S .'/i /tTTlf.j
Persons Unit cannot convenientiy call, by sending
(he glasses in use, and atating bow many inches they
can read this print with their spectacles, can be sup
plied with suAi that #?l improre their sight.
Circulars to ba had gratia^ ut hisio?c?, No. SIS,
etenth street, thlcfe doort fn> Odd-Fellows Hall,
i* stairs.
lunumerabit tostuuouiala to be seen, and refer
i neaa given to many who hare derived the greatest
taaa and coarfiurt liom hia glasses.
WiLMiMaroM, N. C., June 11 lftftd.
Tv persons who have hare had tha sight ?f their
. yea so impaired as U> require the use of Glasses, I
would if?x>uuBeu<l Mr. John Tobias aa a snilabie per
am ftwte whom to obtaic such Qlasuea as they may
teqnire aa be baa suited ine with a pair of ttoeetaeles
or a far and near sight. By sight has be?n unpaired
lery mm* by a serrice ?? yea** n the Post Offio.
I >epnrtoieut, which berth required ine to be on dnti
Horn 11 o'clock at night ?tfrilar*w dwring which
?-1-0 V* w. A. WAUUEK.
Baooci.ni Ohthoparoic Ihstitotios,
April, laM.
After inest.careful examination of Mr. J. Tobia? <
Glasses, 1 aoi enabled to testily that their hardnes*.
c! rneas. polishing, t nd exact optica! shape, render
them particularly rewwmanda&e to those whoae
oierelv optical impairment of the eyes are in wart ol
ucb auxiliaries. I consider, moreover, Mr. Tobiae
ally qualified to determine the foous of the eye, both
bv bis optical knowledge and experience, and b\
means 0? bis optometer. In addition, 1 can further
?tCte that Mr. Tobias has supplied some of my pa
lients W1.i1 Glasses, to their and my satisfaction.
I hysioian and Surgeon, Barhn. Member of the Roya
College of Burawons, England: Member of the Mad
teal t ociety ofl-ondon, and of the Pathological So
ciety of New York; late Hurgson of the Royal Or
thopedic Institution of Manchester, England, and
Hurgion of the B. O. Institution. ?
Copy of a testimonial which appeared in the Daib I
American Organ, May 11, l?56, from Judge V. Ellis,
(la?a adiujf*)* y - .i?-'..
Wfaviog Buffered 6Sr many years past with weak
ness ot the eyea, and that defect of Viairn which re
aalta fro u a too constant and iulcnsa use of them
sensitive organs, we were led to make a trial of To
bias's new and unproved diacovery for the eyes, who*
name beads this article. We saw them recommend
ad ftr sundry gentlemen of Virginia, whom we know,
and the* store had less hesitation in making the ex
periment. We are mora than plaaaed with the arti
cle. We read with lesa fatigue with thee* lens than
uy we bad ever tried before; and wa see more dia
.inetly rith them. Without meaning to disparage Hit
claims of others, who bave made improvements it>
Hpectaale Una, we ? deem it but jnet to make th?
above statement. Mr. Tobiaa resides on Seventh
street, eppoeite the National Intelligencer office."
LrMnraa. November 1, lftML
(? rum an enaminatton of Mr. l\>tias's Glasses and
from hia obaet vationa and remaarka, am convinced
that he is a skilful optifflaa. . - lillllinill ^
J. J. BLACK FORI >, M. i).
Ifoafotr, Ta., July ?, 1864.
In the axperieajv of even two years, 1 have fonne
great ditficS^ in -btafning Spectacle!| tUt wore aX
acth adapted Ui the weakness of my sight. This in
aanvenienoe Mr. Tobias seems to have removed to)
the present by the substitution for me of better anc
mo-e suitable Glauses They ere clear, . hrystal-like.
anj comfortable to my eyea. I wenld commend bin
to those wbo, from age or ^ iuflr^. rSMln
artificial aid in this way. J. J.SIM KINS M. 1).
Bin: The pair ot Spectacles you furnished ma yea
Wtrdar are particularly satisfactory to me. They are
eeifrftecidedlyfSbftlfMrt I poe?es?,and I am the owner
il ?ighter nine imirs carefully selected m different
places, and from opticians recommended to me or
ae^ount ot theirpromaaional standing in France Eng
la^t, and I. e United States I ftave been also pleased
with your n arks and directions on the treatment
si the ?jrea < t the purpose of preserving and impfo
% >og the sight. ? 1 . "
itoaiwcthillyyoura, CBS. CALDWELL,
Pfnfoasm of M. C., Louis villa, Ky.
Mr. J. Ton as.
WesaiNoro* August 8, 1855.
Manag beea far yeaia under the necasity of hav
ing two sals o! glasses -one for um in the dajlight,
* id naafor lamplight -I ptwur,^ <?ne set fW.wi Mr.
