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tmAxm: cotfy rv observer.
I L L S B O R O U a TT v 7T
; i
I LTIi 1 J, W .V N T I i :
ofcV.rJS. b'nd6oroe et0ckiAT -THE FARMER'S HO Mi:
ure ew stocic of Drv Good
just received for f
l,.A no,. .. I ., , . . .., iVC"
: , J'"'ilu uc -'iMi in advance, fl.Ou eoiter.
ITiree months.
To Our Customers We Wtl! Sy
With yohr asiiance we. find ou
selves in f.rst cUs- conditio? to nk
At Ue i-t s!eia ct Mt Zoc
ft ipiift: A M-iatiiii t omening at
jfrAe, Change count, the
Advertisements will be Inserted tor
fl.W per square (oho inch) for the flm
and titty cents lor each subsequent tub
'on tracts for
ROcj A full line of Men's Wear of dlfJ care ot ou You Lwe
,. in giaoen. i "i Hit'i we pro :.. to vvhk
! New Warm Patterns. Ar nrfic. 'he hu.'i-n-M tr our m.t-iai I-. til
Goods for Christmas, in different i,ilel t,')n ' l" ke it to v.-ur
fabrics. (interest to continue l.fttii- unh u.
Full New Stock of Clolhir.fr n. Our Stuck for lite wnts d ih.sstc-
un is M-niiv L'rJect
. . . . . . . .
Offbe hliii-n; I ...., -....
by corre-pondence.
. - ' I A
inns .nnna . -ii i . - .
u , an irsn ana c:ean
ohday wear. Droo in aiul
at ili
.. i
.... HivertiMng lor anV! tor hoi w a ..,..- n h.. ..!.....,'.. i.. .i.-.
b wee Or t i:ic nin- hp m,,l i... "J uruu in and nnk 1 .'caPLcn ui:h
"r.i ,M' L,,,: 'J-uee . tl ' 1
" .7 --
IN' KFFKCT MAY 2, 1897.
T rain No. 1 1, Mixed, goinr Wen,
loe at Hillnboro at '-IMQ a rn.
Train No. 15, Mail, oing West,
due at HilNboro at n:07 p. m.
Train No. 35, Pasf-ener. tjoing
W ett. due at flillsboro at 10:22 a in
iram ro. U, 3Iixed,
est. due
p. rn.
Train No. 12, Mixed, Koin3 Ea&t,
We t iav
e t3ve
iem. tvtr ran inl.
Full line of Outings jnst opened ! A Supers Line op Clotiilvo
prettier and cheaper than vou ever i ,IU frorn (iJ lo Slo.O'J. Laryt-st J
saw inem.
A lare SioC"k of Blanket.
mock ci ver-oaii that we uve j 1 '
i ever carried. 1 ou wilt find ihe fit s a. 1
i',,. cin.(;n.n .w .i nicer ; r ti-ii year, i nev reporiea
ot our Uiothing to compare wnh Hit ! . ,, f , r.
, .j i n ft Cedar U.ove, tor
be-t city retail trade and villie : . i , r,.. ,
price. Larger town mht havt tT ' ;
rrr w 'jfi
t on, 'fe f t"terti iecti n convened
t Hi! k tl Kn.hv N.-. 21. at 2:30
Needhain Ifan Cht,
ilsjitist church here
: io-tr chairoian, snd
Mr. Th nil. Robertson tei:retar v.
M-etMij openea by reading'
njitnrt' i prayers. Oo call ot
rli lTle-vltrli Iruin ten churches
Mtr . J E. Jones, Nah Obeek
p. in. pr
pat..r . t
acted a t
Acctablc Preparation for As -s
i rrila t i n$ llic Tcod and Rc? uti -
!J ling ihc S tcmadisaiid Dowels of
r l it 1 f O r;.v Station, tor Jsecretarv.
