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OKANT.B COUNTY OBSERVER, j The C?li' Kleplmutw
H I L L S It O R () I" G II . N . C.!ri. i.t.-bk or a NORTH. !
'i ni'iriv Jtnk IT. l"-7
111 i. - W ... r,, .
. . T - Th intense i: hir t.
The Forth won the Lniver- deat tAth,u. .' - ,
and Owner.
HARRIS, Publisher
WTATE NEWS. ( For the Observer.
naidson D'-soatch : WVare pre-! - OUITtJAlY.
Queer Features .of a ui, . , Depmed ibis life. June the 8tb,
7 )Wain"ton Dl-patcb to an Fran-.eggs bring more mocey to tnif
cisco chronicle.; county than me enure wteafc uu
A crisis eeems to be at hnd in corn crop combined.
;tho altair 01 uie v.r.ee tai. Cbarlea fc. Johuson, of Raleigfe, ; dav. when Deaih with hi miht v bae been secured ami the ppects and chronic sor
i itbin a lew weens mere rnu-t ne ri nf. tomaa T :a ,h: .... ...A., ,r(, ....J for a fine aucndanw. 1 he ;
residence of her bufcUnd in I Somraer.ocnocii uegms i uy applying Vh.T . ,r; ; :
IDorhra N C Mrs II M Ro. June -J'Jd. and . closes r r m V, J ui j ? via. merit. Mar.vV-.--
! n.on ;.,cli,,; ofV .0 wT ' 23d. 1W. C W. To... f J,!-
S Wntkins of Orange county, aged Durham, will be the Superintendent. afavorit- Te:i.- f" ' ;
t w w- . . ... t. - Th. foremost, teachers in America e.-T.rw.,i .... . '
mm- ' V MiP I 4 I I .tii'Tl hll'k I I II 1 ' Tj If ii.l.i' . .
r' ,'n1a v .rprVi l m Cv. srandson of-James Iredell, U lbe j cycle, cut the tull-blow
decided whether aid w,Jl be piven - c . tLI,i0.i ;,
J" . m m m 1
to the heirs oi toe decea leaic , , ' ct lt.Zi": nA Literal ure. Seiner. Geotf.anhy. 1,,V
Kinc or the lau hope of PomethinC t-on ot letters In the Stale, aoti of . - " k T,..(irv Pvcholocv IWic vvrrni'
ivu, '.., . . - ip. the sun Hihi nf Ilia f.iuntenar rM iiit"', i Mcniiin, x-Jj,'k;i vermh
ijiiwo'ju uaiuca iieueu, " .uv , tjcies cut ute luii-uiown ruse, atu v i - Dr Cdt r r
wner of the oou valuable collec ! irnn.planted it in that eternal reR.on, o.r embrace Ei.gliILni:j: jngt Vhat a 'h w?
Pi.vehulocv. lcd.lir'i . wrmih Ti
being game 1 in the 8oit anainst the one ot the fii.eet collection ot por-, whQ knoW(ph ( an(i doelh aU Modern L-umua-rs. Maiheaici, medicine and th Wt
Siamese goTeroment abandoned traits cf Norlh Carolinian- of the ; tW he ielt a Jiule luiant Drawing and Mauual T.ain.ng, Ph t
Batlherets one difficty which revoSolicn3rv iod. He is al.o I0nlv tour davs old, and tour step- uary Work, Mu,.e, Latin, etc cen.sp,r.
confronts the men who have thnu - r . . j ' w u. k. T.mion tee 10 the Suuimer Schools ;
far taken charge of the ca-e for -tw the owner oi some ery noe u.. ; - . uu - " t:hc rales or boaui. De ' A '
l' urr-.i t LT. L ' I J in Wl ic r. UUV. li v w - - i m .
- . . . 1 - ,
; hirp ot
Dr. Marion A. Cheek, i lurw of that period.
