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established in ists.
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Oran Uounty Observer.
Hillsborough, N. C.
TI!H '-HA.N'fjK COfNTY (disEliVKll
at the t.'o'iri'y Sej,t o" or m
ail wlil
r an nam
Advert! -.'
I r s in
.:!.. r -
M1 Turn;-!' ! t.j MitM .Tiber
,r $t.u'. for a.t hi di'
ii .-i'-j :n-, rti'd at the rate 0 It oq
i!j.-- f .r rtr.-it ih-.-Ttio-i, an I
-i ..!- for -..: i a J a: I nal lri o-rUon
1 tea .:!, p--r ll:.".
An X in. urii d-.ve-, yo'ir subS'-rpr-on; h -ft
xi! r-1, or H d'i-, .in ! you an ri.-j f-otralij re
iif'.'St' I to i'.-UI'.'
The JMiVr '.vi.l not be responsible for Mews
nt'-i lain d and e . po --.- -d by correal oriileLts
Ad lr---s ill b tt T- on L'U-lL'.'V-.'u
The Observer,
Hillsborough, N, C,
We so m' -i.y in I fe t o rxireh a'ona,
Wfe hoi J cureelvtn too far f rem all car kind;
Too often vre are dead to t-i.h and mrn ;
Too often prom the weak er h-Ipltea t itni;
Too ofun whf re dia'r. sa aiid want abide,
We tarn and pass upon the other f .da.
The ctlifc- pile ie trodden smco'h, and wem
r,v focts'epa i aBcin idly ail tte day ;
V!n re l:eth low the tlfct d ny one tLa-. ncoum,
I wlt'om more than an untrodden war ;
Our e hh be-artH are fox our lee; the u:de,
Tt.ey U'ad uh by uj.oh the other side.
; It eh' uM te o-r to tour the wine and oil
' Into i Lf tlee!iu wtunls of ttr.ckm OTits;
To uk" uj-'.n ourselves the glalome t.l.
Anl b-ar thera when-a etream of tkfH.n,
riai-f. '
Inst' a 1, we 1 as Tipon t'.e ( thc-r bide.
()h. fr.endrt and brct!.eie, filling down the
II i:rnii..tT i.i ca:ling c ac'x a d all
I ii 'Under arceiit-, b rn of pnef and tear-.
1 1 lay you listen to the thri hug call :
1U; an ruber in our cold and Bclti-b pride
J hat dfath may wwA you on tho other ile.
A Scarlet Koom.
HKt.P Yoski.VK by in aL in if money
wtit ii .i it,i!rii ciiain'f 1.. o;!-n-il, t li r by
i. a . iv- k: j'i,.' i -1 v t rt . irotii mirioor. Tno?
vs ho '.iih.h t ,k- a.l mi i i-i t tr han-es
! r in ikliu n. wi,.- i lr t .in- o'N'u ii, iH-rally
t "j u- W ;i II ii v , w ,!! t( -, wtr). ilo not ltu
i ruvr i h i h.tnf - r in. i u In powrt. U want,
i ii an j n.t-n , v i iiu'-i. , In n iiii'l t;li l- I W'TK. for
h ll-ht in th. It wn n a it .;-!. The- b j-llie-a
wl!ln mo th in tt n t inrs f.rdinirv wa,res.
vvf riirni-h ;in .ii' ii-i'- ntlH tuiiail tli it yu
t.n I, iici'. Nn nil.- wi.ii i ll ;,is'i s iflili t make
n.on.y vitv r.i'.Mlv. i i an n-vot. your
w In '! t . 1 1 1 -"i -1 tin- wink, or i .in i i r t pare ino-int-niH.
)-ull li.ri.i ma' i"ti nii'l nil tint isfi.-!i- d
-irfi.i-. A-liiie .. .Vil.i a i., l'trlUnd,
KALEKill, N. V.
.Motlo : Tli bent work at the
louel potislblf price.
It is s -ar. '-ly no r irv f. t us t'i say -.vo arc
) et t r ( n i'.im-i! t r wot k In hi- line "thtn nii.v
ni i' In the Mnt inr i.tir wn;k h kn iwn
tl.r uhi u; N'Min I'a'niliii. l'.tit vc wlsli tu
lull a 1 1 1 -tit ion to 1 fa t 1 htit ('tir fai l It is at e
in !i ii t f . i :!. n.s t ri inj't-t. wit Ii ati h 1 1 t ,
N r:ho. 1 i i ' 1 1 . Hi K'"'1 wi ik aiitl hw r.f'-ti
Wi-lav llir I'.' sf Hi'hk nlal .) l lTtH''. 'J ht!
l.ar.-st. i:t of Vatir.al. '1 he iipM ci rn
p ete A-'iti!i' i "f r.ipi-i. Knifl. y the Mint
i 1. 1! . " 1 1 lr W i i in. n 11 1. 1 t h.ei etoi e r tr-'ly hi) 1
w in' t ur n.aion.s neel hatl.sfacih)a.
1 t'lilNO.
s e p Mt.il 1 1 -ks i f 1 1 kind in the neatest
It le t ih
if eser S
V.i It li'i'th'
it t.
and ;u.iilty, tr.ad' t) o'Jor on
"Bleeped bK-ttrlft-llannfl," said Laura
day," "and bktttd he the man who in
vented it."
