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"Liberty and Union, Now and; Forever, One and Ittsarables
Vol. II.
No. 6.
1 C
.aHtfomaetl publisher of the Lavs of the United
Slates, and of government advertisement.
Rates of Subscription
TERMS Cash is Advavck.
Tri-Weekly paper, 1 year
u u 6 months
6 09
3 50
2 00
3 CO
1 50
1 00
12 00
22 00
Weekly paper, 1 year
" " 0 months
4 u 3
" 44 5 copies 1 year.
io I " .
To tliosc who get up clubs of five or more sub-
icribcrs one copy, gratis, will be furnished.
A cross X mark on the paper indicates the ex
piration of the subscription.
Rates of Advertising
Ten lines or one inch space to constitute a
One square, one insertion, a
Each subsequent insertion, 50
Liberal deduction made, by special contract, to
argc advertisers.
Court advertisements will be charged 2 per
k-p.nt. hislier thau the regular rates.
Spbciai, Notices charged 50 per cent higher
than ordinary advertisements.
For advertisements inserted irregularly, 35 per
cent higher thau usual rates will be charged.
No paper in the South bs advertising facilities
superior to the Standard.
Letters must be addressed to
Raleigh, N. C.
A Romance
of the War A
On Tuesday last there arrived in Troy N.
Y. a young man named Lewis who had been
a Major in the 152(1 New York Volunteers,
and was badly wounded several times during
the war, besides being imprisoned a number
of months at the boutli. lie was on uis way
to Iowa, but was detained there by sickness.
The Times of that city related the following
interesting facts concerning nim as singular
as they are romantic:
The" father of young Lewis was a man of
large property in the State of Iowa, was a
Brigadier in the volunteer service, and fell
mortally wounded whilst leading his brigade
at the battle of Chattanooga. His only
brother was Lieutenant Colonel ot the 21st
Iowa infantry, and was killed at Antietam.
His mother 'died during the war, and while
her husband and her only children, the two
boys, were in the service.
While the yrng man was a prisoner at the
South, Gen. ilalleck certified to aa uncle of
Lewis; living in Iowa, that Wm. H. was
among the killed at Fredericksburg. On the
strength of this certificate, it is alleged, the
uncle secured the necessary legal papers to
administer upon the estate of his brother and
deceased family. The uncle was declared the
only heir', he immediately sold the property,
receiving therefor over $150,000, and with
this money at once left for Europe, where he
now is. The first intimation that young Lew
is had of the death of his father, mother or
brother, was after his release from Southern
prisons. Subsequently, he wrote to friends
in Iowa, to look after his property and also
to send him means ; and to his great surprise,
then learned what his uncle had been doing,
and that he had left the country.
About a year ago, young Lewis resolvd to
pursue the uncle, who was found living in
Paris and a man of property. The whole
facts of the case has been laid before General
Dix, the American Minister at Paris; and a
dwelling house in Paris owned by the uncle,
and also a deposit in one of the banks, have
been attached under legal proceedings. lie
was on his way to Iowa for njore testimony.
Papers in possession of Major Lewis include
autograph recommendatory letters from Gen
eral Grant, General bueriaan ana ttenerai
lie lias also letters from General Schenk,
Governor Stone, of Iowa, Marshal Lefferts,
"W. G. Hunt, of Xew York, and a number of
other well known gentlemen who seem to
have taken a warm interest in his case.
Cattle Concerts. Every one knows
what he is fit for, who has not music in his
soul. And now according to the following,
every one who raises cattle, sheep or goats
can have, at all times, at little cost, sweet
music in his barn-yard and in his fields ;
that with sonorous notes, of every tune,
mixed in confusion sweet the fields and fpr
ests ring.
It has often occurred to us that if the man
ufacturers of cow-bells would make some of
a superior quality of tone, not a few farmers
would be glad to buy them for their herds.
It would be a pleasant sound for the traveler
to hear from a distance, as the animals
wended their homeward way at night, and
it woidd gladden the ear of the proprietor
and his family. We have heard a few such
Within a short time, we have seen it stated
that a certain English nobleman has sus
pended a musical bell on the necks of all his
cows, each bell tuned to a different note in
the scale, and the whole running through
several octaves. A visitor to this farm is
charmed by the music. Sometimes he hears
several notes in unison, then a slight discord,
and then a sweet harmony, and all varied by
distance, and by the rising and falling of the
Such harmonic bells will add nothing to
the weight of one's butter and cheese, but
they will do something just as good. They
will add a charm to farm life, and weave
around it one more of these pleasing associa
tions which serve to attach men to the coun
try and to the culture of the soil. So tune
up a first rate chime of bells for our herds.
llilkmen who water their milk do not do
It with such impunity in Europe as appears
in America. At Zug, in Switzerland, a land
owner was recently tried and convicted of
putting water in the milk that he sold, and
condemned to eighteen months' imprison
ment, the payment of the costs of the suit
nd a less of civil rights.
Aa exchange tells us of an editor who went
BoldicriHg, and was chosen Captain. One
day at parade, instead of giving the orders,
" front face, three paces forward," he ex
claimed" Cash, two dollars and a half in
The flowers of speech spring from the roots
or words.
Putted at the Firtt Session, uhiek teat begun
and held at the City of Washington, in the
District of Columbia, on Monday, the fourth
day of December, A. D. 1865, and nd4don
Saturday, the txctaiy-tighthday of July, A.
D. 1866."
1 Andrew Joirxsox, President. LaFaybtte
S. Foster, President of the Senate. La
Fatette S. Foster was elected President
of the Senate pro tempore on the seventh
day of March, and so acted until the end
of the Session. Schuyler Colfax, Speaker
of the House of Representatives.
No. 34.
