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.A. IV
i.i:. f)r x..,.n:t.iis-5
UUl$l) qui) jtoimtegWout
""iJead D: Salmon's article.
We barroT a few condensations
rr..m the Wilmington Star hU week.
Ut-vival r.t Monciue; six persons
i..M.'i'l bv Rev. Arthur Willi ;ms, the
y, 1. a n:s.
It is not correct that t'oe South
jr,Vwi'l he printed by Blaekwell
Ov ';.V ottice.
The I) lily Xeirs has h?d several
kind notices of this papr for which
return tl a iks.
Moried in Haulers m ille. May 7.
Mr. .Ik. M. Gudger of .Marshall, and
Mi- K ite llawkin?.
Bishop Lyman's address at the
iavrtteville Conventun was quite
ti v :e on Hi' utilism.
J..s. A. Worth, Esq., has been
1. -cted Pre-ident of Cumberland Fair,
aiitl i: is a jzo d selection.
-(iov. Vance i: ade a sre.ch on
Monday which received fair not'ee
from the Associated Press.
Vili:e Iv. Upchurcdi. ho died
lastvrjt-k. l ad proh ssed religion only
f ur days bferi he was taken sick.
A c irespoodt nt of the Observer
1 i-hly cniplin?euts Charh s M. Bus
by's a-erers to the Odd Fellows at
Fau-iteviiie irand Lodge.
Mrs. "Wes. the iesr,e cted mother
,.i Capt Xick W. West, of Julius
Lew's A: Jo., lies daiiirei ously ill of
p:v;dys's st'ieken on Saturday.
.lude Lnly Las been eh cted
Miivm' ci Xeubcrn, and has resigned
the ilia:rmandi'p of theTnfeiior Court
in eider to accept t!:e Mayoralty.
-Vti rr Icle explainieg the previous
c .lauction t this paper with the Board
of Agriculture, and other matters per
taining theieto will appear nfxt week.
Ma-lied. S3s the Torchlight, near
W .lhunshoro on Monday, Mr. Jas. Y.
LuuVs of Oxfo d and Miss Nannie II.
r.unvfll, daughter ( f II. II. Burwell,
Mr. X. A. Bake, ice-dealer, w;s
l a -ei.-u.dv ) . rlaps fatally stabbed
i'" A. 1, Fl jning, a farmer of Neuse
tow.i,-'!,, on Monday nht near mid
nig. -Cel. T. :. Fuller and R C. Badger,
are at Jacksonville, Fla , the oc
c.isi..u bring the Western N. C. 15. R.
'"niiMiitsinthe U. S. S. Court the
LiUlefield cases.
-A Tcunam-nt and Ball for the
lit of the "Southern S ars," were
rn at Lmcolntcn on Fiiday of last
ard the Enterprise learns that all
FWej ,,tr nk-t lv.
-We roe in., bted to Mrs. Mary
1:;anl C laikt- (,;f hoMi writings par
i"-""f't Ju.igc Edwin J. Kcid has
u' t'en a kii d sketch and Review), for
a Srac fnl (.e ()f original poetry,
1'lt came too late for this number.
br. ( hap;n 1 as received above 3i.:0
h-rsin answer to his advertisement
,)! :i r'an.i far sa'e. ono hundred and
u,,y ive , aiIi41 afler l0 hatl go(1 (he
l,a' ' tM,s. Adney, wife of a Penn
'v.nia Co'lege Profvssor, who came
rself to see it.
-It was a vt-ry touchinf; sight to
-l'N-ur hundred childr.n of the
'Til ...1 i
'Hi ooi, each wi h a bonnet.
:t kl1''1 "i' wLitti ribbon. fcllowinr
lr,rt-iori after the coflin wherein
to the grave the Pool broth-
"5l1"'1 ai'eruocn.
1'7'VV'M lJirect(,,s m(,ting V. N. O.
I s" we, k, President James W.
was re elected ; ss was also
't r' ,;tI i:iiu. Hal burton, master
-oration, was relieved; the
lv"Unt a?suininfr ti(y ,lnips f that
1 ''!. n. p,
1. . -.. O " v' " "
A. Xewlin was chos n
Mce L. P. Hendersor.
