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Orange County observer. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1880-1918, December 02, 1897, Image 2

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'ORAXQK county observer.
s T AT E M K M
Dkc. 2, ISftT.
Published Every Thursday.
and Uwncr.
ei- vL-jKfciX-ra&:'r .irr
ju . iS CUM
lfcBfy Arm-iron, seroort 3aa.
As required by Action 752 cf th ' v! pU , tl traMrw. uppot.
Code, the following it wiled Statement Mi,ri,i '-Adoo. wuik poor tist
of Expenditure by the Board of Com- V C1bmiUl- ofltTt at election
ml.,onrs f Orauze Countc for th.. 1r Jones, fnquot a:;d no't no-
f year ending November 30, 1117, I, oub- ! Uta X:I'"tori rf Annific
Ini.ri U' ui ' ' Co.. ley. pauper cof!b, ?
John K Huhes. unjror, elec- dl'icket up d m Uter 3 m 1
i I f "ZlXtb. ripplie.ft jail, t; 05 Ann .-H-ariett. ur.u.rt,
John K llu-he. wood lor jail, i l'i -. John.,,,. ,ul;W,rt,
and paid caveuCers, 21 70 XV A line, mod r,r h an 1 iU
t- L w pria in i5i u. , ma uuriiam. sutTorl
settlement county fund.
John Law 2nd copy tax lit T6
fa f a a a a
n v i'fire, ionmii).i(nier,
2 25
1 50
2 00
See adrert.aement ol stolen PU f JJiRANK NASH,
nd other article tretn JoLu i
One MtoQie Coonh Co re core lo' n
qoickly. Tbiv'a what yoti want, W.I McKrall.
A. H)v f Snd at the ne rm joar
-.-The railway mtp of Norlb Cr-1 wctioo of the coouty. W uoJ
1 ,V ! ol.ra, corrected up to Ociobt-r 1,1 c f Coi. five corre-v"'" "
ro thi er. bv Mr. Henry C Bmwc, ce' Ki.&ce in the toooiy.
2Ui;Siiry of the Hilwv Comm. -Mr B II Bell Lnm. cnt'n
;; i &H tLe cuuiti't 3e eiirht. a tleirt e4 ty U ier I- ?' !
1 )! 1'rove'ity euroe qurckest to Mtion, on aiu daj N o . Sx.h
19 if. man hoi.e Ii -r t ir tfool con K A lt.etnoni ha receive I
IlllUboro. N. C.
Office next !.Kr to Ir. Strr.dwkkN
ofiki. near the hotel.
V. lin.til.W..
Congress inlets I)PC. Gib.
Bradntreetg report no improve
meat in general trade throughout
the country. The more favorable
jeporta are from the Northwen
The cotton good Industry sonnihea
W A Mfkdd
i II linoi'ilton. t'ommififnT.
J C I-itU atten road hands jail
W Terry.
John Christmas, register votes
W R ("oujpton. register vutet
John K iik land, r-jjii-r vote-.
V XV XX'arrvn, work p or houe,
John Forrest, work por hon-e.
Maiia McAdoo. woi k poor house,
Al.w Ifvn:n. rehter votes,
L A Katon, i -i!.t'T votr-,
Klviru Frt-fiu io, !i!)iH)rt.
i J a Hu k-v. u!i(rt rd-ter
N XV Hiown Jt Co for poor houe.
Fatar" Ex. Miiiolie toorhouH.
I Kettle Ahhif-y. support b' mos.
L?..l . '
Miirii. JJCM.fl. njiir.r
lfJ 04 : K G :cfttt taking nre his fat iff.
m oi); .aiicy n:i. MioiJrt,
2.1 Mary I'arker ai, ! Iiro, supr j t,
is (x (ieu K Collin, uppott i
JO uji i.uk Hfd
1 hi) -J F KzzeU.oliiifr. exiK.-n-c .ltar-
2 00; ryiiU Wilu ( ahUfil to j i.
1 09 j J r ..ell,ol--c-r.exr-hotti.
J 7sj O Hwnd-rs.m to j.til. ; '
0 0n J F Fz- ll.oSii--r. -xfu-f ! t.-u-40
j a.-li .twater to j ui.
