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faDies' Portfolio.
pgr" The ladies of North Carolina are invited to
ontribute short article, reoiifs, f.uggetions, house
hold hintt, ic, for these columns. Name of the author
will be Been by uo one except the editor, whether the
communication be accepted or rejected.
Fashionable Society.
Once launched in Society, it is the duty
f every dibutante to make herself as attrac
tive as "ps.iWc. The unwritten law is strict
on this point. It is assumed that thoe
within the charmed circle are desirous of
ffivinir a fair equivalent for the entertainment
they receive. Nothing, however, will destroy
a, debutante more effectually than an attempt
to appear superior to her surroundings.
The way to retain the approbation of So
ciety is not always the way that self-respeet
would dictate, or true dignity could follow.
To reitrn a supreme favorite implies more
amiability than most people would care to
possess. "What man is "there who offen
deth not?" And the woman who attains
that decree of jtcrfeetion is less sensitive or
more accommodating tha.ii one need desire
to.be. Extreme forbearance is bad in any
body, however charming it may be from a
Social point of view. It is the duty of wo
man to cultivate a bharp tongue and fiery
gcorn for everything that is base, indelicate
and irreverent. The popular favorite, by
reason of her office, iimt contrive not to see
unpleasant things. If she succeeds, she will
retain the crown, but her success will be no
especial credit to her. It was secured by
the sacrifice of something far better and more
valuable. Perhaps the saddest fate that can
befall a young person is popularity. The
idol considered most worthy of ancient rever
ence was too holy to be profaned by common
eye?, much less by common touch. Under
this system, a reasonably hideous object
would retain its prestige for age. In the
strong light to which Society subjects its
goddesses the enamel cracks so soon that,
a.fter a season or two at most, the crowds
that come to offer homage remain to jeer.
Sadder still, the sentient idols must assume
the impassibility of stone and smils sweetly
in response to the ironical grins of quondam
worshippers. Knowing that detraction and
condemnation are inseparable from the king
dom of the world, they must submit to be
the topic of the hour, with the certainty that
they will fare no better than the comrade at
whose social stoning they have just assisted.
Wit, exercised in the disparagement of
others, is the cheapest of worldly possessions.
Mediocrity, for this reason, rejoices in small
satires which still weaker minds re-echo with
approval. Auy little pebble can make an
ugly wound if persistently thrown at some
thing larger than itself. Every one who
casts a pebble successfully is not necessarily
a David.
Contrasting the slights, humiliations, of an
noyance and heart-burnimrs of the most for
tunate ot social toilers with the serene life of
those who are content to shed their light on
something better than Societ it becomes a
marvel that candidates lor Social honors
should ever be found. The best woman is
the one of whom least is known, and who is
consequently least discussed. And the best
man is one whose dignity and self-respect
keep the most of idlers at a distance where
tliey can respect his worth, if unable to ap
preciate it. Break down the barriers and
the crowd of fools will be increased by one
more. Let a woman seek Social distinction
rather than the triumph of reigning supreme
in her own honored home, and she has part
ed with a birthright more precious than that
of Esau, one she cannot regain when she is
ready to sacrifice the barren conquests of
which she is weary.
Taken at its best, it is a pitiful kingdom
over which Society reigns. Whatever is
mean flourishes its baseness concealed under
smooth conventionalities. Whatever is good
and true fails to please, unless accompanied
by meretricious graces. The typical men of
Society are those whose record it would not
be proper to mention in the presence of the
fair women who contend for their approba
tion. Whatever the reason, it is certain
that the belle ol society may wither away
unplucked, while the humble wall-flower is
selected as the one best adapted to create
and preserve a happy home. But however
vain or silly fashionable women may be, the
poorest among them is only too good for the
class of men surrounding them. Socially,
it is not thought undesirable to bring in con
tact with guileless girls men whose very
glance is degradation and whose admiration
is an insult. Or some "capital fellow"
habitually addicted to the "flowing bowl" is
cordially received, because he is'known to
be "a perfect gentleman" even when "af
fected' as it euphuistically termed. So
ciety demands this tender consideration for
the weakness of its favorites. Indeed it
carries forbearance to the extreme of making
especial provision for the comfort of prodi
gals who are unwilling to leave the swine.