A Resolution extending the time for the Comple.
tion of the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Di
vision. Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That the lime for the comple
tion of the first one hundred miles of rail road and
telegraph line by the Leavenworth, Pawnee, and
Western Railroad Company, (since called the
"Union Pacific R ill way Company, eastern divi
sion,") mentioned in the tenth scctionof the char
ter of the Union Pacific Kailroad Company, of
July first, one thousand .eight hundred and sixty
two, and in the fifth section ot tlie amendment
thereof, of July second, one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-four, be, and the same is hereby,
exteuded until the twenty-seventh day ot June,
oue thousand eight hundred and sixty-six ; and
that the time for completing each succeeding
section of one hundred miles shall be reckoucd
from the said twenty-seventh day of June in said
Sec. 2. And be It further resolved, That the
time for commencing and completing the North
ern Pacific Kailroad, and all its several section.:;,
is extended for the term of two years.
Approved, May, 7 1867.
No. 34
Joint Resolution relative to the Courts and I'ost
Office of New York City.
Be it resolved by the Senate and flousc of."Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled. That the mayor and -postmaster
of the city of New York, the district at
torney for the United States at New York city,
the President of the Chamber of Commerce of
the State of New York, and Jackson S. St nltz,
Charles H. Eussell, and Moses Taylor, of New
York city, be appointed a commission to select
a proper'sitc for a building for a post olli-cc and
for the accommodation of the United Status
Courts in the city of New York; and that they
report to the Postmaster-General and the Secre
tary of the Interior, at their earliest conve irience.
the s election upon wnicu tney, or a inaj irity or
tbem, may agree, and the price at whi :h snch
site can be purchased by the government for the
purposes contemplated in tuis resolut.ou, it a
new site should be selected; and mat i t said re
port shall meet the approbation of the Post mas-ter-Geiierd
and the beeretary of the Interior,
they sh.ll 5onimnnicatc the same, with mich ad
ditional suggestions as they msy think. prop;r to
Approved, May IS, 1SC6.
No. 39.
A Resolution authorizing the Secretary of W r to
grant the Use of certain Lumber for the Fair
for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan lions e.
Resolved by the Senate and House, of E.epre
sentativeof the United States ol America ii i Con
gress assembled, That the Secretary of V'ar is
hereby authorized to grant the use ot Luml ernot
demanded by thje Department forimmedia te use,
for the erection f temporary buildihgs in the
city of Washington for the National Fair for the
benefit of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan Home.
Approved, Xay W, 18fiC.
No. 40.
A Resolution to extend the Time for the Con
struction of the first Section of the Western
Pacific Railroad.
Resolved by the Senate and House ot Represen
tatives of the United Sta tes f Amer ica iu Con
gress assembled, That the Time for the con
struction of the first twenty miles of the "Wes
tern Pacific railroad" be extended to- the first day
of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven;
but this extcusion is upon the condition to be
accepted by said compan y, aud notice of such
acceptance to be given by them to the Secretary
of the Interior, that the hmd3 7nnown as the lands
ot the ex-mission of San Jose as included in the
map and survey thereof made October, eighteen
hundred and sixty-four, by E. H. Dyer, Deputy
United States Surveyor, shall not be included
in the grant heretofore made to th said Western
Paeifie Railroad Company.
Approved, My 21, IS G6.
N o. 41.
A Resolution to author ize certain Medals to be
distributed to Vetera ji Soldiers free of Postage.
Resolved by the Sen- ate and House of Repre
sentatives of the Uuif .ed States of America in
Congress assembled, '. That the adjutant-general
of the State of Ohio is 1 tereby authorized to dis
tribute through the ma Us free ot postage, to vet
eran soldiers re-enlistcc t in Ohio, certain medals
furnished by the geners 1 assembly of that State,
and in such case the en velope closing the same
shall be franked by sm ;li adjutant-general in the
mode prescribed by th c Postmaster-General.
Approved, May 16, 18G6.
TNo. 43.
Joint Resolution
Quarantine and
Health Laws.
Be it resolvoe Jiy the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives ot tfce Unitt 'd Sti ites of America, in
Congress assembled, Thr.t the Secretaiy of the
Treasury be, and he is he reby authorized to make
and carry into effect such orders and regulations
of quarantine as, in his o pinion may be deemed
necessary and proper, in a id of State or munici
pal authorities, to guard a gainst the introduction
of the cholera into tbo ports of the United
States ; and the Secretary of the Treasury is fur
ther authorized to direct the revenue officers
and the officers command! lg revenue cutters to
aid in the executwn cf q. uarantine, and also in
the execution of the health laws of the States re
spectively in such a manne r as may to him 6eem
necessary. And sneU aa amount of money as
may be necessary to.earry into effect this joint
resolution is herelry appr opriated out of any
mouey in the treasury not otherwise appropria
ted ; provided the authority ' herebv granted 6hall
expire on the first Monda y in Jsnuary, anno
Domini eighteen hundred ax id sixty-seven.
Approved, May 26, HBSS.
A Resolution providing for the Acceptance of a
Collection of Plant tend ered to the United
States by Frederick Peeit.
Resolved bv the Senate in, 1 House of Repre
sentatives of the UnUed&ta&ca of America in Con
gress assembled, That tbe Co itcd States accept
tne collection; ot plants tend erect oy JtreacricK
Pech by his memorial of Marc h second, eighteen
hundred and sixty-six. awS ttt at the same be de
posited in the department ot : agriculture, to ena
ble tbe commissioner of .agric ultnre to procure
suitable cases for the prcaeeti ou of such plants.
Approved, May 26,
No. 44.
A Resolution authorizing A
Examiners to examine a ZiiH
Basin for Iron-Clad Vaa
e Appointment of
for a Fresh-Water
Is of the United
House of Repre-
States Navy.
Resolved by the Senate and!
entatives of the United Status
Congress assembled, That tfete
Navy be authorized and diretutt
board of examiners to cxami&H:
Portland, Maine, for a fresh-watH
clad vessels of the United Stalest
certain the advantages and eostt
report to this Congress during: "
Approved, June 1, 1866.
i of America iu
Secretary of the
d. to appoint a
a site at or near
r basin for iron
navy, and to as
of said site, and
thA present ses-
No. 45.
