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'sy 'w ys
Ho looked at ray tongue and he fdiook his
1 i ri 1 -
- This was Doctor Smart
Hm thumped on my eht and then he :aid
' Ah, there it i--: Your heart!
You mustn't run-you mustn't hurrv!
You mustn't work -you mustn't w rrv
Just sit down and take it cool; " 4
You may live for yi ars, I cannot sav
lJut, in the rn'eiritinrie, make it a rule.
To take t li 1.-5 medicine twice a day:'
lie looked at my tontru-it aa-1 hri shook bis
hf ad
This was Iio-tor Vi
"Your liver s a total wr!:," ho said,
"You mut take more 'vv.Ya
You mustn't eat sweats.
You mustn't eat m-ats,'
You ii;iit walk and 1 -aj.. you must also run;
You inustn't sit down in the lull oi l way;
(let out wit!) the hoys and have some fun
And take three dose: of this a dav:"
,r. J " rorjr'- J s::i - ppt 3:ji: pr. titt.- mfppv rnr i ic t itd agricultural topics.
Hi Iowa at ay 53?w a 1 h siwi s j 1 ""- fofT. 4ear, answer. I : ao an s!a:o v. here tou pieasa in illr. jir.Ukl MDhUr LLtE I
!..vl ' Ceorjrie; "ami. I.e-i.lef. voTir pov---i i -.-lan.l " ' ' j ' T .
VmXuStlyour1nt7 e - f dth eoprM will, ian." , Anna hal ieW 1 the c:,-.!,!. an ! THAT ARr , - -y , " Snail r'S J"a trhiob 3 I ty
"Awl jW M.v t.,,-, rtSht " " in'- tol prou-lir confronting itj ,tw , ,. nc J - from pk. W place a" much
. chan-o n; - .... h Mhatyot: r.rp I, Tiire-an.l-ttvealj was Anna E irtr i fi her. THt PRESS. ) lwtt.r fur lmm than tb lar,t onwi,
. . r 7'." ".''.H"''tc, lafcl. v.hcn shMv'cnt out to Australia in tl I '-1 . .lin!r 'rHl In Iipv n' I i. wlwre tw'i-atr or more af? catUrl in
i i i- .". i r 1 1 r j ir v.-u inint-ri
T',: miu-h star!:, a, ,v th wav
You mu-st h-n"-fMrt!i liv o"n only m"''a.
Au 1 tak-i blx d 7-;';s of this a daV:"'
i?'at, and perhaps th-y
i. '-Tiiaj ,s t;i"
It isn't for m' to ?r.v;
Mayha;. I .trr-d wh.u'l rna-llv thV
Ih ir hitter stufT away;
Hut I'm living v.-t. and I'm on niV r--t
And Lrra.s isn't hit that I dan- to ."-af" '
And r walk and I run and I worrv, too; '
B it, to i-avo my lifr; I oann-t s
V'iiat som- of th; u,l do-tors would do
If thf-r.t worn no fool Hk- you and rn.
H. E. Kisfr, in Ch-vciaad Leader.
A Voyage Across the World.1
V'K-'4, - sy ' sV
" ' -
K Hi com f o r t a 1 c -looking
poverty, 1.
must .'-.'ly, deorie,"
siii'l CleotlVi'V Martin,
looking uiojSiikI the
little room approving
ly. Certainly the
hiiutv furniture and
haninej-; and the llazin lire were
worthy of approval.