In ultra-fashionable circles virtuous matrons
are sometimes heard discussing the means of
saying china carpets, and furniture from the
ruin which awaits these household gods at
the hands of the gentlemen ! who will cer
tainly abuse the hospitality they accept. In
such circles, even the presentation in society
of a young girl is not unfrequeutly celebrated
by what, in the end, is a disgusting orgj
1 rudent housewives talk of covering their
carpets or hiring a public hall for the occa
sion ; but it rarely occurs to them that it
would be still wiser to procure appropriate
substitutes for their innocent daughters, i
o solicitude is shown on that score. Oirls
must have "Society," and young men will
get drunk, and the sooner any squeamisn
ness is overcome, the better it will be lor the
comfort of all parties ! To discriminate be
tween drunk and sober is to court social os
tracism. The worldly-wise mother holds
that it is better to tolerate the inconvenience
of an occasional debauch, than to lose a
large portion of her visiting circle.
What can be expected from a creed winch
teaches that society is the all-essential thing,
and that its morals are immaterial ? What
hope is there for the pure in heart, or for
the voluntarily depraved, who are taught
alike that society is the supreme end of lite,
and then learn, "by observation, that society
means studied fraud and gilded corruption?
And this is the social deity to which women
are taught to acritice themelves, and for
which men court shame and disgrace!
If women only knew their worth there
would be fewer tragedies to record. Sup
poe that, as a sacred sisterhood, they re
fused to recoiTJii.e the man who was false to
his better self, or was l'ai.-e to one of their
own numU r ! How long would the scandals
and outrage of .-ociety, or private life, ex
it? Wi:auin; Appaukl. Bonnets should not
be allowed to lie around and gather dust ;
but, after being being taken from the head,
should be dusted oil', and the bows and
trimmings straightened, and then laid away
in their appropriate boxes. If the feathers
seem limp and slightly uncurled, sometimes
holding them over the hot air of an open re
gister will restore them. Veils, neck-ribbons
and cravats will also keep fresh much
longer if carefully folded up and laid away
under a weight sufficient to keep them in
place. Soiled ribbons, in most colors, can
be restored by washing in alcohol and water,
and, instead of being ironed, smoothed by
be'mg stretched tightly upon a board, held
in place by pins, and wiped gently with a
solt handkerchief once pr twice in drying.
Shoes are among the things that pay for the
care that is taken of them. Upon taking
them ofl" do not leave them in the shape of
the foot, but smooth them by stretching out
the wrinkles and bending the soles straight.
If buttons are lacking, sew them on imme
diately, and if other repairs are needed, have
them attended to at once. If the heels be
come worn down on one side, let them be
straightened without delay, or the shoe will
take an ugly or permanent twist. Gloves,
with many people, are the objects of great
abuse, which is a great mistake, because to
be well-gloved contributes very much toward
a lady-like appearance, and unless one can
afford a constant procession of new gloves it
is desirable to keep the old ones in order.
When they are taken oft they should not be
rolled up together in a lump, as is the cus
tom witli many, but they must be pulled ami
stretched lengthwise, and laid away in a box,
like new gloves, without any folding. They
should also be kept repaired, for if rips on
the finger ends are neglected they soon get
so large that in mending them it is impos
sible to restore the proper shape of the fin
gers. When they are soiled they can be
cleaned at home as well as at a professional
cleaner. Wash them in benzine, rubbing
and squeezing them as freely as if it was cot
ton. Binse them in clean benzine (if very
dirty they will have to be rinsed several
times,) wipe off some of the moisture with a
soft flannel, and hang them over the stove
to dry. The heat will dissipate the odor of
the benzine much sooner than exposure to
the air.
There are one hundred and fifty teachers
attending the University Xormal School.
The Bale:gh Neic says:
The teachers are Professor Ladd, Super
intendent, who delivers lectures daily on
government, discipline, etc., of common
Professor Mclver, who teaches arithmetic
and geography.
Professor Tomlinson, grammar.
Professor Holt, penmanship and drawing.
Professor Noble, Latin.
Professor W. B. Phillips, chemistry.
Professor S. W. Simmonds, phy iol gy.
Professor Tillett, English analysis "and
higher grammar.
Miss Ooe, kindergarten.
These are assisted by several others who
have charge of sections.
A great many lectures are expected by
distinguished men of the State.
Professor Hotchkiss, who gave such bril
liant lectures last year on geography, is ex
pected next week.
