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I i
IIA X ill . Ill III
I.N 1878.
r r me
i u
1 il y
" ; i ' uje lari: a-winj,
'I he thrush's silvery suing,
The mocking-bird to rapture' stirred,
I he robin's rhythruic'wooing.
Aye! let tbem p;aise in lyric lays
The b'ueay peit and perk,
Hat O for me each time. perdie,
The plump Thanksgiving turkey!
Fair Madg may pet her paroqnet
As wo! tlVous wi-e and war v.
And Mistier Maud may loudly laud
Content am 1 as days slip by,
And skies above giow murky,
If it's my luck to hear "cluck' cluck!"
The plump Thanksgiving turkey.
Then let prevail the love of quail,
Ye skilled men of the cartridge,
Give meed profuse to. zrouse and goose,
To woodcock and to pal trilge. !
Faith, naught I care how others fare,
ff sour they look or smirky,
When liot for me i sered, perdie,
The plump Thanksgiving turkey.
Harry Delouze.
! A
i v It s v- i v-s v . vs - v Ari 2 . r; Ji 2laS , -d
wun fall, wiHe two men yet stood on !
tne dec of the fata! vessel Captain
F.oss and George Vasar, the man
whose bright eves bad stolen Mary !
Armatatre a art fiom hpf firwt 1 r.r-y !
An Gd eailor started up from his
"Cantain! Cartain! this mnsn't be!
Take th is carl I'm not such a Inbber
a3 to pave uiysrlf you perihT'
"S;t dow n, pir !" rn. Ji fntain.
"Do you suppose li'pline isn't disci
pline now, vast a much as ever it was? j
I am captain of this craft, and I mean ! ;
to ataud by her to the lat. Only," j
turning to .Mr. Vassar, as the dipco:u-
fitel old fait dropped down into hi3
seat. "I'm sorry for you, sir! I have
always expected eoiue such end as
Una; but on"
r1ft he flapped his hand to his eyes. !
u. i i t i
the little o'nes," he uttered.
With a sudden movement, Guy Day
rel swung himself pant Aynies ourt
once more, on to the deck of the fast
settling ship.
'Mr. Vibsar," he paid qnietly, "take
my place. You have a wife, and chil
dren. I have no one to care whether
I perish or not. Dou't itop to thank
mi cro at once. And if your wife
should ak you who it was that recked
so little of hi" life, tell her it was ouo
Gny Dayrei:"
There was a crash and splintering of
the timbers, as Dayrei almost pushed
Yassar into the boat. The Forest
Queen settled lower and lower, and
went down -in the very sight of the
horror-stricken survivors.
T? fet ff It: i IlQ fTi fi8
Brn In th ircoiii TtsT hnfrp
with Ititles I ury 0r Ihr Wittrra at
tUv tiral tiulf Storm That Kvc-U th
Sootlieru ( ojit (ultrrilnu'i Danger.
i The Gulf of Mexico is a water of
st-rms, n.t fieuen but fr:iiie lly
! w.duat. It is, ja e an i :u;ie:ue
Rwiiiop cut fio.ii t:e land, an I hurri
c.ines seoai to g.ai ate to it nat'ura-ly.
iney are birn lis the neighborhood of
the Sa a.S'a ea, strike the West In
He i aud uvt mfieiueady leave th 8e
islands at a tangent, iust aa m Ukil
Lost From n A nifl, I oM !!-flra
The a iventurc of Maur r:t ;
rot, Kcko, for-i a little vhapter fii-t
pen's to hiUiself, d.s.v u-ou i. n au.i
tear on the j att of Li r.iistre anJ
of ouxions cotnoide nc- tou.-un r ta
b;rd, cwaer a :d th Satiiirttan of th
r-eas wh. a.ts the gractfai part of re-cuer.
