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H I LLS BO R O U G II , X . C .
July 7, 1834.
Entered at lU Post Ofla at Hills
lorou'jh, X. 6'., as second class
.FoSKPH A. HARRIS, TuMifeber
nnl Owner.
For Kf pre ntativf Filth Di-trict,
AiiiiMtiiH V. iiiiliam,
Mr. J. A. Long, Chairman, has
rilled a meeting of the Executive
(ruinittt'e of the ,0th Congressional
DiMrict to be held in Durham on
Wednesday, Jnly 11th, at !S o'clock,
for the porpofe of fixing the day tor
iho meeting ot the Congressional
Convention of said District.
V e aro nnrry t,o pee that the
N'f-wH and Observer Publishing Co.,
A Kaleih, has been placed in the!
lf'ridn ot .i receiver. If the Derao
ci nt.it! p-irty had jiveu C:i)t. Anhe
thj State j rintiug. as he deserved, at
i Uir price, this would have been
avoided. Tho organ of lh party
ouht always to he entitled to some
onileraiion for nervicei retidered,
lit we regret to cny that this has
been one way in which the party has
nearly ulwayH been very ungrateful.
The first hnie of cotton of this
Kenoti!H crop was the earliest bale
ever raised in the United Slates. It
was Hold at Houston, Texas, June
-7th, at the Cotton Exchange at
auction, and was bought by Lithaaa,
Alexander & Co., of New York, for
$.!;', nearly of cents a pound. The
lnle .weighed G'M pounds and was
raised in Duval county. Reports
from all the cotton growing sections
ot Texas are of tho most flattering
nature. Cotton and corn never
promised huch an enormous yield.
The Public Ledger, published at
Oxford, N. C, s.iys oui former
townsman, Air. A. - W. Graham, hue
.consented to make the race for Con
grens in ihis District this fall, if the
Democrats require his services. We
only repeat what w& have often sid
before: Gus Graham is more popu
lar in Orange than any other man.
Nominate him and if the District can
he redeemed, Gus, will do it, and the
men, women and children of Old
Orange will stand by him. Read
the article in thi paper copied from
tho Public Ledger. We endorse
every word of it.
A Household Tkkasukh.
I). V
Fuller, of Canajoharie, X
Y., says that he always keeps l)r
Kmgs New Discovery in the house
and his family has always found the
very beet results follow its use ; that
lie woild not ho without it, if pro
curable. G A. Dykeman, Drug
gist, Catskill, N. Y., says that Dr.
King's New Discovery is undoubt
edly ihe bVst Cough remedy ; thai
he has used it m his family for eight
y-ars, and it has never filled l do
all thai i claimed for it. Why not
try a remedy so long tried and teet
!,? Tiial houles tree nt W. A
Hayes' Drug store
.rUcv and S1.0U.
Oilii'o of J. V. (ireer, (,'oor.ty Judge,
Grcrn (.'ove Springs, Clay Coun
ty, Florida, May J3d, 18'Jl.
Gentlemen :
Twenty three years ago I was at
tacked with ii'tlammatory rheuma
tism. I was attended by the most
eminent phyticianur' in the land. I
visited the great Saratoga Springs,
X V., and iho noted Hot Springs
f Arkansas, and maiiy other waier
ing places, and always consu'ting
wuli iIih local physician l"r direc
lions; finally canto to JKtorida ten
y ears ago.
About, two years ago I had a
severe atl.tck of rhuuuiatism, was
confined to my room for twelvo
weeks and dunns the time I was in
duoed lo try T l 1'rickly Ash,
Poke Uoul and Potas.iui:i, know
iu thtt each ingredient was good
lor impurities ot the blood, after
utin; two small bottles I was re
Iiecd ; at tur ditVereul lltues sine"
1 have had slight attacks ami I have
each lime taken two smalt hollies ot
P. P. P., and been rchee 1, and I
conMder it the best medicine of its
kiud. Kespevttully.
IKillKtmro, Mat. 1J-1 1.
Have about what you want.