Besides, the Teachers' Convention will
meet the second, third and fourth days of
July, when many addresses will be made by
distinguished educators.
t Edwin Booth desires that Gray, the luna
tic who shot at him, shall be kept securelv
in the asylum. " I trust Gray may become
gray indeed," he says, " in kind but careful
confinement, or, if earlier released, that his
exit may be from this earthly stage of his
dramatic exploits to that celestial scene
where idiots cease from shooting, and actors
are at rest. If he be ever again at liberty,
my own life I shall not value worth a rush. "
Over 500 citizens as Winona. Miss., head
ed by a band of music, greeted Senator
Lamar as he passed nown to Brookhaven
Monday nighty The train made a short de
lay, during which Senator Lamar addressed
the assemblage. A large transparency was
erected on the platform, on which was in
scribed, "Lamar, the South's Defender
Against Northern Slander."
Mothers, Think of Tins. The follow
ing suggestion is worthy of the consideration
of parents: Nervousness wth a child is
almost alwavs a matter of the stomach. A
crust of bread will usually put an end to t he
most obstinate perverseness. Children, tor
this reason, shfmld never be allowed to go to
bed, after a tit of crying, with an empty
stomach. A bit of bread and jelly, or a cup
of custard, will brink' back smiles and happi
ness when all the moral laws fails, and lor
the soundest of reasons.
The Eves. Favor your eyes in every
possible manner. If you sit down to write
or to read, manage to do so in a way t.iat
will bring the liirht over your shoulder. Do
not front" the light that is very trying to the
optic nerves, and will in time seriou.-ly bijure
them. A little care in this manner will give
you good eyesight ten years later in life than
if you neglect such simple and easy rules.
To Remove Discoloration Occasioned
rv BuuisKs, &c Should the eye or any
other part be blackened by a fail, a blow, or
running against any hard substance, apply a
cloth wrung out of very warm water, and re
new it :ii':iin until the nain ceases. The
moisture and heat liquifies the blood, and j
sends it back to its proper channel. I se
warm water, or hot, but never cold water to
i :
a. oi uie.
Useful Pkiifcme. A very pleasant per
fume, and also a preventive against moths,
may be made of the following ingredients:
Take cloves, carraway seeds, nutmeg, mace,
cinnamon ami Tonquin bean, of each o?:e
ounce ; then add as much Florentine orris
n.ot as will equal the other ingredients put
4 1 11 11 1
together, t.rind t he wuoie well to powuer,
and then put iiulittle bags among clotns, etc.
To fcoFTEN ater. Hard waters are
rendered very solt and pure, rivalling dis
tilled water, by merely boiling in a two-ounce
phial, say in a kettleful of water. The car
bonate of lime and any impurities will be
found adhering to the phial. The water
boils very much quicker at the same time.
Awaiting His Doom. A party who, a
few days siuee, interviewed in Smithvil'e
jail John Davis, the colored man who was
convicted at the last term of the Brunswick
Superior Court for the murder of one Henry
McDuffic, colored, and sentenced to be hung
on the 11th of July, proximo, says the con
demned man appears to be in very good
spirits considering the near approach of
what he now seems to realize as his almost
inevitable doom. He says that an effort has
beer, made to secure a commutation of his
sentence to imprisonment for life, but he
evidently feels that the chances of such a re
lief from a more speed and terrible fate are
small indeed. He has recently connected
himself with the Methodist Church and been
baptized, and says he is now ready and pre
pared to go. The prisoner is quite a young
man, being only about 23 years of age, and
really looks younger. Star.
Gov. Holiday, of Virginia, has removed
the political disabilities of Bobert C. Ould,
sentenced to jail in Buckingham county for
shooting W. M. Saunders. Young Ould is
a son of Judge Bobert Ould, of Richmond.
Bishop Thomas U. Dudley has been
elected chaplain of a military organization
in Louisville, Ky. In a letter accepting
the position, Bishop Dudley writes: "'Tell
the company if they are sent to war, which
God forbid, T will go with them."
Ex-Gov. Curtin, of Pennsylvania, ex
presses the opinion that the Democratic
Presidential nomination will be secured by
either Bayard, Tilden or Thurman. whilst
hi s opinion is that either Grant or Sherman
will be the choice of the Republicans.
The Alexandria (Va. ) Gazette says : "It
is reported that the Page County Bank of
Virginia, at Luray, Page county, 'suspended
payment on the 20th inst. The bank is
a State bank, with a capital stock of SlO.uOO.
II. J. Smoot, president, and B. F. Grayson,
Sr., cashier. The liabilities and assets are
not given.
