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Orange County observer. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1880-1918, May 26, 1888, Image 4

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A Farmer' Vlfw f the C'linrch.
Wf, wife, I've had a roi&d with Wayns
"Jtout jinin' our rburr-h;
He trx-d the so. piio d'Ape oa me,
The ftrpum-;nt of srnirrh.
fSava he. "I.ook at your mmber nov,
Thcn-H .Ton got 'trunk, an' bwm
Will 'h'-nt n friend to nifike a trade;
Ain't I a fA as th'-mf"'
Svs I. "A Imf' h' r huyinf- stoz-k-
. f),rf-. j 1 1 -1 th wav you do;
H hunts Mr"'!r'l tut rattle yard.
And find-th nit-ant twy;
7hn -vry ofT.r that r mik"111,
An' v'ry i ii" h',' h-ars,
Ii roupled with th sri'-nri' word--
'.Tst look at th-m to styr-i!'
'You j.i' k Hie rri'-an-t ''hri'tinn-: out,
An' th-n with truky y f-T,
Y"u run the whole ohurtli dfwn by that
'.--f lo jk at thf-in two .r-'.'
No farmer's fo -J'l lv that oM tru-,
An" o you i-ant afford
To ri'-k vour soul in t i virr it
I toii th" nil w i-f Lord."'
L. R Cake.
I nrKliinK thf ! ?.
Ahout a v-nr airo f went to a neighboring
f-itv to ( nn old -iMoni"r of mine, who
Viw-'l a lifilar-'-e of amount, lose if he would
t.riv !.. 1 hfi-l ii' tifl that the payments
, ft-u m,'i'h- with treat lif!i' iilt v. arid lor
Rome mont lis i;nd repsfd altogether. I had
henr'l h had 1 ''ii unfoj tunat
I!" !!-. 1 nt the hotel nt my reriiKS. I faw
nt one.-? that he wns r, he had lot his vim
and theielastie sj.ints of oM were, removed
by the dull, heavy vdlenn-.-s of ilppair. I
stated niv bus nes, I uf be for I had fini-hed
be so i x' I m' with the "fio-itive word that he
had nothing in the u. rid that he eouM ijw
in f.avment : and th. ri he told of his looses
nr.d v rfy . his wit- kein foirlers;he in
del t km i and ae: all us-(l tin. Me was
bound hand and foot helpless. . I fug
L'eMed n t'e e:i-c.
"How i . in 1 le re!en-e b with r oth.ing to
pay w it h ' ' '
' 1 w ill nk f t von ."
"V"-, but th'-v'will not do it witr out some
thintr "'
'inly a-k through m.- I will intereede
for v"ii, and yet you may be released a free
' I ha long -ine' lost nil hope, but pr-
hnt.s t here is a h ince vet:' anl with tears
he h-M mv bond for the parting.
hu-rv firm sjii'-d a legal release, and I
flit it to him w it h a h-ltr of encourage
ment: and what a htter 1 trot in return! fie
is now in buines. happv and hojieftjl.
1 have of fen Ihought it illustrates our ron -lit;on.
W e are all helpless bountl with the
nidsf,f sin; a pardon awaits us, if we will
a-k, through the interi es.sion of Christ. How
messages haeb'n f-ept to Christ on the
wings of prayer, m thankfulness for the re-leaM-
from the bondage of sin!-Am. Mes
senger. illioiit 1 1. nil.
"There an- some gonl men w ho seem to to
without haiiils nltogel her. 'They have hands,
but thev li.mdle not , fei-t have they, but they
'walk not. From il.iwnof lif until dusk
they do not h:nr -xpres" ly for Christ. All
the d iv pris--, t hus in idleness with them, as
to work. TIh'V eoii. work with lands, bi
enii-.c they do, in othe.r things. They will
express themselves (and no harm) enthusias
tically, and you can see that the enthusiasm
is sincere, about a song or an oratorio; their
sou! flows out at. owe on waves of music; or
th'V can strive manfully enough in a politi
ral striigglf, or in a cjue-tion of social right;
or they are as diligent as the moments
of th. day in their business. But
as sf on ns they come up to any expressly
Christian work both hands drop down, and
there they .tand without hands. I know
the excuses that will be pleaded, and the
bars that will hi put in for arrest of judg
ment. It will be said, and truly, 'It is not
all unwillingness. We ar afraid. We do
not like to make a high profession which
might, not bo substantiated. Wo do net-like
to 1 -gin w( rk w Iik h might stand liku an un
finished tower to reproach us, and re'illy lw
perhaps a hindrance rather than a help to
the cause ' Well, well; let these things 1
Mstheymnv. I am not judging. 1 cannot
iudge" Yu must judge; and that vou may,
am pointing mi the fait that there you
stand a brother or a sister, as wp hopei,
in the great family which (iod is gath
h ing h tne and t ynu have nothing to
av t those . without, sorno of them just on
the thre-hdd, h nmng to .nm in, waiting
but -a wi.rd f welcome ir the touch of a
friendly hand; and you are without hands,
without voice, almost without form, to them.
There you stand, m the heart of thi agoniz
ing w or Id .in 1 he great toil and strife of w hieh
f veil t he 'pi iiicij aht ie an 1 powers.' both of
the light and id the dai kness, are ?minglinf?
w it n all tl.ie nn'iiib of action within e:isy
reach "f Mm. and t idle, doing nothing ex
pirsslv for Cliri-t without hands.'
nh, nl'ers in(iod's busy world, hear these
wi nl and Iwstir out s'l os. "l.i work in
f y me aril today,'1 says the I.ord who
bout lit you with lltsbloo.1. iict your work
and do n with "W' hand at first, if vou will;
then, jx j ' hance, . ai w ill prove ti e joy of
Christian service, and en '-' not till vu ex
Tfrience the de-per j" the pontile luxury
--of putting both hands to the pi ugh anil
f rving lel with all i ur -.might, "with
1 1 cth har.'ls earnest I v." Footsteps r f Truth .
illovv alllp Ttfrtll2
1 Fe'h -tv shij' within 1 h' (hui ch i quite nt
rtiitit Ms f.-H.iwship nni'ing different
chiircht-.s. So thinks 1 'r. Wahiiitcn (ilads
den, nnd he x'iisst hmisclf ?ur,r,-tively
UK-n th nut j.-.-t in the volume entitltHl
!'iri.h ii hi. ins.
