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is necessary for cotton to produce
high yields and good fibre.
'. Write for our valuable books 01
fertilization: they contain informa
tion that means dollars to ths
farmers. Sent free on request.
Write now while you think of it
to the .
flew York- t5ncttB "31
J Nassau SUtr Ok So.B"rt
9 ffT 8
Few housekeepers understand how
to care for hardwood floors. Simple
or elegant, there Is but. one mode or
treatment, says the California Ladies'
Magazine. Never put a drop or 011 or
any kind upon them. If soiled, ruo
them off thoroughly with a flannel
cloth wet with turpentine. When dry
apply a preparation of wax. When
this is finished and dry. polish them
with a cloth or brush made for the
purpose until clear and shining, as the
quality of the floor will admit, xai
carefully done will keep a wooden
floor in perfect condition.
Te tatter advertise the Synth's It 41s
Jj Celtee, toar seholarshlps i
eted rooiMC persons of tbts const? attest tkaa
The New mad Observer. :,
sf Raleigh, improves with each issue.
4Tbe editorial department has always
3een particularly vigorous, and this de
partment is kept up constantly to the
past standard, while the news feature
jgmin strength and add scope da by
ftay. Published at the State's natural
news center, few items of interest es
taA thr a Mention of Its alert corres
-pendents, whether pertaining to the af- THE COAL IK&.
-fairs of the State s centers or popuia- r:(, rrAS(ifeppninir tells us that, in
. 1L. !. I " wv i O '
remote mountain sections. Enoujh to I CVUUUUiiac . ' "
Bay that from every standpoint of a have a good bed or coais, ana wen
Htitoon and vigorous newspaper The Uddinff fuel, shovel on one side only,
News and Observer covers the ground. covering a little less than half their
surface; put in as much coal as experi-
;For the nursery there is midget fur
niture,-of a kind that deiignts tae
hearts of the children, not doll furni
ture, but furniture, of just the right
sort for the use of11 children; comfort
able easy chairs about ne-third the
size of . those in mother's room, cov
ered with pretty cretonne; a small. so
fa and a little box: couch, covered to
match, says "the Ohio State Journal.
The little toilet table is draped with
the cretonne, and there are hangings
of it at the door. A small white writ
ing desk and table, with a white chair
of corresponding size, have a place In
one corner of the room, and on tne
desk are slate and pencil and an alpha
bet game. The cretonne. box couch
makes an excellent receptacle for toy
when they are not in use.
The Modern Girl's Weapons, f
The present-day girl carries abort
her person at least twa concealed
weapons in the form of the newest hat
pins. The breadth of the crown if.
the' up-to-date hat has made it neces
sary to add two inches to the length
of the already sufficiently dangerous
hat pin, and the result is astonishing.
The old-fashloried gold or silver pin
of seven or eight inches In length is
of no use whatever in securing tfys
summer's hats. The new pin meas
ures ten5 inches ; from ''tip - to- handle !
and is made of an inflexible metal to
pierce the heavy straws. Plain gold
heads, r either.; rpund ,.or :;oyal A in ,-fprm. '
are seen on many of the new pins, al
though some of the1 more expensive
designs are set with jewels. ,
FITS permanently cured. No fits ot nervous
ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Greai
NerveBestorer, atrial bottleand treatise free
Dr. It. Hi &i,iygtL'td.,yaiArehat;,lJfliia,i Pa.
Korean girls over seven are all taught at
home. " : ; " - - . ' 7 ' . - "
Tiso's Cure is the best medicine we ever used
for all affections of throat and iungd. ft'M.
O. Lkdslky, Yanburen, ind., Feb. 1U, 11K)J.
The man -who first made steel pens got
each for tbern.
Itch cured in 30 minutes by WoolfordV.
Sanitary Lotion. Never faiie. Sold by a!'
,.drucgLsts,:,$l. . Ma,ii .order;? nroumtlv liiied
by ffr;K.)etcl,on, Crawiorteyille, lnd: -
. Of the 467 savins banks in Japan only
one is foreign. . .:.;;
Gee little thing well done is tetter
ban many great things but begun.
Am Innovation Which Doss Awsy With
tks UncomfsrUbit-Appsarinfl Coffln.