..'T quite u'i''o with yo".i. flcofV," an
swered (o-oric from, her low eh air,
wlif-r; mIh- sat with h.-r slippn-ed lev'4,
on the fender. "At lirst we found
vf-veral drawhacks, but now that we
have pd used to making our own lels
and cooking our own dinners we ratiier
enjoy life than not. Of eo'.irse there
.art heaps of things that we miss, and
it was plea -antcr to have servant!- to
wait upon us than have a womai; in
every morning to Mo up' the rooms;
out we an- too imsy to nave leisure to ; mert the man to whom her whole heart
pine. I tea.-h the voim? ladies of t'.ie ' was jiven, and who had, :ls she knew,
town to play tin- piano, and to r;pra! ! made a eomfortahle living for himstdf;
their iritive tomjnu- with a-.-euraey; and j she was strong and well' and li'dit
.losie is daily companion to au elderly l.earte 1, and all on hoard tin; vessel
lady hours from ten to eik'ht, and si I consphvd to eourt and Hatter lier. She
holiday on Sunday. - We rather I ke ! miht .have chosen a hushand from
it." j amongst half a doz,...'ii men, Imt it was
"Hut Anna would not heud her dande she wanteil and Jamie to whom
( houlders.to tue yoke!" ! she was jroinjr. All through the vovae
h.'.st J can hope for Iiim is' that he is
"Well, heaven !, thanked that
whatever has rome to him we have
Anna bade safe. She looks ' horribly
ill. (J coll". -you will come in to-morrow
to hear all there is to hear about
it For ( leoli' was evidently ready u
depart. ' "
"I. shall be in first tiling, f course.
I would stop if T miht, but it won't
do to seandalize ymrpupiK Tfthr-re
is anythiii.LC to b.- done you will l'eteb.
me directly';'
"i am so glad you are here!-' Kaid
(li.'orgio again.
Poor Anna! her tale was told in few
words, but those few words contained
a Volume of sorrow. Her outward
voyage had been prosperous and ex
ceedingly pleasant. She was leaving
poverty behind her, and was about to
A ssie was a good woman, a good wife.
tit she was not the woman that i
lived. "
j '3Iorc ''-nine for you," interrepted
mi.-.." .1 r...
i.t--i. .-vi xnree-aua-thiriy ' ; -;;r prosperity; it uin?t surpass even
jtHai ami, aauue 1'exrei ; fiur exneciation?, ana i trast xnai
was steaming towards Endand v.if i ' rr.nv lo-ifninv it. lint, 'is Tfaid
James Harrington on board. : the beginning, you have made a
me ntt.e house in Oiford Roa.lhit Un-tke; vour presenca here is un-
o.u.e.i a eueery home auriug thes- aHed for,
ten years to two busy and therefor 3 know," said James earnestly,
happy women. Josie had tended th) , that you must even yet feel sore and
invalid to the close of her pilgrimast-. Jtirry when you think of my treat -and
now aided her young daughter i : j lent of you; b.ut you do not realize
the superintendence -f thai
Anna had stepped into the place thai
(Jeorgie left vacant, and had beeonit
famous through the neighborhood a
a teacher of elocution. Her romanti
story, instead of covering her wiili lYnrra.
contempt as she expected, had! James put up his haud imploringly,
brought her hosts of .sympathizers and j "You speak truly; but it was you
admirers. Life had prospered with you always that I carried in my heart,
the sisters, and they could now ail'ord ! and it is you that I have come back to
to work leisurely if they chose. i seek. Anna, if you are .still angry
On a dav in August, Anna Edgar was j wi'h me, will you not have compassion
taking decided holiday. C-eorgie and 1 on the child? Think of her helplesv
her babes had inst left after one of ?. f,.- wlmt f.i:i i ns a cfuardian to
their frequent gleeful v'sits-, and she ihat little thing? Women are always
was resting in preparation for the iu'xt t Mider-hearted. and the child has
event. Her music was open on the never offended you. Think of her
piano-, ami her blotting-book on the ; love and my need, and of how 1 have
writing-table; but her attention was ; loved you always."
wholly taken up with certain patterns j "And betrayed me,"' said Anna; but
of hu-es and silks and velvets that were ! he went on unheeding her.
spread before her. She was evident Iv ! "And how T love you still. Will
choosing a dress or dresses for some ; y0n n.t yield? You- are still Anna
important occasion, "and she fingered . Edgar."