Expenrer are ilouble ' - '
I , 5'Miituiin.; toj - t CouwiiiitMB ;o report name- tor
U' n A vlt i hot il, ........ I . it ' l;oli L en In K.i inu.ro fi r I . I . t h ; tcr ' . '
: '.j ue8t meuicine ,,;,"":" w fa ! Executive Committee, also commit-
or reform" th tired out nprvnn J UIJ"1 lr.v us . I
uitu IJUl lier OIJH 1 - - ; t' m rr o . ini tr.r H.iii.irrnu'
Bystem to a healthy vigor itt Electric
Bitters. This medicine is pureiv
at Ilillbboro at 12Sr veyetatie. acts by rzivmn tone to the
nerve centres in the stomach. gntly
htiniulae the Liver ai.d Kidneys,
and aids tlee organs in throwing
off imptritie in the blood. Electric
Bitters improves the appetite, aids
digemion, and is pronounced bv
Due Goons We hive pom
due- at HilNboro at 4:30 a.
lram No. 1G, Pasgenner, ftoing
East, due at Ilillsboro at 10:22 a io.
Train No. 30. Passenirfr frrinf
rich Wo! Patlerro
than heretofore.. Foil line of Biack !
more Myiirh , , ',. .
ihuuiu leneu. pisiui ui iue
Methodifi church, was recOiinized
, . ,, ,. , . .. . ana iriviifdto a eat m the b niy,
firtPlalt V H ill ' Ilia nl I. m.l u-lli. ! J
ciicviiaiii. un iiiic "ji tail aim . u . . i-
,L ?);n r...... r-.i. I 1 dn.g the hoir for adjouro
n iu uiuiii ui itcii iirm vm'i .i rn it j . .
"viii, jy i . JiiiMiia'' living uiv.
East, due at Ilillsboro at 1:57 rt. m !Uu)8e wno ave Hied it the very
train .No 04, Fre:Cht, going East, "eBl r'u
Sue at IliliRboro at 1 1-15 n n
Expreas lor all trains roust be at
depot one hour before train time.
E. USllEliuiLL, Agent.
Odiee oens at :00 a. rn. Closes
at 0:o() p. rn.
Mail going Eaet closes 0:50 a. rn.
and 1:25 p. in.-
Mail going West closes 9:50 a.
m. and 4:5 p. m.
Money order books close 4:00 p. m.
J. Clyde Cheek, P. M.
T .. I
M M I C . I
, . f' t. t i n - . ; importance oi iereoii?ii exauiiiiaiiuu,
inetz, Ginghams. PerenH.l'rmi. io. i ... , . . t . ,t
iv-a vv r . i , urging th delegates to htek tor the
S V eaK A fine stock of . ,, 7 b . ;
Wi tr m. ittiu hour to commune Milh tiieir
Wool Kerseys &c. i , , . . '
Ct.-o v x iown Leans aua pray tor tne preacher
- - . ' . w iivj rune n i L . .
.. ... . : i j: a
head on Shoes. W e carry all urides i - " t, j n, i i
. t ' w . i , j n, , s At i p m., Parlor Cleveland, c
of Mens, Women s, Boys' and Chil i, , it i . i '
i . c, f ... 1 Chapel lltll, preached to the edinca
drens Shoes. Our trade in Shoes . - , . . t
ot !
i increasing all the time.
i li 'ii and c-Hiifort of the meeting to
ilhe text: "Thou shall call his name
II . 1Jll,.1n rr. . 0 , . uic icii. inou Miciii can ih name
11 A UDWAKE The most Complete T . . ,, . . ,
, . . . . ... JeUM. tor he shall save bis people
from their sins.' Hisiheme tieated
ood purifier and nerve tonic.
Try it. Sold for 50c or $1 00 per
Dome at vv. A. Hayes' Drug Store.
At a meeting of the Board oi
Road Supervisors ot HilUboro town
fhip held last Saturday-. Mr. Lee
j Crawford was elected Road Master
to succeed John R. Hobbs.