In I tr.e r.rra v
A: (irii, theatriia
n - c
) Pf V
I at or and
ma-iaceis, included in tUeir i'ou
eatt-rprift-s a totlr uitUMnie. rttiaad
a strong opera company to Huenot
Ay K Moitevi Uo and iXio. Ma c it
Mayer, Lusincs iuauger, went oat ia
iTMMld on the royal Pftilj If ame?
xo'. 'o!.-;oxe:- ',. ;o :' ; ' v'e f.o ;. . e y v0 x :
4 r . . . y . " V
George Yacsar sat at liis Thanksgiv
ing lo.ird that afternoon, with red an1
nliite chrysanthemums decking the
rivalling the coral shine of the red em-
bers on the hearth sat with wife and
TdvXSH God wej Ami Dayrei turned a way and re-
c ... n 1 t.f lia,.nf ulli.wi.l 41. , ul,.. , n 1 H
,, i i i , , , . , , " feast, and wreaths of autumn leaves
iiui iiiuimijjiM.iv, "-in ii'iivii uic "j 1 tl X&, WHICH HIS
dinner at home casual met-iing with Amyescouit had
ii.; " I ;
imii.i;. ' luirmi MI.M. 'l-iti ii- -i -l , i t
m i' i.ii- v : i. ..i .ii .i.:..: ii.. T ....A htt.e ones at his side, and wanuth aud
i ti ii.t.nv vi- -.inn an iiii.i iimt ine i oi est i-'netii
vYmb.-r day might was plowing the yeasiy tides nearer iniJes be!
liave i-m '.i oiue auo auu more n' ir iiom
glittering w it la the
luinshine of in
For what re we tbanVfnl? For tbl-
For tliJ Lreit aa l thj eunliiht ! life;
For th? love of ttj chil i, aa1 ti ki-,j
n the iij-s of the uiotuer aad wilt. .
For ros ntwintnt?.
For bir.ts a for k'oott;
A t ho"s tiat hm fliir'-ij
Like itars iu the g.ooui.
For ivhat are we thankful? Fo t'nr
Th siren it h and the atin're of toil;
Fr even th iovs thst we
The hope of the seed iu .he soiL
For souls that are wMter
Fr-vu tlav uuto day;
A.'"l lives ttiat aro briic'iter
Froja goint; God s way.
For ivhat are we thankful? For aH
The bunshine the !'ia low tti ud?;
The .h!osso"ns may withT a'i'l fal'.
liutthe world uioves ia rnusio aioaj!
For simi-le, sweft living,
('Tin Lov.- that doth teach it.)
A 'leaven furi vi.-iv,',
Aud faith tiiat can rearh It!
F. La. StaLiton.
wall a.uUa along it for a little space African parrot, who, linguistic abili-
nil i again sects vacancy, luc-e erra
; ic toives ol the air strike tne cast f
Mexico, or the coast of Tea, accord
ing to their ung.e, and dta h is m
their track. The things cade I "trial
i waves in tnat !-ee.ion"are u.t rea'lv
i tid;
waves. 1 hey a e not caused by .Vi-oni: t!iat he
ties e evated him to the distinction of
being almost a In lyg ot as the accom
plished Mr. May.r hi i se f. lefsra
leaving Kngland Aluse. I'atti ha I co-n-missioned
tti agnt to ptonre for her
any South Atue: ican t irds of plu:no
an upheaval. Tt.ey are merely
ia e.ie. t.
iiK aj
' id
n;i zhl meet w ith, a i l
1 Lev a: e u t ast w al
j water moling with rrsii le-s sp e 1
J and wt-i.'ht uwr the face of tin- oeeal.
j i ney are va ers banked up again -t a
j low coat by wi 1 1 pressure until thev
oversow. In ma ly instances tlie s!ih
Uieigtncf is gradual, and it nple oppor
tunity for ti'.ipi' is given. Otbt-r
i lady a half-doen of th pay'v
feath'-rd but by -no n.a'i mni al
macaws, for which Biaii 1 fa:i:ms.
1 b anot was not iru luded in any v f
the ;iecitu atioiss. but hi r a l v use of
S a a-di, I'oi tug u se, Fienchand Kng-
at least, ia a l
ridiculous i ech
brightness all around. Four or live Indian rttef tVern Ilonpttnbly Knter-
)v, washed ashore by the
rush of the waves, with his
talned by I'ilnm t'atiiera.
