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THURSDAY, Feb. 16, 196?-
f Published Ever Thursday.
'JOSEPH A. HARRIS, Publisher
and Owner.
The Agricultural and Mechanical
College at Raleigh has been placed
by the United States officials on
what is known as the approved list,
so that its graduate in engineering
are eligible 'for nation appoint
ments as engineers, without standing
further examinations.
It is stated that the rabbit season
closed in Chatham county on the
:31ttof January though we did not
know it ever closed and that du
ring its continuance, 40,000 rabbits,
which sold at an average of S cents
apiece or ior a total of 3,200, were
shipped from Siier'City alone, with
no reoorta from the other railroad
stations in the county. What a de
mand there roust have been tor
lautopeptin in Raleigh this winter
Chirlotte Observer. Just like the
Charlotte Observer. J hat paper is
always calling corn whiskey by pe
names. Now it calls it Iactopeptin
Fraud Exposed.
A few counterfeiters have lately
been making and trying to sell irai
-tations of Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs and
'Colds, and other medicines, thereby
defrauding the public. This is to
'warn vou to beware of such people
who seek to profit, through stealing
the reDutation of remedies which
have been ucoespfolly cnrwsr dis
"ease, for over 35 years A sure pro
tection, to you, is our name on the
wrapper. Look for it, on all Dr.
King's, or Bucklen's remedies, as all
others are mere imitations. H E.
BUCKLEN & CO., Chicago, 111.,
and Windsor, Canada.
The Insane ITirst.
Sta'.esville Landmark. 1
A bill has been introduced in the
Legislature appropriating $50,000
ior ihe support ot the University
and 850,000 for a new building
there. The State Normal College
and the A. & M. College, at Ral
eigh, will probably ak tor in the
neighborhood of $200,000 each The
Landmark is proud ot these institu
tions aod proud of the work they
are doing for North Carolina. But
the State hospitals tor the insane
should first be provided for. When
these are given what is necessary tor
them to have to care for the unfor
tunates ot the Slate, and the other
charitable institutions and the public
scboolei are properly provided for,
then the State institutions tor higher
education should come in tor what
ever can be given Ihem. But the
insane first by all means.
A Night Alarm
Worse than an alarm of fie at
tlirtVtt.iu ttio hraauv rwirli ' tF strmit.
which sounds like the children's
death knell and it means dea'h on
less something i3 done quickly. Fo
ley s tloney and lar never tails to
give instant relief and quickly cure
the worst forms of croup. Mrs P.
L. Cordier, of Manninton, Ky.,
Writes : "My three year old girl had
a severe case of croup ; the doctor
said she could not live. I got a bot
ue oi ioieys Money and lar, tne
first dose gae quick relief and saved
her life." lie! use substitutes. C D.
There is no reason why that Ver
mont woman should not hang, other
than that she is a woman, but that
should be sufficient "--Durham Her
ald. Yes, that is reason enough
nanging is monstrous po r use to
put even a man to, though a great
many more ot them should be hantr
ed than are. But as io hanging a
womsn way with tin thought!'
Charlotte Observer
1 here 8 a pretty girl in an Alprhe
A sweeter girl with a sailor brim,
Jbut the haudoomest girl you'll
ever see.
Is the sensible girl who Uses Rocky
Ikff a m v v
mountain lea W. A. Hayes.
The trouble with mot of our re
m m rm m 1 M.
1V,U,B w "iat we are more anxious
to remove the things that offend our
taste than we are to get rid ot those
luai iorm another's temptations.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough
Bears the
Signature of.
The War Between Rna-
' siet cmfl-Xapo,ii.
ProgreBBive Farmer and Cotton
Plant, February 7 J
This week marks the ending ol
firat. vr ol me war ueiwecu
elve month.