I her but to love her, and her ewet-r iightlul p ace to epena toe summer
was like a sunoeam. reflecting )ur " u""- ".vs.
j When the Siamese poverrment in j A,ievi!ie Citizen: If the -aloons ! Boiie
tV.nW,;tnfiiartimihoftffihnnlni . - ' " - . t i . j t 1 ..
: I'l'i'" - I i k-.:ii r in l - i .:i .. at tiuii. . ua ceu ra rosu raien.
Manv hnnrts ar maA deo ate bv : .1 ne .-unjmt-r
morit of t hfi intprpst nn
its loan to' Dr. Cheek, seized all nf! the saloon men have only them-
The annual celebration of the Ox-
r- hf Id
ru.ii TnnrsUv .Tnno 'Jith I)r C. . main pon.ion oi me uie miem a calamity. ne OO cow mean
. . . i . j .l.i . m .v. :ii r
. , i ,:ii i... v...M hi nroneriy Jiriu conn-caieu mei seives 10 uiaiuc iui "ui. wm w iu
ij ' ;i iMMii ,ir iiui "in iT. i. c i j
D. Mc-I.cr, Prr-ident of the Stat ! n he ftreamfl, it allowed to be disM- j by all Gf them have pon-
v,,pm,l ,i Trv.lntit riil f"Al!..rfP jpill ! paled this portion ot the e-tate.i , , . . . .
.orrnai ar,u lniiuMriai oute, iu ..... 'ducted their baioe68 in a way to
deliver the ura'ion. j Lying tn the Mreams await. nC trans- 1 ' i
June in North (?irolina day
at the Nashville Kxpoaition. Those
from thin State, who intend at any !
time qoing to the hiposition, would
find it to lli ir interot to do bo at
thi time, an they would. thereby tret
tht benefit ot reduced rates. 'I'he
portation to- market were Io(tj to
the value ot 00,OCM tical", or nparly
8500.000, but there was no car
! taken to preserve these asset- ot lb
American, so when it came to a set
tlemcnt thtre was not enough tn
pay the claims ot the pnvernmeni.
A a result, the government at onee
Southern Itailway, with its u.ual j I3''1 claim to the neri ot seventy fix
progress, will make it to the interest I elephants of Dr. Cheek.
ot all to o at this time. I Sorne ti,no afler - lhR, caroe hQ
! death of Dr. Cheek. The admini-
A call ha been iesucri by the trator of the estate found himself in
State. Democratic Executive Com-1 a moat peculiar position as regard-
miitee of Kentucky tor a Stite Cm. the principal Hets in the hands of
venti-jn to meet in Lcuisville July ; the representative or the ueaa inm
14th, to nominate a candidate for j berrnnn. those seventy-six elephants
( l rk of the Court of Anneals, the An elephant is not the least expen-
niilv State oflice lobe filled, at the! luxuries when he is purely
November elections. The call en one. The counter claim of the Si
dornes the candidacy of William J. ! ame- government, set up to prevent
Hrvfui lor Prc-ident in 1HU0. ! the sale of the elephants, operated at
! the f-ame time to prevent the leasing
An exchnn-'u truthfully sivs : i or . pawning of the beasts. And
"Let neiiber town neonlo or coun'trv i Vre thty were being ted and
people envy each other, nor be ii im-! tended and literally 1 eating their
ie, il the'one towards the other, for j heads off." Korv it is found that
there is need tor thi work ami ; thcio is not enough money to send
snl.ere of all. There is sometime a, counsel to prepare the case for .fiua
disposition on the pnrt of the coun j submission
Unless the Mate uepanrnent wn
aree to have Minister Barrett hire
iw V i.Mii..v..r if.u.-n- fli.nris i an attorney, taking a lien on anv
the country will tlounsh. Ev ery judgmcct obtained for the expense
extra dollar mide and accumulated
try people to feel jealous when the
town flourishi"; but it onijhl not to.