"1 - Th...l i .. . i f
'1Jttr f the construction work.
or tli Caroli nix, New-lieet, lor tJie
The Mooresville Gazette has this
piece of wit : "We are reiie-ted to
siy that there wdl be no rain for two
weeks on account of the S o?k Law
going into elfoct next M mday."
We found a little boquet on our
tabla one morning list week, and
'twas sweet enough to hive come
from Fairchild's cjnservato y. One
good turn deserves ano her: d it ov;r
-Memorial Day iu Salem and Winston
was observed by most interest ng cer
emonies. Col. J. L. Scabs, of (Jiens
bore, dLliveied the address. Two hun
dred and twenty old Confederate sol
diers were in line iu the pro:cssion.
Dpu y SherilT II. A. Barber, one
of our Leach burg pitrors, was conven
ing a darkey to jail, when the latler,
who s if by the side of the deputy,
seiz d his pstol "and hot Barber
through the arm, after vrlr'ch he suc
ceed d in m iking his eseap. Iieward
oil -. red.
Gov. Ja; vis, Ju.'ge F- wlo, Speakers
liob nson and Morin, Col. L. L. Polk,
C pr. Andrews, Seventeen (Colonels,
and twenty ri or tors, all went West
ward by the Monday afternoon's train.
Col's. T. M. Holt ai d J. X. Staphs
were xpecteil to j iu the party before
jeachiug Charlotte.
P.ro. Dos ey P.attl , of the South
erucr, gave us a pleasant e dl yesterday,
and be sure wo were pie sd to 'jine-
bands v with htm. He visits the city
as counsel for the negro Jones.to plead
f t a commutation to lifc-impi ison-
ment ; and in view of the endorse
ment of Judge Seymour, S dic'tor
Collins, and ihe forema-i of the jury,
we suppose the Coveruq; yiil cons der
tlic aMp'iciti on carefully.
Raleigh loaned to Chirlotte sev
eral of her most charming fur ones
for the centennial, and the b ill yesfer
day evening. Misses Margaret and
.V(ittie Fowle were tlie guests of Mrs.
D. Tom Mcore. Mu-s 3Iaggie Tucker
is visiting Miss Aani.5 Joes. Tlie
Raleigh young folk alwa's come back
delighted with both CLarlotte aud
Wilmington. A nuubir of young
beaux also went up, armed wi-lj spike-:
tailed coat3,
TLe Rtidsville Times learns tin
Mr. Montfeud Mc( Jehee still entertains
the idea of settling in Greensboro to
practice his profession. Also, that
the rep rt that Mr. MeCdiej had
s4, COO in newspaper s'ock was incor
iect, The loan was mad 3 by a well
known citizen of Bileigh, through
Mr. McGehee's agency, for special rea
sons. A gentlem in's private a Hairs
do not concern the public, but as we
inadver en'ly cjpied the ftunier report
we give this.
Tlie hearts of straugrs as well as
of acquaint mce and friends were deep
y touch d ou learning of thg calamity
which befeli Mr. J. M. Pool, auditor of
the R. & d- R. R. about the sunset
hour on Monday. His two sous, Ilew
ell and Paul, aged 12 and 0, respec
tively, had gone to bathe in Mordeoai's
Pond. They were brought houi j in a
she'et, bjth stark and cold. Tiny had
waded out two far, and suddenly s ip
ped i-ito a deep elitch in the pond.
Young Bradley Johnston Saimderj,
who wa playing near by, heard ilew
ell's cries, and bravely ran in to hi. as
sistance, but without avail. Mr.
Ivuisley and sou, of Kingsley !c Ash
ley's, tried to recover the bodies, but
did not succeed, until Mr. Johnston,
Li 4 watch ui.i n, had made repeated at
tempts amid the slime of the dark
channel. Mr. Pool was quite over
come on hearing the sad intelligence ;
and the syuiiathy of the entire com
munity id with him. rihe funeral on
Tuo day afternoon was attended by
nearly six hundred childrt n who threw
tiny boquets into tlie grave.