Sti. h ti ni.-. tiM tnnv well le he'd on the
M t!di exftiii fi llinviPp: f-vcrv coni
tr.tn i' ii. tint there tuny he nj.jort mil v fcr
.the i::' !llli'! nf tl'.e i hui h to iuet unv who
in.iy hix hrn it.-ned into the chtirch on
the I 1. . sl'tiu' d;i It Is cften the ,'nM that
.n 'id 1 s t tins t i -i ( d i 1. 1 v e no earl v ortor-
1 unit
w ith
t tiinkm t.
I'l'ont.in.e 1 f thoe
W Ihlll 11'
x lt.r into "-ovennnt: nml
t 1
1- th
-i 1. inn
' !! th.it are ken hy
to tl is (incn.'iiit Bi'wr
i ! tH
t - U
n.-th.-.n I-
Uer than mmk
I , Htl:.ss
x 1 h ti w hn h 1 1 -
!l!ll h:t e II 1! ,'liii i
tnutii:il ac'i'.Viint.-in.
i istoi . on t t-h ilf 1 if
ni" way i' prtv
f i,iM)dshii. thn 1 romiseil
h'nm its Ire in n
'-. hi some churches th
the church. ex'eiul! to
the t iindid;it s tl 1 ii,x hand of foliow.liii
I lit it is w.-M It the in. 111 .-r (lit. H! T llttd to
t xi r s, t!i o : t tnssin th irumi -vav If
itfefonnl in. ..-i;ent to devt te n w h.o!
evrM' k; to this t i i.s.. it ttf l- .rrict'nt.
t lix e to it 1;mH "f ih.. h ,ir , f the pud w.-k
M r li t- Ill ti e W, . k fo 1. -w niC 'he fcfli rBtuetit.
Put if the i 1 ut . h 1 ,m ! I iotjht to eon -ider
the nritfi i, it wultiot k.rudc; m vh'de
online. I'ti'i1 in two inoHth-. f-r the (i
tneiitif; of it own unity, f. r th in re jht
(m t 1 1 nh. at i 'ti i t that ou'inunti-n f Mints
wlin h it- 1 T'A s !.fir! f3rn. hn- which
its j rm-ti'e o ini 'rfH-t lv illustrates Th
enduot of this ii..?iii should l. nltopthr
informal It w ill l w .-11 to pcnl - a - lift I
t'ittK in 'iif iiti'l r-er at the Uinning,;
nnd if tin re me ni. inN-rs of the church wh
can lt trust. s to vMk tudicioulv nd
heartily a'id lii.tlv of the friendshij 5 "w hich
thechii'ch fosters -and consrcrate, of th
tienerlts And joys of Christian fra
ternity, n few words from thrn
may l-e helpful and welcome. If
the tvnrk of correspondence with absent
memlrs has K-en organimi; thi? will be?
the time for the reading of extract from
letter that ha ve hen reoeive-i froni them.
The list of absent iiionU' duvjld nisi (,a
read for correction, and if a pa er f ir their
welfare should follow the readmp, or a
verM of a hymn, celebrating th facmlnes
and strength of Christ an lo-ve. should h-
?ung, the meaning of this relation might be
more deeply imrrcs-sed upon many minds.
Happy is he "who has no friend to feed.
Borrowers and beggars are half
Pleasure and action make thp hours
leem short. ,x
Trust the cat when the buttermilk is
Dn the top shelf.
We should not imacrine that all are
friends that flatter, or enemies that cen
mre. The more we know the es positive we
Decome it is only tne ignorant tnat
never h-tve any doubts.
It is better to have thorns in the flesh
with trace to endure them, than to have
no thorns and no jrraee.
Po.erty is not dishonorable any more
than sickness ; it is only the cause off it
lhat may be dishonorable. i
Ten thousand of the greatest faults in
our neighbors are of less consequence
than one of the smallc-t in ourselves.
He who works for the public has a
thousand masters, each one of whom in
sists, upon heincr served in a different
One man ran see into futurity just as
far as another can, and none of them can
tell whether or pot will the world be in
existence to-morrow.
"Art is not a sermon and the artist vl
not a preacher.- Art accomplishes by in
direction. The beautiful refines. The
perfect in art suggests the perfect in
Truth bein? foundci on a rock, fou
may boldly di,? to see its foundation;
but falsehood, being built on the sand,"
if you proceed toexamijne its foundation
you cause its fall. '
FOxert your talents, and distinguish
youiself, and do not think of re1SffTg"
from the world until the world will be
sorry that you retire. Hate a fellow
whom pride or cowardice or laziness
drive s into a corner ; and who does noth
ing while he is there but sit and growl.
Let him come out and bark.
Suicide By Self-Smotlicrin?.
Dr. D. F. Chadwick, of Binghamton,
writes to the Chicago Timet to say that
the case of the man Ayres, who is said
to have committed suicide in Omaha by
holding his breath, is not the first one'of
the kind that has cometoh;s knowledge.
,VT remember," says he, "to have heird
of no less than three such cases before,
though it has never been my good
fortune to be present at one of the
autopsies. Dr. Ifrieto, who was for many
years one of the best-known physicians
in the West, and whose woid and judg
ment were as good as anybody's, once
told me of a patient who came to him
when he was the physician in charge of
the medical springs in I a Salle County,
III. The patient was a very great suf
ferer from nervous troubles and had been
sent there by her husband, who waa, I
think, a merchant in Chicago, but
whose name I have forgotten. One day
she attempted suicide by cutting her
wrist, but she was discovered before she
had lost much blood. Dr. Prieto or
dered her placed tinder constant watch,
and she, after vainly trying to kill her
self in many w ays, finally said to her at
tendant; if you think you can keep me
from killing myself you are mistaken.'