She lnui ((rtah.ly tljnc wondcifal things
with itv and viewed her work with pardon
able pride. Such a lovely scarlet room as
Fhe had gotten up for poor Cousin Annie.
who was well-nih crazed with a decade ot
"plain living and hbh thinkhiti1' nevjr
hfein able, as she said, to have her sur
roundings i (-present her in the least, until
this dt ftdianded maiden appeared upon
the f-cene, and, waving her magical. waud
of red l'launel, made
WtlH' low, rude furnished unm
buiht ll'jut rdiktrlnto ro y bluotn.
Mrs. .Mathers had scarcecly been de
lighted at first, with the advent of her
(ity visitor. rI l'ir c small children, and
doing her own work, left little time lor
extras, and she had lo idea that Laura
would prove so helpful and gifted. No
aits, either, but just took right hold and
worked as though she had alwa s been
med to it. So chttnningly frank, loo; her
in oct admired dresses,, she confessed, had
. been madejout of old ones, her bonnets
; were fashioned by her own hand?, until
' lur. oauin declared, half enviously, that
she believed there was nothii g those hands
could not ilo.
i But that scarlet room was her crowning
"What is the use of your telling me,"
said Mrs., ilathers, one day, "of the won -'
v.eifui things that can be done in the city.
1. haven't" the "little money," and I cer
tainly am r.ot giUed with genius. It is
like say ing t hint's can be bought for a me re
song w hat then ? "
She was rocking in im initatcd irame of
n it;d i n a n.ost unpainlv" rc ckirg chair,
t ne d those hidec tis kpralers that are al
ways eruangiirtg themselves with "people's
feci; she was liech, too, fix ni the kitchen
fue and "bak'tcg day,' and altogether a
mm ( of injuiy wus stiong upon her.
"I hac i.eve-r had an) thing I wanted in
in the wuy of furnitute," she continued,
"ami 1 r.eer eXj ect to. I like pietty thing
as will as anyoi.e, and know tl.ein, too,
when 1 m- tl.e;n ; but just lovk at this par
lor ! it makes n e mad every time I c hi e
into it. pe got about twenty dollars
saved lrotn the chkken nior.ey 1 have the
sale of tie e'g you know but what
wMild that buy, eeii if they kept anything
tit the stolen l.eie that olc want;J ?"
"Laura glanced around the bare, unattiac
riKm, and tanl e'y
(juicily :
e a great improve
We have a .'n.i.e!. I ft; b ry tn Inrjr of a
thon .(-, i ' tut. 1 1 tit tn it;. l:ei i r i iv.i.'ks,
1 o k n. li!i'ho k I libels, I'aj bwks. A:.-,
n. .id al N' n in l r.t.
.'t d t:s i t:r nd rs;r:d we w lil j . u sat
sf.ivt . i J and ;i lv .
i ini .tKiis, ititot r: a t o .
K AI.KUat. s c.
O iT.t simi' f'ee ? U.o-o wVO Tlsh 0
iu.a.e in tn.' itv-t i ieait and
5"i n. a' !e . hu li.'ss know n. Etry-ti.-t..-
ii'i .,'!!.: n..t reiiuTM -We
ii. '.I . i- h
w .ir.'s 1-t ,
f r - in h ta
u m rr! h ni..
.-r i- s-ht,? No
j'o a cay nil I up-
May 1 1 K a J
r'.ss w liAteer.
M o i, w w.Mk'-rs w ii,!4- ? .Ht one Many are
;:. u::. f.iitn.t at t !, t v . t a 11--- Make
is ia u a- ni.-'.i. til "its t" vh j.ni .1r
Hi ie fc-M-.a pv. N i.e w o s 1 i.n,; to w.sni
'n ; I !.-.. k-e ti te r... i.' t o-ry u tban GiU
! n. -. a wy. it ,i; i r 1 r y einp'."vrieti'.
I h H. W!l " I C'.'' ill ' ti'' 'l.'il H M'Tt r ul
o r i u e. a :die - li ii am i rr Jt i e . irt
au t. V.i:r..'
VOl'h PoliTUA lTS
i'rrtjoii DritM Iiik.
Miv s'' and ent p. '. pa'.U-n roll- ror framed,
ij rwre-.s. rrK't-s ;oe id.Cs to--.-l.-, ran'.r.c
j' in fi :it ! h.'r sn in. h p 'frail, to f.5 L
"Curtains would
It e lit. .
" doubted y th i v would," was the re
ply, "but wht ie am i to pe t the:n;"
N i i 1 vru lit ne st endvour twentv
dollais br you, was ti e smiliug question,
"if I wdi i -i: irate to leturmsh the iarior so
that y.u wi'Ual eart 'y know it jr."
"Sjend it and wt ioai.e; 1 am sure that
you will tel nt N a.-t a hui.dted dollars'
wor'.h of goods with it. OriTy you will liud
nothing in B , my dear."
"I 1 ey ki p led tlania 1 at tie stores, 1
st:t i m f" ased Laura, e't-murely.
