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The Tea Ria&
ie-u, iiju iitii-j uaiuiig place oa
the famous tea road between the
Chice bonkr town Ta-chien-lu and
the ThiWan capital, in the cettre of
the tr. trade, and, accordingly the
residence of numerous tea wcuante.
It is the Chinese who chit fly bring tho
tea here, to sell it to the Thibetan
merchants wjio forward it to Lhaasa.
The currency in this tra le is the
Indiar rupee, which, however, is often
iirenfld wiili. ami then the Uh. i
bartered by the Chineee for wool,
hid it and furn, gold dust, mercury and
it hf.T Thibetan nrrwlnctu for imtiorta-
'tion into China. The tea (branches
an well an leave?') is jarhr in
jT(--f' bricks, about fn"ten inch-
loner, ten wid and four thick. Kk'ht
of thii brick are wwn in a fckin, and
a yak vrri two kin. All
Thibetan drink tea. They bdl it,
brah-B and all, in water, with a lit
tle ao'la ami halt, and before drinking
add butter, barley flower (which i
railed t&ampa) and driel native chft-no.
Tlie nolid part of thin mixture, when
merely rnotened with a little liquid
tea made uf into hard balls ii culled
ba, and forms the ple fo! of
Th i bet.
The ;nief meat consumed in mnt
ton, upon which the black to?t people
alrnor-t Jive. Sheep are heap. In. the
interior of the country they cost from
one rupee to f w rupecK. For winter
conMunjptijUJ they are killed early in
the roM whuoi), and the m?at irt
frozen, The National Review.
Deafnra J'aanot br CurH
hr local application, as I hpycaunot reach the
itlscawtt jort ion of t h ear. There in only one
way to cur Iafm-, aini that H tiy-wnatlttt
tlonal remrAin. l)-afnH is rauwd b? an in
flarrted condition of the imik on lining of the
Kntar)ijHii Tube. Whrn thin tube et in
ftumwi you har! a rorr.Min wmmhor imper
fect hearing, and when It Jh entirely '-iod
DeafnH is the result, and unless the inflaia
matloti ran tv taken out and this tube re
stored its normal condition, hearing will be
destroyed forever; nine cava out tea are
caui by catarrh, whirh in nothing but an in-rlarrn-d
i-ondition of the mucous surfaces.
We wilt give. lri Hundred DnUara Tr any
caw of I)afn-ft 'cau-od hy catarrh) that can
not U cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure, fond for
clrriiian, free.
K. .1. Chksky & Co., Toledo, O. '
tV.Srdd by DruKKiwts, 75c.
A sick I. miue has Uvn discovered In
The V1ol I'lrannnt Way
Of prevent ii-v the icripie. colds, headaches and
fev n. is to tit- the liquid laxative remedy,
fyrupf r'iys whenever the syMem i.miK a
pent!-, wi effective eli-arisin. To bo benefited
one rnut the true remedy manufactured
by t In- Aitfornia Fin Syrup Co. only. For sal
by ail drutcttiM in iiUc. and 1 bottle.
Kansas haa farma valued at r0,
000,000, which produce every year
$140,000,000 worth of crop 8.
T)c:i?cn VCiTliiim Hrowu. o" 7u.
lb. .. -oiiro, lias distribute.!,
liiilvb :llve lol'-K
K(i t'orciMs Ani Thuoat Disoun c.h.s us
luiows' Hkom iii r. TriornE-t. " Have never
chunked my mind rotctinr tliern, except I
think lN-tferof th it whiir'i I b'-.'.-iri h- think
tnr well of.' -AVr. "iry Uwf IWier. Sold
rily in b ixe-i. -
lVriAeathe oldeat man In tb UnitM
Pint -h is Jonn Roby, 121, an inmate o' h
IWitaway (N.J.) Toorhouse.
Brown's Iron Hitters eure? lyjepfiln. Mala
ria, 1'iIIouhwh.h and tteneral Debility, ifivea
strength. aitN Digestion, tone the nerves
crrate apjiet ite. Tim ln-.it tonic for Nursing
Mothers, weak women and children.
Homk 170,000 mutton shoep were aatpp!
from Th Dallia, Oregon, in 189S.
Mslsrla onril and ersdtcated fro"! the sys
tem by Itrinrn'-. Iroii i'4tti-r. h Hi e:ir li -s
tb !ilMvt. 4oiiim llii- 'iT . e-i, ;i i-1 - d i i -t on.
Act- lik- h i harm on -rm I i .;! i t il 4tl
l-e '! 1 1. - i v i ni-'.v en-- ri; ;. i i'l ! t i-it t .
.v t csi'Kiusn. "university has bea founded
at Harritnan, Tenn.
