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x S. SPURGEON, PriSident, P C COLLINS. Cashier.
. j ' v . - . s. . t . '
CHAS. A. SCOTT, Vice President.
J. CHESHIRE IVEBS, 2nd Vice Presided
; - '.' ' ". . - . . - ... . ' ' ' 1 11 1 . . , , " . -
Desires an account with every man. woman ami .hiM in r--
MrffliSlSSJl? to otond auch accommodations asjs consistent with conaervativo bahkinc.
W claim to be 1.ho Fnancial Bureau of Information for Orahita Cmmtv KWi f..mih infmnHn -
Charles SearSeii
Attornoy-at-Law ,
Practices in the courts qf Dur
ham and Orange Couutiefl,.
Grakecm . Graham
Practice in the Counties of
Alamance, Durham, Granville,
Person and Orange."
S. M. Gatti,
Hillshoro, N. (I
Practices State and Ficloral Courts.
Prompt attention to all t nslness.V Special at
tention to Probate buslntsis.
Oxford, N. C .
Will nrn"tufi in the Courts of Oraintfc. Per
son. Durham and Granville and in tho Su
preme Court. . '
News of Interest Gleaned From All Sections of the State and
Arranged For Busy Readers
Sleeping Car on Hamlet Train.
Wilmington, Special. -In connec
tion with the change in schedule on
the Seaboard Air Line' May 2,- Dis
trict Passenger Asrent Gattis an
nounces that, 'for the train leaving
Wilmington at 3 a. m there will be., a
local sleeper between Wilmington
and Hamlet to be opened at Wilming-1 the defendant is to serve 12 months
ton tor occupancy of passengers at .9 on the roads. - The case against Char-
p. m., returning from Hamlet and lies Allman came up and he was ad
Pardoned But Impenitent, o ;
Greenville, Special. Among the
list of pardons issued by Governor
Kitchin on the 12th was the name of.
Allen Gray, a colored man of Pitt
county, who was serving a sentence:
of two years on the roads. He pre-J
tended to want to buy some clothes
Saturday night and while the mer
chant was serving another customer
Gray gathered up four pairs of pants,
three coats, a vest and a hat and slip
ped ; out the back door of the store.
Officers were close on the trial and
soon had him landed in jail,
Wiilson, of Kentucky, Dismisses Lasts Five Minutes; Kills Six and
Cases Against Six Men. L Injures Fifty.
Salisbury ? Tiger Sent Un.
Salisbury, Special. In the Rowan
County C Court, Judge B. B. Mil
ler, - presiding, Fayette Allman.
wno was tound guilty in seven indict
ments Friday for retailing whiskey,
was fined $100 in eaeh case, a total
01 $700. For failure to pay this fine
Cotton Mill Trust Planned by Dukes?
Winston-Salem,; Special. The
open for occupancy at 8 p. m., pas-j judged guilty iix one case and a fine afternoon paper here, prints 'what it
sengers being allowed to . remain in I of $100 or six months on the roads terms a well authenticated report
same aiier arrival in Wilmington im- was imposea. An aDDeal was taken inttliat rt0 nnW'w aro in-onntii f
Z, I,,6 ,f . " r1"" ZTii li0" the America Tobaeeo company, are
commodation to thetravelmg public, I perior Court.
on account of the unseemly hours at
which the train will arrive and depart
from Wilmington.
planning to form a great cotton mill
trust in the South, one similiar to the
mammoth tobacco combination. The
Clevesland Rnss Treed.
Whiteville, Special. Cleveland story continues that -the Dukes own a
Russ. on trial'. sinnA Thnrsdav of lasf: 1 controlling interest in the Southern
Two Stills Destroyed in Wilkes. I week, was acouitted Tnpsdav fiftpnfl Power company, through which they
Statesville, Special. Deputy Davis I noon in the Sunerior Court hprp nf 1 expect to get control of a majority
has been doing considerable business the murder of Terry Bigford,'a young 1 f be leading Southern cotton mills.
me past iew aays. .Last inursaay ne 1 farmer and storekeeper, who was S , v . -A-and
Sheriff Adams of Alexander I found dead in hi 'hnmd hn thp'Tn'nrni l Handsome Home Destroyed.
