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l-i T T T s R n HIT- ft H ".
v bd Owner. ' " -: ,
State Treasurer Lacy stated re
cently that the She riffe ot the State
have settled up this year about as
well as usual, but are complaining
very much that it is more difficult
than usoal to cbect taxes, and ab
scribe the condition to the financial
'depression caused by the panic
What has become of the good
old friendly hand-shaker who-tood
on, the corner aod welcomed you
every morning when you catne
down town and who made strangers
feel at borne? He is ssdly missed
here, Chapel liill News. Brother,
this is an foff year," and you most
do your own "shaking," Next year
yoa will find a plenty of shakers.1'
Elaborate preparations are being
made at Oxford for the lOih of
May, when the corner stooe of the
Confederate monument will be
placed. Members of the Grand
Lodge of Masons from Raleigh and
Grand Master Samuel M. Gattis, of
Hillsboro, will be. presort to formal
ly place the foundation tone with
..Masonic honors. General Julian S.
Carr will deliver the address on this
words to freeze the soul.
"Your son has Consumption. His
case is bopelesB." These appalling
t " . n
Elevens, a leading merchant of
Soringfield. N. CL. bv two emert
lawyers one a lung specialist. Then
was shown the wonderful power of
-Dr. King's New Discovery. "After
three weeks use," writes Mr. Elev
ens, "he was as well a ever. I
would not take all the money in the
world for what it did for my boy
Infallible for Coughs and Colds, its
the safest, surest cure ot desperate
JLing diseases on earth. 50a and
1.00. W ' "A Tin van 'TlrntTnim
' . - J ' 1
guarantees satisfaction. Trial bot
tle tree.
He Give me a kiss
-oidedly) I won't.
She (de-
He You shouldn't say I won't"
to me; you. should say, "I
,, ,
She But that Wouldn't be trueJfamilv medininn wa MnnMn't Vo
YOU Who ?have Occasional
trouble from indigestion, such as
sour stomach, belching cf gas, sour
risiugB shu weuK Biomacu, snooia
not celay a moment to help the
stomach digest tbe food for all these
little ailments, annoying both lo
vonrself and to nthra
simply by undigested food in the
stomach. Kodol lor Dyspepsia and
Indigestion taken occasionally will
noon relieve you of all tbe simple
Stomach ailments that you now have,
but which may be more serious la
ter. Try Kodol today and tuke it
on our guarantee. We know it will
do what we say it will do. It is
sold by W. A. Hayes, Druggist.
To lose your temper is to lose the
respect ot others and your self-
' ' 1 -
More than nine out of every ten
lases ot rheumatism are - simply
nearoausm or tbe muscles, due to
)old or damp weather or chronic
heumatinm. In suoh casee. no inter
nal treatment is required. The free
application ot Chamberlain's Lini-
nem is all that is needed, and it if
?ertain to give quick relief. Give it
trial nd see for yourself how
piokly it relieves tne pain and sore
THs. Price, 25, cents ; large size,
bU cenu. Sold by W. A. Hayes,
Of course the preacher's aim
wasn't aoobrate when bis sermon hit
you. .
-We know of ootbins better for
.uts, burns, bruises, scratches, or in
fact anything where salve is needed,
than DeWitt's Carbolize 3 Witch
Hazql Salve. It is especially sood
for piks. We sell and recommend
Sold by W. A. Haves. Drussist.
u s no disgrace to work for a liy-1
ng unless yoa work others
; For Infants and Children.
Hie Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature 0f
m on- the d VV idmiuu
' " -w ITT a 1u
Greensboro section ot tbe Soorhern.
Mr. Harris has -beenon this road
from Greensboro to Winston Salem
30 years, during which tiimr be ha
4 ron an average,. ww r
day, or 54,750 miles eaco ye',
lor the 30 years between Winston
and Greensboro Mr. Harris has ran
1642,500 miles, and it is estimated
has worn out the track five times
daring the -30 yeais. He has no
doubt hauled every man, woman and
child that has ridden from Winston
Salem to Greensboro, and to his
knowledge has never Injured anyone
with his train. This is indeed a
splendid record for 30 years of rail
road service. Twin-City Sentinel,
published at Winston Salem. En
gineer Harris mentioned above is a
younger brother of the publisher of
The Orange County Observer, who
has been publishing his paper in Or
ange County over 31 years, having
established it at Chapel Hill on the
18th day ot AprH, 1878-
Onb Touch of Nature Makes
The Whole World Kin."
