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. ''1 j- :-, i" ; ..Si' i ;J :,l-,v "j i j'-fcJ'-? ;-. j ,v: - V- - ' 1 7
JbSd - - - July 21908.
Subscription rates:
e vear, co be pal'ln advance,' f l,0u
IrSmoiAa. " " 5c
A. -
4 aa nar siuRre Tone inch) for tfce first
S .WV" "1 T .
and dlty cents toreach subsequent pub-
Post Office Uodnn
Office opens at 8:00 a. m. Closes
'at 7:30 p. m. . ...
Mail going East closes 1015 a. m.
and 4:120 p. m. , ,
Mail going West closes 1015 a.
p. and 6:30 p. q.
Money Order-books oloue at 7:30
Charles Q. Rosemond, P. M.
Hurrah for Kilohtn and
whole State ticket.
The Oraoee Uoaotv dolenfltior
efnnd like a stonewall until Kitnhin
:nf ...rl
W8g uuaiiuawu.
The partial eclipse of the sun
Bonaay morning was worm seeing.
r ir mAminn waa w Art h a - i
Jt made one feel a little strango.
-Use BeWUt's Little Earlv
Risers, pleasant little pills that are
f asy to take. Sold by W. A. Hayes.
Mr. B F. Riley has "laid by" a
"flne crop of corn i, Cheek township,
and has goneY back to work at the
fi3o Cotton Mills.
. -It was romored at Hllkborn
eSday morning that the postoffice
nd a store at iinanrt wer en rH
a u jV j i. v-
3Dd robbed Monday night, .
It is oaly once in a ereat while
that you get such valoes in Summer
.UrefS toronas as are now on at
Webb's. Their 10 cent table is a
TlnritK tho ilnm Iao T?.. I
afternoon, a fine horse belongicg to
Mr John Cary was killed, by light-
Tmor at. h'ti , hrtmn in T.itt?u Pixn I
nil r . J -m
ice D8jjs oi grange nas ae
olared a semiannual dividend ot 3
percent, payable July 1. The bos
iccss of this bank is well managed
and continues to increase.
. Mrs. Henry N. 6rown, Sr, left
here last Friday for Lincolnton, Nl
C, to visit ber daughter, the wife of
Ker. James 12, Gay, jmtor ot the!
Methodist Church at that j.lane. - :
-Uapt George N. Waitt, of
Danville, Va , who has a great many
jrieoan at tiuisDoro, father ot Mrs.
E. A. Dickson, Mrs J. S Spurjeon
'and Mrs Jose: h P. Hassell, is visit
.ing Dr. J. lSf Spufgeoo'a tamily on
North Churton Street.
, All copmunications .ieooro
, mending br endorsing candidates
fur offioe, cards ot thacks, obitaary
noiiees, &c, , will be charged rego
!ar advertising rates Make all no
tices abort and to the point and the
cost for publishing will not be o
Street Commissioner jforJeet
Webb is making preparationn to
Jegin the work of macadamising
barton stteet- Superintendent of
road work, Mr, Steward, has moved
ibe conwict stockade into Tomer's
foM just north of town, and the
jock crusher will be located near
Dr. Spurgeon's residence.
The Board ot County 'Commis
sioners Will meet in roonlar aoaaUn
ext Monday, July 6, and 'again on
Monday, uly 13, to hear, any and
complaints in regard to the list
ing of property. See advertisement
jromthe Chairman of the 'Board ot
omojishionera giving notice ot the
meting to be held July 13.