"i siippo-e tl.ey do,"' lephed her CoUsiu.
Al.d uu.b e u l ed lntlsi n .'"
"Anil unbleiehed luil-iin, to the 1 t -t
of m le'. ef. But what, in the name ot
cmiiiou miim', ha that lo tlo w ith eivi'oz-ii-
g tt e pai 1 r ' "
"A gieaf-oeal, ma'am, asjnu will ?j n !
i'.y Me ; t'Ut tlrct. as y mi ate not a mad bull,
1 Like it tor giaiited ;ha." y -u have no ub
. jec'ion t i fciailet j"
"N"t:e in the it a.-t
n t'et d. I think it a
fur die s.
.i u ; r.i'f'li '
i::-f.i t.i
Ad ire-
Ad - th.it l nevess ry a ood
r small Uke:.e-3 to w rk fr'in 1
ii S.dw.v. iiuarantced. 1
ci lor. arid it wears a :m;ra' "
"Precisely my own Sentiments; a- wil
co ci.t '.his afteruH. n a: el do our shopping."
But lust, Iiura, vh wa--a very exact
litt.e booy. did a great dial of measuring ;
she measured wiueu'ws, si'la, roe king-t hair,
mantle-piece N.)ed a gre a!t awkward jabk
very severely,
and Imady appa.red to le
o;i a piece of scarlet brai 1, and thee tacked
' Xi t he furniture.
The tab!-? cover, a round one, was fittei
el'isely to the table of unbleached muslin; i
then a labrequin, or hanging border, of the j
same, attached, and trimmed with gradu-
ateu rows of flannel, the whole finished j
with scarlet worsted fringe.
The mantel shelf wa a high, narrow j
abomination of wood, painted white ; this j
wus covered with flannel, and finished with ;
a prettily shaped, pointed lambrequin j
trmmed with the frinte.. On the shelf j
Laura placed two plain white vases of
graceful shape, a present from herself, and '
tided them with drooping sprays of Tra-
desf antia. The effect of the scarlet, green j
and white, to a color loving eye, was sim
r ly charming.
Two chairs had their seats covered in
stripes to match sofa and rocker; bat to
Mrs. Mather's intense astonishment, two
or three can- bottomed chairs were ban
ished, and their places supplied with some
disreputable Poking ones from the kitchen.
But these wooden ones were first painted
vermi'ion, and emerged from the process,
things of beamy. Some common little pine
picture frames were treated in the same
wey ; and as they enclosed passably' good
engravings of pleasant subjects, they proved
very ornaui.ntal.
Brackets were not forgotten ; small
woocteu shelves of circular shape were
covered with the inevitable fringe ; plaster
busts, not particularly strong, as works of
art, were nearly concealed by vine3 grow
ing in 'jottles behind them, and produced
a very pretty effect.
"You must certainly have a couple of
foot btools," said Miss Gay, when she ar
rived at this point ; 'but-woe be unto the
presumptuous he or she that shall place
desecrating feet upon them."
The footstools were made of salt or
sugar boxes lor a loundation, covered
with unbleached muslin mat was orna
mented with scarlet biaid, an applique fig
ure cut out of flannel lor the centre, and
liinge, around the edge. Thev were really
beautiful, the tops having first been nicely
raised with moss and covered with old
Laura's busy fingers worked swiftly to
accomplish all this, for she disdained help
li om her cousin, who certainly had enough
to do without adding any fancy touches to
her pile of duties. But Mrs. Mathers looked
and wondered as the parlor steadily grew
in beauty, and fiaukly acknowledged that
she would not have know n it,
"Now- for a w all-pocket, said the inde
fatigable workwoman; and after adding
some pasteboard to her stores, and produc
ing a lovely chromo-lithograph of Little
Red Ridinghood from her own portfolio,
she began operations in this way :
A piece of pasteboard, fourteen inches in
length by about eleven in breadth, was cut
in the shi'pi. of a shield; covered on one
-side with a gray paper of a very delicate
shade, and on the other with scarlet flannel.
It is better, however, to havp two pieces
of pasteboard, as they can oe covered more
neady and the back firmer. Sew on tne
edge of the .gray paper piece, with tiny
stitches on the right side, a binding -of
scarlet worsted braid ; baste the scarlet
llannel on the other piece, making the edges
very neat'; but the tw o are not to be joined
until the entire front of the pocket is com
pleted. Sew neatly on the flannel piece a
loop of, braid to hang the pocket up by.
tni out two more pieces of pasteboard,
with straight edges, measuring seven by
nine inches: covering one piece with scar
let liatmei, the other with gray paper bound
with braid like the back piece; on the
gray paper side carefully paste the picture,
w hich should be of a size to leave a margin
ot gray all around; edge the picture with
a narrow strip of gilt bordering of the kind
used -with scrap-book piciures; put the
same bordering on the inner edge of the
braid binding. Then unite these two smal
ler pieces by a neat overhand or slip stitch
done with scarlet silk. Next cut two
goies of scarlet flannel to attach the pocket
to the hack ; sv.wnta:ly, placing the pocket
.oh the uray paper side ot the back in the
middle of the shield. Now join the flannel
ide of the back of all this in the same way
as the pocket sides are joined; crochet a
ieep fringe of scarlet worsted on the lower
md pointed end of the shield, and the
. . K .....
irtu 1' imi.-iied.