When a rooster finds a big fat
worm he calls all the bens in the
farm yard to come and share it. A
similar trait of human nature is to
be observed wben a man discovers
something exceptionally good be
wants all his friends and neighbors
to share the benefits of his discov
ery. This is the touch of nature
that makes tbe whole world kin.
This explains why people who have
been cured by Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy write letters to the manu
facturers for publication, that others
similarly ailing may also use it and
obtain relief. Behind every one ot
these letters is a warm hearted wish
ot the writer to be ot ose to some
one else. This remedy is for sale
by W. A. Hayes, Druggist.
Japan's earthquake reoord for
50 years is 27,526. Itlaly had a few
If you expect to get. the best
and most reliable preparation for
Kidney trouble, inflammation of the
bladder, rheumatism, rheumatic
pains, weak back and backache you
most get DeWitt's Kidney and
Bladder Fills. They aot promptly
and are sure. Sold by W. A.
Hayes, Druggist.
Judge-What is your age, mad
am ? Aged Witness I've seeo
thirty two summers. Judge How
long have you been blind ? Ex
change. ' .
Up Before The Bar.
N. H. Brown, an attorney, ,of
Pittsfield, Vt, writes: "Ve have
used Dr. King's New Life Pills for
years and find them such a cood
without them " Far Chills
nation. RilinnannHa "r Sllr Hoc, A.
ache they work wonders. 25o. at
W. A. Hayes' drug store.
The man who mak.es money his
master when he is youns makes his
tamily ashamed ot him when he is
Wben you take Kodol. the
food you have eaten will be digest
ed naturally, regularly and prompt
ly, and in this way Kodol gives the
stomach a chance to regain its lost
strength and health, and after
little while you need not take Kodol
longer,. but take it while you do
need it and it it fails to benefit you
yoor money will be refunded to you.
. 18 80ia D V ' A Hayes, Wrug
-o- .
High winds are like lots of peo
PIe They will persist in blowing
ooui tnemselves.
Bears tha
iTh8 Kind YsaHavBways BouJ4
Weekly Hillsboro Market Re.
' . iOBiTc
Wheat, per busbel ot 60 lbeM $1.10
Corn pei bushel of 56 lbs., 85 cis.
Oats, per bushel of 32 lbs., 60 cts.
Meal, per bushel ot 46 lbs. 81.00.
Pork, 10 cts per pound.
Bacon bog round 12 1-2 cts.
Flour, per barrel, 85.50 to $6.50.
Tallow, per pound, 4 to 5 cts.
Beeswax, per pound, 20 cts.
Butter, per pound. 20 to 25 cts.
Ekss, per dozen, 17 1-2 ots.
Peas, per bushel, $2.00.
Beans, per bushel. $2 00. '
Hides, dry. 6 to 8 cents ner nonnd
Chickens, each. 25 to 40 cts.
eatbers Live Geese 50 ots. per
Wool washed 20 to
AO cts. per
Unwashed Wool, 10 to
20 cts per
Coffee, 10 to 25 cts. per pound.
Sugar, 5 to 6 cts. per pound.
ah Kinds ot country produce in
gooa demand.
it subscribe for the Orange
County Obsebyeb. Only 81.00
prosperous farmer.
' . jMebAne .jeader.l
It was WHsose b P'
portion ot fcoWl
pitable homef our friend M- K
Vr. .m n eWant rarm
. i t nnntv line
oKont. IBO "ffllies ikbbk vi
Mr. Ham's farm contains 250 acres,
about 150 bt which is in a high state
of collivation. He expects to ma
rnn Korroifl nf oorn this vear, raises
x.: mo onnnlv and ft nlentV - of I
nA fnrAcra for stock' food.