there seems to be a hanl road be
fore the estate in its etforts to col
lect damages for what Is considered
a most outrageous confiscation of the
estate ot an American citizen
who w are'happier tar, tbanJhn M.antiiiijr. L L. D, and Jaaae? person. Ihuh.m ,i
s they leave behind.1' j K She.erd, L L. D. : j H- -!pr..-iu.- t -n;.
j ' i.lP.M'KIt !. Tl K i
in the town nrikcs a new chance tor
the countryman to sell more readily
what ho may bring o market. And
so the country people, the farmers,
are as mueh benefitted by the pros
perity of the town as are tha towns
people. '
A Valuaiilk PiuisciurnoN
Editor Morrison, of Wortbington,
Ind., "Sun," writes : ' You have a
ters, and 1 can cheerfully recommend
it tor Constipation and Sick Head
ache, and as a general system tonic
it Ins no tMjnal." Mrs Annie Slehlo,
J .!." ('ottnge Grove'Ave., Chicago,
was all run down, could not eat nor
digest food, had a backache which
never left her and telt tired and
weary, but six bottles of Eleclrio
Bitters restored her health and re
newe 1 her strength. Price f) cunts
and $l.". C..t a bottle at W. A.
llaye' Drug Store.
i rent Mt Fleet Iv,I,
m 111 14I-41.
EiiLrlan.l will collect the most
powerful tleet the world his everj
MM'ti tor tde t.nvnl review at Jpil
bead on June '-'. There wi'l be
'gathered to"ether 1 0 .hitw t uir I
lncludm- the chmnel squadron, the : looking Wl-,!1- Farmers are better
reserve s.iu idron and m.ir.v .j i,,. P with their work than usual, and
...;n k.. ......... :r... I the
.uk win in nvm uu loieiu per ice
Mr. Isaao Homer, proprietor o
the Burton House, Burton, V. Va
and one of the most widely known
men in the Slate, was cored p
rheumatism after three years of enf
fering. He says : "I have not suffi
physicians told me that .nothing
could be done lor me ; and my
friends were fully convinced that
nothing but death would relieve me
of my suffering. In June, 1894, Mr
Evans, then salesman tor lbe Wheel
ing Drug Co , recommended Cha3
bei Iain's Pain Balm. At this time
my foot and limb were swollen to
more thau double their normal size
and it seemed to me my leg would
burst, but soon after I began usm
the Pain Balm, the swelling began
to decrease, the pain to leave, and
now 1 consider that I am entirely
cured. For sale by W. A. Hayes,
Druggist. &
Henderson Cold Leaf.
Crops throughout the county are
seasons have been favorable
TIih only drawback to more rapid
growth has teen the cool weaiber.
HN lUHtS WMtHt ALL tLbfc FAilS. Rl
Ig .-t Onyh syrup. TaMi s O J. Ue Kj
as !oon as th manoeuvres are over.
The best alve in world for
Oils, Bruise. Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Kh.Mitu, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chap
p"tl llaiolt, Chilblains, Cornn, and
all Skin Kruttions. and nositivelv
ore.s PiU-s, or m pay required. It . -is
guara-iteed lo give perfect satis- ;W KKK HlLLSBOKU Makkkt lit:
ietion-)r money re.fuiided. Price PORT.
!'.' cents per box. For sale by W Wheat, per bushel of CO lbs., SO to
A. ll:jes, Druggist, ' $1 i0.
Corn, per bushel ot "6 lb?.. GO cts.
Charles Broadway Houss, the Oats, per bushel of 32 lbs., 40 cis.
New York merchant, whose sight is; Meal, per bushel ot 4b' lbs , 60 cts.
almost gone, now gays he will give! Pork, 4 to f els per pound,
fu whole fortune, about 87,0O,0 )0, j Bacuu hog round 7 to 10 cts.
lo have it restored. His lormer j Flour, per barrel, S i 50 to SO 00.
ctfer was $1,000,000. i Tallow, pei pound. 4 to - cis.