Mie thereupon turned over in bed and
bv sheer force of will held her breath
until she was past resuscitation. The at
tendant did not even know what-she
was doing until a heaiing oT the bed -
lothes, caused probably by the involun
tary action of the respiratory organs,
was seen, but it wa too late to revive
the unconscious patient. Pr. Prieto,
when he related this incident-to me,
said that he had heard of but one other
case that of a woman of whom Dr.
Kasfman. also an old Illinois practitioner,
had told him. It was Ir. Prieto's
opinion that a man could not exercise
will power enough to commit suicide in
this manner, and I myself believed that
only women ( ould do so until I read of
this Omaha eae.''
"Yes; 1 shall break th? engagement." she
said, folding her anus and looking defiant;
' it is really bto much trouble to 'inverse
with him; h's as deaf as a post, and talks
like he had a mouthful of mush. Besides. '
the way he hnwksand spits is diszus ing "
"Ion't break 1h engagement for that; tell
him to take Jir. Sage's Catarrh Remedv. It
will cure him completely." "Well. I'll tell
hun. I do hate to break it off. for in all other
respects heJs quite to.chrmine.'" f course
it cured his catarrh'.
I'r. Pawson Hums, an eminent authority,
estimate that (Meat Britain's drink bill in
lTT was about 'ij.).ooii00'i, or $10,000,001
more than in l5.
Hrmniknhlp Surgprr.
The s. len. fvof surgery has made sui h won
derful progress in mlern times, that lha
most intricate and dehcato oitrations .
now undertake 1 and carried t a tuccessfnl
issue. Th"ie are now several well authenti
cntl ciss of what is krni-.vn as pnenmotonv.
mat is to say, tne. removal of iisensl por
ti-uis of "the "lungs in (ases of consumption
While, h meter, this delicate operation has
sometimes I Mi'-i ssfully pertorme.1. the
risks attniling it are sogreat.and theohani-es
of lecovery '.so flight, that it is seldom re
sorted t-v The safest plan in consumptive
i flMs i t" ik I'r 1'ieree's (.'oldfn Me1i-Al
IhsiNivcrv. Tht-twill Always -ure the disease
in its earlier stages, thoroughly arresting the
ravages of the terrible .malady, by remoing
'ts causes and healing the lung-.
By a late iciMon of the S'iprrn Court ol
Fennsvlvama.-salivon krs are made re
.pnir'e for any intury, l-ss c,r dimai fif
teifl ty tht'it pat i oris fn the saloons, cr as a
conse-iuivv ot th-ir visits there-
Thf fn Ttlie lnr, !
is eartj ly sou kht for. rea l with pl-Hir , r
lisappiintnient. is thn t'sp.j nsi ). a,.l f.-r j
otU-n Mat lad is who rt'&d t -f I r lirtf's
Favorite Tn'rii t ion. r.n o o.so!n f,.r thev
iiis-nvfr in n vimii' mng; tprw n nie en--irr
...f joy to tin stitTertnc fnm fun-tinnl
tiera!vemnts t any of th- painful disoi-Ws
or weakness pnhar f. th-'ir IVriili
cal jwiin. 'internal inflani'nati.n antl ul.ra
tion. readilv yu-M to its wurid-rful rnrative
and halinf: pMv rs It is the ..nlv libvii nie
for women. I y ilrvgtists, ,;- i jti
tir ifuirtnf from the m.inutai-tnrer. that
it will tve sa jsfaotin i 1 er cs. or
m uiey will l- refundl This cuamntw has
Nsen printe.1 on th lttle w rap:r. and
faithfully oarritsl out for rr.anv years
Mnn - ttr.'sjorn r.itk" Irm :r.rr tetrj
blcthan a:iv t cist its tlif wi!i-.rnej
If affln-te.1 w ith sore eyes us I)r, Th"Pi -
n's Ke water. fM tiistssl) afJV. r itt
A x (rK-.m n
IVi t on I Oil a itirvi..n f
. . ' . v ' (. ,t - . V V
names of stations.
Tke Extraordinary Experience of a Prom
inent Klchmouder.
Ixchmod Pa.) $tafe.
A. A. Arnold, of the "V alley Virginian.'"
Staunton. Ya, writes the follovrrn' remark
ab'e letter. th truth of which is attested bv
many prominent Staunton citizens. i
Mr. Crawford, however, is so well known '.
in Richmond that no affidavits are necessary
m his Vvise. Hi$ remarkable experience is !
well worth perusal to th end: j
'T was teaching s hool at S"hrando; on
the morning of the early part rf February, j
lr.. as 1 pisvd the vilhce tavern the hired :
boy mforrcM me thit there was a gentleman j
at the hous d vmg an 1 that h hid sent for j
m scivra! times I
H" said that his phvsiejan hid told him he i
had Hri'.'ht s Ihsnse shortl v aftr midnight j
his cfin i u'-ions u so severe and in such
rapid succe-sion the nurs had expect him
to die e pry hour, and he wa at this moment j
sinking rapid y.
How anv b-ing ccuid suer as he did and i
five is and always wilt Ik a mystery to me. i.
His proin-s could be heard at a great distance.
I h-inks to a kind Providence a 'change came, i
and after a few days he was aide to bete
moved to his lioup at Sunimerdean. Foi
many months he wa- hoke. i upon as no betteT
than a dead m n
Imagine mv surpris then when a few
months ago I met him in Staunton looking
in letter health th in ever. I imagine l h j
was , pat-he 1 up," but I was mi-taken. f i j
you mi;ht meet -'"O healthv men and not hi d
one in th' l"t who present-; more the app n
arifeof a perfectly health' iijmthan he. II
gives nie the following additional paiti
'After rea- hing mv h'ni I too'-c my b 1
and the outlook w is that when I left it it
wou'd 1? for a march to the tomb
' Conr ulsion followed convulsw.; in my
agony my clenched hands drove th' mils oi
my fingers into thef!e-h of my jvilms
"Kve. y physirian of note :ti th;. neighboi
hrod and several from Staunton were sum
moned, but for Hright's disease they couid
giie no r:-!ief, mu' h less a cure.