Tobias, which answer.-! both purposes I have used
ate t?r several month.*, and And them excellent
Of Itepartment </8taha
PsTsasanae, October SI IBM
Ahanl ivs years ago, t obtained from Mr Tobias,
h Washington a pail ai Glasses for Iha Spectacle
abieh { used, and toaod them ot gnrnt aa?nstance b
my decaying vbaor ; and my opinion of bfm is thai
be ia akiltoh o tha pretwiration of gheaes for eyes
??t too for gone to *? benefited hy such aid.
^ f. MAY.
, to mere taahmoaiaJr. tha Evening Star.
:1ft?ly audi
_ BO(Jf| sajurf.
C Street, ? npltol Kill, n new thm?.
IF ?t<try hnck house. jua? completed ia modern
?(?rln Will be Wld at a hsrgaia, or exchanged to
fjUr slty property. 80 g od a* apMwt?ni^1l>r aa
eitring aa eligible eaidenoe at a moderate price aat
i >n neonm Appiv at this oflea, third atoty.
gft|t? J t
platform of the AmmImk Party, adopted
at the MtwiuB of the National Count il,
Febraary fist, IM<.
lit. An humble acknowledgment to the Su
preme Being, for His protecting care vouchsafed
to oar fathers in their successful Revolutionary
straggle, and hitherto inauifoeted to us, their de
scendants, in the preservation of the liberties, the
independence, and the onion of these States.
id. The perpetuation of the Federal Union, as
the palladium of our civil and religious liberties,
and the only ?ure bulwark of American lndepen-|
8d. At**rican$ mu*t ruU Amnio*, and to this
end, mtfiiw-born citizens should be selected for all
State, Federal, and municipal offices or government
MBjrtoyment, in preference to all others: never
4th. Persons bora of American parents redding
temporarily abroad, should be entitled to all the
rights of native-born citizens; but
?th. No person should be selected for politic*]
station, (whether of native or foreign birth,) who
recognise* any aBegionce or obligation of any de
scription to say foreign prince, potentate or power,
ar who refuses to reoeeiise the Federal and State
constitution* (each within its sphere) as paramount
to all other law*, as rule* of political action.
6th. The unqualified recognition and mainte
nance of the reserved rights of the several 8tate?,
and the cultivation of harmony and fraternal good
will, between the eitixeas of the severe1 State*, and
to this end, non-interference by Congress with
questions appertaining ?ui?ly to the individual
States, and non-intervention by each State with
the affaire of any other State.
7th. The reonrritioa of the right of the native
born and naturalised citiaeua of the United State*,
permanently reMiag in anv Territory thereof, to
frame their onnstitktion ana laws, and to regulat*
their demciic and soonu affiurs in their own mode
sutyeot only to the provisions of ths Federal Oou
atitution, with the privilege of admisaion into the
Uuion whenever they have the requisite popula
tion for one Representative in Congress. Providea
ui temps, that none but those who are citlsens of
the United States, under the constitution and laws
thereof and who have a fixed residence in an/
sjich Territory, ought to participate in the forma
tion of the constitution, or in the enactment of
laws for said Territory or State.
8th. An enforcement of the principle that no
State or Territory ought to admit others than citi
?ens of the United States to the riirbt of suffrage,
or of holding political offioe.
?th. A change in the laws of natnralimtiou,
making a continued residence of twenty-one years,
of all not hereinbefore provided for, an indispensable
requisite for citizenship hereafter, and excluding all
paupens, and persons convicted of crime, from land
ing npon our shores; but no interference with the
vested rights of foreigners.
10th. Opposition to any union between Church
and State; no interference with religious faith, or
worship, and no test oaths for offioe.
11th. Free aud thorough investigation into any
and all alleged abuses of public functionaries, and
a strict econainy in public expenditures.
12th. The maintenance and enforcement of all
laws constitutionally enacted, until said laws shall
be repealed, or ahall be declared null and void by
competent judicial authority.
18th. Opposition to the reckieas and unwise
potfcy ol the present administration in the general
manngeinent of our national affairs, and more es
pecially as shown in removing "Americans " (by
designation) and conservatives in principle, from
office, and placing foreigners and ultraiats in their
places ; as shown in a truckling nubserviency to
the stronger, and an insolent and cowardly brava
do towards the weaker powers; as shown in re
opening sectional agitation, by the repeal of the
Missouri Compromise; as shown in granting to un
naturalized foreigners the right of suffi-agein Kan
sas and Nebraska; as shown in its vacillating course
an the Kansas and Nebraska question; as shown
in the corruptions which pervade some of the de
partments of the government j as shown in dis
gracing meritorious naval officers through preju
dice or oaprioe; and as shown in the Wandering
mismanagement of our foreign relations.
14th. Therefore, to remedy existing evils, and
preveut the disastrous consequences otherwise re
sulting therefrom, we would build up the "Ameri
can party" upon the principles hereinbefore stated
10th. That each State Council shall have autho
rity to amend their several constitutions, so as to
abolish the several degrees, and institute a pledge
of honor, instead of other obligations for fellow
ship and admission into the party.