-We will publish next week the
Jjames of the Confederate soldiers
wried in the cemeteries at Hills
boro whose graves have been ideo
tibed and marked by the Gen. Geo.
tfargwyn Apderson jChapter, of the
Umied Daughters of tbe ijoufed
eracy, All persons desiring to ob
f a 00Py ot. the paper containing
.wese names will please advise cis at
iDr' Jobn Berry, who, was re
gently gradoated from the; Jefferson
fnf loal College of Philadeiph.a
passed the State Board at
vinston18 at home lor thef,ura.
dalhV i ?errjr- retrns to Pbila
ipbia the first of October to take
lheplK0?a",a re8ident ph,yMolan io
St.! f i e,pW Poljofo'c Hot-
W and College lor Graduates in
ane Chapel Hill News.
ia7ah,r8' Soott Ueile, eldest
rn8hter of th I-.- m. t.:-u
if i a" TTsti i a?
tient 0,: one was a pa
(li. ""ttorer, nut
oore it with a
faith. XiM tti
orn in wm.. J"- wa
hV u8Doro' She is nrvived
8iler an(? ant 8e children, one
er,le! brother. I'he funeral
We bv R6'6 oon3cted at the
Mm tt7, .v LifiP0ton Johnson,
em:6 :navLg been a .
of i . .ot lQe First Baotiat Church
ade ;n8i' and lbe interment was
ttery Ti, ea,;iifo1 Oak wood cem
le fr'ipni fte,0b"er in bebalf of
boro ert 2f the leased at Hills
ieSlJ hLea'ffelt sympathy to
,lygg v qui VbWCI
Wo ratca
pauloil' tor Jiv.
Th current issue ol , Woii
ttAhl.Wi . unjariB
S whL T J068 ont80nery
Pion.Wi..Thw.ii 8 Jy namber.
w , . ourin
alterffion.. This U .'5 nmW
I With manv brioht ot Aii.
,t, oV ,(r mmer reading.
.Te ?,?wa peaV Amaryllis
J "e wara
l l .rj .
"t)"'!, na uuarm
Jiaward- Jierett Hale : mB
Pirong piea tor Americans to
travel in Amerion an A i-.. .
fer of the wonderful nlaces ihAt:.
ist in our own uobntrv. hih
ot us have never seen. Mrs Sang.
L -"rf T"r"l
ier wniea on the American Woman
arrd the simnle hi u-J
hey are settinj? mnflh iAn
"People Wfco Shop," told by one
behind the counter, will make every
woman whft rio
runaiaerate pt the poor shop girl
I Irom h
ironsiaerate ot the poor shop girl
silka anH riKKna
i , wuv.iD.
I rpi.- - . i J
; so-caiiea ".ttmmanu! Move
The aoilf .T7(-,U.l "
menl which was etarted in Em
ent.w whioh ;
u,ol,u" vurcn, ooston, has been so
' vyvruiui .vuBb id is oeing laaen uprpL- i - viRwWU,-ih,
by churohea in nthor ;ti , r loe Observer in behalf nft ilurf
b in other cities
Jhe Rev. Dr Robert MaoDonal,
Brooklyn-pator who tias adopted
ie maianjiel method ot treating at
a a J- nervous and other km
p'l? I6,lr J8t wbat tlle
it hT. T"1 18 and whtt
H hopes to acoomphsb .
.lf .pdaon e.
die7 in" a 4 den
D . r . V
DOUW,g uow moon belD the riffht
sort of woman Ah J 7k1
dred. . Birl oierk. who .or d.y
in n.-) .... j . J
The mid-Bummer fah
- ua vut uooioa ine cxonter.
The midmm. f..i1iX:
screed and illustrated, by Grace
v - - v;au 9mm X V W
Tltt FsrmAr Ama;. L .
teacher ot cookery, tells bow to get
8aJctory meals when far away
irooi marknt. Thnm i
maraet. There ro nihur
good things, too, that will interest
many women ot many tastes.
Goods advertlnp.i t tCoKW- ..
last issue are no longer in it. Look
ft tbeir new advertisement in this
t just a ir.tie Casoasweet is all
that, is necessary to give your baby
when it is cross and peevish. CaS-
oasweet contains no opiates nor
-r .. . . rr ' I
harmful drugs and is highly eoom
mended by mothers everywhere.
Conforms to the National Pure
Food and Drugs Law. Sold by W.