The first Thanksgiving was
, ..:., t i. i --i-.i-i. 1 ii i- v
"1""'" ca;c:i ate l mat f!)n, e.n(),i nn t,(,,,r,i i,0M,,l-J i i n ... u 1 i m
the biik little craft would ride into ' : . .i i t f 1 n . J
- , , r. . ' , , ii. , , . eiii'sg a uu'uu skv, mm heaweeu m ins moutii, .uassacuuset ts, in 101, xue
tyudg,, P'n the rock-bound bar, or of the Maine AVftt iocks, lay the corpse of Guy Day- year following tno landing of the Til-
hurried a t; and- he pott to w itch they were consigned reK '1 ! Lms. in ordr that th, Colonists in a
i' in nv'nr i um ii'ir v w 'in .'Cffirinr ii. aimihw :o
ti ues the ioietoeo: the air makes
! ttieiu su idea an 1 pe p'e a-e drow ned.
j lroiably the most (evert1 storm,
! with its r.-sultant "tidal wave," m the
j history of the gulf, occurred on the
! h.'ti of Aug 1st, Wii, striking the
; coast line farther eat, at the mouth
o. t:o- .Nlis-isi: i f. l bin storm las led
three days. S o h wa- the wtdzht of
j the wind that the .Mississippi r-e
; tw enty fe-t at I Hmaldson ll't . wbndi
is mote tha i a hun ire l.mib-s from the
! river's mouth. Six huadre 1 j eop..
i w ere dro v ned on lIle I'e!iiier', or'
Last island, a New- Orleans thinner
losort. Many hurrica ics have oc
cur.el since the.i, but folks ia Loni-ii-u.ia
sti.l speak of tliat o ie a "the
great j-torin." The sro!!er in the
giavevard of the (.'reseent Cilvf.-e
. Sl VI ill
r.uvst (necn, watching the ! "Jtdl be a cdose run," said lfe- "but ' t T" ,?erlwan D,S i PCC1J tt;a7CjUhl reice et i:ltly limls a mossy stone record, ig
the wave;, looked af-' somei.ow I don't like the idea of to overshadow his fhanksgmag Day I at ha.g al lthirgs iu good aud plen- the nane of so.ne Met, u of he disas,
! spending my Thanksgiving on ship- ' a. T,ianU,c!.i5 ,,lcr. Hard, TUoasu U"& o bones ate underneath 'ire
r. lh.w that," .aid Mr. At- board. It isn't orthodox, as Deacon 1 nautiy Kan.e.i.. Dalies Horn 9 Jparnal In pr.pa.a- body was taken iar to mm by the
"Well, 1, for one, shall bV IWy would say." And the captain I Day was certainly behind time. !l"a J?" ??r 1 TlXy fVr
rthchn.vh bellintheobl 'laucrhel. 1 i There we sat ciauinc our necks to In- mto tne woods fcr wdd tuiaeys hich she8. Tne stone was erected merely
j i i
e at home
And you, Mr.
And just at the grav break of dawn, cate the glorious bird, but it was too !-. .. , 4 moi1o a lllt, frir nvan
li ill l -i n r i iU i, f ... 1 kitchens were made ready tor prepai-
when they could almos hear the ( dark to p-e t-h
church bells ring through the fog and j magnohas. Wnen the sky began to indWame Brewster's house, which was
!' rejicated the gentleman ;
i. a tad, dark, Spanish tvne ; darkness, there went a thrill and clear up we took standing positions.
i i tiiiy'. "It may sound odd, j quiver through the Forest Queen from ' and male our necks ache by looking
v .hi mention it, I have no ': stem to stem a sudden pulse, like upward. I was the last to see the
! the beating of a heart. .Gny Dayrei ; game, and tli's one was direct' y over
:. -court looked quickly up ' started up in his berth and tapped at ; my head; and it was only a !"ev moment
i it", r yes. I the board partition wliich se, a-ated ' more when each, except the boy, was
I s-i,,.,,. you hal one once ?" j his sleeping quarters from thoso of his sighting along bis gun barrel wailing
a' no! immortal, any more 1 nearest neighbor. I for the word "ileady." All of us
! I
i'"' a lsweted Davrel.
a ii idle for mo to guesf ?" j
hardly worth the trouMe
i ca e I to listen to the j
;' s ...ting ttorv of huh. an '
'11' Ml
i is the worthiest
au aspii e." Mr. A y-
4 And
if joii
:rrz & tV v-
as an
-. thei'," interrupted Day
i ..-atie'itly. "I was be-
i .1 as licaut it u
.;s I be'.icv e-1, trio
a to take such a
,. i - 'Oct a. When 1 returned
i i to another-man." i
" !.. tia it'd him. Yhydoti
.e i '.' d'lie ticku'iiess t f
s!l:di new ile elopmelit, 1'
' '. a t it-a I belong to an un
. v .' The 1 ay rels uddom
: : t i o atld they alw ays
ia i v lo'riit deaths. "
p sa'olc that you are ho
as to ..