After hearing some friends con
tinually praising Chamberlain's Col
ic. Cholera and Diarrhon Ifomtv
vu.lin r.ecK, or inateim, Cantor-! , "'v , - ... , i quiet and gae orderly attention a
ma. purcnased a Dottle ot it tor his j , , " - thev a, e accustomed to do
- . - MfiiMm r1 -iTFiri I f..Lt Stuenu r f iliflwr.
Stock canied in this Scclioo. W
arp infiLriurr u i .. 1 1 vr t'.ia 1 i r .
I, l,i i ii " . i ot svt, stiff rt)iq. sacrifice and salva
It nuilders will all(w us to tnke es i . ' Jy "
limates for their Hard wai e, we will ; ,V T1 . ,, , ,
sell them ' ' '0,1U hllwcd the sermon in j
! hit- ....... ..... . i .... '.. .... .-...,",.. i
T. , xx mo uyii m ii: mi vi win r-tt(7f,
i ' . in a irdmi nii
good congregation v ho kept
own use and is now as enthusiastic
Promotes Diestion.Checr ful
ness and RestConta'ms neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral.
--Soo the advertisement of the
New York Ledger offering Cameias
nt the remarkable low rice ot 50
tents, also the nolici of that phper to
lioys and Girls
Dr. Edmund Strudwick. of
Dayton, Ala, arrived at this place J
last week on a visit to his brother, I
Dr. W m. htrudwick. He U alwayi
n weloouie visitor to his old home
We are all glad to see him and lake
liim by the hand.
Mrs. Stark, Pleasant Rioge, O .
r.flV ',fftl t U f i1wilorl ri 6 I'ii ti.
""j .. - f.,.- ur A Wonderful Discovery.
vt) ooy to uie, i i.ave.1 nun irom j The last qimrtr of a century recorda
croup oy uiiig vne .iinuie uoun I many wonderful discoveries in medicine,
Cure." It is the quickest and most ;ut none that have accomplished more for
fMit'iiti iimii.mK- tor r-i 1 11 1 h4 ,.i.l I ''"nianity than that sterling old household
i !. - t"r coughs, c mIs , remly, P.rowns' Iron Bitters. It seems to
'hI all tliroat and lung troubles ' contain the very elements of good health,
"W A. Haves I an1 nither man, woman or child can take
There m a constant warfare be
over its wonderful work a nv nnoj11 KlzeH- we are t?Hng tiiem
- - - T "III ,
i n1-, . - . . i
tor sale by W. A. Hayes, Druggist
bat ii rd y morning the
utmtt Seed
Ivrmoi2t -
' Clmxlt4 Jupr
Apafecf Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrtioca.
Worms .Convulsions .Feven sh
Tec Simile Signature of
Cwtcria ij prt tp la c.o--.e bct'.'ts ca!y. It
is no soli ia bUk. Dcs't lb ajcie to ie'.l
yen ayU-g else ca tls plc cr jrcauo tbat it
ii "jr.it as ard "will scscr ctptt fcr-
pose. ' jT See ttat yea ff. L-A-o-i -U-lt-I-A.
One . . 'rmiveri-il t I i in Hrn l.mli-
can be. Ihn 25 and 50 cent Hsf.ver-V dav: a,,i lho ",osl coftipleie j ;.',
Pay. You'fi Townt Tax.
The tax payers of ttie Town of
'Ilillsboro will please bear in mind
that the Tax tor 189.7 is now due,
and I nill be pleased to give re
eeipts for the same. Persons owing
Tax will lease come lorward and
pay the same at once.
Joijn' J. Pleasant?,
Tax Collector.
one oi me iieatintr stove- ever'
hhown in this town. These Healers
nave half the wood, and double the
comfort of ilia room. We are par
ticularly anxious for you to see our
Furniture There is no use talk
The committee to. nominate Exec
utive Committee reported. Bro.
Hecut, oi Graham, 'watt made Chair
man. The committee was chatted
with the duiy of arranging tor
setision f tie Union to meet on next
! httn Ss-bhatl..
Ifftrv Qnir rr " r r n rtAitt t Vn V2 I r L a 4
uT ,, , i . , . j J he morning session was taken up
aboict it already
Hats A lull ar:d complete line
of difFerent grades.