When sold wo can have more. Xo
trouble to take your Produce and
Cash and buy IT. If you would
Py the balance due we would like
I From the Public Ledger. Oxford,
N. C, June 20th, 1894
A. W. Graham ha conseoted to
make toe race tor congress mis lau, ,
if the Democrats require his services, f
This authoritative announcement j
will do much towards strengthening!
the ranks of the Democratic party, j w
f " " 3 ,
A host of friends, all over the Dis
trict, will rally to his support. Tbey
remember that Gus Graham has
never been a felf-sceker. That he
has a true and a brave heart and
that io the cause ot right he knows
no fear. I it
Mr. Graham, in 1885, represented
tbe conntles ot Orange, Durham, .
Person and Caswell in the Senate :
and no district was more ably repre-
sentcd. In the discharge of the du-
lies of that office .he was as careful
01 me mieresi. oi uis couhiuucucj aoi .
of his own. And by pams-taking
attention to duty he multiplied his
friends and admirers everywhere.
So much ho that, we dare assert, no
man stands higher in the estimation
ot the whole people of these conn-!
lies than does Mr. Graham;
Graham is essentially a man of the
people. His sympathies go out to
tbem in all the transactions of life,
t : -1 V, I
irom vue swapping ui a urBC uu
PersonCourt-green, to the cross
roads marriage : or the village burial,
Nor is it mock sympathy. That
kind which is seen only during elec-
tion years. It is the deep tender
emotion ot a man possessing that
touch ot nature that makes the whole r
- . ... i
world akin.
He is the friend and champion of
the poor man. On gala occasions,
when, loo often, the plain man in
his homespun, is neglected, it is (jra-
ham who ,eeks him out, warmly
shakes him tiy ihe hand, introduces
him to the man of position, kindly
asks about the wite and little ones,
aud moves bim to tho very tront of
the least, llow can ucn a man ne
beaten at the polls ?
It is needless to add that Mr
Graham iu his new home in Gran
ville has become one ot us. Two
years ot his lite, withoot reward or
ihe hope of reward, save the benefit
of the people, he gave to bettering
the public toads ot Granville county.
Nor has any public enterprise been
undertaken in which he was not wil
linn to ioin with all his talent and
Graham is an old fa-hioned
Democrat.'1 He stands flat footed oo
the Chicago platform. He is a hi-
metalist. He is a btate bank man.
He is a tariff reformer. In his opin
ion the Seignorage bill ought to be
the law ; and the repyai of the bher-
man act, without uome substitute,
was a cruel wrong. On these issues
ho will hunt his opponent to his lair,
Iu a word, he is just the man to
meet the demands ot the people ot
the 5lh District.
He is a debater of uucommon
force and power. His speech is
plain and strong. He is the peer ol
he best orator that practices at the
Granville Bar ; for.he has the elo
quence ot conviction.
Elect Graham, a-id bis tireless
energy, his lare experience, his ter
tile intellect and his deep love foi
humanity, will devise some plan and
enact some law lor the good of the
whole people.
English Spavin Liniment remove?
all Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps
and Blemishes from horses, Blood
Spavins, Curbs, Splints, Sweeney
Uiug bone, Stifles, Sprains, all Swol
ler. Throats, Cough, etc. Savo $o0
by use of one bottle. Warranted
the most wouderful Blemish Cure
ever known. Sold by W. A. Hayes,
Druggist, Hillsboro.
Let the pi aver of us ait be "Lord
make us consistent.1"
Wekkly Hillsboho Market He
port. Corrected by N. W. Brown & Co.,
Confederate Depot,
Wheat, per bushel of 60 lbs., CO to
70 cts.
Corn, per bushel of 56 lbs., CO to Co
Oats, per bushel ot 32 lbs., 35 to
40 cts.
Meal, per bushel of 46 lbs., 70 cts.
Bacon hog round 10 to 12 1-2 cts.
Flour, per barrel, $;Ul0 to $4 0U.
Tallow, per pound, 4 to ;" cts.