10th. A free and open discussion of all politioal
principles embraced in our platform.
W. 8. WEST,
Practical Architect aad Superintendent,
UiKMSilKS designs for all kiads of pri
- vote and public buildups; also, contracts aud
superintends the same.
Office 7, 8 atid 11, Wanking ton Place,
(Seventh Street, between D and E streets,)
sep 89?ly
c. h. Van PATTKit, ?. b:?
Sergeoa Dentist,
O0C4 HASr Brown * Hottl, Pmm. Avmnm.
Charges New Fork and Philadelphia prieea, and
aaranteee his work to be equal to any done in those
itiea mar 8?ly
Mas. 0. T. JOHNSTON,
Twelfth street, soulk of Peaaagrlvania avenue, (next
door to Squire Clark's Magistrate's office.)
at Mrs. Bsngs'a.
Whe will eat aud baste, eut and Patterns,
dee 81?ly
O. 350 C street, in rear of the Natioaal
Hotel. Open from ? A. M. to 10 P. M
may 17?ly
J. w. haAnAcIo,
Foreign and Domestic Dry floods,
Bony. to
wasanteroa, a a
If. B. All artieles sold are warranted to prtve as i?p
Jaa IT?tf
I Wholesale ?nd retail dealer in all kinds of
Cigars, Tobacco, Saaff", Pipes, Hnaff Boxes,
?Plae-oat, Chrwlec, aad Saaokia* Ts
Pmuuylwtnia iwrnw, Madt WUlanft Moid,
nmt dear to ntfrwmm*
J bov 1>?0m
a oww. ' a. w. J
R. 0W1N k SOU.
Military and Naval
ia Avians, between 14th and 1Mb i
WaaniweToe, D. 0.
Naval aad Military nnitorms < xaeutsd in >.h<
and Oaehets kept constantly oe hand aad for
. ?? w' vimmmi,
W Attorney at Lhu
I LI- praties in the soarts of Waehingtnn aad
the ten hvdkian kk<11"1';8 ' .
hailora Panacea, PrpPar?**
"" U? W- <.f H?lth .ua for ?*?. fog*
almost the aole medicine used tn the Ea?t. I..em
prescriptions ?re perfectly simp
L nuv drug store at a (lifting cost. ooaie of Hum*
X p^StuL^r applrblxSz^;;^'4c'111
ta,lW Imp^T
Other* remove typhi''", Secret WWWm, ?
Nnrvuiia Diseases, Oostivsne?a, Ac., in an ulm<?si 111 ,
credibly short time. Sent with plain printed Sirec
*?***? " %T FRANKUN, ? ;
??t 1 1. Box Ml, Albany, N. Y. 1
I.v :?* : -
MB iMipe tor making thi ?Won-'j
M" 1 w-s ? cure fur
of disease, ft>r opra5 cents. It hl
?for SI B?r bottle, aud the recipe slone is wortn?
J"** II-If Albany, Now fork. ^
Maw kho ohbaf
Saddle, Harn***, ???? j?
gkfcA 'tAJtBSLSSSimi*
Ht S) m4 NORFLET (Of thi.i oayj wspect
(ulXy snLnnoe to their fronds and thepubholhu^
tLr fctv? imunencd the Saddling Buslnss* at ths
iK^rSKre they will make and keep ^
?uffpnlfft-fl ? large and superiorassortment of?
*TE5,i2?-\2S Boy?^?d^?
'? ** ??11
country uas _ ? .,, __
All kinds of Trunks, Valines, and Carpet bag*
Ladies' Satohela, Travelliug Baskets, and Fancy
Work Boies . _
Hons Blankets, Corers, Dollars, and Hatnes
Horse, Spoke, and Dust Brushes
Cards, Curry-combs, Sponges, Ac. ?
AU material uied will be the best that Can he ob
tained; and both of us bavin* bee"
men for several years, we feel confident Ant o??Mr?
run not be surpassed, either for style or durubUty.
S=??E eforts to (firs satisfaction, we hope
&Sm>*tsus*- s* ? ?b""! ?f v?*u\
^PairttMUr .ttontioo pud to ?o*erinjc Trunks, afiil
"1SStilw^& - ^ I
GOOiriiy v kstment.
WE have lo* sale the following bond*
or stocks, which can be sold U> yield the pur
nhMpr 10 to 12 per cent, per annum.
$20,000 Ramsey County Bonds,<Minnesota I iw?
torv > 10 per oont. Coupons, payable ui bew York.
Sl5,fKXmrginia and Tennessee, 0 per cent. Coup
?n$10^01Orange and Alexandria, 6 per ceut Coup
?nfe,^rCo^raetk>n afkWashington Stock, <1 perl
000 Corporation of Alexandria Stock, 6 per ceut.
Its'000 in snsrnn ef the Patriotic Bank.