A. Bayes,!Drugg:8fe
-See !tfirtpni i,-,l,iU.
of Horse &nd Caltle Powders, man
ufactured by The David E. Foutz
Comnanv. Rltimr ma a -a
.V u : 1 1 "k' 7 tit ou" ou,u
a " t,ow,u ujr fT "W
Ti tiiA tt -. j a. . i
inqnnn nrVn vV J Y
103,000 060 railway ties were used,
Exchang. Don't you know .that
when our young friend, Mr. Will
Ed. Thooipson rfads this his mouth
will run a flood. We can imamne
now we see tbe Eno rising nhtil id
rona over the bridge at HiUshom.
state Pensions.
Stkte. Auditor Diton says blanks
have been sent to the various Coun.l
ty Pension Boards in order to ar-
bos..a . i'v mm UA ? ll.! - I
,BOK!'ur peuioun iuih year,
These Boards meet in July and by
Augbst 1st their reports will Jbe iu
The usual number of blanks has
been sent out, on tbe estimate that
there might be an increase of a
thousand nenMonsrs. though of
course no ooe can tell what their in-
crease win ne. Liast year tbe deaths
.... . . I
amounted to abont 1,000. Auditor
Dixon , says he does not look for I
much iccrea-e and
, , i
i oi course :or no
decree y. the .o.dier. are geuing
older and lees able to earn a living
and so more mnlv tor nenSinn I
rrf -rf - - j
t Fiatuloncy
uiaiaria -
Chills & Fbvor v
Loss ofj Appctltb
and 'all disorders aris
ing from Torpid Llvor.
THE GENTJUTB has the BX3 Z on
the Croat of each package and the
signature and seal of J. BL ZBUJN
6 Op. on the side in BED
I taN this tujans ,-bt-noiiiyir the
. . v "uc vt'' V H
oij m ' tin ma uuoe oi VQDuiy I
k ri Buojecfc 10 tne action ol
the Democratio primaries ind Gdunf
I oESceA
.onvention; I have held 'ih
aring the onekpired term- t
oroiner,- and I promise that if I
nominated and elected I will
ana bcall AoniinnA-
- "espeottully jroum.
TI A R trv r n n rotr
. We received ube lollowina
vitatlon last week : Mr. nd Mr.
VVa,lfr L,ark ??ae8t the honour cf
W0lnit 3 . . '
f i?" Pre8en the marriage ot
lnlr daoghter. Snaan WaMhincAif
to M. JoPnh p,l
5 " tbe eTenf' of Tuesday,
, , th,irtI1Stn f tno, 1908, at nine
dock. First Rat.tUt fihnMk r-i
r u oria roiina.v;".Tbe bridi
e !, "riu atna." The brifl
is a dauifhter of Chiof .Tn.tk iii-5-
Who married thn hh! viiw
I V. . : "J , uauKuwi I
Irthn lota 3.. , IITilt!. T'
Pm imam ?4,ttir&
I Abe groom is the voiinbsk''ft4w
rmh a prominent
xoe ubserve; in behalf oft: thetf
a"y ;"eod. 0 Hillsboro extends
a?? lu,atV and best wishes
vl tl:ni . '
"-FF.yog ooopie. ? y
VJraOge eOUOtV ia fnrtnnal in
t fe c" . oomas,
the able Representative of the
the ;r?ifth Mi.fi-; " T .
Third Di.triot. WlW
nfl Ano Af TT:ik.kk.ii. j !i
I " - v v "iiiOMUru B jareBi. aaugn
Uers. 8
-Bert Barber, of Rhn w.o
y: H h7 taken four floseaj W0.1- r. vnod Mrs. Cheek are
of yur Kiy and Bladder PilIalril,DS tneir son, Mr. Wm. Cheek,
ana tney nave done for me 'more
than any other medicine bas ever!
done. I am still takinor the mll ojMr. E. M. Eincr. tnrmfirlv Af nn J
1 want a perfect cure '' Mr. RnrKar
feci eure.V Mr. Barber
refers to Hewitt's KiWv .i
- W
I'll y: .s ,t
Hayes rggst.
r ' 1 .
