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THURSDAY, ----- Jdne 15, 1905.
Published Every Thursday.
and Owner.
The blind tigers who come into
Hillsboro with their 'Vessels" ought
to be made to intern and remain in
.port until the close of the war.
Major W. H, Watlingtou, of
Caswell county, well known all over
the State, made us a pleasant call
last Friday Major Watlingtou rt
qaested us tosay that Ex-Governor
Aycock will succeed Senator Sim
mons in the United states Senate.
That Ayock is the best speaker in
'the State and will make an able
Senator. The Major pays that 'Edi
tor Caldwell and the peonle of
Charlotte will believe what he says,
and that the Democrats of Charlotte
and the piedmont se6tiou are all for
Dying of Famine
is, in its torments, like dying of con
sumption. The progress ol con
sumption, from the beginning to the
very end, is a long torture, both to
victim and friends. "When I had
consumption in its first stage," writes
Wm, Myers, ot Cearfos, Md , "after
trying different medicines and a
good doctor, in vain, I at last took
Dr. King's New Discovery, which
quickly and perleotly cured me."
Pxompt relief and sure cure for
coughs, colds, sore throat, bron
chitis, etc. Positively prevents pneu
monia. Guaranteed at W. A. Hayes'
Drugstore, price 50o and Si a bot
tle. Tnal bottle free.
Durham Sun.J
"Duiham is the coming town,"
said a gentleman to the Sun man iu
this office this morning, "I waut to
come here, if I can find a suitable
dwelling bouse I have a family of
small children, and I want them to
get the advantage of your fine
school facilities." This gentleman
has long been a resident of another
town, but is now very much in love
wittr TJnrhs m FT
within the next few months.
U. S. soldiers who served in Cuba
daring the Spanish war know what
this disease is, and that ordinary
temediei have little more effect ihao
eo much water. Cuban diarrhoea is
almost as severe and dangerous as a
mild attack of cholera. There is
one remedy, however, that can al
ways be d3pended upon as will be
Been by . the following certificate
from Mrs. Minnie Jacobs of Houston,
Texas : "I hereby certify that Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Hemedy cored my husband of
a severe attack of Cuban diarrhoea,
which he brought home from Cuba
We had several doctors but they
did him no good. One bottle of
this remedy cured him, as our neigh
bors will testify. I thank God for
so valuable a medicine" . For sale
by W. A. Hayes, Druggist.
Charlotte Chronicle.
.The work of double-tracking the
Southern Kail way between Greens
boro and High Point is progressing
rapidly. Many laborers are em
ployed along this stretch of fifteen
miles cf track and much of the
grading has been done, and in some
places the new track has been laid.
Asthma Sufferers Should Know
Foley's Honey and Tar has cured
many cases of asthma lhat were oon
sidered hoptlee. Mrs. Adolph
Buesing, 701 West Third Street,
j-avcupui iy iuwa, wrues: "jx eevere
cold contracted twelve years ago
was neglected until it finally grew
into asthma. The best medical skill
available could not give me more
than temporary relief. Foley's
Honey and Tar was recommended
and one tiity cent bottle entirely
cured me ot asthma which bad been
growing on me tor twelve years.and
it I had taken u at the atari I would
have been saved several years of suf
faring" Sold by W. A. Hayes,
Gen. W. R Cox, of Halifax floon-
ty, a prorniuent citizen of the State.
A rtrl IV I TT
mis. tierbert Claiborne, of
juienmond, will be married on the
f i in,
For Infants and Children.
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
f Monthly Messenger.
An irate colored youth made the
air blue with epithets applied to an
other darkey, who passively leaned
againtft a lamp post an 3 said not a
word in retort Tbe indifference of
the-attacked boy made his enemy
more wrathful, and he loudly and
long cursed and abused the spbynx.
Finally becoming exhausted, tbe
irate boy desisted, when Xbe other
one quickly asked : "Is you tboo ?"