The Ramsay County Bonds wo regard as very ssfe
and desirable. The county is the most weal'hy Mid
prosperous in Minnesota, in which is H?uuUHltl?cci.v
nfSt Paul The county has only issued $80,< it ?iot
tends and only fipS is now outstanding. The
bonds tall due annually, the first two being
o? New York in 1861. The taxes now due ? W?
county is represented arajde to liquidate the who^
oet 20?eo2w Banters.]
Washington, Oct. 17, 1850. ?
dftAl^redrawn by John 8. Suite in favor of Sam
uel Strong for two hundred and twenty-Hvo d<^ i^'vi
dated April 14th, A. D. 1856, aud payable thirty dajs |
drawn by 0. Wendell in favor of Samuel
Strong'for one thousand dollars, dated February 2'id,
A D. 1856f aud payable one year afterdate.
Also one drawn by Samnei Strong in favor of Wl.?
hum B Sasser for one hundred and twenty-five d< l
b? dited April 15th, A 0. 1356. v
oet 28?2aw2w
THIS Astonishing and Uauqnaled Pr?P"_
ration, turns hair back to its original cwof,
after having Uoome gray, and reinstates a ?n all its
original health, lustre, softness, and beauty: re
moves ?t once dandruff tYom the ucalp, tuid alluu
nleasant itching, as well as all cittansOflS erupuonb,
suXas Seald heads, Ac., and hence creates a per
fectly healthy state of the scalp, bf anting as a stfnin
lantjand tonie to the organs necessary U> supply wlor
Sl matter to the hair, aud completely rasU.res them
to their original vigor and strength, and thus pre
vents all tendency to beoOme gray. It also prevents
the hair from becoming unhealthy, and falling of^
and hrings it out where it is gone by ^
the organs neoessary to ""PP'T nntnment h?aUtL
and colorinir matter to it, and hence acts as a perfect
Hi^r Invitforator and Tonic. ,
ESj^^^^^BCHAaLKSTOWN, Mass., Aug. 1 85fi.
GnrrLinnK: Nothing but a duty and sj
that I feel to oommunicate to others who are afflicted
M 1 have been would indnce me to give this public
acknowledgment of the benefit 1 have receivea from
Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative. When I first com
meoced using it, my hnirwas onite gr;: v, and in stKits
entirely bald. I beve now used the Heshiestiveabout
five months, and my hair is entirely changed to its
anal oolor, brown, and the new Kair is over thr<- !
M in length on the spots where it was bald. 2
have also been ranch j/rutiAed at the healthy mois
ture wad vigor of tbe hair, which,before was dry, and
it has ceased to come out as formerly.
Respectfully, yours, Ac.,
Watkhfohd, 1354.
Prof. O. J. Wood : With coniklense oan I recom
mend your Hair Restorative as being tbe most effica
cious article I ever taw. 1 have used the Wabpene
and Many other preparations of the day, all to no of
fset. Since using your Hair Restorative, my hnir
and whiskers, which were almost white, have gradu
ally grown dark, and I now feel coatidetitthat a few
more applications will restore them to their natural
oolor. It also has relieved me of all dandruff and
unpleasant itching, to common among persons who
perspire freely- J.G. KII,B V.
Address 0. J. WOOD A CO, ?1? Broad way, N. Y.,
and 114 Market street, St Louis, Mo.
For sal* fab Washington, by CilAJl.L,ES,ST0TT A
<X> . and by *11 Dmggtats. tan 8?tf
WILI- be opened to-morrow, at the
lime Kiloa of W. U. OODKY A C*)., situ
ated on R<??k Oreek, h?twe<>n the upper and lower
brides*, ? kiln of vny smerior Wood-burnt i.nie.
The subseribers have also oa hand n large supply
at Plasterers' Hair, Cement, Calcined I !aster, arid
eenrr description of tbe vsry best qunlitv <?f Linn*
which will be disposed of on the most reasonable
t-rms. W. H. OODSY * CO.
ap l> self <?
?' 1 VAtS : ftATS!! HAf?|Ti
BERBER York rnll myle Hats for
tCN; also, Philadelphia and other fawcnttbU
pnltarni, now opening at LANE'S
Faahionabls Hat, Oap sad Ocnt's Furnishing
mm g* Sior 484 PennnHvsnla avenn ' ]
?inmj?RN ARE IlfVITED to can
%m and taltnlta * model of a Gentleman's Fall
!HyW Dress Hat For flnnnoss, tad ele
ginii Uses* Hats emmet be surpassed
Hat, Cap^sad fitants' Furnishing Store,
4'24|Penn. sv. bet. 4k aixlWh streets,
ssp 16?dtf
The underai^ned, members of the Nmtional Ex
ecutive Oomuivmee of the American Party, have
plewMiM in aa&oancuix to the people, thai aatie
iHOturv urrnugeiuenta for the future maintenance
Of the Amssicam OUii|l an authoritative Wp*
nmt and advocate of m principles of the Anmi
can Party, hare been completed.