Rnoaia and Jaoan. 1 w
: . i- .i.nnnia-hpcr!in nff Port Ar
,h,.rPnrt Aitbnr which Uhe Ja
panese had won trom China in iy,
but which the Powers bad forced
them to give up
iQfii. not one can in
a huudrea
would have predicted for the little
brtjwo 1meni8uch success as 'they
have had. But they have paid a
fearlul price. In our daily papers
we have read the story of "a iege
destined to become memorable in
listory, To understand how fierce
t. - . .r-t-h I oln this
brief summing op " trom comers
J U O w V - - - -
"The Japanese fired two mouBanu
nf Khl s into fort Arthur
over thirty million dollars' worm.
It cost the Russians as much in
powder and shot to defend them
selves. Forty millidn bullets were
discharged during the sieue Seven-
tv-five thousand men a.ea tcere, aim
J . CP J
fully three times that many sunereu
irom wounds The death ot every
man cost bis weight in metal. Every
gun fired over twenty times its own
A Thousand Dollars ihbown
Mr. W. W. Baker, of Plainview,
Ne j., writes : My wife had lung
irotible tor over titteen years We
tried a number of doctors and spent
over a thousand dollars without any
.11 CM 1 r si T 1st ait
renei. one wa vij iww
all hope, when a friend suggested
tryine Foley's Honev and Tai
r,W t
I did ; and thanks be to this great
remedv. it saved her life. She is
stronger and enjoys better health
than she has ever known in ten
years. We shall never be without
Foley's Honey and Tar and would
ask those afflicted to try it." C. D.j
J ones.
Charlotte Observer,
The Gaston county man who pre
sented a bill of 825 to the County
Commissioners lor taking from a
pond ao inmate from the County
Home should communicate with the
custodian of the Carnegie hero fond
since the local authorities have failed I
to cough up. I
Grave Trouble Foreseen.
It needs bat little foresight, to I
tell, that when your Btomach and
iver are badly affected, grave iron
ble is ahead, uuless vou take the
proper medicine for your disease, as
Mrs. John A. Youu, ot Ulay, JN.
Y., did. She says : "I ha'dxrieuralgia
of the liver and stomach, my heart
was weakened, aud I couldinol eat.
I was very bad off for a long time,
but id Electric Bitters, 1 iound juet
what I needed, for they quickly re-1
ieved and cured roe." Best medi
cine for weak women, bold under
guarantee by W. A. Hayes, Drug
gist, at 50o a bottle.
I Wilmington Star.
Once upon a lime a man went in
to business, put his stock of good-
i it
in a navK ro m irouiing on an atie
aud even refused tj put up a sign.
Of course it is agreed thai the fooi
itih man didn't make his salt but
tuanv a man who is Irvine to d
business without taking advantage
ot the opportunity to aaverlise
comes very uearly having a Store it
a back room on an alley aud without
a sign of puh in his bustuess.
It makes no difference how maij
medicines have failed td cure you, it
you are troubled with headache, con
hit iiiO.? mn LrinriLtV r huxii trnn.la
Hollister's Uocky Mountain Tea
will make you well. W. A. Hayes.
Edward erell Male siys :
"Never bear more than ohe kiud
of trouble at a time Soui peop e
oear three kinds all tbey have had.
ali l.ey have now, aud ail they ex
pect to have."
Ihe iuot reliable preparation!
fr kidney troubles ou the market i.
boiey's Kidney Cure. C. D. Jones
Orr Monday, March 6, 1905, at the
court Lrotrse door iu Hillsboro, in obe
iiem-e 1 m order ot the Superioi
(Jonrt in special proceeding ot Charles
Straynorn and others Ex Pirtc, I will
offer I of" sale Lots No's Ul, and 85 in
plot ot town ot Uilbtro, Ot about one
acre eah, and a'sO' a tract of latuu ot
about 42 acres adjoining lauds of Wiley
UuteS; William Andrews, Airthoii
Caldwel.'s heirs, Klizabeth Gales1 heiis?
and VV. P. Koberts, in Qrknge coiflity.