Joint Resolution authorizing th
to Letter-Car-
General to pay additional Salarj
riers in San Francisco,.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States in Congress as
sembled, That the Postmaster-General be author
ized to pay such additional salary to letter-carriers
in San Francisco, above that provided by
law, as may be necessary to secure competent
persons lor such service
Approved, June 6, 18GG.
No. 46.
A Resolution respecting Bounties to Colored Sol
diers, and the Pensions, Bounties, aud Allow
ances to their Heirs.
Resolved by tbe Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That the omission in the
muster-rolls of the words "free on or before
Ann I nineteen, eighteen hundred and sixty-one,"
shall not depjive any colored soldier of the boun
ty to which he is entitled, and which is now or
may hereafter be withheld by reason of fuch
omission, but wheac nothing appears on tbe
muster-roll or of record to show that a colored
soldier was not a freeman at the date aforesaid,
uuder the provision of the fourth section ot the
"Act making appropriations ror the support of
the army, lor the year ending the thirtieth of
June, eighteen hundred and sixty-sive," the pre
sumption shall be that the person was free at the
time of his enlistment.
Sec. 2. And be it further resolved. That in de
termining who is or was the wife, widow, or heirs
of any colored soldier, evidence that he and the
-woman claimed to be his wife or widow were
joined iu marriage by some ceremony deemed by
them obligatory, followed by their living togeth
er as husband and wife up to the time of enlist
ment, shall be deemed sufficient proof of such
marriage for the purpose ot securing any arrears
. ot pay, pension or other allowances due any col
ored soldier at the time of his death; aud the
children born of anv such marriage shall be held
and taken to be the lawful children and heirs of
such soldier.
Approved J unc 15, 1866.
No. 47.
A Resolution making an Appropriation to enabl
the President to negotiate Treaties with certain
Indian Tribes.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That one hundred and
twenty-one thousand seven hundred and eighty
live dollars and seventy-seven cents, or so much
thereof as may be necessary, be, and the same is
hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any mon
ey in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to
enable the President to negotiate treaties with
the Indian tribes of the Upper Missouri, and the
Upper Platte rivers; said sum to be expended by
the commissioner of Indian aHUirs, under the di
rection of the Secretary of the Interior.
Approved June 15, 1S06.
No. 48.
Joint Resolution proposing an Amendment to
the Constitution of the United States.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, (two thirds of both Houses
concurring.) That the following article be pro
posed to the legislatures of the several States
as an amendment to the Constitution of the Uni
ted States, which, when ratified by three-tourths
of said legislatures, shall be valid as part of the
Constitution, namely :
Article XIV.
Sec. 1. All parsons born or naturalized in the
United States, and subject to the jurisdiction
thereof, are citizens of the United States and of
the State wherein they reside. No State shall
make or enforce any law which shall sbridge the
privileges or immunities of citizens of the Uni
ted States; nor shall any State deprive any per
son of life, liberty, or property, without due pro
cess of law, nor deny to any person within its
jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
Sec. 2. Representatives shall be apportioned
among the several States according to their re
spective numbers, counting the whole number of
persons in each State, excluding Indians not
taxed. Bnt when the right to vote at any elec
tion for the choice of electors for President and
Vice-President of the United States, representa
tives in Congress, the executive aud judicial offi
cers of a State, or the members of the legisla
ture thereof, is denied to any of the male inhab
itants of such State, being twenty one years of
age, and citizens of the linited States, or in any
way abridged, except for participation in rebell
ion or other crime, the basis of representation
therein shall be reduced in the proportion which
the number ol such male citizens shall bear to
the whole number of male citizens twenty-one
years of age in 6uch State.
Sec. 3. No person shall be a senator or repre
sentative in Congress, orelectorof Presidentand
Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or mili
tary, under the United States, or under any State,
who having previously taken an onth, as a mem
ber of Congress, or as an officer of the United
States, or as a member of any State legislature,
or as an executive or Judicial officer of any State,
to support the Constitution of the United States,
shall have eugaged in insurrection or rebellion
against the same, or given aid and comfort there
of. Bnt Congress may by a vote of two-thirds
of each house remove snch disability.
Sec. 4. The validity of the public debt ol the
United States, authorized bylaw, including debts
incurred for payment of pensions and bounties
for services in suppressing insurrection or rebel
lion, shall not be questioned. But neither the
United States nor any State shall assume or pay
any deb or obligation incurred in aid of insur
jection or rebellion against the United States, or
any claim for the loss of emancipation of any
slave ; but all such debts, obligations, and claims
6hall be held illegal and void.
Sec. 5. The Congress shall have power to en
force, by appropriate legislation, the provisions
of this article.
Speaker of the Iowse of Jtepresentatives.
President bf the Senate pro tempore.
Attest : Edw. McPherson,
Clerk of the House of Representatives.
Secretary of the Senate.
Received at Department of State Jane 16, 1866.
No. 49.
Joint Resolution relative to Appointments to the
Military Academy of the United States.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled. That the age for the admis
sion of cadets to the United States Military Acad
emy shall hereafter be between seventeen and
twenty-two years ; but any person who has serv
ed honorably and faithfully not less than one
year as an officer or enlisted man in the army of
the United States, either as a -volunteer or in
the regular service, in the late war for the sup
pression of the rebellion, and whe possesses the
other qualifications prescribed by law, shall be
eligible to appointment up to the age of twenty
four years.
Sec. 2. Aud be it further resolved, That cadets
at the Military Academy shall hereafter be ap
pointed one year in advance of tbe time of their
admission, except in cases where, by reason of
death or other canse, a vacancy occurs which
cannot be thus provided for by such appointment
in advance ; but no pay or allowance shall be
made to any such appointee until he 6hall be reg
ularly admitted on examination as now provided
by law; nor shall this provision apply to appoint
ments to be made in the present year. And in
addition to the requirements necessary for ad
mission as provided by the third section of the
"Act making further provisions for the corps of
engineers," approved April twenty-nine, eighteen
hundred and twelv, candidates shall be required
to have a knowledge of the elements of English
grammar, of descriptive geography, particularly
ot our own country, and the history of the Unf
ted States.