Jkeoiumeooiug ite labors, under those now au
sgKea, (ho undersigned cheerfully ooinmend the
Avistcav Okoan to the generous confidence of
the American Party, la every section Of the Oon
fedetacy, and they hope he ooluuwa may ownisad
the widest circulation.
Wasuhok)* Citt, JU. 0., May lath, 1866.
Prospectus oftke Aiiericas Organ*
Xhe American Organ having been adopted,
the Mveoutive Oommittee of the American
members of Congress, as the central organ of
fctte American par tfy, the proprietor, with ?"Hew
to it* general and extensive circulation through
out the country, has determined, on consulta
tiun with his political friends, to fbrnish the
same to subscribers, whose subscriptions are
remitted on the following reduced terms, to
fJaUy Organ, for one yew - $8 00
Daily Organ, for six months ? - 2 00
Weekly Organ, for one year, to tingle
subscribers 1 80
Weekly Organ, for six months, to tin
gle subscribers - - - - 1 00
Weekly Organ, for one year, to clubs
of eight mr more subscribers, each - 1 95
Weekly O^an, for six months, to clubs
of eight ?r more subscribers, each - 75
Any person may also become a volunteer
igent, and procure subscribers, singly or other
wise, at |1 50 for each yearly subscriber to
the Weekly, and remit $1 SMJ for each, and re
tain the twenty-five cents on each yearly sub
scriber for his trouble. No commission can bo
tMowed on six month*, or on campaign sub
scriptions. V
wr Notes' Of specie-paying banks only,
can be received in payment for papers or for
; f#" Money contained in letters mailed to
the proprietor, can only he considered at his
i i&k, if the writers of the letters retain proofs
of the amonn t mailed, and the dates when rnail
nd, and in all cases, if the papers or documents
i adored, shall not be received in due course of
the return mail, the subscribe rs should, with
out delay, transmit the proof, showing the
amount mailed and the date of mailing toe
same, so that prompt investigation we
made to ascertain the cause of tbr nou-rocep
tion of tlie money.
pr Specie sent by oatf, being liable to
drop from letters, will in no csaa be eooaiderod
at tne proprietor s risk.
HT Single papers bdng more liable to mis
carry than large packages, it is the interest of
dl subscribers to unite with clubs.
The names of subscribers, as Well as
f the po#t office*, counties, and States, should
.uways be written legibly, and iv/ull, to avoid
h#' As all subscriptions are to be paid in
variably in advance, no acknowledgment of
money received will be necessary, as the for
warding of the papers or documents will be
proof that-tbe money has been received for the
PT Subscriptions not renewed before the
aspiration of the term of any former subscrip
tion, wiD always bo discontinued at the expira
tion thereof; hence those wishing to renew
will ph ase do so in time to prevent -the erasure
jf their names from the mail books.
pf* All documents published by order of
the Congressional Committee of the American
party, or by American members of Congress,
will always bo advertised in the Organ, ana
sent, postage pre-paid, on the receipt of the
price at which they are advertised. No ac- \
'our, ts can be kept either for documents or pa
fay Subscribers changing their papers from
one post office to another, must give the names
of both post offices, the one from which and
the one to which they desire the change made.
6W Letter* to the editor or to the proprie
tor should always be as brief as may he con
sistent with the purposes to be accomplished
thereby, and if intended for publication, thev
must only be written on one side of each half
sheet, and no sentence should run from one
page to another, but each half sheet should
commence a paragraph. A compliance with
this rule is indispensable to the publication of
any communication.
NT Subscribers and correspondents should
bear in mind, that the Observance of fixed rules
and regulations in an extensive publishing of
fice, where the duties are divided amongst nu
mewns employes, is indispensable to success,
and that they cannot bo disregarded without
producing confusion and disorder, and the pro
prietor of the Organ therefore, respectfully,
but earnestly requests, that subscribers ana
correspondents will carefully observe the above
mentioned terms and regulations, of' abUshed
to prevent errors and disappointments.
AU present and ftitare subscribers to
the Organ, are solicited to as#st In extending
i& circulation, and by this means, to aid in
carrying out the "American Reformation,"
and in perpetuating the free institutions of
" our native land."
|~gT All communications should be (SreoUJ
to the American Organ, Washington City,
P. 0. Vespasian Ellis,
AN Excellent Farm of 344 acres, 100
of which is in Oak and Pin? timber is offered
for wW or exchange for oity property. It it situated
in Prices William oounty, Virginia, about twenty
fire miles from WaghmjrtoD, and three raflee from
the Potomie. The dwelling-house in <? brink, thrwi
stories high, and forty by fifty (bet in extent, snd cost
nrigfaaVy SIO-Ols), he one of the beat house* is
the eounty. Th?re ts a new bar* on the premises,
with stone haaamoiri?and all the neesasanron* bmld
i njjs. Also, a well m excellent water, which is cold
in the wannest weather. The fsasss are snbrtanliei,
and in great part new.