one. pattern after another with linger-' "f am," said she, blushing in spito
in g care. . Anna had always been hand- of herself; "but here is Dr. Wilber
some. but she was handsomer now j fori I had better refer you to him,
than ten years back, and to-day, with j for this day month I shall be "Mrs.
au expression of- gentle contentment ' Wilberforee."
upon her face, she looked particularly ; "Anna, Anna! am I too late? Have
well. She was so entirely engrossed I come across the v.-orld in search of
in the train of thought with which the ; you in vain?"
silks ami laces were associated that ; "You forget,, perhaps," she an
she did not notice the sound of foot-j swered coldly, "that there was a time
steps coming through the garden, and ; when you led me across the world in
started when Mary ushered into the j search of you in vain. I loved yxm
room "a gentleman to' speak to you, : once, but I am only a woman, and if t
Miss Anna." With a flush of surprise : were weak enough' to love you still X
on her beautiful face, she turned to j should scarcely have courage to risk a
encounter her old lover James Ear- ! .second betrayed." " -
ringlon. She stood before him, proud aim
"There is some mistake, I think," i prosperous and happy, and if she ha i
she said,drawingherself back haughtily I desired revenge for her past wrong?
after the first shock of astonishment i she hadut in that hour. New Yorll
, -iiti.- ouak rei-:pir.v To i"o;?it of heaps together. If plenty of straw is
Vie-.T.-Th Shrk-Work Both Way
!1 I of tlp I.t .Culmrc t'oaaju-
I-ipert T-tlmony. Klc, l.tc.
A little Quaker---. piaia!,
Sp moitest and s. sweety
Sh" 1 'ke ! a ventatde st.
Wahe walking down th st.
Indiatifi-oll Jcuraal.
provided, each pig will raak a warra
enough bel for itself. Separate pens .
.should at lea.t be provided for tha
j bree ling siow.i. Many pig are lot
each year by crowding iow intf pent
with other hog? too near their, farrow
l ing tin:j.'
The I'oint of
Cholly Chapleigh "Oh, I'm aw
fully glad you're no! a man'."
lUntirhlnc Vvlrry.
I The old method of planting celery
i in trenches md blanching the stalks
Penelope "And Tin just as sorry ! ly piling' soil around theiuisnot niaclt
u're not.". j practised now. Various expedients
t nave oeeu ueuwi u uiaucu ivirtj
chare' Coa0jntf. chcsplv. Much the best b to Uavethe
4rvVhat a air-of rell-brJ repoo i ceICry "parte a- Dftrir tin posibT'
young Xewrich has." I on a le el surface. When the j-talk
ies, but he was naturally lazy to j r t,ircr., ..n,,,,, t,'ftrt, id, boards
I -a. - . f " "
j aiainst the celery, holding them from
falling by piling soil against the out
1 side of the board protection. This will .
aca" i Itlanch the stalks and leaves without
1 .
causing rust, as sou i. sure to tio m a
rtinv season.
begin ' v ith." Ciiicag Kecord.
"Worlift IJth Way
She "Kit wasn't for the old h
elors thtTe wtuild le1 no tlirts.'
lie "If it wasn't for the flirts there j
would be no old bachulors
Chicago '
II.al f the lit.
Teaclier" Willie, can yo
wiiat a kleptomcniac is?"
Willie "Vi'Jsum; n e
things y' . look thrvnugh."'-Ciazette."
u tell ra
of them
"Anv spicv
"Weil," the lady answered. "John
iiad his mouth full of cloves. "Kan
sas Citv Journal.
(;.iprt on Old 1'dritt.
(Japes prevail e old farms mor
tlian on new location", due to the foul
ing of the soil during yca-s of occu
pancy. Chicks should be kept on
clean board lloors. or on ii'w plot of
I ground, the object beinn to avoid atiy
location tliat may h ive been occupied
I by fou Is or chicks during any former
year. One of the methods udoptedhy
j those wh have been Mie.-eWu! is to
j sjia le a piece of ground and scatter a
mixture of on; part, salt and ton parts
j air-slaked lino on the surf.i " raking
I it well with a tine toothe d rake. -- Farm
llsprrt 'IV-ti:uon .