Si'llSfJLES We have taken the
premium on Shingles, We have the
best Heart Pino 1-2 inch Shingle
that has been here ot late years.
in a survey of the mission territory
contiguous to this body.
Adjotirned'to lime :.nl place.
ing waited between the vai ions spe
cies ot the animal kingdom. Think
of tho horribleness of an array of
worms sttirmiii'i the citadel ot lile.
A dose of Shriuer' s Indian Yerini !
iige will destroy them. For sale
by W. A. Hayes, l)ru'j;is.
The Asheville (Gazette says that
Ir. lv. W. Grove, President of the
Paris Medicine Company, with head
quarters at St. Louis, is now making
arrangements to open a branch
houso at Ashevile for the manufac
ture of tasteless quinine, and expects
to begin operations by ihe first ot
the year.
Rev. J M. Terrell. pator of the
Iliilsboro Circuit, is attending ihe
North Carolina Conference, which
convened at Raleigh, Dec lt. Du
ring his short slay on this Circuit
he was appointed lo fill a vacancy
caused by the death of the loriner
it without deriving the ereatest heneCt.
Urowns' Iron Bitters is sola by all dealers.
We havo a complete Stock in all
lines ot Fall and Winter Goods,
which we offer to the public on their
merits, and at prices as low sa the
lowest. j
In CLOTHING our Stock is
Read the important notice to
Justices ot the Peace to be found
in this paper.
Mrs. Henry James died in Lit
tie River township Sunday morning,
and was buried at New Sharon the
next day. Rev. J. M. Terrell con
dceted the funeral services.
PIANO tor sale Apply to R.
M. Jones, Ilillsboro, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo D. Ileartt
have issaed invitation to the mar
riage of their daughter, Matilda
Deweyr lo Mr. Victor S. Bryant, on
Wednesday, December 8th, at 4
o'clock, in 'the First Presbyterian
church, Durham, N. C.
Religious Services.
Rev. S. O. Hall, of Greensboro?
will hold a series ot meetings in the
Presbyterian church at this place,
beginning on Monday, December 0,
at ll a. m. The pnhiio invited and
all Christian people are earnestly rc
quested to attend these services and
co operate with us.
H. . BitADSiiAW, Pastor.
-T H F0UTZ j
xrir?" vfeA
vo I1-S9( win ! ft rnt.c. V-or or Lr o
:!:, it hi' itT's 1'os'iiw r. f-(i ':i Jsir.
'c utiUI I'ovr i'.t'r 'U"' un i jt f ' Ii: Im vol.-
: iutz'8 Piv.y1fr uili rr-"ci.! .m IV l-tiw;-v
1-.''t-.t' l'owfii-rs ill !ii-r-n- tno :'). nt'.tv c! r.':
'i-i crfim t.-ity prr ce:t ond i:iak Hie ttuUrris
l ) i ft ret.
'K'nit.'s 1'owlcrK t!! fir or prrt almft evuk'
fintr to ii.en rinivt- uu-.i - ar t'i:i'".
Vorr'n f'owitti:5 iu i.iv- ;' at:iifci U.f,
tiid every wuere.
Ot.VID E. VOVTZ. Pro-rlatar.
ONSUl 1' - ION CAN V.). illl LI)
, T. A. Slociim. M. '.. the ;n :it lo in
; 1st s.nd n-icnlit. v ill s nil I'm e. t llu
! Atl!'u te.h '1 'hiet- llolthw of lli Newly
i Ii?cov reil Imedie. to ("ur C'on-
sut!!j'tin ai.! All Lunir Trtmhliv
Nothing !ii.l he hilt or. mote phil.in-
thropii- in- r.nrv lii'-re joy to the :il!'.icl
; i ll. th il. th fV-r o T. .. ( UU). M .
t. .. of N'.-w -ii (. ity.