" MorTlitik." i i i ::;yi,
water. ! i i mi-'- i.
!,' Ms u ii, a dnnk of
':" ent a tiox.
If a" lift.-; vithore eyesuve Dr I-a cThmp
onVKy-- H!r DriirMr-se at ' r 1 r
. 7im. A. Stalker
I W vt Walworth. N. Y.
Diseased Bone
After n: injun ( my r lr rau-i me
much !utTer-rvr. I. ..i d r.p a year n i.l m a
hiws'S-!', M H"cheter anxthtr year. here I
und-r-- tM-.-n -:irc ai oo ration?, the l.i
takici; !wy t!e hmh at the h'p. My r-e w,i-
rxno on tr-i h'w iets. tvril. 1 t;m m-ne-d
akin; MmiI .r.apariha. After the -nnl
I the wii-in i at tli- hiper tireiV bailed. A
lliini b -t ? m. ie rite t--l!i a err an 1
budt -.ivrafoiMn." t'n-. A -ni km.W ot
Vi;.rt . N V HOOD'S CURES.
Ha til' Till re urrU i ft.t !, i-rfevt J
ml. l v rrlu e an-i Iwr.enviAi.
Have mad th
(Medal and Diploma) to
Oa each of Use followtcg naroed article i
' ' - - -- i i- I. - i
Premium So. 1, Chocolate,
Vanilla Chocolate,
(Jerman Syet Chocolate,
Cot-oa Butter.
For -purity of materul," xcUot ivor,
id "uniform en compocttioa."
PdJtHKbV 15 V I N KS SUN t
Text "Tae rvjhtfmn it Uilrn, mfiy frr,n
tfu- to rom. "Isaiah Ivil., L
We- have written for the lat time at the
head Of rar letter and bUsineM dVOTiTlt!
the figure With this day close the
year. In January l-"W-t we celebrate! it?
birth. To-day-we attend its oljfteqoies. An
MIt twelve, n.octhi have bee.n cut out of
our earthly TT.ticuan"ej and it i a fJ-ne
for afjftcrbi.ip ref.eetion.
We u sp-ri'l rr uh time ii pane-yri-' of
lonif'-vitv. We -nrM'r if areat-thin to
live to be ari octogenarian.
I! anv on :
in youth. w say. . "What .i pity
Muhlnrx-riT in old w ii ! ?' r Th- hv ni
written in early life by hi own ban I io
mor expeets.1 hi 4-niTent wh-n it :!.
If one b pleifcantir cir.-'nnst.ir4e 1. h"
never want to tro. V.'i li-i r-tlh-n !yn,
the ur-a p-ot. at ti'nty-two.. year of a .
Mandini. in rny hous in a ?! cfonp r -a I
intf 'Than.itopsis with'' sit oe.M -4.-s.
juft a. anxio'i tc, li- a wli-r. at f iir'i"-r,
yar ef ni. wrot tb inrn'rt'tl hren :v.
Cato feftrel at eighty . rs f th-tt be
would M,t live to barn Vir. k-. Morril !- -o
at 115 V'-ar. writing tin- hitorv of hi-fi-',
feared a 'oilaps'-. Thei.hra-tus writing a
t--iok at r.iiifty y-,irs o' a- wa anx'-'U- to
live to cornpi-te xt - Timrlow Ww-! at n! r.-it
eighty-fix yi-ars of aire found f- as : .
destratiillty as when ,e nufT"d out hi f'rt
AH--rt .Harne. well prepareil for the
,n-xt world, nt seventy said h would rather
f-tay h'-re. s it i all the- way down. I sup-j.-ose
that tht- I-iM1 time Mi-thudah w;i5 nut
of doors in a -form he wa afrr.M of tr ttint?
hi' feet wet it it hort"ii u days. In id
I some tl.'in- .i'o irea''i"-1 a j-rni'in oil tl'.e
beinTH of longevity, but m this, the hict
day of ;m l when r --any ar fJl!e-J with
saln's :vt The s'-.vjh? ari.:-;i r eh-u.t-'r
c.f th-tr lite i cJoshj. an 1 that th.-v b iv-
'iay.s !e-is to live, I proooc, to - ; r t
you rt.ou h. .1 Hantaes of
If 1 v r-aii a-rnostie. I would s iy i n.
i hle-e.i in proportion to the hut ;
years i f --in t;iy on ''terra Mrmu."
after That be fall's oJTthe do k. .-tud if e
ever picked out of the depths it i only t'
Set up Hi SOHie Ilior'lie of fi:-. Ufiiver- ft
if anybody will eJuim I.It,. If I thoutt '" I
made ruan only to l.-r forty or Ti.'ty "r 100
5e-r- . ii ! then he ,va to go into anttUot t
t!:i I would ay hi. ctiief Pusines hi - i
be f. l:".-i-p alive and even in good we.it, i.-i :)
In- .-y cjtutiou, an-1 to c-rry an. ii-'T-r lla
an I overshoes an 1 life pre?i rverp- and
bronze armor and weapons of defense lest he
fall off into nothingness and obliteration.
liut. my friends, you are, not agnostics.