Beeswax, per pouud, 20 cts.
Butter, per pound, 10 to 15 cts.
Eiics. pr dozen, to 10 cts.
Dry Hides, 3 els. per pound.
Green Salted Hides, 1 1-2 cents per
Feathers Live Geese 40 cts. per
Wool washed 20 cts. per pound
Unwashed Wool, 10 cts. per pound.
Burry Wool, f cts. per pound.
Coffee, 20 to 25 cts. per pound.
Sugar, 5 to 0 cts. per pound.
Sassafras Bark ot Hoot, 2 1-2 cts.
per pound.
Burdock Hoot, dry, 2 1-2 cts. per
May Apple Hoot, 1 1 2 cts. per
Yellow Dock Hoot, 2 1-2 cts. per
! Seneca Hoot, 25 cts. per pound.
j Snake Hoot, 12 12 cts. per pound.
A nan in Chatham county has
married twice within the last ssix
K til to ItcmH.
jmodths. One marriage license was
jg!sUe(j t0 jjjm
olDcr in -la
in December and an-
The Dojrd of Medical Examiners
nieet at Morhead City on Toes-
J-ij 7ib, iKM,i.rtb.ppM.
At ova m m innr a fr?iAnrtf a t s Ija-.0a -:
Vi ---
to practice medicine in this State !
Miss Ina Wimberly, the girl as
saulted by her uncle near Apex, in
Wake county, died Saturday. Wbenjciale jslice9 are lo b6 elected. The
tcld ot her death Mills said it made
a "heap tougher for bim." Mills!
has jeen gent to lne Goldaboro tail
- . "
Raleigh livening Visitor : The
Sheriff of Montgomery county will
nave i,is Dan(ja fuii ;n Julv there he-
- . . u-
uiuc. wiu uao u lue ioiu, Governor Fowle to fill the vacancy
4 on the 20th and 2 on the 27tb. caused by the appointment of Merri
Tbe crime in each case is reorder. ("on to be Chiet Jueiice. Associate
T . .
oiate peun.eui.mry, Bays loat me
:. .i
growing crops on the State farms
are the finest he has seen anywhere,
thonf,h not so irood an thov vrn
o " - ' I
, .
' " .
cor ana arongni. xne couon is
rapidly catching up, however, during
the favorable weather which has re-
ti nrovailpd nA iht nnm rnn
. n ,, , rt en .
ik vi'rv i np tin nan ''.iiiii niraa i n i
- -" . 7 "
couon arm -,uoo acres ;n corn, une
J iwiJi w yv i
field of corn, which is four and a
half miles fong by Ibrea eights of a
., .
specially good. The work ot bar-
suhb "as jubi uwu compieieu.
W bile the yield was very good, Mr.
Leazer says il was far short ot what
it , , . A . n Ua . , nnn
. .
acres in wheat and 400 in oats. In
addition to this there are 100 acres
ot gardens on the farms. The health
ot the convicts is remarkably goad.
Ot the l,2o0 convicts only 5 are an
Specimen; Cases.
IL Clifford. Now Cassnl Wi
was troubled with Neuralgia and
Rhotimatiem ha KtnmonK uroo Aier
dered, his Liver was affected to an
alarming degree, appetite fell away,
aud he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength, lhree bottles of Elec-
trie Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg,
111., bad a running sore on his leg oi
eight years' standing. Used three
Bottles of Electric Bitters aud seven
boxes ot JSuekieu's Arnica Salve,
and his leg is sound and well. John
Speaker,' Catawba, O., had five large
Fever sores on his leg, doctors saio
he was incurable. One bottle Elec
tric Bit'ers and one box Bucklerfs
Arnica Salve cured him entirely.
od by W. A. Hayes, Druggist.
inL an MAi i-xikai:is
Prepared according to the formula of
In his laboratory (U WMhinirton. It. C A
f8EBHI.K, from the brain, for dls-
eases of the brain and nervous system.
X lug, rrom the spinal cord, for
diseanes of the cord.. Locomotor. a tarf-i Z.