Suspension of the Wilmington
Sun. With surprise and regret, we
have received notice of the sup?nsion
of th.V, brigh-. and interesting daiy,
the Wi niing on Sun. Iu absence of
more d linite iiifortnat:oa, we give the
following from Mr. Harris' card :
Tt was intended to continue publi
cation The paper would have b;eu
su-tained. The nitan3 with which to
conduct it would have bea f Jithcom
ing. 15u for reasons which n :ed not
be pu' licly stated, but which will be
giveti to our friends and all who are
interested iu the failure, its Edit r de
cided upon suspensi n as the wisest
i lid most, honorable course to puisne."
Any one acquainted with Cicero W.
Hai r's (and let us include his zealous,
faithful, and talented help-mate) will
not need hi told that he has acted upon
proper and honorable principles ; and
we u.ust express the heartiest hope
that the Sun is merely 'clodded,' not
eclipsed, but shall presently emerge,
like its great solar namesake, all the
brighter af er the sva low.
Bro. Wadft II. Harris, Local E iilor,
La returned to Concord for a few
mouths. But hi-j pen will not long re
main idie, we feel sure. His seven
months experience in Wilmington
show his talents, and promisj better
. . --3r- i .
A Fi;w Fires. The Elizabeth City
F.lqon tells: Shcrilf Briukly, of Dare
county, lost by lir? lat w.ek, several
fishery buddings w.th a quantity of
iish And the Wilson A-lcance in
forms us of a lire iu T.isnot, whereby
Messrs. J. D. Williams arid E. D.
Thorn t Bro. both lost their places of
be.sines1 Mr. A. M. Cook, of Ca
barrus, was burned eut of a home re
cently.. . . .The Weldon Neica says :
Justice Vrm. iireharu, living ia the
neighborhood of Arc .da, this county,
lost, his house b- fire, a few elays ago,
and on suspicion arretted Frauk Sken
ua. . . .The duelling house of 3Ir. W
V. Parks, of Lower Creek, Burke
county, was entiiely c;:iiiiimed by lire
on the n ght of the 12 di ins-. The
family were asleep and awoke bandy
in time to make their es3ape from the
burning building The house of
Simuel Blossom, at Rocky Point,
Pender county, yas robbed while the
family were outs:de extinguishing the
foelder stacks wlrch had been lire el to
draw them ( ut.
Sudden Death. We are inexpress
ibly shocked and grieved to learn that
last night about o'clock Mr. B.
FracJ; Wilson was found dead on the
floor of his room at the residence of
his father, Mr. Jos. II. Wilson. The
physicians h ive not yet determineel
the causes f his death, anel up to the
time of this writing it is a profound
mystery. Charlo te Observer.
Mr. Wilson was a brother of Mrs.
Chatles E. Johnsem, (f RJcigh, and
was a worthy yourg man; one of the
finest tMior singers in the State.
Our popular ioang townsman,
Leroy C BagYy h u been elected
Grand Master of the Order of Odel
Fellows in North Carolina, a very
marked complimert. And on this
( I luus Jay) morning he will take the
leadiug character (save one) i i a little
ceremony at Christ church, aidetl and
abetted by one of Raleigh's bright
young daughters.
Hen. A. S. Meirimon,of R ileigb,is
to attend the anniversaiy of the Meth
odist Sunday-school at Fayetteville on
the 23th icstant, and eleliver an ad
dress. Tho Salisbury Watchman states that
a young man named Brown, son of
Sandy Br wn, of Kowan, recently died
from the exc ssive uso of morphine.
He was afllicted with elysreps a, arel
used this elrog with fatal results in hi
ellbits to relieve himself.
R idsville Times : We are not su"
Diisfdat 2)1-. Donan'a course. .. .Col-
lec or Wheeler is said to bo up agaiu
for i lvetigation. One Everett Smith,
Wtie'er's former clerk, swears that
Wheeler, before he wa made a collec
tor, was a blockader of whiskey.
JL? arm,
The June School CLosiN(;s.-We are
indebted to the yeung la lies of Monroe
High School, "Prof. J. D. Hodges,
Princqvil, for a r sy invi aioa to the
Annual Reception at 8 P. M. on the
Gth, prox. The committee of arrange
ments are Misses Jennie C. Whitfield,
Hatti3 A. Bobbin, Auuie E. Rush,
Alice Walkup, Sue Howe, Bettie
Stewait, E!la Armfield and Cera Wio
che&ter. And won't tlie Boys "primp'
and try to look "too killing," when
tha committee come to the front, in
their pretty dresses, and gay sashes !