county; went over into wiiKes ana ing 0f March 24th, last. v-The jury Monroe, Special. The - home of
destroyed iwoxDiocKaae plants. ; une deliberated but a short time
ot these was a very large plant locate 0usy was assigned as the motive for sioher, was destroyed by fire at 12:30
ed on a branch m a valley . between I the crime in that it was alleged that I o 'clock Tuesday, morning. The home
two mountains, and Had been in bus- Bigfofd was engaged to have married" was situated about 5 miles west of
a Miss Squires, of Bladen county,! Monroe, and was one of the - finest
)ffice on Chin-ton street- opposite Major John
W. Ji-a ham's law oince.
iness but a short time, all of the fix
tures being practically new. When for Jjpse ; hand the . prisoner was a I residences in the s county outside of
one of tne . mountains'"-vMveTiooKing
rival suitor.
the" distillery f Key -could seer two'iiegrd
men at work at the plant. As the of
ficers went down the side of this
mountain, however, the negroes hur-
Dr. Mims Resigns.
Durham, Special-The informa
tion came out last week that Dr. Ed
win Mims, professor of English in
town. The loss . is about $4,000. part-
(eoyered by lhsuran2l
of the fire . is unknown, but it is sid
to have started in the upper story.
tier Nine Tears in Exile Accused of
"Complicity in Murder of Gov
ernor Can Return to His Native
State.- ,: V;. ,C,'::
Frankfort Ky. W. S. Taylor, de
posed as.. Governor of Kentucky in.
January, 1900; Charles Finley, wnp
held the office of Secretary of State;
John Li. Powers, John W. Davis,
MZach" Steele, and Harlan Whitta-
ker, all of whom were indicted for
the murder of William Goebel, have
been - pardoned before trial by" Gov
ernor Augustus B. Wiilson.
Governor Wiilson has thus dis
posed of the famous Goebel case,
which has played a prominent part
The Storm Broke Without Warning
With Such Violence as to Wreck
- Churches,, Overthrow Smoke
: ; stacks and Demolish Factories.
-Cleveland, Ohio. From six to
twenty persons are dead, at least nine
are fatally injured, fifty or more are
seriouslrhurt, and property has been
damaged to the value of $1,000,000.
as the result of a tornado lasting only
five minutes, which hit Cleveland at
noon. - "
s The storm broke with hardly ft
minute's warning, and so violent was
the 1 wind that roofs were blown away,
small houses, barns and stronglx
braced smokestacks, demolished, tele-
in nolitics since the assassination at phone and .telegraph poles uprooted
Frankfort more than nine years ago. or snapped off, and wires blown
He gave pardons several months age I across streets in all parts of the city.
to Caleb Powers ana James wowara, i The Known aeaa are:,
ried up the mountain on the other Trinity College for many years, had
sm ui lue Mxy uuu escapeu. tendered his resignation to the pres-
1,S00 gallons of beer and a lot of idfint. fln1 haarf1 y.f tr,lsfpPa nf Trnn-
Held on Many Charges. .
Rocky Mount, Special. Carnie
Pitt, a middle-aged negro from Edge
combe county, is 'what - might be
meal at the still for the purpose was ity to take effect in June, and that termed a mild desperado, and for an-
destroyed along with the plant by the
When you want a quick cure without
any loss ol time, and one that is followed
by no tad results, use
Cholera and
It nivsr fails and is pleasant to take.
valuable lov children. It is
he would go abroad Jhis summer for tics that he perpeterated last week he
a cultured traveling tour. It is also was held' Monday on three charges,
stated that Dr. Mims has been called making a total bond of eight hundred
to the State, University to hea$ the dollars. He was tried for carrying
English! department, filled by Dr. C. concealed weapons, for an assault on
Death of Mrs. T. F. Kluttz.
Salisbury, Special. Mrs. Theodore
Franklin Kluttz, wife of ex-Congress- Alphonso Smith, who goes to the Uni- John Johnson, and shooting at Tom
it 13 equ
man Theo. F. Kluttz, of Salisbury,
died at a hospital in this city, where
she had been under treatment for
several days. The end came sudden
ly, however, and was a great shock to
this section of North Carolina, where
versity of Virginia,.
Rich Land Available.
Raleigh, Special. The State Board
of Education last week received from
Royster, and he was convicted of all
three charges , and was sent up to
Edgecomb county court for trial.