"'1 w o eminent physicians were called from
Fhiladclph a . alter examining m oue as';ed
'I wonder, w hy he sent for Us.' Why, he's a
dead man now ' ;
U'I hus I lay -uTerin . All was gloom A'5
last some kind angel sugge-ted that I u-t
Warner's safe m e.
' It was administcie 1 to rn" and the fourth
bottle had not been exhausted before Mini
goo. I e(t. ts sluiw-il themselves. While
thus lay lerween two wii Ids I han- ed t
read in im of Warners advi-rlis"in.eiis
'vome i onstitut on- are )iib! to const ii a
tmn. When this is the case take Wat n"r
safe pibs.' .M y w if-; sent fi r some and I too!
a dose, and s:oon ther" dter I swine 1 a
reatiire in a ne v world. I felt and knew !
was cup d, and o 1 was, fo - now after
lapse of man' years I am sound as a dollar
with no symptoms of my old trcu'il", an
have only Warner's safe cure and Warner':
safe pills to thank for my health, w hieh. in.de:
Co I s provid -ii e, I have renamed and I tak
great pleasure; in adding my testimony tf.
that of others as to its etlicaoy. I owe my lit
to the ns" of those most excellent medi -ines. "
iDec. '.'fl, st , W. T. t. it a w KOK i.
Mr. Craw foul, senior partner of Craw for :
& Lai ley. of the St. Chail -s Hotel, is a man
ivhos word is pre-eminent lor probity ali
over the South'.
When the above thrilling story w as sent ii
by Me srs. Warner v: Co. they authorixeil u:
to oiler )"ot) to any v rfui who will proie
that any t stinionia! us?d by them is not
strictly true ?o far as they know. They also
say that wonderful as is the above, they can
produce many thousands of similarly strik
ing proof's of permanent cure when a.'l othei
agencies taiieu.
In Ceneral Debility. Euiaelnliop,
SCOTT'S EVIULSION of Pure Cod Liver Uil
ui-h Hypopho.sjdiites, isa most vnlnable food
and tnediciue. It create, an appetite lo food,
strengthens the nervous system, an i bml Is
up the body. Pleas, re id: "1 tried Senit'.s
Emulsion on a young man whom Physicians
at times gave up hope, Since heliegan using
the Emulsion his Cough ceased, gained flesh
and strength, and f r m all appearaneo h's
life will be prolonged many years" John
Sullivan, Hospital Steward. Morgan?, Pa.
Conftiimptlon Surrly Cured.
Tothe Editor: Please inforrn your renders
that I have a positive remedv for the above
named disease. By its timely u thousands
of hopeless enses have en ermanently
eurenl. I shall b glad t send tvro bottlesof
my remenly fhfs to any of your readers w ho
have consumption if they W1ll send me their
Express and P O. address. Respectfully,
T. . SI.UCUM. M I) , is) IVarl St.. N V.
Wh at t'ruVil" viii.ns. tins littl? word bring'
befirr tin- rr- ( ih nervous.
Heaacke, ticuralgic,
Indigestion, Sleeplessness,
Nervous Frostrafcion
All stire thi m the fie. Vet all these nervoui
irtufcks can be curev by using f
V If
For The Nervous
The Debilitated
The Aged.
A!r ccntair h?t r'-end'e. Yrr r;-
ditions cf th- Kidneys. Liver, and Blood. )..h
alwav arf crnparv r'rvr t.e.-tihle.
It iv .1 Ni-tv lnan: , A!ter-it , v-, I .Tvatr,
ani a li-.irct ;". Thit is u-hv- it
f,oo a Bottle. Sernl fir f'sA p.imr.il.jrs.
CCAv . vra r lirl nt om lor -
i i ki:s
Vni n I . I i ti I d o r n u fl .
Appt vl'.a'ni int.,-.a, n n,tri1
I- ly Its
-arUUVXXX. but 1. mil mi g. . box by dn
rja " a vrwf lel Writ,
Hnlli anhlt- nrilfiri! .,,,,
'I uif il ntirtrl v ? niter ng.
4nv hook l-Mrn-fl In on - irwrl t.
I 1 .iO0 I'hlUd-lpM.'t. 111.' .,t Urt.hm ,
, .itHt..r.. turv-iU of. ii-..! tA i ., ,.',.,; ,t,
. Ul' W',).-,.!! ,Mti p-vr-it,- no m,; ,
l.-in I HIH-r.iH.1 h.niUmiH. ' j',,
I I Ht. Hvi-.f p... t.!. ,h. s. in, ,, ,r; v :A
M i - K. Im N sTit-f .. ,,r.r. O (.."... ...
isM l
rr - .,, . ... -.s;., r,,. , . , r I
' s. I , ' , I I II, . .. V V
I I.
7f f m ? T J 17 !lll
$ 1 3 S Ha J 1 i- t ; '4
& f, ...
ir AJ t.1 .1
1 .9 m l a
TJgReturiI Or ?AL .
AT DRUCGI LTS -. 1 S TA t f R L"".
The Giias-A-V a g lllh tz Bait o - M 2
This Eeniedy -will Believe azd Cztq.
If Yflll nro tbrentrnr-d with, or nlre-lv have
II I UU I'.i'iyht's (list .;us-., (,r I'nnary toiul le.
If Ynil navp dimcnt in unnc like brick dnM.
II I UU iremjent il is fr
i tcliK m. -u-ilh
uiiut's-s ur 1'ies.siire in iiic j-m is.
If Ynil 1;1vf' f :irT"v fa. k. Kheunittistn, Sting
II IUU in Acl.m J'ain.s in side ur hi; s.
If Ynil navo I'iabetesor Propey, or scanty or
II IUU hih t olured in ine.
If Yflll ave Malaria. Torpid l iver. Pvspppjtla,
II I UU Ouil tone, Fc( 1 and Avne, r .out.