. Beeswax, per pound, cts.
1a,IIUMMl Ointmoni. ' Butter, per pound, lo cts.
A sure cure tor cuts, brimes. ; Etfgs, per dozen, 10 eta.
sprains. :lceration, sure nipt.'es. Peas, per bushel, 7," cis. to $1 00.
bums, scalds, chilblains, -piles and all Bears, per bushel. 7o cts. to $l.,"0.
outrage. even moderate pubic enti
merit and to antagouixe even these
strongly in favor of tbe high license
Mystem; bat a lew, at leas?, 'of them
iave, and the business of all of them
must suffer the odium thus incurred.
Salisbury World : The increasing
requeccy of homicides in this St3te
lunnir the past ais months is a ter
rible arraignment ol Governor Rus-
sell. lie uas lurueu iu'o uuuu ii.c
State criminals steeped in vice, with
no oiher object in lite than to live
hy lbe sweat of seme one else's
brow. lie has given an impetus to
crime and criminals by refusing to
maintain and uphold the law in
meting out a just punishment to
wrong doers. His administration
thus far has been "a burlesque on
Charlotte Observer : In a letter
to tne Ualeigh Christian Advocate,
which that paper did not publish,
but which is published in the Popu.
list Slate papers this week, Gover
nor Russell, in distinct terms,
charges fraud in the recent lease of
the Norlh Carolina Railroad to the
Southern Railway Company. This
is a strong accusation to bring
against men ot as high character as
those who, as Directors of the Nor h
Carolina Railroad, made this lease
last ver, and any man who brings
it, especially a Governor, ought to
know what be is talking about be
fore he does it.- Governor Russell
based on fact. a
Wilmington Messenger : There is
one thing that can be said of well
uigh all ot the North Carolina news
papers, and particularly of the coun
try weeklies. They are to be found,
so tar as wo recall, always on the
side oi morality and honesty. Many
of theni are managed by professors
of religion who are firm believers in
the Christian Scriptures. W"ith but
tew excepiions, as we recall the
past, have we found any exchange
laking a doubtful or compromising
position on moral questions. It is
eertaily hopeful sign in a material
istie, skeptical age (and it is not
confined to the world but may be
found in the churches) that the secu
lar newspapers of a commonwealth
are not the organs ot immorality
and infldelilv.
this I
. t
me ones mey
Thy career. on earth i eiute l.
No more tears to vi.e avay :
Sleep tbe sleep that knows no waking.
Till the resurrection day.
Sad to know that we can n?ver.
See thy cheerful: face again ;
While on earth our hearts are severed,
We will hope to meet again.
Husband, children, lather, motbej.
Weep no more for Euladeai.
She has gone we trust to-r.eaven.
Ah ! 'tis happier lar than here.
Dear grand-parent weak and aged
Why should she be lirt to go?
That's the mystery : and no other
Save the God above ei'n know.
Cease your weeping, wait with patience.
Till your earthly race is run :
Then it faithful. He'il eah gently
"Come, thy work at last is done."
( Ut'SlN L. II.
Durham papers please copy.
but remember": July 11- This will be in charge oi
Attoknky a:
fx:or !. N
Will practice in ;! r
i..A jt
AUcKri'K. wiu iThi) ,v a.
TAlr A-,1 NT
Special attention
lion t t laitn-. 1H1.-. t ,
of Keal KsUie. Ln
real eute. Attorm-v let .
". at Hi!ltMito. N. (,
WE WANT YOUR Til A 1 K and
V you can buy some things from
us cheaper I ban elsewhere.
Our f 1.00 Woman's Shoes at Oo cents,
are good values.
i and 7 cent Calico at 4 and cents is
cent Cheeks at 4 cents.
A car load of Corn at "." cents.
P. ran 9'J cents per sack.
Flour $J.;i." per barrel.
We have a lot of Clothing at cost,
and any thing else at reasonable prices.