"Cose Ize thoo, when I dan call yer
everything I could dat's mean, an I
wishes I knowed more lef tell you 1"
"Now, den, if youze thoo, all dem
things whar :you dan call me you
is!" Now, there's philosophy for
Smoking in a Powder Magazine
Is courting death more suddenly
but not more surely than neglecting
kidney disorders. Foley's Kidney
Cure will cure a slight disorder iu a
few days and its continued use will
cure the most obstinate caes. It
has cured many people of Bright's
disease and diabetes who were
thought to be incurable. If you
have kidney or ' bladder trouble,
commence taking Foley's Kidney
Cure today, befero it is too late
Sold by W. A. Hayes, Drugoist.
Wilmington Star. J
Some Mexicau women have or
gauized an anti-kissing society. You
may think this is very foolish, but
their rules only forbid the kissing of
one woxan by auother, which, as a
matter ot fact, is really nothing but
a counterfeit of the genuine ailicle.
Sprained Ankle. Stiff Neck,
Lamk Shoulder.
These are three common ailments
for which Chamberlain's Pain Baloo
is especially valuable. If promptly
applied it will save you time, money
and suffering when troubled with
any of these ailments. For fr&le by
W. A. Hayes, Draggist.
- o
Greensboro Record.
Don't you enjoy having a man
drop in and dun you, fumbling over
his bills for ten minutes before he
can find yours ? It's like silling in
a dentist's chair wailing for the man
to jab his forceps down on an aching
Huge Task.
It was a huge task, to undertake
the cure ot such a bad case of kid
ney disease, a9 that of C. F. Collier,
of Cherokee, la., but Electric Bit
ters did it. He writes : "My kid
neys were so for gone, I could not
sit on a chair without a cushion ; and
suffered from dreadful backache
headache, and depression. In Eieo
trie I3itter8, nowever, 1 iouna a
cure, and by them was restored to
perfect health. I recommend th'e
great tonio medicine to all with
weak kidneys, liver or stomach.
Guaranteed by W. A. Hayes, Drug
gist ; price 50o.
The manufacturers of Winston
Salem shipped 3,033,431 pounds o
- , t - .1 mi m
luuauoo lasi monio. mis is an iih
crease of 309 050 pounds over May
v O
if you want a pretty face 3nd de
lightfol air,
Rosy cheeks and lovely hair,
Wedding trip across the sea.
Put your faith in Rocky Mountain
lea. W. A. Hayes.
Wheat, per bushel oi60 lbs., cts.
to 81 00.
Corn, pei bushel of 56 lbs., 65 cts.
Oats, per bushel of 32 lbs,, 50 cts.
Meal, per bushel ot 46 lbs. 70 cts
Pork, 8 cts per pound
Bacon- hog round 10 to 15 cts.
Flour, per barrel, $-.00 to $6.00.
Tallow, per pound, 4 to - cts.
Beeswax, per pound, 20 cis.
Butter, per pound 20 cts.
Eggs, per dozen, 15 cts.
I'eas, per bushel, 81 50 cts.
Beans, per bushel, 00 to $1 50.
Hides, dry, 4 to 10 cents per pound.
Chickens, each, 10 to 40 cts.
FeathersLive Geese 40 cts. per
Wool washed 25 to 35 cts. ner
Unwashed Wool, 15 to 20 cts pe
Coffee, 10 to 20 cts. pef pound.
Sugar, 6 to 7 cts. per pound
Having qualified as Administrator rm-
onthe estate ot John K. Hugbes, deeM,
I hereby notify all persons havrng
claims against tbe said estate to exhibit
tnem to the undersigned on or before
May 1st, 190G, or this notice will be
plead in bar of their recovery, and all
persons indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment.
This 1st day of May, 1905.
Administrator; .
Having qualified as Administrator
of the late Mrs. Ssllie Dorothy, I
hereby notify all persons indebted to
said estate to make immediate payment
to me, and all persons having claims
against the said estate must present
thein to the undersigned properly
aut?entlcated on or before the 23d dav
of May, 1906, or this notice will be
Plead in bar of thir recovery.
This 23d day of May, 1905.