Terms of sale : One-'tnrird cash and
balance at 6 and 12 mouths with inter
est from day ot sate orr deferred pay
ments. Thi3 30th day of January, 19D5I
OUTOR'S If O ? I'Ctf.
Having qualified aS Executor o;
fames ,B. Daniel, deceased",- air person
inde ted to said estate are nerebjr noti
lieu to make immediate payment, an
ill claims against the same artist be ex
hibitpd to the undersigned on or befor
the 6th day ot Jan., 1906, or this nc
tiee will be plead in bar of their ri
covery. This nth day of January, 1905.
: Executor.
JL.etter to M.
Hillsboro, N. 0
Dear Sir : Here's something every
painter antTbuilder ought Ho know.
Mr. -J. rJ. 'Hall, Sheffield, Pa .
Panted two houses, 0 years
lead and oil ; took 40 gallons.
Kb-ear.' he painted Devoe boogbt 4U
gallons ; bad 10 left
u one ()f
thousands. rl'ne
is gelling apoot picnj
generally, that Devoe goes further
than anything else,'
Have you iound it out in yont
own experience ? V'"'"
How roueh fu tber ?
Suppose a 6b amounts to 10,000
equate feet ; how much .lefo Devoe
could you boy ? : ;
Is it as easy to paint ?r- Does it
cost any more or less to put on by
th trallnn than anvthinsT else ? how
much ? V
If it costs no more to put on
Devoe by the gallon, it costs less by
ihe toot, vou know : for the gallon
does norefeet. 'How much less, do
von find H. tor wages ?
T.ft-i n. sa'v. twice as loue;; that is
the owner's gain : but perhaps you
reckon it Vours : some" dt. The
tims when tnat coires in, is when he
gives oot the next job.
Who gets it (
Yours truly,
F. W. DEVO&iiSsiiDb.
P. S Parks & Hedgpeth Bell our
Poisons in Food.
Perhaus you don't realize that
many pain poisons originate in you
hllt Am. jftV vol mftv reel
feel a
7 ' f dy that will co
Wince you. Dr. King's tfew Li
you, ur. rung s ixew L.iie
Pills are guaraoteed to cure all sick
ness due to poisons of undigested
food or money back. 25c at W.
AHayes' Drugstore. Try them.
'. o
XCbarlotte Observer.
fllgh Point has lolly demonstra
ted that there is at least one place
that can pull off a banquet without
having recourse to the cup which
both cheers and inebriates.
Kidney complaint kills more
people tbau anv other disease. This
j8 ,lue to the disease beios soiinsid-
a0us that it gets a good hold on the
system before it is recognized, r o
ley's Kiducy Cure will prevent the
development of faial disease it taken
iQ time. CD: J ones.
. tWilmiugton Star.
It is announced that the orisina
tor of the cake walk is dying. ''The
mills of the gods grind plow," but
the right man gets into the hopper
soon or late.
Beautiful eyes and handsomeiaae
are eloquent commendations Bright
eyes ire windows to woman s heart
Hollister's Rosky Mountain Tea
makes bright eyes. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. '
Wood's Grass
Clover Seeds.
For clean fields and clean crops,
Sow Wood's Trade Mark Seeds,
the best qualities obtainable.
Wood's Seed Book gives the
fullest information about Grasses
and Clovers, best time and
methods of seeding, kinds best
adapted to different soils, quan
tities to seed per acre, best com
binations for hay or pasturage,
and much other information of the
greatest value to every farmer.
Wood's Seed Book is mailed free on re
quest. Write for it, and Special
Price List of Farm Seeds. ; '
T.W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen,
GRAND PRIZE Toiifr 1 904.
60LDUEDAL - PARI 1900.