There are a large mrnhnr of fruit traee on the
farm, and n superior garden. A poles, Peara, Plums,
Cherries, Peaenee, Grapes, and other fruits are pro
duced in sluindance.
The tension of the Richmo >d and Fredericks
barg Railroad will pass the borders of this term, and
freatly enhance its value This work t? now in pro
gress, and will soon he completed
Th>s term formerly beiomfed tn Mrs. Sophia Car
ter, and ite sitaation is perfectly healthy. Title an
The above term will be sold on nmdsrate terms,
and the payments will hs Biadn perfectly satisfcrtorv
to the purcha^r.? Apnly at thia Ofles, tr.
aepS?eoU W M W*a?ON.
|?A< TlMOHE Lock Hospital, ha* dU*
**oovered thtmoit certain, speedy Mid effectual
remedy in the world tor
Relief in six to twelve koacs.
No Mercury or Noaioue Druyt.
tWA warraated, or no charge, in Worn
one to two day*. Jg%
n*"m Sack and Limbs, Affections of the Kid
UwrL Dyspepsia, Rtmmi
ansingfrom the destructive habit* of youth wbicb
d?atroy bothtbody and mind. Tluae secret and
eolitary practices more fuul to thair victims than
tho *?ng of the Syrenf to tho mariner* of Ulysses,
blighting their moat brilliant hope* or anticipation*
rendering marriage, Ac., impoasibl*.
- . ^ . Yonag Ilea,
Especially who hut? become the victim* of Bolitary
Vice, thu. dreadfal and destructive habit, which aanu
aUy ?w?ep* to an untimely grave, thouaauda of young
men, of the moat exalted tak-uka and brilliantinteE
toot, who night otherwise have entranced listening
T1"1* thunders of eloauenoe. or waked to
jjjjjj* ?* *** m*7 1 fell conII
? . , ? . Marriage.
Married Peraona, or young man contemplating
m*rr.age being awai-a of physical wsakness, organic
debility, defer,,,, ties. Ac should immediately consult
Dr. J., and be restored to perfect health.
He who places himself under the owe of Dr.
Johnson, may religious!v confide la his honor as a
TT?fc?anB eoo"d?n?J "IT ?Pon hla skill as s
Organic Weakness,
Immediately cured and full vigor restored.
i ***15 dread/bl disease is the penalty most frequent
ly paid by those who have bocome the victima ofim
proper indulgenoiee. Young peraona are too apt to
oommit excesses, not being aware of thedreadfuloon
aoquences that may ensue. Now, who that under
stand* the subject will pretend to den v that the power
j of procreation is lost soauer by those falling into im
proper habits than by the prudent. Besides being
deprived the pleasure of healthy offspring, the moat
serious and destructive symptoms to both body and
muid ariae. The system becomes deranged, the phys
ical and mental powers weakened, nervous debihtv.
dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, indigestion, a
wasting oi the frame, cough, symptoms of imnsump
tion, 4c.
OFFICE, No. 7 South Frederick street,
Left hand aide going from Baltimore street, 7 doors
irom the corner.
BF*?' articular in observing tho name and num*
bar, or you will mistake the place.
I J?~Take notice, observe name on the door and
windows. Dr. John*ton,
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London,
graduate from one of the most eminent Colleges of
the United States, and the greater part of whoae life
baa been spent m the hospitals of London, Paris, Phila
delphia and elsewhere, has effected some of the moBt
astonish in ? cures that were everknown. Many trou
bled with ringing in the ears aud head when asleep,
i - ^t nervousnesa, being alarmed at sudden soua<u.
and bashftilness, with frequent bluahing, attende<i
sometimes with derangement of mind, were cured
A Certain Disease.
I ?m!i i.8 ^?ffuidedand imprudent votary of plea
?ure finds he has imbibed the seed* of this painful
iij?? h?PP?n? ttiat an ill-timed sense of
shame or dread of disoovery deter* him from applv
ngto those who, from education and respectability,
can alone befriend him, delaying till the constitution
al symptoms of this horrid disease make their ap
p? ranee, such as ulcerated sore throat*.diseased nose
nocturnal uains in the head and limbs, dimness of
sight deafbess, nodes on tho shin bones aud arms,
blotches on the head, fade, and extremities, projrres
?nng with frightful rapidity, till, at last the palate of
the mouth or the bones of tho nose fall in, and the
ictim of this awftil disease becomes a horrid object
accommisaeration,till death puts a period to his drpad
fnl suffering* by sending him to f' that bourne from
whoneo no traveller returns." To such, therefore,
Or. Johnston pledges himself to preserve the most
inviolable secrecy; and, from his extensive practice
iu the first hospitals ia Europe and America, he can
, confidently recommend a safe and npoedycuio to the
unfortunate victim of this horrid disease.
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fau victim*
to this dreadftil complaint, owing to the unskllful
uess of ujnorant pretenders, who, by the use of that |
deadly poieon, mercury, ruin the constitution, and
either send the unfortunate sufferer to an untimely
grave, or else make the residue of lift miserable.