Yours truly,
Why not wnlk in and try our jroo 1 j ttokn kv -at -I aw
i;enuine .uui:iM' aim nip-. itcuuin
her that our .rade ot Fiuiir is ttic iest
ottered on the mtrket it excels nil
others. Corn. Meal. Wheat Unm Salt.
Meat, Lard. Hb. &e. We aUo carry a
fresh ami well selected stm-k ot Coi
tect'onei ies uir- Tropit-al Fruits, at veiy
low prices. handle Suutt, To!aeco.
Cigars and Cigarettes f the very te.;
grades. A lull line of Crockery, ; ht
and Tin Ware. Country 1'robn-e in
good demand. (ou! g.io.l- a;id good
money, little" profit and ipiiek sale, is
our motto.
fa rc k rrn. win r n:t :o ,
Attoun m - r-!.
1 1 i". p 1 1 1 1,
North of Court House, Uii!bi ro.
j Otttre next 'hutr j,
f ottire. near tie- h.-t !.
I V .. ... ... -
Ilillsboro. N C.
tyOtllce next door above
Hayes' Drugstore.
A I rui;n-A' l.iw,
HilM'oio. ..
Firactices iti Mate at;-! 1
Prompt attention t. ,, !
cial attention to 1 'i o't-
t- n
1 Ii A II A M 4V (ill. A li AM
Dh. King s New Discovery Ton
This is the best medicine in the
worhl for ail forms ot Coughs and
Colds and for Consumption. ' Every
bottle is guaranteed. It will cure
and not disappoint. It has no equal
t' r Whooping Cough, Asthma, Hay
Fever, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, La
Grippe, Cold in the Head and lor
Cnnsiimpiinn, It is always well to
take Dr. Kings New Lite Pills iu
connection with Dr. King's New
Discovery, as they regulate aud tone
the stomach and bowels We guar
antee perfect satisfaction or return
money. Free trial boulcs at W. A.
laves' Drug Store. Begular size
OU cent and $1 00.
fcyttxufrotti Chnrton to King
street Laws' old stand uhere I
will be glad to see all persons want
ing any thing in my line
A tresh supply of ALL KINDS
OF DRUGS usually kept in a first
class country drugstore, always on
band and at moderate prices.
Prescriptions carefully com
pounded by a competent person at
all hours of day and night.
Drill! LTISt.
Anyone sending a pketoh and description may
uic lily ascertain, tree, whether an invention
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confidential. Oldi-si apency forweunn patents
in America. We have a Washincton office.
Patents taken thruuKO Munn & Co. retail
special notice in the
heaotlfuriT Illustrated, largest circulation of
any scientific Journal, weekly, term t.tfi a yar;
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Book ox Patents cut free. Address
301 Broadway. New York.
A i hm:n i i t-J v.
Hiil-horo. N . r.
P net ice In t ho ( 'ion f . f A n.
"a-vel, Duiliuin, ii.i',i, ., jr,
iiul ( ll ;l!l'i'.
. i i i: a i7
T A (1 S T I; Ji ' S 1. ! !; I t
31iiiioii 'V pi-.
"x when open. :: i-J ! v , ,;
OW6, rill EEC AND II Oils; 1
Foil SALE.
I have three. freb r'ows. Jersey .in'
Devon, that 1 -will m-.1I .n re:tsf,"n:i!!e
Also about 20 be-. l of fine M4eej,.
Dorsett and IFamphire!own-.
One goin Ilor-e. .' years ohl. ami
year old Colt, can be bought at a bar
gain. This 20th day ot May. 1S7.
E. H. STI'niHNS.
Kork p ings, Oiane Co.. "N . ('.
T u
Having been appointed I.M Taker
for the town of Hil!boto tor tne year
1!7. I herehy uotily all peion;s ihat
are liable lor town tax. that I n'nl he in
my printing office during the month ot
June for the purpose ot listing ;,n town
property, both real and personal.