Many newspaiers have lately given current
to reports by irresponsible parties to the effe
that - jj
had entered a trust or combination'; we wf
to assure the public that there ts n4rtruth
luch reports. We have been manufacturiu
leWing machines for over a quarter of a cent)
ry, and have established a reputation for ou
lelves and our machines that is the envy of a
others. Our "New Home" machine hi
never been rivaled as a family machine.
itands at the head of all High Grade sewin
machines, and stands on Its otcn merits;
The "Aetv name' is theonl rehll
IIIGII GUADE Setcitig Machin
O on the market.
It is not necessary for us to enter into a trtt
k save our credit or pay any debts as we hat
ao debts to pay. We have never entered hit
iompetition with manufacturers of low grad
;heap machines that are made to sell regan
ess of any intripsic merits. Do not be d
Jeiyedi when you want a sewirtg machine don
lend' your money away from' home; call on
4 New Home" Healer, he can sell you
setter machine for less than you can purchat
ilsewhere. If there is no dealer near ydV
write direct to ns.
Sekh,WSlitl;'Jt;WiMo., Atlaf'
ta, Ga,, DallaTex.,' San-Francisco, Cat f
Foley9 s Honey and1 Tilt
for chtldren,safe,sure. No opiates.
For tbe'pbsenrer.
Our Cliciritable Institu
House ot'tlepresentativea,
Raleigh, N. C, Feb. 11, 1905.
To theditor :
It occurred to me thaUt might be
interesting to the peopie ot our
county to read a few tacts in regard
& - u V. k m.Z A 1 v . M .till til I Al AO A W
io our uiiauiauio iubuiuuuiio i
lished aiVd maintained by a portion
of the taxes paid by the people of length, yet I fear I have already de
the State.
I tAined von ton lont. Vint, ad oiih
It is my pleasure to serve in the
present Jbegisiature on tne uomtnti-
t . ft I
ees x)f both the Blind and the in
sane Institutiong in North Carolina,
and navmg out recently returnea,
logemer wivu several oiner inem-
bers of our body, from a Visit Of
inspection to the State Hospitals at
Morganton, I fee! las I have a little
leisure tonight I would be glad to
lu',u ,ouK 1,1 "J J
some iacts in regara to tne morgan-
ton Institution as this is in our d it -
tnct ana to the maintenance oi iuih
ias well as to our other institutions of
chancy go some oi toe nara ear pen
our people, and they
siiuuiu miuw Buiuciuiug oi wiit u
..l iJ i .u:.. u . l
is maue oi tuis expeuuuuie, woi, out
wnat tne iacis connected wun an oi
1 . . 1 M a la . AT
our State, institutions are not always
dpeu to the public but for one rea
son or another we rarely avail our
selves of the opportunity to obtain
the same.
The State Hospital at Morsarttoh
Was established about za years ago
and has cost the State for lands,
(600 acres in number), buildings and
all necessaries such as heating plant,
water supply, furnishings, fco, dec,
not inoludino maintenance, of course,
about 8700,000. The property
though is 'worth much more than
that to day estimated as It is at
about one and one-half million Jol
lars, the enhanced value heing large
ly due to ;he labor of the patients
The main buildings, and there are
three others an close together, is
6aid to be a mile or more around,
and in these buildings together With
the "colonies," of which I will say a
word later, they have in round num
bers, beds for 1,000 patients. There
are estimated to be 1421 insane per
sons in the Western District which
extends eastward to a point includ
ing Orange county. This shows the
need of an inurease of about 400
beds at Morganton, aud even a
larger increase is needed in the
Eastern District, owing to the tact
that there are accommodations at
tialeioh for only about 400 patients.
It is estimated that about 20 per
cent oi the patients recover, it is a
further interesting taut that no pa
tient is confined or comi elled to
wear what is commonly known an
i be straight jacket, but all are at
lowed the freedom of the ward
Eighty per cent work and thus con
tribute to their own support. They
have hee what is known as the
"colony system'' which is the build
tng of some houses about a mile
from the main plant, and in these
buildings are placed sou
quiet and not dangerous patients,
tua.y of whom were farme.s, and
limy can lead here much the same
lite that was theirs before their
minds became affected.