It Is not so amuch what you pay for,
sc what you fay, but what you get
Oat needs your attention in the islsc-
SSmm of a casks for th genius of the
twentieth oentury has been just as
tesf la tfcs way of funeral furnish
tnss as la other line, until today
to styles of caskets are quite differ-
est from what thsy were fifty years
msm sad chanting svery day.
This Is espsclally true in Metallic
Caskets, the aid style heavy cast iron
eeoda having given away to the more
aa-to-date copper linings whicli are
SMsaUy fitted Into ths best grades of
varnished or cloth eovered wort.
One of ths latest designs aa recently
aremght out by the National Casket
Jo Is what ts dssignated as a Couch
Basket, which has ths appearance of a
aomfortable coueh when open, yet re-
talm all the requisite outlines of the
est styles in regular casket work
nrfcen closed.
ence may show necessary and have the
coal reasonably fine; do not burn eosrse
lumps. Next time put in fuel on the
other side. In this way, the heat from
the live coals tends to make coke of
the fresh fuel, consuming the smoke
and gases. Less draft is needed to
start the fire, and' less fuel goes to
waste in gas or smoke, and there is
less gas and dirt in the furnace room
and house. In case of large lumps used
to hold the fire, a good way is to scat
ter slack over the lumps, as the slack
tends to hold the fire longer and the
lumps tend to prevent the slack from
forming cinders.
In using coal, especially the soft coal,
there is always more or less fine coal.
or dust in every load, and this can be
used to very great advantage by lay
ing back the lumps, when one has a
fine bed of coal In the range, and put
ting this fine coal on the live coals, a
shovelful at a time, in th above man
ner. It makes a very hot fire, and
there is thus no waste. It is a very
extravagant way of doing when one
picks out the lumps and leaves the fine
coal and dust to be thrown out with
the ashes. Some claim that it adds to
the heating qualities of the coal dust
to sprinkle it well with water before
using it.
A. A. Boyce, a farmer, living three
and a half miles from Trenton, Mo.,
says: A
severe cold
settled in
my kidneys
and devel
oped so
quickly that
I was oblig
ed to lay off
work on ac
count of the
aching . in
my bac
and sides.
For a time I was unable to walk at
all, and every make-shift I tried and
all the medicine I took had not the
slightest effect My back continued to
grow weaKer unni 1 ogan laiuug.
Doan's Kidney Pills, and I must say
I was more than surprised and grati-.
fled to notice the back ache disappear
ing gradually until it finally stopped."
Doan's Kidney Fills sold by an
dealers or mailed on receipt of price,
50 cents per box. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Useful Turn-Ups. .
Policeman, mailcarriers, messenger
boys, business men and not a few
women lor several hours one day last
week took part in a search for a $5
gold piece which dropped from the
hand of a Ninth street business man
who had received R in change at the
postoffice. A lbt of smaller change
which had fallen at the same time
was soon recovered, but not the gold
coin. Very few cracks and crevices
among the -cobblestones escaped
canes and prying eyes, but allln vain,
Even pools of water were swept away,
but to no purpose.
It did not seem possible that., it
could have rolled more than a few
feet, although the street for half a
square was carefully scrutinized
rnat evening me missmg com was
found at least five milG3 away.
The man who had dropped it hur
ried out to his home in West Phila
delphia, Intending to return to a thea
ter. Putting on. his evening clothes;
he went to hang up the pair of trou
sers he had taken off when something
dropped to the floor with a ring. Be
, fore him lay the $5 gold piece.
When the piece fell it had landed
in the turned up fold of his trousers.
-Philadelphia Press
Show for Sightseers.
When President Roosevelt was go
ing from Oyster Bay to Washington
recently he and his party -passed
through Thirty-fourth street, the chief
executive bowing and smiling to those
who saluted him.
As the .mounted policemen 'who rod
ahead reached Thirty-fourth street a
big antomoblla with sightseers drew
up on the north side of the street to
let the carriages pass.
Suddenly the man with the mega
phone yelled out:
"Ladies and Gentlemen: Here
comes, the president of the United
States. I was one of his- Rough Riders
and arranged it with him to get here
at the same time as this machfne.
You see we are strictly up to date."
The passengers grinned, but the
grin changed to a puzzled expression
when, as the barker shouted, "Hello,
Colonel; you see I'm on deck," the
president bowed and smiled cordial
ly. 'They were not aware that he
would do the same to any one who had
the nerve to salute him as did the
bogus Rough Rider.