Shelby Aurora : King's Mountain is im-
rovmg as last as any town m Western
orth Carolina.
e learn that Grigg,
who killed William Wilson, at Cherry Moun-
tain, on tne 14th instant, has left the State.
- A half witted man named Daniel Mc
Call was run over and killed by the train on
the Air-Line Bailroad near King's Mountain
on .Monday night, the 10th inst.
The Greensboro Patriot says Mr. W. T.
Delancey, of Guilford, died last Saturday
from injuries sustained from a fall from "a
cherry tree. He had been plowing in the
field last Thursday, and climbed the tree to
pluck some cherries, slipped and fell upon
his head and shoulders, injuring the spinal
column. He went home and in a little
while complained of feeling chill v, and -rew
worse till Saturday, when he died.
Oxford Free L-ince : At a full me?ting of
the Board of Directors of the Oxford &
Henderson Bailroad, held on Saturdav last,
Air. B. . Harris, the so-called Treasurer
of the Com panj-, was requested to attend
He was then informed by the Board that it
was not desirable to have an officer who was
opposed to the enterprise and doing all in
his power to belittle their bonds. Mr. W.
G. Herndon was thereupon unanimously
elected Treasurer. During the session of
the annual meeting of the State Teachers
Association, at Chapel Hill, on the 2d 3d
and 4th of duly, Mr. James H. Horner, of
this place, will deliver an address on 4 'Lan
guage, the Instrument of Thought."
Charlotte Observer: The trial of young
Stikeleather, in Statcsville, on a charge at
once the most repulsive and amone the most
serious known to the law, resulted in his ac
quittal. The jury were out only a short
while, showimr that there was no one ot
them who for a moment entertained an idea
of his guilt. The verdict meets with the
approval of the community. Yesterday
morning Major J. A. Sadler suffered a
slight shock of paralysis in one ol h is eyes
ana a part oi his lace,
his face, running uown ami
affect in ir his tongue.
At Lmcolnton, last
Mondav morninir. Sheriff Bobinson went up
stairs in the jail to give the five prisoners
their breakfast. As he opened the door of
the room in which the five were confined,
having his pistol in his hand, one of them,
a negro named Gilliam, seized him around
the arms and waist. The attack was alto
gether unexpected, the Sheriff having left
the prisoners manacled the night" before,
but he made a manful resistance. In at
tempting to close the door behind him, he
had it slammed too, and one of his hands
badly lacerated, and at this juncture he was
overpowered and the pistol wrested from his
hands. Three hots were fired at him, but
happily without effect, and four of the
prisoners ru-died down the stairs, and with a
piece of iron burst a panel out of the door.
Through this they escaped, while Sheriff
Bobinson engaged the hindmost prisoner
and beat him back into the cell with the
handle of a broom. One prisoner was cap
tured. Golusboro Mtcngcr : Hon. Vv T. Dortcli
left here Tuesday evening at the instance of
Gov. Jarvis, for Jacksonville, Florida, to
- reseilt the gtalc 0forth Carolina in the
I f f , Wftstftni vorth Carolina Bailroad
Company against the Florida Central and
Jacksonville, Peunsacola Sc Mobile Bailroad
Companies, to come up in the U. S. Circuit
Court at Jacksonville next week. The
Sampson County Agricultural Society will
hold its Annual Festival and Fruit Exhibi
tion at the Clinton Female Institute on
Thursday, July 31st. The yield of the
rice crop in this section, the present year,
will not fall short of 80,000 bushels. Twenty
thousand bushels found market here last
year. Somebody is laboring hard to
arouse a "Kansas craze" among the negroes
here, but the scheme, whatever its object,
will doubtless fall ' 'still born. ' ' We see that
another Kansas meeting is advertised for
Saturday next, and ex-Gov. Brogden, Col.
Ii. W. Humphrey and others aie announced
as speakers, but, we take it for granted,
without their consent.
Elizabeth City Carolinian : Chowan
items : The Telegraph Company has given
the contract for building the line to Col.
