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Nothing I Ate
Agreed With Me
Mrs. Lendru PKHSenhamer. H. F. D. 1,
v.nx- oj Kpnprvilk' N. (..'.. writes: : :
"I suffered with sto:nach trouble and
indicestion for some tune, and- nothing
I :it 'npreed with me. I was very
nervotia anii experienced h continual
fnoiin ? 'r Kneasirtcs and fear. I took
v' - - r . . t
medicine I'roni the doctor but, U ma me
no good. , . ' r"
"rfound in one of your reruna books h
descri)tim of my eyraptoma. J then
wrote to Dr.Hartniaii for advice, lie said
had catarrh of the stomach. I took,
'eruna and Alanalin and followed his di
rections and can how -say that 1 feel as
well as I ever did.
"1 hope that all who are afflicted with
i the same symptoms will take Peruna, as it
, has certiUnly cured me." L
The above is only one of hundreds who
have written similar letters to Dr. Hart
' man. Just. one such case as this entitles
Peruna to the candid consideration of every
one similarly afflicted. If this be true of
the 'testimony of one person what ought to
be the testimony of hundreds, yes thou
sands, of honest, sincere people? We have
in our files a great many other testi
monials. ' Perun 1 1 sol 1 by your dmprit. " Buy a hott!e today
They Can Only Go Three Feet Deep.
I know an . institution with wide,
rolling fields ap about it, says Mabel
Potter Daggeit in the November De
lineator. There are exceptional priv
ileges here. A brook sparkles and
splashes its way through the wood,
and every summer afternoon at the
ringing of a bell the boys are march
ed down there for a swim. A placid
faced lady to whose care they are en
trusted selects the locality and they
may not go one bush beyond. "They
dassfen't go in only three feet deep"
pityingly explained the farmer's boy
who was telling me. "Us fellows
swims nine feet deep," and he trudg
ed off down the road whistling joy
ously between bites of a green apple.
There was a lifting note .to the tune
and an energetic swing to the should
ers. It takes green apples and swimming-holes
nine feet deep to make
the best men. They know how to
breast the deep places in life. Over
against this picture I could see hun
dreds of boys marching in regular
step, who all through the world are
going to be limited to places three
feet-deep. But an institution must
have its boundaries if it is bringing,
tip boys by the wholesale.
"She tries so hard to be young."
"Yes, and seems to me that she is
bound to succeed."
"Does it? Why?"
"She has been at it so long. f
The Simple Expert.
' "You say this is fine tobacco
" ' ' The best in the world. "
"Indeed ! Pray how many boxes
of cigars will it grow to the acre?"
B oacis .Doomed by. Autos. j
T.nn Waller Page, director of the
Office jot Public Roads of the Depart
ment of Agriculture, commtssionea
by President Roosevelt, is on his way
to Fraice to tell the nignway en5:
neers ci me worm who,., -..r-
Ion, the' automobile is doing ta mac
adam thoroughforesani what should
be done to counteract its destructive
effects. ' . '
PrpfM Ant Roosevelt summoned ui-.
rector Page to the White House and
conferred with him about this nign
way problem. v He learned that an al
most incalculable amount of damage
was being done daily; and -tnen ne
informed the director that it was hla
wish that tho United States be strong
ly represented at the coming interna
tional road congress in Taris, and
asked "for the names of two other-ex-.
r.Arts! Mr. Pace named Colonel"
Charles S. Brorawell, superintendent
of buildings and grounds of the Dis
trict, : and Clifford Richardson, an
authority on bituminous road", ma
terial. -They were appointed, and Mr.
Page was made chairman of the dele
gation. . .'v
Although this congress will not as
semble at Paris until October 11, Di
rector Page, decided to sail somewhat
early to inspect some of the roads of
England, Germany and France before
the' congresses called to order. He
wished to see if-the speeding automo
biles forked the same damage there
as they do here and study the rem
edial work that is being done. ' Here'
he has learned that rby uie tractive
force of the rubber tires of the speed
ing, motor cars the surface binding
dust of rock roads is drawn, from its
resting place and is sent swirling jto
the adjacent fields. ; " 'K, , c
. Inasmuch as the integrity of the
macadam road rests absolutely in
this rock dust, which acts as a bind
ing and surfacing crust, a dissipating
of the surface" leaves the road nothing
but a mass of loose, round stones.