O R N If in m4 of Corn MM! or mC
11 11 JLo interest to correspond with
of Cameron. N. C. Maaafac-
tarersof OORN MILLS from the famous
Moore iCpunty Grit.
Soro Eyoa. Barry Co iowo Cltjr. U..vo a raro cart
1 51
John Vhito & Co.
Eitobllihtd 1SS7
BWrkMtatarktt prit
rMi ir riir
and Hides.
HflW . put rMor tael:
80. 50,
On th? occasion ;oC ..the hundredth an
niversary of the death of Schiller
(May 9. 100.',) the Swiss Government
intends to give every pupil in the pub
lic schools a copy or that poet's play,
"William Tell." The sum of $20,000
has been set aside for this purpose.
TRfnii Cannot B Currl
by loeal applications aa they cannot.reachtne
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by consti
tutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumblingsound orimper
fect hearing, and when "it is entirely closed
Deafness is the rasult, and unless th inflam
mation can be taken out and this tube re
stored to its normal condition, hearing will
be destroysd forover. Nine cases out of ten
are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an
inflamed condition ot the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)tbat can
not be cured bv Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars free." F. J. Cstsnet & Co.,Toledo. 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75d.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipattoa.
A man brought up at SL Albans as
an incorrigible rogue was proved to
have married his aunt. Ors. children
are, therefore, his 3rst cousins and he
is: his own uncle. His grandmother .4
and her mother-in-law are the same
person. Apparently the Judge sym-.
pathized wiih him, for he was discharged.
Our mercy is good, but His tender
mercy is many times better.
Prize for Healthiest Baby.
During the past few weeks a novel
baby competition has been running at
York, England. The prize, a peram
bulator, was not given for the pret
tiest or heaviest infant, but for the
cleanest and healthiesL To decide
the winner a committee of ladies has
been paying surprise visits at the
homes of the competitors, and taking
' The especial advantage of the Couch
Caatet is found in its relief from that
stiffness usually noted in all other
Assigns, and impressing the minds of
thm friends as well aa that of the fam
ily with a feeling of peace and rest
fulaess not known before.
If it is desired to retain all of the
preservation qualities aa found in the
copper linings, the Couch Casket can
bi enclosed la a metal lined outside
fc, which will, then answer the dou
ble purposs of preserving both the
casket aa well as ths remains.
All undertakers in the south should
be la a position to furnish these latent
Improved goods, as the National Caa
tet Co's. larga plant at Nashville,
Tean has been especially fitted up
1st furnishing them on short notice,
mam larga sales already proves that
tluslr efforts are being appreciated ,y
the teest class of people everywhere. :
V .nil H.TRis?!S53SH!Br.T5?
a rvKi. m . a mm
1 flaw?
1 i
25.000 NZ.W WORDS, Xtc.
KeTr wattear of the World
otecraphical Dictionary
000 lUusizatloas.
Should be in Every
nome. School, arid Office
rT; Trna Abbott, T.I., Kdi tor of
Outlook, My,; Webster has
tejavcriit in our hDiisehoU I
"JZV S-cc to
WmVIi .a. A
' era. Sprlnaf ieW. Moo..
So. 5(.
'A Nice Bun Any good bread douga
makes a nice bun for 5 o'clock tea.
Simply add an egg or two,, brush the
outer surface with milk, not omitting
to sugar the dough to taste. A raisin
or a bit of citron is a neat central or
nament and improves the taste.
Liver Pates For liver pates the liver
of poultry are to be preferred, but
when not available calves' liver may
be used as a substitute. In any ease
saute and cut into fine dice, sprink
ling with paprika and moistening very
slightly with olive oil. Make "cups"
of any good, rich paste and line with
French peas. Then put in the liver
and bake till cups are done.
Vemson There are several good
methods of cooking this delicious meat.
but broiling and roasting are the most
popular. After partially broiling, rub
the steaks with butter and return to
the fire until they are done. Place on
a very hot platter and add seasoning
and a little more butter. Melt a tea-
spoonful of current jelly and pour over
the venison just before serving. It is
a good plan to marinate venison steaks
before broiling, and for this fcuroose
the following is recommended: Stir
into a tablespoonful of salad oil, salt,
white pepper, and a very little grated
nutmeg. Roll the venison well in this
before placing in the broiler.