The-Attorney "You sav vou could
iiit believe this person on oath?"
T:ie Witne-s "X. sir; Oi nevt-r j
heariltlie lady sv. ear in me loife. sir." j
! and Fireside.
The Yellow 'look.
1 hi
"No; Anna thought poverty in Ei.g
land verv djeL'tionab!e. So she wrtte
to James that she had changed her
mind about going out to bo married,
and should sail for Melbourne in the
next steamer. We wanted her to wait
for an answer from him, but she had
a more perfect lanii m him than we ;
she iictured his delight when he should
rush on board the Petrel to welcome
her, but the Petrel arrived .uml ...there
was no Jamie. Nor the next day, nor
the next day; she settled herself in a
hotel, wrote to him and waited.
Aft'-r three days' waiting a lady was
ushered into 1it room a lady most
any way, she i:
heard of her
gone.' j distinctly of the strong-minded genus.
g,; nor vulgar, nor ;uito v.
at this moment ijuite at
had, I suppo-H
"Have, vou heard of her arrival i Not a b.iu-Luoking woman, Auna
xct?" - i thought, to herself sis tlie two stood
"Yes, and no. 7 We have heard that watchfully regarding one another; not
the Petrel arrived safelv, but we eovld ' bad-lookin
liardly have a bdter from her till t ii '. lady, nor jt
week It is just about three won: lis ; her eitse.
Huee she sailed. "
"Let us hope that her letter will not
bring the announcement of her m-'.r-ringe
to somebody else upon the voy
age. It would' be too Pa 1 if she
broke poor old Jamie's heart, and
tho-e things do happen."
"So do snow'ilakes in May. No. 1
am not going to waste much atiti -i pa-
had passed. "You can scarcely have
wished to see me."
"There is no mistake,", answered
James. "I have come across the world
for that purpose. They tell me yoa
are still Miss Edgar."
to see what concern it is of yours -now,"
she cried with emphasis.
"f have come across the world, as
said, to seek you out, and ask if you
"You are Miss Edgar, aren't you?"
she -said, after that, pause of inspec
tion. "It is rather .awkward for 'us.
you see. i am Mrs. Harrington you j knew not what.
won't take it kindly, I am afraid but ! "Indeed," said Auna, and p
.le;n would not come himself, lie would inquiriu'dv.
scud me. Now what can we do to p;
things -.in ri-'iit as they can be?'
So t!o" delay was explained. The ! is almost two years since she lost h
Icebergs sometimes last 200 yean
before Hj v entirely melt away.
tflemscives devoured bya variety of
other animals.
It is said that if the earth's atmos
phere were suddenly increased in
have forgiven me for what happened j thickness to -TOO miles the sun eouM
ten years ago, Anna? This is my only j not penetrate it and the eartu would
child," he said, pointing to a little girl j soon be wrapped m ice.
in a mourning frock, who hung shyly A lamp-wick which doer, not require
behind him. ; trimming has been invented. It is a
Anna looked curiously at the child thick coil of clay, perforated with
of the woman who had supplanted her. : minute holes, through which the oil
She bora a softened resemblance . to ascends by e.ipillary attraction,
her mother, but in her face wa- a 'r-ue overhead trolley now is. it
strange expression indicative of Arma (a;ro Eu'vot. The line was opened a
Miss Huston- "How rough this
sport of football is' What, shocks of
irresistible bodies!"
Daisy Yorke "Humph!- What
shocks of irresistible hair!" ' -
An I ii oiiil('iit Woman.
'Well, for a man-hater I
Tlii" al ii t'f Tir.