Secretary Pogue ay s J lhat the
State Fair at Raleigh in October!
will be visited by 100,000 people on,
Thursday of fair week to hear Pres
ident Roosevelt speak.
Just What everyone should
; Do. .
Mr. J: T. Barber of Irwinville,
Ga., always keeps a bottle of Cham
berlains Colic, Cholera ancr ruar-
rhoea Remedy at band ready for. in-
- ! . lf 1 I
stant use. AttacKS ,oi cone, cnoiea
morbus and diarrhoea come on so
udddnlv that there is no time,; to
hunt a doctor or go to the store for
medicine. Mr. Barber say : I
bave tried Ofiamberlaio's Colic,
Cholera and Dsarrboea tieroedy
which is one of the best medicines 1
TP . 1 . I I .
ever saw. I Keep a ooine oi il iu
nay room as I have had several al-
acks ot colic and u has proved to
be the bet medicines I ever used."
Sold by W A Hayes, Druggist.
-lo ;
Raleigh News and Observer,
Rev. R. W. Hines, pastor ot the
Presbyterian church at Mebane, ot
ered his resignation as pastor to the
church last Sunday, to take effeqt
August 1st, 1905. The people of
Mebane regret very much to give
him and Mrs. Hides up. Mr. Hines
health has given away, is why he
gives the work op.
Feel Impending Doom.
The feeling of impending doom in
he minds of many victims of
Bright's disease and diabetes has
been changed .o thankfulness by the
benefit derived from taking roleys
Kidney Cure. It will cure lncip-
eut Bright's disease and diabetes
and even in the worst cases gives
comfort and relief. Slight disorders
are cured in a few days. "I had di
abetes in its worst form, writes
Maiion Lee ot Daureath, Ind. "I
tried eight physicians without relief.
Only thiee bottles of Foley's Kidney
Unre made me a wen man. ooiu
by VV, A. Hayes, Draggist.
Winston Journal "
North Carolina needs one hun
dred thousand laborers to perform
work now mapped out in this btate,
says Governor Glenn and Se ator
Simmons. This estimate, which does
not attempt to provide for tbe rapid
development of onr resources which
may be expected to increase, has a
world of meaniug in it.
The lax?tive effect of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets is
so agreeable and so natural that yoo
do not realize it is the effect ot a
medicine. For sale by;YVr A. Haves,
Extremely low rates are announced
via the Southern Railway from points
on its lines lor the following special oc
casions i
Athens, ua.-Summer School, June 27-
Jtily 28, 1905.
Cbnrlottesville, Va. Virginia Summer
School of Methods, June 2G, Auiiet
4, 1905.
Hot Spring?, Va. Southern Hani ware
Jobbers Association and A merle m
Hardware Manufacturers1 Associa
tion, Jun' 6-9, 1905.
Knoxville, Tenn. Summer School,
June 20, July 28, 1905. i
Monteale, Tenn. Mon teazle Bible
Training School, July 3. August 15.
W5. '
Montea;;le, Tenn. Monteasrlc Sunuar
-hool Institute, Jitly 17. Aiirt 5,
Monteawle, Tenn. Woman's Congress,
, Auirust I-15r 1905.
Na&liville, Tenn. Peabody College.
Summer Schools,; Vanderbilt liilTi i
cal Institute, June 14, August 9, 1905.
Oxiord, Miss. Summer School, Univer
sity of Mississippi, June 14," July 20,
iviehmond, Va. Farmers Rational
Congress, Sept 12 2. 1905.
Tusealoosi, Ala. Sammer School for
Teachers, June 16. July 28, 1905.
Rates for the above occasions o?eh to
the public. "
Tickets will be soid to these points
trom all stations on din Southern KaiT
way. Detailed iuformaticn can be hadn'pon
application to any Ticket Agent of the
Southern Railway. Or Agents-oP 6oh
neetinij lines, or by addressing the un
dersigned :
R. L. VERNOX Tv P. A., Charlotte,
N. C.
J. H. WOOD, D. 1?. A., AsheViIle,
S. II. HARD WICK. Pas?ener Traf
fic Manager, Washington, D.