2-Ui) j g4' WiiMjfi. -uj.port .i ibv
OiJ J A Woo 1, ColHu out-ide p-w
2 l- j l'ark-i & ll d-p.-'ti. Mippii--. ja!.
1 iiditi Cr.'kcr, Mjpi.orl .i iiio-. -
1 om be.iie A-iicv. Mii.r.iir .' mm
.f... -
ii i mown, oltlcvr.
I'?! dittos DeWitt r Lmle Karly Uiier ; freU t U of gi.d !' CbUftwW i
- ,'tJ, ! are laroou little pill for t;ontipa cookitig. uch a N r w Kiin, Cor VX ih
'.I 00 ! tion, biIiounew, iodigetioo and ali rauts. Citron. N ut. Ft, kc. Snta j '
H otitinmsuh and liter troubles. W, A. ! C!u will make hi hedauarter at U.
practue in U: Couit o! (riHj;.',
Ituhin a:M iMsuniue, an
Liiui wi.i mne ni- iear.ri .-.
: Uunemond' In a few dt, beie he r M. 'JA TUn
o4lnoref!vh and Iier troubles.
' ! llavei. Kuemond in lew otj, wneie re j
r i a: i i m : iiifite i vrrvhoiiv to tall and
ivcpuiiiicau uiijciai ui piuuji- ; - j
i otia
2 Z-
2G 34
9 "! Korth
admits the Ueinocrava in
Carilir.a are get ing to
--Fowler, the adertiing expert, j
'Au advt-rii-nitnt t the!
f-orrt-noofnit-nt-e. savs mat ranm urae is trr i. w urui mmo ,
45! orogrefs has certainly been made iu i acre of circular
. !iu:horo. N.
Trv a Cbri-tin i
practice in t.it and Ked,il urt.
9 jgelher." Col Oid. iu hi ne fprr I
( correspondence, says that "rapid I h"fn
" 45! Drofres has cerlainlv been made iu i acre
2 2 that direction duriug the pastTiuiety j adventeineiit in the OttAXGE CuCS !cUj
attristhm t lrd,itr h.uii,
2ldav." T OOKRVEU and it will help )o j
S I'rtunpl attention to ali huiiu-.
1 40
7 05
8 00
r ....
notice in trie list of appoint-i nm:t ""rtn. support, l o,,
ments of preacher of the Western ! M.l,wn?; lHirt. loo
North fTarrdin. M.t.-.;.. i ,aU. 1 :l.v!or Co, tloar poor h. 19 14
-iiiwr- II If Itti.Vl -II. WTVi,,., r.-..l ,.-..1-1- ...
. Kev. Sarnii.! R T.irrni;n. u u... .";:. ' " ? " ' ' . '"- v. '
, .ivniri, ex in-aue SLS 1U1, 21 III
h-hhjiiii; r.mtr or the r r;jtifier vote?.
ivharlotie District. Ho wan born
Hrid reared in ihix county, and i- one
f the best preachers in the State
(Jive oil' voting men a chance to
nhow what they are, and nome of
Ihera will climb to the top.
Up to the llhh of November,
there had been in the South during
the yellow fVver epidemio 4,'289
canes of that diHeae, of which 440
proved faial. Of the total number
of cases 1,S 17 were reported from
Louisiana, 1,0 'Jo t'rotn Misxisnippi,
740 from Alabama, 02 from TYnnes
hee, 1) from Tcx ih, 4 from iHiooH, 3
from G'oriia, ami 1 each from Flor
ida arxl Kentucky. The ntont re
rnarkahle statemeit concerning the
yellow fever epidemic comes from
New Orleans. The Times Demo
crat, the leading Louisiana paper,
ways that in spite of the yellow fever
the actual' total death rate of the
city has been less than ever before
fit the same seaHou.
. t ..... (Ink il. mnff iJOin ...llUA
r-Mia Alu. Hu2hes, -N orlolk, - ... . ! i s It H v! A mi.tllAM.
j(C. j issues I liii paper ieiofe v nr. . i-a" j
10 72
2 2o
a eo V
M face and t.vtk. Fain w a, m-tantiy I "ur
lor neai ec pjet.
rut. r. ;ua hax!.
wa frttittuilv burned on
in lime
w t rVr " M'J' A Year-,n' 3ari ,n) relieved by DeWitl's Witch Hatel
Aly C.tie. support. I 75
ii FreeUud vvoo-i 1 Joltn-K)n. I I J0
To be continued ;
IIuuskholu Gods.