Yo.ii 1 eiiye In Immortality and the eternal
reideneo of the righteous in heaven, and
therefore I first remark that an abbreviated
earthly existence is, to be desired, and is a
blessing because it makes one's life work
very compact.
Homo men go to business at 7 o'clock in
the morning nnd return at 7 in the evening.
Others go at 8 o'clock and return at 12.
Others go at 10 and return at 4. I have
friend.-: who are ten Jiours a day in business,
other who are five hours, others who are
one hour. They all do their work well
they do their entire work, and then they re
turn. AYhlch position do you think the
most desirable? You say, other things being
equal, t he man who is the shortest time de
tained in business and who can-return home
the ijui.4: est is. the most blessed
Now. my friends, why not carry that good
sense into the subject of transference from
this world? If a person dio in childhood, he
gets through his work at 9 o'clock in tho
morning. If he die at forty-11 ve years of age,
he gets through his work nt 12 o'clock noon.
If he die at seventy years of ajge, he, gets
through his work nt 5" o'clock In the after
noon. If be die at ninety, he has to toil all
the way on up to 11 o'clock at night. The
sooner wo get through our work the better.
Tho harvest all in barrack or barn, the farmer
does not sit down in the stubble field, but,
shouldering his scythe and taking his pitcher
from under a tree, he makes a straight line
for tho old homestead. All we want to be
anxious about is to get our work done and
well done -. the quicker the better.
Agaiii, there is a blessing in an abbreviated
earth' v existence in the fact that moral dis
aster might come upon 'the man if he tarried
longer. A man who had been prominent in
churches, and who had been admired for his
generosity and kindness everywhere, for for
gery was sent to State prison for fifteen years.
Twenty years bo fore there wns no more prob
ability of that man's committing a commercial
dishonesty than that you will commit com
mercial dishonesty. The number of men who
fall into ruin between fifty and seventy years
of age is simply appalling. ; If they had died
thirty years before, it wauld have been better
for them nnl better for their families. The
shorter the voyage the less chance for a cy
clone, j
There is a wrong tneory abrpad that if
one's youth be right, his old age will be
right. Yu might as well say there is noth
ing wanting for a ship's safety except to get
i l inn -bed on the Atlantic Ocean. I
have .neti:i;ejs asked those- who were school
mates or college mates of some great de
frauder: "What kind of a boy was he?
What kind of a young man was he?" and
they have said : "Why. he was a splendid!
fellow. I had no idea be eould ever go into
su( h an outrage." The fact i3 tho great
temptation of life sometimes comes lar on in
midlife or in old age.
' 7
i v,e ur-t ti n : t t t a- Atlantic 'can
It A-.k a- ta a a :m!!pond, and I
thougttt the sea captain and voyagers had
slandered the oi I .-ea,i. and I wrote home
an e.sSHV for a magain- on k"The Smile of
the hut I never ..fterward could have
written t hat thing. br before we got home
we got a terrible ?.; tig up. The first voy
age of life may l-e vry rnooth ; the last may
be a euro.-iv.'.oa Manv who start life In
great -prosperity '.- h t end it in prosperity.
The great pr ur- of temptation comes
sometime in this direction At about forty
five veara of ag a man's nervous system
changes, and sr n teiis him he must
take.'Mirnuiant to keep himself up until the
stimulant keep hiru down, or a man has
been going along for thirty or forty years in
unsuccessful buines. and here is an open
ing where by one dishonored action he can
lift himself and his family from ail financial
emtarrH.ricnt. He attempts to leap the
chasm, an t he falls into it.
Then it is in after lire that the gre.at temp
tation of sU'-ce-v .-iej,es. If a man makes a
fortune i "fore thirty years of age, n gener
ally io- it dor" forty. The solid and th
permannt fortunefor the 'mct part do not
com to their -climax until midlife or in old
aire. The most
of the t-ank president have
white hair. Manv
o; t n se wr,o h.iv
bav. been full
largely .i--s.-.:uI
ganc. or woridhr:
not hav- i: thetr
f.in oid age.