('ftithii'itt th;it he has di-i -ovcred a ic-
1 1 r 1 1 1 1 fine l oii!i:nj'!lon .ilid :ill
hroiichial. thio.it :iul lun iliae-,
', esc-ral decline ;in wraknt hs ot
' thh an. I all couilitinn ot wa-'iii. ;t 1 1 1
; to m.ike If.- i:-!ic ral mt-iitH known. e
Will H'!., tree, three bottle, to niiv
"Fr saio at Hillsboro, by Vt rt-.uU-r ot the u.n;k ' u niv oiki:
A Hayes, Druggist. 1 vk:i Oio may W MitVerius. .
J . ? Alieadv tin "tyew vtleiitifle roure ot
Married in Little River town
ship, on Sunday. Nov. 28th, at the
reiddeuce ot Mrs. Molhe VVilson, by
rs r
mjl' s uieilu-ine" ha- pii mau'.nt ly eured thou
! sand.f rtptaiently hopeles ca-e?.
! Tlie llot ior tonsldct it hi reliploue
AV XXN x I Uv to donate hU tnfUU o t urn.
YT I T"-T T' TT" "TT1 "T "W" i "H l'H proved lhelrendteonunip
. V.i. L JliL J S JiJJ 1 JL j fion to lie cur:ihle.diie!ie beyond rr
We have now ready for the t rnde bnbt. bus on lib in hi- Ameilrnu
tl... I ..!... I ...! mn. Airnhta Eivl..! J '" '"1 '"'"' hlbor.-jf ori' t illiO' I i I ! ft
. ,. , , ., . , J 1 ot experience trot:
f w W rwi II T If .
itev. .1. m lerreu, Air. uscar iaa- j to (.veiybodv.
gum and Aiir-s r.:ne j.aws.
Tie fic
ilmila ilgattart
. ef
? .
It ca
A man in Wisconsin wagered
that, he could drink two quart ot
whiskey at ooe . Hitting. The Phila
pastor, liev. Ij. ieiicn ne ri3s mane COmplete. Made by first class tail- delphta 1'ress mourntully adiln : "lie
many warm friends who would be ... did ii. He is dead. Loss S'2."
For Infants and Children.
liefic- ) - .
tflftf ! 14' f! f H) Mill
for ladies and chiitlren and at puces cur,.',i. i,, all oarfof the world.
I(ili't i!e!:iv t, nill if i- too l ite. I'on-
We have a complete stock of the ' Muuption. uuiutt ri upt '1. m iin, .pee.)
Latent Styles in Hats, Bonnets, Rib
bon, Fer.thern and Trimmings.-
t . i . i i ' . t
aii'l i null ii'Miii. lure-, i. ... .-lu-ciim.
M. ... l'iue -tiei f. New York,
tun! when W 1 i t i : ihe lloefor. i'ive f-
Ladle' Dress Trimmings, a Full .' ,,re--and po-ttdtiee adilre-. snd pl.-a-e
Line nf Notions and the Latest riiitli.ii reading ihi ;nt'u le in the- ih
Sl lev in Jewelry. : ANtii: (LM v Ohskkvi h.
l.'idies are invited to . 'inspect our
Goods arid ee for thetnseivet.
O-tiei'H from
a distance will re
vs&PPM ceive prompt attention.
j M li. M. L. TA Y A)ll & SITKK.
! J
PXLCl ' !'JliS N'O I ICK
RmBa-rr S w---a(
ors, warranted to fit and give Palis-
.action, and at prices for which
o.hers a'e sell in bnoHy made gar
Nice line of WRAPS that will
glad to have him returned for next
Dr. Branson's ArglcuUural Al
manao for 1808 has been received at
this office. Branson's Almanac ia
now a "household word." Few pub
lications, if any, are bettor known to
lr nf North Carolina Dr.
Rransoti is a native of ihe Slate, and ;
loves the poople. The pages of this 'suit the iadies.
Almanac, showing all tho Courts,:
also tho Comity 'officers, alo the j j ;?nOES wo sell n )thing but
Stale officers, make the Almanac 1 HO;j UOOIjs
worth many times tho 10 ceuls(
charged for it. Send for a copy. ! The Une of HARDWARE
How TO PREVENT PXEUMONIX. anti STOVES in Orange County.