Sec. 3. And be it further resolved, That, in all
appointments of cadets to the military academy
after those who enter the present year, the per
son authorized to nominate shall nominate not
less than five candidates for ach vacancy, all of
whom shall be actual residents of the Congres
sional district, Territory, or District of Colum
bia, entitled to the appointment; and the selec
tion of one shall be made from the candidates
according to their respective merits and qualifi
cations, under such rules and regulations as the
Secretary of War shall from time to time pre
scribe. And in like manner the President of the
United States shall be authorized hereafter to
nominate fifty at large each year, instead of ten
as now provided by law, who shall be examined
under like regulations, and of whom the ten
who may be reported as most meritorious and
best qualified shall be appointed : Provided, bow
ever. That not more than two of these shall be
appointed in anv year from one State.
Approved, June 16, 1806.
No. 50.
Joint Resolution to extend to the Counties ot
Berkeley and Jefferson, of West Virginia, the
Provisions of the Act approAed July fourth,
eighteen hundred and sixty-lour, entitled "An
Act to restrict the Jurisdiction of the Court
of Claims, and to provide for the Payment of
certain Demands for Quartermasters' Stores
and Subsistence Supplies furnished to the Ar'
my of the United States."
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States in Congress
assembled, That thepjovisions of theactof Con-i
gress of July fourth, eighteen hundred and six
tv-four. entitled "An act to restrict the jurisdic
tion of the court of claims, and fer other puri
poses," be and the same are hereDy construed
to extend to the counties of Berkeley and Jefler
son, ot the State of West Virginia, : ..
Approved, June 18, 1666. . . .
No. 51. : 'v-m
Joint Resolution making an Appropriation for
the Repair of the Potomac Bridge.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repr&V
sentatives of the United States of America In Con
gress assembled, That the turn of ten thousand
dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated
out of any money in the treasury not otherwise
appropriated, to enabie the commissioner of pub
lic buildings to place the Potomac bridge in such
repair as to render it permanently pasaable, the
work to be done immediately after the approval
of rhis joint resolution. ,
Approved, June 18, 1S66.
No. 52. .
A Resolution to provide for the Payment of
Bounty to certain Indian Regiments.
Resolved by the Senate and Honse of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War
be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to
cause to be pnid to the enlisted men of tbe first,
second, and third Indian regiments the bounty
of one hundred dollars, uuder tbe same regula
tions and restrictions as now determine' the pay
ment of bounty to other volunteers in the ser
vice of the United States. y
Approved, June 18, 1SC6.
No 53. "'f
A Resolution explanatory of, and in Addition
to, the Act of May fifth, eighteen hundred and
Bixty-four, entitled "An Act granting Lands
aid in the Constructisn of certain Railroads in
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives ot the United States of America In Con
gress assembled, That the words "in a norto
western direction," in the third section of the
vet entitled "An act granting lands to aid in the.
construction of certain railroads in the State of
Wisconsin," approved May fifth, eighteen hun
dred und sixty-four shall, without forfeiture ,o
said State, or its assigns, of any rights or bene
fits under said act, or exemption from any of the
conditions or obligations imposed thereby,; be
coiittrncd to authorize the location of the line of
said road, in said third sectior provided for.aiong
Rnd upon the following route, that is to say:
from the city of Portage, by way of the city, of
Ripon, in the county of Fond du Lac, and the
city of Barlin, in the county of Green Lake, to
Steveu's Point, and thence to Bayfield, and thence
to Superior, on Lake Superior. And the Legisla
ture of the said State of Wisconsin, Laving,- in
and by an act entitled " An act to incorporate the
Portage and Superior Railroad Company, and to
execute the trust created by section three of the
act ot Congress entitled 1 An act granting lands
to aid in the construction of certain railroads in
the State of Wisconsin," approved May fifth,
eighteen Hundred and sixty-four, approved April
, eighteen hundred and sixty-sixty, authorized
and required thd said Portage and Superior Rail
road Company to constrect the line of road in
the said third section of the said act of Congress
provided for, upon and along the route hereinbe
fore set forth and described,wtho Congress of the
United States hereby gives its assent to the route
ot the said raiilroad, as the same is hereinbefore
described aud set forth, and consents to the se
lection and application of the lands granted to
the State of Wisconsin by the thii d section of the
said act of Congress hereinbefore mentioned for
and to the line of said railroad, as tbe same is
hereinbefore defined and described, in the same
manner and with the same effect a if the said
railroad was located and constructed in strict
conformity with and upon the route prescribed
in the said third section ot the said act of Con
gress, it being the lutention ot tins resolution
to give the assent or the United states to tne dis
position made by the Legislature of the State of
Wisconsin of the land grant herein referred to.
and the change of route for the railroad in aid of
which tha same is granted, and not to make any
other disposition, cnangc, or alteration of the
grant aferesaid. . -
Approved June si, looo.
No. 55. f :;-
A Resolution for the Restoration of Lieutenant-
Commander Richard L. Law, United. 8tates
Navy, to the Active List from the Reserved
Resolved bv the Senate and nouse of Renrescn-
tives of the United States of America in Congress
assembled. That the President of the United
States be authorized to nominate, and by and with
the advice and consent ot the Senate to appoint
Richard L. Law to the Active Dist of the - Navy,
and icstore him to his original rank in tha grade
of lieu-tenant commander. "
Approved, June 22, 1806. , -,:
No. 57.
Joint Resolution to authorize the Distribution of
Surplus copies of the American State Papers in
the Custody of the Secretary of the Interior.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the
Interior be, and he is hereby, directed to distri
bute bv mail or otherwise four hundred conies of
the American state papers, second series, in sev
enteen volumes, in the manner following, to-wit :
To each member ot the Senate and House or
Representatives of the present Congress, one copy
of each of said seventeen volumes ; and to such
public and college libraries as may be designated
by tne joint committee ou tne liorajy, one copy
Approved June 23, 1866.