Mr. Ham is a gooa iarnaer, anu uo-
lieves in making his entire lood sup-
nlieR. exoentiue suear ana coneo.
Mr. Ham came here from Pikesville
near Goldsboro two years ago, and
wile, and nine healthy, lnieresung,
fine lookins children, and bishome
life seems the very happiesti in fact
it. Anna annfiar that the world is.
smiling on Mr. Ham.
Make Old TMncs Now
A door, a mantel, kitchen chairs.
benches, anv small old things to be
made new is -quickly; done by paiuv
inir with a pound or two of bur I
& M. Home Finish Dotnestio Jraint I
in All colors. Have you an old car
riage ? Make it new with a small
can of L fc;M. Home Finish Car-
riage Varnish Paint. ' Won't cost
more than about a dollar and saves a
hundred. We snpply -everything in
paint and sate you money.'
Sold by H. W. fc J. C. WEBB,
Hillsboro. ,
o "
The minister had jast been giving
tbe class a lesson on tbe Prodigal
Son. At the finish, to test what at
tention had been paid to his teach
iogrbe asked : ( Who was sorry that
the prodigal bad returned T' The
most forward youogster in tbe class
breathlessly answeied? "The fatted
calf." Home Herald.
Swept Over Niagara.
This terrible calamity often bap
pens because a careless boatman ig
nores tbe river's warnings growing
ripples and faster current-- Nature's
warnings are kind That dull pain
or aohe in the baok warns yon thei
Kidueys need attention if you would
escape fatal maladies Dropsy, Dia
betes or Bright'8 disease Take
xsiiecino outers at once ana see
Backache fly and all your best feel
ings return. ''After long suffering1
from weak kidneys and lame back,
one SI. 00 bottle wholly cured me.
writes J. R. Blankenship, of Belk,
Tenn. Only 50o. at W. A. Hayes'
drug store.
If you srant to be miserable, think
much about yourself ; about ; what
you want, what you like : what re
spect people ought to pay you, and
what people think of you. Charles I
tungley. .
- o
Object to Strong Medicines.
Many people obieot :o taking the
strong medicines usually prevoribed
by pbyHioians tor rheumatism. There
is no need of internal treatment in
any case of muscular or chronic
rheumatism, and more than nine oot
of every ten oases of the disease are
of one or the other of tlreee varieties.
When there is no lever and little (if
kaoy; swelling you may Know teat it
us: i .. . . .
18 ooiy necessary to ano v Uham
oeriain s ijiniment ireely to get
quioK reiier. Try it, For sale by
W. A. Hayes, Druggist. . '
One of the most pleasant recollec
tions of our boyhood days is the
faot that the cupboard r door was
never locked.
Most cough cures and cold
cures are constipating, especially '
those that contain oniaten. Ken.
nedy's Laxative Cough Syrup is free
from all opiates and it cures the
cold by gently moving tbe bowels
ana at tbe same time it soothes Irri
tation ot the throat and lungs, aod
in that way stops the cough. It is
especially recommended for chil
dren, as it tastes nearly ae cood as
mapie sugar. We sell and recom
mend it. W. A. Haves. Drnacrint.
- eo -
InflammatiDn of the blad
der, urinary troubles and
backache use
's Kidney
and Bladder pills
Trial Fosr 35c
ZS. C. DWITT Sc CO. Chicago. ZH
Siid W A- HAYES, Droggiat.
hit? o? i80' we can helPyon. We
have already put hundreds through
ldJl r tuir information regarding
25fnfeit f lree Slarship in any
school or college. Address, Robert J.
i- V f
before the sultry
to it. We would remind yen
that now is the
yourself with
which lighten
house-keeper in
-as the mint bed
men of the "Old South1' before
prohibition stalked abroad in the
We now have
plete line oi
And when you call to select these
WEAR AND DRESS GOODS, which mil add greatly to Xfour
pearance and bodily tomforL
h: &
V '
' " . 't "
4 H
to-day, fair 1dyf:
days force you
time to provide
those comforts
the load of the
summer as much
did the gentle
In stock a com
things, bear in mind that utevarrg
Tbe.Board of .