The tests oif the Conduit road, near
Washington, D. C, prove this conten
tion absolutely, and he carries with
him a collection of photographs taken
during the progress of those tests.
These pictures will be submitted to'
the congress.
The greater question that will arise
will be how to overcome the effect of
automobile traffic on hard roads with
out restricting the automobile or pre
venting its development.
Two solutions there are to that
qu estion : One, to find a material of
which roads may be made which cre
ates no dusJ, or, secondly, to so treat
tho roads already constructed that
tb.3 dust will be retained upon them.
That, cf course, is now being done
in " many parts of the country by
spraying with calcium chloride and
by the use of various bituminous
Director Page and his associates
will have much interesting informa
tion to contribute along those lines,.
for within the past few months many
miles of America's roads have been
treated with these various prepara
tions, many of the tests under the di
rection of some expert from the Fed
eral Office of Public Roads. Wash.
ington Star.
acts Oerttly yei promp
Wonthe bowelsvcleanses'
mesystem eectudiy
assist pne moyercommg
UnViitiinl ronstioaTion
1 vr
t)eneiciGl ejects
The genuine.
nanufacturcd by the
50LD Bf HADING 0RUOSTS-50frB0nit
Had Seen Both.
was a case of love
"Must -have been-in a dim
though. ' '
" ligfet;
Her Steady.
11 hear you have-' show witkthe
np.w vounir man.
, tlShowl I' should thmk so. , it's a
continuous ' vaudeville. 1 So. 46-!08
i: 1 1 : " T
After -Years of Backache, Diiziness
? and Kidney Disorders.
- Mrs R. C. Richmond, of Nortti-
wood Iowasays: rFor yearB I "was a
martyr to kidney
trouble, backache,,
dizzy spells head
aches 'and a terri
ble .bearing down
pain. I ued one
remedy after an
other without ben
efit Finally. I
used a box 1 of
Doan's Kidney Pills
and the backache ceased. Encour
aged. I kept oa and hy-the time I had
Tised three -boxes not a .sign of .the
trouble remained. My health is per
fect."- . ' ' - '
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. .
Industry is the parent to success
and the : success belongs to : the man
who wons the industry. J .
lihle cor kept scnATci:;::
Ecrjaisa lasted 7 Years -Face was All
llatt Gla . Specialists Failed, -
But-Oatlcra Effected Core.
"When nay little boy was six weeks old
an eruption broke out on his face. ' I took
him to a doctor, but ms face kept on get
tine worse until it got . so bad that no one?
could look "at him. -His whole f&ce.wai one
crust and must have been very painful. He
scratched day and night until his face was
raw. Then I took him to all the best
specialists in skin-diseases, but they could
not do much for. him". Ifhe eczema got.A
his. arms and legs and we cculd not get a
night's sleep in months.' I got a setof
Cuticnra Remedies and he felt relieved the
first time I jued them. - I gave the Cut!-.:
cura Remedies a good trial and gradually
.the eczema healed all up.- Be is now seven
years old and I think the . trouble .wilt
never return. - Mrs. J ohn G. Klumpp, SO
Niagara St., Newark,N. J.; Oct. 17 and
22. 1907." .
'ill f
I ..Kill k . ' 1
Iicstcrcd to Health bv ti ,
PfesMiasi'sVcffetablc CompomS
We Compound ov
m lr-Bun?ruiJf, and
"V IfT "hes.
?-A - day '.b - pleasure - and
grief.Modern Greek.""
a year's
l TfiTTSm v g-A; 1UCT.TABLB CURB. -'
Tar TxaisB is a sure, safe and speedy cure
fox eesema, tetter, sin and soalp -diseases
and iiohin piles. Endorsepl by physicians;
praised bj thousands -who have .nsedr it.
Frasraar. soothinir, antiseptic. 60j. .at.
drosgilts or by m from T. T. Saurrazsa ,
Dept. K Bavannah, Qa. y
State or Onio, City of Toledo,
- Lucas County. - I
KnANK .1. ('!Ir'ey makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm ot tf.J.OiJSJiEY
Uo., doing business in the City ot Toledo.