It might be interesting further
more to our people to know that
oar county of Orange according to
the census of 1900 having within its
borders 9,429 white persons, and as
you of course understand I am
speaking only of white people
throughout this article, bad about 15
pauenu in ihe Insane Hospital and
2 applications on file. We now
have I'd patients therein; probably 3
or 4 applications on file, ud no in
ane pusuu either iu our jail or
. 0 inty home.
It uoois about $159 per year for
Winter coughs are apt to result
in consumption if neglected. They
can be soou broken dp by using Fo
ey's Honey and Tar. U. D. Jones
PreMidentinl . ,
will sell tickets on March 2nd and 3rd,
at extrem ly low rates to Washington,'
I). C. and return, with final return
limit March S, 1903 ; however, dn exten
sioh ot final return limit may, be pro
cured to March 18th. 1905. by deposit of
tieket with Joint -Validating A sent at
Washington prior to 8 o'cWck p. m..
Marcbhth, aud payment ot ONE DOL
LAR. Special Inducements to Military
Oompafiies and Brass Bands in
For uetailed information ad to Rates,
Schedules, Sleeping Car Accommoda
tions, ASK THE AGENT, or
K. L. VERNON, T. P. A;, Charlotte,
N. C
J. H. WOOD, p, P. A.. Asheville,
N. C '
S. H. HaRDVVJCK, Pass. Traffic
Manager,1 Washington, D. C. .
v H. TAY.LOJK General Passenger
Agent, Washington, D. C.
BAM M E j O A L Hj
the most healln'gr siilv'e in the world
the care and support of each patient
:n ine nospuai at rvaieign ana anout (
8145 for each one at Morganton.
This difference io cost is due to sev
eral causes among which may be
mentioned the larger number gath-
erd to'aether at Morcftnton. hence
maintenance is cheaper, also cost ol
certain ; articles there is less land
furthermore they have more land on
. m m V '
whih tftov ftn rniRfi Afrtn n snnh or
Mr. Ekitor. I could write at
ff0es throosh these bnildini?a aud
C3 O ii O
fiePR those on whom the "hand of
M;niU t.oU a u0;! fjun naA
tor 88 thev are and under the treat-
raeut of splendid physicians .he re-
i0oes ihat il is iu the heart of a areai
Slalo to take s -la Vanrprl n.hara.,
those of its children bereft of reason
It mav De for a season it may be
for liie the ereal maiontv of whom
came irom inaigent homes wnere
tj,e burden is sreaier than can le
nrpr uv wnt(
Thh suene is one nrft. to be. fnrtrnt
ten, and as we boarded the cars on
ielurn'to bur Ubors. and as I could
ve sn tne disfance. a mile awav. the
h M smoke trom ih s .:maanifioeni in
. . '.. : . .. .
8l,loliou floatiriiz'awav to the snow
t r
Covered mountains of the South, I
leit, as a senator remarked later to
me, that I would be glad if every
member of the General Assembly
and every person iu our various conn-
ties, could see what our good otate
is doing to alleviate the condition ot
i nose into wnose nes nas corneal
darkness oftttmes never to be
I would be pleased to say a word
as to our institutions tor the Deaf,
Dumb and the Blind, but time and
space forbii. Suffice it to say that
when one has visited these institu.
tions ot charity he feels proud of his
State for such a labor of love, and he
returns to his own task with a more
grateful heart and with a strength-
enea connaence in tne generous
spirit aud the loyal devot on ot bis
Which was tlie-Jargest island be
fore Australia was discovered ?
Foley's Honey and Tar cures
the cough caused by attack of la
grippe. It heals the lungs. C. D.
o -
Calvin O'Briaut, an ased anil
prominent citizen ot Durham, died
suddenly at his home in Durham last
Saturday morning.
1W75. 1904.
Oar Fall and Winter Mil
linery is now ready for inspection.