At this time of the ye3r 'a cold is
very easily contracted, and it left to; WAGONS, BUGGIES,
. .. . i. I. ..... I l n i ! ri
tun 118 course wimoufc oit v
some reliable cough medicine is lia
ble to result in that dread disease,
Mt ? :
it n
T0iT K 1 ) T . V ii-.
STOLEIS pistol:
SMI TH WKSSON safety liam
jt merless pi-tfl. No. 44. all. was
siolen lioni my hou-e iii Liule' Iliver
township, on r about Tlui!d;i". Nov.
2."th, 1'.'7. Al-o aboijt th ;iim; time.
a Hazor. Strap and "up. a good 'oat
Hilda breeeb-Ioading iii2te-hai reL gnu
were Pttilen. I value the pistol -veiv
highly and will pay a liberal reward lor
the recovery of ihe same.
This .WthYiav ot Nov.. IsHT
a- I'.xecutor
lioUie !
i'.;ry lu.oon i'01UM irj.:w;::t
'ur! In JitoJij V 'I'jmo boi -Ptd s j
homo furfame r onOcr ;,T!i" r n.n 4-,-ty.
If rcn rn f'riof' nic h"? .- Hi li
tract t'r'' y ri'fr-ad farcan4 r"tt.t'.-ti. g--i
TChhT?. if welaii : U'.re. If yr v.Urrint -. tn-i-eury,
lodl'l itot.ih, ti".i t l-to ptirj
' t:n:rii. Mumut rutrhrain ni'iHi i iiMTIinii.
o;;s iliil l-ted to s.1'1! e ' rirxipl , '.,fi-r t'ol.r l S11.M, l'lrrt t,r
we rurnteton .-. Wtnlf iitho rr -t
r.att- nr.il cii iUerii. tlio t' uM lr
vi e rniiof. rnrr, 'j in u.-h . n'
t ;i!!lfHl t !.- Will i i 1 i,r riioxt -rni'.frit i!it
nans. H."iOO.OM r , t- hu3 onr ir.t 'n;k
tl.' nil CT?t.ruL.:jr. SttiXr ytt,narl P o
Bri'!M"t r,. AcWri HK l!KMt.'pv CO,
i4i',ua.-M-tic iin pii-.tiricaou. ir.:.
Having qiialliied
;fl-f late M ; M. I
! rivv!i to a!i j
; l:.'- make immediate i.avn.eid. ;.r,u
; c'allii- airaii.-t the -aid et;d liili-t 1m
j pie r-ted to th" unde.r-igne.1 pi-tj i rly
, ;ti:t h it i':it e ) on or betore the 7th day
l )i-r.. !'.'. or thi- ii't"ne
plead in bar of' their recovery.
1 'bis 7th day ot Oct , 1'.7.
S. T. FOiiKKS'l
Ke t.
All persons will take notice, that they j TMI'OIM'AXT NOTICE TO
are hereby forbidden under penalty d j J
the law, to hunt w ith gun, dog, net or
otheiwi-e tre.pa-s upon our hinds in
Cellar Grove township.
This 22.1 day ot Nov., 1807.
A. A. COM P i ON,
Wood Wniited:
m IU ' . tl ll
s f I Klx: IJn.w ivi'--.j
V nlinO Hkycic.Hold V 'tcli. Waraotsl
! The law re.inire-; all .fu-tief- of the;
j Peace in Orange i'o:inty to make ojll- 1
i eial reports lo the Hoard of County j
! Comrniioner-i fit the regular rueet ing !
j o the Hoard in Pecemb 1 of e n h vear.
We will start our Mill ori double time ;
November v t 1 , and' will u-e all the
wood w-can buy. We will pay
per eord for --trii-tly Jir-t-elas v..i!.
or O ik. and will take lov.tr grade
ood tor what it 1- worth.