. -
CA ROUTE, from th heart tnr ila....
Of the hart. - B
TKATINE. from the teiten. for na
Of the testes. Atrophy of the organs, ster-
OVARIXE.from the ovaries for rti
A of the ovaries
Jlt'SCl'IJIfE. thyrodine.etc.
T - Dcsrs, Fi Drops. Price (! drtchmi), $2.50.
X The physiological effects produced by a
Z Single dose of Crhpln. n on.i...i
ot the pulse with feeline of fullness and dis-
tentionin the head, exhilaration of spirits.
T Increased urinary excretion, augmentation
of the expulsive force of the bladder and
peristaltic action of the intestines, increase A
in muscular strength and endurance, in
creased power of vision in elderly people, T
iunr!i Bi'pnnp anaaigesiive power.
W here local drucgists are not supplied
with the Hammond Animal Extracts thv
will be mailed, together with all existing
literature on the subject, on receipt of price,
ktu. Wuhlnrlan n. r
Mi Mt
(Revied to date)
This FORM HOOK tor Magia
traie?, County Officers, Lawyers aud
RuMnesjS Men, is now ready for de
Kverv Statute and Form has beer
carefully revised and brought up to
dale. '
Magistrates Can not; Affoud to
Contains the Law, the Form, the
How, Where and When, with the
complete. Price by math, postage
p-iid, SJ. Addre,"
General Printers and Hinders,
Raleigh, X". C.
I'rogressiie Farmer.
inis is a year ol onofoai im
portance and interest in the politics
toJ the country. Not only will the
people elect an entirely new House
ot Representatives, which portends j
a possible change in the complexion '
ot the legislative branch ot the gov
ernmeot, but in almost ill the States
officers are to be cboseo Itumj
Governor down The Legislatures !
30 States have the election o! U. S
In Norm Carolina on Tuesday,
November Gib, a Chief Justice of
Supreme Court has decided that
tbey will be elected to fill out the
unexpired terms of their predeces-
isors. and not for the full term of
eieht Tears. James L. Shepherd is
Chief Justice of North Carolina, and
was appointed by Gov. Holt to fill
vacancy caused by the death of
vuiei iusiice aiernmuu. i-vseociaie
Justice Clark was appointed by
Justice James C. McRae was ap-
I iiointed hv liov. Holt tn fill ih va
cancy caused by the death of Assc
. -
ciate Jostice Joseph J. Davis As
sociate Justice Armistead Burwell
was appointed by Gov. Holt to fill
. u ti i . .
ine vacancy causea oy me appoini-
ment of Shepherdo be Chief Jus-
llce Associate Justice Alpbonso C.
Avery was elected for a full term of
eiabt years in 1888. The State will
also elect eight Superior Court
Judges, nine Congressmen, twelve
Solicitors ot the several iudicial dis
lrict8 tor terms of four vears. 50
Slate Senators, and 120 Representa-
lives of tho General Assembly, who
will elect a fuccessor to United
States Senator M. W. Ransom,
Deo., whose term expires March 4
195 and a Senator to fill the tinex
pired term ot Senator Z. B. Vance,
deceased, which ends March 4, 1897.
T. J. Jarvis is now servine io the
late benator Vance s nlaco bv ao
pomttnent ot (jrov. uarr. County
i . J r
officers will also be elected.
Timely Wiii'iiintj"
Tarboro Southerner.
Let the white men of North Caro
liua preserve the Slate and County
government first and last. Tnese are
"oro important than all the rest
Uome fir8t' at,d il8 interests should
OO OUT UTBl COnSlQerailOn.
Christian grit is not for sale, but
Christ offers it free to alb
"omnt answer and an honest oninion. write to.
I I'NN CO.. who have had nearly fiftr rears'
experience In the patent business. Communica
tions strictly confidential. A Handbook of In
formation concerning Patents and bow to ob
tain tbem sent free. Also a catalogue of mechan
ical and scientific books sent free.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
epecial notice in the Scientific American, and
thus are brought widely before the public with
out coat to the inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly illustrated, has by far tho
largest circulation of any ecientinc work in tho
world. S3 a year. Sample copies 6cnt free.