No. 58.
Joint Resolution to pay the State of Vermont the
Sura expended for the Protection of the Fron
tier against the Invasion from Canada, in eigh
teen hundred and sixty-four. ji
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled. That the Secretary of the
Treasury be, and hereby is, authorized to pay the
State ot Vermont any sum that may be found due,
after the same shall have been audited by the
proper officers of the Treasury Department, ex
pended by the State of Vermont for the defence
and protection ot the frontier from invasion from
Canada, In eighteen hundred and sixty-four : Pro
vided, That the amount to be audited and paid
shall not exceed the sum of sisteen thousand four
hundred and sixty-three dollars and eighty-one
Approved, June 32, 1866.
No. 62. ;
A Resolution for the construction of a Railroad
Bridge across the Cuyahoga River,.' over and
upon the government piers at Cleaveland, Ohio.
Resolved by tbe Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War
be, and he is hereby authorized to permit the
Cleaveland and Toledo Railroad Company and the
Cleaveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company
jointly, or either of said comdaniesfoa their joint
use or separate use, to erect a swing bridge over
and upon the government piers, lor the passage
of the cars across the Cuyahoga river at the city
of Cleaveland in the State of Ohio, upon such
plan as shall hereafter be approved by the City
council of said city of Cleaveland and by the
board ot trade of the same city, subject, however,
to such conditions, restrictions, and limitations
as said Secretary of War may see fit to impose at
any period of time, whether prior or subsequent
to the erection of said bridge : Provided, That
this resolution and all acta done under it shall be
subject to the future action of Congress. -
Approved, July 1866. ; -:. , v t - v
" " No. 63. '
; A Resolution to authorize the Hiring of a build,
ing or building, for the temporary Accommo
dation of the Department of State. .
Resolved by the Senate aud House of Repre
sentatives of the United States ot America in
A Congress assembled, That the Secretary of State
r be authorized to hire a suitable building or build
' ings tor the temporary accommodation of the De
fpartinentof State, and the such sum of money,
not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars, as
,may be neeessajy towards defraying the expense
.;-of such hiring, the transfer of the public archives
, and the fitting up of the building or buildings, be
, and the same is hereby appropriated out of any
vMeoey in the treasury not otherwise appropria-
? Approved, July 3, 1866.
'v'.- .-. "''.'; No. 66.
tlokit Resolution to enable the People of the Uni
; ted gtates to participate in the Advantages of
',. the Universal Exhibition at Paris, in eighteen
hundred and sixty-seven.
-"Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
r resentatives of the United States of America in
. Congress assembled, That in order to enable the
people of the United States to participate in the
.advantages of the universal exhibition of the pro
ductions of agriculture, manufactures, and the
'fine arts, to be held in Paris, in the year eighteen
. hundred and sixty-seven, the following sums, or
. so much thereof as may be necessan for tbe pur--'
pose severally specified, are hereby appropriated,
out ot any money in the treasury not otherwise
- appropriated :
First. To provide necessary furniture and fix
tures for the proper oxhibition of the productions
of the United States, according to the plan of the
' imperial commissioners, in that part the building
exclusively assigned to the use of the United
States, forty-eigut thousand dollars.
; Secondly. To provide additional accommoda-
tions in the park, twenty-five thousand dollars.
Thirdly. For compensation of the principal
agent of the exhibition in the United States, at
, the rate of two thousand dollars a year : Provi
ded, That tbe period of such service shall not ex
tend beyond sixty days after the close of the ex
hibition, four thousand dollars, or so much there
of ns may be found necessary.
. Fourthly. For office rent at New York, for
fixtures, stationery, and advertising ; for rent of
storehouse for reception of articles aud products ;
for expenses of shipping, including cartages, &c.;
for freights on the articles to be exhibited from
New York to France, and for compensation of
four clerks, in conformity with the joint resolu
tion approved on fifteenth of January, eighteen
hundred and 6ixty-six, and for contingent expen
ses, the sum of thirty-three thousand seven hun
dred dollars, or to much thereof as may be found
Fifthly. For expenses in receiving, bonding,
storeagc, cartage, labor and so forth, at Havre ;
for railroad transpoatation from Havre to Paris ;
for labor in the palace ; for sweeping and sprink
ling compartments for seven months ; for guards
and keepers for seven months ; for linguists (eight
men) for seven months ; for storing, packing
boxes, carting, and for material for repacking ;
for clerk-hire, stationery, rent, and contingent
expenses, the sum of thirty-five thousand seven
hundred and three dollars, or so much thereof
as may be found necessary.
Sixthly. For travelling expenses of ten profes
sional and scientific commissioners, to be ap
pointed by the President, by and with the advice
and consent of the Senate, at the rate of one
thousand dollars each, ten thousand dollars, it
being understood that the President may appoint
additional commissioners, not exceeding twenty
in number, whose expenses shall not be paid ; but
no person interested, directly or indirectly, in
any article exhibited shall be a commissioner ;
nor 6hall any member of Congress, or any person
holding an appointment or office of honor or trust
under the United States be appointed a commis
sioner, agent, or officer under this resolution.
Sec. 2. And be it further resolved, That the
governors of the several States, be and they are
hereby requested to invite the patriotic people of
their respective States to assist in the proper rep
resentation of the handiwork of our artisans, and
the prolific sources of material wealth with which
our land is blessed, aud to take further measures
as may be necessary to diffuse a knowledge of
the proposed exhibition, and to secure to their
respective States the advantages which it prom
ises. Sec. 3. And be it further resolved, That it
shall be the duty of the said general agent at New
York, and the said commissioner-general at Paris
to transmit to Congress, through the Depart
ment of State, a detailed statement of the manner
in which such expenditures as are hereinbefore
provided tor are made by them respectively.
Approved, July 5, 1866. .
No. 67.