For partieular- and s.ei-!hVtio:;-. r.r.-
I I V at onr olitce : t trie Mia.
lr.uK"eJ 'i Kii iiiwiih" .
C...fk'f. .ahvsHc, lean . ..t
Tcxarkana, Tex., or e
1 It, r-trw.1 (! r r-'aaUlc tu'!M f -
- '.x J.fr trv evr .! ta the t'.'b. cat m t-4ril
t':nsa l..t" u .rk at home for the 'At'.'
. v : -.r-i .
I' ' ' - ' 1
- ;.- t-. v r
i ... r
:i'; - - i.s.-r-!',:.
its- '-T. IJt
s:.1 t rof ta!
:;: o
! !-'.
ut't w;;'M. A'idrc Vin Alruatf 1 1; .
TKW I. Of l'LU
IN Wraps and
.1 As. WEUK. JH.& BRO S.
i the amount-ol lir.'e ed!ecred.durit the '
vear endin- th- lir-t MmihUv in D. - TO.UACCO fl'Zl'Zl Z
j j i Li land.
rEW LOT PLUSH AND ( LO I in eemU-r. from whom ahl ,- wen; col
D RES'-. GOODS. ! lei ted and w whom paid.
We know of no better
remedy '.o cure a couuh or cold thin
Chambeilaiirs Cough Remedy. Wei
have used it quite extensively and it TINWARE, GLASSWARE, c.
has always given eniire satisfaction, j
Oolaga. Ind. Tor. Chief.
sell Nis-en Wagons at factory
This 2titL '. iv ot Nov-mber, lf7.
.IOH N L V W.s,
Clerk Board Co. "omrn .
This i the only remedy that is I
known lo be a certain preventive ot j
pneumonia. Among the many thou-1
sands who have used it for colds and .
la grippe we have never yet learned j
of a sin gle caee having resulted in;
pneumonia. Persons who have weak j
lungs or have reason to fear anal-'
tack of pneumonia, shonld keep the i
remedy at hand. The 25 and 50
cent sizes for 83le by W. A. Hayes,1;
A full and complete line of
i K O C E H I 12 H .
Don't fail to se8 our
Country Produce in good de
mand at highest market prices, in
cluding cotton in the seed.
Call and examine our good, and
Big lot SOLID SHOES bought from
bankrupt factory, lowe: than ever of
fered in this mat kct.
.! S. WEBB. JR. & BRO.
L . W H I T T E l
By virtc I a raortgnge levl ece:i
ted to I h-31 - M. ''h'-efc by M. I- El
ian 1 a;, d mJ 'e E. Et'.-il ho- wife, atel
properly " i ! 1 in tie- ofll -e d R"g
iter of fee- of O'an.e ronnty. ii!
Book P.. ".. ! w iii -el! n.r c i-h to
i Long-leaf gooch
; Ue- improved.
From ten to dav- earlk-r than
any know n variety.
Perfected t.v tboronglt cultiva
tion atel the 1 1 1 r i . 1 1 . r it toi -.-. h i
il j.ero s4 will l .kc n :. th
1 t!;ry ne f.erebv totbid.-eri nndi-r th"
P- fi i'.iy of Ho i -w. t li'H t w .t! jjun or
r.'i v j.ssiw in ijii.k or !'iw!..h'; .
the highe-t I .
dour in HI1"
at th-
T".. f ti Moti.lav. D-
(Successor to Faueette. Whitted Jt Co..)
I will continue buMne t the old
i ... v ...... art., xvi.itt.. i t o i a ce tar ni running nortfj :-eveo.e.-!i
where I wiu ''ikki :u. iuu i a j-tut in tor.
eighteen i of).ee!ii; e yea-- t)i
t-ar be-t and iho-t pro tnii.ently
op-d plant-.
Grown ly A. L. IlOLDEX.
bnro. Orangi-("onr.tv. N. C.
For ea!e bv W. a Have-,
.? ;
1 -r l of
S .-vlo".
t.v' Mr- . r
li..- Ij :.
-. OtV, holl-ided ! ' b w-( f
N-:-M!i p. It-ii. :h bv i,.