President Kemp P. Battle and sev
eral student friends hava our thanks
for the nsual tickets to the Com
mencement exercises at the Universi
ty, June 4th and 5th The Kurshals
are : James Madison Leac'i, Jr., Chief
Marshal ; J. C. Dowd, J. IL Hill, E. P.
Mayeard, R. D. Reid, C. A. McNeill,
G. D. Mclver, Stfi" Assistants. Rep
rese tatives : R. P. Pell, J. W. Forbis,
R. B. John, L. Ciaig, C. Randolph
Thomas, M. C. S. Noble.
Rutherford Colirgi, the Press
says, is brushing up for Commence
ment week, which begins with an ad
elress from Col. L. L. Polk.
At Graham High Schoo May 20th,
Kon. K. P. Buttle will deliver ths ad
el r ess, anel Dr. Pritcharel the sermon.
We are indented to the Marshals
for an invitation to be present at the
Commencement exercises of Wake
Forest College, June 10th, 11th anel
12th. Tlw Baccalaureate Sermon will
be delivered by Rev. John A. Broadu?,
1). D. LL. I)., of Louisville ; the ad
dress to the Literary Societies by Hon.
Mat. W. Ransom, and the Alumni Ael
dress by Rev. R. R. Savage, of Mur
freesbnro, N. C.
Capt. W. T. R. Bell speaks at Ma
li m High School on the G h inst.
2.. "500 IN Cash This sum was hand
ed over to the heirs of Col. D. M. Car
ter yesterday by the North Carolina
State Life Insurance Company. Anel
1 Hi s reminds us t invite the attention
of our people to the advertisement of
this sterling Home institution. The
- C J
managers elonot proceed on the "flash'
system, and indeed we think are rather
contracted in their ad vertisiog arrange
ments ; but they do a safe business,
and have proved "friends in neeel" to
manv a farmer, and a mechanic, as
mi " '
well as other persons, whose home or
farm, or factory, would have passed
from him forever but for the ai 1 af
forded by this hoaie company. At
times the company has had above one
hundred thousand dollars thus em
ployed in helping our people ; and
though, of course, a fair interest is
drawn fr m these investments, the
value of such assistance cannot be esti
mated by dollars and cents. We cor
dially commend the North Carolina
Life to North Carolinians.
Suicides. To one who reals the
elaily newspapers from all par a of the
lanei it woald seem as if half the world
we e bent on selfdestruction. Three
suicides occurred iu North Carolina
last week. Ileie are a few more :
JudjreJ. T. Springer, of Bolega,
California, committed suicide Satur
day by shcotiug himself through the
head: cause unknown. The eleath of
Auditor Maynard, of San Francisco, at
Mokelumne, Cal., occurred bv his own
hand, he having stabbeel himself in a
fit of tnieotal depression. Sebastian
Web r, aged fifry-tive, hanged himself
in Patterson, X. J., iriday night.
Cause, elomestic difticuUh-s. Thomas
Patterson, enjiceer of the R:chmond
elevator, at Buffalo, N. Y., was found
iu the cr.ek there yesterday, with a
bar of iron tied to his body. He is
suppossel to have committed tuic de.
Mr. S. M. Barb?e, S2cretary of the
Corporators of the TJnivers:ty Rail
road, announces that in consequence
of negociitions pending with the N.
C. R. R-, and Raleigh and Air Line It.
11., the subsciiptioa books will be kept
open until further notice.
tlie Factory and tine Fire wide
The N. C Episcopal Convention.
Fayettlvillts. May Pi The Con
vention met this morning, and was
opened with prayer by the Bishop.
Hon. Mr. Manning, chairman ef the
committee appointed to report on the
indebtedness of John Wilkes to the
Diocese, offeree! the following resolu
tions :
Resolved, That a committee of three
laymen be appointed to take such meas
ures as they deem proper to adjust and
secure, and by compromising or other
wise, tlie indebtedness ot the former
Treasurer, John "Wilkes to the Dio
cese, a d report to the next Coaven
tion, which was carri d.