All persons liable tor poll, are also
required to list the same,
All tax-payers should see that their
property is properly li-ted. All person-
tailing to li-t a- required by law.
ale liable to a line ot f !C
This 20th day of May. 1;.
JOS. A. II AliKI, M avor.
" List Faker.
North Carolina's
Sent FliEE :n r:;in p
Only P) N- Mi!.-i : ;
S A H P. A T II ' R E A I
AT LN T 1. - :!
Fair of ery !! n.: ;':.'
t 1 1 ! - MMlt J I O to . .
.s.-ii'.ot. Or .r.r. I if K!
I N i tor a ...r . ::.
Jbhle lor . ; ; v i: ".
Independent and fearless ; ljiyirer
and more attractive than ever, il
wiil be an invaluable visitor to the I bound hi
home, tbe oftice. the club or work- are lirii'' n 1 !
i k s.o'A u a- I . v i : . i
S.Al:n r 1 1 Jo. :)t; i- h . r
nonienal .-U'eeJ tllio;; s . ,,
I eael.ers, h i i-ti -! ; 1 . i. -I-worth
I .e.iui' t M iio-i v,
lit 1st ian- 'eneraiii . 1' .
inierdenounatioo-ti. w.t -. ;..
'iid at oiii o Jo;
ll.s. V. - ,
150 Naiu St., N- -t V.
N. Ii. Wb. n ,u - :!..- h ;
will -ay that no -t h v "
onereii on -,une i 'a-
i roo n.
V it''
. i :v ii :
All the news of ibe world. Com-
lilete Iailv reonrl frurn the Stuol rHE
I . - - - - . - - ' v V V
and National Caj-ilals 8i a year.
is c
; okti;age -ale of land.
inunier ot sores, wounds, chafes,
Mich as require the use of a siothir,i,
i:ch. healing tnntmcnt This oint
uuiit has been m use for a number
of year- arid gives entire satisfe
U'.i. Hetetotore this preparation
' been made ami kept by Mrs.
I''- A. lUrr.s, HilUlioro, N. C . but
be foutel on sale hereafter only
by '.he HiUsbor.i Drug Company.
i Wilmington Star
H-n. Mr Hhiley siys Hen. W. J.
levari i a good ileal better Demo
c:il mw ttian he W3s when he ran
to-- the Presidency. Well, ibat's all
right. He was c0l-d enough Demo
cr.i then to suit C,f00 000 'Jl-year-old
Democrats who voled for him.
Hides, dry, : to Ct cents per pound.
Chickens, each, 10 to '2C cts.
Feathers Live Geese 40 cts. per
v ooi wasnea 1 to cts.
hy virtue ot a mortgage fb-,.,1 execu
iavd ny J. M. Terrell to M.try Brig?
arid -i-ter-. arid properly re. orded in
' lu:? VV- ot the office
of K. -i.!t j- ,,1 D-eds of Ora- .-e nm.ntv.
I I wall s. i! for rash to the highest bidder
per, s 'f- c um hmi.,. ,io,.r in IE!lboro on
j M ! i ; iy. .June 2-th. 1:C tr.,.r (if Atn
L o washed Wool, 10 cts. per nnand ln ' il" ';r"v'' '"u-bip. lying on the
H urry Woo!. cts per poand 'lT'1 " " a"(i fng l.uo
i .v i- r 1 o - i AieX.ifhjer tider-r.i. heiri
t ooee, 1 o to 20 ct,. per pound. ... Hiau.., w. ihne- and Lll l
ugar, ; to Cl. per pound , ' tme e.,tl-i.:i,); .t two tr.u-t one tract
Tbe undersigned will be at the fol
lowing places during the month of
June to take the lax E't-t for HilUbnro I
Township Tor 117. All per-ons lia- !
uie lor iHie hiki v ounir tax on real
esute. iersonal properly or poll, are '
required to give in the same. Failure j
to li-t en Lai Is eo-t : j
At the court house in Hil-boro. June '
4th. oih 2'Hh. 2-th. 29th and 3Uih. j
At Univei-ity Station. June 12th. j
. At Cheek's Crossing, June ITnh. '"
At F.tl ind. June 25tb. i
This 20th day ot M I
bi-t Taker.