15 Car Loads of Lettuce.
tvt:i il ct 1 mi . 1
. 1 . i?i nrt'i.iiiii 111 in 111 1.11 1 jriifHiiii. iviitiK 1 1 - . iv 1 in nu1 .iin npia i i no . noQTnr
cures ovei a large part 01 - r0r- v . . Engineer W. E. Hearn. of the Bureau 'ir"& rr.T-T .. , T"J
. . 1 n in ivmk vv if 1 1 iv 1 1 1 1 vv 11. 1 1 1 1 1 , vv nn - m a l v i a ' i m 1111 Hrnw 1 1 1 I : 1 sn in inqia rT
v"-lCU I ii 1 ,! Qai SiinTmTo TTnifoH States T Ipnnrt-1 . ..
Sold bv W A HAYES. Dmggists. years old and is survived oy a sister, " -"-vy- lettuce to the Philadelphia and New
ivuss Jennie uaidwen, and one nrom-1 . r ,7T 1 1 110 marKets on Saturday, had a
er, J. P. Caldwell; editor of the Char- jr. tne sou, survey 01 mawamubKeet tendency to... break prices, : returns
lotte Observer, a husband, .three I m tuu il) i. uc u,itlA11 from Monday's sales being from $1
' . J W ' A 4. I m-m U V
, .age movement on ioot. oixty iuuus- n o-; i,n,u : du;ijiu:.
Plant Wood's Seeds
For The
Garden & Farm.
Thirty years in business, with
a steadily increasing trade every
year until we haye to-day one
of the largest businesses in seeds
in this country is the best of
evidence as to thejsuperior qual
ity of Wood's Seeds.
Wood's Descriptive Catalog
and monthly ' Crop Special "
have done more to encourage
diversified farming and profi
table market-growing of vegeta
ble crops than any other similar
publications. v
If you want the best and riosx
profitable crops, '
Plant Wood's Seeds.
Wood's Descriptive Catalog
and monthly "Crop Special,"
mailed free on request.
T.W.WOOD & sons,
Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.
daughters and two sons, Theo. F.
Kluttz, Jr., and State Senator White
head Kluttz.
and Traffic
Freight Train Wrecked
Hickory, Special Southern freight
No. 74 was derailed three miles east
of Hickory Thursday morning. Four
teen freight cars were thrown from
track, some of them forty or fifty
feet away; and many smashed into
the track, some of them forty or fifty
was torn up and several telegraph
poles leveled. Strange to relate no
one was hurt. The engine arid ca
boose remained on the track. The
cause is ascribed to a broken flange.
and acres of land are under water
and 80,000 acres can be reclaimed
for cultivation through the successful
drainage of the lake. Expert opinion
is that the lands available will be the
most fertile in America.
both of whom had been convicted of
the murder of Goebel. Henry Bk
Youtsey is serving a life sentence for
the crime, but Governor. Wiilson de- j
clares he is directly gullty.l
Taylor and Finley are now in In
diana; wheref they fled immediately
after Goebel died. John Powers,
who is a brother of Caleb Powers,
also left the State, and is believed to
be in Honduras. v 'z-y ':'
r Governor: v Wiilson reiterates tht
belief he "expressed" wheir Tie par
doned Caleb Powers and James B.
Howard, that no one but Youtsey
had part in the murder, and that -it
was" not a conspiracy, as the Com
monwealth charged. ' .
Governor Wiilson states that no
demand has been made on Jiim Ify
the Commonwealth for requisition
to bring the fugitives back to Ken
tucky, and it is evident that no at
tempt will be made to prosecute
them. v .
Steele, Davis and Whittaker never
left the State, and although they
were in custody for some .time, they
.were not brought to trial. Not one'
of those pardoned at this time -has
Jasper Cromwell, blown from &
train at Cleveland Furnace Company
plant; : Mrs. Olive Phalen, nurse at
State Hospital, skull crushed by stone
blown from building; unidentified!
woman blown into a pond at Wade
Park and drowhed; Joseph Vessla
killed by falling smokestack at Cleve
land Frog and Crossing Works; Louis
Petro, crushed by , falling roof, died
at hospital; Joseph Slazek,, struck on
bead by flying, timber, ; died: at hbs "
pital.f - - -: '
The fatally injured are: John Nle
balski, boy, injured by 'falling steeple
at St Stanislaus Church; J. Rubysky
crushed by flying timber;. Louis Pe
tro, crushed by falling roof; Gladys
May, injured by falling shed; Mrs. p.