The aticient Greeks believed that
the Fenates were the gods who at
tended to the welfare and prosperity
of the family. They were worship
ped a household gods in ;very
home. The household god of today
is Dr. King's Now Discovery. For
consumption, couuhs, colds and for
nil affections of Throat, Chest and
Ijunu it is invaluable. It has been
tried for a quarter of a century and
is uuarantced to cire, or money re
funded No household should bo
-without this good aogel. It is pleas
ant to take and a safe and sure rem
edy for old and young. Free trial
bottles at W. A. Hayes' Drug Store.
Kegular size f0c. and 81 00.
A bill has been introduced in the
Georgia legislature to put all county
officials on salaries. They are at
present paid by es.
0 00
1 50
4 40
1 Oo
1 00
1 00
1 00
.'J'5 U8
4 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
12 50
4 Ou
1 to
.2 20
yi 50
2 20
0 00
1 50
1 25
2 50
1 00
4 50
4 00
2 20
8 00
Mrs. M. 15. Ford, Uuddell's, III.,
suffered for eight years from dys
pept-ia and chronic constipation and
wae finally cured by tiding DeWitl's
Ji'tle Kaily Risers, the famous little
joIIh lor nil stomach and liver
troubles. V. A. Hayes.
Ohio, following the lead of New
York, has abolished the galloww and
Mibnituied lir it the electrical death
Ihc l-t Mive in me woun lor K,o(,Mt M0rc. sunnort.
C'uls, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, alt ! John Ticket support daughter,
Kheiim, Fevor Sores, Tetter (.:hap-l 1 F C rawford. Cfk S C fei-s,
red Hand-. Chilblains, Corns, and j K (; klng care lather.
,ll . i . i 1 app child, support,
all Skin Kruptions, and positively w vv-Wurrn. wrk poor houso.
cures Files, or no pay requ.reo. lij Farkin Mravhorn. work poor h.
is miaianteed to give perlect satis
faction ur money refunded. Price
1" cents per box. For sale by W.
A. Hayes, Druggist.
i a
It v J.loytl, reUter vote, 2 45
J It (;iemeot. reisUM vot:s, 2 45
XVhittkld & tJouch. re votes 0 IX)
J XX' ijate Bio. ue house election, 1 00
Tapp child, sopport, 1 rjO
J U Tilley, rei ving road oroers 1 35
Mary l'ai ker & Ibo, sup J mo?.
It F Mebaues orliccr.
A I. Iloldeo. j p, cost.
Fanny l'eielet m ass a.id chil sup
fally Clark, support.
Ann Scarlet, support,
John Faktt, support,
XX' A Jordan, j p. exam lunatic
James Kd wards support.
II I. Fari.-h, supplie? poor hou.
Jennie Arm-trong. support '.i mo,
t; C ex M J Ntvill to J i a I
Amy Lonjj. supjiort :i montlis
Go K ( Collins support.
1 M Sykcs sup A Yearjin 3 mo,
Suiie A Jane. Sharp, sup 4 ujun
Green Nichols, support.
O G Crawford, teller votes
F A Hughes, guano poor hou.e,
N XV Urowu. register votes
Dr Pari is inspecting poor house,
I)r Tan is, inspecting jail,
F L ('ooh'V. examining insane
Ir XV K lleadeii. exam insane,
Z ick Cuniugham, rent house elec,
XV L ("ales, support 3 mos.
A- Turner, support 2 chiltlreh,
I5en Mebaue, con J Scott to jail,
M XV .Moore, commissioner.