IPtegfjtV, lut
h we
be.ome o worMSv dn i so eifl
infJuence of Hrg- u - that :
to ever : iy t tbeir suw
temporii ,-.!.- ntv and t-rti'ii
(Vvnceriua; n:a -p ; 5t .
see.rt4 a i i; .vv?ul l h e t,-a
: lent
'n a
avd it
co-aM have etr.tarkCil from this Hie a: twen
ty or thirty year of age. Do you know th
reason whv the vast majority of people di
W ore thirty-f. ve" It i Ss-a use they have
not th moral en turacc for that wh-lch i?
bevond the thirtv. and a merciful God will
cot allow them to be put to the fearful sraia.
Agam. there is a b.eso-m tn an abbrevl
atei vih!v existence Li the fvt that on
i the H-.aer taken off the defensive. A 90
a one is ,Sd etnurh to take care of himself.
he-is pur on hi guard. I!it oa tho door to
keep out the robbers. r ireproof safe to
kep oftthe flani. Life irura.-e and fire
insurance agasnst accideats. Be-fipts lest
you have to pav a debt twice. Lifeboat
again! hipvrre.k. Wiin-hooe airbreak
aga.nft rairo-id coiiisioa. J here are sxsLaj
reaiy to oTrrcah yotJ ai take .'iUyou Zi&vt.
jr. .isainl ?nl,!. defense ftzaint beat,
...fnv ArAin3iiV"C: the
wori l ah;.e. defence tne -aaju
f he -jrave. and even thetotattone so:cetim
i not a a sufrieient liarricade.
If a old'r wfco ha Wn on sruard, tyr.
in,- mi st'inj t;tb the col-!, pacing tip an
loVn thepnrat;4t w.th shoulderei musket. I?
srtvl when soon- eo:Ce to reliere imaH
m '. he aicA inside the fortress onsht not
th.it rt,sn to i'ta: for ;y who ran pit down
h; e'eapea ? er.rthiv d-fe&? and co into th
kic? a-nie? Who i th xacf? forrnnate
the aoldierwbo ha. t.O stafid trcard twelQ
hours. Or the man who has to stand ftiard
six honrt? We baTe eommon ..ea?e about
everythinjf but religion, common sense about
eyrthintf but transference from this world.
Aaln. there is a biessin in aa.TOn;i
ate 1 earthly exl'tenr;? in the fact that one e-
cajeA so many bereavements. The longer
we live the more attachments and the more
kindre , the more chords to be wounded or
rasped or undre.l. If a man live on tc
"ventj' or eighty years of ace, how many
jrrave are eleft tit his feet? In that lona
rea-h of time father and mother po. brother?
an ! aifep jro. children go. srran4debildren .
eo, p-ronai friend? out?ide tb family rirl
who! they had nrr- with live like that?f
Iavi i a!i 1 .Jin;ithan.
Besides that, some men hare a natural
trepidation about dissc-Iution. and ever and
..aron ddrinp forty or fifty or Ixty years thU
horror of their dissolution shudders through
otil and body. Now. suppose the lad zo4
at sixteen years of &e. lie escapes fifty
funeral?, fifty catkets. fifty obsequies, fifty
nwfjl wrenchiujfs of the heart. It is hard
noju"h for us to lear their departure, but u
it not easier for us to lear their departure
than for them to stay and bear fifty de
partures? Shall we not. by the jrace of Ooi,
rouse ourselves into a generosity of bereave
ment whl di will practi jally say. "It Is' hard
enouyh for me to tro through this liereave
ment. but how glad I am that he will never
have to go through it !"
So I reason with myself, and o you will
find it helpful to reason with yourselves.
David lost his son. Though Parid was king,
lie lay on the earth mourning and ineono
Ir.Me for some time. At this distance of time,
whiehdo you really think was the one to b
Amfpif itlofiul tha atis- 11t.iv1 KI14 I K h
- k i i.v tret -..v., iu.. . - 4- w t i. tti-i t.ujti -' 1 i
long lived father? Had DaviedMied as early
as that child, he would in the first pi
Id, he would in the first place have
that particular bereavement, tben he would
have escaped the worst bereavement of Ab
salom, his recreant son and the pursuit of
the Philistines, and the fatigues of his mili
tary campaign, and the jealousy of Sau1tnnd
the :,erfidy of Ahithophel, and the curse of
Shirnoi, and the destruction of his family at
Ziklag. and. above all, he would have -s-oupedthetwo
great calamities of life, the
great sins of uncleanneas and murder. David
Jived to be of vast use to the church and the
world, but bo far as his own happiness was
concerned, does it not seem to you ttint it
won hi have been better for him to have gone
Now, this, my friends, explains some
things that to you have been inexplicable.