J. Herlg, fell, in kettle of hat water
when roof collapsed; Charles Traut
man, blown" off Baltimore and Ohio
freight train and lost both legs, roll
ing under wheels; Charles Hefler, six
teen years old, struck by lightning ;;
David Young, body crushed when t
wind overturned his wagon; Harry .
Bender, head crushed, caught under
buggy overturned "by wind; Fred Gru
gel, committed suicide ' during the .
ever been tried on the indictment height of the storm because he was
Large Still Destroyed Saturday.
Statesville, Special. Deputy Col
lector J. M. Davis and Deputy Sheriff
Ward found and destroyed a large
illicit distillery plant in Eagle Mills
township Saturday. The plant show
ed evidence that it had been , in use
for some time and the 150-gallon still
and all other fixtures were in their
places when the officers arrived. The
Passenger trains were delayed sever-I officers also destroyed 600 gallons of
beer, about 30 gallons , oilow wines
and a lot of meal which were found
at the plant. No one was on the
premises when the-officGrsarrived.
al hours while a wrecking crew from
Asheville removed the ' debris- and
built a new track!
Henderson Boasts of Its Freaks.
Hendersonvilie, Special. The
French Broad Hustler of this week
authoritatively notes the fact that
twenty-nine sets of twins have been
born in Henderson county during the
last twelve months, 'and on another
'page states that on Monday last the
Balfour cow gave birth . to twin
cales. -In "addition . to this a child
has just been born here with five fin
gers and a thumb on each hand ; one
subscriber finds a four-legged chicken
in: his. barn, .and anojther; has ... a hen
and nothigher than $1.75 for fancy
stock in iNew York. Five or six car
loads from Tuesday's cutting went
forward by through freights. '
Shot by Deputy Sheriff.
Spencer, Special. Jim Keesler, an
employe of the Southern Railway
Shops here, was dangerously shot
near his home inj East Spencer Sun
day afternoon by Deputy Sheriff: D.
L. Beasley, who vleft immediately
after the shooting. The ''trouble be
tween Keesler and Beasley is said
to have resulted from family affairs.
Keesler Js condition is critical, but it
is thought he will recover. Officer
Beasley has since surrendered; and
has given bond in the sum of $500.
found against him. After Taylof
and Finley fled to Indiana the Gov
ernor of that State declined to grant
a " requisition for their return, and
succeeding Governors followed his ex
ample. These pardons ends one of the most
remarkable murder cases in the his
tory of the South. William Goebel,
a Democrat, was assassinated yin front
of the Kentucky State Capitol whila
he was contesting the election of W.
S. Taylor to the Governorship. The
contest had caused great excitement,
and thousands of men" . were armed,
ready for trouble. The Legislature
deposed Taylor, and he and Finley
were indicted on a ) charge of com
plicity in the murder. They both fled
across the Ohio River into Indiana.
Caleb Powers, then Assistant Secre
tary of State, was arrested and
charged directly with the murder. He
was convicted twice for first degree
murder, but Governor Wiilson par
doned him. He is now on a lecturing
tour through the country.
Requisitions for Taylor and Finley
by three Democratic Governors of
Kentucky were refused by three Re
publican executives in Indiana. When
Governor Wiilson, who is a Jtepubli-
can, was elected it was forecast that
ah end would be put to the whole
case.. One pi, his first acts was the
pardoning of Caleb Powers.
Alleged Blockader Arrested.
Statesville, Special. Charlie ; Sum
mers, a notorious .character of
Sharpesburg township, who has been
wanted for some time to answer char
ges of blockading and retailing in a
number of cases, was arrested about
sun-up Sunday morning , by Sheriff
Deaton . and Deputy Brown, " at his
home, and was brought to Statesville
arid lodged in jail without ; trouble.
Friends' and relatives came , in Mon
day afternoon and put up bond in
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which spoils the. scenry.byJaying.aH the;m of $100 and Summers was
ilex ciiii'5 xiuxu me ueiiiui ui mc-iuuoi!
" Prevents Dogs Going Mad.
Nashville, Special. There is a 'man
in Nash county who claims, that he
can worm dogs ' and guarantee that
they, will ; not. run mad. The cause,
as he states, is a worm: under the
dog's tonguey and he takes the worm
out and gives a written guarantee
that the dog will never go' mad. ; He
will correspond with any ;: one who
wishes his services. .
agairi released.