Poultry breeders seem to have
failed todi-co -r the valn of tar. It
i is very useful and valuable in -many
ways. Some breeders tar their poul
I try-yard fences in preference to white
j washing them, though we do not like
! to see it -done, for it ive- the Mir-
foundings such a gloomy, forbidding
look. It undoubtedly contributes
largely to til- durability of the wood,
protecting it from the ravages of torm
and time. It is in the poultry house,
however, that the " value of tar is the
1 few weeks a.co.
j. ne
T 1 '
cars are oiviue i
1 into three compartments for natives,
j for Europeans and for women of tho
"I nave brought her .with me, re
sumed James; "she is all have. It
tory sympathy over Jamie's h -art. 1
am anxious to hear from' Anna though,
and so is .losie. That young woman
is late to-night, and 1 am dying to ee
ho linds vim her.'.''
her suriu ise wiien sht"
"She is due, is she?" ;
walkiiur to the window-
aid O
i ei! r
and pulling
i c
t y
is a cao 1! w
aside the blind that he might look
)ii the g.wdcn- path, dimly li.uht.d
the gas lamps on the road. ."Does :
walk or drive? li
coining along. "
"Walk, of course!
"The cab is eo ni
delighte-d bridegroom had not rushed to 1 mother."
meet his bride because he was already j "And you probably wish her to
husbauil to anotio r woman. It went ! educated in England,
hard with Aun'.i. but she wa-; a proud ; hear of your loss; it is
woman and
cold attention to the explanations that train."
Mrs. Parringion forced upon her. As j Anna was aware that sue spoke stif'dy
if, being betrayed, it mattered to her and indilVerently, but she was still :::
.how the thing iva done! A rescue the dark as to the meaning of the pi
frtini .Kincer m the on.- side, a nursing I cut interview, and she resented what
I am sorry to
i great cha-ge
compelled herself to give a i to be left with eo young a chill to
you're just too inconsistent for any- I greatest, .for it conduces greatly to
"thing." (wards healthf illness. When that
"Why, what do you mean?" 1 scourge of the poultryman, chicken
"Well, every time you laugh you say I sholeva, makes itn 'appearance, we
'He-Uel " ...',.- I would advUe, ftrst, a thorough cleans-
j in s of h hcTiwe, next, gt.eron ap-
We can a i
through an illness on the other. What she hoke l up ui as a:i u
gets out ; it is Joic. ov
Stops a
Rtartimr ut in such liable that her ivli.iir
wav autl
Oh, (both
went one
am wo glad yon ar here!
"I am g
oi l vou are
you see. ii
turned grimlv. "1'her
is not Anna 1 am a Dutchman."
"And if it is Anna it is her lie tv!
that H broken and not ,1 em's." crie 1
("eorgie. rushing from the window t
the front door "Oh. my po poo
dear!" she went on as she Hung it d en
and caught the new eo-.nc- in her ivms.
"What is it nil, au 1 how. came y ei to
be ba;k again"
"1 am so tiro 1.. t'eorgV! 1 cannot
talk." an were 1 Anna wvavtiy.
inv luggage is out tht-rc. "
'"Oeott" shall see to that. Come ru
did it matter to the woman thev had j i
cheated? Mrs. Harrington's otfers of
assistance were iurightilv declined.
,iv,r!'i,. and the lirst steamer
somebody I bourne carried Anna Edgar with it!
"Iid you tore-ee tins, ueorg'.e,
when you gave me th- exact passage
money in that purse 'towards the
house plenishing' ?"
"Don't ask home questions, dar
ling," answered ("eorgie with kisses.
"Lie still and get well as quickly as
you can."
For Anna, ha 1 been .exceedingly ill
noon the return vovaire, and was still
"I brought' Jir with me beca:-e 1
utld nt do without the only crea.ure
that left Mel- 1 have belonging to me. and. bes'io.-s.l
want to show hr to an English doe:o.