Tttis is Miss (Jay's receipt for a wall
ock t, and it is as beautiful a oneascan be
luannfactuteii with the needle.
The days went on and the parlor was
inished. It was unique, and the whole
famdy were iu a state of admiring ecstaey
ver it. ' f
"Now,'" said Mrs. Mathers, decisively,
'how much have you spent, Laura, over
and atx-ve the twenty etoars.' I his is
worth paying for, and 1 shall soon have
some more erg inoiiev.
"Ye'ti wish me togive an account, then
( 'moneys expended ' " replied her cousin..
"Here it is: unbleached muslin, two dol
lars ; scarlet ll mnel, five eh llfais; worsted
braid, paint, silk, and sundries, two dollars;
sum remaining in the exchequer, eleven
ilo.iars. which I herewith deliver to the
rightful owner.'
"And do you mean to say," gasped her
haste:?, "that u y panor has actually teen
refurnished in this exquisite manner for
fuinir 1 oat of 1881
Already the notes of preparation for the
Summer, eje being herd on every bide.
The Pennsylvania Rai.road Company wi 1,
during the comnng tcs.ni, present gtet c-f
facilities than ever for visitor lo the many
mountain and seaside resorts n ach td by iu
All the advantages offered iu previous sea
sons in the w ay of excursion tickets, fast
ami-frequent tiauis, Palace t coaches, and
spiencild passengers equipment w iil be con
tinued and many iuq rovemeuts w di l
ad( e J wh'.ch wiil insure to passengers still
gre aer comforts and convemeuees. With
its eased :,u controlled lu.e-, it re-ache j
dir ct to ad the popular watering plarcson
ihu New Je ey coast; and ail iue famous
mo mtam4soils of FennsyivanU, and sn.o
exp use is spared to provide speed, sateiy,
am. luxuiiojs accou odaiions tor its pa
tro; C Fast express trains wiil W ruu to
Lo iBrMneh. Ocean C rove. Asbcry Park,
Oei'aJ Ueae j, c-pring aie, rJl erov iVal
Beach, Pomt i'ieasiint, Bea.h Hiven,
Jng pea-jh, etc A new branch now m
courjre'of construction will be Lnushed to
Sea tide 1 a k, adding an,t.er delghtful
ocean re -crt to the already large number
touched by the lines of this gieat crorooia
lion. On the West Jersey Kiilroad.fr
(which is also controlled by the Pe lnsyl
va n: a ; Railroad Company) which reiches
to Atlantic City and Cape May; many im
provements have Le -a made, most promi
nent of whmh are fuquent long sidings,
giviDg all the ;advamages of a double
track; the running of the trains by the
system so successfui on the Pennsylvania
Railroad and the placing of water tanks
Letwei-n the ua. ks ei a'lling engines t tike
up ia er while in motion, thus allowing
trains to run throuu without stoppa.,e--A
marked feature ol all th'sa lines is t:;e
thorough construes ijn of tne roadbed, the
smooth running of ihu trains, and the en
tire freedom from dust being particularly
m td cable. For travel to the mounta ,ns,
there will be found the usual high stand
ard of accomodation, and those preferring
a jaunt in the country, a sojourn in the
shady valleys, or on the mef autaiu toj s,
will find every convenience for quick and
enjoyable transit to Katie", Renovo, Dela
ware Water (iap, Altoona "and Cie.-s
The Naughty tut nice Church Choir.
oaded 1-zcnger. She pu it in her month
md nibbled e'S the talgt-s, aa i was rvl!irK:
t as a sweet morsel under her torgtie.
hen the orjan struck' up, and thev a;
ii-. . . . -. .
irose. nmie tiiec rxr was skirmishing
-h the first part of the vere and getting )
scored up for the solo, she chewexl whit
as left of the candy and iwalloweei it.
A ell, if a DeniK rutic torch process-on hal
tnarche-d unbidden down her thnat she
oouldn't have let-u any more aclonishevl.
he leaned over to pick up her lutndker
"chief and spit the canuv out, but there wa
enough jvpfn-r left around the se-lysg.- of
Thf fthr -ru ublcr.
b-l.ngn t a elv-. ar.d :s readv
ver.ti'a'e his opi; j n n the h rte: n'ti x
t any pern vvnr. w;U listen t li s com
plaint. Just now he- declare th,t hr nev
er did Ilk the wir.ter svaon. aid ht s
scrli ju is ha ked tin withaa'i-tv of rea
son f'T the faith wh h is in him irega'rd
to this u alter. He thinks 'it out of all the
principles of common ne f r : man to
profess enjayiut nt of bituig b;as. miser
Al ly ojld muli'js a-d Mippvry sidewali
wtieu b;d nv bre es. the rn h green fod igt-
tier mouth t have pickltnl a pee k of enow- of trH-s. arenublic ll.wet-, s;:iki;ig baiis,
cluw. It was her turn to sing, ami she j i4n 1 aJ hat aret-: umcft more- pl-as;ir.t.