20 Cars of Strawberries.
Wilmington, Special. Strawberry
shipments Monday were ,20 ars ' from
the Chadbourh beltj, and two car loads
from the Wilmington arid . Weldon
sections, this exclusive of large ship
ments by express from the Wilming
ton and Weldon territory. Tuesday's
loading "of berriesr reached 50- cars.
Succumbs After Long Illness and Hot.
' test Campaign in Connecticut.
Hartford, Conn. Governor George
L. Lilley died at the Executive man-;
sion and fire bells tolled the Govern
or's age, forty-nine years, immediate
ly after the official; announcement of
the death.
Governor Lilley was elected last
fall after one of the hottest cam
paigns the State had seen in many
years. After his election his enemies
attempted to have his election de
clared void on the ground that the
Corrupt Practices Act had been vio
lated, in that money had been used
in his interests. - These charges
failed. , : . ; v
Before he was elected Governor he
served as Representative-at-Large in
Congress. A year ago he made sensational-charges
that interests be
hind a submarine boat were corrupt
ing Congress and endeavoring to get
millions for an obsolete type cf sub
marine. The charges made a sensa
tion . nnd bro.ueht dowjn upon Lilley
the hatred of many of. his colleagues.
He failed to prove them, and harsh
names were applied to him on the
floor of the House.
Senator Stewart, Colonel Bartlett and
Editor Collier All Pass Away.
Washington, D. C- Former United
States Senator William M. Stewart,
of Nevada, died in the Georgetown
Hospital here, following an operation."
Mr. Stewart was eighty-two years old
and for twenty-eight years altogether
he 'represented Nevada in the Senate,
a lapse between 1875 . and 1887. inter
vening to prevent a continuous ser
vice record from 1865 to 1905. ,
New York City. Colonel Franklin
Bartlett, lawyer, commander of the
Twenty-second Regiment; secretary of
.the Sun Printing and Publishing As
sociation, died f rorn carcinoma of
the liver in his home, No., 26 West
Twentieth street.
Colonel Bartlett, who won unusual
success at the bar, was born in Wor
cester County, Mass., in 1847. .
. New York City. Peter F. Collier,
publisher of Collier's Weekly, died
suddenly of apoplexy. He was born
in County Carlow, Ireland. He was
the founder of Collier's Weekly, ol
which his son, Robert J. Collier, is
- - ; "
afraid he was about to be killed. Ha
rushed into a barn, out of the rain,
and drank carbolic acid. I He left a
note explaining his action;.
The storm came from the north
east, off the lake,. the gale blowing at
sixty-six miles an hour. In its wake
followed a sheet of rain- and hall
which fell with terrific force. .
: In the blinding rain pedestrians
were. blown off their feet-and hurled
against buildings, while in many;
cases they were struck, down by fly
ing bricks and timbers which filled
the air. ' Porches were stripped . oft
houses, and, in some instances, roofs
were carried 300 feet. Skylights and
windows were crushed and many per
sons were injured by flying glass.
- Twelve school buildings were dam
aged and many pupils had remarkable
escapes, but none was seriously hurt.
' The largest single damage was
done to St. Stanislaus Church, East
Sixty-fifth street and Forman avenue.
The wind almost demolished the '
structure. The loss is estimated at
At Cedar avenue and East 107tK
street the plant of the Kinsman Ice
Cream Company and the Salvation
Army, Post Hall were wrecked by the
wind. A barn owned by .Giles Broth
ers was lifted in the air and' deposited .
fifty feet in the rear of its former
site. It was twisted and the root
burst from it as it-landed, but four
horses inside the barn Were not hurt ,
' Karl Grant, sixteen, son of Mrs.
Ella Grant . Wilson, florist in South
Fourteenth street, was burled In tha
debris of the greenhouses when a
fifty-foot smokestack crashed throughi
the glass building. He was uncon
scious when removed, and suffered,
serious injuries.
Four 500-pound cornices of Zion
Lutheran ' Church, Branch avenue
and West Fourteenth street, were
ripped from the building, one strik
ing John Carter, a laborer. Twenty
children at play in the churchyard
ran panicstricken Into . the pastor's
house, but escaped injury.
Hannibal w,as preparing to cross the
Alps. Y . . v ' .
"But, how," asked his chief of taff,
"are we going to get all the baggage '
over?" - ; ;; .
"We will carry It," gloomily answer-, '
ed the great general, "In . the trunks
of the elephants." '
Which " merely stuciws Ihow andesi -the
gag is. Chicago Tribune. . j

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