. "uisuorn im.ii.
. - u i8au-ftf em
ow or siiooft r;r . '""ion
I f IM .
Agnate io b ' DM1
vyyi j ears, bear (6
payable samJ.to--'r,Tl wul: lnr
Art . a. "
hu a y, and
T Y, :u JU,ie "i. 190
snouldbe accompanied bv-
- --t ouvuiu oe sent, tr.nl
oi ililihboio, N.; C., on 0t h 7
M.y lOib, 190&. N;"d0 ea
par need be sent.. Ro!.i eM.lW
Coinm.ssioners of town at?
n . , i"T' utn, ian&
. , . " aPcrVAK
viu ui VUlflOllRiilniiOra
r - - ijwi uy and all V1
Deiailed. information fn
; L -new j
Hil Inborn. Hi iLUr. xt -or
Tbis April -5th, 1909.
largest Slock in North Carol
. . . a rices to suit everybody.
We solicit yon r patronage.
Samples eent on request.
- a m- m a r rw ... up. .
KJ u Kan ok County.
Superior Coarty April 16, 1S09.
Columbus Iron Works Company,
v ' - Against
: 3" E. Sharpe and E. B. Sharpe.
Notice Ot Sumtnons and Object o:
Iri -this actron It is ordered tbat'lh
defendants above -named beand appe
before J udgje ot the Superior Court oi
Monday, May 17909 at Court House
in Hillsboro and answer or demurat
said Term to the complaint filed asKn?
toreclostire of morttgaffe fflven by said
defendant on June,12, 190S, by a sae
of lauds described in said mortm
duly registered in Book 36. Da2e3Sl,in
office ot Register of Deeds ot Orange
Witness mv haml as Clerk ot saia
Coontjr.' '
Clerk of the Superior Court.
Having qualified as Executor upon
estate ot Harriet N. Dickey, deceisetl
I hereby cive notice to all persons m
J debted to said estate to make immediate
payment to ne, and all persons having
claims against the estate must present
them to the undersigned pioperly
authentfna.'ttri on or before April 3
1910, or this Notice Will be plead in bar
of their recovery.
: This 20th day of April 1909.
Having this dav mialifled as Admin
istrator upon the estate of the late
n-ivfrl t. Wolle I ' liorAhv notifV all
4 awrsons who are indebted to tbe saw
ptHT t.r make immediate payi",IV!
: - . - . -
und all ersons havinsr claims against I
o1 oQt-ut-A mil of rtCAnf. the SAO"
tn th iindoraitfnArl nronfiflV aUtbeB'
i!nMri f.n nr hefnra the 6th GJ
Of AprilrlSlO, or this notice will be
iehd in bar ot their recovery.
This tb day ot April, 1909.
: Administrator.
RawJnrr madA contract With
oi th best Ice Factory's m tbe
State, I am; prepared to farnishlce
in any quantities at all times, wm
deliver Ioe to regular oostoraers.
Call op Phone No. 19.
All naronna wiahino to b0V MOB'
op -
. - J Anoa will CO
well to Bee my designs and get my
prices before baying elsewhere.
W. J. MILLER, Agent,
: Caldwell Institute, N.
J" O T ICE .
uitriiiK iuia J "l
e ust,a x.vipi Berr.Vi
ceased, we hereby give notice to all pe
i-i-L.-j ul. t,i make mow
sons luutfuieu .w w w .vm
payment to us, and to all Pm
r . ... haw OCV.Stfi tO P1C
nave claims agaxuau "?fipd Tac
sent the same to u?, duly edl0atb
-,11 I..-. ri nr betore the iw
aj of ApriI,mp,oa. Jtto not.
are iJ
Of CtA.)
3 - "Ik
?uay Do pieaaea id uhi 1Qr(i
' this tMIOdk day of frtl
owr annum. o.mom&B 50 Oenls.

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