Guirkiu, of Elizabeth City. The steamer
Chowan was run into the wharf on last Wed
nesday evening, resulting in considerable
damage. Currituck dots : On the 15th
inst. a difficulty occurred on the steam
dredge Fitz Hugh, at work in Currituck
Sound, between two white men, John Mur
ray, employed in the U. S. Engineer ser
vice, and Stephen Bawlcy, a workman on
the dredge. The former drew a knife upon
the latter, inflicting serious wounds. Mur
ray was arrested and taken to Currituck
jail, and Rawley sent to the hospital at Nor
folk. On the 7th inst., at William's
Store, near Reedy Branch, Joseph Lyon
and Xat. Chaddic, both colored, collided.
'VYhen the fight was over. Chaddic was minus
his entire under lip, bitten off clear down to
the chin. On sweeping the store it was
found. Lyon left.
We were informed on yesterday by Capt.
Jas. S. Lane that the crops in Pamlico
county are all that the heart of man can
wish, in fact, that they are by far the finest
that he has ever seen in that section. Capt.
Lane in such matters is good authority, as
he is one of the very best practical farmers
m this state; he does not treat with con
tempt all knowledge derived from agricul
tural journals or works, but has the good
judgment to winnow the bad fi "Oin thn crc(u
I and the foresight to turn to his profit the
experimental experiences of others. JTeic
Bern Democrat.
Winston Leader: A difficulty occurred
on hundav morninsr. in the nnrtl.m
ot town, between I). Morgan and Newton
J etrec, m which three shots were fired.
Newt, shot himself through the thumb,
and one ball passed through the brim of
31 organ s hat.
Fielding Knott of Granville, sold one
two-horse load of fine leaf tobacco last week
.'iirrJ-37- M1Tliat cannot be beaten out
side of Granville. A.J. Wri.rl.f
fcos.Jo for one barn, all grades.
Pittsboro Record: Our community was
shocked and startled at hearing, last Satur
day atternoou, that the residence of 3Ir
V JuV'70 miIes west of here, was
destroyed by fire.
The editor of the Goldsboro Mail lost his
gold spectacles at Wake Forest College, but
found .s,.,. He returned the money and
will get his glasses. J
WJij!e sfjng her Payers Sunday morn
ing, Eliza lute, a colored woman of Ral
eigh, suddenly dropped dead.
The Oxford Orphan Asvlum
4,450.74 for six months, ending
1 hat is f ar too little.
May 31.
Mrs. Lowe wife of Rev. A. M. Lowe, of
3ST C-adve
Revenue collections in Fifth District for
the week ending June 21st. $18,735.57.
,Jtf ne 9rcil Frie?ds of Temperance
will be held at Kmston, August 5th.
J i-
Italian and American Marble
Opposite the Yarborough Houe
I ornaments, Head-Stones, Ace., constantly
designed and executed to order.
Orders v;
T. I;
promptly attended to.
C Harris
Of every description to order, at moJt
Write lor prices. Office in the Hrir
may 15-tf
) r
M. R 3 3 3 rib a 'an &
No. 41 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh. N.
We have concluded to devote our time to tin- , :.
DRY GOODS only; therefore we oiler our
of Heady-made Clothing at net cot, l'r :.ti. "
Call and tee what you need in the clothing h :,.
don't advertise often, but when we do w. n:-,
word we say. M. KOSEN J. I M j
dec 5-1 m
yyi. GEO. W. UltAIIAM,
Practice Limited to the
Livery and Exchange Stablss.
Carriages, Buggies and Horse for hire at all
hours of the Day and Night.
Salisbury St., rear Brigy Building, Ilihij!,.
ropnt !
Good Sample Rooms for Commercial trav-I -
tJC2- This is a first-class Hotel, having ie';y
been fitted up, painted, and newly funn. ',. ;
throughout in every department.
May l-3mo.
Stove and Hardware House,
House Furnishing Goods, &c, fcc, Scales,
Weights and Measures Alreal;, S.
Fayetteville St., opp. Market S-piare, E.-J-igh, N.
I'M' A :
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
And Smokers' Articles generally.
Orders from abroad promptly consid'-n-i.
frff Red Front, Martin st., 1 doors from Eay.
St., opp. U. S. Postorlice, Raleigh, N. C.
June 5-'2ra
Jewler and Engraver
WATCHES, DIAMONDS d- 117,7, .''
r Agent for the Tiffany Wat-?".
Keeps a full line of all articles found in t
Plain and Fancy Rings Made to
order at short notice. (Send for I'atent Ji;-' -'
College Badges, Medals & Seals
Agent for Chickerine- & Son Piano F
535r" Goods sent on approval to any part of th
on satisfactory references. H- MAHLr-'-
may 1-tf

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