W. H. TAYI.OK, General Passenger
Agent, Washington, 1). C.
. kKMM,4 eo YEARS'
'f D
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sendlne a KkAtnh unit Aanm4rirr
invention is probably patentable. Communica-
v; v . ' y1 okoijjf iw oouurujK patents.
Patents taken through Munn & do. reoeiVe
special notice, without charge, in the eoeiTe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly, taruest dr.
culation ot any scientific Journal. Terms a
SSnMii SthB' f L bTal1 newsdealen
ifliUNIJ & Co.3e,Broa.Jew York;
Branch Office. 625 F Stashffigto" D.. "
thd most healing salve in the world
.4. I I I
Found a Cube fob Dyspepsia,
Mrs S. Lindsay, of Fort William,
Ontario, Canada, who has suffered
quite a number of years from dys
pepsia and great pains in the stom-
ach, was advised by ber druggist to
take Chamberlain's Stomach ' and
Liver Tablets. She did so and says,
,kI find that they have done me a
great dtal of good. I bave never
bad 'any suffering since I began using
them." If troubled x with dyspeps'a
or indigestion 'why not' tako these
Tablets, get well and stay well ?
For sale by W. A,' Haves, Droggisi.
The Supreme Court of the Dis
trict ot Columbia 'holds that attor
neys cannot be compelled to divulge
the contents ot papers lelb in their
bands by clients-
Makes digestion . and assimilation
perfect. Makes ifew red blood aoifi
boue. That's what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. A tonio for
the sick and weak -35 cents, Tea
or Table s. W. A. Hayes.
J. S. Spokgeon", C. A, Scort,
President. Vice-President.
Paul C. Collins, Cashier.
Tlie JJanlt of Orange;
The Bank ot Orange is open to ao a
general Banking business. Its aim is
to give all patrons and friends every ac
commodation consistent with sate
Banking. It solicits the accounts ot
Merchants, Farmers, Individuals, Man
ufacturers and Corporations. Every
account whether large or small will
have our cat eful attention. The Bank
carries burglary and fire insurance, and
the Cashier is bonded.
The patronage ol the public is so
licited. FOUR PER CENT.
interest on all time deposits.
directors :
E. Jl. Arm Held, Shepperd Strudwick.
D.. II. Hamilton, T. Norfieet Webb,
J. S. Spurgeon, O. .1. Forrest,
B. M. Gattis, C. A. Scott,
C. A. McDade.
O Okangts County,
Cheek's Township. )
To Jerry Wilson Or Heirs:
You are hereby notified that on the
uth clay ot September, 1904, 3 our land
was sold by the Sheriff of Orange
county for taxes and knocked down to
me as tbe hist and highest bidder, and
unless you come forward and settle my
claim? tor taxes paid together with all
costs. &c, on or before September 5,
i!u., 1 will claim title to said land. ,
This May 29, 1905.
ENDING MAY 10, 1905,
The following is a report of the
receipts and disbursements for the
Town of Hiilfcboro for the year end
ins May 10, 1905, as shown by tbe
Town Treasurer's booka.
J, S. Spurgeon, Town Treasurer, In
account with the Town of II ill s
Amoildt on hand, 8234 fjo
Taxes collected, 699 43
Licenses, 70 45
Penalties, 109 95
Cemetery lots, 33 00
Scales, 32 05
Kent of academy lot; 15 00
81,194 58
Work on streets, 8375 39
Lumber, 29 37
Constable W. A Maddry, 166 10
Constable J. T. Stone, 70 17
Gasoline and repair lamps, 35 46
May 01 's salary, 50 00
Advertising statements 2
years, 1904-05, notice .
of election, etc, 40 75
Taxing tax list and half
cost Mayor and Con
stable, 20 25
Lawyers fees, 75 85
Miscellaneous, 70 00
Treasurer's commissions, 35 83
Clerk's salary, 25 00
Ba'ance On hand, 200 $21
81,194 58
J. T. Stonk, Town Con
stable, in settlement
with the town ot Hills
boro. To taxes collected; 8143 56
Licenses, 7 20
Cemetery, 17 00
Penalties, 35: 00'
Rent academy lot,' 13 00
Scale receipts, 8 15
Patent medicind tax, etc., 2 00
r , , , 8225 01
Balaocd due Stone, 55 17
8281 08
By Treasurer's receipts, 8225 91
Commissions, 22 59
One-half scale receipts, 4 08
Lighting lamps, 2 25
Salary and ex-officio services, 26 25
8281 08
The above is correct. There are
no outstanding claims against the
Town of Hillsboro.