Pot Roast This is said to be Henry
Clay's favorite dish, and is guaranteed
to be after a recipe of Mrs. Clay's.
Have the butcher extract the bone
from the rump roast and take a few
stitches to keep the piece, in shape.
l'laee in an iron pot with a tight cov
er. Put in with it two smail onions
with two cloves stuck in each, a pod
of red pepper, two carrots, salt, and
a little allspice. Pour enough boiling
water over the beef to nearly cover it.
Let it come to a hard boil, then set the
pot where it will just simmer for six
hours. Place the beef on a hot dish.
strain the gravy, and take off every
People who spend their lives packing
their trunks never go anywhere.
Eight Food Make Happy Child ran Be
came They Are Healthy.
rtaiiw few T aiZZZLZFS
W tftersd or cured p.--
" WJto twenty Ejrf; nVrJn ReoMaUy f .fT8
particle of grease. Have ready one-
' tooaf1 of downed m rgoTatinbevera
a saucepan, pour the gravy over it,
ana tiiicxen witn a little flour. When
looked pour over the beef. Cut up the
carrots and arrange around the meat.
A better pot roast could hardly be
Sometimes milk does not agree with
children or adults. The same tbing is
true of other articles of food. What
agrees with one sometimes does not
agree with others.
But food can be so prepared that it
will agree with the weakest stomach.
As an illustration anyone, no matter
how weak the stomach, can eat, relish
and digest a nice hot cup of Postum
coffee with a spoonful or two of Grape-
Nuts poured in, and such a combina
tion contains nourishment to carry one
a number of hours, for almost every
particle of it will be digested and
taken up by the system and be made
use of.
A lady writes from the land of the
Magnolia and the mocking bird way
flown m Alabama and says: 1 was
led to drink Postum because coffee
gave me sour stomach and made me
nervous. Again Postum was recom
mended by two well known physicians
for my children, and I feel especially
grateful for the benefit derived.
Milk does not. agree with either
child, so to the eldest, aged four and
one-half years, I give Postum with
plenty of sweet cream. It agrees with
her splendidly,, regulating her
perfectly, although she is of a
pated habit.
"For the youngest, aged two and one-
half years, I use one-half Postum and
one-half skimmed milk. I have not
given any medicine since the children
began using Postum, and they enjoy
every arop 01 it
"A neighbor of mine is eivins Pos
turn to her baby lately weaned, with
splendid results. The little felow is
thriving famously." Name given by
irosium uo,., Battle Creek, Mich
Postum agrees perfectly with rhll
dren and supplies adults with the hot.
ge in ulac of
Mrg. ElizafretiriL Thompson,!
of Lfllyiialc, N.Y., Grand Worthy
Wise Templar, and Member of
W.C.T.U., tells how she recov
ered by the se of Lydia E.
Pinkoam s vegetable Compound.
" Dett.ii Mrs. Pixkham: I aai one
of the msny of your grateful friends
woo nave een cured through the use
of Lydia .C Pinkham'i Vesretablo
Compound and who can to-day
thank, you for the floe health I enloy.
When I was thirty-five years old, I
Buffered severe backache and frequent
bearing-down pains ; in fact, I had
womb trouble. I 'was very anxious to
get well, and reading of tho cures yonr
ompouna naa maae, 1 decided to try
11. 1 took omyvs:s coiiies,outit buiit me
up andcurcd me entirely of mv troubles.
" My family and relatives were
naturally as gratified as I was. My
nipce had heart trouble and nervot:3
pi'ostratioa, anJ V7as considered incur
able. She took your Vegetable Com
pound and it cured her in a short time.
and she became well and stronsr. and
her home to her great joy and her hu3-
X00 d scific system
rr t wi mc use or oniy me oeet materials h5M.
Winchester Factory Loaded New RW.l" ?
ter pattern, penetration and more uniform reswiS
ally than any other shelle. The special eaner ni H S"
cheater patent corrugated head Led 51
Rival V ' ihelle, eive ; them strength to withstand rli Jttftt
blood, wtod oa the stomach, bloated oowreU, foul 5nouth, Hemdache, Indwestioa l' ?
pains after eutiC, ihrer WmWti sallow skin ind dizziness. When w tweUdsSSfV
rctuUrly yoQ are sick. Constipation kills more people than all other disease SsJ?