Building Edition, monthly.
copies, cents. Every number contains beau
a year. Single
Kvery nui
olors, and
s, enabling
bousea. with plans, enabling builders to show tho
in in
plates, in colors, and photographs of new
latest desii
tens and secure coi
& CO- New Youk. a 01 Buuadway.
s and secure contracts. Address
Ho will die of Cotic. Hots or lr
He, if routz's howflers are tivd in time".
Kontz's rowrtprs will cure nnd pre'.n: Ho fnot-ERk.
routz's I-5rwilers V ill prevent Gapki is Fowls.
Kong's Powlers will in rea-e the qnsntity of milk
.rid cream twt-iuy p r cenu. and muk vue butter Cra
:id pweet
Kourz's Powder win enre or prevent almost vtET
,''fvAJK to wliicii Horn's un'l I attleare sntiru
KofT'S PowDfRS WIU. IVfc. SATlbrxCTIOJf.
Soid everywliere.
Oi.VlD E. FOTTT2. Proprietor,
7For sale at Hillsboro by W.
A. Hayes, Druggist.
The following letter give yoti
an idea of how the Policy Hold
ers of the
Equitable Life
are satisfied with the result of
their investment.
Greexyille, S. C, Sept, 4, 1S93.
W. J. Roddey, Rock Hill, S. C,
Dear ir : In reply to yours of the
2Sth of Julv, eivirie inc results of ray
Tontine Policy ia the Equitable,
would say that i am more than pleased J
with the result. I have decided to
take the cash surrender value of my
policv. Let ce know at once what
to do. I have been out of towa for
some time. Very truly,
' L. M. Eollin.
The sooner you secure a policy
the sooner you will derive the
benefit and the less it will cost
you. Write for fact and fig
uxes to-day. Address
W. J. RODDEY, Manager,
Fcr tht CATftllaAi, Rock Hill, S. C.
ritk. i
o Fa
The Best Dressing
m m
prevents the hair from
fcecomtng thio, faded.
pray, v
wiry, and
- preserves
.- its rich
ness, lux
or lance,
and coloi
to an ad
vanoed period ol
Jlfe. It cures Itrhlng humors, and keeps
the scalp cool, moist, ana neaiiny.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Sold by Dncsbtf aad Perfomert.
WOULD YOU NOT UU1 "aUU i'xmvJJtt; Oi
I have the tnrnitnre and the bargains too. These hard times have
nrado manufacturers mighty anxious to sell, and I have just received over
one hundred (100) Bedroom Suits bought 3t a great reduction, aud these
Suits are inw offered at prices so low that it makes competitors turn
pale. If you want a BARGAIN write for cuts of these Suits
A wonde' tui siock of Parlor Suits, Dining-room Suits, llockers, and all
kinds of new and attractive furniture, will be sold at an enoimous
This reduction bale .will last until July 2, 1S91. Bo 6ure that you take
advantage of ibis great sale and send me your orders. 4
tl . 31 . A. JS D It K W H ,
Dealer in' Mantels Fcuniture, Pianos and Organs,
J . T . S
II I L L S 13 O
MUSICAL M KUCHA N DISK, Jtc, ti;., ttc:
Marvelous Cures
in Blood Poison
and Scrofula
P. P. P. purl flee thm blood, btffldftm
the weak sad ablliun3, rlv
trenfth to weakened nerve, expel
4Ueae.g1r1ar th patient beaJth aad
npplna where alckae, rloomr
reelinga aad laaaltode flrat prvalleL
Fnr prtmary.Bwjondarr and frtury
cvpblli. Ir r blood po'.vjq'.kk. coercti
ruUroon. taaUrl. drppi. and
in all blood aa J akin dla. Ilk
blotcbe. pinaple. old ctrooic ulcer.
teiir. ca.d ba'J, IxiUa. erjutpi.
ertrnt- wonxar r.ay, wubcot f.-ar ci
eatrlictlti.tha.t P. P. p. t tbbt
blood tmriOrr io tb world. aad make
positive, apeedjr aad iennaea; cere
la ail caac.