Take Particular Notice.
Dr. J., addresses all those who have injured them
selves by private and improper indulgences.
These are some of the sad and melanoholy effects
produced by the early habits of youth, viz
Weakness of the hack and Limbs, Pains in the
Bead, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular Power,
Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepaia, Nervous Irrita
bility, Derangement of the Digestive Functions,
General Debility, Symptoms of Consumption, Ac.
The fearful effects on the mind are much to be
dreaded?Loss of Memoir, Conftision of Ideas De
pression of Spirits. Evil Forebodings, Aversion to
Society, Love of Solitude, Timidity, Ac., are some of
the evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all ages, cau sow judge
what is the cause of their declining health losing
their vigor, becoming weak, pale, and emaciated
have a singular appearance abeut the eyes, eoturh,
and symptoms of Consumption.
Married persons, or those contemplating marriage
being aware of physical weakness, should immedi
ately consult Dr. J. and be restored to perfecj health.
Dr. Johnston's Invigorating Remedy, for
Orgaaic Weakness.
By this greet and important remedy, Weaknees of
the Organs are speedily cured, and fall vigor re
Thousands of the most nervous and debilitated
whe had lost all hope, have been immediately re
lieved. All impediments to Msrriajre, Physical, or
Mental Disqualification, Nervous Irritability, Trem
blings and weakness, or Exhaustion of the most fear
ful kind, speedily oared by Dr. Johnston.
Yonng Men
Who have injured themselves by a oertain practice
indulged in when alone?a habit fre^-itly learned
from evil companions, or at school, ue effects of
which are nightly felt> even when asleep, and if not
cured, rendem nmmage impoaaible, and destroys
both mind and body, should apply immediately.
W hat a pity that a young man, the hope of his
country and the darling of his parents, should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of life,
by the oonaequeuoee of deviating from the v*th of
nature, and indulging in a oertain aeoret habit Such
persons, before contemplating
.Should reflect that a sound mind and body are the
most necessary requisites to promote connubial hap
pmess. Indeed, without these, the journey through
life becomes a weary pilgrimage; the pros pact hourly
view; the mind beonaes shadowed
with despair, and filled with the melancholv reflec
tion, that the happiness of another beemnee blighted
with our own.
BaLTTMoaa, Mast lamb
HTAll Surgical Operations performed
N. H. Let no false delicacy prevent you, bat apply
immediately, either personally w hv letter.
IW Skin Diseases speedily cured.
To Utraagers.
The many thoaaaads en red at this institution with
in the last fifteen years, and the numerous important
Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnson, wit
tmmd bj the reporter! of (he pt^ri, nod mm? other
persons, natiees ot whisk have appeared %g*in and
again before the public, beeidee hi* eUndmg me m oem
tbmati of charaeter tmd reeptmeibiliim, is a sufficient
guarantee *> *ke afflicted
N. B. There are so many ignorant sad worthless
<iuacka advertising themselves as I'hvsieians, mining
the health of the rireadv afflicted, that T>r. iohnstoS
deems It neesasaiy to say, eapeciallv to those naa?
ouainted with his reputation, that his credentials or
diploma* always hang in his ofiee.
Taks Nonca?All letters mnat be fjest paid, and
contain a postage stamp fer the nspl-\ or n< n.
will be seat wvJM'T
Monday, Novtsssa 10, 18M.
I'lio Board met pursuant to law
Present?Messrs. Dot., Mm*,, Bayly, Kvans
Emery, Busey, Houston, Clarke, Ruff, Smith and
Pearson. -. r* *1^*
The chair laid before the Board a communica
tion from tbe Mayor, transmitting a statement of
the bank account up to the 27th of October
which was read and referred to the Committee
on Finance and ordered to be published. It is as
Corporation of WaaKington in account mlh the
I - ^nr pf Washington.
D*. ' ' "
Binkmg Fund to 4fi
( anal Interest ? ? ? ? a 951) oh
Fifth Ward *g
Sixth Ward . . a. . 4>67S 20
Un0# Wft** 4?,7W *,
-? $*7,476 7S
Redemption Faud .... $2,740 Ml
General Fond 2?>]?28 '28
Surplus Fund 2 088 12
Special Tax Fund .... 1,0*?
Corporation Interest - 7^20 58
Commiasionere of Asylum - . - 881 82
, ??14? 97
2^?JndJVVd 78? #8
? SSJfe* . ' -? 4,8*6 57
a v^?rd 21,259 90
Seventh Ward 205 M
Oct SO. Balance due the Corporation $4^708 20
Bank of Washington, Oct. 27, 1856.
8- B. BOARMAN, Book-keeper.
Hon. W. B. Maorppkr, Mayor.
Mr. Smith presented a petition from Mary Savoy
fbr the remission of a fine; which was referred to
the Committee of Claims.