Joint Resolution declaratory of the Law of Boun
ty. Be it resolved by the Senate ai.d House of Rep
rcscntatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That where any enlisted
man has been or may be detailed for duty as a
clerk or for any other duty in any executive bu
reau, at headquarters or elsewhere, he shall not
by such detail be deprived of any rights to boun
ties now due or herealter to . become due, but
shall be as fully entitled thereto as though no
such desaii had been made.
Approved, January 13, 1SC6.
No. 69.
A Resolution to authorize the President to place
at the Disposal of the Authorities of Portland,
Maine, Tents, Camp, and hospital Furniture
and clothing, for the use of Families rendered
houseless by the late Fire.
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That, the President of the
United States is hereby authorized to place at the
disposal, without charge, of the city authorities
of Portland, Maine, such clothing, condemned or
ordered sold, and such surplus camp and garrison
equipage, bedding, and hospital furniture, on
hand, as can be spared by the army, for the use
of families rendered houseless and destitute by
the recent contlagfation ; and that it 6hall be the
duty of the quartermaster's department to deliv
er these articles at Portland, and to take a receipt
for the same of the mayor of the said city, and to
receive and properly dispose of the same when
no longer needed.
Approved, July 14, 1866.
No. 71.
Joint Resolution restoring Tennessee to her Re
lations to the Union.
Whereas, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-one,
the government of Tennessee was seized
. upon and taken possession of by persons in hos
tility to the United States, and the inhabitants of
said State in pursuance of an act of Congress
were declared to be in a state of insnrrection
against the United States ; and whereas said State
government can only be restored to its former
political relations in the Union by the consent of
the law-making power of the United States ; and
whereas the people of said did, on the twenty
second day of February, eighteen hundred and
sixty-five, by a large popular vote, adopt and rat
ify a constitution of government whereby slavery
-was abolished, and all ordinances and laws ol se
cession and debt contracted under tbe same were
declared void ; and whereas a State government
has been organized under said constitution which
has ratified the amendment to the constitution
of the United States abolfshing slavery, also tbe
amendment proposed by the thirty -ninth Con
gress, and has done other act proclaiming and
denoting loyalty : Therefore,
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That the State of Tennessee
is hereby restored to her former proper, practical
relations to the Union, aud is again entitled to be
represented by senators . and representatives in
Approved, July 24, 1866.
No. 74.
Joint resolution in ' regard to rations of Union
Soldiers held as prisoners of War.
Whereas by general order of the war depart
ment of February fourteenth, eighteen hunnred
and sixty-two, rations to Union soldiers held as
prisoners of war in the rebel States,: were com
muted at a cost price during the period of their
of their imprisonment; and whereas a large num
ber of the said prisoners have been paid under
said order, but many equally worthy with tbem
and who have suffered In rebel prisons, have not i
A : j . rri i r - -I
. Be it resolved by the 8enate and Honse of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America ua
Congress assembled, That all United States sold
iers, sailors and marines who were held as pris
oners of war in the rebel States, shall be paid
commutation of rations at cost prices during the
period of their imprisonment: Provided, That
no person who bas sold or transferred any inter
est in the claim for said commutation, - nor any
purchaser or assignee of such claim or interest,
shall be benefited by this resolution ; and the
amount of such commutation shall be paid ont
of any money in the treasury not otherwise ap
propriated. Approved, July 25, 1866.
No. 75.
Joint Resolntlou in reference to the Dismal
Swamp Canal Company.
Whereas the United States are interested in the
Dismal Swamp Canal, connecting the inland
waters of the Chesapeake with the sounds of North
Carolina, by holding eight hundred shares of the
stock of the Dismal Swamp Canal Company ; and
whereas the canal should he kept open as f navi
gable highway without further delay on the part
of the United StateB : Therefore,
Be it resolved is the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the
Treasury be, and hereby is authorized to sell Baid
stock at auction, or otherwise, in such manner
as will best protect the interest of the United
States in said canal, and will insure that the same
will be kept open as such navigable highway,
without further expense to the government : Pro
vided, That tbe instruments and papers effecting
such sale, in the manner aforesaid, shall be ap
proved by the Attorney-General before the de
livery theeeof.
Approved, July 25, 1866.
No. 76.
Joint Resolution authorizing the Commissioner
of public buildings to employ three additional
. watchmen in the Smithsonian grounds.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentative of the Uhited States of America in
Congress assembled, That the commissioner cf
public buildings and grounds be, and the same
is hereby authorized to employ three additional
watchmen for the Smithsonian grounds.
Approved, July 28, 1866.
No. 77
A Resolution authorizing the purchase for tbe
Library of Congress of the Law Library of
James L. Petigru, of South Carolina.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Represen
tatives of the United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That the joint committee on the
library be, and they are hereby autorized to pur
chase the law library belonging to the estate of
the late James Louis Petigru, tor the use of the
library of Congress ; and the sum of five thou
sand dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any
moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropria
ted, to carry into effect the purpose of this reso
tion, to be paid only to the use of the widow of
said Petigru.
Approved, July 25, 1866.
No. 79.
A resolution manifesting the sense of Congress
towards the Officers and Seamen of the vessels
and others engaged in the Rescue of the Offi
cers and Soldiers of the Army, the passengers,
and the Officers and Crew of the Steamship
San Francisco, from perishing with the Wreck
of that Vessel.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Represen
tative of the United States of America iu Con
gress assembled, That the President of the Uni
ted States be requested to procure three valuable
gold nie.lals, with suitable devices, one to be pre
sented to Captain Creighton, of the ship Three
Bells, of Glasgow ; one to Captain Low, of the
bark Kilby, of Boston ; and one to Captain Stouf
tcr, of the ship Antarctic, as testimonials ot na
tional gratitude for their gallant conduct in res
cuing about five hundred Americans from the
wreck of the steamship San Francisco ; and that
the cost of the same be paid out of any money in
the treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Sec, 2. And be it further resolved, That the
sum of seven thousand five hundred dolars each
is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the
treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the above
named captains respectively, as a reward of their
humanity and heroism in the rescue of the survi
vors of said wreck, and iu either case of the said
captains may have died, then amount- hereby ap
propriated shall be paid to tbe widow of the de
ceased captain respectively ; if no widow surviv
ing then to the respective child or childreuof
such deceased captain ; and in the event of their
being no child or childred of such deceased cap
tain surviving, then the amount hereby appropri
ated shall be paid to the father, or if the father be
not living, then to the mother of such deceased
captain respectively.