A perfect family journal. All the
hhwh of the week Rembember '
the Weekly Observer. i
v . - e
H'liv wi'tfL-T v rtJtiiTri.-r now 111 HIOC.
aaaji i l kj i viwrn liii. j
t .
! ' . . .
receivinir a branrr.eT
Only One Doli.ak a Yxak.
Send for sample copies. Addrcsi
All kinds ot country produce in tM'u-ht of
good demand
r I -II E
.'lie jr-iet rn 'h
both of J
ot tier, and critaii,ii.r
XtebrHj and
from E. !. Woody,
in tx.'h trviCtj:
Teavhers. ip
: 1 .".si i . t ,
tb. A liri. 1
I ' ! I "
C ra i'.i.i'e
-cb. t
'in 1 Pur.- j,
Student. , Summer
MJ. li -ard 3- a
s. s. .. -j- Jedi
ti-iol ot Ph-irtnacv.
open to S oia n.
1 each-!--. 5-hla!-
ii.,,, i . r, i . . i . .
iuuin-.i aua .Mneiy-Mx Acres,
s.itiy mortgage and
By virtue m A mortzaso de,i 0v0t,
te to Wtn. K. El" yd hy John Fickar 1
and Artb-ua 1'ii iiH .;.
II v vir: ue ot a !ro-rfir-t' d -d .-Xfi"!-ted
to Eui. o E'.od bv J.i- k A!-tor dnd
A:ie AUton ij.- wit-, and pr.-nrfTiy re-'
cor .V.l iu th- o:M, e ot lb gi-ter ot IN u and
Deed of Orange ouity. in I'.Kk X ,
the hiirln--t bidder, a trot of lr.d in
the ntt vlv
"a tuiiier
Ad Jr. -s
Chaj tl Hili. N
to mv i o-:
fhi. 2.-th div of Mv. 4C7.
-,, , f fW . iV - , K P'1-" hal Hid t.-.wt..b:p. on the water, ot
in the onVe of Heg,,ter ol Dee,!sof MorUn's . reek, iiotninv rhe !,,,?. f
& Morrow. W. O. Kin an!
ARTICLES, perh.'MKi:::v
30 A PS, HAIR iiKl'Mif
Also a hoe of new sr-i
For FINE (.'! AK",
e are unfcurrraed.
Owne .-uunty-. I will fr .ah" at Vebb
hjt .uiv in'uv; ur"r ni liii;
oro on
i tract of
. j ......
oi m. K. l.ioy.). i -,r..,L
others, toniaiiiiiii' V.o.. " . .1'
turday. June -.Sth. 1
land in Bingham. ?own-b;?
1 . .. ! . . tl- -m . '
.Ml - III TT, ft r
We are also hea '
fall line ot the ve'y
V,rf,;.Vft.i Or. li'Vt. I''
Wanted-An Idea
HI ttlEl
more or le.
o:ner.-containing 1" i-l i.re, more r
Mrtre arid or.e Hor--
ii-ty cjr tt-ige ai.d pc;e ir-k
ale i made to
This J;:h day ut Mav.
vv- K. I.EOYD.
ftp n e,
Aft one Bay
and Wagon.
ale is rrjade to
to pay CO!-.
ie will tke pU e in front of Court
Hoil-e d .". r It lIllls.'Mtro. J UUe j'j, J.
Tbb 2olh Uv ut M v. 1-..7.
y rta" e
Carriage and Ro-1' P
manner ot Vi.hi tor uectr.
be !uulu i-;
.if f 1
Call and ee oe
the poslc&Ce.

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