County and State aforesaid, and that said
tirro will pay thesum of one huNdred DOLr
Lars for each and every case of CATAKRH
thai cannot be cured by the use of, Hall's
Catakuh Cuke. Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to beiorc me and subscribed in my
?resence, this Otb'day of December, A. L4,
8S6. , A. AV; Ulbason'
(seal.) ' I .Notary lubfic
Halt's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces ot the system, bend Tor . testimonials.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
To Drive Out Malaria ; and Build . Up
- - the System ;
Takei the Old Standard Grove's Taste
less Chill Tonic, - You know what yon
are taking. - The formula is plainly pnnteft inuneJiatel Doctorsr prescribe Jt
on every botUe, snowing it is simpiy I 25c., and 50c.,-at drug stores.
nine ana iron" in a xasteieus wrw, ma mo
most effectual form. For grows people
and children, 50c.
A soft -answer ennitsvolitbfall
ftn: easy - victim to. the shrewd; agents
CapudJne Cures jbndistt6nPahis,'''
Belchine. Sour Stomach, and Heartburn,
from whatever cause.: It s Liquid. Effects
Abserlfce makes : the breakfast table
more alluding and the home bed seem
a heap "softer. . . z:-p
V A pleasant thing Inever " comes too
soon. Danish.
8old bv all Drueaists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
A man can win his own admira
tion so readily that he sometimes
gets mixed
up on other people's
So. 46-'08.
There may. be some way, of 'falling
in love and escaping dire results,, but
if so, the average; man has never
found it out. V - -"'
Hicks Capudinc Cures Nervousness,
Whether tired out, worried, sleeplessness
or what not. It quiets and refreshes brain
and nerves. It's liquid and pleasant to
take. Trial bottle 10v Regular sizes 25c.
and 50c., at druggists, - -
Doing what we ought is our 'duty.
Mis. Window's Soothing 'Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gum's, reduces inilamm i
tiou. allays pain, cures wind colic, 25c a bottle
He gives twice who gives quickly.
? 'antidotk roit skin, dise asks
That's what txttsbixk is; and it is more.
It is an absolute cure for eczema,; tetter,
ringworm, erysipelas and all. other itching
cutaneous aiseases. - ia ujsraYeu.
of these affliotions its cure3 have been phe
nomenal. -It gives instant relief and effects
permanent cures. 60e. at druggists or by
mail from J. T. Shuptbi, Dept. A, Sa
vannah, Qa. - -
: People -who are always, trying to
ook the, part - sometimes get: so busy
about : it that they forget it.
" Good Thing to Know. .
Those who " traverse y the - alkali
plains of the West and- inhabit the
sand blown regions ot. Texas, una
daily need for a reliable; eye -salve.
They never drug the eye, but simply
apply externally the stapler Dr.
Mitchell's Eye Salve.; -This Salve is
sold everywhere. Price Z5C.
Much' would
aU. -German.
Ijave more and lost
had failed to hJL !
ir& X 1 others know of itV
wactvy jj i y wuio compound I
mT7$ U.aftersufferini
2fiT.-Sl for months from i.
I KATHAftlk'E CR- VOUS DrostratioTi
Miss -Marie Stolte-
man, oi Laurel, la..
indigestion, and poor
Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound made ta
Well and strone."
Wanee, 111., says :aLt.
vt.Ae jj a.
I table Compound cured
rme of backache, side
ache, and establish
my periods, after tha
best local doctors had
failed to help me."
FACTS foh sice; vvomen.
v For thirty years Lydia E. Pink,
ham's Vegetable Compound, mada
from roots and herbs, has been tho
standard remedy for female ills
andhas positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, mat bearing-down
feeling, flatulency,indiges
tion,dizziness,or nervous prostration.
Why dontyoutryit?
Mrs. Pinkbam' Invites all sick
women to write her for advice.
She . has grnicied thousands to
health. Address, Lynn, Mass .
ij and Fistula Cure and book exnlalninff Piles
sent free. BEA CQ..DentBiLMinneasolia.Mlnn
Nothing New or
- Mysterious.
For many generations Goose Urease ha been
recognized as a -wonderful remedial medium
in treating; .and curing .Pneumonia, Grippe,
Rheumatism and Neuralgia. RICE'S GOOSB
GREASE LINIMENT Is made from pure goose
grease, with other valuable eurative ingre
dients added. Try it. : s.