-v .. J. -.. i,n i wA
i 1 1 r m , -.
O. r. ' 7.
luIJ"i ON Noi K.
ber 27th. "frO. i 12 m
tying mi, ling in
HUl-boro ton ji-top, as
i Ve lined a
a tra. !
t r.i!!j e
Of land
'our,: v.
door ea-t ot the po-t otfiec.
be lad to serve the public.
I will carry a fresh stock of Flout
Lard, Coffee, sugar. Meat. Av.
A lull line ot t onteciioneues an..
Other poods for the Chris I ma trade.
Always glad to wait on vou
Your obed ent servant.
By glasses. When in Durham j prices and goods don't suit, you ! "pRIVATE BOARD,
ca'dand have your Eyes examined t . .J-
ii cosia uuiuiiifc, am now better prepare ', tbsn evt
: m. ....... v.- r-..-v,l -l j K. .if.l-r. I.t- fVija j4 V
i tit nt it viuiuu vvt "-iv. -
nf)a3 n't IkU V
T7I.M I- JH Ml 1 1M3F v
Samuel Ratpout, Ref. D., j show our gooig.
Kyc Specialist, Office Wright Build j
ing, Durham, N. C. I JAMES WEBB, JR. & BRO.
wevk or month.
; John Bane uMl pond, thrin-e ea: 'eV' u
. thalf.-Hi, w bnW- io a io k. thence
-Olitb T. ll fti eha'iii- :.!: 1 4 ' link to
I. pine f"in'f -. th ;'f ;"' ' b-ven ehain
and .At lir.t r th" -ginning. i''iMt.nri
ing Twei'f A te-. vcof ils.g to the
plot of Cer.-- Taf-'. .irv.' v-d N"V.
1' b. Is-J. J 1.. w Ui ot" .loJiij r t i ' and
coiivevi i rt fe a';d sa'i.e' L. Kf. : ;
by deed o J h'i M'-f i --. A in.'" d.
b. !i. C. t. '! ;ti 1 Joh'ti f!r.'.
S5e i 0-'e t 3ti-tV noitgtge u:-t
to I'ii crt-
Th? 2i:-r of November.
M. t IIE.J..
(- ,g.ig'--
1 11' b-t V. :
.-t?e M;. -
rf-T! Ii-oir d t v ru i'
per-:;- iudebl-1 to 1"
1. .-. f o.. . ' J E. i t.
L. V. bitted hr. thi-
!-'-'i!. A
v fd:t.
s. L WI.i-
! '.. V iil i I V tne aJI,e
and !-.. -of .t..- . i;d i'tsu t.
I- .-Ci ! bv - L. IVf, ;;.
1 hi- inh d.tv o; N t'-nb' r. t-C
.1 - FA ICES 1 E,
J. L F 1 L IT E.
. i . win i i ed.
Tot cr:r tf ii f d t d r.iii.tU
9l-dAl at WarM'i CipmIUwl
F&lKr-U". Wf.o'e : .
t.r.o.ed ty !!.- oi;
i :g- ij ra ?h -
(.?! Cf
lfr - t-.-3nfs-l t,f rrk4tr Sa j-j.t
CaM f mil Bailant ranr. !.!-.. 7-.-
5JET-iJci.TT-tVrttr.iid Ttlfrx;tT.EfcIt.
T!' Krcto'kt t'sirrmty Iploc,
r4.l rr4asi Lttrry (visrw fr. if 4sj-I
! taratla. Kstf-r .- tre.tr ii-f
vrltr fr v s!?-. r.a-c . &4im pm
- J ii1:-
L.. '
Wanted-An Idea S
ML !Ht
-5t ait
t-ii Vtt -
rTvunrT yar i."rr r,7 tmtf r
w . . . t . w r ,- . . . . . f - . v . ...
r . A til H LtULt.L .., t " - - "
Sj WMiU, Ij i:. t-J ltr l-i-s v-o
Ukl UM ft t tltl t5ICl

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