Sec. 2. And be it further resolved, Tbatthere
shall be paid to each mate of tbe three above
named vessels the sum of five hundred dollars,
and to each man and boy tbe sum of one hundred
dollars, and in case of the death of the respect
ive mate or mates, or men or boys, that the said
respecttve sums shall be paid in the same way
and under he game conditions as the payment is
to be made in case ot the death of the respective
Approved, July 26, 1866.
No. 80.
A Resolution to authorize the Use of certain
Plates of the United States Exploring Expedi
tion by the Navy Department.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States ot America in
Congress assembled, That the joint committee
on the library be authorized and instructed to
grant to the navy department the use of such of
the engraved plates of the United States Explor
ing Expedition under Captain Wilkes, now in
charge of Baid committee, as may be desired tor
the purpose of printing a supply of charts for the
use of said department.
Approved, July 26, 1866.
No. 81.
A Resolution for the benefits of the Illinois Sold
iers' College and Military Academy.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Re
presentatives of the United States of America iu
Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War
be authorized transferred to the Illinois Soldiers'
College and Military Aaademy, from the surplus
on baud and not needed for the public service,
cots and bedding necessary to accomodate five
hundred persons for the use of free students in
in said institution disabled by the war.
Approved, July 26, 1866.
No. 82.
A Resolution authorfzing the payment of certain
Claims against tbe late Territory of Nevada.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, Thut to enable the Secreta
ry of the Treasury to settle and pay outstanding
claims duly examined and allowed, and properly
chargeable to the contingent expenses of the ex
ecutive department of the territory ol Navada, so
much of the unexpended balance of the appro
priation for " compensation and mileage of mem
bers of the Legislative Assemble, &c., of the ter
ritory of Nevada," as may be found necessary for
that purpose, be, and the same ishereby trans
ferred to the credit of the fund for paying the
contingent expenses of the executive department
of that Territory, and that tha proper accounting
officers ot the treasury are hereb, authorized ana
directed, out of the said balance, herebv directed
to be transferred, to pay the claims bo adjusted
auuuuuweu. .. . .
Approved, July 26, 1866.
No. 83.
A Resolution to provide for Codifying the Laws
relating to the Customs. .
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre-
BAntntlVAQ nf tht llnlol Rtatao e9 Amam.a :n l
- " " J Vi .U Lll 1 11.4k JU VVU
gress assembled, That the 8ecresary of the Treas
ury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed
to cause to be prepared and submitted to Con
gress at its next session, under the direction of
one member of the Senate and one member ot tbe
.uoiiHe o Jtepresentatives, each to be appointed
by the presiding officer of the body to which he
belongs,. a general customs revenue law, designed
to aniwrcpAn all rfctViAi Iowa An th.t m. H;
smbracing'all necessary provisions for regulating
the foreign and coasting trades, the : assessment
and collection of duties ou goods, wares, and
merchandise imported from foreign countries,
and other subject-matters immediately pertaining
' !-. " - n , ; v -: - .'
thereto ; the expenses necessarily incurred In tbi
preparation thereof to be paid from the approv
priation for the expenseaof collecting tbe-revcnil .
from customs. Provided,. That the said expeaie. '
shall not excefeld ten thousand dollars; '
Approved, July 86, UJrJtt.- -VV $ t. ;
No! 84. T ! ' -l
A Resolution providing for the Examination o( .
, the Accounts of the State of Massachtntetta tor
Moneys expended during the War' tor Coast : -Defenee.
" ; 'V :
Resolved by the Senate and House of Represen
tatives of the Uninted States ot America in Con - .
gress assembled, That, the President of the Uni
ted States be, and he ia hereby, authorised and
requested to appoint, by and with the advice and ,
consent of the Senate, two commissioners who ',
shall examine into the claim of the State of Maa-"'- '
sachusctts for moneys expended for coaatdefenc-;;
during the war,, and shall make a full and com- ...
plete report thereon to Congress at lta autUe-, .
Approved, July 26, 1866.
. ' No. 85.
A Resolution granting the Right of Way throUfi
Military Reserves to the Union Paeifla Railroad
Company and its Branches. ' ' ' : " : . , ' ' :J'' ' "
Resolved by the Senate and Honse of Repre- .
sentatives of the United States of America is Cont
gress assembled, That, subject to approval jr.-i::;
the President, the right of way, one huudred UA
in width, is hereby granted to the Union PacMHrh
Railroad Company and the companies conatrM: -ting
the branch roads connecting -therewith, Jbtt ,
the construction and operation of their roads ovf v
and upon all military reserves through which tkav-
same may pass; and the President u hereby - .
thorized to set apart to the Union Pacific Ball waf-i;
Company, eastern division, twenty acres of tha '
Fort Riley military reservation, for depot and
other purposes, in the bottom opposite " Riley
City"; also fractional section "one" on tht west'
side of said reservation, near Junction City, tor j -the
same purposes; and -tlso to restore, rra ;'
time to time, to the public domain, anv- portloa-,:
of said military reserre over which the Union Pa-, -
ciflc railroad, or any of its branches, rafiy paaa, t . -and
which shall not he required for military put i .
poses; Provided, That the president shall not
permit the location of any such railroad or &h -
diminution of any such reserve in any manner so K ..
as to impair its usefulness for military purpose: :.
so long as it ahull be required therefor, : ; - ii
Approved, July 26,1866. . ;, .
No. 80Y .'