7 capao uttie ler humanity I
r au :
fflK?.fe announcement of Mr.
' a- a ? ' Hillsboro, who is a
oan9,diate for Coonty Treasurer. He
niuuuv iiio aiviug eaiii oi numor.
isaspleudid man and a good Dem-
Crat. i
At his offioe, on Thursday, July
9, oqr County Superintendent. Rev.
John C. Hocutt, will con d act ad-
mission examinations for the A. &
' college at Kaleigh. The Cot-1
m mr m m & ....
il??rf,ln'?htrRa-ot adroi88ioD
S 8? thJl 8,1 o expect to enter in
September to be examined at this
t.me. The College offers 120 h(
arships to needy younr men. 0P;;;ft
County has at this time one vacant
8oiarsnip, wbioh should , be taken
up promptly.
xxr ..i i . -
p "",W . thknki l? E. L-
J,"4, h,80D r. Charlea
Stcrlufi Coo ey, fqrmeriy of Hills-
,0 n 'tion to attend the
" 8"ai onenll?i? .as "eir guest.
BL r. fj. i;nrnap 17lh Aianmi
w th,..b ,w r- . j
pictures of ColofadoV capitol Itnd
DenvAr'a And Murium KBihA xr
tional Conventioii will be held. The
. . .
auanonum lid, just been erected
and will seat 12,000. trf
tk Iop r l.JiJ
LJLr'rr.ri 1? "tfMU78
returned to their homes Tuesday
a.'u v U VfcObV VWUf cuifyn
Major John W. Graham was among
this number, and if tbe Convention
bad Remained in session "all sum-
Kf-: u t
Lfannd ftn tn4 rint9 ino Att . .
u: i i.
ali0Ilt be wa. aboat the vounofeRt
wvi jiuiug v7ibo it&au tutu wuHiuer-
Bladder Pillp. Sold bv W. LAN. C.; Thev will be. ilad m
i j .t....!ui U "oart, loe Aigers said
five days and nisbts more than the
4 W
I Major. He is a erood 4staver." and
. mm , . . ,
when be attempts to do any thing, he i
never; sings but one song, "Never
ive up." tie proved his "sticking"
qualities during the recent jodioial
deadlock at Darbam. ,v- ; .. . V
rTTi. ii riwl-
, On Saturday afternoon, Jane 27
at Efland, a game of base baft was
played between the Five Forks"
team and the Eflaod team. The
Efland boys bad a "ptpse call," tbe
score being 56 to 11. in favor of
Efland. , We hope, the Five Forks
Doys atdnt teel bad.
H i
. hi
This iet a, Vi?v Star
. ;. - :.. Week, ".
McDowell Democrat.
Although Oklahoma was : admit
e l into tbe Union as a State on the
16th of last November, a-: new star
has not been officially added to
the flag. This will be done, bow;
ever, on the Fourth of July, making
Old Glory forty-siztb starV This
lav was passed in 1$ 18, and has
beeoyin force since thatuino new star
could be added to the flag until the
4th of July following the admission
of a State into the Upieo.
;Th9 Kind Yoa Hav$lways Bougfit
Unclaimed Lettks
Remaining id the poat-office it
Uillsboror Jnneltf, 1908
: Atwatc, Mrs Annie,
ttullock, Cqaear.
; Holmes, W. B.
Johnson. Genrorp.
Joyner, Mrs. M. J,
Jaws. M a ChIUa
' W V
: s Woods, Miss J. G.
' ni-M cmung ior above letters,
frill please sajr "advertised." -
yo-AJHiHa vt. lO8EM0ND, Pi M.
Those Sun Shades ad
at, Webb's tfcis week are most re
mar (cable. iNo excuse now for
walking in the sua.
.; , uiauaui, Uauguier
oi major jodo w Uraharo, of H ills-
b.orb. is visitincr at thn homo vvf ?V.