Mr. Evans, from the Committee on Finance, re
ported a bill entitled "An act foi the relief of
Sweeny, Rlttenhouse, Fant & Co.;M which havinjr
!been read twice?
I i Mr. Dove moved that the further consideration
thereof be postponed until Monday next.
And the quostion being taken, it was determin
ed in the negative, as follows, via:
Teas?Messrs. Bayly, Dove, and Miller?8.
Nays -Messrs. Busey, Evans, Emery, Houston,
Pearson, Ruff, Smith, and Clarka?8.
The question was then on the third reading of
the bill, and it was determined in the affirmative
as follows, vis:
Yeas?Messrs. Busey, Evans, Emery, Houston,
Pearson, Ruff, Smith, and Clarke?8.
^J^Messrs. Bayly, Dove, and Miller?3.
The bill was ncooidmgly read tbe third time
and passed by the same vote : Yeas 8, nays 8.
Mi. Emery, from tbe Committee on Improve
ments, reported back the bill from the Board of
Gammon Council entitled 44 An act to grade and
giiivc'l New 1 ork avenue, and to con&truot a car*
riage-way to connect with the new Bladen,bun?
road ; and it won then read the third time and
Mr. Pearson, from the Committee of Claims re
ported back the bill from the Board of Common
Council entitled u An act for the relief of O O
Coleman, for the use of W. M. Cripps," and reel
ommended that it do not pass.
The question was then on the third reading of
the bill, which being taken, it was determined in
the negative. So tho bill was rejected.
Mr. Smith, from the Committee on the Fire De
partment, reported back thje bill from the same
Board entitled " An act making an appropriation
lor the repair of the house and apparatus of the
American Hook and Ladder Companyand it
was then read the third time and passed.
The Board of Common Council having disagreed
to the amendments of this Board to the bill mak
ing appropriations to defray the general expenses
of the Corporation for the year ending 3wth June,
Vt. Smith moved that this Board insist on its
Huid amendments.
And the question being taken, it was carried in
the affirmative, as follows, vis:
\ eas?Messrs Bi^ey, Evana, Emery, Houston,
Pearson, Ruff, Smith, and Clarke?8.
Me*rs. Bayly, Dove, and Miller?8.
? i j 'rom Board of Common Council en
tatled " An act to reimburse John W. Fitahueh
for casual repairs in tbe Second Ward" was taken
up, rend twice, and referred to the Committee on
The bill from tho samo Board entitled "An act
S np and skying the gutter on tbe east
side of Eleventh street, from the cornrr of E street
to the corner of D street, in the Second Ward,"
was taken up, read twice, and also referred to the
Committee on Improvement*.
The bill from tbe same Board entitled " An act
for the relief of Martin Bosse" was taken up, read
twice, and referred to the Committee of Claims.
The Lhair laid before the Board a communlca
th? Surveyor, in reply to the resolution
of this Board of the 3d instant, in relation to tbe
assessment for the pavement of the alley iu square
No. 728 ; which was referred to the Committee on
Also, the report of the Intendant of tbe Asylum
for the month of October; which was referred lo
tbe Committee on tbe Asylum.
Mr. Smith, on leave, submitted a joint resolu
tion in relation to the work on the sea-wall; which
was read three times and sdopted.
On motion of Mr. Smith, the Board resumed the
consideration of the bill from tho Board of Com
mon Council entitled "An act f>r the relief of
Wilson M. C. Fairfax and John Costigan."
And it was then read the thfrd time and passed
by the following vote, vis :
Yeas?Messrs. Bayly, Busey, Dove, Evans, Em
ery, Houston, Pearson, Ruff, and Smith?9.
Nay?Mr. Clarke?1.
Mr. Emerv, on leave, introduced a bill entitled
I1 An aot making an appropriation for gravelling F
street north, from Second street west to New Jer
sey avenue;' which was read three times and
The Board of Common Council having further
insisted on its disagreement to tbe amendment of
this Board to the general appropriation bill and
asked s conference, it was, on motion,
Jtesohud, That this Board farther insist on its
amendment, and agree to a conference.
Whereupon Messrs. Busey, Miller, and Smith
?Pp?b,t*?1 conferee* on the part of (his Board
Mr. Miller, on leave, submitted the following re
-olutlon, which was read and adopted, vis?
lif unlvfd, That the Mayor be, and ho is hereby,
requested to furnish this Beard with an abstract
from the full statement of the accounts of the Col
lector of Taxes rendered by said Collector to the,
Register on or fcefore < he 1 aih of July, 1855; show
ing in said abstract the aggregate amount of taxes
and feea *>l)erted during the year then last past;
tbe amount deposited in bank within said time,
and the amount unooUeeted. Also, a similar ab
stract from tho statement of the Collector of Tuxes
whfeh sbonM have Wen rendered to the Register
on or before the 15th July, 18M ; designating in
?ach of said abstracts the amounts charged by tbe
Collector fop feus or costs of advertising lots for
faxes lor the respective years.

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