This shows you why when God takes little
children from a household he is very apt to
take the brightest, the most genial, the
sympathetic, the most talented Why? It is
because that kind of naturesuflfers the mos-t
when it does suffer and is most liable to
temptation. God saw the tempest sweeping
up from the Caribbean, and He put the ueli
cate craft into the first harbor. "Taken away
from the evil to come.
Again, my friends, there is a olessing in an
abbreviated earthly existence in the fact that
it puts one sooner in Uie centra of thiug.
All astronomers, infidel as well as Christian,
agree in believing that the universe swings
around some great centre. Any onn wiio has
studied the earth and studied the heavens
knows that God's favorite figure in
geom- '
etry is a circle. When God put forth His
hand to create the universe. He. did not
strike that hand at right angles, but He
waved it in a circle, and kept on waving it
in a circle until systems and constellation
and galaxies and all worlds took that mo
tion. Our planet swinging around the sun,
other planets syringing around other suns,
but somewhere a great hub around which
the great wheel of the universe turns. Now.
that centre is heaven. That is the capital of
the universe. That is the great metropolis
of immensity.
Now, does not our common sense teach us
that in matters of study it is better for us to
move out from the centre toward the circum
ference, where our world is? We are like
those who study the American continent
while standing on tho Atlantic beach. The
way io siuay ine continent is to cross it or
go to the heart of it. Our standpoint in this
world is defective. We are at the wrong end
of the telescope. The best way to study a
piece of machinery is not to stand on the
doorstep and try to look in, but to go in with
the engineer and take our place right amid
the saws and cylinders. We wear our eyes
out and our brain out from the fact that we
are studying under such great disadvantage.
Millions of dollars for observatories to
study things about the moon, about the sun,
about the rings of Saturn, about transits and
occupations and eclipses, simply because our
studio, our observatory, is poorly situated.
We are down in the cellar trying to study the
palace of the universe, while our departed
Christian friends have gone up stairs amid
the skylights to study.
Now. when one can sooner get to the
centre of things, is he not to be congratu
lated? Who wants to be always in the fresh
man class? - We, study God in this world by
the Biblical photograph of Him, but we all
know we can in five minutes of interview
with a friend get more accurate idea of him
than we can by studying him fifty years
through pictures of words. The little child
that died last night to-day knows more of
God than all Andover. and all Princeton, and
all New Brunswick, and all Edinburgh, and.
aii ine tneoiogtcat institutions in Christen
dom. Is it not betttr to go up to the very
headquarters of knowledge?
Does not our common sense teach us that
it is better to be at the centre than to be
clear out on the rim of the wheel, holding
nervously fast to the tire lest we be sud
denly hurled into light and eternal felicity?
Through all kin is of optical instruments
trying to peer in through the cracks and th
keyholes of heaven -afraid that both doors
of the celestial mansion will be swung wide
open before our entranced vision rushing
at-out the apothec try shops of this world,
wo-.uenng if this is good for rheumatism,
and hat is good for neuralgia and some
thing else is gooi for a bad cough, lest we
he suddenly ushered mto a land of eve-last r
ing heaith. wtjer the inhabitant never sav
"I am sick "
Wha: ooi we a.l are to prefer the ci'r-run.fer.-i,
e to the .-e-ntr ' What a dreadfu'
:hng it wou! i t- if we should be suddenly
nsnerct rrnrn tnj5 wintry world int- the
Myti!:e orchards of heaven, an i if -v;r
pau.eri-i ot sin and sorrow should b mi !
deniv trofcen up by a presentation of. an
e-rperor s castle, surrounded bv parks with
Fringing fountains and paths up and down
which angels of God walk two an 1 tw .
W-;icfc to the world as though we rrv
ferrd etdd drtal to warm habit at io. '.l
cord tf cantata, sackcloth to royal purpv
incog.! we rre.erred a r.iano w;?b
our or
v krs out of tun to an
m-!ra:neDt n'.iv
Httu&M s thouirb, arth and h.-on h-!
"ichanrM apparel and ejtrh hal t,i.-3 on
bridal arrav and heae bsd iT'TiC mto
mourning, ail its water t:tjruaur. a' v.
harp trOfcn. all -is-ii ra. -! at tn- dry
w-i.'. all the lawns sloping to tie nvr
p'j-we with errrfs. with dad ansr-i -ic lr
-' :'-rrow. Ob.. I wast to br-ak -if iv.-;
1. ' . T . ... ,
"-.'s. sa i wast io rrai; up vc
ur r. -
.aiuatios :or tcis wcrld.. ite:
ra iy. m-l if ms work is -ioz
wc tt better. Ati-i if thre
rcu it r-
-. . ts K-a-r
tr MTjin.'"
n i--'tiCtity, I want y to
thre ur -a"o l-les:i."s m
eanh'v -xitecce.