S Anna. you do know what my loiieii
! is. ar.d !nw ill I can bear to be al
i I uevr c-ouhl bear i be by mv?t !f
hre-isa ns
what is it? 1
wa tuat that orougnx ao.,u
ut what yo i
must hook on as my treachery to-vard
you. You know howl urged you to
come out to me, and ho;? you would
still wait till T could come to fetch
you. It was too
met -with
terribly weak and shaken. The sym
oathv of all the place was with tier
i ... ... i
impossibility of keeping ; month- t
tor seeing t!H
t'.f liis'aster ec:-t
eiiied to speak of
'. and friendly gifts
j to mi.iw tne ixiii
lonelv, and th-i I
Jesfie. She tol I you !1
j about it: she was good to me ar: i I
I married her. Tner. you came out: o
1a,-. c.u i i broke ' v
Edgars had do
in, darling. You shall rest
all the tale to-m.rrow . "
Pest was ins t wh.at tl
wanted. She .bank her hot .
ton. atoi tok her soup in Oe
lately vacant chair and w.o cft v
only'too th.tnktuby b-1 away to -Her
sister undress;. h. r and- settle
ht r with all the love and teude; '
amongst the pill w v. ithout pcr:t s
! eohi;iati.c.:. :o;o iLi
uoehbors. T'n?
:!,va e like : e rj
tiowe: s.
lb .iV.o v hr. rig-
run erra:i Is. write
! t ni:ig taat c.etio b
wavia er ! as long as nis tu
f . iii.i. ano ttivn mi'
: all Kit:
liv feelings t
dittlc isou.se
eoj.i.i yrith frr
a onec, i I
Is eanie i:i !
T r
;, Anna, lor it v. as r..-.i r.lway.-t:.
as -ii
out. ea ty
ietttrs or
OlS.l. UU'I
that lie :
"V I -x
. s-i
i i
g ( o-
11 Wo.
atid J,
ran oown a .-am to Uvm
-I .-all ti-s a le.iui d
said. "I a'ways. did hate
thev are io better tu;ui prac
What do von think of Jamie
o ;e.
an rise
oris .
'Perhaps t he p-
, w
suir 'ested u
"Not lie; Mat
harm," said Josie
Vt r
o -
oVeT f'.e .
vnua . u!
tUVU that: 1
way. ' All
be Lo od lu.
cot:.e i ark
to C.su Ve'.t t 0
darling, i---' y :
r .t! 1 mO h a
vo i auvikin, b
o uurce.
do any-
reouire 1 of -him,
ress could spare
nag! y :-u u o -; u c e o
s ;ieavt!ess ,,f k;
ill wind that
.. .1." lie v.;l.
hand as they sat
.: "Ice.t vt tt ree
"Hush'" exelaimc 1
ei u- l v. :tu on . aype:
. '. "Tins is s,arer!y lit
e wf.tr wife's daughter."
"Do y,.u not kut,w," he ?.ii
iue child- i-; son.. ,b-a:
c.c calamity that deprived :
thor to k away her heari
1 1 --S V.-. I II! '
1 1 .
'ini. a :'.
A ton of Atlantic water, when evap
orated, yields eighty-one pounds of
salt; a ton of Pacific water seventy
uino rounds i the water of the Deed
t 1 1
Sea more than twice as mumi
pounds to the ton.
A remarkable cave lias been found
near Dec . rah. Iowa. Hi winter its
temperature, is about -sixty degrees,
v.-hife in summer it is usually below
zero, the frozen moisture depending
from th" root" in the form of icicles.
Fur the purpose of removing horses
from burning buildings a new lire
mask lias been placed on the market,
e insisting of a h o 1 to cover the eyes
and nostrils to prevent tlie horse from
seeing the lire-or smelling the smoke.
In a re o-nt test of door material, the
:r:os-t durable turned 'out to be a tile
made of rubber. An English earthen
tile comes next. Vermont marble,
"ikvgstone, 'granolith, marble mosaic.
v dlow pine, oak, Oregon pine and teal-
came in the croer named.