Town Treasurer.
Foley's Honey and Tar
for chtfdrcti,safe,sure. No opiates.
Raleigh Morning Post!
The dates for three hangings were
fixed yesterday by Governor Glenn.
They are Will Adams,- in Wake
county, July 27 ; Peter Smith and
Charles Shine, in Madison countv,
Augnbt 1. Will Adams is to pay
the death penalty lor the murder of
Mary Bridgers, colored, near Wake
Forest. .The charge against Peter
Smith aod Charles Shines is crim
iual assault Opinions of the Su
preme Court in each of these cases
affirming the lower courts were re
cently published.
. o -
Three Physicians Treated Hiii
Without Success.
W. L. Yancy, Paducah, Kentucky,
writes : "I had a severe case ot kid
ney disease and th'ee of the best
physicians in Kentucky treated me
without success. I then took Fo
ley's Kidney Cure. The first bottle
gave immediate relief, and three bot
tles cured me permanently. I gladly
recommend this wonderful reaedy."
Sold by W. A. Hayeo, Druggist.
Oar Spring and Summer Mil
linery is now ready for inspection.
In selecting our goods lor this sea
son we bought the latest styles and
best quality.
We have the most stylish Hals,
trimmed and untrimmed, ever of
fered in Hdlsboro, and suitable for
all classes and all ages. The pretti
est line of Fancy Veils and Veiling
ever shown here. The daintiest of
FJo era and Ribbons. A beautiful
line ot Fancy Collars for ladies.
New and pretty trimmings for Shirt
Waists. Handkerchiefs, Combs, Jew
elry, and a complete stock of every
thing usually kept in a first-class
milliney estaolishment,
Out of-towu coetoroefs will have
their orders supplied promptly at
short notice.
Because the liver fa
ncsrlected neoDlo sirf?P
with constirjation. bil
headaches an d f atoth C.rA A a f f a nr
tile run its "and r.nnt.Acn
take hold of the STstem. It ia safe
to say that if the liver were always
i " -
.cp. in proper worirmg oraer,
illness would be almost unknown.
Thedf ord's Black-Draught is so
successful in curing such sickness
because it is without a rival as a
liver regulator. This great family
medicine is not a strong and
drastic drug, but a mild and
healthful laxative that cures con
stipation and may be taken by a
mere child without possible
The healthful action on the liver
cures biliousness. It has an in
vigorating effect on the kidneys.
Because the liver and kidneys do
not work regularly, the poisonous
acids along with the waste from
the bowels get back into the blood
and virulent contagion results.
Timely treatment with Thed
ford's Black-Draught removes the
dangers which lurk in constipation.
liver and kidney troubles, and will
positively forestall the inroads of
Bright's disease, for which dis
ease in advanced stages there is
no cure. Ask your dealer for a
25c. package of Thedf ord's Black-
TV 1. i.
Many newspapers have lately given current
to reports by irresponsible parties to the effe
had entered a trust or combination;; we wl
to assure the public that there is no tfwfi.1
Buch reports. We have been manufacture
sewing machines for over a quarter of a centi
ry, and have established a reputation for ou
selves and our machines that is the envy of a
others. Our "Netc lEonie" machine ht
never been rivaled as a fairily machine. 2
itands at the head of all High Grade sewin
machines, and stands on its otcn merits.
The "New Mome" is the only reall
HIGH GRADE Sewing Machine
. O on the market.