kno-v tisw. we.:;
o: :
ccnoli you otiht to t-t avxut rua:-H
rar iadi.-i.-s, that
i ii'U Tro.u
tv.-vn to coxe." thi"(3k $y?. That a
fortunate c,-! they h.vi ,' How w
outfit to that The- "ver r.ivjo -
thracs the strutftfie whicn w- hv- ha-i t-
ffoxsrongz. Toey h4 va tlie eaoufc to
eet cut of tie erfcdie ail run up tse prtag-
tim hi!! f thi? world and se how it looked,
an i then tbev 5!.trtvl for ft better stopping
plac. Tbey were like bdt that pn! in st
St. Releia." ctayinir tben ion enough to let
passenger? go p aa'd. ?f the barracks of
Napoleon's captivity therf hoist sail for
the port of tbeir own native land, Tbeyoaly
took this world "in transitu." It i? bard for
us. but it is blessed for tberc
And if the spirit of this sermon is true, then
we ought not to go around sighing and
groaiiiag tcane another year has gone,
list we ought to go dcrwn on one kca? 'T
milestone and se the letter and thank God
that we are 365 miles nearer hon?. v ougbt
cot to g3 aroind with rsofbh! fueling at-ont
our health or abotit actlcifatfrl dexie. We
ousbt to be livinsr. n-t aOTdirer otht old
maxim which I used so hear in my ttbi.
that you must live as though every Sy .itere
the last ; you pust live .as though you were
to live forever, for you will. Po not t-e ner
vous left T'Tf have "to move out of a shanty
into an Alharnbra' , .
linn PKpirtmoc mr.rir... A'C'f.
tors, an old sea cartam. die J. iffe 1' ba I
dp:rfed. hi f a -e wm illuminated as tbctlgb
he'w-r- jut coing iuto hartor. The fact
was. he fad already ons through th "Nar
r"W5." In th- adjoining rootis were tBe
f'l-r.'in-.M present waiting for nis distribu
tion. Long -agt. one night, when he bvl
narrowly e.-ap?.l with hi ship from being
run down by a great ocean steamer, he had
made hi? peace with dad, and a kinder
o neighbor. or u fetter man you wottVd not find
this side of heaven.' mthout a rsoTjjenr
warning the pilot cf tb heavenly hafbor had
met him just off the lightship.
Th: captain often talked to me of the
g-dnes of God. and especially ot a fhne
.when he was about to go in New York har-
VH.r with hi ship from I.iverpooFjand he was
sudd'nly impressed that he ought to put
!..-': to ra. Under the. protest of the crew
an i under their very threat, he put back to
sm. fearing at the same time he was losing
h' min i, for it did s -em so unreasonable
that when they could et into harbor ttmt
nic-ht they should put back to sea. But they
put back to 3Ai. and the captain said to his
mate. ' You will rail me at 10 o'clock at
At 12 o'cloce at night the -captain Was
aroused and said : ,;What docs" thU mean? 1
- , ,
thought I told you to call me at W o clock,
ana nere n is i. ' V saj
I did call you at 10 o'clock, and you got np
looked around and toid me to keep right on
tlii same course for two hours, and then to
call you at 12 o'cloc ' Said the captain :
"Is it possible? I i . no remembrance of
At VI o'clock the captain went on deck, and
through the rift of the cloud th moonlight
fell, upon the sa and showed him a sbip
wr -. k with KM struggling passengers. He
helped them off. Had he been any earlier
or any later at that point of the sea he would
have been of nq service to those drowning
people. Onboard the captain's vessel they
began to band together as to what they she Uld
pay lor the rescue and what ihey should pay
for the provisions. . "Ah," says the captain,
"my lads, you can t pay me nnythihgi All I
have on board is yours. I feel too greatly
honored of God in having saved you to take
any pay.'' Just like him. He never got any
pay except that of his own applauding con
science. Oh, that the old sea captain's God might
be my God and j'ours. Amid the stormy seas
of this life raav we have alwavs some one as
tenderly to take care of the captain
took care of the drowning crew and the
passengers. And may we come into the
harbor with as little physical pain and with'
as bright a hope as he had, and if it should
happen to be a Christmas morning when the
presents are being distributed and We are
celebrating the birth of Him who came to
save our shipwrecked worlds all tne better,
for what grander, brighter Christmas present
Could we have I.:..!; . v--f.V
The Parasol Ant.