J Laws attend Board and reg offi
cial bonds 1G 00
Fldridge Scott sup Jno Scott 1 00
Finily Kay. support, 1 00
John McPhersou, '.i 00
K L (jooley. j j:, cost, 4 SO
Lldridge Scott balance for taking
care John fSeott. 5 50
I eggv Jordan, support, 10(1
J I) XXrehb and others, reg voters, 0 01
Quint Kih-y and wile, support, 2 00
.1 I) Jordan, lumber pour. house. 8 OU
XV XV XV arren. work puor houe, 7 05
A XX Jordan, work poor house. 8 00
Maria McOade, worK por house, 1 20
J XVebbjr A Bro. shingles poor h, 13 50
James Hicks, support sister, 1 00
Maggie Riley, support, 1 00
Siua Ourhxm, support, 1 00
.Roberl Moore, support, I 00
Dr Jones, jail account 1 50
John Pickett, support, 1 00
TapP child, support. 1.00
J K Hughes, jurv tickets, 31 10
Hillsboro Fx, supplies poor h 15 00
T A Sparrow, officer. cost, 8 20
Mary Noah, support, 1 00
XX' A Horn, con inmate poor h 2 00
F G Scott, taking care lather. 7 00
J A Harris, county advertising, 74.2
Kit llrowdr r, rep flue court h, 2 Co
I F Crawford, clerk supplies, 2 55
N M Cates, woo l clerk's otlire. 00
XV J Rice, expen-e of Mrs. I'ettl-
grew to insme asylum.
Dr I'arris inspection poor house,
Dr Fai l is. inspection jail.
A Turner, support insane ehil'dn,
M XV Moore, commissioner,
J Laws. Ill FOucation,
S M Gattis. legal services,
Dr l'ai 1 is Inspec poor house '33,
Dr I'ai ri-j inpec jail '00,
Dr I'arris exam John Scott
! Sam Morphis and wife, support, 1
1 Maggie Hicks and Letha Grabtrec, 2 (
The Baptist S ate C'onveniion will
meet at Oxford, N. C , 00 Thursday,
December 9th.
Hillsboro. N. C.
That is the way ail druoists sell
Gkovea Tasteless Cuill Toxic
for Chilis and Fever and fcll forms
of Malaria. It is simply Iron and
Quinine iu a tasteless form. Children
love it. Adults pie'er it to bitter,
nauseating Tonics. Prise, 00 cents.
For sale by the Hillsboro Drug
Attorneys-at-La xv,
We woutd be obi ged to our .
obscriberii ho pay in wood and i
other who wish l py w.md, to , rnr?ce , the I'ounts of Alamance.
brini; it on now while the road are j Caswell. Durham, Gntu.ttU. iVrsoti
good and befr-re bad weather et mni Ornjr.
in. We expect good loads and good r,K:,TEU D. TUJiN FlT
wood, ml all seasoned, but oroe j j
..od green wood woold be very j ATToIlsrT.AT.i.Aw anp Rkai. F.
cptable at thi lime. Kcader, it
Salve, which healed the injury with
oat leading a scar. It is ih famous
pile remedy. W. A. Hayes.
'Hie report of the Bureau of La
bor Statistics will show that there
are in North Carolina J1 cities and
towns electiit ally lighted ; 8 tele
phone companies ; 13 telephone ex
changes; 6 electric railway system.
and 75 isolated electric lighting ! V,m owe 118 h'a1 01 w,,od' u" l,u' ! Special attentu gixeu to ihr c.nr-
I ICC IR IIIICIIUl'll IUI J"U IUMI ill I.1IUI-. J l,i . . dun I ui' 11
: 01 Real Folate. !;in- s-rUied up"
NKW FULH: red estate Attoru. v lor N. A. M. A.
i I o. at iltiiooro. N. t .
r a r k A ; 1 n t.
3"7"0 Should send at oive
13 X O tor Special I'remium
List. Just isued. Watciifa Puint-
imPPukssks. Am Rin.v.s and many
Valuable Articles are T"I3T C"
Uuiluing. New York.
jr W. 3 K K A. H .
tlo; Nkw YoiiK LKtwiKR is mak
ing one ol the most remarkable Camera
oilers of the season. They are sending'
out an immense number of cameias to
ill parts of the United States. Ii is in
reality but
F I F T Y' C E N T S
for the Camera, with complete outfit
f of photographing and developing.
Send to-day for full particulars regard
ing this remarkable oner, as it is ex
tremely limited. The Camera is thor
oughly high grade and first-class iu
every respect, fitted witn all modern
improvements, and is. guaranteed as
repiesented. Address
11 0 fllJL onnrtm tin.