Hon. John Manumg and Messrs.
Henry A. London anel R H. Battle
were appointed as the committee.
There-olution in regard to the alter
ation of the Constitutmn in the mater
of electing a Bishop, so as to allow the
Laity the privilege of participating: in
the nomination, insteael of the Clergy
Deing aione eniitieu u me rignt ot
nomination, as at present, next came
up, and was warmly discussed. After
speeches on the part of Mr. II. A. Lon
elon, in favor, and Rev. Mr. Keenaa
and Rev. Dr. Watson against the pro-
nosed chancre, the resolution was re-
jected by the following vo'e ; Clergy
yeas 14, nays o. J-iiuy yeas 14,
nirc 13
" 'j
On mo'ion of Dr. DeRossett,
jiesoioui, xuuo lue r iiiauce Vyomnni-
t- . T. .1 rn l ii . T ' ri -i
w.,.u..w v.vF.Ufe
auu ui4iiaSciucui tuc peimaiieilb
Tl l.J . l .
which may hereafter be acquired by,
this Ditcese; and also to report
v.-hether. and in what manner, the
Treasuier had ben required to enter
into bond for the safe keeping anel
proper d;sbursement of the funs com
ing into his haneU from tim to time
for the cii' rent purpos sof the Diocese.
Tlie committee to draft resolutions
concerning the death of General J. G.
Martin. Hon. John Manning, re
p irteel and the resolutions were unan
imously adopted.
Appropriate tributes to the memory
of the deeased were delivereel by Rav.
Dr. Bixo , Ma.pr James McRa, Dr.
A. J. DeR asset, Mr. H. A. L melon, anel
lastly by Bishop Atkinson.
Dr, Marshall read the report of the
committee on the Sta'e of the Church,
and presented the following statistics:
burials 27, Sunday-school scholars
3039, Parochial scholars coatribu
tians .o 1,8-33 9.
The committee on Finance made a
written report reducing the assess
ments of several of the pri hioners.
The committee on Ne Parishes
made another repaii recommending
that St. Augus'ine's Parish, Raleigh,
be admitted into the Diocese.
Y i iS on was selected as the p'ace
for holding the nxt Annual Monven"
tion in May. 1880. Wil. Slur.
Wdnstm Sentinel: At the M. E
church, Winston, a female Missiooary.
Society was formed, with twenty six
members. Since its orgamzatioa there
have been considerable addition-"....
Recently, in Abbott's creek township,
Davidson county, while playing with a
pistol, little Clemmons Weevil, inflat
ing a painful but not daDgerous
wound .The co'ored genius of Win-
s on, who claims to have invented a
machine that has lun for seventy-five
weeks without stopping by "perpetual
motion," asks .s2u0.000 for his trick.
He has no doubt got something novel
.Mondav evening's train carried elf
23,000 pounds, (over a car load) of
slyves, destined for Person county,
where our townsman, John 1. JNisson,
is putting up a mammoth distillery
Twenty-four lawyers are attending
Davdison court High Point 13 re
. . . . C I
joicing over goiu specimens lounu
near the town limits Our &uver
Comets go to Chapel Hill Commence
ment the first week to June. The
week following they will b3 at Wake
Fore-t $3,000 worth of 4 per cenr.
U. S. refunding bonis have teen dis
posed of at the Salem Postofhse
Revenue ofliceis have recently beea
makiog raids in this and Stokes county.
Cotton at from 13 to 13 will put
money in the farmer s purse, provided
(and there'd the rub !) he has'nt been
- i
mortgaging his crop, or oorrowing
naeh or t-rftdit. at an hicrh rate of inter
est while awaiting the slowly-climbing
irice. Bv the way do our farmers ever
reflect on the fact that the big specu
lators at the North graciously permit
tho price to rise just about the time
the South is pucning ner toiton vrupz ,
0n infant bmtism B"0 adult bntisms .7?that there will be an entertain-i-o'
"r i i 1 -.""Pnj3 ment given by the members of the
loO. lotal, confirmations 4PJ, College who elo not take part in the
t.t :i: m a: i
uuiuiHUUiuauin tJ'H-t, iu uiids i--' I hill Tlia
tYOL IV.iNO. (i
The revival at Newborn ii on the
Miss Josep'iine II. Shaw, of Louis
burr, is dead.