nse and tiok the tiexk. her eves tifled v.t i ' 1 ll ? l eather grumbler takes m. n,te of
tears," her voice trembled, her fac$ was.a.s j ;be hilarity -.f the faiys and g ris. who ex
red as a spanked lobster, and the way s,he j lfiAa great deal of amuser.u tit from ead
sarg thai old hvmn was a caution. With i ,n dv.wn the mil on sleds and iumrx-r. or
a sweet tremolo she sang ".Nearer, my pimmin.over the g asv surtae-t1 hhh
uas men iormei on the rivers. He is not
(jaO. lO thee ' una 1 he roiitTecatum wi
almost melted to tears. As she moppttl, one of th e eh l iren of larger growth who
while the organist got in a little work, she l"e our ia sieiglis lo wmcli fiery livery
turned her head, opeued her miuth and I borsesure afUcheJ,and lhemuied me U I s
blew out her bre alii with a 4 whoosh,' to j bud ho charms for him. I h re is n ao
col her mouth. The audience Le-r -j kuowk-deinen: that th cri-p atnue-pStere,
wipe a tear away, but did not- near the 1 Ui-vvcr pmtr tiiau h -u t.e snow cvern the
sbiiud of her voice a she "w.hooshed. ' ground and the n.ereury is fvircliing hw n
She wiped out some of the peppef with i lo lue turning p unt. M inis the hle.hh-.tl
her handkerchief and santbe other verses j tufghn throug.i.l is vu i. and u.akes "a
with a gtKKi dealot fervor, and the choir Uc'w H.V-" -ui of him. The cnstitational
sat down, ail the members looking at the j grmublyr cannot s'e how u is p-Mtde for
soprano. She called tor waier. l ne noble j ul') ljTsou to enjoy such eh by a mospbere
tenor went and ga it for her, and after i aml dreary surroundings, and j ist lu-
she had drank a couple of quarts, she ! 15 ulnK Iur the verdure id snng, the
whispered to him, "Young man, 1 will get j warm breath of the summer, or tne hazy
eveu with you for that peppermint candy j Ju's uf early autumn, w it: ih rqu ned
if 1 have to live a thousand years, aud.j sTra,n 1 luseious fruit thai then comes to
don't yu forget it," and they all sal down : Infection.
and iuoked oious. while "the minister! W e reuiem!er f hearing him d-souss
i ; weal ne-r mailers lat sprmg, w h-.-n he h
cla edthit the condition ol the ments
preached a most beautiful sermon on
"Faith." We cxnect that the tenor will
be blowed through the4 roof some Sunday ! 'b 'roughly disgucd him; that it m
morning and the congregation will wonder
what he- is iu such a hurry for.
f arolliia Cherokee.
You may organize a church choir and
think you have got it down fine, and that
every member of it i pious and full of
true goodness, and in such a moment as
you think not you will find that one or
more of thermia-e full of : the old Harry,
and it will break out when you least ex
pect it. There is no more beautiful sight
to the student of nature than a church
choir, j To see the members sitting to
gether, Jdemure, devoted and pious look
ing, you think that tkere is never a
thought enters their mjnd that is not con
nected i with sinLontr anthems, but some
times you get left. There is one church j cta' rs do not votu a,J(l are apathetic tin
choir in Milwaukee that is about as near "iucstious 01 tne oay. i he subject ot edu-
The Eastern "Band of Cherokees has its
own peculiar government, the head being
Chief Smith, or Tsa-la-te -he. He is by
virtue of his ollicv, entitled to a salary of
-$000, but this sum has never Jn'en paid
him by his people. He is 41 yeans of age,
was born in Cherokee county, Vmd has
been chief just a year, succeeding tUhe posi
tion upon the death of L. R. Welsh, who,
for many years held it. Once a 'year the
people of the Eastern B i:id assemble at
Yellow II ill, the Seat of the Indian iov
ernment, in swain county. Chief Smith
presides at these grand councils. They
are interesting ceremonials though a trifle
strange, paitaking both of the nature of
a legislative assembly and that of the
purely primitive " pow-wow '' of the nobie
red man.
About one-half of tin; Indians of the
proper sex and age an: voters, and take a
lively interest in political mailers. The
i nothing but dn.de or pouring showers of
j lam from day today,-and no 'man could
i veutv.ru out unless he w. is wii.ing to t ike
! the chance of contracting rluunmtism,
; lumbago, or some kindred uis-a.so
. nieist iaqierceptibiy the season t lunged to
j summer, and when the hot, swa-ite ring'
eiaysw ere tn hand he ug iia indulged his
grumbling propensity. lb; liianked heat
I w as enough te me h a b-Mfv, and he- di ln t
i see what m blank waalhc ih ivsmIv 1 r a
temperature which sent the mercury up to
! the vicinity id a hundred degrees in the
shade. Then he signe d ! r one; of those
i me e-, cool days whLh prevail a!ul mid
winter; he would make ad.i i-t auy saeii-
fi :c ll he could only cnjty tae- rare pleiwure
: ot a slei gji-rieie, and mj omnioii u de
liberately expressed that the ev.M se-ain
! vds the only one ht f r morials to txperi
. ence health afld necessarv c enfort and ha;-
piuess. W itU the tad he found many .o-
jt-ctions, and ihe ry i:reims wijieh h- m
' dulged in about the h lid iys, ol extracting
eouie enjoy uieut looking at rtpe ti- ids' of
waving gram, sallying lo the w ds on a
hulling expedition, etc., ..were ite'e iv di
pelted." He was ehscon'oTiti 1 with the
foggy and unhealthy mornings a i 1 e-v.-n-
perfect ! as a choir can be. . It has been or
ganized for a long time, and never has
quarreled, and the congregation swears by
it. W hen the choir strikes a devotional at
titude it is enough to make an ordinary
Christian think of the au-1 baud above,
only the male singers w ear whiskers, and
the fexiales wear lashiouable clothes.