' siiuou,. Mr. Aymes
. . ":.;e a fa?aht, if you w ill ;
ttthe unerring record of
Mace the time 1 mention,
a a sort of wan leier to and
face of the eaith. I hear
Ie ta'k of Ii uos; to me it is
catch aord."
r iant-'." "-aid Dayrei. k w
v ic. a i 1 laying nis hand
;" -. c i . ia ;o i 's arm. " ILt
f -s i 'V -ia
ii.-'- . v
1 :,:
. tr - :: . ;
a w r A v
i' .-k, ..mi-. ,v i
U A- If ji IL
. sfij.- rv x . . s.
,iri i". O'l
a w
mm. tm w n
li i ' . ,
' IWri
. . t
aboundea mere in greai numuerB; ia memory. A river" ma i once de-
" scribed to me the L'lle Dernieio
storm as a wind thai you could iean
vour back a2r.1i.1st. For thteadavjit
under the itnmediate direction and uas as stea.ty as a wall."
charge of Priscilla Molines, she wuo in 1S7., th'0 vvltch ra;i of 1lie wt
afterward became the wife of John fnciian air demon sounded ahm r the
Atden wLile a messenger was dis- Texan coast, lhotn HrounsdUe to
patched to invite Massaoit, the chirf habi ie 1 ass the uiapaso 1 tumid -red
of the frienlly tribe, to attend the eel- anj tue ia.she l watets ate up thi land,
ebration. I . Matagorda bay, in hokon'o bav, in
"Farly on the morning of the ap- Lavaca nay no snip might . i le. Look-
pointel Tanr-;day about the first of ing southward a man saw onlv a world
Xovjmb?r Masasoit and ninety of vt lU,Uitains in upheaval, 'lli-, sky
his wa-riors arrived on theoutskiits of Wfts'g av, but no caj ids were ii de.
the' village, an 1 wuu wuu yens an- All weic blown into the same dull
s.j ar. . 1 ua-ea n.i'es inland the
li.iibs of such trees as wore throti
tne fitrnt di it t ed a!t. l)t a I wild
sisted of 6eveu dwellings an 1 four fowl Birwel ail toe prairie. Corp
.lDIlC Dill 'tings, was fcoou usiu uu w. re t jUIVI on the oeaCueS in 'Kiiiri".
ho.neti ;.es only tlie tij of a b g r ati
a a: oro ei ted ti o o the t-aa I. I' lshe
ga-. ed o it t.oar li - e w i.ere bar pv
ijoioes had fioKd. All of toat sanu g
nounced their rea tiuess to enjoy the
ho-pitalily of their whiter breturen.
The little setdement, v hich now cou-
men, women and children, who gave
the Indians a hear y- weico ne as they
tiled into tha argj s piira in front of
the Governor's house. Soon the roll
of a drum "announce 1 the hour of
a f e .v uoia
thorn--- ami !!.
the ti ia; e.-t o: tin- West Iuha native
ai-tihc t his .(, ha'-e from the chief
eiigi'.it-er of thv I'aais and when Mme
l'aiti ariiv,. 1 at the Hotel d'Ftratiger,
m lli-r, K ko was awaiting "her m her
apartments with the gteetin., "Sov
Ko.iO- Ii Ol -j Oi lo!l U.lt'd."
Amid hi m a e In il iatit c. m an ions
heat liis. a'.trac'edi ut li tie attention,
but in a few ii v - , possit.iy having
heard hi tulst! s sing, be 1 n. - 1 his
dt burnt in a manner so flattering thud
he was ra sed u tne po-i 1 .11 ot fiist
favorite. At Montev id-o S -ri ; r Hoi a.
the editor of tl . new i Hpcr, I'd F.i-jia'-Mi,
ga". Hoko a cold e. lia-, iu-s.-nbeil
in Spanish with taewotd": "I
a 1.1 1 Koko, tbo olvgb t parrot of tha
Ni'olini. 1" doii't siiig .my-elf, but
there are atiirel muccs in oar lain ly."