Iu selecting our goods tor this sea
son we bought the latot styles and
best quality. v
We have the most stylish Hals,
trimmed and untrimmed.jf everlot
tered in HiIlibro, and suitable for
all classes and all as'es. Thefpretti
est line ot Fancy Veils and Veiling
ever shown here. The daintiest
FJowers and Ribbons: A beautiful
line ot Fancy Collars for ladies
New and pretty trimmings for Shirt
Waists.' Handkerchiefs, Combs, Jew
elry, and a complete stock of every
thing usually kept in a first-el
millinery eslaolishment,
Out of town customers willHeve
their orders suspired romptlv at
short notice.
Tliedforatia Black-Drauffht comes
nearer regtiiatinff the entire system
and keeping the body in health than
any other medicine made. It is
always ready in any emergency to
treat ailments that are frequent in
any ; family, such as indigestion,
biliousness colds, diarrhoea, and
stomach aches.
Thedford's Black-Draught is the
standard, never-failing remedy for
stomach, bowel, liver and kidney
troubles. It is a cure for the domes
tic ills which so frequently summon
the doctor. It is as good for children
as it is for grown persons. . A dose of
this medicine every day will soon
cure the most obstinate case of dys
pepsia or constipation and when
taken as directed brings quick relief.
DAHViXAi, iLiDec. 33, 1MB.
StVb Black-Draughi has been oar
SffS? c52r. for flTe re B1 want
pOjHbor. When any of w feel badly w
?8 an ro Ail tight In twelve
Sf" JX? hBTe "Pent lots of money for
wit Blaok-braugbt. tbTh. BADKB.
Ask your dealer for a package of
Thedford's Black-Draught and fjf he
does not keep it send 25c. to The Chatta
nooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
and a paokaga will be mailed to too.
Foley's Honey and Tat
teals lungs and stops ttw cough
1 1
Hillsboro, N. c.
Office next door r.
offiefe, near the hojtel.
Attorn EY-i
Oxford, N. c.
Wilt practice in thJ
Person, : Durham and Granl-n Stf
the Jifpreme Court a,1Vllle. JS
g M. GATTlii "
Hillsboro, X. c.
Zr?ce? in .ste and P, .
c-rompi attention to all busW?0Q.
cial attention to Probate bS? SP
: : -v.SB.
.H RAH AM & ftRAD,.
A i. n
x Hillsboro. y. rj.
Pneticln the (oimtw' .
Durham. 'Granville, iw"
jR. J. S. SPURGEok,
Hillsboro, N 0.
OT Office on r.h
" a r uruunre store.
I take nlpasurft
friends and the nabhu lhr-t.h inJ3
patronage, given me, anfl respectfuli
solicit a cbu'inuanee nf the c... i
win oegiau to wait on vouwhpnrfti
want a Shave, Hair Cut, Shamuwui
anything done in my line.
Clothing Cleaned and Pr?. .a
ojtiisiacLiuu guarameeu.
" .
louf humble servant,
Tbn Barbs
bought one-halt interest in :u
strcK or nis orother. H. L. PsriA
will continue the business at hisnrt
... (11CU ;
stand on King street, the style of thai
nrm reinaumi 11. L. Parish.
ja . jl. . f a a i ft h .
We have enlarged our stock ana have
just receive! a nice line ot DRY I
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Salt k
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a r r ! OCk
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nh-a ..!.. U...wloic 1-1 UtnrifiS. GeOZTJ'
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Copy Books.
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irr wax cube
. lMt
Oracle Cmgb. KTO
hOocsn, Oi.tcmpel,
HMcboaad. iDdifMtiM Hnft
ud (II SmbkH ni I IN nUU9
ml TimWc. .Coari SOTin.Ind;ft.
fatMt. fajllflrilslHW. . j...-1-aie"
O s Pkn. $1.00. 12 Pkf W-00-
For nale at HuW"
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