Joint Resolution amendatory of a Joint Resoln
' tion entitled "A Resolution respecting Bonaf
ties to Colored Soldiers,' and 'the Pensions '"
Bounties, and Allowances to their Heirs,-' aa .
proved June 15, 186. . :-. ( i-S.-:
Be it enacted by the Senate and Honse of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in -Congress
assembled, That the words-" at the
time of his enlistment," at the end of section oaa v
of the " resolution respecting bounties to colored ,- .
soldiers, and the pensions, bounties,-, and allow-. -,
onces to their heirs," approved Jnne fifteen,
eighteen hundred and sixty-six, be, and the same
are hereby, stricken out.
Sec. 2. And be it fulther resolved. That when-"
ever application shall be made by any claimenfc v
tor bounty under the provisions of tbe joint res.,
olution aforesaid, by or through any agent or at . , .
torney, such agent or attorney shall hereafter ba ' ,..
required to file with each claim his oath orafflr ,t
mation that he has no interest whatever in said '
bounty beyond the fees for collection of the same J
which are hereby fixed and established as follows, .
viz : lor the preparation aud proseeution of claims ..
for, and tbe collection and remittanqcof, all sums
rot exceeding fifty dollars, the sum ot live doU .
tor all sums exceeding fifty and less than one. ,
hundred dollars, the sum of seven dollars and flf- J (
ty cents ; and for all sums exceeding obe hun
dred dollars, the sum of ten dollars; and said feea
shall include nli expenses incident ' to the collec
tion of said claims, except the expense of the nc- .
cessary affidavits and notarial or other acknowl- .
edgements, which shall be defrayed by the chU
mant; and any agent or attorney who shall icharg, ''
directly or indirectly, in any case, a greater-sum -for
his services in preparing and prosecntingsaU .
claims and collecting and remitting the amount .:. :
due, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, - .
and shall, upon conviction, be punisbed by flna
not exceeding three thousand nor less than on -thousand
dollars, and shall be forever excluded,
from prosecuting military or naval claims again,
the government. . ..-i. ';:;.
Sec. 3. And be it further resolved. That In ease
the payments shall be made in the form of a
check, order, or draft upon any paymaster, ac tional
bank, or government depository, it shall
b'e necessary for the claiment to establish, by the
affidavits of two creditable witnesses, that beta
the identical person named therein; but In no .
case shall such checks, orders, or drafts be made '
negotiable until after such indentification. ; .
Sec. 4. And be it further resolved, That it shall
not be lawful for any soldier to transfer, aaalgtv ;
barter, or sell his discharge, for the purposavof ;.
transferring, assigning, bartering, or selling any. .
interest in any bounty under the provisions of .
said resolution; and all such transfers, assiga '
ments, barters, or sales heretofore made ax herer .
by declared null cud void as to any rights Inten
ded so to be conveyed by any such soldier. ' -Approved,
July 26, 1866. - -
No. 87.
Joint Resolution for the Relief of certain Officer
of the Army.
Be it resolved by the 8enate and Honse of Re
presentatives of the United States of America -to'
Congress assembled. That in every case in whlem r '
a commissioned officer actuallo entered on duty -as
such commissioned officer, - but by reason of
being killed in battle, capture by the enemor
other cause beyond his control, and without fault '
or neglect of his own, was not mustered -within aV
period of not less than thirty days, the pay -- -partment
shall allow to such officer full pay and
emoluments of his rank from tbe dateonwfelefe- ;
6uch officer actually entered on such doty aa '
aforesaid, deducting from the amonntpaid iaV :-
cordance with this resolution all pay aetaaUs-r-
ceived by such officer for such period. -; "' j., -
8ec. 2. And be it further resolved. That tha .
heirs or legal representatives of any officer wtoosa ' " :
muster into service has been or 6liall be amended' '-'
hereby, shall be entitled to receive the arrears of i
pay dne such officer or tbe pension provided: hy ;
law for the grade into which such officer Is mha-' :
tervd under the provisions ot the first section Of'
this resolution. - v-
Approved, July 26, 1866. . ..
No. 90. ' " - .y
A Resolution to change the Place of holding th
Terms ot the Circuit Court for the Di'stl16V, :
West Virginia. ' HsU-kt
Resolved by the Senate and Honse of Represen
tatives of the United States- of America- ia CM' '
gress assembled. That the terms of tha eiriruV.
court for the district of West Virginia, neceta
fore held at Lewisburg, In the county of Greedy '
brier, shall be hereafter held at the city of Eaf'
kersburg, at the time now fixed by law. .." : "
Approved, July 27, 186H. ; .' ; ,
No. 91. ; :: ,: ..
A Resolution to provide for tbs Publication of tt
OfficalHb.toryoftheRebelli6ri.r ".T-'vf'
Resolved by tbe Senate and Hons of Bcprassa
tatives of the United States of AmeriJC. -gres
assembled, That the joint wsoiaitoa an titled
"A resolution to provide for; the printing PL afilvir -
cal renorts of the irmini of ihm TTniiud"iKa-tA :'.
approved May nineteen, eighte huadreiL wlA-i:;
sixty-four, be, aad. the same Is hereby, minad '
Sec. 2. And be it further resolved, That t2$"
Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, amtuetUed '
a nA rpmiinvt tn unnAlnt. ffumnnlinl in ibiim tinr -
, ..,r,'VB v vnunn W -MJVVWU W
arrange and prepare for pubiictt ;tbner -
documents relating to the reblUcasdthopeM:
tions of tbe army of the United 8tates."whevtb&:' '
prepare a plan for said publication land estfcaatfcft i !
, of the coat thereof, to be jmbmlttcd,-tn Ctisasasa
at its next session. -. "
Sec. S. And be ft further resorred,' thai lbd?
person whose appointment b htrsby .autMriaadW t
shall receive a compensation for hisaerrisfcaaaiU
to exceed to thonsand live bnndredVdeliaia per
annum, to be paid monthTf try "the Secretary be
: of the Treasury, ant of any moneys lathe trea-: ''
, ury not otherwise appropriated : PrevhtedTb,' '
said compensation shall wt b tii tor a tAnirut'
: period than two years from and after ttt vaas&xa, 1
. Ot this resolution. -TT?'
. Approved, July !7, 1866. , . ..X , ,'

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