Wearing hi c .liar a- us ia'. lok
wa seated on hi mistress's ho abler
one morning in the deck saloon of the
homeaatd-l outid stea nship Ionic,
i he be door of the saloon was Of en,
w hen some cbirdt en threw oj u the
one on the windward side and came in
with a rush that startled the bird from
hi perch. VJnaci uatomed to use hi(
w ing, he was caught in the curre.it
of wind ami swej t out of the aloon,
an I, despite his own endeavor, in a
u.o nent was over the sid. and adrift
in the north at trades, p'or half an
hour taey watched him, until be .be
came a black spe k m the distance
and finally disappeared. 1 hi hap
j eae 1 in the lat.er part of Aug. i.t,
1 WSii.
Tie nett morning the fa dor rf th
A m ei ican bark l apw ing, Jrom bio to
ilaltimore, found Kok in the nnzen
top exhausted and cpe ch'c-s, but,
U dr the ca e of Mrs. St a.! ling, tin
a; tain's w ife, he reco red Lh M' T
and voic, an I -inc taea until re c .t
ly, has t.ceii going up and d wn th
Soata A me lean ccat with lo Ti- 4
iiii-trr'"'. S iriie liumii" a the I.aTt-
wi it,- in at f-ea onavovi.'
and pi-.osa-roi.s conn try was a ruii.
('.line s a1 to Nr- v V rh,
!-n i h f t ne ( at e of ( loo I
f-o.a.c W ;ej f
H-.t i.a.-t
prayer, ior iu tiay was oeguu iuuu ( o t.Ue tarn lag little l i 1 u liaa-
this religious servi-e. Taen followed f)A ,-o.i.e three or for r houses hc
a lull lay of feisliu; aud re;reati-ri, ;..t, out no one lives in the o to this
which continue 1 not only that day but uay. It ;s a ie-e te i vjl a.-e. Mo-e
dutiug the two succeeding days. The xlA:i lSit OI' its 1 foale were drowned,
usual routine of duties was suspended; Otaers -. a ei jn ao i-ro'c poly
the chii lieu romped about in merry M arig(. o:i,. w .. -.an lode ont the
play; the young men indulged iu ath- nigut,' with her I a by c'as--1 j. h;r
letic sports and games in friendly ar.uS. m The t u t a tie- that Lai
i riva'ry with the Indians; - the little '.. t., her ? o. c:
! American army of twenty men, under br..ke she v.a t-a
au Aii.eii 'an whaler, wbi h aske i for
1 new . ' A le lit
: o v i s ; o a s a rs
with tiie nee ietl asti !e,
f r 1
poin'el out a
, , . , 1 i. . to' the ffreiv de:i Jtrit and astontsument
could not see toe turkey we had 'se- j 10 1 iC , 1
, . , , . . . , ; (r the natives, wai'e tlie women btisied
IVCWl IV 1 11 MU. ...4V " .
wouh see bi n, an 1, wdi.eu we were
!K rjuli- Im wn iU o 17 "VV-i-f " in n.
stage 'winner. The t'urkt vs hi 1 dis- een in the open air
M a.
covered that something w as wrong,'
Dress as paickly as you and wore pounding their signals of j
I a'r,n in chritl "rite" and 'i.nfa " I
j i.k u a t a 1 1 i i j,- v . m . ji ,"
v a : a. ia hy
, '. ba i'lsoiilH
i i'vcrvii:;f'.'''
tiie cabin
man, wh-
man who married
o V
.is !-. ate 1 riTl?
io !:o : ill
v It '. 1 1 e c ii d -1 r e n c i u a t -ail
hi retara of tue
.ae .v uerc the 'f hnk
a . i a a '' . :tt 1 I a i ."'.
"Aymcscourt:' he eric 1, "wake up!
There is something wrong!"
A viiiese tutt started fro u his dreams.
"Wrong! What is it V"
"We have run aground somewhere,
or stiu.'k a rock. Stop dou't ask
a"V more jiiest ions. . Keep your
breath and uretigth; they will both
be needed,
When Aymeseonrt came on deck.
amid the darkne-s and chill and e.m
fusio'i. he could learn onlv oue fa:t
that the ship had struck a rock, and shoot
was fast leakinr awav her life. the f,
"iat you nee In't be o a' armed, to line turkey., a gobbler and a hen,
ma'am," said the captain, to a pale fell to the ground, the victims of my
v. nag n other, who wa kneeling- on brother au 1 nephew. The ret of the.