If Ynil have Irritation, Spasmodic btiicture,
II I UU or ('atari h ot t he .Uladder,
If Ynil navo 0nn burners. Pimple, Ulcers,
II I UU Seminal Weakness?, or Jsypbilis,
If Ynil navr Ptonein Kidnev.or O ravel in Hlad
II I UU der, Muppage ot urine or Inbblii.r,
If Ynu ave vr Arrv,itf. n?d Ta?te, Foul-
II I UU breath, or iNTHAj.Mime fever,
RllilHc ;'P quietly a run-down constitution.
. DUIIUO I 'n t neudei t rarly pymptoms.
rrrpnrf-t t Vsrnsnrr :ivf.mnnnW by ropr.wnd
t . vsi. inns -'Ini!i.1',unlet4i lit .lifcii' I w. Ailvuefree
genuine have Pr. Kilmer's likeness on
outsiilc an 1 inside wrnppers.
by nil Hiu-ukists. e.n-i Dr. Kilmer a Co..
Innifh;unlm, N. V.
$1.00--8ij Bottles $5.00
I-. I.I A I i
I ii.. . ! i' r- in" ! i
N I I 1 I
i -:il I !
1 1 ..-ii
eyit unirH'. .N iliiii- ir '. I i
etVi'-ii-pt. be i- Ii- -i.li i ii i I
l-al i liy r-'ni n m ;i i - .- i :
pllliTs. II. It. JON !, i
i .
I .i'ii
DISm'a RSI breat enwi'h Gout n
DEaEl S I SllSt Rheumatic Kemttfy.
U?al Uux,:Wi loiiutl, 11 Pills.
T h:n:' .hi i in b, u; ,r- in .ti-
nt nTtyTli-.tir
I ' Tins 1 1: I
111 ill!" V
A I'll -
! ! 1 I'll-
I 1.1 I
A n. :
1 Mb .f!nil!i!, oM.I c M. Irmiinc i nt; Ii. n n-.w .M i- r
S5 ; RI lla I rni' it Ti. - fc l.yiL'Mt'i in !!' t-- . '111!! i !:;!r!y
It coul'i no! 'it-"jr. Ii -I (or 1"' th.nn S !'' . -l ' l-..i!il i
dim' finl CftiU i with wniL? :i'l .;! ! '':!il vuln-
'E I'KKMIX . 1. I... . H-t i!r.- ,-n li "
flrpant wat. hMnl.5..iui"lv K IS I'!-'.. ' i--s ',!. Ii-mny l.
det'Pn !! on. not fiti ! v i.- i"l t; - '1-1. l.-i- -1 -1 . -r ? t!. "
ir.'.jt perf... t. ( -n' t an.l i i.?!1'!'- tiin- k i hi i h. . r i'i. i
Rk li-. is ll.s. w..i'! . : ii ' f-'.u-r - fl.,. . r - --'it
fnp pr-n in -ai h l.-i a'nv t-i k- p i'i th' m l:..iii. . iri'' s!i"i t i
those w hn all. a com t !'! lin- ! t'tif ji itiobh- i .! v.-rv n- HI
1101 sHiO! 1 P .lll l.f 5 ; th..-i f-iri'i I. . a. .! a. ili"eih,
me fnilABWHU.IV 1 i: f K . n 'r 1 u tt r y - !i It a K.'.ih-!n n
riur h..ir fur 2 ni'inthi., ftni h"vri th' i:t t-i lli-'.r- vl..j niii
l:ave calle'l. thfv heroin? i-u!. -!' ..ur.iii .. p-r-'v; it ! pi-.-f'ht
to tr.akr thi pnat f.tt.-r. i'!:mr t!t tdiil
IVotCh "ri'l liirct. lin f f valual.'e Mni-!" fhl- E. Ivt tha
T-at'.nthat th li'.iri "f th. F.ntti.i - in mi. 1--' fllity. al.iny
results in a larjfe trri.!-. t r n . at't- r ...ir f vntii"" Ii i ' I n m a
locality for a ni'Mith -r t-.o, hup!lv it Iroin ?l,n--:to
f.V"1'in trail ft:m th" mii.'U'vbr ..nii'ry. 'I tn..- livr!t
to n at on' e in r.'-.t'a fhut h t t,t 1 . r f . f i cly aT oi
er.il tn-ultl. 'I the in- "i"-' l-. i! ' an ! hl.-rn! rl.T r
known, in maiie in oril-r tli.it ir va!ual.l l!.u-li"l. ;iin.!' i
may l.f -la-fil at i n.-n w hi" th-y ran . -n. all " it Anv ii
ra :' rra-ler, it rv:!I l.f. hardly any lroul.li- t r y "ii t . lno thi in !
thof vrhc may i all pt our Ii- in. an.l .nt r r 1 t !'! in- ni t
atifa tnrv. A f.o-ral 9r.l.t,ii li:-h to wn!" t... r..?t5 l.iit I
cent, and if. rffti-r y.J know all, ya (i-.riot rr t.i p't l-.i ih.-r,
why no harm is done. I'.nt if yon ! nil y i r a l li'. at
onif. tou ran foire. I Rt k, as 1 I F'. NT h'tl i!' -oi l,
lli'MiMi-i ak. Watch an 1 our Mrei, fni.-t. l:n-f ::
hle i!)i viin ti Sami-ik. W j all eni.icf li '-:Ut, eic.
JLddrea, ST i'm. t t o., hux 41.7 i oitlaud. Maine.
W7a i
Thr trontmciit of Ilrato of
tli Air IaaKC iiii'l LiniCN u h
11- limnii aiarrli in ' Il ad,
l,ar) nt:li., Itront li ili. Asthma,
anil i o m it 111 p t i o ii, both tbtnuL'h
,( .1 r ; ! ii. Mini nt our institutions.
i -nt M ut' - ;t?i inif'iirt.int f-iM ' i.tfe v.
Wi' I'lililish ttir-' "s ii ir;it- tmoks n
Nasal, Throat
Lung Diseases.