Hawkins in Raleigb. : v.
r-Read the card of Mr w
Jonesv ot i3iogbam townshib. an-
Pnnnnil. ik; i.nw;i. a. i, !v
j.hc i uoooty treasurer. He is a
uma yooeg man ana a cood
Birafrrai L fa
I '
;-Quarterly ; Com
Tices will be bald at the Presbyterjn
I hnan-nn .1 t . -r
raaana Wi r rreparatory services
Saturday Afternoon.
r,erH wni e'eorate next Saturday
"? naa a nleasant flail at n
riR m j -
1?.ffic? Tuesday afternoon from our
nignly esteemed friend x State
Seator Thomas M. Cheek, of thia
uiau,1Ber toejcconeecbee Farm,
Mr. Clay feng and: his son
cpanty, have ehtahlished a new Corn
Mill and Feed
their friends and all o the people of
(the good old coonty. of Orange and
solicit tbeir patronage.
typewriters ior sale or
School books at half price;
inks, one third regular price.
brary books free. Cash paid fc
Typewriters for sale or rent.
: Lk
kinds of bookri. oldi naners. etfi;
Sehd Hal "Smif'nll U-.i, c.
- - b W V
SoqthernBook Exohan
" -www. mumiu a riu i jiiiik. mum.
bufy Street, Raleigh; N'. C.
There's hardly anything that
wears off as soon as tbe sweetness
from kiBpes, Exchange. Especially
the kisses that didn't start with any
fweetness in them. For instance,
when ladies meet and;- exchange
kisses because it's the fashion. We
tavor an injunction against all suoh
kr. William McDade ahd Miss
Oretta Newman wefe married on
Wednesday evening, June 3, 1908,
at the. residence of the bride's
father, Mr. James' Newman, Hills
boro. Rev.-iH. S. Bradshaur offi.
Ciated. It was a very nrettv. anint
home weddina. with onlv the rl.
lives in attenalance. ( ,
Rev. Braxton Craiff nreadhed
an excellent sermon in the Bantist
vuu rcu av njusDoro Sunday morn
ing that wast full of interest in re.
vard to Baptist mission work in
eastern Worth Carolina. At nieht
the pulpit was filled by Re . Mr.
LasHiter, of Apex, a brother of our
townsman. Mr. Calvin R. Las niter.
Whenever, the "Hillsbori Ti
gers'? defeat the ''Eno Bears," they
atways come a. running with ja re
port of their victory for oublicalion
But laet Saturday when the "Bears"
nuggea tne lite out ot the "Tigers"
' - . a
Wouldn't publish that." Poor "Tl
IgrsHj Theyjare deficient jn iilay.
ers and need about eight days brac-
ticee every week. .
Notice to Debtors.
a' . A nnAnnta and. Tm..
ment8 : due James Webb; Jr. &
Bro .. are. placed in the bands of C.
Hayes, Agent, who will call in
" 1" 1 I . - r 4 -
person ior ail Daiances que ana give
receipts for all payments made.
Trustee tor J as Webb, Jr. & Bro.
Ex President Grbver Cleveland
died suddenly at his home? in
Princeton, New Jersey, at j$40
o'clock, Wednesday morning, Jane
23. The immediate cause of; his"
death ws heart trouble. He had
been three times the candidate nf
the Democratio iartv for the PrAni.
dency, and twice the President of
the United States, was 71 vears. 3
f, t. m r g
jnoptha and 6 days old when he
died, having leen born on tbe 18th
xf March, 1837, in Cald well, Essex
county, New Jersey. He was con
sidered one : of America greatest
citizens. The funeral services were
held at Prioceton Friday afternoon
at 5 o'clock. ; The death ol Mr.