S5e At all Druggists and Dealers 25e.
otner one
more than any
thing to make
Milken "JO Different: ArtleleMt Hniehol4 Reotvdlea,. Flavorla
. . ExtructMnll Klndu, Toilet Preparstlaim. Fine Nompm, Ktc. ,
Candarer4 y Wanted in Esderyj County.
40 Yean BxMrlrntr, :),000,000 Output.
grow qtuclcly and head up solidly, i The im
portance of this element is evident from the fact
that an averaee crop of cabbaee removes from the
soil 130 pounds of Potash per acre. -
Use from xopo to 2,000 pounds per acre of a 4-7-9
.fertilizer. Insist on 9 of Potash in your cabbage fer
ktilizer or.to increase the Potash 9 add 22 pounds of
Muriate of Potash to each 100 pounds of fertilizer.
Arrange for Potash now. Potash is profit. ' ' v -
Omr book, - Truck FarmInB.w is free to farmen.
GERMAN KAU W0SUCS, CulerBldg.,AttflBta,Ga.
. ; - Rew Terk S3 Hassan St " ' -
Ckicagt-HSosaiBsck BUg,
n when writing; AdTertlBem, a
buTlitfl! Articles advertised In
rolnmni take only ibe GENUINE and
Color more goods brighter and faster colors toon any other dye. One" 10c padtage colors an fibers. They dyo In cold water better than any other dye. Ton
can dye any garment without ripping apart. ; Write tor free booklet How to Dye. Bleach and Mix Colors. BIOIIIIOE littUQ CO. Qnincy. Illinois.
Health Regained by Right Food.
The average healthy man or wom
an is usually eager to be busy at
some useful task or employment.
But let dyspepsia or indigestion
get hold of one, and all endeavor be
comes a burden.
"A year ago, after recovering from
an operation," writes a Mich. lady,
"my stomach and nerves began to
give me much trouble.
"At times my nppetite was vora
cious, but when indulged, indigestion
followed. Other times Ihad no ap
petite whatever. The food I took did
not nourish me and I grew weaker
than ever.
"I lost interest in everything and
wanted to be alone. I had always
had gcod nerves, but now the merest
trifle would upset. me and bring on. a
violent headache. '--Walking across
the vcr-.m was an effort and prescribed
. exercise was out of the question, .
"I hnd seen Grape-Nuts advertised,
but did not believe what I read, at
the time. At last when it seemed a?
if 1 v:re lUrally starving, I began to
- eat Grae-Nuts. - :
"I had not been able to work for a
year, ht now after twoj months' on
Grape-Nuts I "am eager tbbe at worli
again.. 'My stomach gives me no troiu
ble now,' ray nerves are steady ess
ever, nnd interest in life and ambi-
tion come back with the return
. "Tnor's a Tleason." .i
Namo v-;Von by Posfura Co., Battle
. Creek. Ki-h. - Rad "The Road to
- Wellvnie," in pks.
Ever read the above letter? A
new on
The Split Log Road Drag:
' There are thousands of "highways
in the rural districts, which, while
only being excuses for roads may be
put into shape by the use of the road
drag, and it is important to know
that farmers' bulletin, just issued by
the Department of Agriculture, gives
a description of the split log road
drag for use on earth roads, v. The
split log road drag is by no means a
new institution, but this fifteen-page
pamphlet tells why it is sometimes a
failure. For one thing, it is often
made too heavy; it should belight
enough for one man to lift easily.
A dry cedar, elm or walnut log is the
best material for a drag-far better
than oak or hickory. Another mis
take is in the use of squared timbers
instead of those with sharp edges,
whereby the cutting effect of sharp
edges is lost arid the drag glides over
instead of equalizing the irregular
ities in the surface of the road.
By the ordinary process of ditch
cleaning, scraping, etc., it is estimated
that road improvement costs . from
$20 to $50 per mile, while by the use
of the split log drag and plank ditch
cleaner, ranges from $ 1.50 to. $ 5
per mile, and a far better road is the
result..'-' -; '" '. "r :.v; t'"; -'V.'"y
'The advantages to be gained from
the use of a road drag ave emphasized
in the bulletin thus: First, the main
tenance of a smooth, serviceable earth
road, free from ruts and mudholes.