It is not necessary for us to enter into a tra
to save our credit or pay any debts as we hat
ao debts to pay. We have never -entered inl
competition with manufacturers of low grad
Sheap machines that are made to sell regarc
ess of any intrinsic merits. Do not be d
seived, when you want a sewing machine don
tend your money away from home ; call on
New Home'. Dealer, he can sell you
ietter machine fors less than you can purchat
5lse where. If there is no dealer near yot
write direct to us".
Sew York, Chicago. 111., St Louis, Mo., Atlal
ta, Ga., Dallas, Tex., San Francisco, Cal
Rocky Mountain Tea Kuggets
A Busy Mediciae for Busy Peopb.
Brings Golden Health and Eonewed Vigor
o ?Pciflc or Constipation, Indigestion Live
mff&le& Plmpls' EcC Impure
a'aekar.h(feaT?J,.lug;s,1i Bwes, Headache
fffTr 8 Rcky Mountain Tea in tab-
wwi i, xuauison, vis.
Foley's Kidney Care
makes kidneys and bladder right
, Hillsboro, N. c.
office, near tbe hotel. ' riJtlwk.
UUUl 1,11 I ti.
Atiorney-at LAy
Oxford, N. c.
Will nraotiffe in fh r,..
Person. DnrMm n.i n.'...?.r0r8n.-
the Supreme fiodrT nrf?
Hillsboro, N. c.
rroropt attention to all busing
ciai araention to, Probate basinpT, ?e"
Attorn eVs-at-Law,
. Hillsboro. y. c.
1 -
Ptn n4-l a 1 4-1
x liuc in tiie onnes oJ Ala"
uiuaui. wiiwjvuit;, i'ersou ac(i n-n
Hillsboro, N C.
j& urace on Churton street,
Parks & neuVpeth's Furnitnre Store.
1 take pleasure in thankln all cinr
friends and the public for the libei
patronage giVen me, and respectfully
solicit a eon'inuahee of the fame 1
will be glad to wait on you when vob
waut a Shave, Hair Cut, Shampoo
anvthing done in my line. '
vyv,inv,u iu x resseu and
sitisfaetion guaranteed.
v Your humbU1 servant,
Jh Barber.
dinnae Couch Hmw.
Hum. c
InQurata, Oistenper.'J
Hidebound. Indieestioa
digenion.Coiiiiip0"' pfr White Scoun"
ud all Stomach ind'
Bowel Tiouble. tip.
end Riekto
irooDie. Kfi-
Lott Appetite. lCougb. Scoun. Indigestion, i Suppremoe
or I
vuiiL.y enogja i ranenj of tDoeaimg tnei qyeuuiy
..niimnainw. i cream.
Tbe Raett of all .nim.l vital A (ahIm .iul fha Anhr
the coefficient of digestibility of protein. , . . -
. v. a t-Kfj. i.oo. 12 Pkgs. $2.00. Charges faia. o
Get Ite CesBine or nod to in. Pamphlet No. . free.
DAVIO t. FOVTZ. fcHlnre, W
i'ur ale at Hillsboro by V-
A. "Dayee, Druggist
Pro8gifs Serious Reiuits
From a Cold.
. Remember the naflic
Foley's 5onoy and Tar. In?ist
upon- haying the genuine
Three sizes 25c, 50o, $1.00
Prepared only by
Foley Sl Company, Chicago
Sold by W. A. HAYES, Pruggist
SSP'Subscribe for the OsaJ?qK,
County Oserver. Only Si-
per annum 6 months 50 cents
. 1
I - Doeble OasS trains
m CarrylKg Pullman Sleepers, Cafe
m Cars (a la carte) end Chair
as Cars (seats free).
f Electric Lighted Throughout
1 Birmingham, Memphis and Kansas City
Texas, Oklahcma and IndianTerritories
1!tf AND THE .
Far West and Northwest
Excursion tickets from Atlanta, Ga., aid
Birmingham, Ala., to -joints in
Southwest on sale first inA third
Tuesdays of each month.
Descriptive literature, tickets- arranged
and through reservations mads upon appli
cation to
F. E. CLARK, Trav. Pas$ R Act.,
Atlanta, Ga.
' ' ' i -

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