Na?al. Thro.it un-l Lunir Jhs-a-. s, whi.-h iriv- tnu h v;ilu;li; i
formiif l-nt. mv .: t A ,i'r.:ii'-- .hi ' Ti-itnpt i-.n. I.ir iifritis ;hi1
Hn in.'hit is ; in.'. p.-t p.n-i. i n 'iits. A Tr-;ttis. i n Asthma.
fir rut mn-. irw mir
I'tit hisj. . y i iiij- ii'-w l sp.-.'.-stii
i!iid. tt-n t i nt, i ' A
on ( hioiiic
prio pi'st-paiil, twi ii nt"
I) p psin, tkf.ivfr t,iiplai nt. h
tiiialt' n: i i on. lironit li;n-filt-a.
'r;iM""Wirill, :i!id kitidn -i .o-'' t:-.ris,
ar- .t n i f i r tii'-s.- h.'oiiio -ii .t-- ni t':. - i -
l ssful tl' It'll' Ut t f W tl i tl '.UT SlH 1 i.ihsts tr.
.-itt.i.ri'd tr ' -at sim-" ". t.ir ..tupl. Tr'nti-i-i-
i !if- iv 'it His v-i'l t' r lit to any a-ldfi -
Diseases of
On IMa-!!. 't
on n-o ipt
nt- i;i p'-t.i."
f t- u
Kidney J
itHi.ur" ihm;si;, niAin:
ktf.'llt "d III t i it. ll;iM' - t f! t TV !,!!.'
and uri - .to-io-i j r i t
had I'i j . r . . -1 ' 1 1 j r d . t
t v h n:;t-,il a-i.-ilw.,
personal taniina' ! 'ti i j tti-nt-.
' . . r . - ......
teuerally ti
11 - t'i ii 1 1 iff ;ut
Th ftudy mi I tint;
exaruination -f tit
rvff r nif to t orr- t t
i'i! .ii
i w'ii.
d to
. i
;r i
tx-ramo far p..
in th; 'a. -, i d'
.Us. ti is
th- ui i-
i-t 1 1., i
! tit
ot .id
d:s. n.
-I i 'i i v
s -!..!. :d i-
t OTl- ! r "
it. on t '
i t vv , 1 ' i
d f'V t . .!
i :tO. IV
Cwhi-h t an t.fslv ! :-.s-- i f. on
i.pi.-al xa'nuiat ;..'n ! t.ii" i:: s
t'UnitiVf i?T s! -Ii'- Ot tf;d.tffl
H' s-ikT ;n . .'T;s?au? n . q.t . ,f tor
work -n th n.'.r ur- .t'i-1 -uia i:t
Ftv- tt l t-a-iiv uii ! r-t'-.t 1. vvo
tratt-i Trt - !t!- dis. i
dr-s.s on r-f ud "f t u - nt- in i-
a.' -
im i. ii vnov or
imu. mom: in iiii.
(iratrl, i:nlaru'l
ICeti-ntioii of Irine. and kit.-in-' at' a -
t!"o. tua !- iu-l'-t ;':::! th's.- hi t?..- un
.t u in. i i .11 r -? i !- 'ni. hi hiv vis! tr--itr-
ei, nss. Th-- ;,rr ' I til'.v tri - .i't
I'amphi. t
ii L"t:tiarv I .. -n--s.
MitirTi itrv
Tl I, S. Hu-: o.
. o. I-
of in'jM7"i"0'-od j.'o
urm arv Ti-r u ! i-. a- t
r f an ' nr.- TV
fkill "f .t;r sr.v. tj
fniO-d Tr-ati-- t'
To witni? th: i
i a dan'! riios in..
in- arid -'.rv-
r t f..T:i'!'"1i-'
. ' d " - I
fl"-.--s1 t V .
I'S'I !,'?!.. ?
. a- - T" p;iv
Minv a
o-itids n, nu
. i r rt
! ' v .,, ... ..
i.-r.'k ,!;?;,; t r.
-rs- in - !'
W t!
An Instrument of Torture.
The Institute of Jamaica, in the West
Indies, has a library, a reading room ami
a museum. The library i? well tilled, and
contains a great collection of works on
Jamaica, both ancient and modern.
A moor; the interesting things in the mu
seum are a bi iron ce, about the size
and shape of a man. in winch criminal
mi old times. were swun in the air and
left to haU:r there till they starved to
death; and the b?Il of the old church of
P. it Poy.t!, whith was swallowed up bv
the s-ca in the reat earthquake of P'.N"
Tlie be.l 1 ty on the bottom of the ocean
for many y- as. and vs at len-th fh
out. .V- - I 77 . 0,
A (iool Het to Hold.
Pumlev ' rr-iwn w;in?s to bet me one
hundred dollars th it in ten years more
New Yf.rk nil! have a population of over
tw iirMi ms."
l,'obi;;on icxc'.tcdly . --"Take hirn up.
I Mimley. t ike him up, and let me hold
the lU 'liey." I!i:tf. f
Gene Vhere the Woodbine Twineth.
Ilarr are smart, hut "Knueh n Fats" hAt
th in 1 le irs out Ha. Mi-e, Koarhec. Wain
Pufc-s. .f'iie. 1: etles-. Moths, Ants. Mooquitoea,
H 1 l;s, lo-n Li e. Insectp. Potato Fug,
Isp.ar tort-s. M.nk.. V ael, 0phei, Chip
iii.ir.ks. Mu!s. Musk Flats, jAok KiLbili,
bii!ire!g. :- ai.d Zc.. Pnipgistft.
"UOrcjil ON PAIN Plaster, ToroeH. lte
" ROUGH ON" COUGHS." CouRtis, ooldii. 25vl
- "Pvii.-hon lb h" Omtment rnren Ftln Hn
nu rs. Pimples, 1 Worms. KinzWnnn.Trt
fer. Salt Uheum. Frosted Feet. ( 'hiU lains. Ib h.