Starts chronic ahments and lonr years of suffering. No matter what a K Sm", 11
CASCARETS today, for yoa wflfnever get well.nd stay will iSS JS Jet 'yJSr Si
riht Take oar advice, start with Cascsrets today under absolute ruar.ntZ iST
money refunded. . The cenuine tablet stamped C C C. Never sold in tmvl " RfM
PooMet tree. Aaaress sterling Keraeay Company. Chicago or New York. 11
The capacity and reliability of these firms is of such superiority
that their goods sell anywhere by mail or personal order allk
they get ths most careful attention. Kindly keep this sd. as a ref
erence It may assist you some time in ths future.
plaesd. Iearn sow. Sendfor catalogue. . A prosat to all answering this. Addr
a.' . HKiau K. pr..or L. w. ARWiLi: vice frs., pnartmftnr. n. t!B.";,-,,-
Address WHEELER & WILSON MFG. CO.. Atlaota,
Th TTatkins "Boy". Hay Press. Chsap. Simple, DatabU.
Two boys can operate it (bo othar powr nedd) and bale w
crop riffht in the Held at less than cost of hauling to bl? press."
does lots of other things and costs only S3. Write forolren
lars. AVe buyandssll Liil. - C. . LOWE CO.. Atlanta, 0.
The 7flice of the Kflorn i&ir-L
caption pnee $l.OJ per year. Agents wanted
Ssad 104 for sacs pie copy-
Atlanta, GJXKfia.
Thsss watches are guaranteed for 1J aooths.aad In America way
there is more than one million of them kespiug perfect time s
has been for years. B.membsr that whea in need ot Wai
known to Hardwate, Silverware, S&OTes, Ranftes or Culiory,
are the largest in the south. Write for anything you wa-
King Hardware Co.,
- -v- ATtAKTA, OA.
ThaVsvery important to farmers. ILWeaoh prepaid yoara
doesn't handle. Write for free mem. book.
COUCH BROS. 4 J. J. EAGAN CO.. Atlanta,
- "Youns mule's shouldsr se&lled all otst, healed ia on ,.
lowed dally with Lankford Collar. WM. BOYD, Cornerviu-,,,
bowels baad's delight was blessed with a bahy. TT A VTT
, ,cs I know of a: number of others vrho 1 Kxf 1 I v
M?ave bcen eared of different kinds of XiXL'VMf
KIM t.MHl ha 1TH nn -r, Z A' A I Ifc I- If ill g'f-'
female trouble, and am satisfied that
your Compound is tho best medicine
for sick women." MBa- EMsABiTH H
Jhompson. Box : 05, Lilly dale, N.Y.
95000 forfeit If orfr r,sl of atos IttUr fttelna
sMmjltMnsM a.a t -
Removes all swelling in 8 to 30
days ; effects a permsnent cure
in so to 6o dav. Trial treat meat
given free. Uothingcsn be fairer
Write Dr. H. H. Green's Son.
Sfisclalista. Bex O Atlanta. 6&
-3 I
coffee. Literally thousands of. Amer
icans nave been helped out of stom-
acn ana nervous diseases bv'iwin
off coffee and using: PostumPood Cof
fee. Look in package for the little
est Cough Syrup. Tastes 3oo0- Use
to time. 8oia by druggists.
1 WhSjmcl&EmJmJJbim-
u. . . . . i-'m 63.50
mfcoom thzn any dhar mnufacWrr In '"';asw?
sT lf I could ahow you the j, I'Kjiif .L
er fc.60 shoe ou tbe marae
The reason W. L. Douelas $8.E0 shoes are the srreatesi
i9ovai.yie. easy ailing and superior wearsng qusnues
shoes made In my factory and those of othor makes a
etand why W. L. Douglas SS.60 shoes cost mors to m&fce.
looser, and are of srnalr Intrinalf. valtiM than anv other 1
M'e or the year ending July l,-WM, were 8,203.040.00. - . fl tfi8 bottto.
W. L. DouclM cnarantea their Taltie by stantuinu tatce tnd pt! CD iu
use bo soDsuiuie. sold by snoe dealers every wuers.
Mle. Faat Color Eyelet oaerte4 gSHZ.
14V L. DOUGLAS, Crogg'
" how worn W. L. DoitDlat
lathaelum. I find (hem superior
Xf. JL DonElas uses Corona Coltakin
m ins nneti rnubui ieatner made
oq& ta Wailriliak

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