Second, obtaining such3" road surface
with the expenditure of little money
and labor in comparison with, the
money and labor required, for other
methods. Third, the reduction of
mud in wet weather and of dust in
dry weather. This publication
(Farmers' Bulletin 321) can be had
free upon application to the Secretary
of Agriculture or to your member of
Congress. Indiana Farmer. llv C
witK a mishap, the saf e way is tQ )e;0axdm aiii
prevent the double from oc
Weak women need Cardui before confinement,
to strengthen their system and help them through
this trying period. Thousands have tried it, rand
found it of wonderful benefit, at that and other try
ing times of their lives.
- Mrs. Fannie Niehols, of Mexico, Mo., writes :
"Last year I was threatened with a mishap and
Wine of ICardui helped me more than
any other medicine.- Now I have a fine
healthy boy. I think Cardui the finest
medicine I know of, for female troubles,
and I wish aE suffermg women would
Cardui is sold by all reliable drug
gists, with full directions ionise, in six
languages, inside the wrapper,
Writ for 64-p5lllttstrtedBoot, uJtom Treatment far
aescriDine ymptoma of Female Diseases ana giv
ing' valuable hints on health, hygiene, diet, medicine, eta,
for women. Sent free, postpaid. Address: LAdiee Advisor
Jt The Chattaaooca Medicine Ckx, Chattanooga, Tens. .
G!Ra, .-Sgr..!s fr ...ST ..-SV
0 184 i
How Maine Ushers Caught Salmon,
j Mr. and Mrs. Gross had a funny
experience witn an eignt pound sal
mon at Green Lake: recently. '
- After being hooked : the salmon
jumped right into the arms of Mrs.
Gross and slid through. to the bottom
of the - .boat. : Mrs. Gross promptly
sat : on, the fish . and made good jts
capture. Kennebec Journal.
- An Old Story. 4
"She tells me that theirs is a pla
tonic love.? What dees that mean,
hubby?" "Means that we'll have to
Thej are nnin.. ll? aig u Ior a redding present in about
bum.-, vterert "UMA w t two months.'; Louisville Courier-
isnfo. nnir.lr and .lf'n.n..shavne.
can be stropped. Buy and you'll b pleased. $
THE SMALL PRICE is made Possible by the great demand for this
Razor. The small &roflt on each aggregating as large aum as - if we
sold fewer at a greater mice. THE BENEFIT 18 THE CONSUMER'S."
And the Bla&e.of coarse is thelmportantnartof any Razor. The frame is of satin fllnlsh, Iver plated and -"angled" correctly for
These Diaaes srcr - g" tr i - w m postage stamps or casn Dimgr iiprepaia oy mail in a special box..,. Write name ana fail ao
l2 aress
i very plainly. BOOK PUBLISHING HOUSE, 134 Leonard Street. New York City.
Beware of the Congh
that bangs on persistently,
breaking your night's rest and
exhausting you with the violence
of the paroxysms. A few doses
of Piso's Cure will relieve won
derfully any cough, no matter
how far advanced or serious.
It soothes and heals the irritated
. surfaces, clears tho clozged air
passages and the cough disap
pears. - - . t " v. -
At all druggists', 25 cts
A: feast ,is worth nothing; without
its conversation. Irish. - - - j " r-
PHPIIII ATlSIl nnw ourablo; (bousands enredrre--nULUMAl
lufltl suits speedy :iraaranteeKlven:price
low. Write qulcfc. Tufi WRIGHT 3lD. CO., Peru, Ind.
If afflicted
tritta weak
yes use
Tbompson's Ee Water
So. 46-'OS. r..
' uci D Insist on Having'
for Or. MAii ILL'S ktcparati
beud loe book; "ItelieUor Women." ' :
rj A shoe that is too big may not pinch, but it is a bad fit just the same.
What yon wan : is a shoe that matches the shape of your foot at tne m
--place where your weight rests, nbt top large or too small, but exactly Jj
fight. SKREEMERS are shoes like that, and,
- the tyle is there, too.: Ixok for the labeL
Journal. - .
t .
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