Cleveland removes the last living
Ex-President. ? V
The Kind You Have Always Bought
simttating iheFoodandficguIa
luig&c Stomachs andBowels of
Tfru tvittitnntfrraijr
Promotes DigesUonCtocrfaP
wunxMorplune norfinerJ
WTlAlt.pbTIC. i
ADetfect Refnedr-fhr rAnetina
lion . Sour S tnmarh n 5 arrI
ntss and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
., - . : ! H
" . . .. ., r. . . ' x. - -
"One of the, most successful and
Mn the South with hot water heat,
-.u.uprovemenis. .oo poarojing pupils last year. 27th annual
Bession wyi oegrn fitept. lb, I908L. j; r ? , .
For Cataloeue address .1. M ;T?.FirifTPfi-.' t---s-' t.
Ueton, N. C.
A high-grade Prenaratorir School
inuasiriar ana aorricultaml pnninman T.n...t 7aa .
. . .-. . " "T
Tflrm nnn mtla f--km T:i.
t:..i . . kt A
nfll I .if 1 1 a t rVn NT fl ... . . '
. - - . . - iinoiuu v-iiege . ana una.er tne manae
ment ot the same board of Trustees. ;
vFor new. illdfttrated CAtftlnwn iruo t x? at-cxt t
We waited late before buying our
v v. - SHOE8 AND JEiAT: ) ' : -I
a! J could get the very lowest prices, and we have succeeded i, V
doing so. Our New Goods are cotning in daily, ; and we c-u showvol
the Cheapest and Nicest Line in Ladies DressGodds and Shoes '
everbad. We have a lull line of FRENCH BATISTE ORGANDTTT ?
Remember we caVry at all limes a full rod cfom'pTete line of M1C.T1- '
We want your trade and will treat you air. .
Urn-- .-
article to
itsii-a ndms s. on li Hr.ng.the Genuine Foutz's Ooods. All artklof o?
luanuiucturer ,., , n.e Onnuine goods bear U. S. Serial Kb" 217 "?ciei 01 .
1 v ' V -ocpernkg.
J mi , -i'Mjperior Poultry Food, 2c perDk;
or,.ys r.-rfect Lice Powder,'-' 25eperpkE
. u x.tiortam WonnPowileri ' oOcperpkg.
0:rtom. Eiik Cure,;,. v ; 50c per bottle.
tt - c ' ' o!-.. .Ibalmg Powder, , 5cpcrpkff.
Torsine bydualv ey.rywhere. At Hillsboro, N. C, W A. HAYES ArenB
Tlxe David E. Foutz Co, Mauufacturera, BaUjfcta
Practical education in Agricul
ture ; in Civil, Electrical, and M
chanical Engineering ; in Cotton
Manufacturing, Dyeing and Indus
trial Chemistry. Tuition $45 a
year ; Board $10 a month. 120
Scholarships. E laminations for ad
mission at Coauty seats on July &
" - i -. . - : ' -
West Raleigh, N. Cl
4 ..j
Tlie Kind Yoii Ifave
electric ligbta and othW mod t
for l
- -ilii UICU, WILLI
-n- a .
"cV xkiii, jrrinci
I -; ; 'n -
Always Bought
Bears the
for Bv6r
Thirty Year.
I U If j-1 1 11 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lllll
"i mrW
P- I G E S
if results are what is wanted? nWfl nof i.
ror me. money. - Yoii nan Wativ .rimv-e-.n t-.
be; superior to any Stock med cine oir
kKaa 60 VEAR8
rvvv Copyrights Ac
-. ". Anyone ienapxg a sketch and flpBcrtptlon m)
quickly ascertain oar opinion five whether at
invention is probably patentable CoBlniic
tions 8tricyconfl d entlaL HANDSOCX on-PatemS
sent free. OKI est agency for seearii igr patents.
Patents taken throuKh Mann A Co. recelH
wpecuu rumee. wnnoat enarra m cue
pecuu nonce, wiinoni cnarge, m too -
Scientific JMcan.
Branca. Office. SS F St. Washington. D.
1 riyuiMU
mr a
A handsoniejy Illustrated weekly; 7rtrest d
eolation ot any scientlf lo Jonrnal. Terms. S3 4
I i
J e.
1 1
i ?
! I
! i
! i

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