You j would not think that this choir
played tricks on eaih other during tlie f jjAm
cation has recently begun to be much dis
cussed among them. lleretoforc, when
iugs, and couldn't see what p.easure h-s
neighbors could extract fr;n the beaut -s
tit iii.tiir.. wlii-n thf L' id . mi. t roii .r .ii . 4
eft to their own resource lhe-y have paid ; lue unllirut 18 UciMwe-,L
.ill cm.. .:tt..li.... I,. . . . I . i k. . 1 ..... 1 ...
uui. .-man auwiii"u ii cuuiaiiioiJill lliaueir. : J b, j Jlt
A lund ol V 10,000 lies iu A ashmtou in the
charge of the
The sale m an at the drv go is and
1 I l.l.M. 1. II AlllllS. Arllut,
I h..i v u:., N. e-.
lM'"i':: fr.rt.i-hil rr. e. wit
?H I -'!; : j, r u.;..!;i t r.-
S.-lM.O:..! t'
i t.' i an iti im
N " in. (. a n l .. i.
a't a Su. .-s
e irn a: ce su:;;-
I: s. I'tu ne- hun : r.-.i
.Nollillig .In- 1 OO kt
!..U .'
J'O Ii
i. s v .
R- !:.' ;.
ith fun tn-
ti.e r.io-i
; en.' Oja tuF .11 in
i- '. an., ai.a ur 11.
'. ia n. it it any
to ia he vt-r s'rt.
.tt.g to wi rk .u.en
. b s gj- uis
h.f. m.ide at u.e bas;
" a' s :n a s I'.cb ek.
w 1 1 f .re. Ah wh en-
he .-.s - ai d I ji'idi! v
w.ta widen .hy re ab'.e.t.- ia k- m. t v. .,;u
ejtti engage in ihl l us.ru-s uu-it.g our spare
tune hi tcreat yto: t u Gj i.i.; i av. to invest
i Hi it.k. in it. Ni e take ah tUe r.s. 1 ho-e w lo
i.e. d ready mc'Loy-, shou.d r.t!ous a; oiice.
Al. luin.shed tne-. AGdre-s TKl LA CO. AU
k;u.lu, Maiue.
ce ry store, e vidently cvn?deie 1 Miss a
a iunaiic e n the subjvet of unb.eache -d mus
1m. and had his vaws in iigard to her
passion lor red tiara e 1 ; t.ut the y u:.g laelv
j'UrsUed the t-ea tenor c-f her yay and le
lur.'.ed triumphaat
i;H-. sue oui witn ner purciiase-s was
this: Curtains w c:e made f tie uublee-Leei
h.uslm and fianut-I aiterra'elv : and i,
de-iighttuliy- co.idortab'e. pidowto matcl
a - ar.e : wcrstc l ta-se..
The r-ovking-cuair wa
fc.tc are surpilse
d id
at e ai h end,
on every earner
treated :n the same way, alur u-ing sawed
low and a Jew aids'. J ii-ekeis living aeu
oiT, and a mos.s cushion tiiieii to the un
cetiilortable la-k and M-at. This, and th
front of the sofa were on.amameutcxi wi h
( scarie-t woisted fringe; tor Laura nc-ve
tehe ved in doing things t v halve?. Tut-
I i-
i fringe was knotted with a crochet needle
se rmon,: uui sou.eumes iney cio. l he
choir is furnished with the numbers of the
hymns that are to be sung, by the minis
ter, and they put a bjok mark in the Lok
at the proper place. One morning they
all got Up to sing, when the soprano turned
pale as an ace oi spades dropped out of her
hymn book, the alio nearly f aimed when
a queen- of hearts dropped at her feet, af.id
the resuof the pack wus distributed around
in other bioks. Tney laid it on the tenor;
but he .j swore, while the minister was
preaching, that he didn't know one card
Iroui another
One morning last summer, after the
tenor had been playing tricks all the spring'
on the rest oi choir, the soprano brought, a
chunk of shoemakers' wax to church. The
leuor wus arrayed like S douion, m all his
glory, wall white pants, and a Seymour
coat. The tenor gol up tp see who the
girl was who Came in with the old lady,
and while he was tip the soprano put Un
shoe makers' wax on the chair, and the tenor
sat dow n on it. ,'1 hey all sawit, and thev
waited ior the result. It was an awlm !