Lad) vhow syatena are i-oion-d
and wboa blood uinu lapsre OUCi
tloa. do to meoatrual trrefti;arttlea.
arvpeenlUri benefited Vj thn woa
derf ol tonic and bkxJ c!nalcc proo
rtlraoi p. p. P. - PricaJ Aab, PvZm
Koot aad Potai3ia.
BrBiamt. Ifo., An. 14th. lm.
I can apeak la th blahest urti ot
oor medidc from my own
ncwledjr&i. I m aSectad with heart
n bef
diea. pieariy and rheac&MLsxa for
OS year, wia treawl by tfee very beat
phyrtcUa aijg apct hnadreda of drf
ir. trseJ every axowa remedy wttii
oot findlec relief. I have only taaea
one fcotti of yor P. p. p., and caa
ebeerf ally ay It ha Vo m rnorw
rood ttaa anythsac I have ever taaea.
1 reommad yor edicia to alt
sSYn of th abov die.
m R. M. M. YEAET.
prtB4rald. Grwca Cooaty, Ko.
Churlotte, IV.
llillsboro, X. C.
OtHce nest door to Dr. StruU wick's
office, near the hotel.
Atto itx e r s-at- La w,
HiiUboro. X. C.
Practice? in the Counties of Al.i-
mnce, I aswciJ, Uurhain, Guilfonl,
Person and Orange.
Oxford, N. C
Practices in the Counties of Gran
ville, Orange, Person and Durham.
Attouxey-at-Law and Real Es
tate Agent.
Special attention given to the Collec
tion ot Claims. Title, Sale and -Pur-hase.
f Real Estate. Ioans securtnl uik-vsi
1 real estate. Attorney lor X. A. M. A.
1 Co. at Ilillsboro. X. C.
It O
Pimples, Blotches
and Old Sores 21
Catarrh. Malaria 3
and Kidney Troubles 31
Arc entlrel 7 removed hy P.P.P.
Prickly Ah. Poke Root and Pot- TM
lam. Lb greatett blood porlfler oa
ADBnr. O.. Jnly 21.1oi. .
If uiu. Lippmaw Bko., Savannah,
Oa. : Dm H-1 booKbt a bottle of 1 ls7
f oar P. P. P. at Hot Hpriors. Ark. .and
t baa dime m more rood than tbroo
moctba treatment at the Hot Sprttig.
Mod tbree bottle C. O. It. j
Aberdeen, Brown Coanty , O.
7o tt a A om it my tone em: bT9
by tetlfr to tb wonderful proportte
of P. P. P. for era pi ton of the akin. I
offered tar everi year with an nn
aijcbtlv and dSaitrroeable eraption oa
my face. I trtd every known r-m-dy
bnt in Taln.ontil P. p. y. was c4,
ad am now entirely cored.
tSUraedby) 3. l. joh?stov.
bTataaJU. Oa. --rj
Mm Caarer Cared. .
TesHmtmy from (kg Mayor cSeiulsuTeZ.
B tVT9 Tax. , January 1 1 .
Mm a. UrruMji Bao., ftavaanah,
Oa.: ,enlUmenl fav trIM your P. f -
P. P. fur t dlltttM (if th ikln n.n. il "
ntation from th seat of th d ! .
aad prevent any pradlar of th
or' I b lko fivor ix botUe '
c.owcoa4TOtthtavotherer ,
will effect a c-ir. It baa alo reQere-1
tnm frota tadlTtion aad ttTtrtara
twAia. Twcra trclr,
Attorawy mx Law.
Ext qg enn mgses tm m
A1X DfeCOOIBTfl asxx IT.
Lippr.iAr. BROD.
tABdsaf. apl fooad irreat reflef : is
pcriSeatLe blood aad rtmoru all i-

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