E JS ntVOKK 17.. x'tf R,
Ruilimno, N. Y. t;iTr.
X" A T K 31 1 M X
Of the number of days and mile
age of the Board of Cotnmissioneis
of Orange County for 12 months
ending 1st Dec. lf97 :
N. V. RAY.
124 days at 82 per day, S 43 00
J2G miles, 5 cts per mile, 11 30
II D !trovii. sinith account,.
A VX Jordan, trimmings for cofBn,
John A Sykes. register votes,
Mai U Mcb-ule. work poor h,
I'owell XX'oods, support,
Nancv Hall, support 3 months
XV II Richmond, register votes,
Ann Scarlet, support.
Sallv Clark, support.
The anti footh.il cry is jut now
claiming the attention of tliO public
a recent issue of the New j xv D XX'oods D s Ray reg vo'es
X orld in which he asserts and quite
clearly proves, that of the two, foot
ball . 1 more brutal than prize
tjuint Riley and wife, support,
J A IV Davis, cost Luther Uarbcc,
I'arks ,1 lbilifeth. sup poor h,
Newman it smith. suj.poor h,
I'rlma Jhnwon. siipp.irt,
Sally Cates support.
j Sam Morpnis and wife, support.
19 95
5 00
1 .j0
4 00
3 00
3 50
5 00
5 (K)
1 50
2 50
1 03
1 00
1 r.;
7 00
1 00
4 WI
3 50
1 05
2 IS
1 i'tO
1 Oij
4 oO
2 19
1 00
1 W
3) 20
." 04
24 days at S2 per day,
300 miles, 5 cts per mile,
J4 days at $2 per day,
8'JS miles, 5 cts per mile,
19 days at S2 per day,
11S miles, 5 cts per mile,
22 days at S2 per day,
SO miles, 5 cts per mile,
8 59 30
43 0'
lf 00
J. A. lerkins: if Anliquitv, O.
was for thirty years needlessly toi
tured by physicians for the cure of
eczema. He was quickly cured by
using DeWitl's Witch Hazel Salve
the famous healing salve tor piles
and skin diseases W. A. Hayes.
During a conversation with a
number of boys concerning their
out-door sports, one of our teachers
was much amused at a question put
to her by a bright fellow : "Well,
now Mis C , can you tell me if there
is any heaven for a nigger who steals
onr rabbit gums ?" Oxford Orphan's
It is eay to catch a cold and
just at easy to get rid of it if you
commence early to use One Minute
Cough Cure. It cures coughs, colds,
bronchitis, pneumonia and all, throat
and lung troubles. It is pleasant to
lake, sate to use and auie to cure
W. A. Hayes.
Grand Master Moorer"at the re
quest of the Masons of North Caro
lina, wi l call a special- meeting ol
the Grand Lodge lo assist in laying
the coiner stone of the rt.onm-ni 10
be ereeted to the late United St at en
Senator Vance, at Asbeviile. The
ceremonies will occur early in De
..Jt- JMW Harrfsburg,
la , says, "My child is worth mil
lions to me; yet I would have lost
her by croup had 1 not luvesttd
twenty-five cents in a bottle of One
Minute Cough Cure.,, It cures
coughs, colds and ail ll r at "and
lung tioubles. W. A. Hayes.
Judge Robinson declaies the
law pultmir men iu j 01 lor not pay
ing their taxea is unconstitutional.
Une by one trie laws of the 'ate un.
lamented Legislature are avoided or
judicially killed Judg Robinson
i correct. Ail the iawi i ased
fxv iue!i:iiiHM : : !
has now in stock and is constantly j
receiving a brand new line o! -L
we ar; unsurpassed.
We are also headquarters for a
lIilM...ro. N C
tyOffice next door a.oe
j Hayes Drugstore.
SIOO Tojny Ian.
Of Wcaksets to Men They Treat nd
Fall to Corn.