The fact that the "parasol ant' fV
the Wt st Indies has grown to he Ruci
n post that the Government of Trini
dail has hail to adorit appropriate legis
lation apiiust its ravages, draws atten
tion to the remarkable habits of the
littlo c roature. It has been definitely
determined that they do not cut the
circular bits out of the leavesthat they
in ur away bo liko n parasol over their
lund, for the purple of eatiag them
r for nest lining, as has been suggest-
!. These bits of leaves . are simply
. wanted as the Foil on which to culti
vate a certain sort of fungus that they
feed unon ; and the ants are as expert
in its culture as is any market gardener
of Paris in the growing of his beloved
musnrooras. A nest of these tiny agri
culturists has thus been described by
.the director of public works in Trini
dad -who has had them on his table:
"Each forager dropped his portion of
loaf in the nest, and it was taken up
by a small worker and carried to a
clear space to be cleaned. Itwasthen
taken in hand by the large worker!",
which,- after licking it with their
tongues, reduced it to a small black
4all of pulp. These balls were built
on the edge of the already formed fun
gus bed and slightly smoothed down.
The new surface was then planted with
portion of the fungus brought from
other parts of the nest. Each piec is
put in separately, and the ants know
exactly how far apart the plants should
be. It .sometimes looks as if the bits
of fungns had been put in too scantily '
in places, yet in about forty hours (if
the humidity has been properlv regu
lated) it is all evenly covered with a
mantle as of very fine snow." When
it is remembered that most persons
wh have tried the cultivation of edible
fnnri have failed because of the diffi
culties arising from the handling of
the spores and the maintenance of the
needed humidity, it almost seems that
we must concede to these tiny crea
tures a greater degree of agricultural
kill than is possesdie-d by the average
vorn good health,
if you're a sulTrin o-
,man, dcmaiid lKcti5r
rseroe's Kavcrile Pre-
scnpuoTL iht-r-s no
other medicine like it,
for women's pemliar
ills. No matter bow
diKtresEing vcur syrnp-toa-J,
it reheve your
aches and pains. and
if faithfully u&ed will
bring a "permanent
cure in every chronic
weakness or deranre-
ment. in catarrhal inaniniaticnT i-M in the
(LiT'laoemeutacf women. '
PR. R. . PtrHCE: Tver Str-I can cbr.
fully r-evBisaeod your valuable taedKin. f b I
Favorite Prc:ription." to BuSertc fraaiea. .
Tr.r4 jear i-o nv h'-ah h tef8T. f por
thfci Um fwiy at-ie to h-!p with the hour- !
b4d dutKTi. I was t-rua4l to trr vtHr I
nr.a 1 j urctia.-i six botti-. That, f
tr-atmT.$ you a3visei, nia4e i
an4 HJ.
. .- hja u-.i it In the family with fike ?
tn-- -:r-:.
My t.xi
t l f V
v r if
1 1
Higlicst of all in Leavening Tower.
. i Pnnl H.nkine Powder
The official reports show Koal Mnh f
leaveninp; gas per ounce m i tQtpd
frfPAt v in exccbb -v
The CantHrr Bridw.
A cantilever bridge if one in which
the cpan i formed by bracket -shaped
trusses extending inward fromfhe sup
j otj and connected in the middle
eithi f djreetly or by means of a thin?
trn.sF. If the (supports art? piers they
ari- placed near or at the centre of the
bracket trnss, and the outer end are
mile to counterbalance the weight of
the inner ends. Yon can make crude
Can ttleer vourself. Place two boards
end to end er carpenters' horses po
that their inner cds shall be some
distance apart. Lay fi board acrosa
the inner ends and fasten Ibe outer
ends so that they will Mistain weight
placed on the centre board. The chiel
advantage of a cantilever bridge is
that it can he built without a scaffold j
being" used io get the central truss
int position. The two arms are
pushed out. onf from either pier or
bunk. When thev are made fast tho !
. , , - t i . l
central trus is pusneu nu u "-
arm, until spanning the interval, it is i
made faht to the other arm. The word j
cornea froii the Latin quanta libra, ,
meaning "of what weight." It is said j
that a Japanese devi-ed the bridae ; 1
certainly an ignorant Mexican Indian
hail used one. on. his farm as long ago
as KVS0. Probably the "Jap" had an
ticipated. im however. New York
fust mot io.i (A Children.
Teach children to do lit things
about the house. It trains f$ra tc
be useful, not awkward, in later and
more important affairs, it gives them
occupation while they are small, Mid
it really is an assistance to the mothef
in the end,-although ahe alwaya feels,
during the training period, that it i?
much easier to do tho thing liemdf
than to show another how. This lasf
exor.se h:ts done much to make selfish,
idle, Unhandy Members of an older
society, and should bo remembered,
in its e fleets, by the mother while Jiei
little ones arc beginning to learn "al!
things, good and bad. at her, knee.