Business was suspended in S'aU-sville
yesterday,;the 20th.
Judge Dick is to peak at Salisbury
in favor of Prohibition.
Newbern is to have a Young Men
C hnstian Association.
narrtna . ..V,,J
Jioores fcclool History of North
i " ec-u puuiisneu.
i, , . " nas a 'onsrareel roan who
walked 5 miDs in 45 minutes, and
still he is unhappy.
Hon John M. Moring is to deliver
the Literary address at Suffolk (Va.)
remale Institute Commencement.
Abo Ward was waylaid and mur
dered by Joshua Ka'man in Wilson
countyboth colored. Batman t
"V r U 1 ,
Twenty thousand quarts of straw
berries have been shipped from Jack
sonville, Fla., to New York this
Mark Coleman and Daniol SWi-ni
eac about 90 years old. d ied in Kwnin
ffcenu7- I'aniel Bryson, 93, and Jas.
I A nonrrA ,1 1 t .
i - - . v r v aim iit'i u uoctor m in
Mecklenburcr iiil on a char r.r
I : 1. 1 i .... "
luree oi nis children fir ,t,i,r
npxi annual meet n of th
I JNortll lisro ina roa AOJn-;;,: mi
I iOOljIklliLlUll Will
be he'd at Beaufort, on Weduesdav.
the ICth day of July, 1879.
Wilson Advance: Mr. Wilev Dildv
an aged and respected citizen of Pitt
I 'e(l suddenly one day last week. It
is thought that he died of apoplexy.
Miscreants entered the blacksmith
shop of John McAdoo & Co., of
Greensboro, and cut the leather iKr
tions of three pairs of bellows all to
pi ce ;.
Representatives from the Board of
Commissioners of the various counties
through which the Carolina Central
Railway passes, are to meet in Char.
Iotte on the 17th of June to equalize
taxes on said road.
Items from tho Hillsloro Recur
der : Bishp Lyman confirmed nine
persons at Chap 1 Hill; some of whom
were students We learn from the
campus will be illuminated
and everything made lovely Mr.
Wilson McCullouirh. a worth v citizen
of Person county, was very seriously
nurt one morning last week. He was
on his way to Durham with a load of
tobacco, and camped near Oak Grove
Church. Stooping to disengage a
tangled line, one of the horfes kicked
out with both hind feet. He was
struck in the face, knocking out sev
eral teeth, and also on the right shoul
der, wbicti was terribly shattered, the
Iractured bones protruding from the
flesh .
Warrenton hizeite : Capt. T. L.
White, an agsd and much esteemed
citizen of Ridgeway, dropped detd
last Griday evening. It is supposed
he had heart disease Our wheat,
where seeded early and on good or
improved land, is looking remarkably
well Fruit : no plums, no cherries,
no damsons, a few peaches, a very
good crop of apples Before the war
Warren was the largest tobacco grow-
n count m .the te' aa .1
become so again. No county in the
State excels it in fertility of sou a"d
few are its equab. In 18G0 the value
of the real estate of Warren exceeeied
that of Wake, although the latter was
twice the area of this county, and
contains the seat of government of the
State We learn that very recently
a nuggett of the ralue of seventy-five
to one hundred dollars was found at
the old Portis Mines (which is partly
in this county,) or in that vicinity ;
and that the results of recent wwhiDga
have been eminently satisfactory. The
recently found lump of gold is by no
means the first, or the largest. Twenty
years ago one was found in the same
Vicicitv, worth seeeral hundred dollars.
The dairy maid pensively milked rhe got,
And pouting, hhe pautxxl to mutU-r,
"I wish, you brut, you would turn to milk,"
And the animal turned to butt her.
But hr milk, what became of that
when the goat got through churning
her about the yard, and tho merry
maiden got over her s 'creaming?
Richmond State.
She 'cheesed" it, and so should you,
young man. on all uca double ena
te idre subjects.

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