An Omaha Company plare for the first
time before the public a Maok ii. Theat-'
mint for the cure of lxt Vitality, NervuuJ
and Sexual Weakness, and Hestorntion of
Life Fore in old and youn; men. No
full liim nf tho Verv bet Painta - worn"ut Kreicb remedy; contAiQs no
lull line ot tne xery le-t J amis . ho,pbomi or other barmfal dniK It is
Varmshep.OiIs. Grain I aints, ISuig),a Wosdercl Tkeatment magical in iu
(!arriatre and Iiof Painln in lar.l. ad i affecto DOfcitlT in its cure Ail reaJrn.
v , -ty . . , . ! wbo ar Buffering from a wrflknis that
fuaoner of Paint for decorative pur- blight8 tbr llfecllUMriK thBt m.f,tal wtll
poses that can be found any wheie. physical suffering puliar to Iahi Man-
j hood. hould write to th STATE MKD1CAL
j j. . , . COMPANY, Omnha. .!., an-4 tbev will
Call and see oa. Next door to , Mnd yoa laiy pRKK. a vahial.Ie
tne posiomce. j www utpiwaistaMx, aixi pcmiiv roir
j of Uieir truly Maoicau Trxatrrst Tbou
T V r? I?T r en tc i and ' men. wo hare lct all bopa of a
1 uiwr? tx, r? 1 1 A . ; cure, are being restored bv them to a per-
v.... ' feet condition.
sJ ALE OF T(,VX COMMON'S. ; This Magical Tbeatvt may be taken
v j at home tinder their direction. or tbev will
' I pay railroad faro and hotel 1 UN to all who
By authority contained in Private :j prefer to po thrre for trentmeut. if they
Laws of 1S30. Chanter !f2, the un- I L1 irftly relia.U;
, , ,, rt. , ..nave no true I'rw riptior.s Free Cur,
dersigi ed will on 1 hursday, Decern- Free Sample, or O f fake They bavp
her 1 Gill. 197, offer for sale to the i fVI.CKMj capital, ntul fniarant to rur
hi.i bi...iv. ,ho (on,.,--,,,,. m , j S-rrWl';
ue 1 1111 01 me 1011 01 umaooro : j widk 10 oe jai.l To thrm wbfti a cure iB
X nte tbem toiiay.
XT nr.. 1 nni ..hi ocn m- n ..r ! CT I CI.
:m. i-'.f, S-, Jil,
03 00
4S 0-
10 40
8 61 40
2G, 85. lioK, 2o9 200, l70, i!so, 21. !
282, 2oG. 255, 253, 252,251, i'43, 245, j
240, 47. 140. 210. 29, 20, 27, 'ill.;
might be said to be absurd, unccon-,212 213. 1G5, lb8, 250, 241,215, 216J
stitutional, wicked or tony. us j I'd. j
give lhankK thai ihe if.dicaii.o.s arej Sale to commence at 10 a. m . and j
u ijiin. io a "'"gmsi vi a j . imiciu t w iii lane piace on me town i.um- i
News arid Obneiver.
Don't be pernadel iiito buying
liniments without rej maiion 01
merit Chamberlain's Pain Balm
costs no more, and ils merits have
been proven by a le-lof matiy yearp.
! Such letters as the fodowoig from
i L. G Biiflev. Huenerne. Cal.. are
JJ j constantly bein received: "The
. ! I i T 1
nest remeov lor pain 1 bae evei
Cj Jo;.....! ;k ( 'ti'imbpri'iifi'rt 1'nm It!n
mons. Bid must be started a
above 810 00 tor each lot. Lota sold
singly. The town lo guarantee;
title. If sale not concluded Rrt J
day, to be adjourned by auctioneer
to ihe next day, and, with the on-j
sent of undersigned, t any future j
lime before February 1st, l'). !
Terms of sale : Credit 1-2 one!
year, balance 2 years with solvent;
security. No title reserved, but
! and I say o after having used it minted made directly if secnrKj ap-f
41 OO'tny famliy- for several yearn. " Ii i proved. Purchasers may'pay their
.1 OO tures rheuiaatitm, lame uack, spram. j i mey m uesire. oui no j
n is
t'A.rkl M.pr:o. rr. wl.tbr a tr:rit,.,t, l
jifOfiliT pata'-t. f (itrar.irtiii '.fUf
oof.4rrit!L Oilinv Hfrnrj f r tint tmtrnls
la Arrrr. W hr Whinrtfm (dhr.
r:r,U itk-Ti thrtwjtb Dun Cv- rOttl
tCij D'Ai'- 1.-1 tN
otl?altf !lTjrtric-1. !rrf einuinioro of
o cifotin'; trrtiAl. j .trtoHU r,
iJfcwt n.'it h. fi ;-iitn ci-.- n4 iiAAa
Uojlt I'iTlfTI ist fri, AHitnrm
361 Br4av. Hw tarku
.Tetter. Salt -1! hep in nod lift mux.