Tin re are no fish in Crater Lake,
Oregon, the deep--4-: fresh water lak
in the world, and the Government
i::tS decided to Stock it with tfOUt.
Tlie uativec used to say that the lake
was bottom! e . but soundings have
shown its greatest -depth to be tl'J'M
Wom Compareil.
' Perry Pattie "Well, what luck?"
Wayworn Watson "Worse in tho
world. He gimme a meal ticket."
"Oh, it might o' been worse. I
struck a guy yesterday that gimme a
order on a bath house." Cincinnati
same lt-use.
Blinks "The paper says the Czar
is a very illiterate man."
Winks. "Not up in th- classics,
Blinks "Worse. They say his let
ters are full of errors in orthography."
. Winks "But, my dear sir, just
think! He has to spell in Russian. '
New York Weeklv.
More !
Mrs. Oaddington '
1 don't like her
'- at all. dear. She is a deceitful wom
an. The otIi r day she tried to get m3
to say something again -t you."
Mrs. Bubbliuctou "Shs did?
Mrs. ( 'addiitgio.i "Why. she asked
me to tell her confidentially what I
rcallv thought of vou." 'Puck.
plication of Carolina tar on all tho
joints, eracks ami crevices of the in
side of the building, and then plenty
f fredi w hitew ash properly applied.
ITie tar absorbs or driven away the
taint of disease, and makes the prem
ises wholesome. The smell is not very
offensive; id fuel, many people like it,
md it is dinvtly the opposite of un
healthy. To ennin, lice, etc., the
-me!" of tar is very repulsive, ami but
few will remain afb-r yon have tarred
the cracks, etc. A friend of ours in
Maryland was i-ucp troubled with
rhi-'keti cholera, and by adopting the
the above, in connection with r.-mov-inc
affected fowl-, he coon put a ftop
t its ravages. A small lump of tar in
the drinking . water supplied to the
fowls v. ill b" found beneficial, pro
vided it is the Carolina tar, and not
that known as g.s tar, which is very
different. -rThe Fancier.
Ilichn- for .r I nl.
Wii'-nev-r tii" gra' s w'pdiug fails
the b!a:i" is ir
taliv !id utfoti the
wo ather. But that 1- not always cor
; et. even in part. (ir.t belongs to
the Mime 1 "-tallica! final v us .wheat,.
A n A mIoc .
Kelly "Phwrei did v.-: 'ml Kerrigan
Murpliv "Ho d tin,: phwat Oi
didn'i know wud fill a book. '
1 v the gram I an ha 1
a t'r
eater de-
Kellv "A:r didn't ve2 make
male iim
crowd t:ot
Murphy "Oi did. Oi
eontis roight befo-r.nll th'
phwat Oi didn't "know wud till r.ive
loioraries.' Judge.'
31 i s .? Brisk "I d not think it ap
propriate that Cupid should at-wayn b
;turt--l as carrying a oow ana ar-
row. "
it feem
ting. ''
rokelont: "Wijv c
vdoiini-nt of it
un b-rstati l that the wheat crop need
pho.phat- t be frown suee..fn!ly,
var after v.-ar. on the fame land. To
be t-ire. th
t hrr-- is a !
manure each year, for the gram crop.
Yet farmer tLit.k that gra, without
reeedf?.g, ai:d without new I u Jplie
matter, will continue t
Th result in that the gra.