the floor of the deck, with her arm tioek tiew away in the wildest alarm,
roun I both her chi'dren. "We can't Every ho ly nas seen a gobbler strut,
be far otf Wayne' Fea-rh, and our but the pride of the male turkey was
si.ib.rs would know the wav throtf'h ' surpasse 1 bv mv nephew that inorn-
. ' ? ..u;.i i, i.; I the lea lershio of Mi es S.au hsU, went
l ! MOI II I rilUl IU UIIU, " . . , ,, i 1
were .stubborn aal be i ongn its dial! aud manual of arms
i. tr: 1 ., neiinti-s o u.o --'"
; of the excellent meals, wuicn were
lather w a- neTer h-
o: s -..all tow r.s were
we were especiaoy anxious ior me ; aQ.j fro-n west
bov ti bag a turkey, as he had never From north aid frm south
killed one. When we did get ready to
The Pumpkin Tie.
Oh, on Than'isscivin Day, whea frotn eart
Wiiea day;i.giif
j'es inland. i fo
ri a ,'atn. 1 oe;i
jar t 1 V deStf -v-d.
I;i dta' li . I s " S are s 1 , i 1 ., CO U J ! e e
(iuv-'stoi U i far to th, -a-wa"d.
v.-t it s.j.aaed io-is f life and pro er
tv. Wav. s washed throrigti the p- i?i
cital street -a (iools ja c iar- w ere
n.iiK d, Ho-ise- on irs
jut out pea. Little
lit J lag
ft tn.
Jr. s. li r
WHS si-
the vv ha!r sn ee!a 'e th
!i!e of old Ne v Voik iferul i
I hey w. je.ii i h".n,f,i aii i worn
Mr-. Srariitig, tu
o.-r, can ,r:;t t he . ii
i'atti K-a.o i. -t ir si-a ii jor
part of a c o b- '!i a' h fron I.ond r
i ae co. r e-j i ifid" t f that lo'.rnai,
i.av jng i.'.et Mr Abbey n ;,,( r,. isrri
o it a
i s
b ,t
; ,. r.a ari-.f . v
adoae, "vjadaa..-
S i a
f ,1'iior Leach
Children were
my neck was almost broken. As
ar reoorts rang ont in concert.
risie th'
jrrim nd r t;
When the icray-' -tired Ncw Ecg!&cdr see.
'rouL-t ft1' beard
Th old trok-n hn; of actios rtor-t;
'Wlrf-n th car-'-"e ril Dia te?kS Lis
HK-trtT '.""f' rr. ore.
And the wm rreitroa sslls wh-re Itf girl
STii' l I r '
What mo.stw-s tae lips and wait fer'.chtota
th t?;
What "ne t- jilt Lk" tie ri'.b
rotri kin p ie?
ui. mU.
drowned m front yar
wa- ground to pieces
wbarv.-o. New bar
r.ea chat: ne! dag.
t rr i v. h .-ii t i.t
is eak -vi ti i ae i a
li.av o- sa; J ' t
ri.--pcr" a - c:t y of ..
a an
w e-e oriii-
I v. a ft t : :
an 1
( i n
i as v utor.-ia',-
I "' i
I' t I H
1-- If o : '. ' !7 l l - I. -
ie shoal it you wt-re to ouu.iio.u . in?, as ne eiiojiuereu iiis us has.-
I hiai d'ei' an 1 ,
phi' . .;phy of a
, t afire is a c , r i un
t 'he ga ae calie 1 Lire. "
'.a-1.0.1 m.IIv jj: to tue
I 1 T "
a.r-'f -Yi s ahaut a m
a is pra yo
a j .
. . . :.-, it
. .; t . t. 'a.
I ...o
- v :..
.0 iwitui ai
- j a'aS t-a-
uraa-.' I
e .. a ...;. s s
i ert a saa:.
We have two good life-brats,
only having the Queen to go
i i
The captain rubbe t His snaggy
s'.ctve ligit'y across liis eyes as he
srokf, sn 1 then turued a- ay to issue
tiie ne;hvssa-y order.
The ruddy hine cf stizrise was
tipping the waves w;tij crests of car
neUa:C when the drst life-boat roie
o:r manned l-v uae Land ana tear- c: one le:
!e-s Ledtt.
"Make ha-tc!'