Occupation makes happiness and occu
pation cannot be acquired too yuUU
ht. L juis Republic
All ancient cavairy was pinceo
ihe wind's of th. n!.:i;l rv lilt-.-. o
IU :ig-c
Juu or in i ;,i -tut.
A Weak Digestion
strange as it may seem, is caused
from a lack of that which 13
never exactly digested fat. The
greatest fact in connection with
Scott's Eniolsion
appears at this point it IszA
digested fat and
weakened digestion
strengthened by it.
:.s quickly
The only piviillc Hff
in Comun1ftti.11 is tkc'
arrest of wjs'c a:id rc- -
t r t r.i
tissue, S: ctt's f:iwulsicn
has done iccudcrs in 'Con-
s ii mptio n jit t lit 1 ' r . j
Prr,f"'1 -T Sr"'
For over two years my little girl's life
was made miserable by a case of Catarrh.
The discharge from the nose was large,
constant ana very offensive. Her eyes
became inflamed, the lids swollen and
very painful. After trving various reme
dies, I gave her S3S?5? The first bot
tl e seemed to iPNffi.gravate the
disease, but the symptoms soon abated,
and in a short time she was cured.
Dr. L. Ii. Ritchf,v, .Mackev, InJ.
Oir book rn B!wt aad-Skin Ril!e4
free. Swirr SrE'inc f 'o.. AUaatJk.o.
$1 boir. 'ifCl
AMfla, W. Tl
One bottle for fiftee
Twelve bottles for
1 "ui ii. t vii; tiiut eneciive jreo
ipe evftr piwciTbed by a physician for ai.v
disorder of the stomach, liver or bowels.
Latest U. 1
5ature BuJtcr Factory.
Peat diggers at I'tvvoiulish,
rnore. Ireland, have mlc a remark
able discoverr. At a deyth of nearly
twentv-five feet they unearthed
gtratm of whut appear to be pure
Setter. The "Vein" var.Vs m thick
i:cj lrom one to seve;t itviie. and is
aid t" be of th consistency f nt'
aionbar soar. (Geologist vho have
visited tho locality of the w4xderfnl
Cud hhv that .it i siruply lnerr of
mineral wa, but the workincxA ,lJ
declare that "inladf. itV. n luV
tmtb r." If thfv str.itmu provee 1 o hj
.....cv.i it wilt nr.diat'.v ! '.tiu c-c.
CA.l., .... , - -
in th; xauu'.ifacture.f " ,,s
c, n
( hiese ami PidrP0H-K?lish.
There who stich thing a a Chinese
laiiifiiai;o -any monv tlian there is
j.- "
'u "I'1
an language. A l-anton imui
imdcrstanl an Amoy man-,, an
. ' A. A. . A a
I have se-n two Citmameii sitting io-'ftU-r
with a third one acting as an
TnterMzete.-. 1 idg.v.n-Engllsh is tho
common tongue f emmerce. It baa
u vocalmiarv "f less ihnn a tbftusand
wordv- but" is sufUcic'iitlv ilexible to
lur pose.
Rrgis Iiblanc is a Frehch v?aa
diau store keeper at Notre Danre de
Stanbridge, Quebec, Can., who was
cured of a severe attack of Congest
ion t;f the Lungs by lloschee's Ger
man vSvnu). He has sold many a.
bottle of German' Syrup on his per
sonal recommendation. If you drop
him a line he'll give you the full
facts of the case direct, as he did us,
and that Boschec's German Syrup
brought him "through nicely. It
always will. It is a good jnodicine
and thorough in it3 work.
- r:
anl iH-'IMif
1. 1 Sf , rv YoCVy
Si i i.Mi ..t. nt i.i.tfti:..-1."- f r Invi nt..r - ivM
Vr"r fi0 At tvPfr
1 t n S'.v . at !
- . .r . .
X r.ev 1.
BOOK t.tT-
' .1
m a. vm.
-ft l rrv-m4 .ri;4 imttu'Ui
$ 1 . r
It - i
.- i
(...; -r
1 jr ... . . r I .
' ,.r a 1 . ; .r
1 ii. - -i'r iit
1. - "".jiition
t r.ft
Mr ,tn- .ii ;..a, ..r ti
. e. ic.r . .rtijA't
'. i-i 4.
. Itt 41..
Tht Bml for Either Heaticsr or Oookw.
Exoel in Etvle, Oomfort md Durabilitr.
U m dlr oar 70a writ to
CBMsttve kr.fl Dentil
whobe k l3ng,r Atb
nsa. gm fiary Cvttm tor
OtntntcpHoa. Jt ban ear4
tkoataad. ft h tot iDJr-e-1
orm. a li i f 1 ta-l to tc.
Ill tiue tete,u?b tyre p.
n cent?, )
one dollar,, f hy maiI

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