1. All farmeri
ji cultivated, and
seeding with forne
of mineral
g-ra im
ration that
,;tt and i replaced by
weeds of low organi
to no
er be rutte
instruments to
Brik "No; he should
frith, a pobgun." Pack.'-
y ase5 o
can liv -ithoit mineral
plant foo 1, Not cudy h th amount of
gras "stj- , but it jtis!ity i. also
impaired by i a. .-. of t!:e ?aui-rah On
land that ha" b r-g been without phos-
1 row
j phate cat.!- will not thrive, am
uc 1 which vx''' f-aik wii.! take to th
e c.io -e ut
wx.at we a
- vf ier
'..-. Vr:
bi" of ti
s:!i'.ted t- the Klondike is Professor j
Eiihtt Tliotnpsfui's X-ray jewel tes-
u-r, whi-h will b used by miners to
t.-st their ores. Many people have a !
lingering hope that, in the ne
. '.. . a ! Ili'l
li. X ia U i
i t run
nd mine mav coxae ta'i
case of such a glittering
Mrs tiro:.? "Readv. i tt
comfortable tra.e rf-it. "
Oa of Tbeia "But we fcir v"i
4riim rnm .Ir.e. ai like liot.- hec
ir" tli" nar.er!
IT''. Pt '! who
- ii :e hv are at.', to j.-n'ft u;-.
re b'llklv eo -a an equall?
? tug of old b out-t P
S nutrition they re.-
v.- b-arto-d
:eb-rfu! operation t . j r. -en
k to :
1 -1-
It 't;...'
..1 .4-
! o
hau '... i
I.. iJk.lil;. .
tie rrgi,
-s..i i ywu
;t e'Ver
..re i
j :"i ' -
! "!o
. delily 1
i .
" 'l :
; ; . v . :i' :
..'.' e ' -'
J5'-W tk.
Vou; 1
. -' .
a a u--
. a yv .i
it in- ird th
d takmc h into
She tt- -.
:.t-rr: -i h.it
F 1-
1 .if ;i-t
v .c.i eat t
an 1
; cgi'.-ii a
light, au.'i
tir-.d the aayers
helped bvtm- e.a-'-ttving
i'jwel tesi:-r w.
even uon-jofesy: ,;;a!- c-n-i apiytne r
't.rst. Th;g ic'trnment can be applied j
atiV oie mitjeal liml. j
tna's, mum.
we hve g . a b;
1, f ' a a
r1'--1 h"""" . :g particular" re-couiing, -cviua
would be creatly c know our mhtrec cx-c out with
wh: CM tne
,u!d render possible, and
somethir- exi.cty
p . .
Tjti-it ( -ltbt.-i!f 'Z IS.rtmJ.aT.
At i'llgevslle. fui.. recently John
and Richard jcOr:5. tht? .-i-irt twin
th - Uriite'I- Stat -probably ia the
,n?; of Jkn
ere bora in
Darke Cvut.tv. Ohio. Au-
4 v .... it
o:'i: t.c i-ia.tr i
orthdar. They a'e th
ud Neiiie MeOf.tT. ami
lirr ioa
'You framed th
belie-, e .
,-- ""I di l "
-"Then Hu'i
ti-hat it mra-.
. . T ..!.
i TVeilika
or.;T .te , -
i;r f t .
o act of Co:.g:ev-. I
i t?je
jh Vt take Irom h.r gra-f
trition reqmred I r.iike
j, Jc concentrated than
eoatairi Tt-rv UC-ariv the
liutntioti. When el.-eaa uit:szaia
era! la&auren on griu, e found that
a,. o--'.i-J and third c-ojot of gran
-ee led with the grain did not rau on:
i 9 ft W J 1 ,
tuvj o-e i to -j--. i: :. ur.ituti '
r.lvVae pho'-pLite - i'.h the gtatu,
feed the nu-
mtli., which
the .-'i'. b it
a:ae km 1 of
t- ti '
5 i -
J I . . 1 .. . . c
"f a j - :e 1 V) t . . - .. a- c
,f ti- r-ia-ra! Utxuitiuz for at
- it.
1 i.a e u.
itn" . i
i the c nrt.f
- Harper pa.
:xr. '
it- c :
are tryi
Li 1
bring p'aated
HuaJrr is 'wf-tea planter
e txpctiuea: ah.! tope ia
tii-v have
t he am tic -'e in
ci-ch.-na tPeraiia bark.

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