Indian Commissioner, to
their credit. In January Hast two Indian,
sent as ?i essengers by the great tribe of
Cherokees,. now in the Indian N.dion, came
as envoys lo th ir brothers of the Eastern
ihey were sent to endeavor .to
induce the Indians' in North Carolina to
move Cvcst, following the example of
that part of their tiibe which went there so
many years- ago. But the Cherokee s 'are
content, acd wiil not desert the fctala.
toattiifi in
About sivtv i-nrolloil their humh-s iia rv.n- f
- .... v,w ; 0iher fcUore
sentiug lo go, out most ol these win not
make good their promise.' Their is no fund
to pay the expenses of removal, but the
Cherokees 4u the nation are endeavoring t
obtain from Congress, an .act to defray such !
goe-.s on Irom ear to y ar
never happy with the kind of we. a-her
i that is seasonably dicp "used. The r-a it r
; Who is hot of Ins class e all ial out .at1'
once dozens ef him who indulge- in just
such co.njilaints, and even hu:i Sn-dt m ;
of the same son, tioui yel: to e ycie. .S
ll will be unlii the end, and s.e Si mi.iu-
'.thropes wdi neyer cease from the ir -snu-r
plauu.ig.H until they have ir. this : irte:
lor the unili y.o vera ne one fr mi w.iira
i travelers don't coine U.u-k t furtu'-.i luior-
the we t'.hvr nil the
regard to
Holm i4 Jliiv i. r,f
Cherokees and a few Cat twbas an 1 Creeks
in the northern portion oi (ieorgia, but these
never attend the Councils of tne Eastern
Baud in North Carolina, nor are, they undei
the Rule ot Cuicl S.iiilh. The Indiana are,
as is evi r their wont, cxtremeiy simple in
their habits. Tney live in log houses mainl
and dress in the plain costume ol the moun
taineer. Gone are the plumes of eagle a'
feathers, the necklaces of bears'- cias,
while war paint aud the tomalxawk afe ivs
much thing of the past as coats m mail o"r.
maces are to us. 'ihe miy indication of
I ii:i? tufckiiiii:4ti I vi' t ( ir t ii -r-j ii i 'i i ;i t. .r ri . n-r t
long prayer, and ihe church was hot, thej wLlUi -a charttClcl isUC t lLe v. 1S
umftU3l waA 4ia rtk wi- ; by se):ne ageei member , of UA tnl.
Fahrenheit. Ihe minister hnahy got to j itJtilu of lUe Ilitllit!jS is in tlc mam
Ihe amen, ana reaa a nymu, me cnoir
coughed and all rose up. '1 he chair thai
tuy lenor was iu stucK to him like a brolher,
aosinmUers. It was the tenor to ba and
as the great organ struck up he pushed the
ehjur ctl of his person, iuejRmi arounei to
see if he had saved his pan '.a, and h.gan to
ng, and the rst of the rr "came near
ouisiing. The tenor wassailed out on
three sUi.es by the umpire, and the
It Is somewhat singular that C-.ntirietital
lhere are s ne humircls .of ("ountri(-'s should be mu a m advance of
England in the matte: of d. ep mming. I he
deepest perpendicu:ar sfiaft. aCprv-td ex
found in the gay turbans worn (xx-a-sionahy
and in that pure air and giornius wf.liLid
a here they dwell shouiU U.-perfect. Bui
ot C-iSionail v fin-eases l-e i .iue- :i;de4i.ic fcnd
and came right aioug nnd neany broke his ... Wlil!iHjl 5liav..,i h:xVttl. v.tn i,.e,L
I Lasl year j'Ucuinouia eiew num'-rs. I hey
f Set n j Ui alUieul for these enscaMrS, but
are rvndtreti h p. ess by fear o! t.v.m.
isting is that of Adclt rt at Piibran
1 1 t : . .. l . . i i .1 l i
i xteinia, winci it as i:-v ne-u iu. u
51,0'M metres, r i.'J-sO Jee t, tlr-ugh there;
are ol hers Mill d ci r, though hoi quite
lertendiCular. The rock -oi l Ut.-h'iie al
Spe-enb-rg, ri'-ar Beriiu, was arr.e 1 don
4, 17- feet s rne few ye ar sg . atel a r-isd
m neat Yiriera, B.-jgmm. is no- ii.OU fe-et.
Two other shafts iu Belgium, at iliy-;. r
: funk to the eiepth of 0,i7fe t, and ir i.u
I these an exploring shaTt wa. cr;i-ei COC
i feel further. thoug!i il wi u:js i .-odui as
regards the finding of the e ip. i. d t;ani.
I he deep-sl shaft in Pruvn:i iiun;:i i fie
SlUiSejh Shaft at the- O.h-'ur Z I'-ad a-';.! d
; ver works in Han ve r, wmi a u g, i J 7 f. el.
i d ue Ro-br'dge CoiJiery, near V sgsn, h
! 2.1-0 feet in depth, -and the l i .h ... it.