:". a. a w ". ' 'v e
I'lnm mdllnr lh Enelir Jfak ;
For English plum pudding clean,
wah an 1 dry one poun 1 oi currants;
stone one po ind of raiia. . Mix' the ;
currant?, ra.ms, one pound of suet, ,
charred fine, thrc-e-iuartersof a pound !
of sta'e breadcrumbs, a quarter of a
pound c! brown snrar, tb
i.o tia ilw-i
Xioz, ha.f a r.ouna of mirrcd.
rar.did orange-peel, a quarter of a
the captain called to round of dour, ha'f of a grated cut-
i rera-:ag to launch r:::. F.est tive tzz": all to them half
- :. ha ; f. a i o: oraa th--a o tr o.er
. you thank she will ti. dry iar;aat- aal :..ix th '--
i 'ay r l . ci ..y. - ' y. - i'- .i ir.to ir;ca;-?-l
. . rhap a.., li-ager." k-. r mo-i is. I'.a wiU n.ake
is or. --te 1 into the ' ' a. -.-. i . ih.,.. f..r 'rnas.air.
c vi i.i.'is.- reivc XAJLmm iiw
dcui, ad . Jwiiu.
e per at i . ,a : a - ; ; a a
are used to it a ; 1
ration :n a hi" a:
dread ; there,
tit oa a I -an.'. a
i:.ib f .- o a the
g .If "i lr , 1 It
f the "."Ti'i.
r eak of ret !'ea
Iu :eed.
f Tt
l ; I -
i d -te- . 1 .a e v
oat their mo-
hear te -.r ny, t-a! the
a -o-'t.n bu it
i i v i ati 1 oa.e : i
..h: . ia.a 1 I ..n j
h'uje, bo. laoasjeti ar ut t,;e
A lea t -ur . aa-i ha i oi i t i--.u x :
tt wa - is i e -f wit i no greater n,i
hat t an ics of Ma la ?,' ;
.i r r t hoar, -a Li it had been blown
oh the Lip f-omt wher e rear the equa
tor. -
lp, to this tirne ither 'aj tAin
Sitarltng ri'-r bin wafe knew lf whom
t!se Sa d beloTigett f ,r tbey I fiol
av..- sated the rtaiily :a', Ntc..ir.i,
ngrave-l fn t'i'
of;.- bv W ii s- h th
to tae j nidi-. .n . ar
York t ae y ea aiy h a r;
ab-c.t of
the C
turd V ol iar it h th
.i.a:.h arci w n . t
. i - L
uiadeit-hi- Tin.-.
fr'' i- V tsof. !".
sa' tt V
: r. and, ton
.. a 1 cf t h : ' -.uan.a,
ti d to V'- t
r I to i t d
idon Lttur .i
'a'- i p..
f.. i to the f u. j farv
Th re i no' hing t -.
r au I I.tir-.a !
r.t i r. ' . ; thin
,sh" t: li So rr-it
re , ..re i to
tea feet (tr-e aigr
trial wave h o a '. i o
tae -,:, cut oi u. ro. mr.ca ca
woui-i'have ben left :f i: La-1 r-arr.
the bru-t cf tne etori wh;cn honied
through In-han-.-la. , Alnac, any mht
the Ga'.ve'iton-ian may ae to n - i
cs'it idA'-iiet between L:.-t- aa l tne
Dr. d.a.n il i!aa i, au old p
cf hft irs' e i pj ie r;f" , j
Lil' n oh cr at Tu"cji;o-..
m i,n su-
i. I CO ,f:
, Ai .
a. 4
A '
s o .? e :
Dav;d Jcnet. Chl-r
Ti, h; .1. he o
er ks-n to ;. 'I he pro-- ;
tie. Tiit a Lne senile arid thread
5 si. or .ottos thread, and s'.iit,
at -.r.e-f-.t::th cf ia inch cf the-
ii vc- cna'.vr or v;rt:.
r. draw the neii through thenitn
.. :Lt tcrtson cf the thread ojg-
::;;;? ti.- i; -;. : t a.e-j uc'ier tae
, . .;p ' ead "f th - IU?- 1,
i '. t ; ; j t : oj t!i toe i r a r a-
a - ....;. I r. iha. 1 t tae i ir
i .i - 1 v. ith hi ih h';-- rfiy r ,-:-
a a i h . :.cr;' f--eti u-Ic pub.ic
hi t..e Ua n.-a .as
Le ca:
a t .

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