1 w Poison, Bailor's It eh, S.-ald Hend. Kczema
tV. l'ni. or mail. K. S. Wwi t., Jersey Oitj
tir?p T'Hpr or IfeTnon-hold", Itbler, rrotnjti
triir, l'.edinp. Ineni-il and external remedy
In each package. Fur cure, 5("V. Dmpgtat
or mAil. E. B. Well-, Jersey City, N J
issued March and Sept.,
each year. It is an ency
clopedia of useful intor-
piation lor all who pur
chase the luxuries or tho
necessities ol lite. We
can clothe you nr.d lurmah you with
all tr:o neeesr-ary and unnecessrry
pppliancos to Md, -.vnlk. dance, fdeep,
e:t. ll:ih, Imnt, work, go. to church,
or ft'iy nt home, and m various ftt?es,
ftyles and qunntitieM. Jut llguro out
vtl;-.t. is required to do all these things'
COMFORTABLY. nd ycu cqii make a lair
estimate of the value of the BUYERS'
GUJDE, whibh v1ll bo 3int upocl
reccint ot 10 cents to nav postapo,
111-1 11 MicHi.Tim AvfjijUfj. ChicuKO, Ul.
rr mi hi hi ; i'niv. pi --
t'lit.trrii m
r."' 1 1 1 ;t' i ;
Diseases of
- . -
Tl. ;.!!!
Radical Cure
of Rupture.
iv tr- Hit-.).
;t- - whi' :
It, - d.-
t; M-aii'is ,t
-ud ':. .r-.
"-f f-.itt-.j. . r o ;!-!.
- f ft.- liroi.'. w:'.out a
tn ai. ilirntorr,
I . . I , . .......
ti .ii Hifir
! . l
! .:
! '
' 1
' Si t T
i'i' ?
f "O
- ! ii i
!v ! v a
, !
1 ,
it i
ar d j- Tf-n
l . IfH ti
to ;! t: ot f
t t i T' . ' '
t .;-(t trd
liiii 'our:' ;t
'1 a
- n
i! t
' -ta 'i;
We Offer
Ho Apology.
thi: HI.1-
lil.tldil U.
. laiitl,
tr.t r.t
k ..j. mrg- onriil ltTiHtrir:" . "ill ai: 'ii'
;thTw!f- tt.m
- ! ? in oir !isi-trH-1
. v.
- I'll t. in -t.irrds--
m ritiNAiiv
. ' , - ir'! n . r-
jl 1 1
V rs iiT d
-I t'..-
ni anv'l ttitur
. ri-. t a
is. aruiiT
! t-i I-
. - r t
U h:'h w
. ,t.- ..f
:: tr; ,
f,li-- f-l-'-a.'.
iliv . -i-.-'iit u t--r
. . . . . !. 4. r f ..
. -tt.-t K-i .r sM.
. r. t-r t. :th t'd"-
-loan ''At- !
- t.n ru:ra-i f' r
tht-:.- tM"'i
. -r.t.!..:.:- - i-y
iv t n -rr.
ard x - f t fi - .r.n
Why We Win
'T - -ar,irsr;!l t
msli, -ti an t ri., .!r.,r
I nnfyin r.--m lie, -f
tfbo tins. lom.
t,i !tsf'f.
PfS-'Mct-- t 1 t'- ,sRiv p,., .,.
re -ai 1 i ,i,.,.-s n- ,c V ir
Stren-th and Economy
cms. c ".-t r.-rti riN
.-jrnli .... .M. .11 )"7
I r rr.-iif .r; t..t f t!i
n.; "1,1 J- Ic h.Vt.l.'
b. In 1!j.t'
t-- ii.iM- pift ril .-' rn"r
in; In' Mi. .
i 1 ,
.r,. !...- r-.. r .... 1
m.ik.. 1 s.' iic nir, j anOi -
U ricrl..
I -H'.i'i r !.rvl- s ir
.1; !rl!!,i ' ,n
Honest IVtedicino
til, ni. -l'r
I' - .is-
1 - it
in t
i ii n fsirsr,;)
ftv t t. r- . -r'
' v r
a'-- v
Hood's Sarsaparilla
S ! t l.v . 1 Ir 1.
! ' t 1 '! 1 .
1 s, r.
r t'i
t-v I. V.-.". I 4 ,
IOO Doses One Dollar
'iifn. i 1 ji hI Hotel le In l"nl.
, ( ..iri .v, r iMn-r II. til, ai t 1m
br !t' U Y ji K. r..: ri- n
t inol't-.
I ,.iln'((T. - .r 'n t l. rl r .n H..!ft tir.i
" l'.ti!.", lii-cl llnt I :v. li ,,n in,., ,i .( flr
i' ,, m. 1 -IHm'lun, I'g' li 1 iiu i- lr.k
t.i . !(' 1 l It 11 I w n 1 . sw lt;t-r nn 1. 1 ;f iron v"
m. ill vi i i i ui ,!; . Ui! ''itl nt r ': V
!'-.! ! 1 1 1 1 1 in t ! i ii.- i i V i -in in h"".
v i i j . . -i, i i, 11 .'i if . .i .1' i 1 n i f..i
lull si .ti. n ' i. li-.tint-l li'if th'-miili t..i-t
: -: ini; .ir, i r ' i fci .t OI..'i li.-it- .nv "i
m 'tii 5. .f.-n !'i Ki". Ti.-'set, r.t r? V'
1" iv ni i . ii- firul nt ('.' s mil ii i , '
t"l"- itl .ill I i .'! ti''i'l',T'
. Al 1 l .iri .l . I's tl-.H I U '
iiri.ii ''!. M!l ip t;iii' ;.i. ft . if.,,i
nvi'iin 1 ' mi'.-i iiiii'ii'i ii'i.iit ir.i .-, ii, ..ic
i t v "t !' i ". i ri.'il '-r 1 v U ;t - i 1 1 r
TT,eM Fl'tin, at all Urrat Wf.rM'n Fth'Mttcrs t'f-
1W ii Ktils. 2-i to X10. For n,h, Lf I svirfcu.
cr Henud. Ctdk.jup, 40 pp., 4io. frte.
Mtson 4 TT mllr do pot hesitate te trsk n'rirrifta
arv cIv.ti thtt thir ar svj;,irirr 10 s!l r-thr-.