; hery near l)ie:ieid, g.- fv I. i'txua:
has nothing Im-yond 1 i :"-.-! at a cditery
j at Roncnama. There i ofi.y one (a.s-; uu
I record where a
. XI i .nllli,
u- dollars
' "Yes.'' replied Mi.s5 Gay, mxiestU" :
"wonderful are the capabilities of scarlet
uad to sail in, and while she was
Uhe tenur began to feel ol hrsl ba-e to see
w hat was ihe matter. W hea he v h;s
hand on the Eh-x-maKers'- warm wax Lis
utait suioiehim and Le looked eh-iggers at
the soprano, but fei'e put on a pious 1
she mi
:ht haTC added, scarlet San-
uel. like punt, has to be mixed "with
brains. ;r," to produce the desired effect.
Sore? Teat In Cow .
kc a tu
ot Co
w ater anel -vash
and rub the sores well. Use the whol
paidal of water I x-fore mi Iking, which
o 1- tLc teats or reduces the fever.and the
cow a;11 stand perfectly still.-- After miik
.Dg, use half as much more cold water,
cleansing the bag and teats well,' and ia a
tew days the sons wuii be healed. Th:si.
not all u.e good you wifi receive. You
will have cle-an milk and that is the wav to
have clean butter.
In the
operators ,u the
71 e' of the
L"uionotH:e al
His hcdicai
j from theearib's sr.'.w e
. v.z , at the a rte -si an we i
j iu ihe I'm ted M'e.
1 liavc f"vn Carried dou
I I JO feet.
or.: lui.e
it.su he !.
1 ai P,.M'h. 3!o ,
w h.-re the ' chisels
O O if
an d S ,'t i. e r m ou t h re ad y to fc i u
winter of I ?..
W estcrn
!son hai an epslepiii fit.
atteuelstnt pike lo mm, chafed liui- and
Uiade e very et'ort to arouse
vain. uu.-i ieniiy one . of
a cair
Married in eany
to a ilsughur of
mv.er toEfig'axid,
,':era.j rs ure -
up to
him,"', hut ih 1 Reverdy Johiin, ' nee
his brothers I Mr. T ravers haa a family. f uiiu-, cluldreu.
the :
and : ilis eldesl-Sa, John, it atrey e-hgagel
ihe Jrort." Weil, the tenor sa; d;wn e.r. "b.-k te patk-ut's haai iu his. Aa he did ' buskieA. Thi: h
a while handkerchief, before he w ent home, I s- he noticed a fee hie pressure presently the w:cg
it t st .us are under
fa i.t -r' alma ma'er.
and he got home without ah) bo:y 'seemg
him, and he has been, as the s-iy;;.g
"iay ing' lor Uie s. -pran. , ever smee, l-j
get eveil.
it is customary in all first class choir
is, j O diiuiuhiCaimg
to the
tac-tile fx-nse the tempered with a iud.ci- tuusuM- that
words, "iV-n-it d-o-c-t-o r s-a-y a-h-o-ti-t wtsittiaiti vtrgei. on the r pa nan ru.e.
Ui-ef " Askfi whether he could hear what &n exxaiple, one of the Loyi came home
furnish eaadv
for the ILaie singers to
ihe lady singers, and the axhe-j
tenor went io a candy factory an
nd a
11 i
xrniiul loZtager
wita aliut a
was Slid lo Lim, the pauca. eiguiea as- i oat- uy wiu a u:m. eye.
t-Gi by asi'-ght inv'.i u with the tip of his -W'w-w- where d-d did j -i
j Urn, the patica. sigtiied a- i one day with a black eye.
..pe. atvi
aad ilai
its. aud the resu.i was lha. Lis Zti jw
tL&t V in ruircd the ar.x 104 father,
ua the- pJitieh; -fhxigh uot f "in a f f fight sir! replied the oa. whj
cs to -C.e-sC
icasp-u-tuiof cayeaae pepper in the centre physician, who was thus coib.ed to apph
i.he nvccv.ry remeaie-. it is ctrvim tuat
of it
Oa CLr:flu& he uk his icZesger
to cliUJCli and cunciuded t get even with
ihe soprano it he died tor it. Candy had
ieen parsed
ar-aui-'l, and just Letore the
nymn was givem outia which
vtras to si
a solo, "Nearer, My God,
Thee, hue wicked wrttch
her the
ay' c Vhef
CoihUiuuiCatlDg wa"
.uiiisLancs-s,' Since the
CeUgt he COU.d
exeep: lL.t tituated tn the
.blt: UQde-r the c:rgu
ehZlcrer frcta epiA-py, a ith
hear, could heiiher fitcaii nor'move any
I , .. r-r.' -.. ... Ot ...,) in
1.3 1U'...,
digital extre:
' as. thf mn'-ii- lin'M-e meiil i'l hi t-:Cii.
1 'D-J-d did vtv-jyi wlw-w-whip
other f-f-f-feiloAf"
j "Y-y-yt sir."
-fw ta:te r-r -ngut. It-h U-herc a
d-d-iiodir'Z-f-for y-yoot Always w-whip
Li Other f-f-fei o ! Aud thAt t the
gulden rule td 3Ir. Travers life when
there b smother fellow.
re tlveef itself into dot- aud dashe, faintly Columbia coi.eg-. Hi pride 1 a them t '

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