1t." i:i!-n i'? hir.L' and irnir,i:i'- ir.cf-
and sweihncs. For sale by W. A. i eiuciioo made therefor. Interest ' rx. t-tiidi J in-t a , ;.!av4
4- 00 Hayes, Druggist.
on deferred payments.
The Plan id the toi
vii.y Ch .-iTTrlaib" i and
in the ' f'k,'a i"tln 'nt- v ry i 1 1 '
' hare !.-n t- r:.:..t-n'jT enr'd bv ;'. . It
lHllltlt O lilt UtA'Ill
A sure cure for cuts, bruises, n 1 oirnam. tipjori.
...r.. nit.. .le t "d I atta. drawing jury
IO J 1 US, I.HTI.llli'"", " v. - - ... j. ,
I. John Laws, Clerk of the Boards
of Commissioners for Orange Coun
ty, do hereby certify that the forego
mir i a true statement of the ourn-J
'"ll her of days each member of the'
17 Jl Board attended, number of miles
12 7o i traveled and the amount of ni&oey ;
1 ixii allowed to each member. i
1 lH Tdlt 'Mill dav nt N'npml.Pr. 107.;
Clerk Board Co. Comrar.
tm rrifv a rvu-n iv nvv u.A? r .1.- " lff"n r w'-nuj cnr'ii r .y r.
S-78 GO VWM" " ' u, iii wr.A.ar. YJli J, ronallr eihi-nt for Vr lb ziu nd
uai. i9tnitii. sou win e i ine Disce 01 s a lavont rvu iv r
mouey it it fails lo cure. 25c.
bams, scalds, chilblains, piles a-ul all
manner of sores, wounds, chafes,
such as require the ose of a soothing,
quick healing ointment This oint
mcni has been in use for a number
of year and gives entire satisfac
tion. Heretofore this preparation
has been made and kept by 31 rs
Jos A. Harris, Hillsboro, N. C , bat
will be found on !e hereafter only
ly the Hillsboro Drug Company.
1 5 i
1 vt ;
15 ;to ;
5 ()!
4 j
11 .!
1 50
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine 5 Any one of the undersigned
Tablets All Drncgiats reluud thelW,H -e property to
I By order of th Bard :
! S. E COLE,
i ' Property Commii te.
I HilUboro, N. C..S.
STOVES $100 TO $15.0.
The Press Vipitor says the health;
of Raleigh has been remarkable j
There has not been a death from j
tvphoid fever in Raleigh during the;
year. 1 Ms is a remaraaof i cut u.
T J Ho.in. commissioner.
M XX' Moore, commis-sioner,
A Turner, support children,
D K Crawford, supplies election,
J Laws. Clk Rd ami mertas,
XX' 1 Allison, officer cost.
Ievrand Hurch. support.
Kdwanls A nrouhton. onlcr book, 2 I i j
I e Smith, juror case H irtvee. 1 i
D K Iavi. jurtr cam Itarbet'. 1 ;
Albert Whitrleld, fur case Itarbee. 1 7".
I.nico I.lovd. luror Ilarbee cae. 1 So 1
Win "iieand. juior cae Rarbee," 1 s . - ,
Jack Durham. jor.r case Barbee, 1 s-l i Child S Rubbers at 2o cents I-r ytr.
Lev Durham w itness esse lUrbee, .V i Oyor Gliterv Men s Dres Stpjen
XVilfn Lloyd, wit care Barbee.
A KoIkioWs wit case Barbee, ' ' I.idie Sne foot wear Cheap.
Jerri lVrrv. Ishor c-ijp Barlee.
.V. Say? XV k TAht.
3 tJ
ValaabU tm Womcm.