Thi thov attrihnio (.r..v In th rn atttsMc trvrveri rv.l
It.t roi'ii .i1 t v them in is.i) rtmv krur stb- ' V.SO
A HAMLIN riAKO 6TKIJNGEK." Full artlcnlsr b
BOSTON. Trpmont Pt. CHICAOn. m? Wabah .
NEW YOftK. 4 Eact 1th St. iL'r Hn f-iarf j.
Cure the Most Obstinate Gases.
Ad an ALTERATIVE, H H msc the vtem and
n-ltevea l!liu disorder.
As a TONIC, It Klves tone and atrength.
rr"rrt,t"T hiT man. letters ttifytng to tli
r,crif of thl valnnhtp rtrnHr
In yinlnrlnl dint rlrto eery family ahould ha
!t In th holism always rrndy for use.
Price per bottle, $1. O bottles, SB.
or a.ilo ly DriiKglats an4 Ofnr.-il Mtrrhant.
! 'mil h
! In..)
ccHHfiilly Treated vtltliout
I'crHminl CoitHultatlott.
"IVF. ohtain our know 11 of xho patient"? 41
-hp- liy iipi'li nt inn. to thf jinu'tlc of
mr-lif in-, of w 11-f -Malilishf l print ipR-p of nioi1'rn
Pcitnr-.. Tlif- ni'tnt arnpl- r'-Fonrf-s for trf-ntinir
lintf' rinsr or hroni- diH-ajw p, ani tho jrrfH'ft
Fkill, Hr thuH plnrffl within the f-aByxrnr'i f
invalidp, howovr r Mutant th y may r-i'lf. Vrit"
ai.rl dprrilo your pympfonis. ln loainir Ur, cnts
in Ftarnpe. anl a ornpl t' tr-atiM, on your par
ticular fiiwa"'. w ill N- Knt you, with cur opin
ion as to its nntmr- pn1 't urnMhty.
Jpileptir Con viirlon. or Fltp, Pa
riSyl or Iali, Lotomnlor Ataxia,
St. Vllun' Dam e, liiomula, or inability
to f-l'p. and tlir at n'd itiharuty. NertrouB
Delillil), iind r-vt-ry ari t- of n rvous affer
titin. rt trt iitt-il bv our tiI. -flllJ? f'ir th'-f dl-
i iis - with tniiRual put nurn'-rouf oh-b r p''it-d In our
di!T"i"'it lifiir-rTatt d fiauiptilt tf on n-riuh tJiH-aw h. any en'1 of
whith '11 t h nt for ton fVrifa m poftfair' 8tari)p. whn njtieet
for tin n h a ouipHniftl with a tM-m-rit of a t-as fi r "n?ulta
t H in. ft tha wt- may know- whi h on if our Trati to M-nd.
AV. hnxf a St ial ix-partrn nt. d-rot"1
fjrhirtif X th tnattiK-nt t f
WntiiMi. Y. rv -- fonfuit injf tuir fi ialj.
l;-th'r 1 Jt tt r .r iti rn. i tfiv n trt
rtit -rttiil an'l t'.ntitlrHtf- HtTriTi.n. Im
i rT.iTit raw? 'an'l w. if t fw hnlj Imvf ri'-t
nin alv LafTl'-d th f ki.i f all Ih- horn pheinarif.' ha- tfi- I n fit
f a 1 ii H oupt-il of fk;lil f-!Hhtf'. lu.nip f'-r ladi in th
Invalids' Hoti-1 ami Mirtru-H' ln-titnt- ar vry pnat-. Sn1
tin nta in ftanspf for iir t?u.plt Tr-atiM n Int-aMP f f
U t.ni. n. illuftrat-d with wKl--ut uud .)t.rd j Jat ili pa''.
li:ilM.4 tllrr at hi. or ill PTI Ili:, no
matt r "f h- w J nir ftindms'. or of what nf,
pr rni t!v ho' pi-rmmif nth riirrd t r
cur " ial..tt. m llliont Ihf Klllff and
without di'peiidfiirt upon lrntft.
At iih'Jttrst nt r'-n' . S nd t n nt f r
"iir I iiiit-t mt'-d Tr:atlw.
I'll.IA. 1 1ST! I..!, and othr t!iaKf BfT'ttinv th' lo-w-rr
t-.w i-, if tri:t"1 w ith w iirid rl nl 1 h- won av ' f
i k" tu'f.or-. ar i rriari htlv -ur-l in fiftn to t ny daj n.
- n d t n itiit" ? r liiut.rat-l Tn ati"-.
ucHTiir ntukr.t, r;.rvr.i2B d t ii.tr. r-r inn'tir"
d. isi t- i t tti- n Kt,i -r. iriv i iiiMry lrf'.
it? f nir d rr: rfT. u- r.tal Hnii'fy. Ht-n'- -f
ill f.w r. ni hiti ti H . w k tm k,' and i nt!'--ti.-rs"
arifinir ft'-rn iittrfut indt" r fff ar;d j-r-n,,;..,lt
fc,.!;fr praVti'. an- t-tiJ . tti futiLly
....I. rrtr,, tfr..i:.d a !-t.!fll Ii-partm r-t t r th
!.M-f!s.- i.i.'It tfi rnr:Hifrnr;i
f "fT!' of
i'ht iar. at.d urr on -ri or
,-taTT. m r-rdT
to u rtu'w'it rt'O' ms tr,- hjv anion t ci a
U offr ri" ar-d-cy f r i-x'-tir? f much
ar ntit.ri o th" T: vl t-' !-" of Av-ntr,
X li v:rir thrtt n-i rditioh f humanity t
t.-i rndt'l T' rnrit th1 'iyrnithy ani
tt -tv of th- noM pr-f-eion to
whih wt- t-i-rv. Why any rnfiral man.
iiA and a!i'Mnt!rt PuHrr.wr, rhuuhi hun
noui'i onid-r
rit't hortoratd'- to inr tb- wort -a. of
... .. a. x.r..l - ri1 tit tit !! i.tki
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