Espeeial'y valuable to women ia Brra'
Iron Bitters. Backache va&iales, bads?h
i ina r pear. trength takm the plre r,f
weakDM, and the glow of hMilth rraiily
cornea to th pallid rheek when thi on
drfal remedy n takrn. for skkly e hiMrn
or overworked men it kaj do equal. No home
hould he withoat thu famoua remedy.
Browia Iron BiUera ia sold by all dealer.
. r- r r 1 . . T
chapjwd hands, chilhlainn. frot hit'i
and chronic r eyes. 2" is. j r h! ,t ,
fr. f4j fondltlen I'ewder, are.
jn.f what a hori when fa bad
condition, T'.r-.r, bbl purlf.-r a:cl
Trrr.ffTUf. They r tv t ol but
n:Iiriri and th fi-t-In to Tit
I bor in prim condition. Inc i
, rxl j-r parkae.i
'On Mondar tfs C'h dnv nf Decm-
t thJ court bonj door i
f AH pernn ill fake notice, that the
yr hereby forbiInen under jnihi -s
th!w. to hoot with ifjn or il-.i. .f
;i.ierwie trefiAM iip'H our ii,
"hi-! Hill towfjh?p.
I L;-i id Jat of Nov.. 1 7.
J.xMh- !'. H'Kj'A N.
I HiiitOT.. N. C. I w ill sell to tl blli-
f -t bidder the lollowtn trart ot lod. -
' to-wif : One tract of land it? Little Ri'vtr : iMiVNTlMToPV ViiTlri--At
the Comer" we ofW M'.4 sal umn-bip. Oranjr eviuntr. adjoininr the A L l ' 1 1 "A 1 " ' A ' 1 1 K
isr.d of C V. Iawa. Ihoa XV3lkr.
J. C -,tth. Will kilev art.! XV. IV bir. 111" I'lliiaerJ si Admir:!rA.tof
I Ml V
the eute of th lU Mrv
contaiidur Tliirty Acre, more or
le tw-ir:,,' the tract of land owned bv
l!. I fiwtr' Sraitli rA.ri , notice 1 h-Trht . Vil ti U
jle i mtd bv order of th sipnnr i--r-i; Indebted to i i tite .
Cat- wih
Henry XVanj. l.dnr c;se Barbee.
XX' XV XX" arren, work poor house.
1 .
V C-nurt.of Umns County in a pnc"d- iiociMiiai- pajtaent to m.
aii iff'
iti Rntii Au Iik f AaS.
tiwwt. Taa-iaa I4a1
Bert CvKfb Sreup. Tatc Usl.
XX" A N T.
Call a.i; lo5k !
stock mu: be sold. I '
N. W. BROvX N Uy
'i u :
OK.VIs l-.r the HARRIS SI. Of
U Y E W O U K S ,
t.':: cleaned. 75 fn?j.
f .VAfied and Ied, !J
Sarsple dj -d free.
A d I rev,
Ra:jrh. V. C
tWt h ; 1 for (A i otbT Ukeij
:n pivrxo-t,'. for rrk.
Alt err.- h-vditr "fJttA Voucher
or f.f-'.-n on ihe Tr-.ufer of 0:n
ii.'ity, will ?-ae report the arsv'jriU
lth r,uiabr of thm.zrt. -mht'" r-t -!-
ore 5 :hooi, j th t
i., - E I mi XitmO.i.f e?e ") ! OOiUHiF r$ I Ct 2 Ai n-t tJ" :!
iCV ot Geo. Smith, colore!. 3fairt NeHie pf-nt theta to the under-
Hoiman. Avdorl. Unl pfof-eriv authenticate! 00 or 1.
Term, of a!e : OnV-ha!l cah. bab ' e the ltt day of Noetabr. !. or
ance in 6 month. Boud with interest thi notiee will be plead in bar 01 their i the Dt Mojetar in lo ar, l-T,
tiora dar of sa e on ijeferrel t metit. re otery. ; f . i.oiu. , . -
I LL C:h die of NovemV-r. I tut !t ujv i r ...
c. r. Laws. 1 j v. rr.zH. joiin thomion
A-1anLra.r and Cc-saific-er. A;?H'rat. VcriT Cejn) !.rd d

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